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Coaching Knowledge DOES NOT Equal Business Success

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​You need to invest in skills that will actually make you money - 0:04
  • ​The culture of learning is dangerous because it pulls you in deeper - 5:13
  • ​How the university system works and why you need to get your degree - 10:13
  • ​If you get stuck in one system, you’re going to end up being a parent - 13:08
  • ​Vultures in the business coaching space - 18:08
  • ​Why you have to evolve your business - 22:32
  • ​When you’re just an employee, not an entrepreneur - 27:28
  • ​What does customer satisfaction look like? What has been their experience? - 33:25


Tyler 00:04

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, gym owners podcast. It's been a busy morning, John. I'm Tyler over those, John. Hi,

John Fairbanks 00:12

That's me. It has been a busy morning.

Tyler 00:15

We've been staring at each other on the screen for like an hour, like three hours. And we have to be like, Hey, John, nice to see you. Great to see you again, what I love is remote video calls, getting half a day has always been good. We've been really productive.

John Fairbanks 00:32

Just for you guys.

Tyler 00:34

This for you guys, guys, we will do a lot of exciting things. We've been doing a lot of new video content, very focused content, we're trying to tune up our ship, so we can help you keep your ship afloat. And I think we've got a lot of cool stuff that we've been learning and putting together on the messaging, communication side video, like really how to get engagement when you're making videos and stuff. And it has been, I think, just really impactful. Like we're already seeing we see a lot more action now things it's, it is a it is a real, what's the word expression of the thing we're going to talk about today on the podcast, which is you need to invest in skills that will actually make you money, not just the skills that are whatever, like what you know, whatever your craft is, right? This is a if you're a carpenter becoming a good carpenter is important, right. But like, knowing how to balance your checkbook, and making sure you can pay your bills and talk to people is probably going to make you more successful. If you own a carpentry business, then being the best carpenter even in your own business?

John Fairbanks 01:37

Well, because at some point, you're already good enough at what you do. The problem is, it can be really intoxicating, learning. And just staying in this constant state of learning to the point where you kind of forget, oh, I don't have to be like, poor, in order to be the best at whatever it is that you do.

Tyler 02:03

The biggest, this is the biggest problem though it's a problem. By the way, the biggest problem I see in the fitness industry is business owners and coaches because a lot of times you're also a coach, right? Gym owners or coaches spend way too much time, money and energy, learning about coaching, and learning about movement and learning about training. And I'm not saying you shouldn't do those things. I'm saying there's a very disproportionate ratio between how much money you're spending on learning how to teach a squat, or how to teach Olympic weightlifting when compared to the biggest problem in your life, which isn't that you don't know how to teach a squat, the biggest problem in your life and business most likely, is that your business isn't doing very well or not as well as it should be. Or it's not growing. You know, if you if you if you want if a client wants to lose weight, you're What are you going to tell them? Well come hire me and I'll teach you how to lose weight, right? That works. Your business doesn't fucking working for you. And you think I should get better at pull ups. Like it's, it's a complete inversion of what the actual thing that's going on. And I'll tell you, I'll go, I'll take it one step further. I believe that coaches and gym owners are using that as a distraction. And hoping that they can keep this very narrow view, keep blinders on, and just focus on this focus on the craft. Just focus on the craft, I'm just going to focus on my craft, my craft is coaching, my craft is coaching and just distract yourself like completely. And in the end, what you have. Is your real fucking good, and you're broke still. So what are you talking about here, if your goal is to get better to make your business grow, and you spend zero time, money and learning resources on developing skills to actually grow your business, and you've kind of got what you fucking deserve. And that is the truth. Quit hiding in your business, quit hiding and coaching. Quit hiding in this shit. Because you actually need to get good at the thing that's gonna put money on the table. By the way, if you're making enough money, fine. I don't care, right? That's no problem. But if you wish you were making more money and you don't even people don't even bother. Don't even bother. I see it all the time. I see coaches that don't even ask for their services on their personal or their businesses, social media. You don't even tell people what you do, and then you wonder why you don't make any money. It's maddening. So guys, learning is a wonderful thing. You should learn movement. You should be good at this. You should be good at the things that you do. By the way, you don't have to be great at it. But you also need to put resources into things like how can I attract people? How can I talk to people? Can I learn how to sell? Does my pricing structure suck? Should I be presenting my services in a way that maybe allows people to do a better job? There's all these other bases that should be covered? Not you know, I learned this by chasing cute novelty exercises. To validate yourself or to be like a wizard in one movement thing in one class or with one client, a, you can always have that stuff in your back pocket, always chase a little bit of education, but it is a colossal waste of your fucking time if you're broke.

