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Start Selling Your Guarantee

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​What is the highest level of service you could offer if money was not an object? - 0:00
  • ​How to communicate what type of coach you are and what your business is - 4:39
  • ​Your location matters more than any of the other things - 10:40
  • ​If you don’t have a guarantee, you’re setting yourself up to be compared to another facility that just has equipment - 15:56
  • ​Why people want to lose weight, or start making progress, or undo their habits - 19:11
  • ​If you can’t do it, you’re not capable of helping people - 23:31
  • ​Why you need to have a relationship with your clients - 28:13
  • ​Why you need to offer your analytics service as a sign of respect - 32:32
  • ​What is the only thing that these people give as guarantee? - 36:06
  • ​Show me the beach and a bucket of beers - 40:07


Tyler 00:00

Alright guys, welcome back to the podcast. John, I am here today to talk to you about some concepts that we've been working on in regards to communicating what you do as a gym owner, as well as deciding what exactly it is that you do. And until we've gone through this thought exercise quite a bit, one of the things we teach often when we talk to people about trying to, like level up what they do in their business and make products that stand apart from the rest of the competition, one of the first things we talked about is like, what is the highest level of service you could possibly offer somebody if money was not an object. And that's one of my favorite thought exercises, it works really, really, really well. It's fundamental to a lot of the stuff that we do when we talk about stalking offers and how to get, you know, present people a path that covers every need that they possibly may have. One of the things we talked about, when we're talking about how to communicate to your clients, we talked to Doug, Doug, too, about copywriting and how to really communicate to your people knowing who they are, knowing what they need. And we started getting into the land of guarantees. And most gym owners and fitness places, they're very afraid of issuing a guarantee, we don't want to issue some big money. And I'm kind of okay with that as a whole. Even though truthfully, I've never been in a situation where any Money Back Guarantee thing has ever truly blown up in anybody's face over the course of a large set long enough time. It's usually always beneficial. But if you don't want to do a guarantee, you don't want to say I guarantee you X amount of progress in two months, three months or whatever, that's fine. But I still think you should think very, very, very hard about what that guarantee would be because a lot of fitness coaches and a lot of specially functional fitness gyms, when I run them through this exercise, what they say is OSHA because if you're only selling group fitness, what can you guarantee, you can guarantee, you can come in and guarantee that you can have fun, you can guarantee that we'll have a good structure for you, you can guarantee that you're going to have challenging workouts, right? That is guaranteed. That's fun, but it's not a results based guarantee. And by the way, the only thing you're doing is group classes, those things that I just listed. That is not what you should be communicating to your potential clients, right? If that's all you're gonna do, hey, we have a ton of phone books that move and you'll get people who want one of the concepts know that I just touched on we touched on, I still think this was a her mosey things, if you want to make a lot of money in the fitness industry, you need to get real good at helping people lose fat. And if you can find a way, let's say for personal trainers, or gyms that maybe have a faster track at some nutrition, some accountability products, all sorts of other stuff baked into their services. Now you have a path where you could probably put your money where your mouth is at least conceptually, and then learn how to communicate that. So for a personal trainer, what would be your guarantee, John, if you had to work with somebody for 12 weeks, and the primary thing was weight loss, like let's flesh this out? What would we do? What were the types of things that you could issue, not as a guarantee to truly put your money where your mouth is? But your guarantee? Is your product in the eyes of your clients?

John Fairbanks 03:34

Well, I think if I'm starting to work with folks, one on one, you kind of alluded to it in your question, which is the idea of, they're going to lose weight. So I would have to have a guarantee. I don't know for me, I've always liked the idea of being able to see the difference. So it's like when you work with me, at the end of the 12 weeks, you're gonna be able to see a difference between who you are week one, and then who you are and week 12.

Tyler 04:05

And I think going either further you can go with literally one of the things we do on other programs is measurable fat loss, guaranteeing that you will lose, you will have a measurable and significant fat loss over the course of these 12 weeks by issuing that guarantee. It sets you apart from the guy that's just selling $50 one on one sessions. It's already right because the other thing is this is the issue we see with lots of coaching and lots of businesses out there as they're teaching. They're selling just exercise, come in and become a person who exercises and while that's the thing, that's a habit that a lot of these people need to check off what they want when they're sitting at home not knowing where to go or who to hire or what to what they want. Most of them want to make good money. They want to lose some fat, they want to lose some weight. They want to improve the way that they look So by God, why are you beating around the bush saying anything other than that, if that's what you do, if it's not what you do, you're leaving a lot of money on the table, if you're a fitness coach, you can help people lose fat. Of course, if you're if you're a specialty coach, or coach with powerlifting, yes, of course, just fat loss is not going to be your bread and butter. But if you're trying to get the general population to improve the overall fitness and health of your community, that loss needs to be your bread and butter. And if you can't do it, and that's literally the skill you need to pick up on. But you

