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Data-Based Decision Making for Gym Owners

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​Why you should be selling your guarantee - 0:00
  • ​Why do people come in and get bored? How do you keep them? - 6:35
  • ​What are you doing to keep your clients happy? - 11:54
  • ​Selling personal training and unlimited group fitness - 16:14
  • ​What type of gyms are the cheapest? What type of service are you offering? - 23:13
  • ​The top three reasons people choose to exercise - 27:46
  • ​You don’t need to look like everyone else to sell - 32:20
  • ​You can’t avoid these subjects if you do it right - 35:50
  • ​How to make fitness work around your busy schedule - 41:41


Tyler 00:00

Welcome back to the podcast, guys. John, how are you doing?

John Fairbanks 00:05

I'm doing lovely. How are you?

Tyler 00:08

I'm doing well. So we've just had a busy day in a busy week, we've had a lot of calls with clients and gym owners that we're working with. And we've been working hands on with a concept we announced to you people on the podcast last week, which is, you should be selling your guarantee. What is your guarantee? And the recap that very quickly, what we want as a guarantee is, I do believe you should stand behind your fucking work everywhere, no matter what your work is, that's important to do. So when we sell just memberships and some kind of like, catch all products we got in here, and literally we talked about the endless relationship with gym memberships are, that just seems very much like work, it's hard to stand behind. Because you can stand behind the fact that I can come to your gym and do a class at the schedule pretty easily. That's not what clients want off the street. What clients want is results. So we started doing this thought exercise with a lot of gym owners and clients and coaches that we work with, where we say what could you guarantee? And what would you have to do in order to fulfill that guarantee? And instantly, everybody's actual communication strategy shapes up right away. product offerings vary instantly, shape up and reflect exactly what clients might actually want or need to accomplish their goals. That single thought exercise is very, very, very critical to getting things aligned with what people actually want. And John, and I wanted to take that one step further today. One of the things that we do very often is we start looking at data, just what else is out there consumer data not like what the gym owners are reporting for their own numbers, that's usually about revenue and overall industry trends. I want to know why the people who are trying to join gyms, why they quit gyms, who they are, what types of stuff? They're like, what is the reason they join? What's the reason they can't stick around? What moves them around what moves the needle? What gets their heart pumping? What gets them fired? Up? What because that's, that's the skills you need to get those people to your gym with the information that you need. So John, and I have,

John Fairbanks 02:12

I'll say, it becomes increasingly important that we differentiate what we're talking about. Because we find so often, as we're talking to coaches, that they often cannot remove themselves. From this conversation, if we're talking about like, Well, how do you talk to people about what's in your gym? And it's so hard to remove yourself. When I first started training people, I had a hard time early on, justifying how much I would charge someone because I knew how much I would pay personally. And that tainted everything that I chose to do moving forward.

