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How to Make Your Gym into a MOVEMENT!

Thursday, January 19, 2023

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  • ​The difference between having a business or building a business and then building a movement - 0:00
  • ​What is the ripple effect? - 2:34
  • ​What’s the implementation gap? - 7:29
  • ​The people that figure it out are the ones that have a lifetime of experience - 11:06
  • ​The first step is to cover your ass, then pay them more - 17:01
  • ​It’s not “magic”, it is just a way of life - 21:25
  • ​What do you think you need help with? - 24:00
  • ​Once you have the foundation in place, it’s time to ramp up the momentum - 29:46


John Fairbanks 00:00

And I think it's important maybe at this point to kind of talk a little bit about the idea of the difference between having a business or building a business. And then building a movement, and sustaining a movement and how there's kind of two different those things are two different things. I think gym owners are going to resonate with the concept of movement building, instead of business building, because that's more in line with what at least are gym owners of what they're doing. You're not just building right, like, you're not just building a business that maybe one day you hope to like, it makes a lot of money. And then you can sell it and move on to the next thing and kind of be a serial entrepreneur where you'd like to hear about these people that open up all these businesses and then sell them. And I think that one of the best ways that I ever heard it broken down, like the idea of building a business and building a movement would be like, Look at Walmart without googling it, do you know who the owner of Walmart is? Who's the main person that's in control and CEO of Walmart? That wouldn't have a clue? Not a chance and what the person did this with me? I was like, No, I don't know who that is. Is that okay? So take a look at Walmart's really successful business, right? Ignore the fact of like, you know, slave labor or anything that could get people fussy about Walmart. It's an incredible business really? Well, they do it really well. That's it. And now look at Oprah Winfrey. Yeah, and the idea of taking somebody as far as like, both of those women, so Walmart, I don't remember her name, but it's a woman that controls Walmart as well. And on both sides, their overall value is pretty close. As far as Walmart and Oprah the differences were Oprah from her angle, has this massive wave of influence. And maybe that's really where I'm driving is this idea of the difference of a business and the difference of like, movement makers and movement creators? Are, it's just this influence over the folks that are in your world. It's like, how do you influence the people around you? And I think that gym owners definitely are experiencing what it means to be a movement maker or a movement, someone that owns a movement in their communities, just by the sheer ripple effect that a gym can have.

Tyler 02:34

Well, ripple effect is the right word, John, that's the waves that like, traverse out into your community, when you once people start attending your gym, any person from any circle of friends, any work, any whatever. If somebody starts to tell you guys are doing it, right, they start getting results and they feel good. And that goes back like this is this is I think aligning with this thing that we are making sure that we create a movement and not a business is like this is like one of the centerpieces of what I think makes gym owners. The type of people we want to be working with anyways, is because this thing isn't it's by its nature of movement. You know what I'm saying? Right? Like, that's, that's that's purely in the nature of it, you can't you can't have an impact if you're doing it right on hundreds and hundreds of people's lives are hundreds and hundreds of people's of lives every year in your community and not have that have a ripple effect and not have people talk about it not have that people feel good and not have that change the lives of you know, the families at home with your clients and the people around people talk about changes people. And I think that connecting with that movement idea is like one of the centerpieces of what we're trying to do here.