John Fairbanks 05:13

Well, it's even more dangerous. Because of the fact that the culture of learning is, once you get sucked into that, it actually pulls you in deeper because it seems to be the self fulfilling prophecy and propping up where it's, the deeper you get into the culture of like, we're learning. We're experts, we're really smart. And we continue to chase those, whatever makes us smarter. With its wisdom, that wisdom concept. Also points its nose up at making money. And it's, it's a weird thing where it's, you have to make sure that you're looking back and saying, what was my goal in doing this? Did I start becoming a coach or becoming a gym owner, because I wanted to be the smartest person in the room? Or because I wanted to help people. Because it's a trap. Because every time you learn something, it's, I can use this to help people. The problem is, if all you're doing is spending your time trying to find people that want to work with you, because you're really smart. You're going to help 10% of who you could help? How many coaches do we see Tyler that are always positioning themselves as I know what's wrong with you. Reach out to me, and I can fix you.

Tyler 06:46

It is the most fucking pretentious thing. And as you learned that, you learned it from your coaches who are teaching you about movement, it's a different strategy. They're teaching you about Boomin, hey, there's a problem with how that person is moving. You're a coach, you thought there's someone with how that person is moving to you, right? I want to know what's wrong with that person. But when you take that information, and use it in any capacity, other than while you're standing next to a person who has already paid you for your services, you use that information, any capacity beyond that moment, while you are coaching. You sound like the fucking worst person in the room and nobody wants to do business with you. It's a fact. I'm sorry. Like, I'll be the bad guy for telling you this. But the more you know, great, the more you talk about what you know, you suck. People are very turned off by it. They hate that idea. Hey, there's something wrong with you. I know what's wrong. I know. Tell them what's wrong with them. I don't tell literally, let's relate to them. Tell them right now. What's going on? But you can't? Can't we use all these vague terms. And it sucks. It's the worst. So you cannot take these things that you learned in your let's just call it movement dork school. Right? Like, like, you cannot take that stuff and apply it to marketing. Because when you do, you're gonna get exactly what you have, those people just not showing up. And this isn't a problem for everybody, by the way they're in the problem is people want to win. You want to learn about movement, right? Just like John said, They'll scoff at the other people who are getting others in and they're just running people through this little course, or like, you know what I mean? Like, short term shit, short term progress gimmicks and fads and all that stuff. It's like, yeah, so don't do that. Just don't do that. But at least be better at the business thing. And the real thing is, though, you're neglecting your business, so that you can make yourself feel like you're smart. And I was having a little bit of work here with some martial arts and MMA gyms and things like that. I got two or three that we kind of touch base with on a regular basis. One of them was telling me the other day that you really, really hope he really, really thinks that the business will turn up when he goes when he finally gets up to his black belt, then that's when business will turn up. And I couldn't break my heart. I couldn't tell the guy. Nobody who's coming in to start jitsu from scratch. gives a fuck that you're only a purple belt. Nobody cares. Nobody gives a shit. Like if you walk in you go I will learn how to do jujitsu that well. I mean, I'm like, How does that even happen? So I want you guys to understand that that is a psychology that you possess. If you're the coach who spends no time getting better at how to sell your business, how to present how to do any of this stuff. And you just keep learning as you're going. I hope I get my black belt and then a magic light shines down from the sky and everybody can finally see my gym and want to join. So I hope that works. It's just not and so you've got to stop that it is a delusion that you will chase and then you will get so good at coaching that you will speak on a level that nobody and because you've never connected with people in the process. Nobody at all. will give a shit about how smart you are. And this is what is inevitable. The inevitable end of this is you're a brilliant genius that nobody wants to fucking listen to, because you're so off putting. Now don't be that guy,