Tyler 03:02

Because that reflects your income, your priorities, your other expenses, the fact that your fitness and training knowledge is already within you means very often you devalue, and minimize the impact of those little things that you do. Every day, they already know, I should eat this already now, I should list it this way. So it doesn't actually move the needle for you in regards to your own value equation, if you're wanting to run into it all the time with the technical side as I would get service technicians it would be afraid of charging certain amounts for things. Because you'd be like, I would never pay that for that I could do that in 45 minutes, like, yes, you can, because you spent 25 years getting fucking good at it, and you got a van full of $20,000 worth of parts, and I gotta pay you to sit on your ass for two hours to do nothing. Well, in case somebody calls so you can show up within 30 minutes. And we can guarantee that we're gonna get them heat or cooling by the end of the day today, or else fucking we'll give them their service feedback and whatever else, you know what I'm saying like, this is what it is about being on the hook for your work, right? This is just the nature of so what we want to do is, let's start rolling out some of this data right now John, can we do that? I want to get into the why behind the average consumer. So when we are presenting things to them, you guys can start to see why we make the decisions that we make, and why you should maybe make decisions a little bit differently when we're talking about positioning your products, what they are, how we talk to our clients, right? So we're going to have this list of stats that is not organized in order of pretty much anything. So John, I am just going to run through these numbers here. And then we're going to talk about how we use these types of things to make certain decisions. Okay. So, the first one 80% of people who join gyms quit after nine months, or five months, five months, so 80% of people who join Jim's quit after five months. And the next step I'm gonna roll out right now is a 5% increase in member retention results in anywhere from 25 to 90% increase in annual revenue. So 80% of new signups in gyms. This is, of course, all sorts of fitness centers, but this is an industry right? So 80% of people are quitting within five months. If you can reduce that number by 5%. Like, you're doing really, really, really well. So the amount of people you're losing within that first five months cut that down, how are these people leaving? Why are they leaving? Right? What are the reasons that they're leaving? Because that is your, your highest cost very often other than your, what do we have, we have your mortgage, the roof over your head, and usually set staff salaries. The next most expensive thing you have is going to be client acquisition. And if you're not spending any money acquiring clients, then you probably should start. But please spend time actually, if that's the number you can't give me it means it's the number you should start tracking. Let me rephrase that. Right. Right. So the question is, when someone comes in, how can we make sure that they don't quit in five months? This is the first thing 80% People are gonna go out the door in five months, as a national average. So what can we do as a business in the way that we present our offers? The way that we craft our services, the way that we do our communications? Or what is your retention strategy? How does that combine with your results and your coaching strategy and your product strategy? Do they all make sense? Do they all align? Where do people come in, and they just get to kind of exercise until they get bored? Or they just become a lot about it and bail after five? How do you do that? And this is a question you should ask yourself as a gym owner, what can you do? Guys, this may be as simple as just shooting an email out to somebody after you don't see him for a week. It might be that they haven't seen your week and even help them come in off it by throwing somebody a bone, it can feel good. It can be shooting out a message making sure that they get a really good welcome back when they come in where they really feel welcomed into the community. One of the reasons that John always says that people come for results, they show up to a gym because they want the results that they want. Oftentimes, they'll stay because of the community right now, of the 80% that quit after the first five months, this next piece of information, I think is useless. And here's why 46% of those people, the reason they give for quitting is because of cost. Now, cost is only one piece of a value equation, which means the cost isn't really the reason the cost is what they told you. And that's really important. Because, yes, they're gonna say it's just too expensive, what they really are saying, by the way, that's just too expensive. I was okay with spending this when I thought I was going to get results. And now I did bingo, whether it's your fault, or theirs doesn't matter, by the way. But I thought I was going to get this for this money. And now this money does not seem worth it. It was worth it before. It's not not. That is the vast majority. That is what this is. This is why I don't take much data on face value, right? So I'm not, I'm not saying lower your prices to keep these people No, you actually have the audible in with value, you need to get them what they came there for. And maybe the issue was like a lot of people, you're only selling one thing and that one thing can't get them there. Truthfully, that's a possibility.

John Fairbanks 08:27

Yeah, the value equation on this is huge. The fact that it is, it's not a problem until it's a problem. And just like you said, it's being able to, I'll pay money, as long as I know that I'm getting value out of that thing. And really the next, as we found, is how do you keep everybody in line where they continue to be future looking. They want to be able to anticipate what's going to come next? What am I working towards? One of the hardest things for me, as some of those trains are staying motivated on why I'm training. And being able to have really clear, like expectations with myself, or clear goals for the future allows me to be like, This is why I'm showing up. It's not a random Wednesday. This is week two of a 12 week program, where I'm going after this particular goal, which is kind of leading into what I found one of the cooler stats that you threw out and why we found which was that 94% of gym goers who set goals were still active nine months later.

Tyler 09:41

So let's remember this right 80% of new gym members quit within five months 94% of people who set goals are still active nine months later. So you want a very, very, very easy strategy to increase your retention from an average exit of five or six which is Most likely, if you're in group fitness, it's better than that. But the relative impact is still the same. Meaning goal setting keeps you in your gym, it keeps you getting results, which keeps you in the gym, it keeps you on task, which keeps you in the gym, keeps you showing up in the gym, which means they're actually immersed in the community instead of on the periphery, that keeps them in the gym. So 94%, meaning if you gave a free goal setting meeting, and frankly, or at least even if you shoot out a free goal setting PDF that's for them in themselves, and they're not accountable to anyone else, you're still probably moving that needle forward a little bit, maybe give them a strategy for setting goals, if you don't have the fucking time, empower them to do it and point them whatever it takes. But people who set goals, it doesn't mean who they set them with before whether they pay for it or not. Right. But that is your entry level, your people need to be setting goals. And I'm telling you guys, gym owners, and coaches who are afraid to set goals and put themselves on the hook for measurable results and delivering people what they want. The reason they're scared of that is not because they can't get people there, it's because the main product or selling can't get people that. And that's the truth. So. So don't be afraid of this help them set goals and maybe your singular product, it's just a group will simply be more effective. Because they'll show up more, they'll be aligned more with their wives, they'll fix these other habits outside the gym. Do I think that you should sell that goal setting and accountability type thing as a product? Yeah, probably somewhere in there. When you have the time, I think that matters. But that's a, that is the biggest step that I saw is like, well, that's such an easy thing to do. If 100% of your people set goals on a regular basis, then your retention will be improved, whether they do it with you, for you or underneath you, it doesn't matter.

