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Build a Network - Build your Skillset

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • The fitness industry is full of bad advice - 0:14
  • ​What gave you wisdom beyond your years? - 5:31
  • ​Don’t be a “sage” - 9:24
  • ​The importance of building a network of coaches - 11:56
  • ​The focus is to cut through the bullshit to allow information to pass more easily amongst gym owners - 15:41
  • ​Why you need to be the tip of the spear in your community - 20:08
  • ​We get so comfortable in a state of learning that we want to learn all the time. It is time to be doers - 24:26
  • ​The moment when you realize you’re good enough to succeed - 27:42


Tyler 00:14

Hey everybody, welcome back to the gym owners podcast. I'm your co host at Tyler effing stone on Instagram over the ways

John Fairbanks 00:22

John at J banks F L.

Tyler 00:23

How's it going man?

John Fairbanks 00:25

It's going outstanding.

Tyler 00:27

We were just talking, we wanted to, we dove right into it. We got to hit records we were chatting about earlier. One of things we noticed about the fitness centers industry. As coaches, we really have a gripe when our clients are just being bombarded by all this shity shity shity advice in the fitness space, right? There's tons and tons of pieces of bad information for people to latch on to and get dogmatic about as a fitness coach, you see it all the time and your clients, right? Well, I heard carbs were bad, or I heard the carbs were okay. Or I heard that I should be taking this and shouldn't be taking this or you know, I heard that running makes you fat and lifting weights. I mean, we're constantly diffusing this just terrible, terrible advice. It gets flooded, or at the very least irresponsible advice. That's not taking into account the actual situation that someone's dealing with. Right. That's all general advice, right?

John Fairbanks 01:19

Yeah, I had kids when I was working in the gym at the school. And I got a bunch of high school kids trying to talk me into like, why they should start doing volume overload training and 10 sets of 10. And my Germanic volume

Tyler 01:36

training. Yeah. Okay, yeah. 18 year old kids like to ask, Do I need to take hormone boosters? It's like, probably not because you're 18? What are we talking about here? Right. So but what I found is, as I started making my way through, the gradual progression of someone who ends up in the fitness business as a gym owner, and then consulting, is you start to kind of move from one level to another. So I went from being a client at a place, I didn't know anything about exercise, not really and didn't know much about nutrition, you just start learning and learning and you'd like read something on the internet and bring it in, like, talk to it about your coach, you know, and then your coach is like, that's fucking stupid. And then I started to realize this thing's broken, right? There's a lot of very manipulative people sending out a lot of very manipulative things, or just irresponsible things I'm putting out there. And that I get it. They're preying on people who don't know anything, right? In as far as your general population client. But then when you start seeing the coach's advice, you become a coach. And then you start seeing the advice that coaches start following. And that's bad, too. There's tons of terrible coaching advice out there, right. And you see it, we see it all the time, we both, you know, kind of went through a lot of doing a lot of seminars, so for teaching, try to undo a lot of the irresponsible fitness methodologies that get done out there, or things that get done very poorly.

John Fairbanks 02:52

Well, because most of the stuff that we were hearing, and you would hear from people were like, well, they heard it once, from someone who taught them or maybe didn't even teach it. They just heard somebody say it, who then said it 10 years ago, who probably heard their high school football coach say it 10 years before that. Yeah, it's like really solid advice, to continue to keep perpetuating and then sharing with the world.

Tyler 03:17

Yeah. And that was the thing that I realized, as I was a young coach, you know, I got from doing very little coaching to owning a gym right away. I don't do anything without doing all of it. So if I'm the coach, I'm like, Well, I'm gonna make it by myself, I'm gonna make it my business, that is, give me the best chance of succeeding as a coach, in my opinion. For me, I don't dip my toes in things, if I have to halfway do it. It's just it's, I'll never get any better at it. So for me, I was like, Well, I'm just gonna do this. We had the right partnership, we had a good arrangement, good client base, but we're gonna jump right into gym ownership. But knowing I knew very fully that I didn't know everything about coaching, right. So I knew right away after siphoning or filtering my way through all this bad information as a just a fitness client, that as I got into coaching, what I needed to lean on, and this is I think the important lesson that everybody needs to learn take away from this episode, is you need to lean on a network of people who are either further down the road, or who have at least done more, some experimentation so that you don't have to constantly do you don't have to do as vast of a trial and error period, as most people do before you get down to some really like best operating practices, like we talked about with Everett the other day. Yeah, like Best Practices take time. And it takes failure. And it takes lots of people having lots of different ideas and testing them out in lots of different places. And if you're going to come up with your own best practices as a coach, or as a gym owner, only based on your own experimentation, you're gonna be busy and you're gonna be messing up a lot of people in the process, in my opinion, in my opinion, was irresponsible. And so I knew going in that I was a new coach, and that there were going to be some serious flaws in my game. So what I did was build a very solid network of people who I just trusted, right? Whether that was people you meet at seminars or whether there were People who I would become friends with who I knew coached and I would pick their brain. And then sometimes you learn you don't trust them sometimes, but eventually develop your own network of people that you trust in your line of work. You can say, Man, do you think this is a shitty idea? Or that I don't know how to do this, or I'm having trouble with this client? What do I do, and having them volunteer information and answer things like this, having that network is the only thing that kept me afloat and kept me able to actually demand a premium for my services.

