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How to Get Leads for Your Gym or Personal Training Business

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​The four things you need to do right now in order to get yourself more leads - 0:05
  • ​The problem with having an offer that doesn’t fit you - 4:36
  • ​How do you get your members to leave a review? - 9:15
  • ​How to use testimonials as an opportunity for feedback - 12:58
  • ​Don’t stop doing things just because you open your business - 15:34
  • ​How to use testimonials to figure out the pain points of your clients - 20:32
  • ​It’s all about the solution - 25:03
  • ​Now you’ve generated a bunch of leads, so now you have more information - 28:54


Tyler 00:05

Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome to the gym owners podcast. I'm your host, Tyler over there as John. That's me. Alright guys, we're gonna talk about the four things that you can do right now that you need to start doing next, in order to get yourself more leads. Johnny, would you kind of blow me off about this this morning, I think you have a lot to go off of here. You want to give them an idea of what to expect from this episode?

John Fairbanks 00:29

Yeah, the four things that I had to be able to get out of my brain into yours, and then eventually have us come and speak to all you wonderful people was the number one question you and I get from everyone that either we work with, or people that are in our community, which is, how do I get leads? What should I do next? And the four things that are the key things that we always talk about is one, you need to get your offer in order to, you need to have testimonials, or an understanding of the people that you have worked with already? Why did they come to you to start to get a feel for the things that they say that are positive about working with you? The third piece is going to be the pain points. As you see why people came to you, it'll become clear why they came? What pain were they running from? And then of course, they are now working with you. So it's for the solutions. What solution did you provide? What service do you have that solves that very specific pain point? Tyler, people don't just magically show up to your gym. And I think that there's too many of us that get comfortable sitting back being content with how many people we have, or just hoping that someone calls you.

Tyler 01:53

Or being content with the fact that you got your business to exist, which by the way out of the blue is a very solid achievement, you take anything that was nothing from an idea, you turn it into a physical place, and a brand and ethos and a training class, you know, you put a lot of passion into it, and then people sit on it. And they think that that is the finish line. And it's the hardest thing that most specifically what gym owners have the realization to come to is getting our gym open is not where success is where the work starts, unfortunately, everything else you're just given birth to, buddy, now you gotta raise this kid. This is very, very, I was just talking to somebody who owns many businesses in my town here the other day about this very specific thing. And he said almost in every business that he's ever created, he gets into this trap, where he thinks, Wait, like I said before, as soon as it's open, that's the finish line. And he's like, Oh, no, no, no, he said, That's just that's just the cost of doing business. That's the, that's the big, that's what you got to pay to play. And all the risk and all the money and all the headaches and all the ideas with no return does not give you any return once the lights come on. So it's really important to know that you've got to this point, it waits there. But now you need to start growing and cannot sit back and do nothing. And so let's dive into the very first thing, something that we won't go too deep into because this is what we do at gym hacking. But getting your offer correct. And getting your offer right is very important because this is how you can make sure that one your price is correct, your prices are accurate, that the services you're offering are able to be scaled able to be delivered that they have value, and that they're presented in a way that allows your clients to choose higher value levels of service if they want. It also needs to allow these people to have services presented in a way that fits what they want to do and what they want to accomplish, not about you and your business or your equipment or your name or any sort of stuff. This is about what you can do for them? And in what time period and for how much money? And what other options can they choose up or down? Like where they can fit with their budget and their needs. Getting your offer right is extremely important. If you do not have your offer your services and pricing presented in a solid and profitable way that fits client needs. You're going to either get nobody or you're going to get lots of people and not make any money either way, by the way the outcomes are all the same. We're almost better off not getting people and not making money than getting a bunch of people and not making money because you're gonna do a lot less work. So get your offer right, we can help you with everything that is there, whatever messages talk to us, join the Facebook group, go to hacker That's the thing we do, we do it really really well. And we talked a lot of people with that same I think we move right on John. We're going to point number one, fix your offer.

John Fairbanks 04:36

Yeah, fix your offer. Because it'll sink you.

Tyler 04:40

Yeah, it'll sink you whether you get leads or not. It's very important. And if you are getting leads the problem with having an offer that doesn't really fit them or you or whatever principles make things work. What's going to happen is nothing is going to flow right at all. Like once that happens everything you may get new leads, but then people are not going to buy, therefore you're going to be very discouraged about selling. Because every time you try to sell, you're getting told no eight out of 10 times pi that a 10 times and when you do get a yes, you make $150- $200. It's not the way you want to be doing business.