John Fairbanks 05:31

gave the example of the powerlifting coach, or a weightlifting coach is going to do a one on one. And okay, it's not going to be fat loss. But how that coach communicates their service is very specific. And that's really what I think the crux of today's conversation is, is how to properly communicate, what type of coach you are, what type of clients you want to serve. And what's the I don't know the business as a whole of what you're kind of going to hang your hat on?

Tyler 06:01

Yeah, well, I'm like we said, communicating, this is a thing that is always a source of it. For me communicating what type of coach you are, outwardly sucks, nobody cares. Nobody cares. Like, I see a lot of social media entries, people talk about the programming, they talk about the schedule, they talk about their expertise, they talk about whatever. And none of those things matter to your client. What can you do for them? And then what timeframe. And by the way, like, so if you're powerlifting? Coach, right? Well, that's going to be I want to make sure that improve your total, I want to make sure that your injury prevention, I want to go through this whole thing, I want to 12 weeks, avoid injuries, we're going to go through a really strong base in advance your total and get you ready to peak throughput and PRs on the platform. Right? That now while maybe you don't have to have a money back guarantee, having done that thought exercise, now you know what you're communicating. So quit talking about how many years you have in or how many followers you have, or all this other stuff, or what movement you like over the amount of stuff where I see social media people on fitness, talking about a specific exercise is ridiculous. You are not a coach, other coaches, stop talking the way your coaches talk to you speak to your clients, what are you going to do for them, you're going to teach somebody about the difference between fits for the squat versus this on your social media. And that's going to entice them to come to Stop, just stop with all of this. What can you do for them? What are you going to do for them? And then when we get to this thing, when you've crafted your let's just say, I want measurable fat loss in 12 weeks, whatever your goal is, like Letson Knapp, I mean, I can guarantee you measurable fat loss, you will measure, you can do the thing, you put the money where they'll pay you to do the measurements, they will be more efficient, you can charge more, because there's a guarantee on the line. Because the next guy on the street, all he's offering is a nice gym, and he's got abs and that's it. And so being the person who can actually say, here's what, here's what you're going to get. Here's the thing, if that is exactly what we're trying to do here is getting you to communicate the things that your clients actually care about. And it's super, super, super important. And it's the thing I see is the biggest swing and a miss out there, people talking about themselves. It's crazy.

John Fairbanks 08:21

Yeah. And you talked about like it being step one of how you differentiate yourself, is you start with this idea of the thought exercise of what could you guarantee, you and I have talked about this before, and you made a really good point, which is the idea, or what can I guarantee, and you can start brainstorming the things and start putting everything down. But where you want to land is like just outside of what you would be comfortable to say.

Tyler 08:56

Your guarantee. And by the way, for the sake of the thought exercise, it absolutely should be this is easy. Could you guarantee that someone could lose 10 pounds in a week? And by the way, you being a good coach, could you know not to make sure that they lose 10 pounds and get hurt and starve themselves? Yes, fucking coach, just do that. You know what I'm saying? Like, obviously do that. I'm not saying it is unethical to get them to lose 10 pounds in a week. But what is 10 pounds in eight weeks is five pounds a month. That pays for 60 pounds down in a year. That's a very easy step to have this pitch, right? But it simply gonna touch with a guarantee we're gonna get 10 pounds off you in eight weeks. And I'm gonna guarantee you, we could probably keep that pace up to a certain point until you're leaner. But this first eight weeks and pounds I guarantee it, I'll give you your money back. And by the way, your guarantee should live in a product we're now all of the things required in order for them to lose 10 pounds they're paying for. So that's the next satellite that showed in and this is how you build your products up underneath so that your products align with some ship people want and that your services align with some shit people want, and you're messaging alliances with people. And most things I see out there are just not. And it's the biggest gap I see in a group. And it's okay. It's okay, if you don't have more than any more than that. Right? Right, let's just if you're upside down, you're just joining it, that's fine. But then whatever you can guarantee in a group class, if that is a fun, safe, positive, community focused training environment, where you can come in and feel comfortable and begin your fitness journey. Now, you've talked in terms that matter to them, right? Nobody cares, who does your programming, nobody cares? Who does anything, oh, your location matters more than any of those things. Does everybody else? So I just don't understand why people don't talk about how conveniently located they are over any of these other things, either. But it's because we attach our egos to these things. That's it. We're trying to validate yourself, for your clients, because it's not doing you any good.