John Fairbanks 10:13

I want to cut him some slack. If you are hearing this and feel very triggered, and feel like you're being attacked, you are, too, it's not your fault. There is a big part of this, where it goes way beyond fitness. And we've all learned this a little bit where it's no one's thinking, once you get your level two cert, that now that means people are just going to come flocking to the gym, because you're a level two, coach. Or once you get your NASM or your NASM certification, now, everyone's going to want to hire you as a personal trainer, you've learned that. But it's way bigger than the fitness industry. Because think about the university system in the United States. My whole life, we were taught, you need to go to school, so you can get a good job. And the reality is there's a lot of job applications out there that want to see that you have a bachelor's degree, they want to see that you have a master's degree or a doctorate. It's like these little levels, milestones that you have to have achieved in order to be able to get access. But understand that it's universities, if they're going to mark it for you to go to the university and attend that college. They don't say we have the smartest of smart people here. And you'll be super smart. If you come here, and you can get your degree, if they want to mark it. They're showing how the city and the college, the sports team, and everything else to get you to attend has nothing to do with how smart you can be. And yet the problem is, when we think about how the university system works, it's that you get addicted to just learning while you're there. And how many people went and got their degree and left university and realized that nobody actually gives a shit. It's how many years of experience you have. And if you've been hiding at the University your whole life, you're at a significant disadvantage.

Tyler 12:27

I know, I know, so many people who got student loans and got a degree and then realized they couldn't make enough money to pay off those student loans. And so what they do after that is they go, Well, I better go get my master's degree, because at the very least I can spend another two or three years not paying student loans, why just take out more student loans. Right. And then at that point, maybe then I'm going to have enough money, income, I'll be more marketable. And then I'll be able to afford to keep trying to get over this intellectual hump, when what you have is a fucking income burden that you need to get that you need to get thought. And that is a piece that I think a lot of gym owners and coaches specifically chase this stuff. And it just makes you less smart. It literally makes you less marketable. If you think it's the only thing, you need to get good at coaching, you should, you should learn from many different people, if you get stuck in one system, you're just going to end up being a parent, you're just a conduit for that system's information. You don't even exist. And a lot of them don't even think they have half an understanding. I see it, you see it in a lot of those programs. If people are in the thing, and they think they know and they don't do any of the calls. They don't do any of the homework. They don't do any of the exercises. They don't do fuck all that you think you're in the club. Anyhow, it works, dude, it didn't learn anything, you're doing the stuff wrong. You still are and you're acting like an expert, and you're fucking up at that. So just stop it. Okay, learn, be good. But you should do it by working with people. And that's the important difference. So, so do your learning, do your education, get out there and work. But if your business isn't working, it's not because of how much you know about exercise. I promise I would guarantee you I can take somebody right now, who knows nothing about exercise, zero things. And in a month, with some business coaching and some of the most basic things you choose exercises that are easy to coach, you could have a system that is profitable, probably more profitable than the biggest fitness dork forever learning people out there, to be honest with you. So that's what you're up against. And you don't have to be bad at it to be profitable. But you don't have to be such a fucking genius that nobody cares about what you have to say because you're talking way over everybody's head. Just stop. The big issue I have though it's not that learning inevitably sucks. It's where they're allotting their learning resources. Yes, I don't care. Don't pay us, don't do anything. That doesn't make a big deal for me. Right. But my concern is this endless money pit that people are spending on learning about movement, learning about all these other things injury present, prevention is on point but your business is your problem. All of these coaches that we were talking about over the years, John, we've talked to in person, even when we were in the fitness education space, what was their biggest problem? It wasn't that people were getting hurt, and they didn't know how to fix it. It wasn't, it wasn't that they didn't really know, their biggest problem was I really want to grow my business, I want to be able to help people that I want people, I want more members, I always I want more members, I want more members. So many of them, I fall in love with these people and consider some of them friends, with so many of them having spent the last five years or so five years, six years, never posting on their social media trying to ask about a service. Hire me, I do the thing, put yourself out, they'll do that. And they have not done any business coaching on trying to actually grow the thing, but spent it like an endless vacuous pile of money onto learning and learning and learning and learning a skill that they never apply. That is the definition of a thing we talked about. If you're trying to swim, learn to swim on a table. Right? That's the piece we talked about back in the day, right? You're learning just as you think you learn to swim on a table? No, okay, you're doing all this movement stuff on a computer and video calls. Great. Cool. And now nobody wants to do business with you. Because you haven't figured that part out, you never got into context of what it means to be a good coach, which is to make people want to be coached by you, dude, what are you doing,