John Fairbanks 05:31

It also gives you a guarantee of wisdom, the right way. beyond your years, that kind of that cheesy statement, but the also the idea where it's like you gained, you, you gain so much from your network of people that you're surrounding yourself with, to where I think we're early on, when we were all coming from at learning and knowledge in the fitness space. From a coaching perspective, where a lot of us live for a long time. Everything we thought about was from that perspective, and then we started to be gym owners. Or maybe we started to meet people that were kind of adjacent or just on the outside of these areas. And it was really helpful. Having talked to some of these dudes that had been around, like around the block before, where it's like, well, what about this? It's like, Well, I think that guy's actually kind of really super full of shit. Like, what? Yeah, really? Like, it's just,

Tyler 06:25

it's refreshing to hear that sometimes you're like, Oh, good, because I didn't get it. I saw this. And I mean, I know you, I trust you. I mean, the guy seems like I know you, I trust you. I trust your judgment. We've talked, you've helped him with things that I know for sure. And I'm seeing some shit on the internet. And you're like, I don't get it. Am I stupid? He's like, I got fucking socks. Okay, cuz it gives me sorting through that information. And you don't have to work. Am I?

John Fairbanks 06:52

Yeah, exactly. You just don't have time. And so for me, it's like, well, there's value here. But there's value in just being able to have another voice that's there. Not that you are going to buy hook, line and sinker. Because I think there's another really important lesson of life, just because somebody knows what they're talking about when it comes to coaching.

Tyler 07:12

Yeah, don't give them the keys to your business. Yeah. Like,

John Fairbanks 07:15

they know, fuck all about anything else. So there is that danger there. But it's like, being able to be around enough people to be like, That guy knows what he's talking about. Because I can see it like I don't need to hear. And then you see enough of it. Like, I think just enough gym owners that just don't get out of their own place.

Tyler 07:35

And yeah, yeah, that was a piece there was a guy who was I don't remember what if he's still doing his thing. We used to do some kind of business coaching stuff in the fitness space too. But he would always do his thing is he would take gym owners out and just go out let's go to other people's gyms, what are you doing messing around even if, if you don't want to do it in your own market, if you're whatever if your markets weird, he got some ill will, you know with the competition and you're like I get it, then you need to get out and experience some other people's facilities and ask them as you have. If another gym owner walks into your gym, and wants to ask you questions about your gym and maybe drop in on one of your classes or something you should be kind of stoked. Because like I know this is a thing that we run into a lot when we do our consulting with businesses with gym owners. Yeah, very often what happens is we're the only people that they can actually talk to about their business as a whole and that's the truth is they're like I can't come in I can't go to my employee meetings and deliver the whole thing and everything I'm trying to do and and where I need them to move and then to change and then they can't and what it turns into is like you need to have more people who are a little closer to that level to the level that you're on so that you can really speak and get some good ideas and and if you don't have a network of people that are your peers within your industry then find some that aren't my business mentors right now and that I've had over the past few years What is it 75% of them are not in the fitness industry. God for sure, by the way, because I can learn how to survive in the fitness industry from the ones that are but the other ones are where I get good ideas that work and that have been tested because this fitness industry no matter what everybody says it is still inherently it's large scale and it's still as a lot based on bad a shitty information and confusing people. It's it's, it's not ideal.

