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Make More $$ From the Work You‘re Already Doing.... With the Members You Already Have

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • How do you figure out all this stuff? How do you build these offers? - 0:01
  • ​How the gym owner’s business has evolved - 2:01
  • ​Is this a surefire path to success for this client? - 7:04
  • ​You cannot sell just an abundance of one-on-ones if you don’t have a system or a way to fulfill - 13:39
  • ​How often do you get the opportunity to put a product in front of your people? How often are you just selling them the same one? - 18:03
  • ​What do people need? What do they want? What can you do for them? - 21:59
  • ​How much value can you pump into your PR offer? - 24:57
  • ​Get yourself out of the way and start writing ideas down - 30:31


John Fairbanks 00:01
All right, Tyler. So I got it.

Tyler 00:04
I'm stoked. We just came off of a super kind of hype morning.

John Fairbanks 00:09
Yeah, it was one of those things that I wasn't, I definitely wasn't waking up today, thinking that we were gonna get the message that we got.

Tyler 00:16
Yeah, we have a client who's been combing through this stuff with us for quite a while now. And he got his offer kind of put together and has been working on some of these tiered offerings like we've done through that kind of T three framework, a little bit as far as, like how you figure out all this stuff. And what we're going to go through later today is that plate framework and how you really build these offers to get from beyond just your, your base membership offering so that you can actually start to sell like, some packages and products that are like really, really, really premium and really high end and then make all of a sudden the effort you put into sales like really, really worth doing. And so we got a call from the guy who had finally got this, like top top top offer put together and we won't go into details on the amount of money that it is, but like, it's a lot of money. And it goes through everything from joint ventures of partnerships to added services to like, other leads like it's a very, very what's the word? That's a bullet proof plan for somebody's fitness? Frank? Yeah, someone comes in and goes this whole distance with this, it is impossible for them to fail this year. But again, like a lot of these things, we're just presenting people with options. And if someone's not the top option guy, well, at least you gave them a middle option to buy, you know. And then we had a call this morning from clerigos. Dude do about the top option, like the whole thing. That was the biggest it's the biggest priciest fitness package I've ever we've ever helped anybody put together? Is that correct? John? I think that like, I don't know that we've had anybody put together an option with this price tag with this thorough of an offering this still isn't? I don't really, really represent the character of the gym. Like it's really it's just, I was fucking a jumped up and down six. Yes. And only make the money. I didn't get money.

John Fairbanks 02:01
We don't even get any of this. No, no. No. So it is by far the biggest. Yeah. And and but that was like we've been working. So we've been working for a year. Yeah, like towards this. And really, this is where we're going to bring, we'll bring on so we'll bring on, right, the gym owner. And I think you know, we're going to do a lot of different things where we share, because the whole reason why any of this stuff exists. This all started as an idea. Right for me, like, maybe two years ago, yeah. And then we started testing it, I started testing it. And then I kind of grabbed you, Tyler. And I said, Todd, this is kind of what I want to do, I want to do this thing, and kind of brought you along for the ride. And then we got, you know, tested again, and then you and I together worked. got somebody and then we worked with them. And as we worked with them, it was we refined and tweaked during that we did a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more. And that's when it kind of like this is definitely the pinnacle at this point of what this gym owner has been capable of doing. And everything that we talked about everything that's going to be built that is built into this system that we're talking about gym hacking, and Jim hackers and, and Jim hacking University and all the stuff that we'll talk about and half talked about all the frameworks we've talked about, like this is 100%, the example of what we're what we what we tell you is possible, and we always knew that you can make you can make so much more money, just by making sure you have the right things in the right order. Yeah, but this is next. This is truly the next level. Yeah,

Tyler 03:47
It will. And this was the thing that opened the door to liking us as a true proof of concept because it didn't take us 500 sales opportunities to get to this either. You know, this was this way we had very good sales processes, a very good team in place. And there's people that the contact was flawless through this with this lead, and it just went really, really, really great. And by the way, if the guy would have picked the middle of the road option that still is I mean, I don't want to give away anyone else's numbers, but it is I promise you probably if he took the middle of the road option it is way, way more money than probably you've sold at your gym for one member.