John Fairbanks 05:16

what's at the core of all four of these principles that we're talking about today, is really at the core is fighting upstream, and fighting against the feeling, or the concept that we have been told now for years, which is just be bad at something long enough, until you're just not bad at it anymore. Just suck until you don't suck anymore. And I'm here to tell you that you do not have to do it this way.

Tyler 05:48

You just have to try to get better every day, you fools. What are you doing here?

John Fairbanks 05:52

Well, you can get better, and you can get better quickly. And that's where you don't want to be playing for too long. incorrectly, or inaccurately expressing who you are, what your gym does, what's important to you. Because it's so much capital that is lost. Listen, if you have all the time in the world, to be able to become an expert through experience, then by all means do it. But the problem is that I would rather expedite my learning. I know enough folks that have done crack, that I don't need to do crack. Because it's like, no, I'm good. I've learned from your experience, I can leapfrog that experience to be like, let's do something different with my time. And once your offers, right, the very next thing that we get asked is okay, now, what do I do? Just because I have all my sales in place. Yeah, nobody's coming in. Exactly. And this is where

Tyler 07:01

we go to testimonials, right? And, and I want you to go into depth to like the real value of this, how I want you to tell them how to execute this and why. But the testimonial thing, as I see it, is you can tell people all over the way you can yell on the mountaintop how good you are, how much you want to help these people, what you can do, you really can do it. And you can even communicate that well to like, care about you, I can do this, I'm gonna get you the result. But the problem is, you're the person who's trying to sell them something. And there's always going to be that barrier. And that barrier is can they actually do it, that you are not speaking to them as them no matter how hard you try, even if you're speaking their language, they want somebody who is really was in their shoes and got through the through the line and to the other place, got the results feels better that that means more coming from someone who has done business with you than it does from you trying to convince them to do business with

John Fairbanks 07:57

Tyler, I think one thing that I would challenge on this, you said, I think, Hey, you as the gym owner or a personal trainer, you can accurately talk about your business, you can accurately talk about the things that you do. My biggest fear for all of you is that you think you know how to talk about your business. And that is more dangerous in the end. And that's why you can completely expedite and get past. Oh, am I saying the right thing? What should I say? What do I call something? How do I connect with people and completely bypass all of those concerns? By just harvesting the testimonials you already have. You just need one. You need one person that will give you the words. And that's exactly what you're talking about Tyler, which is the idea that completely bypass any concern, if you're saying the right thing, and just use the words of the people that already love your business that already have experienced success, because that helps you with the next two points that we want to talk about today.

Tyler 09:13

Let's run real quick, how do we get testimonials? How and where what's the good, let's give them some basic guidelines. One I would say contact the people that are in your gym and do it via email, ask them in person but you need something for them to literally write it down. Which means via email via text message. That's very important. Because if you do just ask, Hey, go leave us a review that drifts very quickly then you have to ask frequently and often and remind and it's it is not a very like high value thing in the short term to where you want to cash in a bunch of your asks and a bunch of social credibility by blowing people up about hey, just leave us a Google review or Hey, did you answer the email I sent? That becomes pushed so don't be pushy. Just make it easy for them to write a handful of different things. The second principle I would say is that we started doing recently as well instead of just asking for a testimonial, or one single question is asked anywhere from five to eight questions, actually, they may not answer all they may phone in half of them. But by asking them about their experience from many different angles, it allows you to pick which one which sentence, which part of one of those answers you're going to use, you can use many of them from the same person, because it's a different, speaking on a different thing. And I think that variation is very important. And otherwise, you're gonna get like, people are great, they're nice, it was fun. So you do want to make sure you poke a little deeper and look at it from all sides and give them give them a chance to make it really easy for them,

John Fairbanks 10:36

I would have two different phases for testimonials. The very first phase is to kill as many birds with one stone as you can to make sure that Google My Business is set up for your company. The odds are if you're a brick and mortar location, you already have it, you've already verified it. We've already talked a lot about this and a whole other episode a couple episodes ago. So dive into that, have that set up, because then when people come and they join your gym, either they've been there for a week, or they've been there for a month, have some type of automation, or just a reminder on your phone or on your calendar to send that testimonial email out, which is directing them right back to Google My Business. So that's where they're going to leave that review. That's phase one.