John Fairbanks 09:24

And everybody's looking for a piece. I'm very suspect of anyone that comes around being like, hey, I want to be helpful like you're not being overly helpful. Like go fuck yourself, we want to do is you want to sell me something in three months. If you're good at this. Yeah, you want to sell it to me in two days if you're bad at this. And the reality is like it's and for me it was I got tired of our position to where you and I were, I got tired of being looked at as the person with all the answers to all The things is anyone that tries to position themselves as this was a phrase that I got used to. I used a lot in the educational space. But it was like, always be weary of a teacher that wanted to present themselves as the sage on a stage. Right in the idea, right? The sage is a very smart person. And the idea is that they're up there, and they are, you're blessed to be in their presence, they're going to gift you with all of their knowledge and you are going to be better because they exist. And that is a shitty, shitty fucking model.

Tyler 10:34

Yeah. Well, and oftentimes what those things are as they're Pollard parlor tricks, and there's, by the way, there's still there still is quality information that can be leaked gleaned from the issue is, is the whole package. And it's more about a power dynamic and about, you know, I mean, than it is about anything else, dependence, power dynamic, and you knowing that you don't know anything wrong was the thing we hope that we want to make sure that with our network people don't come away confused. This should come with clarity, like, Aha, and not just like, Oh, I think I know how this thing kind of works. It should be like, I see very far ahead. No, I see how this works. I see how this benefits me, I see how I can use it. I see baba, baba, baba, bah, it's not a fix in a vacuum to a problem that isn't really relevant to everything else that you've been dealing with. This is, again, we talked about doing things in sequence, you shouldn't be a good coach and be delivering good information on your gym, and good coaching and things like that on the coaching floor. And if you can't, it's your job, it's not your job to quit. But what if you just start coaching right now you suck, what are you gonna, you're gonna try to get better. So you do need to learn, but you should be learning from people that know more than you. So you should absolutely get out there. And learn whether it's seminars, whether it's mentorship, whether it is getting a handful of coaches and people you trust shadow people, the idea of doing work for nothing like in your trade, like learning your craft a little bit of shit, putting a little bit of in for nothing is such a lost art. In my opinion, I think I think there's so many coaches that I would follow around for a week and help out, you know what I mean that I would if I if I needed to learn, there's numerous spots in my business, my life and different things where that's how I would go about it. You know what I mean, I would go in, and I would start doing it. So when I built this kind of network I just started reaching out to people who I trusted. And as a coach, it made me a better coach. Because if I ran into something I didn't know, it wasn't left on me to my own devices. Through the sea of bad information, I had a limited network of people that I trusted, who then could sort it out for me. And I can always lean on them for that stuff. And that helped a lot. And with gym owners, you guys know the type of advice that you see, when you look out on the internet for solutions to the types of problems you have, what is it leads ads, bah, bah, bah, but you don't I mean, it's all the stuff that all they're doing is telling you the things that you don't understand. And they're saying them in ways that you understand even less, so that you know that you're stupid, and that they're smart. And then from there, you are dependent upon them, and you must continue to pay them so that the great master of leads or whatever the fuck they're doing, can continue to keep this flow of wisdom on how to get leads coming in your doors. If you don't need leads, you don't need a lot of whoo shit, where all this stuff doesn't make any goddamn sense. And if it doesn't make sense to you, I think you owe it to yourself to have a slight understanding. So anyone teaching you things that make you feel stupid, that's probably the wrong relationship. And when we talk, what we're trying to do here with this program and the network, we're building on Facebook and the things we're trying to do. I want people to understand and see the gaps and see the problems with their model. And I really need them to see that like your group class only model, you need to see it through 100 Different gym owners who will talk to you over the next year, we'll talk to 50 to 100 new owners over the next year as well as our own conversation. So we're going to be laying it on pretty thick, and you're going to hear a lot of them who are gonna go Yeah, then I realized that I just couldn't fucking feed my family by only coaching group fitness for $120 a month, I couldn't do it. And if I did, I was never going to send my kids to college, where I was never going to build myself a legacy that they could stand on. And that they can do the things that they want to do without 10 years of hardship before you know it. And that's the thing we want people to be able to build. And so that way, it's not just us saying this, that oh, this doesn't work because models blah, blah, blah, and things you don't understand that fly over your head. It's like you get it now. Because you trust them and you trust them and you trust them and they mapped out their experience and they connected to it. And I think that is what underpins everything that we're trying to do here. It's for us to really deliver that thing. I want an understanding and a fucking actionable plan forward for how this can help you. And that is how we deliver value. I could confuse you about business talk all year long and you'd like I guess I just need to pay them because I think I'm done. That's not what this is. You're smart and you're extremely compassionate and you've taken some big huge fucking risks to get to the place you're in as a coach as a business. This honor, and you got big fucking balls, whether you're male or female, but I think that this thing now is about, you've done this far you've done it, you know, you can figure this out and you have the ability to, with your services, push this whole thing forward. We just want to decipher all the bad information and let you find parts of your model, your client base, your strategy, you can see those things mirrored in some of these conversations we have and some of the successes that other gym owners have. And you can just jump in on them yourself. Now you can know, Oh, this guy does all the things. I have all the problems I have. He did this and it worked, then you can try. It's not just me and you talk. No, it's me. I talk a lot. John. Is that great? All right now