John Fairbanks 04:24
Ever. Yeah, I never I

Tyler 04:25
I could never have imagined I wouldn't have known that this type of question could be asked until we built this framework and began to test it.

John Fairbanks 04:34
Yeah, and I think a good way to look at this. Let's put this into perspective, even with the same person. So this same exact person. We ran a great deal last year, almost about this time. Yeah. Right. He got plugged into an amazing group and an amazing community that we work adjacently to. Yeah, and they had an amazing life just like they do. Do this, do this. Do This and you're going to crush and you're gonna get a whole bunch of upfront cash and gonna be super stoked. And so he crushed it,

Tyler 05:06
Absolutely crushed it, he rocks and just crushed it.

John Fairbanks 05:10
This one thing that he did today, and he's the one that crushed it last year, this was what's so huge his first put into place his business. And this is, this is not him. And we all know the difference of like, you have a gym owner, right you the gym owner, especially if it's your baby. So you're passionate, it's all the things are going to be where you kind of are the one that does it. First, you're gonna do everything first and kind of show how you want it to be done. And then hopefully, you can find number one or number two that can come in and kind of take that weight off your shoulders a little bit and be able to run with it. Yeah, and sales has been the trickiest part of this. And this is why this particular gym owner, he has really started to excel and just found some really solid people that he could plug in. And he has one particular person that really shines. And so he's like, this is going to be we completely had to restack . We did everything that we talked about in this plate framework, which is what we're gonna we're gonna talk about it you have to talk about this today. Because it was we completely redesigned his entire offer stack of what he's going to take a brand new opportunity through. So somebody walks through the gym, their new opportunity to be able to join the gym, what's the exact step process? How's that going to be built? When we finished it with him? That total revamp like two weeks ago, this was the first opportunity that they had of taking someone through this methodical process. And it wasn't in theory, this Jim's best quote unquote salesperson because it wasn't the gym owner who's the one that says crushes every sales opportunity. Yeah, so now it was his number one salesperson. And just knocked it out of the goddamn Park. Yeah.

Tyler 07:04
And I think it's important with these types of offers, and we're gonna get into how these right away next but is that this now is a surefire path to success for this client. And this is how you really get people what they want on average. Listen, I'm not gonna walk in and spend that much on the package. Personally, I'm not but I don't have the gaps in information or gaps and motivation or gaps and things certain people have at certain points in their lives. So I don't have the need for it, nor do I have the pocketbook. But being able to come in and just offer this to somebody who's like, you know what this amount of money is like, I am absolutely willing to spend this for the results that are almost very clearly spelled out in this process for him, you're going to read through this offer and go oh, I can't fuck this up. Well, you just know that in a year you're going to be a very different person fitness wise. And if you have a long way to go, what better way to cover that ground is like you know what I am as invested in myself as I can be. This isn't coming in off a 20 $30 Groupon thing and like ghosting out by January 5. So none of this is like this is an investment in myself. This is an investment in my next year. And this person gets it and this is we're not talking this isn't high pressure hype sales like I'm doing here. You know what I mean? Like I get fired up about it, just want to talk about it. But this is just giving somebody the opportunity to invest in themselves as much as they want to or as much as they need or as much as they can. And if he couldn't go that far he would have gone as far as he could or as far as he wanted to. However How dare you offer that man a $200 gym membership or nothing? You gave him a yes or no proposition and that yes proposition you answer yes does so little for you and so little for him, compared to what this man gets now. Dude,