John Fairbanks 03:45

Yeah, and again, it's always trying to model like, I'm always trying to think about, like, how can we show them this happening in real time? What can we be doing? And so this is like this idea of, Okay, what does it mean to build a movement then, like, if I need to build if we need to build a movement to do this the right way. And to make sure that we're resonating with the right people, we need to build a movement that then attracts our people, our gym owners, there's hundreds of millions, maybe hundreds of 1000s of gym owners that probably exist in the world. And the reality is, I'm not interested in all gym owners. We're not interested in everybody. We're interested in people that align. And so in order to be able to make sure that everyone kind of can recognize one another. Right? Is that this idea of okay, then what do we want our movement to look like? Like, who do we want our people to be? And so this is kind of where it's an end. If you're a gym owner, this is also something where you can be looking at or like, what do you want your people to be like the people that are in your gym? What do you want them to be? And then more importantly, is once you establish like, what do you want them to be? You've established the foundation. What do you want them to do? Like what? Then the next thing that happens, and then kind of the last phase, at least in the mental exercise and the things that we're doing on our end is then once we know what we want them to do, then what do we want them to have in the future? Like, what do we want them to be able to achieve? And so it's not one of those things where we're with someone. It's not a transactional business. This is like a game of strategy and long term kind of relationship building. And that's at its core, like that's the beginning of it. So it's never just like, I just need to buy a shirt. That's at the end of the day, they buy the shirt, we're good. It's so much more than that. But the way you figure this out, is you become right. The phrase that we've come up with is you become a what we're calling as a Jim hacker, you become someone that then it's doing that hard look hard assessment, come in and kind of hack into your gym, step back as though you're a third party person and go through the frameworks that we've talked about. Right? Take a look at your teams, take a look at your tribe, how are you working with your people transactionally, but then start to take it even a step further. And really, this is what what what we have successfully done with people that we don't even continue to work with them, we just do the initial like, blueprint setup, working with recon, like it's a GH B, right, Jim hacking blueprint idea, which is being able to kind of diagnostically assess, and do a deep dive into your current gym. And then kind of building this plan based off of these key points that we've successfully kind of been able to identify as all these pieces and how you build out your gym, where, again, we talked about you have things all over the place, take them all in streamline them, and have that kind of come in line with your core of what you what you want your tribe to be. What team do you currently have that exists? Really just that it's that organizational? And so that's, it's kind of that loaded thing? It's like, Well, man, how do you decide what you want your people to be? It's kind of like, it's, it's work? One, right, it's gonna be worth it to have it happen. And that but once you kind of do that hard work, what's really important is that you don't just sit back on your laurels and be like, I'm really good at this.

Tyler 07:29

The implementation gap in anything in any field in anything that you do. Anytime you learn anything, there's lots of enthusiasm that comes from new information, like new information, a new plan, like, there's just all this new potential energy out in my world, right, I'm just sitting here, oh, I could do this. I could be anybody. I went to a seminar this weekend, I'm fired up, I learned a, b, c, and d. And then in my head, I got all these plans. And then it doesn't take much time for momentum to die off, like human beings are absolute creatures of habit and momentum. And as soon as momentum slows down, our willingness to start to like, up in some old habits or old behaviors, or even in your business, your old systems, the old ways of doing things, the enthusiasm to undo those things moves, like fades away very quickly. And it's not right or wrong. It's just we get into maintenance mode, in our business where it's like, well, someone's got to turn the lights on. And somebody's got to lock the door. And there's like just all of these things that we fall right back into, I would say it was sales training, to business implementation to technical stuff, to on the fitness side, like just regular movement, seminars, coaching seminars, all the different niche educational products that we consume, as coaches, you are no better, you're often times were better suited for those things immediately after you learn, then you are a year because you've stopped the use, you failed to implement a lot of this stuff, you never got the thing going, if you're gonna go through this, and you should see all of the things that get you fired up about being a gym owner and fired up about your business and fired up about the future and potential. But it would be very disingenuous for us to just sell you on that emotion and then let it sit there. Let me grab it right here real quick, John, the thing that needs to happen is we need to hold your feet to the fire a little bit. And you have to go through the actual processes of implementing this thing. And that's why helping identify this thing one, but making a process that's action based on deliverables so that in the end, your business looks like the thing that you want it to be and is the thing that you want it to be instead of the thing your business, you want your business to be just big being a thing that you talk about twice a year, you know,

