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Practice Building Big-Time Offers, with ZERO Risk

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • Welcome to the gym owners podcast - 0:00
  • ​Get a lot of reps under your belt before you go live with people - 4:36
  • ​Don’t get in the habit of doing things because you’ve always done them that way - 9:21
  • ​How do you tune up your coach as a business owner? - 13:23
  • ​The benefit of looking outside of what you would typically think - 18:28
  • ​Do what you do well and look outside of your gym - 23:05
  • ​Don’t just make a thing and yell it over the mountain - 27:01
  • ​What is an offer sheet? - 29:44
  • ​The fun part of your offer - 34:07
  • ​When you have the first one, tell us about it - 40:00


Tyler 00:00


John Fairbanks 00:02


Tyler 00:03

greetings we're in. Because Welcome to the gym owners podcast. I'm your host, Tyler over there as John, let's get right into it. John, what are we covering today?

John Fairbanks 00:15

I've been geeking out on frameworks. We're kind of been in the process where we've been doing a lot of building and streamlining on the back end of things for us. And a big piece of that has been, what are the things that we've been doing with clients successfully on a one on one basis? And then how can we continue to provide some of those frameworks and things to make it more easily accessible or consumable by everybody? In the community as a whole? We've ripped on this before, but the idea is, it doesn't matter how good or how much knowledge you have, or how smart you are, that you can explain it, as long as I have 15 hours to explain it to you. Right, it's, can we do this? Can you do it in five minutes? Can you do it? How quickly? Can you do it? Can you do it in 30 seconds? Like it's and not to that, that you're trying to make less of the importance of what you're talking about? But can we simplify it enough? That I can explain to you how I want you to go and build an offer, or be able to understand kind of who is in your market? Or who's in your niche and all those different marketing, sleazy phrases that we kind of roll our eyes at. But the idea is like, Can you do something that's complex and difficult that most people don't ever do? And can you understand how you would do that in 30 seconds or less? And that has been kind of the challenge that I've put on myself? Yeah, as the self imposed framework person, you know, out of our group?

Tyler 01:54

Yeah. Well, as we come through, we have a lot of frameworks for how we help you build your house, you know, how you can learn to build your offer, how you can, how you can deliver it, how you kind of make sure you identify how you are within you, what you are within your gym, what you can do and how best to present that going forward. The problem is where the bottleneck is, that takes practice, you have to it takes thinking outside the box, kind of like in the end, whatever your final offer is going to be, it's always going to be something that's changing, you're going to be adding things and adding new services, and you're going to be thinking very differently. And the problem is, is right now you're only stuck with your gym, and your business. So when we do these exercises, one of the important things that we go through is like, Okay, if so now you've learned how to do this with your gym, the things you're very familiar with. And that will lead you to take these principles and this process and this framework. And now get out there and start just looking around at other businesses, maybe that is the way you want to be or like, how do I communicate this better, John, like well, that are exactly kind of aligned in certain ways with your service offerings, or what you hope that they could be. So then you actually get practice, because then you're not stuck with only the set of tools that you have. And you don't know, you really don't know what you don't know until you start getting out there playing with somebody else's tools?

John Fairbanks 03:09

Well, definitely what we have found over the years is that it's probably not good business practice to just test a bunch of shit with your live community. No, not all. It can't be like, just you're going to hear stories, like for sure you're going to hear stories about like, Well, we, our ethos was this or this is who we were, and this is what we did as a gym. And then I went to a seminar, and it completely changed my life or completely changed how I think about training, like, fundamentally. And then I decided on the next Monday. So to me, that's all of the barbells that exist inside the gym. It's like, wait a second, what did you just say all out? It's like, well, yeah, it's like, how did that go? Well, it was horrific. Yeah, no shit. Like, it's holy, like pump the brakes. Like, let's wait for a second. And let's think about it, there has to be a way for you to have a playground, that you can play in and practice the same way that like, you know, you probably would be ill advised to build out a program or build out a workout. If you're a coach, and train your people without knowing exactly what it's going to do to them. Like you're probably going to be better off knowing at this portion, they're going to vomit. And that's okay, because I vomited when I did this to like at least it's a safer place. If you know what's happening opposed to being like, oh my god, like I didn't know that this was about to happen. Like I didn't realize that this is where it was at. And so definitely what you're talking about is this idea of now getting hand before you ever want to roll something out. You also want to have a lot of reps under your belt before you kind of go live with people especially like we said, Yeah, and so this is where this has been the framework we've been talking about because we've talked about previously, the idea of like the plate method of like, this is How we would recommend building out your offer what you have that exists. But how do you get them better? It's not like, if you're only in your gym, more than likely, you're not, you're not going around and hanging out at a bunch of other gyms. Unless you're in the community here, you're probably not interacting with a whole bunch of coaches and a whole bunch of people that would be willing to kind of give up a bunch of information. I mean, that was the reason why we built the community and we want to have a place where people can kind of freely share this information. But most of the time you're just working, rarely do you have time to sit back and be like, Ah, so there's like all this work? And like, Is it really good right now?