John Fairbanks 08:49
I'm just so glad that he didn't have this dude that walked into the gym, like a year and a half ago. It seems like because it would have just been sold. He would have just been sold the same thing that they would have always sold and this was the point that I want to make. So to put it in perspective, this gym owner crushed his thing and absolutely annihilated it a year ago and we were super stoked. This one sale that his salesperson right his other coach made for this one person was half of all of the sales that the gym owner did so 50% in one single sale

Tyler 09:29
Yeah. And by the way, the one we're comparing to had over 20 sales. This is the equivalent of more than 10 sales last year. single person coming in and there is no there is no exchange you're not trading revenue. This is just so great, it's not just money up front. This is like this is the whole thing so we got to quit teasing this thing and we got to get down to the nitty gritty John people at 10 minute Senator go What the fuck are we talking about? Okay, Little overtime. Let's get into this: we have the plate framework. Why do we choose the plate framework? Because of weights, everything's constantly counted in plates, we get stronger one plate at a time while two technically. But on one side we get started on one plate at a time. And I think your offer is kind of just a cute way for us to assemble these objects, but also makes the most sense, right? So we build this one from plate one up to plate four. Right 56789 10. But

John Fairbanks 10:28
For now we're gonna go through plates one through four. Yeah, plates one through four. And this is definitely the idea of exactly what you're saying when we're saying, like if you're if you got one plate on each side, right? So the idea, right, you're feeling pretty good. But that's the beginning. Right? It's definitely the beginning of your process of kicking ass lifting weights, right? We're not going to haggle over kilograms or pounds. It's just one plate, a big boy plate on each side. Freedom's gonna be how we started, right. And so this is how we're going to start your offer stack. And so this is probably the easiest place for anyone to kind of understand where you are, which is right now. What is your core offer as a gym? What's the main thing that's your EFT? What's your monthly recurring service,

Tyler 11:12
That essentially is everyone's base offer. Your core offer is I do thing A is the main product you sell and it costs me X amount per month. Everybody has something like that for the most part. So whatever that is, that sits as your core offer, that's your main thing. That's the thing most of your people fall to when they come in the door. That's where we start.

John Fairbanks 11:31
But understand, there's a reason why this is now the one plate, right? This is one plate on each side. So if we're talking big boy bench, which is what we're really going to be kind of working off of here, if we're thinking about this. So a big boy, a big girl bench, one plate on each side. Ladies, gentlemen, that's a warm up. So we can't be excited about going to the gym. And just hitting a warm up. Yeah. And so we're I think a lot of us, including the guy that we're working with now, that just closed a five plate, right service, or seven, or seven. They were content, happy and doing quite well, with just always offering this one plate warm up service, and everybody was in the gym. And they've been incredibly happy for years. But we knew it could be done better. And so that's where now, one plate. So now let's move up to two plates. Now we're gonna go two plates on each side. And if we're thinking about like, this needs to be a good, this needs to be a good offer. So this is an idea like, this is your warm up offer. If you're thinking of like, you know, bronze, right, it's good, if you have good, better, best, and then whatever. So that's your good offer, you want to go to plates. Now this is going to be your better offer. And the easiest way, like the cheater way without looking at the market looking at what's successful, is to think outside the box. The easiest way to start thinking about this is to take your offer, your one plate offer, and just get three months upfront. Don't discount, don't give anything for free. But just get a three month commitment out of someone when they walk through the door. Yeah. Because if you can get somebody in for 12 weeks, there's a different mentality that they have. Yeah, and you certainly can capitalize on it. And I would even challenge that now, because I don't want to get too much into it, there's certain aspects that you need to have in your gym. And if you don't have these pieces, you can

Tyler 13:39
Just roll into an you cannot sell just an abundance of one on ones. If you don't have the time and you're the only one you can't just sell say, start stacking only supplements, if you don't have a system that works or a way to fulfill or that there are still things we need to build this out of offers that you have, and that you've recognized and also that then you've made an effort to really build and solidify, which is why you do not want to get to this part, the plate framework until you've finished kind of going through the T three framework and really understand and analyzing, like all of the other frameworks that we talked about. So that we can like it. So anyway, you're gonna go in here with what you've got, just with what you have, that is what it is. And you're going to make the most out of what you have. And you're going to start just stacking these things from one to two, give us some possibilities for the third offer.