John Fairbanks 16:30

you hit the nail on the head a little bit ago, this should be the stuff that you're doing with the people that are already with you. They're in your community, they're already a client of yours. Now, all of your fitness grocery guru, dork knowledge, which is awesome, can now be applied. And it makes total sense. Because now you can pull up proof fucking every single person that's in your business. However, that skill does not apply, like you said, to your marketing, how you get people to come to you is not that it's two different skill sets. And right now, again, the swimming, the swimming, learning to swim on a table. It's when you're talking about trying to attract new people and bring new people into the business. It's being 100% neglected.

Tyler 17:26

So you guys are neglecting by chasing the other thing you are neglecting the thing that you actually need, which is you need to get better at the business, whatever it is. Starting by communicating is a basic strategy we work with with a lot of people, which I don't know, if you try to ask people to hire you. If you told people what they can do, have you just made a post this week? Okay, I'm a personal trainer. Here's what I'd like to help you do. Have you made a call to reach out if you want to work with me? I'm telling you I've worked with a lot of these coaches don't they don't ever tell people that their coaches. It's by definition of being a pretender. You're being you're burying yourself in your phony little expertise, and you don't fucking do it, and you should be embarrassed. That's not everybody. It's not everybody, but it is a lot. And that is a thing that happens in the fitness education space too, though, you know, CrossFit popped up and a lot of people came into coaching because, frankly, it is very accessible to become a crossfit coach. At the time it was only 500 bucks. I think when I got mine, I thought for my level one, but it's like 500 bucks for that few 1000 for the field, boom, everybody's coaches, everybody owns gyms, which meant there was this huge void, right? Man, you guys are bad at this. So lots of people came in vultures, some with good intentions, some not. Some were just about themselves being smart. And then you took their advice, and you just became another person parroting stuff that somebody else said. But you never got good at actually attracting people and you need to start. There's a lot of business coaching that came in that space. That was good. There's a lot of people that had good systems. So you know, you need to lean on systems, you need to lean on processes, you can be a good coach. But vultures came in in the coaching space and filters came in and they fit in the business space. They weren't all vultures, but there were a lot. And it can be disorienting. So what I think a lot of people did was they just found one or two things that they attached to that they did, they were able to trust, and they just stayed in that pocket forever. But again, if you need to lose weight, what are you going to do? You're going to eat a little less. You're going to work out a little bit more removable. That's it right? If you're not making enough money in your business, you're going to spend money to go learn about the thing that doesn't have anything to do with whether people come to your business. It's fucking insane. It's crazy. So if you're not spending any money or any dirty money by time, how much time are you spending trying to figure out how to get a better business? How can I attract you objectively do it get your ego out of the way because it hurts you like I'm sitting here being a Awesome all the fucking time I'm being awesome. I'm being great. I'm smart. I'm being condescending, like Tyler is on his podcast. I mean, do all that stuff. And yet people are just beating down the door to work with me because I want to tell them what's wrong with them. It doesn't fucking work, dude doesn't work, what do they want learn to connect with your clients learn to connect with them, the ones that don't even exist yet. That's the thought exercise you can lead to. Really like, oh, what? See that guy walking down the street? But what would it take to get them into a gym? Who could I be to Him? That would get him there? What