John Fairbanks 11:54

And it's the principle that these statistics are showing. The odds are if you take a look at all the statistics that are inside of your own business, you're going to see, okay, great. If someone's going to leave us our attrition rate, on average, is at the four month mark, the seven month mark, it doesn't matter. But the principle then is, what are you doing? To keep them? How are you doing to anticipate that average seven month mark? Before they leave? What do you do strategy wise to make sure they feel loved or cared for? And if we know, statistically speaking, when you look at all the data, just by having a goal type conversation with someone will keep them on average. 30% longer. Okay. Well, now we have something to work with. Because now, because all my brain is always about how can I have something that can be recurring, consistent, expectations are clear, for everybody involved, whether I'm the owner, and I have staff that needs to be able to fulfill, or if I'm a client, where I know that I'm going to hear from my community, once every three months, about staying on track with whatever my own personal goals may be. Yeah, so when I start feeling the pain of like, to gas is really fucking expensive right now. And food is like four times as expensive. The fact is, if I know, the gym membership that I'm paying for, it's two, three, maybe $400 That I could totally spend towards milk. But if I know they're keeping my shit on track, and I feel confident, and I feel good, and my wife likes the way I look, and I'm strong enough to open the pickle jar, that I'm feeling like that money is gonna continue to go to the gym, and we can figure out how to fucking find milk somewhere else.

Tyler 14:00

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I don't. I think that that is the easiest strategy you could possibly have. Because by the way, this is also about the efficacy of your training. It says nothing. By the way, this is just active in the gym. We can go into the actual all the view, you coach wizards, and you Sports Science, dorks all to all of this stuff. But I guarantee you people who set goals tend to probably reach them more often than people who don't. Truth is, results are going to be there because that is a part of the process that you don't have, you're not gonna get too far without a plan. You don't have a plan. Once you know where you're going. This is all very, very easy to extrapolate out. Another one for retention is 56% of people who don't have a group at all cancel. I think I didn't send this much. I think there's a qualifier here on the timeframe. I think this was in the first like six or nine months or so I don't remember what this was. But this is the thing 56% of overall people who are not in group will cancel and I think this was in the first year or something like this

John Fairbanks 14:59

right? But I can See that?

Tyler 15:01

Yeah, and that is the value. We talked about this quite a bit. And I've seen this trans people come for results, and they stay for your community, the community does keep them but it doesn't get them on their ads because I don't nobody's sitting there who's like a bit ashamed of their situation or being like, I can't really let myself go, I gotta get back in the gym. This is a long, uphill battle around them, you know what I mean? That they have to go through and have a habit to change. Like, you've all been there, you got clients that have been there. It's, it's a real thing. And those people don't like that sales pitch, which has chosen come join our fucking new family, where we all smile and have ABS and exercise together. It's like, one, I already look awesome. Why don't you tone it down, buddy. That's what it is for the person who's on it, it really is, by the way, but they, if you were speaking to, I will guarantee that you're going to have a good time and get this 20 This first 20 pounds off you in the next, you know, 12 to 15 weeks, or whatever it is. And we'll work with you until you do, that's going to get them in the gym. And by the way, whether you deliver those results in that timeframe or not, that's up to you. And it's up to the client truthfully, but your community and the fun that they find when they're there. That is the reason that I will keep there. And this is why I tell almost everybody. Unless you're in a very specific situation, I really like to sell personal training. If I'm in the context of a gym that also has group fitness, I like to sell personal training, and then also have the cost in there for the unlimited group fitness membership. And I encourage I would encourage all of my one on one people to show up to at least like a Saturday community, Saturday morning community workout or, or catch a group class whenever they can, because it's a different vibe, it's a different push, it's a bit more fun, people aren't comfortable right away, but they should always be, you should always be encouraging someone to integrate into the community a little bit more. And you'll always have loners but I think that that's very important to retention goals. In the community. Now you got two very big tools that can cover a lot of ground for your potential as

John Fairbanks 17:03

well, because it's a natural progression, even just psychological. For me to get started, it has to be about me. This for me to kind of feel motivated, to become vulnerable. To walk into a new place, I don't necessarily know somebody, maybe I know someone that's been at your facility before. But this is the first time for me to be there. I'm immediately vulnerable. So that means every negative fucking thing that I say to myself, just in my own head. I'm just waiting for somebody to confirm that negative shit about myself. And I'm kind of not feeling it. So it has to be about me achieving results first. Because then, once I can get that confidence, right, I've achieved this thing, I've done this thing, and you've helped me achieve that coach or gym or whatever, then it stops being so much about me and becomes more of a weed. It's a wee thing. And now those people are there. And just like you said, Now I feel more comfortable. Maybe to get outside of that comfort zone. Just be able to go over