John Fairbanks 14:31
So the third offer is definitely where you're starting to look at what would be a gold level experience for someone so again, if we're talking Brent, like, you know, big boy big girl bench, right? You got three plates on each side. Now you are respecting yourself. Yeah, this needs to be kind of that gold level service. And this needs to now you start thinking about what you have in your gym? What do you have in your community as a whole that you would consider like, do you have personal training? Do you have semi private personal training? Do you have small group personal training? Do you have workshops or seminars or single day or multi day events, because you now want to start to think about how much value that you're putting into this thing that can then justify it being right, the steps of it now becomes more expensive, but it needs to be more valuable first. And this is why you have to do all that upfront work first, to say, if these ideas are valid, and you can handle it, because I can't, you can't listen to us. And you can't listen to anyone and have them say, you need to have semi private blocks, no more than five people in a block. And this is what you need to be able to build your program off of. Because if you don't, if you don't have some foundation like work that happens ahead of time, you can't take the coach that was in the coaching group at 6am. And you can't all of a sudden plug them into the 6am semi private group because you don't have another coach, the 6am block, yeah, that's

Tyler 15:59
Transitioning to a totally different sort of fulfillment is a process. So in doing this, you start with what you got, what can you do? What can you do? Well, or at least what can you move towards right now that you can do? Well, that you can add some real value to so that could be one on one that could just be extra time. That could be things like movement assessments, I mean, there's so many things in here that we that you can start to stack up, whatever it is that you do, put it together and start stacking plates here

John Fairbanks 16:29
And just adding right and it is literally stacking kind of plates on top of each other because you want to take a look at what are all the things they do you have? Do you have supplements? Do you have apparel? Do you have any? Do you have any? Do you have the different types of training where what different types do you have a certain class rather, specialty

Tyler 16:51
Options are likely or there may be some higher ticket goal focused segments of either whether it's either classes or I really prefer a start finish thing than just an ongoing recruiting class that runs forever. But again, you can get some people into these things. Now with a start of finish start time and end goal, a set price value, and then you just add that into your thing. It's like oh, sweet, I've got a I can do this quarter, I can do kind of like a lean and mean thing with my training here this quarter. And then the next one I can do this year, instead of just being focused on this and I still pepper in here by group classes, like there's a lot of things that we can do a lot of them and we just got to start thinking in those terms.

John Fairbanks 17:29
And that and I think you hit the nail on the head of what is the difference between a one plate offer, like the one plate offer is just whatever your core offer is, but everything above that, it has to have a start. And it has to have a finish. Just there's too much data that backs up the concept that people need to see a start and an end date. We've joked about it before it can't come in, you can't have somebody that comes in and says I want to lose 60 pounds, and you can't look them dead in the eye and say great, it's gonna take you five years to do that. They're never going to sign up for a five year program. But they will sign up for a program that's 12 weeks, maybe 16 weeks, maybe nine weeks, like they will set it up to where you can have a finite time. Our goal is to achieve this. And then you want to be able to have the opportunity to reassess where they are able to reassess what their goals are. The fact is, none of us how many of us start a training routine that's supposed to be 12 weeks long, and then get total add by week nine.