can I say that we connect with where he's at compassionately. In a welcoming way. The biggest thing is that it's not welcoming a lot of the messaging I'm seeing and that is one of the first things we've helped. I'll go into specifics, we have a guy we will get he's done a great job lately, and by that point of emphasis really was one of the most recent ones who weren't gonna be welcoming. So just be welcoming. We don't have to be good. You only got to tell him you're good. Stop trying to tell him you're good. Be welcoming. Just be welcoming. Like, Hey, guys, it's fun. Come on, check it out. Like it's cool. That stuff goes so much further than any specific stuff you want to have or any specifics. You want to throw your client or potential client. It's great. But you need to be welcoming. You need to be accepting and you need to work on that. What is your messaging like? John and I, we've had a lot of things that we've done within this business. And what we've done very recently, like we said, in the beginning is video coaching. Because we do a lot of video already making a lot of video, it is a part of our content strategy. But instead of just clipping stuff out of here, we want to be more deliberate. So we start paying to run ads, right? That's the inevitable conclusion, you guys have a plan. You don't, Oh, you don't have a plan. You're just wondering why it's not working, then that's on you. But we have a plan. So the plan is to get better at the content. Let's focus, let's keep making content. And we keep tuning it up. Once the contents are purposeful, then we go in and we start running ads, we run ads, so the things to offer and then we start helping people and as we start helping people, the money grows, and you make more ads, that's how it works. Right? So guys, that's a plan. What is your plan? Is your plan to tie your you know what I mean to like, wander around looking at flowers while everything's burned into the fucking ground around you. Because that ain't it, man. It's just not it, you got to do something that's relevant to the problem you're trying to solve. And that's the biggest issue, I think with this stuff is learn about movement, learn about exercise science is really not that useful. Because that's not the problem you need to solve, the problem you need to solve is that your business is sinking or stagnant. Because stagnant in a business is thinking

John Fairbanks 22:31

death. Yeah, it's, it's either you get better, you get worse, right, you never stay the same. And the idea is, within your business, you have to evolve. This is why oftentimes, you'll see really large organizations, or publicly traded companies in the United States or globally, it's, they'll have a CEO, that'll get them to a certain point. And then that CEO will be fired, or will leave. Because whatever their skill sets were, that got the business to that point, are no longer needed. That's why the CEO was hired in the first place with a very specific set of skills that could get them to that point in the business. Now it's time for that person to leave. And for another person, that's going to help take the business to the next step. My guess is, most of you, gym owners or personal trainers that have your businesses aren't really interested in getting fired from your business. So somebody else can come in and do it better, or take it to the next step. Which means you have to be able to evolve your business in the very beginning. If you don't know how to coach, you probably should figure out how to do that. If you're going to start coaching people, so you don't kill someone. But once you get to that level, it's time to evolve. If you stay stuck, just like you said, Tyler. So the next step is this. And that's really where you have to honestly step back and look and say, have I been doing what's necessary to evolve to the next step that my business needs? And that's pretty honest. If you step back, I bet there's some simple things that you can look at that if you aren't doing business wise, it can be pretty obvious. I know the big one that we always ask folks Tyler is do people know what you offer in your business? Like, do they know what the services are? What do you have? Can you honestly say if you asked a member of your gym?