John Fairbanks 11:06

Well, you and I have ripped on this before for all the reasons why someone even chooses the gym they choose. And just doing that one thought exercise of like the people that you have, let's say you have 30 members, or 30 people that are your core people right now, getting a better understanding of why they're there. And why they have stayed over the last two years, which is like, I just left the gym, that I had been gone to the last two years, because I was sick and tired of their bullshit. Yeah, they're too slow to act. They're too afraid of their shadow at the moment. So I went and found a different gym. And so it's like, if you're at the gym, and you've held on to whatever your number is right now, those people that are still there, they're there. So figure out why they're there. And then you enhance those pieces or highlight those pieces. And it may be just like you said, Tyler, it's only five minutes from my house. So it's super convenient. The other thing

Tyler 12:16

is true. You all need to be as responsible for this as we are for our successes as why are people leaving? Are people leaving because you only sell one thing that stops and isn't interesting and doesn't give them anything that they really want? Are they still sitting at home? Oh, God, I wish I could get me there. I wish I could invest more, I wish I moved better. But instead, all you're selling them is come in and exercise with us at this time. I mean, the truth is, how are you any different in that capacity, then group exercise at the YMCA, no guarantees, no direct path to results, what is coaching, then if we're not even touching base with them outside, we're not offering them any of these next level things. It's, it's, it's this thought exercise whether if you're scared of issuing a guarantee and putting your money where your mouth is, that's fine. As you get better and more confident as a coach, you're gonna learn that putting your money where your mouth is and saying I will give you your money back if I do not get you results that will make you a better coach. And that conversation with the client will I promise you make them way more likely to actually do all the other intangibles it takes to get those results to buy being afraid of putting that guarantee is costing you a ton of clients satisfaction, costs and your time to funnel results to stop being fucking coward and actually say, You know what, I'm gonna step up and I can do this thing I can get you know, John, do you want to lose? Let's do what if we just talked about your goal? Your Fitness? Well, Johnny wanna lose 20 pounds? You want to do it in eight weeks? I'm gonna say no, no, eight weeks is a bit much. I can do 10 pounds for sure. In the next eight weeks, we're gonna say, let's get that other 10 pounds off you in the next six to eight weeks of the 16 week path you can choose whatever it is. But now I'm saying John, here's the deal. I know you want it, you want this weight off you and I'm a responsible coach, I want to do it right. I want you to let it lose it and I want you to keep it off. But I will guarantee you 100% money back guarantee. If for that you will lose this one way or the other option to do a set of money back because I'll work with you for free until we do and I'll get to the next. But that type of guarantee. Now John, you want to lose 20 pounds you came in and I told you I will get 20 pounds off you. Let's do it. Here's exactly how and here's what it costs. That's like a regular adult, reasonable transaction that happens in business. It happens when you go buy a car. I want that car. It gets 30 miles to the gallon. It's gonna get me from a to b. I like it. It's cool and heated to perfection. I like that car. That all works right. Now when I know exactly what I'm buying, and I'm not going in and buying whatever car you put in front of me because you don't sell cars and come in and buy a car we'll just put you in one after you sign on the dotted line, it's not how it works, you're gonna get the one that you want, and it needs to align with what you want. So don't just sell cars. You know, you got to sell the car that John wants. And that's very, very, very important. But that's just the way I explained to you, if you wanted to lose 20 pounds, and you go to the gym, and they're selling you $135- $150 monthly membership in group classes, or a global gym, that's 60 bucks a month. Right? Those are me, and I'm gonna charge you, whatever, 1400 $8,700 a month, but in four months, you're gonna lose that, I'm going to guarantee you, in the end, you're going to have that weight off. Yeah, that's, that's a real deal. Do you know what I'm saying? Nobody else is gonna say anything about getting you closer to your goals, not even one, if your goal is to lose weight, all those other places are just a place where you have to go figure out how to do that. And that's not a service.