John Fairbanks 09:41

and it can't be something you're exactly right. I have the idea that when we go to seminars, we should go to events, we do these things and we invest in ourselves a little bit, right? You throw a little bit of skin in the game. You're never going to be more excited than right at that moment. Yeah, it's like man, I'm going to get the hotel or I'm going to do this and I'm gonna do this, then it's gonna be awesome. And I'm gonna write notes. And then you just soak it in. And you're all in, you're all in. And the issue that I have found so many times when learning either taking online courses, or participating in seminars, or learning anything that's new, is that I take all this information, which is great. Oftentimes, calling it maybe rah, rah is not right. Like, there's stuff where it's like, no, these are things you could do. And you could do this. But it's all super theoretical. And that's what I found a lot of stuff was like, This is great information. And it's great that it could theoretically work, he could do this, or I could do that. And, and what I always found, where I struggled was like, it's man, it would be great if I just had some, like, practical application stuff that I could follow that I could take this stuff, like, I totally understand, I get what you're saying. And I want to be able to apply it, I want to be able to start doing what you're talking about. But the person that was teaching me liked all the things that I thought were awesome. At the end of the day, it ended up being more of like a really awesome conversation than like something I could actually go do. So then what's the people that figure it out, like the folks that like they figure out something awesome. It's like a lifetime of doing, right. And that's why they're awesome. And like, it's how Whatever your opinion may be of Wim Hof, right, but his ability to take a lifetime of stuff that he's learned and done. And in one YouTube video, have you follow the stuff that he's saying, and for you to experience through just a couple of simple actionable steps to experience just a little bit of what he's talking about. It's like that quick emotional win that you need to be like, Oh, okay, like, I could do this, like, I can actually do this. And that is the piece that I have found to be. You need to know what you're talking about. But knowing how to help someone, implement, and then experience that win is almost, if not more important than the knowledge that you're giving them. And I honestly have gotten sick and tired of being like, Well, yeah, somebody needs help. And they go, Okay, well, what do I do? I'm like, Well, I gotta look at your stuff. Like, I gotta take a look like it's in. And honestly, like, at this point, I don't have time. So do you have a lot of money to convince me to come in and look at all your stuff? Because, and that's where I'm like, wait, it like this can be done better? Because that's the core, I just want someone to do better or have more success. So how can we make things more accessible to allow gym owners to start to be able to do what I what we have been able to do now kind of one on one. And that has been where it's, it needed to be, where a lot of our focus became making things easy to remember, right? Reliable, and repeatable. And when that started to be the lens that I looked at the things that we've done now for years, all of a sudden, things started to kind of really come together. And that is kind of this blueprint mentality, this system that we're putting together and have put together that allowed gym owners to just be able to say, Alright, guys, do the steps, you know, steps one through seven, once you're done with the steps, then you're gonna go here, here and here. And now go do go watch it work. And once you can get it because if you can get it to work, and then do it again, and practice and go again and again. And again. And again. Now it's like, whoa, like, this is not just good advice. This is now something that I can do and apply everywhere, not just in this one, you know, one little area? Well, I

Tyler 14:11

I think the good, good advice implemented well is like empowerment, it's it's make sure that Jim is yours, right? That the customer experience is something that's reflective of what you want it to be and that you are empowered to be compensated well as a gym owner for the impact your business has in a community, and in a way that allows your business to have a greater impact.