Tyler 18:19

Have you read people you don't really know or like that much like, like you and I really think like this movie. What are you talking about? Right? Where they're like, oh, you should meet my friends. So and I'm just like, I don't like you? What am I doing? What if you have somebody who's like a friend who you know, a person who you're trusted with, like, hey, I really think you're gonna like this guy. Let's go ahead and move you a couple of people. I think you're really going to like them. That, okay, I'll take your word for that because you know me, but if I walk in red it's like, Oh, you're gonna have a great time with these people. And I don't think you see how I respond to people out in the world. Dude, I don't like most of them. What are you? No, no, you don't know me. It's like, it's like, it's like people represent people who ask a lot of time. You know, if you had to travel, where should I travel? Where should I go? If I had to go somewhere, would I want to travel? Or if I'm in this place? Where should I eat, to know what you like? Or what you like at all. Don't put this on me. You know what I mean? Like,

John Fairbanks 19:11

success of your next family vacation is that my feet turns on

Tyler 19:15

me. I don't know if you like to find somewhere with cheap drinks and don't leave that location. I don't know what you're into. That's all I do. So I want to come into the next part, which is the next thing I want to talk a little bit about your pricing and really more about your aversion as a coach or an owner as a salesperson to asking for real money. Big money because why? Nobody will pay for that. I don't want to pay for it. Get yourself out of the way like we talked about before with the technician so it serves you or not them. You as a gym owner. I bet you don't pay for a gym membership. I bet you haven't been here for a really long time. I hate to break it to you probably ain't even paying a coach fitness wise. So like you're not your ideal customer. You have all these skills you're not paying for, so don't worry about it because you don't value it, most of it in you. So it's not a thing that's tangible to you. So, 75% of people are what? No, no, what is it, the majority of gym members earn over $75,000. That's just the majority of people with gym memberships. That says more than 50% on why they're, when they use numbers like majority that makes me believe it's like 52%. But it doesn't matter, at least half of your people make a pretty solid income. And that is also for overall gyms, which the vast majority of gym memberships are uncoachable memberships as well, which is important to note. However, he will describe his core users or people who attend the gym 100 times a year, which is less on average than two times a week. By the way, we do a little drop of math, some of my math knowledge on you. But that's less than two times a week, right? So people who go to the gym, on average around two times a week earn on average $150,000 a year. So the reason that people will spend more money than you think that they will, is because they make more fucking money than you. Let's just be honest. So you can charge whatever, even though you wouldn't pay for it. Thank God, you're not your only clientele. Because you would start as you don't pay for a gym membership. And you don't really value coaching because you coach yourself. So that number matters, right? That's only twice. So considering you need you want, you need people, if they're going to get results, they need to show up more than twice a week, or at least twice a week or more. Right. You can't do anything for anybody once a week, or sporadically or 30 times a year. If they're showing up, you can hardly help them, you're in a lose lose situation in regards to getting them results. So if you want to have clients who show up, who want to get results and do the things that get the results, guess what, there isn't really a price ceiling, because they're making twice as much money as the average gym goer, who just shows up, whatever. So like, literally the more you charge, the more premium your services go, the more you build yourself into the market. It's the people you want, not just because they spend money, but because they'll show up and get results. I cannot understate that guy's like the moment you start offering a thing that fits this income bracket. Now it's very easy for you because it aligns to them. If you want to appeal to those people, and you're selling 15 or $20 a month memberships like a 24 hour place or whatever, $30 monthly memberships. They don't care, they don't want that. Or at the very least they may do that. But they'll choose because they have the expendable income, they will choose to spend money on something that's nicer, because they're not driving the cheapest car that they can find either. So why would they only go to the cheapest gym, you're going to drive the car that they like that they can afford. If they can afford more, it's going to be a nice one, they're going to buy the gym membership in the coaching product that they can afford that they like to do, which will inherently be nicer and more expensive than the other ones that everybody else is buying.

John Fairbanks 23:13

They already depend on what type of gym you have, or depending on what type of service you use for clients. They're already probably not spending the cheapest. Yeah, a lot of the folks that we work with are either boutique gyms, CrossFit gyms, personal trainers that work out of CrossFit gyms, or those types of things, you already aren't the cheapest. So then taking a pricing model, or a service model, based on some of the cheapest facilities that are out there, you're already kind of missing it. Yeah. And the idea for me when I, when you sent me that stat of the idea of like, the threshold of which people spend, and what they're comfortable spending and the types of people that are in these facilities. This is exactly why it would have been sweet if you and I had liked all of these stats to back up what we felt like was true a year ago, as we started to build and then we saw it in real time. But what we have seen with every gym owner that we've worked with every personal trainer that we've worked with, we've seen how we build out how we build out what they offer, how they talk about what they offer, and the success that they've had with that is directly tied to this statistic.