Tyler 05:42

Well, you end up finding yourself in an echo chamber Absolutely. Where it's, these are my philosophies. This is my jam, this is the way I would kind of want it to be wrong, like you have a good sense for how you want your things to be right now. But it's really difficult to know what is possible, until you start taking a look at what else is out there. So you need the reps. Where does somebody start with this? Can we kind of run through an example for how you want to get practice?

John Fairbanks 06:06

Yeah, so the framework that like that, try and break it down, right, just wanted to make it as easy as possible to do. So ABCD, and we just call it right is the alpha to delta alpha delta method is the idea. This is the framework that we've broken down. And we got to start first, where you have to be able to answer the basic questions of who are you? What type of gym? Are you? What are the types of people you want to attract? Like, do you have to know yourself well enough? And more importantly, you have to have done the work to know who you want to be and who you want to be attracted to. And this is the work that I call the unsexy work and the behind the scenes work. But only the gyms that we have talked to and that we have worked with that just crush every step of the way. This is the stuff that they are really good at, or they have done this before. So that they are super crystal clear about who they are and what they want their tribe or community to be. Yeah. Once you can answer those questions, that now helps you go to the next step, which is going to be right going to be so this is the brainstorming. And so this is where you need to start looking at who in your area matches who you are, are they working with the types of people that you want to work with, or you do work with, and you just are now building and brainstorming just a list of individual gyms. And don't just sit back because you happen to be at a CrossFit gym, or you happen to be at a gym, maybe that's open 24 hours, whatever your niche is, within the fitness space, don't handicap yourself by only looking at people that truly only look like you.

Tyler 07:56

Yeah, yeah, well, because there's, there's there's pieces to be extracted from almost any line, whether it's fitness, or really community building, or just movements in general, you know, you get into anything involving coaching, training instruction, like, there's a lot that can be learned from, from any business in there that's doing it well, especially if you think that they kind of aligned values wise with you, which means now you know, like, you can look right away and go, I don't want to imitate anything that this guy is doing. I can't do it all looks really, really rough. But I think it is important cuz you need to have ideas, and they're not all going to rise up from within your chair.

John Fairbanks 08:33

Nor are they coming from, right if you are an affiliate of a particular brand, right, if you follow a particular brand, or you follow a particular brand of coaching, like oftentimes, I think people can get really narrow minded on the programming that they provide in the gym. And it's like, oh, well, this is the style approach. It's like that's fine. But you need to make sure that you are looking elsewhere. Because you can enhance that version. You don't have to change what you are. Yeah. But there's so many pieces that can enhance what you're doing that again, if you're not looking, and you're not thinking about it, you're never going to do it quickly. Well, yeah, what quickly happens is that you've been doing things for 10 years. And what it really means is that you haven't updated in 10 years.

Tyler 09:19

Yeah. Yeah. Well, you get in the habit of doing things just because you've always done them that way. That's the death of all ideas. It's the death of everything is the death of progress. It's kind of the death of your business. If you start doing things because you've always done them that way. You've got to be willing to undo them. Absolutely. Now, once we get out into where you start analyzing some of these other people's offerings, they do them how they message them. You get to start tinkering with and building offers on your own correct Yeah. So what do you do? How would you present them based upon the frameworks that you've learned before on the plate method? And having gone through the T three stuff, how would you start to retool these peoples? And this is the thought exercise, right? This is where the real value is. Here's where you get your practice. This is a thing that as John and I were coming, not coming on, we didn't invent any of this stuff. But as we are applying this to gym members that were going through some of this stuff with two gym owners who are going through this stuff with clients, I started doing the same thing, practicing it everywhere in every business. I see the problem was, I was doing it by accident. Whereas this is on purpose. So it has a box that you go in deliberately you get in and use, what I ended up doing is seeing that everywhere in everything, and it can kind of make you insufferable, not at all. So try to avoid that part where you like you start walking down the street, you're like, why does this guy sound the same to us, if he just did this, this, this and this, it would be. And there's going to be a lot of that when you start seeing it that way. Plus, when you start seeing the results in your own system, as you start to build and actually execute on some of these things within your own gym. You see what works and how well it works, and how some of these few simple changes can make you way more money or how they can at least really, really give your clients something to latch on to offer and why they're really enthusiastic and can invest way more in themselves. But once you start seeing that success, you're like, Oh, now I know. And then you become the guy that everywhere you go knows better than ever sits out there. And that's rough. So this is why I encourage you guys to keep this in this box. When you do this exercise when you go through it in the course or you do the thing, do this and then worry about your own business because it will make you crazy. Eventually, in the long run. I walked down the streets now and I just started analyzing systems and how I don't like him and I know at this point, I'm like, what are the sidewalks like this, this is done every valley but you know it all so like, tone it down. Don't go as far as I do on all that stuff.