John Fairbanks 14:32

Yeah, so the ways that we're putting it together so we are building out and have built out a system that allows a gym owner to come in and quickly do right, do that hard, quick, hard assessment, get a blueprint of your stuff, just help you take a look at kind of three key components of your gym as it exists right now. Organize it in such a way that then allows you to take the next step which is most important, which is then being able to look at how you can take all the things that do exist in your gym? And how can then organize those into actionable steps to then be able to build out, right? What does your offer look like when people come to your gym for the first time that people that are in your gym currently, how are they set up to be able to be successful. And so this is where it's important that it's, we're not just taking people in for that first time they walk through the gym, where they're going to pay, right that that membership fee, we want to make sure that you are putting every single person at a starting point on a journey, that they have the ability, they have the capacity to grow and be inside your gym, inside your own tribe for 123, right multiple years into the future, that is not just a gym membership, you have to make sure you're taking care of people, as they level up, you're there for them. And so that's definitely like our first level is to get the blueprint. And within this blueprint, it's even more important that it's, we help show you exactly how to build it as how to put your own stuff in the necessary steps. But then most importantly, how to act is how to do what you do next. And then because it needs to be had this is the thing that always has killed me, it's like it's I want to learn a lot of great information. And I'm willing to pay people quite a bit of money, right to be able to get that information. But what's even more valuable for me is if someone can say, Yes, this is going to cost $3,000. But you're going to be able to take this information and immediately turn it around. And in 30 days or less you could make that $3,000 back. And one of the best courses I ever took had something like that. It was $1,000. And it was like you're going to make $1,000. Right? With these exact skills, you're gonna pay the course off. And I'm like, Okay, well, it

Tyler 17:01

seems easy, right? Do you want to? Yeah, like skills?

John Fairbanks 17:03

Yeah. Like I'm like, Okay, that sounds good. And so I got into it. Was I skeptical? Totally, totally. Did it work? Yeah. Like, and that was where I was like, what, okay, this is a different game. And I'm like, if I was years ago, when I finally get the opportunity to be able to take something and be able to boil it down and put it into a system. For people to be able to act like this, this has to be the guarantee. This has to be something otherwise, it's not worth building. Someone has

Tyler 17:36

Anything that we can't get behind, like, on that level is something I don't want to be the first step because I don't want the first step to be to pay us money. And the second step is to simply pay us more money. You know what I mean? That first step needs to, in my opinion, cover our ass and prove our concept. And then from there, we're good to go. Like, then you have all the tools to make money and you have all the tools to spend money on us and anyone else when you choose going forward. We've We've by us doing this for you. It's a simple math equation for us. As a business here as Jim hackers, it's like, well, I need you to have money. So I want you to make money so that you can pay me money to help you make more money. That's such a simple equation for us here. And so it's not in our best interest to take and take and take and take there is you said, there's a lot of gym owners out there, there's not enough for us to deliver a product that doesn't work for very long, we want to make sure that you can absolutely implement and get out every penny you've stuck into this right away. And then know that boy, now you're sitting in a place where you have a very, very, very bright future, knowing how to use these tools. And then you're starting to ask questions that maybe you wouldn't be willing to ask before. Now you have different questions to ask, which is a lot better than how do I get more members, you know,

John Fairbanks 18:51

with a 100%. And understand that we didn't get we didn't get here by accident. Yeah. Right. Because it's, we've told the story before, but it's gym owners did come to us. And we're like, this is what I need. And we said, oh, okay, yeah, let's help you do that. And what we realized was that Oh shit, like weed. I know what 100% of the time that I'm going to be able and we're going to be able to provide insane amounts of value. Like that's not, I'm not worried about that. And what we realized was that we were providing tons of value and tons of service, but it was just in the wrong goddamn order. So we watched people sink money into work, and they didn't make any of their money back. And I was like, what was the point of this? Why did you think why was this more important? And then all of a sudden, we would drill in a little bit deeper, it would be like, Oh, well Holy shit, man. Like you've got all of these problems. You You should have taken the money here that you gave to us and not given us any money and you should have gone and done. I don't know what seven and try other things before talking to us.