Tyler 18:35
Oh, I'm like a three week guy, every everyone

John Fairbanks 18:38
At least like you get to that point. And so that's no different for the people that said 10 weeks ago, or six weeks ago, this was really important to me, I really wanted to do this. And those goals might change. And because those goals change, then what that does is that makes it to where if all you're doing is selling someone on a thing that makes it to where they're, they don't get the opportunity to like hard look at what they have been successfully changing what they've successfully done. You never get the opportunity to then be able to say, this is what you've done. Now, what do you want to do next? So I think the one piece that a lot of folks are missing is how often do you get the opportunity to put a product in front of your people? Or

Tyler 19:31
How often are you just selling them the same one? Dang, you know what I mean? This is fitness membership. We thought we told stories about this in the past, but the person sitting there doing group class group classes, fun group classes, there's progress to be made. And with good coaching you can do really, really, really well in group fitness. But when someone gets to a certain level, or at least maybe they just want a level of specificity or they want a higher level of service. Some people buy the platinum car wash some people get through on the bronze like that's just the way that they are Some people are doing this thing and they like it and they go, Oh man, I want, I want more out of this because I like it, I want to give it more so we can get me more. You need to be the person they can give more to. So you can give them more in return. Like you got to be there. And you got to keep an eye on that stuff. And if you feel like you're not offering enough, you're not. If you feel like you're offering enough, you're also not like you can't, you shouldn't be able to have offers, stacked in a way that nobody ever agrees to your top offer. For Christ's sake. Still, some might. But like, but like, you should be able to assemble these in a way where you're going to be like, holy shit, nobody's ever gonna do this. Okay,

John Fairbanks 20:36
And what you just let us into right, what truly is the foreplay offer? Yeah. And this needs to be this is the idea of right four plates, five plates. That point is this is supposed to be your PR offer. This is supposed to be the best. And the best way that I've explained it is that it needs to be something that you are, it should be a price that you're afraid to say out loud. Yep. And you can only barely say it without cracking a smile. Because it's so ludicrous. And what's important is, this isn't something that's ludicrous, because if someone buys it, God forbid, you're going to corrupt yourself because you can't afford to fulfill it.

Tyler 21:19
Well, let's double down on that too. You also absolutely are not into under delivering on this money either. No, you don't get to go Oh shit. What should I do? It's like no, no, you have to you need to overdeliver this person bought a fucking Cadillac them seats better be heated, dude, you know what I'm saying? This is the name of the game is that so you do get into you will sell these, you will. But that's not all. It's not the purpose of this. The purpose of this is where your most premium offering lives. So that anyone looking at any of those offers are going to see at the top and go Holy shit, there's no way I can fail here. But I can't afford that. And I'm gonna start looking towards what I can't afford. And then they're truly weighing their buying habits versus their desired results plus their budgets. And then it comes into a decision for them to make. Not new, not whatever you chose to start charging members five years ago, none of that shit. What do they need? What do they want? And what can you do for him, if you've never sat down and stack these aren't like this, you need to do this. Now. You need to start this and know exactly what this feels like. Because this will change everything in your business. Once you get to the oh, this is how I do this. I just tell people hey, and by the way, you're not selling people on this Cadillac option. You're not selling people on anything. You're offering people and you're showing them what you can do, and you let them choose. That's it. Because if you push one of these things on somebody, you're in trouble, like he's really coerced. Like that is not what we do here, you're not going to coerce someone into getting fit either. So you don't need a top option that's super expensive. And then the guy doesn't get any results, it doesn't show up. This is about accountability and delivering an absolute premium service. And letting your people fall exactly where they need to fall based on all those factors that we described earlier,

John Fairbanks 23:04
You gave the example of the carwash there are just going to be people that are platinum car wash people, there's going to be people that are gold, or silver or bronze, and it literally doesn't matter if there's option of four on picking the second least expensive option every time, it doesn't matter. And there's gonna be some people that are just gonna pick the most expensive option every time.