John Fairbanks 11:42

But it is but it is that mindset, you have this thing that shifts it is a click that happens. And I say we I for sure have experienced it. The one thing it was where you could definitely always go Tyler's route is always the route that Tyler always provides, which is the insufferable piece in which you just kind of make everything really everything really awful. And you could do that piece. Yeah, but I think it's a good example of being like, don't go down that road, the one road. And so the

Tyler 12:09

nice stuff, don't make this about everybody else's stuff and what they're doing wrong, learn where they're at and some of the hiccups and then learn that lesson. And that's the important thing with this truthfully, like the All jokes aside, this is it's you're able to learn from some of the mistakes, missteps or poorly aligned offers and services that a lot of these other gyms have. So you don't have to spend 10 years getting to the point that they have, where there's still a bunch of problems, right? You can see this, identify the gaps, know what's going on, and not have to spend 10 years making less money or offering a poor service or, or leaving a bunch of money on the table. So this is a way to learn from other people's mistakes.

John Fairbanks 12:46

And I think it's definitely right, so you don't have to make those. But it also is a big piece where don't undervalue the value of looking at other people's things. Even if you are like that, I know we're better than them. That's not the exercise. The exercise is looking because you need to develop, right? Your owner, the owner eye, or the offer I so we hear a lot about people talking about like a Coach's Eye. Right, the coaches, I had to look at movement and be able to kind of see, okay, where are they having some deficiencies? Where can we help them?

Tyler 13:23

And how do you tune up your coach as a coach of people, right? All Langley perfect time, but you were doing it and you gotta keep that you got to start playing that game.

John Fairbanks 13:33

And as soon as you start working at that, what did you start doing? somebody's walking down the street, and now you're kind of looking at, you're like, Oh, well, that guy's ladders shut off on his left hand side. And that's why he has lower back pain on his right hand. Like it's, you can't help it because that's what you're working at. As a gym owner, you need to be working on your owner I and this is the piece where again it because it's if you're not no one else is I can guarantee you that no one else is worrying about how much money you're bringing in, what your offers look like and how that's getting positioned. No one, do you know why? They don't get paid to do it? No one is going to do anything unless you pay them. And if you're the owner, this needs to be a piece that you cannot be a well I have a salesperson. Okay, you need to understand exactly what your goal is or what they eat like what those offers look like and understand what those numbers are looking like as they are working. It's not something that is not an exercise. Like we said it's repetition heavy and has to be. So it needs to be something that you're not just doing once and then you put it on the shelf and never worry about it. Again. It's something that you come back to and you're at minimum in my opinion is once a quarter. Take a look. What are you doing, what's work Seeing what isn't. But then look at the things that are around you, as you get better at this, because this is something that you and I have started doing a lot more of lately, which is you stopped staying even focused at just looking at, like gyms or just looking at the fitness industry alone. Because you've got to realize a great way of differentiating yourself and your business, from a gym owner's perspective is Why do I keep going back to this restaurant? What is it? What's the principles? What are the things that they're doing really well that I like? I have a lot of value like I keep coming back, and I enjoy being here. Is there something there for you that you can take one of those values, skills or concepts and plug that into your gym?