Tyler 20:03

Well, and that's when we got that's when we realized we needed to get out of the business of simply doing, whether it's ditch digging or admin stuff. Simply doing to help people do more like not was not the answer. When we started seeing, we talked about this before, but we started seeing like, Shit, this is out of order. This is out of order, what do we do? How are we paid to do this? If I jam this up? Now we're not that, you know, what do we do, how do we go forward, and then that's when we realize I can't in good faith, push forward out of sequence. So now every time we see a thing, we position ourselves as the one that assembles these things in order for people. And that is kind of how we fell into this. And that's what we want to become for you guys out there was, I want to empower you and show you how to implement this and show you you know, how to get yourself a gym with a giant Scrooge McDuck swimming pool full of gold coins or whatever you want your gym to be, let's, I think that we can do that. And this is all of these conversations that we're having about aligning with your values and making sure you get paid. They really are just a way you can have your cake and eat it too. And we're just here to help you like that kind of kind of the vibe of some people go God if I have to have more members from going to make more money. I gotta be swimming and shitty coaches and clients. I don't want to undercharge. I got to overcharge or I got to sell. I oversize. It doesn't have to be all of that. Just zoom out. What do you want it to be? And let's start leaning in that direction.

John Fairbanks 21:27

Yeah, and it's not magic. Yeah, it wasn't like we had magic for it was like we had this magic intel that nobody else had. And we work if I

Tyler 21:41

if we do these calls will be a lot shorter. It's like, well,

John Fairbanks 21:45

It's a little bit like that. And that's when we found out that oh, yeah, cuz it's magic. Right? And I was tired of that being the feeling was like, Well, how do you guys do this? It's like, well, like, and then I started trying to like, How can I answer that? Because if we can do it, like I know how to do and that's where it's like, we then started putting the system in place. And then we worked by ourselves with one group. And then it was successful. And then we said, That's interesting, then we did it again. And then we did it the third time, and it exploded, right for this gym. And I was like, Whoa, like, I think we have something here. And then the rest of the work that has been sent to them has been how can I take this? And how can I take this information? And how can we put it down to where now you don't need me, we don't need you. Like, it's just the gym owners like it's you have all the stuff you need. Stop having people convinced you that you need to buy another goddamn software, or some new machine or for the love of God, if another gym owner talks Tyler to you and I about a new CMS or AMS system or whatever the different acronyms that work like that somehow is going to be the solution to all your goddamn problems. We're already bald, and I'm not pulling the hair out of my beard. So the reality is, I guess it's

Tyler 23:06

the amount of the back end structure software questions that we go down to and you know, there's gym owners groups out there, how many times there's like, do we how many times this is the question as to Should we go with WaterFire or whatever. These are, like, eight year long, fucking uninteresting questions that are not relevant to your business and what we're really, really really sets, you know, and that's where we're like, get me out of these conversations. I have to not have that conversation. You know, it's like, yeah, those are depressing conversations. It's like, Do you think that's the difference between your business being awesome, and it being the way it is now? Maybe not, that's not the piece, we need to be fucking moving forward.

John Fairbanks 23:50

And there's lots of money that gets spent on convincing you and that you hear people and you have folks that are marketers and this that and they are one of our most successful clients. Tyler, when he first reached out to me, do you remember Do you know what he wanted?

Tyler 24:07

I do. This is great.

John Fairbanks 24:08

He goes, Hey, I didn't realize that you guys did all these things. Like on the back end. I've seen you guys talking about stuff online, whatever. And because I didn't realize I said Yeah, absolutely. What do you think you need help with? Because I just really think that we want to be able to update. I want to change the buttons on my website. You do not need to have the buttons on your website changed? No. And he was like, I don't like, let's get on a call. Let me talk to you. Let's take a look at what you want to do. And it went from Well, Nick, you really want to have the button changed on your website? He's like, Well, no, actually what I want to do is I want to take over the world. Mike, that's better. Now that's something we can work with. But buttons on a website. That's not the solution.