Tyler 11:25

They will review. Yeah, that's one review. That's outward facing. And that's important, because that adds up. If you get 100 of those you're killing

John Fairbanks 11:34

The phase two testimonial that I would do is tie it to a milestone. Do you have a six week program that you're running? Do you have a challenge that you're running? Do you have maybe a semi private blog where they've been doing some of that small group personal training with one of your coaches or with you, and they just pee yard? Right, whatever it is, have something where then I would take those five, six questions and ask specifically about whatever service they were just in. Because now you just got a testimonial, not just generally for the gym, but very specifically about the coach, they were working with that specific service that they were in. Because you have two different things that you can do, you can always harvest reviews from Google and turn that into social media content. And we'll go into that a little bit more later. But there is another piece where you can continue to get reviews and testimonials. They don't have to be tied to Google, because it's kind of one year done, when you're in it. But boy, you can use a lot of it for content to support, again, specific programs, call outs to coaches, and really just start to connect emotionally with people that are not quite members of your gym yet, or are now a client of yours.

Tyler 12:58

This also goes really far as a retention strategy. Because if you do it if you actually do it frequently, and you say let's, let's say month one, hey, tell us how we're doing. Right, your experience answers a few of these questions. That's great. Just like you said, after some benchmarks, some big achievements there, after the first year, check in, hey, it's been a year, congratulations, we've loved having you, we loved having you this time. Please recap your experience, tell us what we can do. You can do it as an opportunity for feedback and the general reviews too. So there's a lot of things you can do. Our friend Willem uses these things, I don't know which one he still is operating now, but used to have an iPad sitting out in front of the gym, like at the end of every session. And at each entrance and exit to the door or to the building where people go in and they would just rate they can just give star ratings on the coaching the class, the programming, the vibe, the music is up, up, up, up, up, up, up on the way up, right. And that gave him constant feedback. If his staff were fucking up there, were making mistakes. Now, that's just one that's on the fulfillment and retention side, there's value in that. But we want to stick for sure on how to get the lead side of this, which is getting their words in their words about their achievements and their successes and their experience when they're hot and fresh in their mind after prs. After they, you know, they came in wanting to lose 30 pounds after they lost pound number 30 in a month, really get them out to celebrate them, celebrate their wins with them, and then ask them to help you do this for other people. They want other people to have that experience, I promise. So those testimonials,

John Fairbanks 14:33

Well, just like that you now have a content strategy. Yes. So if you're like What

Tyler 14:38

do we always talk about content, use their words in their language, identify who they are, what they want, and let them know that you have the solution. That's how you want to message on social media in your videos and all your stuff. So now with all these testimonials, your messaging is on point. Those are the words you can use. You can literally like we said screenshot Post them, just make them individually, you can also just start to infiltrate those, write those correct phrases, let them bleed into your copywriting as well. And that's really important that you elaborate on this folder, but let them determine what their pain points were from your existing members and people who like working with you. What were their pain points when they came in? What were their main concerns and what maybe was the reason they didn't want to join a gym? What finally got them over the hump, what could you have done to get them over that home faster, because when you know that from those testimonials, now you can address the thing that's most important in getting someone to join a gym, their pain points.

John Fairbanks 15:33

And that is point number three, which is you don't want to just stop the same way you don't stop doing things in your business just because you open, you're not going to stop this process just because you've now have started to harvest those testimonials, and even start to use those testimonials at wholesale for your content strategy. You need to drill in deeper and look at those pain points. Because if you cannot accurately describe why people join your gym that are there right now, you will suffer from Tyler, which I think is one of the more painful things when I sit in front of someone. And I am passionately talking to them about a topic that I care about more than anything that I spend lots of time on that maybe I even have opened a business about. And I'm talking about all the intricacies about the things that I think are really interesting, and that I love about this topic of fitness macros and muscle groups and everything else and then hit you with their eyes glazed over five minutes ago. And you're just getting this blank stare. And you have no idea why it happened.

Tyler 16:52

And you don't know where to go from there. Because you're already in the middle of your thing. You don't I mean, you're already like, you're here, I want to talk to you. And I was like, and you've dumped out your purse or whatever. And now you're like, oh shit. I just showed him everything I got and everything I know and they don't care. Now how do I salvage this? It's very rough. So when you learn all of these points that we talked about from having a solid offer that aligns with them, harvesting testimonials and using that one to attract people and to make sure you communicate the way these people are thinking that becomes now the way that this never happens. You're not less looking at that blank stare, that feeling like you've just, you know, poured your heart out to somebody and they don't care. Because they don't. They don't care.