Tyler 15:49

Yeah. And what do they do well, and not just like that. And it's really this exercise is less about branding and messaging, though Exactly. And really truly about crafting an offer and maybe learning ways you can offer services that you haven't thought of think outside the box for services you can offer or joint ventures products you can select, there's just so many things, but you do need to keep it narrowed around the offers, because otherwise you'll nitpick the million other flaws that every business has. And you got to stay, you got to stay clear because you just it's not about that. So stick to really the offer crafting and service building side of this stuff. And it's going to make this a much more, much more efficient use of your time. But the the idea of getting into businesses outside of fitness centers, this is where this principle came from, by the way, like most gyms are gyms and fitness centers, they're late to business principles, business principles arrived late to the fitness industry, I don't know why that is oftentimes with just maybe it's low barrier to entry. Truthfully, I believe it's because as you see in our coach interviews, most coaches get into it as coaches because it's a passion project. And because of it, they put money last literally last, by the way, not like second, third or fourth, like literally money is put last, therefore these things are completely overlooked. But I had found the value in these principles reluctantly, from a completely different industry, you know, so we're trying to implement this stuff on service delivery and on sales for, you know, contractors and heating and air conditioning companies and reluctantly doing it. Because it didn't make sense to me at the time. Normally, that's an entire industry where you go in, I do my thing, and I leave and then you pay and nobody talks, there's no arrangement, you get what you get and pay what you pay. And there's no additional offerings. Having seen this work so well as we implemented that in that other field. Then I started looking at the gym and the gyms and the fitness industry. And then they started saying, Oh, now I know that this works outside of this. And then we start applying it here. And that is really important. Once you get outside this, you start looking into these other places. And you can really see the value that this would have in almost any business and almost any line of work fitness service, and everything. Honestly physical products like this is why your cable company now has bundles that always have your set, you know everything has been packaged, tiered offerings, and you need to hone that skill. Because you don't want to, you don't want to have an idea of oh, I want to offer this for my clients, you really want to know that it's going to work before you just craft the thing, right? So you can kind of have these get these reps, get this experiment or get this experience and before you turn it over into your gym into something that they may like or hate.

John Fairbanks 18:28

Yep, a model I've shared before. And then I think it's worth mentioning here as well for the group as a whole is the benefit of looking outside of what you would typically think so if you're let's say your CrossFit style gym, and you look out there take a look at the peloton, right? There's some interesting models, some interesting offers that the peloton does. Now, again, we're not worried about anything other than just the offer value, right that they provide? Well, we have a lot of folks that we know, that maybe have equipment that's tied into their gym, or some sort of physical product, something physical that they sell to their people. And this was definitely very helpful, that you're not just selling right this is I'm not saying you need to now go get a physical product for your gym to sell people to use. That's fitness.

Tyler 19:23

Yeah, that seems like a lot of work if that works.

John Fairbanks 19:26

And this is what's important is that once you identify who you are and the pieces that you have in your gym, now you can start more creatively thinking about how you can put those items that you already have to work again, the sale here is never to go do a thing to make money. It's to look at what you've got. And then how can you creatively now start using that to make money and so this is like we have some friends that definitely work out of Australia that sell tons of equipment, right sell all sorts of sandbags. Eggs and equipment with those sales, either you can just sell a sandbag. And that's it. It's a single transaction that you sell and you sell that sandbag. You also happen to be a gym owner. And you have these two companies that really can live side by side. It's great because now you have all this great equipment for your gym, and you sell this. Well look at the peloton model. peloton ties their entire fitness based model around the equipment itself, the sell of the equipment

Tyler 20:34

which instantly by the way, it makes everything the equipment on its own has almost no value for the peloton to like they want the monthly recurring thing they want you on the hook forever. They allow you to finance the equipment. I think for gyms, if you have equivalents use the sandbag example because it's easy. And there's a few out there that do it. Someone wants to come into your gym, and let's say you only offer group classes, well, now there's an add home option, right, they can have a day they can't get in three days a week or COVID stuff comes and goes, you can still pay for the membership, get online coaching or however you package remote stuff if you're dealing with you know, restrictions and limitations on having your doors open. But you can do that you can start to offer like okay, well we do have kind of an add home thing, that's just another type of package, you can start to build into your offer. The other thing that you can do is let's say you have an introductory thing where you maybe you're going with an assessment, and then you have an intake that involves one on one and then into semi private. And maybe this is a transition where they don't want to get some people who don't want commitment times, four days a week, five days a week to the gym. But most people aren't normally looking for new gym memberships. Because when you talk to somebody coming off the street, there's a real value to get them out and about and coach them to think a couple times a week. And maybe that's the best that their budget can afford. They can't afford a really expensive, you know, one on one personal training, but maybe they need you to touch base with them. And then they can do some things at home on their way. And this becomes a still high value thing for you, you're delivering a high value product. But it's just another way for you to serve people. And this can be this as I'm stalking is almost on the low end. But you can also put this on the very high end as well, where you start off in these big premium packages, and you're gonna learn this, this is and you got equipment for a home. And if you want to go on a trip and this and that and, and there's a lot of ways that this can be built in with everything else that you do, from supplements to nutrition coaching to all this stuff that you do that you know how to do that you have it put together, you can do this within your own thing. And you should be looking just like if you don't sell equipment, what would you do if you did, because then when the time comes, and maybe an opportunity knocks on your door, you know exactly how you'd construct it. And you will have proof of how similar systems work within your gym already. So you know, I add this, it's gonna shift here and here. And it's not like this, if you build it, there will come a trick that we talked about before, that's just there to trick people into being poor forever. You know, you can make things based on things that you know, work. And you don't have to cover all this overhead in order to package something together that somebody likes. Just put the package together, sell it and make it work.