Tyler 24:39

Yeah, sure. This is one of our fundamental things that we talk about and this is why when we do our sit down where we go through custom with gym owners, we just a service you guys can get if you're interested in this, where we go through and we take all the information about what you have all your services, your pricing, we get a bunch of information from you. We get on the horn with you. And we go through and we talk about beginning to end, exactly what you do, what you do well, what you want to be doing. And then we put together your truth, what is your guarantee? Where does it fit, and we go over everything for pricing. Because the reason we do things this way and build true, like, what is the best thing that you could offer, that will guarantee that a person can have what they want to have, right? Have it your way, it's gonna be a little more expensive, trust me, you're gonna get there. That can be expensive, because that reads like a value. Gym membership doesn't read like value, right. But the main core principle we have with these offer audits that we go to John and I go through with people is the buying habits. And buying habits are the key. So you understand that your target audience is someone that shows up more than twice a week, ideally twice a week or more. That means your target audience on average earns $150,000 a year. So plan accordingly. price accordingly. Understand that that's the game, you're not trying to drag extra money out of someone who doesn't have it. You want to work with people who you can really help. And this is how you do it. And by the way, speaking of us wanting to work with people who want to help, you can shoot us a message. I think we kind of dropped this into the middle. But if you want to get involved, have us come in. We don't. You don't have to give us a whole depth of the whole course if you don't have the time. I understand gym owners, you guys are busy. You can't go through the whole course. shoot us a message John and I can kind of take care of some of that work for you. And we're gonna give you everything that you need to go through and you can start selling. You're the easiest, simplest way. How did we describe it the other day, John, it's like if you're not that good at selling, it's as easy as making the selling party. It makes it easier for them to make more money. It's as simple as letting your clients choose from a menu. Just boom, off you go. You don't have to coerce people, you don't have to convince people, your products do all the speaking for you and your products will speak directly to your target audience for what they need to have. Let people's buying habits do all the legwork for you. You can shoot me and John a message at either probably Instagram at Jay banks FL or me at Tyler effing stone or the gym owners podcasts on Instagram or email is the dudes at hacker You can shoot us an email that if you're interested in this product that where you get that get set with set up with John, I will roll that forward for you because that is a very surefire way you can lie in your pockets and get things moving in the right direction. And then you can enter the full Jim hackers worldspace that John and I are in. We want to make a quick opportunity for you to just start making some damn money, make some damn money, make it easy to use and it is a much lower investment than the whole course. So come in, we'll get your point the right direction, you start making some money, and then you can start making some moves. So we figured we'd help you get your money, right. First

John Fairbanks 27:46

The thing I'd like to do that we've started doing most recently is helping gym owners target a particular piece of their business. They want to start rolling out personal training. They want to get their GM get his mind right or get your mind right and start getting the sales process more comfortable allowing the gym owner to focus on x, we're able to help focus on why. And then everybody keeps making money. Yeah, back to that statistic. Real quick.

Tyler 28:14

I want to because we were in this, I want to make sure I dropped that off. Rob Go ahead, John.

John Fairbanks 28:18

No, it's the if you already have a bunch of clients and or you are have some type of an intake form, where someone's going to give you data, when they first walk in the door to get a feel for who they are, where they come from, what their habits are, you realize that not to like causation and correlation. But if somebody says they've attended, or they've consistently worked out, at minimum twice a week, for the last year, or for the last six months, it would tell me this person, right, they're motivated. They have money to let you know, I mean, like it sounds like well, I wonder what income bracket they're in? Because that's their dedication level. And there is a point of diminishing returns. Because if you're a professional fitness user, and you think that you need to work out three hours a day, you're probably not spending a whole lot on fitness. Yeah, yeah, but regular people like humans, that are Ryan person they're getting paid,

Tyler 29:31

who has the schedule flexibility to show up to the gym regularly, usually has a little bit of control over their life. And their day that they could know they're going to be off by five or they know they could get up in the morning. They either have the discipline which usually comes inherently with success. Or they have the flexibility which usually comes with having a little more control over your job and your employment. So that just comes with higher income. John, do we have time to get to these other ones? Have you got a jet? Yeah,