John Fairbanks 17:35

Because if you can accurately speak to it, those pain points. They connect. There's that emotional connection, which is like, Oh man, like the one that I felt. I heard a guy give it the other day. He goes, the biggest fear that I have is I want to lose weight. But I don't want to lose weight because I want to look better naked. I want to lose weight because I don't want to be afraid to fly with my family on the airplane and have to use the seatbelt extender. Yeah, like that was a visceral thing that he shared. That man if you know, that example, that connects with me, because guess what, I watched my mom, as a little kid, have to get the seat belt extender. And it was fucking devastating for her. Yeah. And so that's a real thing. Talk about an emotional connection that you immediately can start to connect.

Tyler 18:38

You'll also find when you go through this stuff to find out the most there's pain points that are the reason that they need to join the gym, right? There's also things that they're gonna talk about if you can get this out of them in the longer form testimonies or simply talking to people you have a relationship with and talk to them learn this information one way or another systemize it in writing, but find a way to learn it from new people. You get someone signed up yet now was the hardest thing for you to overcome anybody ask him that? Right? A real way to connect with them. And one of the things that I find all the time for people is like, I've just never really been comfortable in the gym. I don't really know what to do or like you guys got all these fit people when you hear them say that once you come in and you start talking about exercises and yeah, I was gonna snatch will do pull ups. Now you're just feeding their fears like they came in wanting this to be put to rest and you're just fitness, fitness, fitness knowledge, knowledge, and they go oh shit, and they glaze over. And that is very important for you to know how to avoid not just how to avoid running from their fear all the way up to 10. But also knowing what that is and knowing that it's actually easy for you to put that to rest as you know, you can just say, actually, we've had lots of people say that and when they come in, they really are happy to show you some testimonials from people that they thought the same thing. And by the way, just putting one testimonial out there that just says you know, I was ready to lose some weight. But I had never been to the gym. I've never been comfortable. I saw but I've heard what CrossFit was or whatever gyms I always was. where there'll be a bunch of gym Bros and fit people. And I came in and you know what? There were jimbros and fit people. But they were super nice and accepting and welcoming, and it was great. And that way you can use all these secondary benefits like your community and stuff, to put to rest those inhibiting pain points. You want to keep your community is not an attractor, I hate to break it to you. So this makes sense, and doesn't attract people. No one wants to join your family, your cult. But if they think that people are dicks, and you're like, Nah, dude, people are super nice. And you show them review testimonies, when people say they're nice, that can really do it. Now the next step number four, we're going to offer got harvesting testimonials, their words from them. And then using those testimonials to do device pain to figure out the pain points and build your messaging. Number four is we're going to present them with solutions.

John Fairbanks 20:47

You have to provide a solution for every pain point that you present. So that's kind of next level, you don't want to be talking about problems that people have that you can't solve. And if you have

Tyler 21:06

They have another one. Because if you

John Fairbanks 21:09

don't know, you may be and this is why it's so important. You have to know why your people are there. Next thing is you have to know how to talk to them about why they're there? Because if you don't, if we jump ahead, Tyler, how many times have we dealt with this, if you jump ahead to the solution, the solution is the fun part. The solution is what I like doing. And the odds are if you're listening to this, this is what you like doing. This is literally what we do, we provide a solution, which is through fitness. So because that's the shiny object, if you skip these three other steps and jump right to the solution, you are destined for failure,

Tyler 21:58

you'll miss the mark nine times out of 10 on their pain point, you're not hearing them in their words, you're not presenting them people in their own words, you're just frankly, you're that guy trying to close the deal an hour in on the first date. You know what I mean? That's, that's the truth is you're coming in, you're going to membership, don't join my membership, we have membership with membership, it cost this much a month, look at the equipment you can use the equipment is going to be great, you want to do it, you want to do it and there's like, whoa, whoa, don't like slow that and that. And that's a real thing. So when you buy, when you come in and you really identify who they are, what they want, what they're trying to get, what's in the way. It's very easy then with just a couple of questions or like we talked about before with, you know, in the intro here with, you know, the good mechanic. All you gotta do is know how to communicate in a way that shows that out. You don't gotta go in and be dorky about all this stuff. That's their pain point. She's like, No, I totally understand lots of people feel that way. We're gonna get you through that I promise. I promise. Have you tried promising somebody something every once in a while and backing it up guys, in Vulcan works. It works. If you mean it, it works. Just tell him promise somebody, you're going to do the thing that you're going to do Christ. It's not that hard.