John Fairbanks 23:05

And you touched on this briefly. And again, just to make sure we drive the idea home that it's just do what you do. Well, yeah, because there will be opportunities. There are people that there are affiliate agreements for sandbag companies, by God, they're all over the place. Yeah, like if you want to partner with anyone, like that has equipment, there's partnerships, well guess what now what you do is make sure that that equipment is taken care of. And now you take care of your part of the agreement,

Tyler 23:35

which is what you do well fulfills the thing you don't. And now you

John Fairbanks 23:39

provide higher. Exactly. And it's easier to scale because you're

Tyler 23:42

not the bottleneck. So there's opportunities in every segment of the stuff, once you start looking outside of what you already do. That's the thing is you got to build it from what you have. But you're not going to be very versatile and your thought process until you do start thinking about systems that aren't yours. You know, and that's the important part of this exercise is to analyze things outside of your gym so that when you come back and build things within your gym, your brain is really you've got a lot of exercise in this practice.

John Fairbanks 24:11

Yeah, because then when you get to those conversations where you get to talk about partnerships, or joint ventures or whatever, a curveball gets thrown and everyone has to close their doors. You've already participated in some of the mental exercises where it's like, well, we do this well. Now we just need to bring this piece in. And again, there's so much more and this is just the very beginning and is practicing. Which verb is the better word right? Let's keep on practicing that the owners I write that offer I have. How can you stack it? What would you do if you were them? Because the next piece of this is implementing the pieces that you like the most? That's the lowest hanging fruit and then implementing that into your gym as it exists now, but that's the most l Look at peace, because you need to make sure that it's consistent with what you're doing right now. And that it actually is worth doing. Yeah, absolutely. But that's it. That's, that's been the framework we've been working on. So I'm excited. It's called that alpha delta. And then we add, right, plus that plate method that we combine all together that really brings some pretty cool things together for some gems.

Tyler 25:24

Well, it's it is, you know, a lot of what we do with, with the gym hacking coursework is, is about this, where it's not just yes, we want you to go in and build and work on your gym, but your eye needs to be the unit, we want you to have the skills. And that's why this isn't just a workbook, it's not just coaching in guidance, this is really the right combination of the two things that you can't just come in and have the perfect plan for your business unless you've really done a lot of the mental work that needs to be done. Because plans don't fucking work. No, no, a plant never had a plan. And that's the whole point. You need to plan on it not going according to plan, always.

John Fairbanks 26:01

And everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the fucking mouth. And you know, I mean, there is so much realness to that and was like, oh, yeah, you know, I've heard that before. But it's like, no, you need to understand that anything that you think is a good idea, you have to be able to take action on quickly. And this is a premise that I have learned a lot like, the hard way. And then I've watched very large businesses do this as well, that I've been a part of, and this the idea of failing quickly, as fast as you can. Don't spend six months building a goddamn thing. And you touched on it earlier. Right? If you build it, they will come built specifically to keep people poor.