John Fairbanks 15:56

Well, that. And that's what you ultimately, without the guarantee, you almost are setting yourself up to be able to just be compared to another facility that just has equipment that I can use. Because at the end of the day, because now it's like, well, why am I paying all this money, if I'm really just coming in here and working out, like I can just work out anywhere. Like, that's way easy. I'd also be willing to make another guarantee that if you are a personal trainer that doesn't have a guarantee, I can guarantee that you're not going to be as successful or in fact, you won't grow. Like you have to have something that's going to make you look and feel and smell different than everybody else. Because as a personal trainer, you are going to be competing with the gyms. Right? Because they're, they're ultimately going to be working, especially if you're local, they're going to be pulling from that same pool of people. So you have to do better than the gym does. And what we're seeing is that gyms are, I think that they lean very heavily on, they have a brick and mortar location. They have all of this fancy equipment that they've spent money on. Because obviously, because when I walk into the new gym, what do they want to do, Tyler, what was the very first thing the kid wanted to do with me,

Tyler 17:35

I'm gonna guess they wanted to show you all of the equipment to the gym.

John Fairbanks 17:40

I literally say to the kid, I have eyes, looking, I can see all of your equipment. In fact, all of your equipment is all over your goddamn website. So I was able to see the equipment before I even came in. So I don't need to see the calf raise machine. Now in person. It's a calf raise machine, I got it. So what's all the other things that they didn't have? And so as a personal trainer, you get to really hang your hat on exactly what you said, Tyler, if you're doing the right way, their goals, what you can do, what they can achieve, and how you can guarantee those results. It's a total, you're playing a totally different game.

Tyler 18:25

And you know, our most successful personal trainers. This is the thing when I talk about going to the actual sales interaction as gym owners, or as coaches, we're trying to close sales. It's like when you're in a brick and mortar, that that inclination to show me Of course, showing the facility I get it, they want to see what the day is to school, but it really is just not. It's not why they're there. And it's not what it's about. And when I tell gym owners that you know my personal trainers don't even talk at all about the facility that they train people in. Like our most successful personal trainers, because they close their sales calls either on the phone or in person having coffee. Right and that's a closed deal has nothing to do with the equipment, literally zero, not a word as mentioned about what types of exercises they're going to do. Not a single word as mentioned. You know why? Because these people want to lose weight, or start making progress or fix their habits or undo all of the things that they know that they've done that have set them back fitness wise and health wise over the years. They don't fucking care about whether you buy them if you care about how the benchpress things. The guys that are worried the most about equipment came for a lease for clicking coaching. So who cares? Quit doing that dance. And that's true, right? Guys? powerlifting gym I know. Good guys, strong guys. I know a guy who bought juggernaut has this great and these are the programs you're up against. By the way, when you're talking about programming. bringing your programming is like juggernaut now has an AI based training program. Truly one size fits all anybody can go in. There's tons of different inputs constantly, you're always inputting how you did on each step to constantly adapt to your thing. It's very, very, very slick. And it's like $30 a month on the comprehensive, like, it's really, really constant, it's cool. It's a really cool idea. This guy No, has trained for a decade. And real strong dude, he's like the first time he's never paid for it. Never paid for a coach. I know, this year, you know what I mean. But like, those people are not paying for coaching. So quit trying to do the programming dance and quit trying to show the equivalent or exercise stuff. Because the people that matter to the most or not are the people who can help them. A lot of people are trying to sell fitness to fit people, or trying to sell fitness to people who are already in a gym. And if you want to actually make this work, and you want to have some growth, if you're wondering what you think the new people and who am I talking to who you're talking to people who already have a gym membership, and you're trying to convince them why your type of fitness is better than the one they're already doing the wrong things, talk to them about what they want to do, and how you're going to guarantee that they can do it. And either a tenfold that product yet,

John Fairbanks 21:11

Just use me as an example. I know about programming, I've been lifting for almost 20 years. I know all those things, and I can geek out about those things. But I don't give a shit. If I come to you and say Tyler, I want to test this thing out that you've been doing. I don't give a fuck if you tell me where you base your programming off of. And the fact is that if there was just a local coach that was here, that said, we can get you on the track to 500 for your bench, and 700 for your deadlift, I'd be like, I will give you all my money right now. Because I would like to do that.