Tyler 25:01

And by the way, guys, for those of you listening out there, take over the world. That was real, by the way, and that also was really what he wanted. I mean, he wants in a gym gym terminology. That's exactly what he said. And that's the thing when someone comes to us and says I don't need a new website, or I want a website or I need somebody to post on Instagram for us. Over there, I need a little bit of that. It's like, and then when you get down to it, it's like, well, what is your gym and everything now? Versus what do you wish it to be? And you're asking website button questions when what you want is to just fucking up and everything and just absolutely crush it. And like to transform your whole thing into whatever your model may be. But in this case, like, like a premium fun, but awesome vibe, like but high impact sale, great career place for coaches, like a really like moving place that is offering and doing a ton of stuff both within the gym and the committee like, like, when those words come out of somebody's mouth, I go,

John Fairbanks 26:01


Tyler 26:04

Yes, that is the conversation we want to be having. Because those are things we can start leaning towards, I can start leaning towards that if you want me to start leaning towards website buttons. I do not care. I can't count the way we do those things, by the way. And you know, we did, by the way, we did what we did, like nine months of other work in and out and did all sorts of things for this client. And then we completely rebuilt the website at some point. Right, right. We did. But so that's the thing. You still got new website buttons, but I was not going to take the website money button. Website button money, when what you want is the furthest thing from that.

John Fairbanks 26:41

Yeah, because you know, you want to change, you feel you know, you want things to be different. And so what you think is you will look at your friend who owns a gym over and maybe another state as like, man, their website's really slick. Like I really love the guy that

Tyler 27:04

equipment and they're cheering they have a reverse hyper that people put coffee cups on, like when

John Fairbanks 27:12

Maybe, maybe we got a brand new coaches area, like a brand new thing they just built it into. Maybe we need that, maybe that maybe that's what we're missing. It's like, dammit, that says so far a water bottle that reaches through the screen sprays you in the face and says bad bad. And so that's what it was. And so that's where we realize it's we have to help gym owners be able to quickly and efficiently be able to assess where they are where they want to go and immediately start taking actions to go in that direction. And so that's immediately it so it's you got to get the blueprint and then you need to be able to execute like a goddamn Banshee because once you get your once you get that thing once you start it's a little bit like investing like it's you've invested in yourself. So this takes time. Right and once you've put in the time and you kind of have like if anyone's ever built out like a kick ass like to do list and use all sudden you start checking things off the list and you're like, I'm the most productive motherfucker this side of the Mississippi. Like I'm kicking this list's ass right now. What you end up doing is this weird psychological thing where you start knocking things out, knocking things out, and all of a sudden, what used to be scatterbrained gets a little bit clearer and a little bit clearer. And then you start getting a little bit sharper and a little bit sharper. And then by the time you're done, you're like, I know exactly what I want to do. I wanted buttons before, but now I want to fill in the blank. Like whatever that thing is that motivates you, all of a sudden, it becomes clear. And now is the time to execute and implement. And this is where we are. It was very logical. Again, the goal is you don't want somebody coming in and just coming in and then being successful for a little bit and then they die on the vine is now okay, the people that kick the most amount of asks, Where do they need to go next? And then we realized, all right, well, once you have all your stuff where it needs to be. Now it's how do you how can you have like the most successful quarter or three month period inside of your gym? Like how can we help you just crush the shit out of that?

Tyler 29:46

Because once once this stuff is in place, and that's things that you'll kind of see as, as some things roll out the things that we're putting together here for you guys out there but like as things roll out that next piece is now that things are in place that quarter, that kind of like quarter Like, what's the word you'd call it renovation? If you will, like, yeah, it's really like a true renovation of one quarter of your, of your business and you kind of just line it up and run through this. After you've already done the blueprint, make the money. Now you're like, Okay, let's see if we can really plant a flag in the dirt here. And then when you do that, you go, oh, oh, and by the way, then you have two proofs of concept for you. And I think that those two things combined will really give people, I think, the confidence that they need to, to really, really then start to ramp up and move very quickly towards their gym becoming exactly the thing that they always want it to be.