Tyler 26:41

Yeah, that's an absolute it is an absolute psyop. In my opinion, part of me thinks that it's intentionally put out there to keep poor people poor. I really almost think that because it's such shitty advice, however, that floated to the top out of that movie, I have no idea. But it is absolute dogshit advice, I used to think that all the time you make a thing, and you think it's a good idea. And you put out it's not how this works, it's just not how this works. So do what you do, find people that want that, figure out what you can offer them, and then you're playing the game, don't just make a thing and yell it over the yelling on a mountaintop and hope people start coming. That's just not how this works. And that's where you got to do that work of identifying, by the way in the beginning, who you are, who your people are. Without that these steps are useless, absolutely useless. Because you're just going to be yelling into a void about who you are, and what you do that nobody's going to give a shit. And there's going to be offers that don't matter. So you really need to make sure you're aligned with who you are, who your people are, so you don't even talk to and you know what they want and the things that they like and the way they like things presented. Take that and the experience you're gonna get from this exercise at a bunch of other gyms, other businesses, and I think you're going to be able to put together some really, really, really sharp offers, that your people are going to be stoked to get those services that way from you. That's the game, this isn't some best offer that exists in a vacuum. None of this exists in a vacuum. And that's why I would love to be able to come in. This would be so easy for us, John, it'd be a lot cheaper for everybody. If I just, if there was just a list, here's your perfect offer. If it just was universal, that would be great. I believe these principles are universal. How you get to your perfect offer is and that's what we're kind of doing here is walking you through a principle driven path to get there. But this is something I can't do, because I don't know who you are, what you want to be or who your people are really what you do now. And what that relates into what you think you're capable of in six months, and maybe you have offerings and ideas in your back pocket. And as you start thinking flexibly and outside of your own gym, you'll figure out where and when these things can be applied. Because we've built great fucking offers before Tyler and it's not had the work that's been done that's needed that can only come from the brain or the heart or the mentality of the owner that works there. If that's not in sync, it doesn't matter how good the offer is. It's gonna suck and that's why we talked to the folks at Stark Hardenberg right not too long ago. And the reality was that they put together an offer that was specific to who they were. And they talked about which was great to hear someone say it other than us the idea of like it's when someone walks through the door that doesn't fit that you say no to them. Because it doesn't matter how good your offer is. If they're not in line with what you're trying to do, it won't work and your offer should also eat your offer. It should define who you are and what they are. Also your offer should feel like that, meaning they should know based on your offer. Whether this is going to be for them or whether it's not you know what I mean? If a guy walks in and wants to What do you mean I just you know you we offer it most of the gyms are dealing with offer coaching and there's lots of programs coaching group classes, services specific one on one stuff life coaching nutrition, there's a whole lot of things that go into this so that people can offer but if you get a guy that walks into your gym, and you're that type of gym, and you want and the guy wants this as well, no, I just want to be able to come in and lift and then leave like I don't what's what can I do like, once that person sees your offer, and that you have like a, you know, like a $2,500 startups hype up package where it's like supplements in here and a one on one kind of an on ramp thing to get familiar with the space and then some nutrition coaching for six weeks, and then they hand you over to a semi private thing. And then it rolls into like this, Hi, this guy looks at that, that's the top off and goes. And then he looks down at the end. And nothing at the bottom is I just do whatever the fuck I want all the fucking time. And I'm not involved with anybody, and nobody gives me any value that's not on this offer sheet. That's not on the here's your options. That's not what he sees. He looks at this and goes, Oh, well, I guess this isn't for me. If you don't have that, you're going to spend time trying to convince that guy to come into your group fitness classes. And that is going to be cancer, he's not going to be happy. He's going to leave and be like this was these people like and all he had to do was he could walk away with you had the right offer, he's going to walk away going, that place just isn't for me. And hopefully he says, That's too expensive, too, by the way, because if that breaks out, that's not bad for you either. Yeah, set expectations. And your offer sets those expectations for new clients, who as they're viewing or as they're considering your offer that sets expectations for who you are and what you do and what they can accomplish. But what that also does is when they leave whether they accept an offer, or whether they decide it's not for them, when they leave, your offer will be talked about to anyone else when they enter. And that's good. If somebody says how they just offered all this stuff, and there's like all sorts of stuff at the top. And he's like, I just want to fucking bench and go home, you know, and then, but when he does it, everyone who hears that is gonna go, he's gonna know what you really offer because your offer is about you. And he's gonna read that no matter what he says. Anyone who's gonna hear that goes, that place does some real shit.

John Fairbanks 32:00

And that guy's douchebag

Tyler 32:03

or whatever. You know, guys want to train like that. I also trained at a gym right now. This is just dudes doing dude stuff in school, right? It's a cultural thing. But it's a different thing. It's not coaching. That's not what we do. And so, I just think that having the right offer and having it built around you and your personality, it will be your best advertising in the long run. Your word of mouth is like, Oh, they do a great job. Like that's, that's long, that's results driven word of mouth, right? That's people that are already in. But every time you present that offer to somebody anytime that anyone so how'd that go? You went over there to meet with them? Or how thick was that? Like, that sings a huge volume that says volumes about who you are and what you do to everybody else that hears it. It's a home run to have somebody leave and say, Man, these guys, they do all this stuff. It was so cool. The types of stuff they could do, or like, it just wasn't for me, I could never afford that.