John Fairbanks 15:41

It was beautifully blacked out. I'm sorry. I'm back. No, that's what it needs is you hit the nail on the head as far as why we're doing what we're doing. And it needs to be where the community is. It's the sole focus. Yeah, right. The focus is to cut through the bullshit to allow easy information to be passed more easily amongst gym owners. Because the fact is, yeah, you should, you should get away from your gym, you should go and travel, you should go to one place here, you should go to a gym in Europe, you should go to a gym in Canada, you should go to a gym in South America, and you should go to the gym on the West Coast. If you're on the East Coast. And on the East Coast. If you're on the West Coast, right?

Tyler 16:29

Maybe you simply shouldn't spend 52 weeks a year working.

John Fairbanks 16:32

But you're not going to be able to do those things. Right? All those things are great. And those are wonderful ideas. And I think that that's great. But it's not actually grounded in reality, not right now. And so what's the best first step, and we get you and I hear so often, right? People that have limiting beliefs, or they find there's reasons, everyone's got a reason for why it won't work. I can't work oh, I don't, I don't have time, I don't have this, I don't have that. And it's we who have to get everyone the ability to get to that first step as fast as they can. And the best way to do that is there are goods and Bads pros and cons of social media, and zoom calls and all different types of things. But a massive Pro is being able to connect with people that are similar to you, and then doing it the right way. And that is we got a message the other day, we got a message the other day from someone that said, I finally feel like, I'm smart again.

Tyler 17:43

You Yeah, like all the business advice, all the coaching advice that this coach was getting was making her feel stupid, and she's not exceptional. By the way, I get messages from people who are coached by this person that is like, Oh, it's so great that this person's doing this, I mean, this is like, so crushing it on the coaching side of things, but all the information they're getting that's being packaged towards this coach is like to make him feel stupid. So talk a little baffling with bullshit. That's what this is, they're gonna baffle you with bullshit. And in the business industry, like on the business side of things, you can't be making decisions when you're confused. That's a really, really, really rough way to go about it. I think that one of the main reasons, though, that we need this network here is because for us to build your trust, we already know you. So we have it, I hope. And if we don't, this system, us talking about it more often isn't going to do it, what we need is first off to you for you to understand the place that lots of gym owners get to and they all end up kind of in a few of the same places. And so we're looking for these patterns, and it's these conversations that we're having. And once you realize that you're in that place, now what you need is we're not going to just sell you a solution here. No, I mean, I want to just sell you a solution, tell you that you suck and sell your solution. We need proof of concept. So what we do in here is we have there's plenty of opportunities, we're built the community, you will see people who are you know, are in your situation because you've heard them talk, you've you've heard them map out their business, you've seen them take some of these steps and then we want their successes to be shared into the Facebook group we want these things to exist so that everybody can see because proof of concept is the key. Does it work? And what is work? What is success? Like what is your metric for success here? If your metric for success is just money by the way, that's okay. Right? Like is your success like finally I can pay my bills and I can pay myself and I'm not behind on my bills. I have hope that I'm gonna be able to turn my financial situation around for next year. That is success , then good when you see that person saying that in our Facebook group about having you take some of these philosophies and run with them. Then you know, when you have trust and that's that's the value of a network is that you can build trust, develop it and it's not just out of the Lou, and it's not just about talking, it's about best practices, trial and error and seeing what works from people that are in your exact situation.

John Fairbanks 20:08

We are really, really driven and dedicated to get this thing to exist. So in order to do that, someone's got to be the tip of the spear.

Tyler 20:19

So he's gonna be up here, and I'm pulling their beards and talking every day is what we do.