John Fairbanks 30:37

Yeah, cuz we, we spend the time with you, and you spend the time sharpening all your tools. Right, getting your site's all nice and lined up. And now you got it ready. So now's the time to know it's time to play. Like now it's time to put all that work into motion. And now because things are so much sharper, and so lined up, it's that execution is so seamless. And then the next steps like okay, well, now you just repeat that from one quarter to the next and be able to kind of grow and then it's like, Alright, then now you've taken care of your foundation. Now you're really having Jim stuff really flowing nicely, then what's the next step is gonna be like, Alright, how about those members now? Like, what are we talking about? Like, how do we get? How do we get more people? Because the odds are at this point, people start that rumor, where we initially talked about, like, how do people feel like rumors are starting to start again, now manufactured by all that work you've been doing? And now it's like, who are local? Who are local partners? Who are local companies that are adjacent, or run parallel with my gym? My Jip, my members, who have a business that would really do well to have a formal partnership, and now we start playing with like, what does your referral game look like? What does it look like? How are people coming to your gym? How many streams of revenue or opportunity do you have at the gym? Again, we're not talking paid ads. This is like just homegrown organic positioning and strategy that lives in your community that you're not ready to play yet. Unless your tools are nice and razor sharp. Otherwise, you are literally leaving 1000s and 1000s of dollars on the table. If you do it at a sequence, yeah,

Tyler 32:34

well, and the next thing that falls in line is a conversation for another day. But when we get into these multiple pillars of how we're getting an influx of new members, whether it's ads, whether it's Google, whether it's whether it's Facebook, whether it's your traditional referral stuff, we have some kind of non traditional, like community based referral type things that we're putting together here that have been that are my favorite thing. And I don't want to, so I just want to tease them quickly. Or I want to just tease them here. But as all of this goes through, like John's how do we get to members, we always talked early on in this point where like you don't remember you don't remember it, you don't even remember. But members, cops members are a requirement to people always leaving meaning there will always be a trend towards the door, right? Life, life happens, people come, people go, people move away. So if you never get anybody new, you will always end up with less members than you did the year before. Most likely, so where life works. So we do have to make sure that we're keeping that together. But we have. So as you go through all these other things in the end of all of this, we still can help you do members, but then we can make it really, really, really worth your while. But that piece is one of my favorite ones. So as you get as you start getting past that, build your new quarter, and then when the time comes to focus on members, we do it in a very exciting and a very, like, it's definitely it's our way of doing that thing it gets that gets me really, really, really fired up. And I like that one a lot. So, um, get your groundwork done, so we can talk to you about all this other shit. Guys, that's the main thing here. John, where can we send them?

John Fairbanks 34:03

It all starts in the Facebook group, I think is can be cliche at times, but it's like it's seriously it's it's get into the Facebook group, you can go to hack your and you can find right there's a big little button right there you can click to be able to join the group. And it's where all these conversations literally it's the ground floor, it's the easiest place for you to enter other than listening to these episodes other than maybe sliding into our DMS and kind of blowing us up a little bit we'll chat with you. But it's getting into the Facebook group and starting to see those discussions because in that group it's you're going to have folks that either have started their journey with us are just about to start have successfully crushed it. You're going to see their progress you're going to be able to see that you'll be it's a it's not a bait and switch this isn't an idea where you kind of get in and and meet people it's like this is a place that's going to be it's it's it's is engaging. You have people that are making moves and then freely sharing it, which is why this is a place that gym owners only live and we kind of don't let in

Tyler 35:11

other folks get in there and observe and kind of you'll get a sense for how all this stuff will be and you'll see what works for you what doesn't and how everything here can work for you. So get in that Facebook group The link will be in the description. You can follow me on Instagram at Tyler F and Sonas Tyler EF and EF f hanstone still here with the sick radio voice John over there how can they find you

John Fairbanks 35:33

at J banks FL and that's FL as in Florida

Tyler 35:39

All right that's on Instagram and on Instagram for the podcast itself it is gym, gym owners podcast on Instagram. Make sure to give us a like to give us a review on all of the stuff all the things share this with your favorite gym owner share it with anybody else in your field colleagues anybody else you think you could enjoy this conversation? That's got us all wrapped up. Thanks for listening everybody and we'll see you next week. Sick guy voices Rockstar radio.

John Fairbanks 36:05

I got you out already.

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