John Fairbanks 32:56

Right? And understand, it doesn't always have to be where, again, tracking. So you used a great example. I go to a gym, it's not about coaching. It's a bunch of dudes doing dude, shit. I would love to build, do you know how much fun it would be to build offers for that gym? It's like, well, it's a high level. I

Tyler 33:14

was like, Yes, of course. Of course.

John Fairbanks 33:15

Like, there's one that

Tyler 33:17

is to a tee. I mean, all the ends of that there's a whole parallel there. Don't get me wrong. There's a ton of things that could be done. But you're absolutely right, that guy needs to find that place. Right? Not yours. And if you're not, you don't want to compete with that place. And this is how you ever do it. And you never have to. And guys who aren't your people are going to leave and tell everybody. And the people who hear that, who are your people are going to be attracted. It's not just a deterrent. It's attractive as well, in the long run. So don't be afraid of somebody going, Oh, this isn't for me. Because everybody they tell us not for you that it's you're going to be saying it to someone who it is. And that's that's the goal. We don't want everybody. You can't have 500 members, maybe you can. But I don't want to. That seems like a scale that I don't want to deal with. I'd rather have multiple locations than have one chair with 500 members. Sure, though, we should I do have a friend we can talk to who has a chip with about 500 members that 500

John Fairbanks 34:07

members. Yeah, well, five I was I would be just I know who you're talking about too. It would be fun just to be able to take a look at what they have. Because again, it's like there's so many pieces and again, this is the when I say word funds, right when I say the word fun, because I'm like, I'm a dork. Because this is what I like, this is the reason why this is what we do. And this is what we're like. We want to share this because being able to help folks just see it themselves will catch this, see what we're talking about. Now go do it. It's the doing. That's the most interesting part of this. What we're talking about is the designing of your actual offer is the fun part of this because that means that you are one conversation away from someone making a lot of money and More importantly, money's great, it's most important, but man are really close second, is completely shattering those limiting beliefs in the back of your head of I'm not worth it. This won't work. They don't like me. There's so many of those things we all deal with that the second someone says, Yeah, or yeah, just charge my card.

Tyler 35:24

I have had that moment. And this is why I believe in this wholeheartedly. And why I want to encourage you guys, as you go down this road, give us your feedback is this stuff starts popping off for like, because I had these moments where I had doubts when I was learning these principles in the other field, like big time to do to hate it, I hated going, okay, and our top option is gonna be like, normally in that line of work, that's not what I do as a repairman. You know what I mean? Testing these principles and other fields is hard. It's and it's and the expectations are very different. And I have seen almost instantly the results in a way that were like, I couldn't, like I was just, I was like, alright, well, whatever I thought about this, I was fucking stupid, because that's just nuts. And these customers were so happy. I'm gonna give you one example. Because this is outside the box. So this will fit with what we're doing here. This is not a gym offer. Right? Right. So we have a guy, his geothermal, it's his his heaters house isn't working, right, the fans not working, it's probably he has a very expensive, it's like, the minimum cost to replace this motor thing, he has this wrong, it's gonna cost him about 900 bucks. That sucks for a guy. It's also a rental. So he doesn't even live there. He's like, fuck me. I don't know about the rent. So what I go through, and I present the tiered offerings that we had for this type of repair. And the top option is not just me replacing this thing and walking away with whatever warranty the manufacturer has on that replacement part. The top option is me going through and replacing two or three small for probably small, other things that can be replaced that were out of a context noise, things like this, clean everything up, rip the whole thing off and like pressure, wash it out, like it really is like you clean the core. This is a full stripped down and clean up job, which by the way, I could have gotten in and out with that other replacement thing in 45 minutes. But the way this thing is packaged, he buys essentially almost the rest of my afternoon, it's kind of how this works. That's the way I build those packages, he buys the rest of my day. Meaning at that moment, they choose the top options to premium off. I come in then after that and we get we like roll runner floor runners down, this guy is getting the treatments, practically red carpet the rest of the way here and this thing is all the stuff you wouldn't normally do. You just do it just because you literally shine it. When you're done like it, there's no dust, it is shiny, it looks good. Like that's the thing, this whole thing. And I have to present this to someone knowing that he can get out of this for 900 bucks. And I'm not telling him to do it or not. I'm just saying this is your top option. And these are your others. And what do you want to do today? And he was let's go with that today. Also, the top option comes to the two and a half year warranty on anything that I work on. So any of these new parts of the two and a half years. He knows he doesn't have his words, his values. Yeah, his pocketbook, hate whatever, I don't know what's going on in his bank account. He chooses that option, almost $4,000. You know how much extra money in parts it cost me 100 In addition to the 150 times, right, but I don't sell parts. I sell a service. And this service is a premium service. And he felt good and he knows he's in good hands. And he knows he has an ace technician who's fucking the rest of the goddamn day to make sure this thing is in good standing as possible. Was that work necessary? No. But neither is heated seats in your fucking car. And yet people buying people love them and people pay a premium for them. So having seen that work that way, that was the first one was like holy shit. He said yes, well, because I kind of got commissioned so I was like, none of this was being pushy, because I didn't at this point, I barely believed in it, I hit just like I'm gonna execute this process. And the process works. So we'll do it again and again. And it wasn't even really about selling top options. And yet the top ones still kind of sell. And so many people settle in the middle. And what you're doing is just giving people an opportunity to choose their path forward with this thing. And how do you do that in a gym is the same way you can do it and there's these other things but I when I see this success pop up and surprise people, then they know all of a sudden they're their thoughts on the potential in the future is very different because you can rethink it, you go Holy shit, I could be like I could make a lot of money by the end here. Like I didn't even know and all you do is this and it's and so I really really, really encourage you to do exactly that. I learned this outside of the field of fitness and I want you to work your way to that. Start with your gym, start with your identity. Start with other places in your area and other places that offer that same type of stuff. And then eventually work your way out to thinking outside the box on what some of these offers can really look like because I promise you your some of your best home run ideas will probably come outside of the fitness industry because these these games have been played for a long time out there the real world