Tyler 21:57

It's not to tell you about the bones of it. It's just what I want to do. And I think, to go back to the guarantee, this is the exercise you must do. All you coaches, I want you to do this as a personal trainer first, you should do this for almost everything you do in your business. And by the way, you don't have to issue a money back guarantee, the logistics can be complicated, I still promise, you're probably never going to have to get your money back. And if you do, it's probably your fault. You know what I mean? At the very least, like there's a reason a lot of people generally catch all functional fitness gyms that just sell group memberships, that they cannot issue a single guarantee on the results that you're going to get. Because they have no you will also because the truth is not going to end up delivering them. You know, as you're sitting here coaching, your clients are spinning their wheels, and a lot of them have for years. And they've shown up working real hard. But they're not getting specificity. They're not getting all the help outside, they're not really getting guidance, they're getting the thing that you're selling them a place and a time to exercise while someone starts to clock in place the radio and make sure you don't get hurt. That's okay, if that's what it is. But now you understand why people aren't beating down the door to go to your gym. Because that doesn't matter to people. The person sitting on the couch for me, I just this has been a hard year for me, you know, the pandemic and other shit I put on. I've been on this path where I've gained five pounds a year, like 10 years since I graduated high school. And then I was about three years old and just put on another 30 pounds. And it's like things were just slid, I need to get this. That's the thing they care about. That is the thing, give them it, just give it to him. So I want you to sit there as I still really lean on weight loss. Fat Loss, specifically more than weight loss. Because if you can't do it, then let's be honest, if you're not capable of doing it, you're not really capable of helping people very much. And you're just a lifeguard in a gym. What are you feeling? But that's the truth. Don't be a lifeguard. Some of them are making sure people don't drown and blowing your whistle when it's time to stop. So you do need to be better. This is the same thing with our What is your highest level of service dogs. This will make you a better promise. And so do this for all of your products. Do this as a one on one coach. If someone comes to you, I'd like to get started off. They're really focused on fat loss and want to perfect to do this for what I want. How would you guarantee somebody? What would it be? Because you're guaranteed just measurable results? How are you going to measure it? Work that into a product? How are you going to put that in? How are you going to make sure that they handle their free stuff? Is it as simple as a PDF guide? You do macros, you refer them to somebody else for them. That's okay too. I mean once you present them now, I will point you to a dietician but I have to deal with it. I pay for you, pay me, I pay them, we'll make the appointment for you. Off you go. Your plan will do the full body scans. I want to check in with you before I want to I want to do body scans by the way, every month for this three month arrangement because I want to make sure that we're getting the making sure that we're only accountable that things are working, if they're not, we're making changes, I want to make sure that we're checking in because this project, you're getting this weight off matters to me. And this is all the things we're going to do to make certain that I'm checking the boxes of all of the stuff that you slipped up with last time, right? I just fell off at the time and didn't really know, I know, my food habits are bad, I don't know, is it a dessert, whatever it is, put all that in there, and then put a seat price. And the people that bite on that want it, and they know it. And you will never ever, ever, with just the thing I described to you, nobody is going to look at what you offer, and then go to the gym that offers that $40 A month 24/7 thing. They're not, you're never going to be compared, they're going to take that no matter what Anyways, if they're price shopping. So you are now not even in the same ballpark as any of these other people.

John Fairbanks 25:53

Because you're now not, you're no longer comparing apples to apples, it's like apples to bicycles. It's a completely different service. And the one thing that we know to be true, because we've seen this get done over and over again now is blocking in that first sale is great. You can get them if you have your guarantee, you've worked, the whole process backwards to where you now can really provide a really solid offering to that person you've just sold to. But it's the renewal. It's an opportunity. Tyler, if you helped me crush those goals over the last three months while

Tyler 26:31

returning John, you lose it costs you a lot of money. But you feel like a different man. Your wife, your wife is like, every day you walk in and you get a shower. And you know what I mean? Like all these things now start to happen. People start looking at you differently. You feel more confident eating all that stuff. What does that do to your head? Was it reinforced? I pay money for this, I get results. I will lather, rinse, and repeat.

John Fairbanks 27:01

What's next? Like what more could I do?

Tyler 27:04

Exactly. And maybe we sit down and you know, John, maybe for horses, it's a thing we need to do, right? You know, we got this weight off. Now, I can't. We can't run like this forever. Now I have to trust that you may want to lose another 50. And I'm gonna say John McCain, I kind of have a policy for three to four months in either direction. And I want to do some maintenance and tell you what, let's not try to move the weight needle down anymore. But let's do that while making sure that we still eat for leanness, we're not eating excessively. And let's do some training, you really, really, really got a knack for some of the policy stuff that we've been doing in here. So let's just build your strength base without putting a bunch of sides on you. But that also gives you lean muscle that will continue to lean out a little. But we're not going to chase that skill number right now. So let's focus on this not so let's do this, I want to make sure these three lists that you have here, I want to make sure that we're going to push every single one of these lifts up, not in PRs for them. Right, the number that matters to you, I want to get your three rep max up on each one of these things. That'll give us a real solid foundation. And then we're gonna put all the focus on the accessories around it, not to the expense of your physique. And you're gonna say, perfect.