John Fairbanks 29:56


Tyler 29:57

we're okay. Cool. Cool. Cool. So The next one, this is more about your messaging. Now some of these other ones, we want to get into how you want to attract people, how you want to speak to people, let's get into the data here. So the reasons that people choose to exercise are the top three reasons people are exercising, this is not about joining a gym necessarily, this is for exercise, this is the value they associate with exercising, not coaching or anything else, the first one is to get in shape. The second one, to do something because they're bored, basically, to cure boredom. And the third is to boost their immune system or overall health, that none of them is in pain. No, none of them is their squat total. None of them is community. Frankly, none of it is any of this stuff. Now, of course, that is just exercise. But remember, if the product you're pitching has come in, and we have our group fitness classes where you can come in and exercise, understand that getting in shape, it's something fun to do with people, that's probably going to be the better hands for that, or at least it aligns with what that is, if that's the only thing you're offering. Now on the gym membership, this is why they join gyms. Correct. The second right, John? Yep. And this one is very interesting, the top reason is to be healthier. Second, reason strength. Third, use weight for to help with stress if body and image and wasn't six was another physique, one, it was like fat, there was like, there were essentially was four body comp out of the top six, four of them were basically

John Fairbanks 31:38

your appearance.

Tyler 31:39

Yes, optimizing appearance makes you look better and lose fat, whatever. But like four out of the top six, where I'd like to probably look better either on the beach or with my shirt off like that, that would be the quantifiable result, four out of the top six. And the other one was stress and then strength. But the truth is, I still think that strength is a piece that people don't realize is the cure for what ails them when they're sitting on the couch, or when they're not in the gym. So I think strength is more of a secondary thing. If I had to put my eggs in all in one basket, I would put it all in the body composition, weight loss, fat loss, feel good transformation, good vibe, man, that's my thing get good at and we said this before, get real good at helping people lose fat, you make a fuckload of money in this industry a ton.

John Fairbanks 32:20

And you don't need to look like everybody else. I sent you a great example of a guy that doesn't look like anyone else. He was selling essentially a transformation program that you could work out with him from probably remote. And he did it in his very unique way. That 's what I want, I'm not going to get hooked by getting my beach bod. I'm not going to get hooked by Big Booty bootcamp. I'm not going to hook that. I

Tyler 32:56

mean, also doesn't mean those aren't valuable. There's not gonna work for John,

John Fairbanks 33:00

blank and work for me. Those will work for people and that's why they work. But there's some there's some pieces where I think if we've seen if we've seen people market, or we've seen the industry do marketing in a way that makes us feel gross, or sleazy or look salesy, where I think there's a lot of mistakes that are being made, where I immediately am saying, well, they're selling weight loss like this. I don't like selling weight loss. I don't think that it's good to sell weight loss or body transformations because they won't be able to keep it off. Or they won't be able to do this. They won't be able to do that. Your actual objection is to how they went about doing that. Not the thing itself. So don't demonize people wanting to be able to lose weight, feel better, whatever. Because it could be done in a sleazy way, by the way got