Tyler 23:26
And I want to be I want to reiterate to that you're not nudging people in this because I can tell we talked about this before, maybe not in this segment, we'll get into it, we get into sales very specifically, we'll get into how you sell this and how you package like sales, delivery and sales, script and sales conversations and sales language, a profit will get delivered all of that stuff eventually. But when we get into this, excuse me, are just killing me, dude. But when you get into this, remember to remove yourself from this equation. And remove what you think you know, of the person on the other end of this from the equation, meaning don't come in and go, oh, this person has a lot of money, I'm gonna really try to lead them towards that high option. Because trust me, you will find in your life people with lots of money, who always will buy the cheapest thing. Yeah, depending on what they value. If they value fitness, then they'll spend the top if they don't, or they don't value you or they don't necessarily value the whole thing, maybe in the middle or the bottom. And that's fun. But don't project your stuff, your impression of them or your own budget or your own spending habits. On to these people. Your offer is your offer. You've made it, it's good. It's your services, you're good, you better be and then that's it. But this can absolutely change the way your business operates. And it starts with money. You don't have to know what I mean? Like you don't gotta build a massive amount of infrastructure. You just start by building these plates, stacking these plates up exactly with what you have and what you can do well,

John Fairbanks 24:56
And that's it. What's important to what you just said is that it's Not based on money, right? We need to get you more money. But there's a reason why we're being very strategic about the fact that we're not giving you dollar amounts right now. Yeah, I'm not, we're not saying this is how much they sold it for. These are the different packages. Well, how much should a package be? Isn't that ultimately isn't relevant? What's relevant is whatever your base packages, whatever it is that you currently sell. That is your one plate offer. Great, that's done. Now you work at what can you jam into each level? Two plate three plate for plate, right all the way to your PR offer is that it's how much value can you pump into this thing? And I'm not I'm not kidding. When I brainstormed this with, right, the gym owner, they just crushed it. We started at the beginning of this about when we brainstormed it. I literally said, Well, do you think people would appreciate it if you came to their house and made them breakfast once a week? And I just said it dead ass serious? Yeah. And it's like, no, we're not gonna do that. Like, okay, well then that's off the table. Like,

Tyler 26:10
Now you put in that's because you there are not bad ideas in this. But now there can still be bad offers. But during this process, you need to put all the ideas at what can I do for somebody because God there might be a guy who's like, Man, if I could just get like a good hearty breakfast. I don't know, there are no bad ideas there are because there's nothing because that may fit one client and not the other. But you really need to leave every idea on the table while you begin to tell yourself that you need to have ideas, you need to have services you offer, services you can offer and then you start to build you start to build this out.

John Fairbanks 26:45
Because the ultimate foreplay offer, right the Ultimate PR offers that you can start to build it's could we come and make dinner or make breakfast for them? Well no, that's not possible. But what that leads to is then you are now not taking anything off the table. Now you start thinking well man who do we know that does meals

Tyler 27:04
Like who does or maybe they need a hand in hand nutrition coaching thing that's a very comprehensive journey and because this is our top option, now I have a nutrition consultant or a nutrition coach who I know who charges 2000 bucks for her services rate I'm going to say I'm going to charge 2000 for your service but you're gonna pay me 500 for the sale, whatever it is and you work out these arrangements on the back end, but you can stack someone else's service into your offer as you go and these are things you'll learn more as we get to the joint venture stuff but these are things that now everything is possible so you can serve the need of the whole you want me to come make breakfast or is like well no but for this service like we can get you fully equipped or that you can get delivery meals to your you can get very good nutrition coaching and accountability through that maybe it isn't through us which by the way if you can't do that now find someone who can work willing to pay you as their salesperson essentially let me throw me a commission for selling somebody your stuff and I'll just I will just stick clients at your door if you're just paying me I don't have to fulfill awesome these offers can be infinitely stacked this is this is just the beginning but I just we need gym owners got to think outside of the membership the model first and I think right for the most part you guys know that a little bit if you don't if you're not knowing and addressing in your business you feel it but oftentimes the way that that issue gets addressed in the business is like well we'll do more one on ones and that's that's one sure but it's not the be all end all the reason