John Fairbanks 28:12

Exactly. And guess what you need,

Tyler 28:16

we're gonna get you shredded, right, and we spent some time on a deal, we go back down again,

John Fairbanks 28:20

let's see, you've given me ties to, I already trust you. So because I already trust you, I don't need you to tell me now and we'll get you these results or I'll work with you for free. Like that's done now, I've gotten

Tyler 28:37

I want to know if I've just learned to communicate now with a guarantee. But as though I am guaranteed meaning here's what we are going to do now that's just coaching. Here's where I don't have to put my money where my mouth is every fucking time I talk, because you trust me, but that'll get you in the door. It makes me earn your trust, makes you understand that money gets results. And now you understand the relationship. I understand the relationship.

John Fairbanks 29:06

And what you've just done for me, is I've hit my goals. I came back. It's like what's, what's the next thing we want to do? And if you can track a path, let's say you just kind of laid out 12 weeks, but then man, the next thing is going to be the next 12 weeks. We're gonna go after this. Do you know where I'm not doing what I'm not doing over the next 24 weeks. I'm not looking at other possibilities. Even if I've only agreed to another eight weeks or 12 weeks. I know Tyler , I know that my coach. He's got a plan. And it's in line with what I want to do. And now I'm almost working off of a 52 week schedule. And I'm super stoked just to get to the face to face three and be able to go it's a totally different relationship to where I feel like a lot of personal trainers that we're talking to or folks that are early on in their journey, or they're trying to figure out how they want to shift their current business how it is now, they're almost afraid to even talk to anybody that they currently have. Because no grandfathered pricing or whatever it may be.

Tyler 30:19

Well, that's the difference between the like, and by the way, when we talk about when you kind of receive yourself as one of these new products, of course, we brought it for people outside, I don't like a big culture shift inside. However, as you've learned to communicate what people want, a timeframe which you can deliver and exactly how you're going to deliver that to them, I'm guessing you have drummed up some other little new services or value-added things that you can do in there that your current clients are not planning. So now, when you have these other things, let's say accountability, or, you know, say third party Nutrition Service, or whatever, right, whatever this may be, simply analytics body scan says you want to get in on it. I'm telling you guys, if you did a body scan once a week, for 12 weeks, on somebody, I guarantee you, you wouldn't have to do much other coaching. And it is the same principle. People who weigh themselves every day go above the body weight trend, they lose weight, and they make all these microscopic decisions around the fact that every morning, they're doing that one check like that from an options standpoint. But it is true, it's true human nature, that analytics getting measured, is forced accountability, because they're gonna go, I got to atone for this via like, a digital scan here and four days, and I'm just gonna make better decisions between now and then. And people know that, and then want to also know when they're doing well. And so just that, people, now you have these new services, which are only presenting it when you get new people in the door. And you're just, you don't have the ability to turn on 50-6070 new minutes or sales opportunities, what you do have is all these new things you can offer to the people inside, so maybe you don't have to loop them into your new 12 weeks. By the way, if they're still there, and the only thing that you do is improve fitness, right? If that's the main product you're offering, that's the product they're all in, it's gonna be hard to convert them from that the thing that they like into a thing. It's new, it's expensive, it has all these bells and whistles, but you can let them kind of pick some ala carte stuff based on the things that they want. And that's how I usually would recommend transition. Tell them we have all these other services that we're offering, and just see how they go. The truth is they won't know unless you tell them. Right. And that's important. So you could simply offer your analytics service a signal, because you want to get X amount per user up on that ship, right? Like here, if you just want to do that internally, from Durango, somehow I think that's good. I think that's a great move. I don't get it. It'll just shake out if somebody gets you good at using your email to ask people for stocks, and see a lot of gyms out there that don't use their emails or email lists to do much of anything. And that's an important precedent to send an offer, hey, we got this, we got this, we're selling these we have we don't, are you interested in any of this shit. And it's not and you can use credit.

John Fairbanks 33:08

And you can start doing those things early on, especially if it's brand new. It can be nerve wracking, where you want to just kind of like blast, everybody all wants to work, especially if they're your people you can be I think there's a lot of this day and age, we're so used to smelling and hearing bullshit all the time, especially super salesy marketing type stuff. If they're your people, they've been with you for a while, they'll really trust and honor the fact that you could be just honest, we are trying this new thing out we have, we're rolling out this thing. We want to be able to work with some folks on it. Let's use your sculpt scanner idea to alerts, we want to be able to start rolling out sculpt scanning sessions for folks. And we can only take five a week, as we're starting to be able to do this like you can have some honest scarcity and urgency.