Tyler 33:55

and this is where what the fuck right? This isn't you You brought up a very good point, John, I haven't looked at it this way. We as fitness people who want to be above the lowest of the industry, right? We want to be a beacon of truth in the night of horseshit. It is the health industry, right? It's it's real deal, right? And so we do we're like fuck all this weight loss bullshit. You're just pushing to try to scam people, hook people in and make them dump a bunch of pounds. And like that's exactly the thing that I hear from lots of coaches who are first off a bit jealous because at least the short term outcomes from some of those programs are better than your delivering. It's just true, right? Yeah, be sustainable, and that's fine, but you're not mad at weight loss. You're mad at the way that they did it, the way that that other person taught weight loss, which means all you need to do is say I'm gonna help you lose weight. Let's help you lose weight. That's it. Shut the fuck up. You don't have to say anything else about how you're better than them or anything. When they hire you to help them lose weight. Guess who's in charge of how they fucking lose that weight. You are a coach at a gym. Under, no, so you've solved that problem by by avoiding the weight loss subject and trying to say I want to help you because you have fucking mental problems. And that that's why you need to join my gym or because you're sad, or because your shoulder hurts or all these other reasons that aren't real reasons, or join because I'm a fucking expert and I know everything and let me use a bunch of fucking science words that nobody cares about. Those people are gonna go for weight loss to somebody who's talking about weight loss. So now you by fucking just blatantly like blabbing on about yourself and stuff that they don't care about, you are choosing not to help them and you have sent them off for the fucking wolves and the vultures are going to pick them apart. Because you are too much of a coward to say, weight loss, dude, I want to help you lose weight. And when they come and you know what you do you do it right, because that's what you do, because you're a good coach. And then you do it right. And then it fucking works by avoiding that subject and saying, oh, it's icky, or I don't want to sell it's the same thing as a supplement subject. I don't want to sell supplements, because Oh, it's gross. Everybody does, I think, well, because you're not selling it now. Just you know, if they're swimming with fucking sharks, you guys like Google, what should I take for supplements? It's maddening. And this is your job as a coach is to be the beacon diva light, you need to be there, you need to be the lighthouse, you need to be the person who go, alright, if I'm gonna buy supplements, that guy, I liked that guy, I trust him, you know, he helped me with one thing, at the very least I'm gonna take his word for it, I'm going to do weight loss, I want to do it with this stuff. And so you cannot avoid these subjects. Just because other people suck at it doesn't mean the whole industry is bad. It doesn't mean that concept is foul. If you do not get good at offering transport transformations, you better get famous. Because those are your options to become an influencer. So that you just have a giant large audience who wants to listen to you spout complexity, which is fine, then you could sell that to people in a very, very specialized thing. And then that's fine. But if you actually want to make results and have an impact in your community and the world and in fitness, instead of tooting your own horn, your job is to get very, very good at delivering weight loss. And in that process comes strength and conditioning, movement quality and all that other stuff. But the world doesn't have truth at the root. The United States of America doesn't really have a shoulder issue or a back issue. We don't necessarily have all sorts of other issues right now your job, in my opinion, as a health professional right now, is to improve the health of your community. How are you going to do that? I don't know, probably shave about 20,000 pounds off your town this year, just to set a goal, how many pounds of fat do I want to get off my community this year? I'm about to bring him in. Let's get him down. And let's just write that down. This is what I have done to make my town and my community better, healthier. Now you're fucking doing it and you're doing it your way and you're doing it the right way. It is exactly that you got me fired up, John, as soon as you said that, because people do it, they get averse to it, they don't want to talk about weight loss, I want to know what we do is CrossFit better than everybody else was talking fine. But that's not mobilizing people. But what you're going to do is just get people from one CrossFit gym to another, we're going to, like there is no real movement there. It's not moving the needle in your community. It's one member here minus one, it's just that's not the the word that's not the blue ocean you want to be playing in and there is a ton of space still here for actually helping people lose weight, I see plenty of weight loss opportunities, every time I walk down the street and go to the store here. I don't know what town you live in. But I see a lot of people with a lot of weight to lose.

John Fairbanks 38:32

Unless you're not interested in helping people know which is which is okay. I'm okay with that too. I'm okay with the gym. That's like no competitors, only bollards on the west side. I want freaks only. No regular folks need not apply. But if that's not you, open your doors.

Tyler 38:54

But let me walk that back to though John, you know that but that's a really good point you brought up if you want to do three weeks and you want to do something other than that, even freakish. It's just specific stuff. You know what you need to do? Set goals, promise them you're gonna get them there. That's right, be accountable for it. Meaning if you're just dealing with frequent is just the place where big eyes come and do big guy shit. That's one thing. But what are we really selling them here? Like this is the only place you can come and train there. You know what I mean? This is a place with a solid training environment and here you're gonna get strong. You're around strong people that work for people like me and people like you. So if that's your desired luck in clientele, and your market has enough of them to keep you afloat, then go for it. If your market does not have enough of those people, or those people don't seem to trust you, then you got a long ways to go because you're not going to convince people and this is the biggest thing we learned about ad copy and speaking to people and how you want to actually communicate your messaging and your programming and your products. It's got to make sense to them right now. It's got to be a solution that they're already seeking. Like I want to lose 20 pounds. Where Can I go that works? You want to convince somebody that they need to lose 20 pounds? Problem? Boy, good luck. Yeah, I mean, that's, that's or do you want to convince a buddy that they shouldn't lose the 20 pounds right away. And instead, they should just really focus on movement quality for the first six months. And then maybe they'll be in good enough shape and have good enough movement patterns. And then we can lose weight. We'd like to write, so we got to read it. We still have to speak to what they are, who they are and what they want. And that's really important. I have a couple more so excuses why people give for not joining a gym, you're going to commute outwardly, to communicate outwardly, the first thing you want to talk about very much is, who they are, what their pain points are, what problems are theirs you're trying to solve with your primary offer. And then you can deal with some of the regular objections, right? First two, I don't have enough time. Go to the gym, I can't join a gym, I don't have enough time. The second one, it's a lack of confidence. I'm not confident enough to go to the gym and be around people. Okay, you can mitigate that with products, you can mitigate that with messaging, however you want to, but this is a great opportunity for you. Now that you know, you've heard this podcast, you know that that's the top two reasons why people choose not to join a gym. Now you can address them. You know what I have? We have customizable schedules, we have classes as late as 7pm, we can get you in at 5am. We have personal training opportunities that could fit almost any schedule, we can do weekends, whether we just charge more money for weekend personal training. By the way, if you have a part time, coach, just fucking charge 40% More, who cares? It's the weekend, what a great opportunity for you to make that work. People will pay if they don't have time. They'll pay to cover it because that's their big need, right? If that's the real need and not just an excuse. So that's a big one. Hey, everybody, I know you're busy. But here's the many reasons why we can still make fitness work around your busy schedule. So every single person who told you know or gave this reason now has been disarmed, and at least you have the ones that were truly considering going forward in spite but couldn't because they're busy. Now they'll move forward.