John Fairbanks 40:00

Tell us, tell us to sleep. Tell us when you

Tyler 40:03

have the first one, I get we get we got some we had some big closes, clients had closed some big fucking sales last week big ones. And I was like, Sure, dude, I'm

John Fairbanks 40:11

like I was jumping. Yeah,

Tyler 40:13

It's my favorite thing. I love it. So right. So when these things start popping off for you, please share them with the group, tell us people, whatever you want to do. I mean, these are things you don't you can't normally flex like this on your business's page, probably because you want to be fucking, it's not probably the best messaging there. But you can tell us you can share within the group, it's all gym owners, nobody's going to tell everybody that you're gouging people,

John Fairbanks 40:36

or whatever you're worried about, and they're not going to think you're and yeah, and you're not worried about the optics of looking like a douche at the end of the day. It's like, gym owners, when you get gym owners together, talking, everyone knows where each other are coming from, certainly the ones that are in our community, because everyone just appears to be on the same path going up the same mountain. And one dude just happens to be a little bit further. And man, there's some folks that are a little bit further behind us and God listening to them talk. It's like, I remember those days, like I remember what that felt like. And it's really important to share those wins and share your losses or discouragement or whatever, as well. But it's because you have a community that's there to kind of lift you up and support and then keep you moving forward. Because it is super, it's cheesy. It's whatever. It's the thing that I it's I've always, ever since in college is where we learned this phrase, but it's like, it's either you're getting better, you're getting worse. You're never gonna stay the same. Yeah. So you have to be

Tyler 41:35

moving. Yeah, in businesses, especially that way. I mean, on the personal development side of things, that's absolutely true. And I think that's universal all across the board. Have you ever seen a business that does the same thing that they've always done? It's not normally good luck. And if and if it does still work, they've done that really fucking well. And it's really dialed in and really connected with who they are, you know, the in and out burgers of the world are rare. Jeff can do the same thing the same way forever and ever and ever. But the people that really, really, for those of us out there, if you're a small business, you need to be adapting and learning and evolving and moving constantly. Because moving because not evolving is death. It's an active death. For business, you have to be pushing forward. So guys, that's gonna wrap up for today. Yeah, you can follow me on Instagram at Tyler f and so on Facebook, follow the gym owners podcast at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. You can go to hack your to get started. For more information. Make sure you get in the Facebook group, the gym owners movement Facebook group, there's all the links in the description. You can get a hold of John over there at Jay banks, FL J banks FL anything else? What else we gotta get out there? I think everything is in the description. Everything I just said is in the description. I just say it repeatedly over and over and over again. So yeah, so thanks a lot for listening, everybody. If you're listening, go to the Facebook group if you're watching, thanks for being here. We'll see ya

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