John Fairbanks 20:24

And it's what we do. But that's, we want to be able to start asking the right questions, and start providing the solutions that we have seen that works, because everything that you ever see us do. And this keeps me grounded on what we want to do next. But everything you see us do is modeling what we want to see from other gym owners that are in our community and what we want to see from our community. So we want to see, right, questions, wins, victories, losses, struggles, whatever it is, there's a reason why there's a reason why I've kicked two people out of the group already. Yeah. Because guess what, they're not gym owners? Yeah. Well, so we're curating. We're curating the group on purpose, to keep it being a safe spot, so that gym owners no longer and we've talked about this before, but it's like, we saw what happened when gym owners felt like they were by themselves. And it's it that's a lonely fucking place to be. And I don't think people fully appreciate or understand how lonely the right entrepreneurship solopreneur ship being a gym owner, small boutique gyms, whatever these things are, that you fit into. People don't appreciate it, and you hit the nail on the head, Tyler was our client that was talking to us. We were literally the only people that they could talk to, in the way that they were talking to us. They couldn't talk to their spouse, none of their coaches, by the way, like

Tyler 21:55

come it's, I can't talk about the things that I do with our business, our consulting, my wife is involved. You know, fair, right. And yours is too but like there's a point where they don't they're not going to know all of it. Because it's like, wondering, are we tired of it all sounds like the same stuff, we're always running bits over and pack it, you know, I mean, they get to fucking sell me on this. I think in real time, it's too much of a game. It's too much, too much action. And I think that it's very common, if you're a gym owner, your woes, your successes, they're not they're almost only yours to have. And there's and it's not, that's not the way it needs to be. And we're not trying to do a bunch of just like, it's not all like to feel good. Not happy huggy bullshit, like we're trying to get you all paid for. But that's not what is like between the martyrdom thing and the system of codependency that comes from a lot of the educational products that I see coming out on the business side of things, is just really the stuff that gym owners have to wade through a lot. Because the things that we're trying to do, it's about, it's about empowerment, and it's not about creating dependency. And if it is about dependency, you're in a shit relationship, we want you to be empowered to be your own to stand on your own two feet and give you the tools going forward. So you're not just paying us money, that's a sinkhole forever. This should be money that you pay, if you get in any of our stuff to take all this stuff for free and run with it. By the way, it will make you money. You can tinker with some of these things in a vacuum and it will make your money. It's just better as a whole package. I think there's a lot more work to be done on your business. Did you do it from within the course? But at the end of this, you're standing on your own two legs, and you've been you've been you haven't been given the tools, you've earned the tools and you've done the work and you've earned the skills within your business and developed an understanding your business, how to really take it to the next level and then you don't owe us shit. Yeah, that's great. Like, that's the way it is, like, just get off the teat. I'm just crazy. It's always this endless thing. And some people for some people, it's about being hungry for information. But I think you should be making sure that the information you're consuming is actually helping you achieve the things you want to achieve. You know, just think you know, and not apply, I think I know and you're just feeding that thing. And then everything else is stagnant. Because it is a thing of non action. It's inaction sitting there, quote, unquote, learning and not having it feed anything back into your system. It's not learning, you're killing time, you're doing something else. It's a diversion at best.

John Fairbanks 24:26

Oh, without a doubt, and it's something that I hit on all the time, which is the idea that we get so comfortable in a state of learning in being professional learners that we need to learn all the time. Sounds like Dude, it is time to now be doers. And we're gonna do the fuck out of some things here that we know are so accessible and that is the people we're like, this is this is not because we're super smart

Tyler 24:56

or good looking. Video, there's nothing here for anybody.

John Fairbanks 24:59

There's a reason why we hide the videos behind the videos that I used to read on Facebook. Yeah, the wall like you have to, it's the reason we do it that way is so that we can make sure that this everything that we are giving you access to, that you can do crush with, and then run with and make your own because we do not want, we have made the mistake in the past. Right? Where we are speaking from experience, to where the people that we worked with early on, depended on us too much. And it was a game, that was not one that we wanted to play, he was like, No, we cannot be your solution to all of your problems, your problems are so deep,

Tyler 25:45

we cannot be the only people that are doing you know, you can't be you can't be cannot do a solution either. And this is you can't be if you're in your gym as a gym, or you can't be the guy that does all the stuff, you can't be the bottleneck on action either. So there is a thing you have to start pushing for. And it can't just be a thing where you plug us in. And now we do it for you. This has got to be about empowerment, meaning you're going to build this thing your way the way you want it to be in a way that makes you money right away. This isn't some sort of long term fucking wacky bait and switch hustle here.