John Fairbanks 28:38
Why we're not and we're not making that up we know this from experience because the original ultimate offer was what one on ones with the gym owner yes and oh god people bought it Yeah. And so what happened was a bunch of people bought and it's unreasonably priced on we have

Tyler 29:02
Let's make sure we clear this up. What we're talking about here is that if for the average person to this is for the average gym this might be your top option as it sits if you've never thought about these this plate system this other way it may be oh I did stack offers I had I offered one on ones and I offered memberships Right? Right. But your one on ones are maybe priced the same if you're the owner as it is if you're just a good coach or there is no price differential there is no premium thing for your time and all of a sudden you're exchanging your time you're a wage earner now as a gym owner no matter what it is. So you need to address your time and its value with your business. When that happens, this is where we get into what sometimes these gym owners are charging as their top off or with what they can do crazy expensive but people want to work with the owner who seems like he's the most talented coach. The problem is they're buying it now. Well, he's charging six or seven times what the average person normally would do simply because As he doesn't want to do it, right kind of and that he also wants that to be some premium thing and people buy just underneath it. People were doing it to the point where we had to stop offering it, because he was getting so many people buying this, like his time at an insane rate, that it still wasn't worth it. Because it was taking him away from the gym away from the business, he's better off letting that client pay a little less than having one on one for another person or putting together a different offer altogether, which was what we ended up going with unless we really get to the bottom of this here and

John Fairbanks 30:31
Right. And that's where the whole idea was. It never was that it was something we couldn't fulfill, right, it was still insanely valuable. Because guess what, this is why you have to remove yourself from the process because you don't get to establish value. No, right? The people that buy let you know what's valuable to them or not. This is why when you are brainstorming all the possibilities, get yourself out of the way, get out of the way, and just start writing ideas down. This is where it can be as its grocery delivery. It's like well, we don't, we don't do grocery delivery. It's like well, how hard is it to order people, the groceries and then have it delivered like it's, you can get out of the way as long as you start getting creative. But we've had to learn that the hard way. And this is why we want to go into this and be brutally honest. Because don't make that same mistake. If you think that you are just making your time more valuable. The goal is truly not more money where you're continuing to trade time for dollars. And that is the mistake you still can raise your prices you can still do these things to make it valuable. But if at the end of the day, your best offers are the offers that can really help people be successful if you're the gym owner, you are still trading your time for dollars. You're playing the wrong game. Yep, absolutely. And so this is like this is super like we just want you to get out of of the mode of just selling just your memberships

Tyler 31:57
Yeah, but this can start thinking like this sets you on a path. And this is like this actually thought thing that this change in mindset is the thing that needs to happen. Now we cover a lot of bases first in this as we get through it like you know with the course with the Gym hacking course, but there is this is this is the mindset This is why we're putting this one out here for free for you guys out here listening is that like this mindset thing, change the way you think about your gym change where you think about your offers, and it will absolutely change your business. It'll change your bank account, it'll change your careers for your coaches, it'll absolutely change the results that your clients get start stacking plates man,

John Fairbanks 32:35
Let's go start getting some solid PRs even mentioned 135 You mentioned one plate on the side for way too

Tyler 32:43
Big pecks cashed checks let's do it. So I doubt John we're gonna get students here but let's guys in the group. Thanks so much for joining the group. Thanks for reading. We really really really are stoked to have you guys here.

John Fairbanks 32:56
Please you're not in the group.

Tyler 32:58
If you're not in a group getting a group What's wrong with you getting in the Facebook group will have links in the description. There's also you can follow the gym owners podcasts on Instagram and follow me at Tyler effing stone. John

John Fairbanks 33:07
J banks FL on Instagram.

Tyler 33:10

We got the Facebook group we got hacker We have everything to get in that Facebook group. Get a sense for what's going on. You can watch more of these videos, you can listen to more of the podcast episodes. We'll have them all out there. So find it, share it and tell everybody about it. Thanks a lot for watching everybody, and we'll see you soon. Yep,

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