John Fairbanks 23:08

Yeah, when you think about it from that mechanic standpoint, you go into me with a mechanic, if you have somebody that's breaking down all these things, how much they love, about the cars that they work on, and all the intricacies of all the amazing things that they think is awesome as a mechanic. I just want my car to work. I don't need to hear about all those things. We don't need to be friends. I don't need to be besties with my mechanic, what I needed

Tyler 23:35

to join his family. I don't have to barbecue with him if I don't want to, I might. Absolutely but not is not on my list on day one.

John Fairbanks 23:43

I want him to be brief. I want him to make me feel reassured and confident that what my desired outcome is to get my car back on the road. He's going to take care of that for me.

Tyler 23:57

There's another thing that we've run into a lot of people who want to do like they want to do, you want to do fitness differently and I appreciate that. You want to connect with people to make sure they're a good fit for joining your gym, I get that. Quit wasting your time and their time. I beg of you stop wasting your time and their time trying to be pals with them trying to impress them or trying to do all this shit before they decide to sign up. Same thing with a mechanic Johnny, you go into the mechanic you do not want him to be like let's sit out for coffee for 45 minutes, then we get to know me to make sure we can trust each other. It is the most it's a thing that we feel are well meaning coaches do it. I'm telling you, you're fucking up on a colossal level. We have transitioned from doing that thing. When you do that, by the way, you know how many on average we've had some data with this too. It's like one out of six. Maybe we'll actually close a sale. If they spend more than 30 or 40 minutes with the people. And we're at now I'd have to fucking punch it in but I would be willing to bet the people that have with our offer system are Closing 80 to 90% into a product.

John Fairbanks 25:02


Tyler 25:05

And the reason is it's about the solution. Again, your mechanic does if you're if your mechanic asked you out for coffee and just sit and talk for an hour to get to know you what I wanted was my car to be fixed. And then yes, I may like you and I may come in to do business with you again. And again based on that trust and be like, you know, that guy is kind of cool, then you see your money, but then you can do the other thing, but you cannot start with friendship, guys. It's fucking weird. Be a business person. What does Dr. Day want you to do?

John Fairbanks 25:33

Absolutely. We have hard data from one of the first people we ever worked with, a great husband and wife team that was in a market that $55 A month was steep. gym membership, also right? What's that?

Tyler 25:49

Is that a European market? Right? Yes, yes, yes. Okay. Yep, yep.

John Fairbanks 25:53

And they were doing the let's talk, coffee shop coffee talk, let's get to know each other. You can learn about our community and our family and see if we'd be a good fit. Right, whatever that was, they were running that system. And they had not successfully closed. Anyone. when I really started running it. We came in

Tyler 26:16

on it for a long time, a long time.

John Fairbanks 26:20

We turned it upside down, said this is how you should offer things. This is how you go through this system when you communicate with them. 30 minutes, tops get out. Last? Yeah, yeah, they had closed 100% of the people that they spoke to anyone that they caught. They didn't have to worry about becoming friends yet. Because once they offered their services, that's where the deviation happened. Somebody that wasn't interested, they're like, well, well, what about this, that and the other. And in fact, they were the ones that said, You know what, I don't think we're a good fit. They weren't being told no. They were telling other people to fuck off