John Fairbanks 26:19

No, and that and that was that it was early on where we talked about how we were going to do this thing. And it was going to be something where it needs to be that you can make the money back. Right? If you're going to invest with us, you're gonna get that money back and then in spades, right and tenfold? Because only because it's now the work that you have put in to make the thing possible. Yeah. Not because we continue to give you more, and we're super smart. And every new thing, we give you a super, super awesome, like, we think we're awesome. But I definitely think I'm awesome. But the reality is, is that your ability to make more money, the clients that we have worked with Tyler that have crushed beyond anything that you and I ever thought would have been possible initially was because they were just as hungry. As we were,

Tyler 27:11

though, there's a moment, there was a moment. And this is what I want to send you guys off, I guess to let's wrap up kind of on this one, John, there is a moment that our most successful clients have had. And if they've all arrived at the same moment, and I'm guessing most of you, when you're starting to consume this type of information that we're putting out and joining these networks that we talked about, you're probably close to that point. There's a point, John, I both reach this at some point and like the last year or two. And I think we see a lot of coaches that have done the same thing, the ones that had the most success reaching this point as well. Whereas they just decide it's not that they've had enough, it's not that it's about disgust or moving on, it is there's just a moment where they go, I want to destroy this thing, I want to absolutely crush this thing. This needs to be like no more kind of doing it. No more getting by no more nothing. There's a moment when you realize that you're fucking good at it. And it's not about entitlement, you're like, I'm fucking good. I have what it takes to make this work. Let me find out the few things that I need to do. And let's just go all out investing big time long term building, and building and building and making tremendous offers and big moves, the amount of changes we've seen at some places in the last 12 months would literally if we spoke numbers, you wouldn't you wouldn't believe it. So we don't speak the numbers wouldn't you wouldn't, so I don't. And I don't want you all to just try to mimic their thing, either, because it's not your thing. But in the end, what it is, is they're just ready, a switch gets flipped. And it's not something that happens, it is a decision. But there's a moment where you decide that like you're good enough, you're better you're good enough you have everything it takes you already have If you fuck if your gyms already open, you're kind of obligated to do well with it if you're not. And, and oftentimes people just find to get to the conclusion I shouldn't maybe I haven't given myself the best chance to succeed here. Or I was accepting a level of success that I will not accept anymore. And that's usually the big one that has to do with the day you want more from yourself and you won't accept anything less. We asked the same thing. You'd ask the same thing out of your fitness clients as well. I want you to take care of yourself better. I want you to love yourself, I want you to work harder. I want you to be driving forward and crushing goals like we want that for your clients. You impart that into your clients, you hope that they learn that. And most gym owners sit on that in their business and they go well, I guess I'll just take whatever walks in the door, you know, and that sucks as a rough way to go. So we weren't going to turn this one into a pitch about the thing I was really going to talk about building the network was oh, what I want you to go back into the stuff that we had that we've already put out. There's some of those exercises, the Alpha Delta framework, there's some of the other ones that you're going to see coming out where you can start experimenting with this. Just start thinking about your business in these terms. You'll go by no courses. We're gonna do shit. But I want you to just start thinking about things in these terms and decide when you are at that moment? What is that moment for you? When does everything pivot to where you're like, oh, I want to actually be successful at this and that doesn't mean sell out. It doesn't mean compromise, it doesn't mean doing a shit job. It doesn't mean selling fucking Herbalife is not I mean, it's not what it is. But when you're ready, find yourself a good network of people you trust, who are making moves, who can maybe fail on your behalf or have already failed so that you don't have to. And that's the benefit of a big network. And that's what we're trying to put together here at the Facebook group at the gym owners movement, Facebook groups, find the link in the description.

John Fairbanks 30:39

Yeah, and trust that that group or not people that in order to get in, you don't have to spend money with us. This is something that is also really important is to grow a true community of people that are able to freely give information and be able to freely give and share and be genuine. It can't be that we can't stack the deck. No, that's not what this is. This needs to be community first. And then if there's value when you're ready, we're here but until then, you are now surrounding yourselves with people that are going to make you better and make your gym better. And the rising tide lifts all boats

Tyler 31:18

well and by being a part of the network, whether it's formal or otherwise build your network and all sorts of things right but being part of a network, whether it's formal or otherwise is should should give you the confidence that you have and making decisions and knowing like okay, because you do you feel like you're on an island a lot and that's not the case anymore. So get in that Facebook group links in the descriptions. You can follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. You can follow me at Tyler Elphinstone, and John Jay Banks FL awesome, guys. Thanks a lot for watching and listening. So we'll see you guys soon

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