Tyler 34:03

And you can fulfill that. So don't do it with your calendar link right in there. Right and schedule your spot right now. Because you're never in it. You want to get one this week, I highly recommend you schedule at least one a month, if you want to get in. So book your spot. Now these are the only days for doing whatever it is like yes, that's it. That's an honest thing. Hey, we got some new stuff. Are you interested? And it doesn't matter? Remember, 90% of them will tell you no, we're saying nothing. That's the point. It's totally okay. But if 10% of your people bought something new. Every time you send something out, you're doing pretty damn good. And I think that's the difference between having enough money to make ends meet and not having enough money to have some flexibility to try new things and not.

John Fairbanks 34:47

And I really think there's a lot of benefit where you can earn clout and keep earning respect from your people. The last time you want to do it is maybe to roll out some high end into high quality stuff, where the first time you or one of your coaches runs through is somebody that has paid you $10,000 to do it.

Tyler 35:07

And your processes are tight, that's super important. And you're gonna do a body scan, and you're gonna do some text message based nutrition accountability, or something or whatever services you're trying to do, or whatever this is, or what if you want to do grocery stores, or grocery stores is another great one. But if you're good at label reading, and kind of let them go through and fill the card, the stuff they normally buy is another great little service you can do. If there's better alternatives to this, you just show them that that's a great service that you can make 100 bucks to go off site, but that's easy money. You don't want to do that to someone as a package that someone spent 1015 $20,000 For and show up and haven't been the first time you don't know your way around the store and you feel like an idiot, you know, get sharp with people who already trust you, you can be candid with who you're copying. And all of these little layers of services are again, as this is the thing that I would have landed on their guarantee is your product. Guarantee is the only thing that these people give a shit about. What can you do for me? If this is true, I've talked about this in the past and called me to fix your furnace, and I showed up and I spent the whole time trying to explain to you that I'm qualified and then I'll know how to fix it. They're like listening, doofus, every single way called furnace repair in the phonebook, I was pretty sure that they had the skills to fix it. Right? Not what I envision in the fact that you're telling me this now it makes me think that you're a chump. And it makes me want to back off completely. Now, if you come in and say, Hey, listen, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to and by the way, this worked at 18, heating and air conditioning, because it's very, it's four o'clock, it's a Thursday, most likely their furnace might be fun with parts that I can't fix, right? It's the truth. It's just the truth, what I would say every single time, as soon as we get to the door, we say, Don't worry, I'll take a look and find out what's going wrong. And I will present you with some options to get it taken care of. And I promise you, we're going to make sure that you guys, no matter what we have to do. So that way also in that instance, the pressure was not off where they had to choose a repair tonight versus replacement. Because you know, it's simple. I carried a bunch of little $35 tiny little space heaters with me in a box. And if I showed it to your house late, it was something I could not fix right there. I'm gonna make sure you guys have a comfortable house tonight for sure, we get the boys back from auto replace. But they know that's their concern. That is the how do you make them feel if you make them feel like you're going to give them exactly the thing that they want, or really alleviate their concerns, relieve them of their pain, leave them with 20 to 30 pounds of lost weight, or whether it's just make sure that their kids aren't cold tonight, or they don't gotta go stay in a fucking hotel pipes don't freeze, hey, don't worry about I'm gonna get I promise you, we're going to have no money back guarantee or anything either. But that is a guarantee that the only thing that person needed to hear. Now trust me forever, because their whole concern is shit why No, this is old, or if they can't fix it tonight. Like that's, that's the concern. It's not the money, that's all secondary. And so that's the guarantee is your product, it's your value, it's your sales pitch is whether you do Money Back Guarantee or not. That exercise is the only thing that you should be doing, when I'll get tight with that, build your products around there and that you have a real customer journey that fucking makes sense to them. And it's not about you.

John Fairbanks 38:29

And I think it's really, for everybody in the back. I think it's important to repeat. Your guarantee is the product. You said that Tyler, you said it quickly. It's really important. Your group classes are not the product. Your gym is not the product, your personal training services are not the product, your guarantee, which is tied to the clients results, is the product. For me, that's everything. That's huge. It's a monumental shift mentally, that I think if we can start working in that direction, for everything that we do, everything that you do, you will immediately start to see results that you haven't seen before.