Tyler 27:07

your services, because your services should align with who you are, who your ideal clients are, get to it. And that's why we start with step one, get your offer, right? Live in the world of solving problems that your people actually think that they have, and that they do have. Right, that's the world. So this thing here works really well, this four part thing, I talked about things that create a feedback loop of success. This is one of them, because I want to map you through this, again, your offers are good, it makes sense. It's a high profit margin, it's a lot. It allows for people to choose higher levels of service, it crushes it and aligns exactly with their needs. You harvest testimonials while you deliver success from those people. Because if your offers are right, people who choose to invest more, are choosing to be more invested. They are there. If you go out and buy a $5,000 television tomorrow, and go out and buy a $200 television tomorrow. Which one when you do that, have those experiences, which ones are you really hoping is going to be a better TV. Firstly, the more expensive TV, you are going to be like You are of your body. And on this thing, being awesome, you have a lot of a lot of optimism about this being good, you will make damn sure if someone tells you that TV is worse than the $50. TV, you're gonna argue with them whether it is or not, by the way, you're inclined to make that a positive buying experience because you have invested so much in its basic buying psychology. So with that, now you have more invested clients investing, choosing higher levels of service was helping you make them more successful, then you get testimonials from those people who are having a higher rate of success, who are more invested. And from there, you communicate their pain points to people in hopes of getting them to invest more and to invest in themselves. You have a higher rate of appeal from people because your messaging is on point, your pain points are hitting exactly the right marks and you're not talking about yourself. From there. Now you present the solutions to those issues, which means now you've generated a bunch of leads, hopefully, with organic traffic. Like the things we talked about Google My Business, using testimonials on your social media, it takes time. But now you're speaking to people about the solutions or things that they want, which means you close at a much higher rate, closing at a much higher rate loops back to your offer, which allows me to choose higher ticket stuff. Now all through all this process, you've got more information what if you find throughout all of this, there's a gap, there's something I need to offer or there's more that I can offer that would allow people to be more successful, you can return up your offer in this and then you continue to climb this ladder of success. Now this shit should be in order. You should know these skills very well, especially the pain point solution and the offer piece which all kind of climb from the testimonials. That's how you get the data. Then you have something if you want to start dipping your toes in running ads, and you don't want your ads to portray the way they represent you. You don't want ads to be just a vapid waste of money or you don't want ads to sense a bunch of people to some low ticket shit or some bait and switch To nonsense or you don't want to be misleading, you don't want to just you know exactly how to speak to people, you have offers that are good for you and for them. And you can present Easy, easy social validation that this stuff works. So now you with this four part system, now you say, oh, let's just run some ads with an offer that I'd like to run here. And now you're now ready to rock and roll, which instead of spending, you could spend a few 100 bucks a month, we have clients that have spent five $6,000 a month on ads, right? The important thing is, whatever you sell them into, you're able to close them at a high rate, and make money off the services that you're doing. And actually like, haven't had them stick around, get them results, it's like it is important to work all across the board. And that piece, having these four things on offer will get you leads in order will get you leads, it will, I promise, it's not gonna do it tomorrow. But these are the systems that you have to have in place. If you want to succeed in the long run, then you turn on ads. Now that money that you're putting into ADS is worth doing. It's not something where you're just tinkering and trying and hoping you need to eventually get into ADS, I hate to break it at some point, you can't just sit there and ignore it. Like I don't understand it, we got a sign out front, I keep talking about myself on social media or I don't like that it doesn't work, you have to start playing the game. This is how you can learn those skills without spending money so that you are equipped when you invest money in ads, it doesn't sink your ship.

John Fairbanks 31:22

Without having these four things figured out. Before you start to run ads, you are gambling with your money. And it doesn't have to be that way. If you can get these four things figured out and in check and have that confidence that you've done this exercise, you have done the work. It's no longer gambling, this is more like a gumball machine. Right? You put your money in, you're very confident at what comes out, because you have the data. Because you know, and that is what it's all about. We want to help you stop gambling, stop wondering, not knowing what you want to post on social media, not knowing exactly how to communicate. And the way we do this is inside of our community with gym owners and personal trainers, and we're actively working on this. And you can join this community for free at Community dot hack your

Tyler 32:23

That's it. That's the jam guys. I hope I might have said this a few times. This might be the highest value free episode we put out. I think I think we should charge whatever guys we're good to go. Do you follow me? Follow me on Instagram. Tyler Evans. Don't follow the show at the gym owners podcast go to the group go to the Facebook group links in all the descriptions follow John

John Fairbanks 32:47

at Jay banks FL on Instagram.

Tyler 32:50

If you have any questions about any of this stuff, if you're wondering like well, what do you guys actually do? What can you help me with? Do you want help with the thing? I always encourage you guys to get involved in the Facebook group and get in there first. Just be there because that's where we are. I'm not going to post a bunch of insider information or, or other coaches and gym owners who have had successes. I don't bless it on our social media with their names attached out there because then that sees it goes to people who aren't gym owners. So we want to keep this kind of inside baseball for coaches and gym owners and personal trainers if you're one of those people who join the group. But if you want to actually get started working with us on getting your offer right, just message us either at the podcast Instagram or my personal Instagram at Tyler consumer John J. Banks NFL. You can also email us at the dudes at hacker Guys, thanks for listening, everybody. We'll see seat

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