John Fairbanks 42:01

You, you said a phrase, taller than it was customized? Yeah. And the idea that we have to understand because this was another one of your statistics, which was 80%. of new gym members right now are millennials and Gen Zers. Right. So that's classified if you were born between 1981 and between 2012. So those are our largest group of people right now that are gym members. They and I'll tell you from another life that I have, through a whole bunch of research that folks have done and paid people millions of dollars to discover that millennials and Gen Z ers require the feeling of customization. That is where we're looking at all major brands across the world. Figuring out how they can make the upcoming generation feel like they can customize their experience, no matter what brand they go to.

Tyler 43:05

Yes, it's a huge one. And now it's even important, the millennial and Gen Z generations. Well, let's go over the reasons why they join gyms. I want to know why Gen Z people join gyms. The top four reasons why they join gyms are to get in shape, to lose weight, to look better, to get stronger. And then to have fun. So 80% of this pot of people that you're looking for, by the way, hopefully, because of again, this is what I've heard before, already are making more than 150 grand a year because they're probably going to be able to show up twice a week at least. Right? Why do they want to show up, get in shape and lose weight, look better, get stronger and have fun? That's all your messaging needs to be guys, that's it, tell them we're gonna come here, we're gonna help you get in shape, we are going to help you lose weight. Can you guarantee that and you make that measurable? Yes, by the way, those are very, very, very easy. You can measure conditioning, you can measure performance, you can certainly measure weight and body composition. Photos will give you a better look, lists will show you stronger and fun will let them speak to you. But you drop those bombs out there. And pricing something with someone with a high income like has some at least opportunities to move up your ladder, let your base price be somewhere where the people that just want to come in and get started can do it. Your messaging will be a huge attractor and your products will attract people over and over and over again, on whatever ticket is going to fit their buying habits. It'll be crushed.

John Fairbanks 44:38

And you know what wasn't on the list for the younger generation.

Tyler 44:44

Most of the things that I see people talking about that aren't working. That's it.

John Fairbanks 44:49

So all your

Tyler 44:51

coaching your coaching expertise is not on that list. Programming is not on that list. The type of exercises being done at this gym is not on that list. Not Not at all. So get yourself, get your gym, get your equipment, get whether you have air conditioning or not, get your nice flooring or your shitty flooring or whatever you have. If your bikes are nice if they're nobody cares, promised them, you're gonna get them in shape and make them lose weight, promise them, they're gonna look better promise them they're gonna get stronger and promise them they're gonna have fun, I guarantee it stand behind that, and then just print money for the rest of your life and deliver results. You're welcome.

Tyler 45:31

John, are you having a total meltdown over there, guys, I think John stuff officially broke. So in the meantime, I'm going to read us out.

Tyler 45:40

So go to the gym owners podcast on Instagram so you can find the show. You can follow me personally at Tyler reference stone, you can follow John at Jay bank, NFL on Instagram, go to hack your if you want to check out the whole product Jim hacking University, we also have this is not a permanent offer that we're running. But we do have some openings if you guys want to get in and have us come in, collect some information and start to give you the path teach you how to sell and what to sell your very, very, very first set of packages through to people guaranteed to make you start making more money right away with your very next sales opportunity. Make your money back times what 20 will get, I'll guarantee you your first $10,000 will work to work with you till you do I want to take this first 397 bucks from you let you turn it into 10,000 Just like I want you to do with your clients, get them in the door deliver them their results and then they'll spend money with you before they understand it from then on out because they understand I spend money it's worth it. To spend this money with us we'll get your cell and get you making a bunch of money real nice and easy very simple using the things that you have right now. And then from then on for when you line your pockets with all this stuff and you can keep going then you can decide whether you want to build different offers, different packages, if you want to address your marketing, social media other things are things that we can do once you get your money right. So if you are interested in any of that shoot us a message on social media or anything any way that you can get a hold of us and we'll help you get your money right and then you guys can go on from there whether you do it without or with anybody else. Thanks for listening guys. We dropped a lot of stats and a lot of knowledge away. I hope you guys found some value out of this one. And I think that's got us wrapped up. John, are you all set over there? I think John's all set. Can you wrap it up and kill the button? Thanks guys. Later, later on

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