Tyler 39:20

And we talked about this, when you want to sell the vacation to Germany, right? You don't, you don't go down. When you book a trip to Cancun, it's not. While you're gonna drive 45 minutes to the airport that's not close to your house, you're gonna have to pay for parking, and then you're gonna go wait in line to get molested at the TSA. And then you're going to get through and you're going to be treated like crap while you got anytime you sneeze or take off your mask or try to eat on the plane, and that's going to be miserable and then customs is a whole mess and you're gonna get verbally accosted as you go into a foreign country, and they're going to try to rip you off with your taxis and live in limousines. Don't get into one you didn't pay for trust me, and then you're gonna get to your resort and then everything is probably going to be okay. Then you're gonna know that sounds familiar and showing the equipment and the exercises that you and your expertise. They don't care. Show me the beach. Show me, show me the beach and a bucket of beers and tell me that's what my next week is. Show me 20 pounds off eight weeks from now. That is all you want, because it is all they want. It is the truth. That's it. If you can tell, you put this thing I will guarantee I'll take 10 people we got to meet first, that will guarantee 10 people to lose 20 pounds in the next 12 weeks. Yeah, they gotta buy your high end program that comes, you put that on that that might pull some weight. The problem is a lot of coaches I know. And a lot of gyms are now capable of giving those results with the products that they have and the way that they're doing it. Right. That is the problem. It's not an issue. It's not anything else if you can't get those results, which is why you're not talking about it. And if you can, and you're not talking about it, you are wasting your most valuable resource. Alright, results.

John Fairbanks 40:58

So what's the guarantee? What's the guarantee we're gonna throw to the next 10 People that reach out to you and I get right now? What's the guarantee we can throw out? To the people? Yes, absolutely. There are people listening to this right now. And I am feeling extra motivated, I will get

Tyler 41:19

I will get a personal trainer for $10,000. For sure, we can go 10, I could go 100. But we could go 10. And I could go on to get you firsthand if we want to do that for new personal trainers.

John Fairbanks 41:33

So new personal trainers. The next one, my

Tyler 41:37

products not expensive enough for me to be making $100,000 guarantees. But I'll make a $10,000 guarantee, you want to reach out you want to come anyway. Especially if you're a personal trainer. If you're looking to just buy the unit, your gym and you want to develop the personal training track within your business, I'll get you I will absolutely sit with you and work with you fully Oculus and improve your offers communications on his back end systems that hold back from where you are right now to an additional $10,000 In sales, for sure. That I guarantee I will guarantee that with my eyes closed. Okay.

John Fairbanks 42:13

So reach out to us. Shoot a message to me shoot a message to Tyler shoot a message to the gym owners podcast. And if you're a new personal trainer, you want to get started, you want to go from zero to your first 10k. We'll get on a call with you. We'll show you the path of what it looks like not only to hit that 10k. But every milestone moving forward to exactly what Tyler said, which is 100k.

Tyler 42:43

Yeah, I'll guarantee you the first 10. And I'll show you the way to 100k. Because the first time now you have all the tools, that's the beauty. I'll get you right there and you just replicate off you go. So I mean, the end result is 100. For sure. For sure. Let's rock. This is not that hard. This is the thing we do. This is what we're in this to help people you're in this to help people. And so make sure you're helping people do shipping they want just fucking be in your building. So I'm interested, that's important. You build there's interesting results that are really interesting, that are really compelling. And remember, this is an important thing for all of us to know, as a population, there are way more people not doing fitness that need to do fitness. So why are we fighting over people who have the most cross fitness for wearing CrossFit this way versus this way? Why are you digging, carving that little box out of this tiny little space when there's so many people in your community who if you could say hey, I guarantee you're gonna lose 20 pounds guaranteed or I'll give you your money back well working for free and CD which by the way, that's a pretty isn't a guarantee. For Jim, our blueprint images don't mean one on one, or whatever, but you're gonna get a pretty damn close if they buy all of the stuff. So just do it. You got to every person, by the way of people whose Ultimate Sales pitching comes in 20 pounds 20 pounds, perfect. That's like that's your hook. That's your product, that's everything. That's the only thing that matters for them, what they want, and all your coaching expertise and expertise. The fact that you can coach them without competing for the fact that you know all this wonderful stuff about movements and you like cool exercises and the other guys exercises if they choose and the other guys gyms dirty and you have ABS or whatever this is none of it matters. That person's buying, losing 20 pounds and feeling better about themselves. So you're guaranteeing your product that's the thing. Learn to do it, learn to make a guarantee. You'll have to think like you're gonna guarantee it's going to talk like you're going to guarantee it. Everything else will fall into place. I promise. Just quit talking about nebulous stuff. It's vague and doesn't

John Fairbanks 44:48

you can follow me on Instagram at Jay banks, FL you can follow Tyler

Tyler 44:56

Tyler referenced on the show as a gym owner as well. I'm cast and you can go to hacker You want to get on board or go to community dot Saturday Facebook group Yeah guys, we had videos

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