Tyler 24:38

Yeah. Not only that, how often do you ask them? Because here's the thing, if you think you sent an email out this month, about the supplements you got on the shelf, that you're good, you're wrong. What is the open rate of that email? What percent of your 100 members how many of them open that email and 15 were 20 kilos and people that didn't see that email. So do you know what to do next month, shoot it out again, try to be a little more clever about it. But you do something, right? Just make the ask by the way, ask in person again, if you take a multi pronged approach, we do this all the time and try to follow up with leads, right? Is to allow people to reach out via text via email via phone call, whatever you let them go right in, they see the live chat support on some of those sources. Great, right, whatever it is, that gets you moving forward on the problem you're trying to solve quickly, quick, quickly, or quicker, quickly, or ain't no word of shit. Anyway, it is. But but but you need to be repetitive and in a business. You need to be more repetitive than you think. Right? Nobody gets nobody gets all butthurt because McDonald's has I'm loving it everywhere because they saw Burger King it was like, was burgeoning. Doing with his habit your way shit. I saw that in the last commercial. Or just sign that like no, that's not what it is like, like, you're gonna see, you're gonna see the Whopper from Burger King 500 times between now and the next time you buy one if there is, that's the point. So if you're trying to get good at it doesn't mean blast them out and be shitty. So better figure out how you can do it better. And that's a really, really, really important thing, John, is that you gotta be asking. That's one of the things that I miss. There's a lot of coaches out there who are posers because they don't ask, you're too ashamed. Are you too? Are you too busy? Oh, then you must be making lots of money. Cool, then you don't need any help. Right? Right. But if you're really busy, you're not making enough money or you're not busy, you don't have enough clients or you don't have enough profitable clients. I see a lot out there that never, I mean, never tried to promote their own services or their own businesses even organically for free. Because you're too afraid of making an app. And that's a big, big, big, big, big problem. That's my biggest red flag. coaches that are in coaching groups that are learning and learning and learning and I never see them offer their services to people manifest and never see them coaching anybody either. pretenders Don't be a fucking pretender. Just don't stop learning, start earning. That's at that point, there's a level where like, like, endless learning just makes you a dork, dude, at some point, get off your ass and get out there and apply it. If you're not applying your education. You're just on a very fast track to being a very condescending person.

John Fairbanks 27:28

Well, you're just an employee. I mean, honestly, if you think about it, right? If that's if you just learn. I mean, the only reason why you have to have a master's degree or a bachelor's degree to get hired into a company is because the motherfucker that is your manager decided that he has a bachelor's degree, or she has a master's degree. So therefore, you must be on this tall ride. That's the only reason why it's there. But it's not so you can be a business owner or an entrepreneur. Think about the most successful fucking people on the planet that created their own businesses. They dropped out of goddamn High School. They didn't graduate high school, and yet they learned how to do it by doing. And for me, again, just like you nailed, it's when you learn about the folks that really hustled and built things. It was churn and burn, fail quickly, but be constantly doing. And if you step back, and you look at your business right now, if you're not constantly testing something, to market to try and generate interest to see what people's feedback are, you literally are staying statically there, which means there's a you know,

Tyler 28:51

yeah, just there's a thing that we've talked about in the past that is as a human being, your attention and your energy is probably the most valuable thing on the planet. Look out in the world. Look at how much your data is sold to see how much people paid just simply advertise to you. Right. Your attention and energy is the top commodity on earth at this point, right. So someone pays to see an advert and you get an advertisement put in front of you 20 times in the next week for Nike shoes. And a couple months after that groundwork has come to fruition you found a pair you like. You bought a pair of Nike shoes but you didn't just buy it because of the ads. You didn't just buy it with the money that you used to buy it as money that you earned. Right selling your time for money, offering your services, there's a cascading effect. Your energy as a human being is very significant the time you spend and it is important where you put that energy to write it really really really is. So if you're trying to identify how I wish my business was doing better last year, write down 10 things you did this month to improve your business. Can you tell me 1010? separate things? Because it should be a strategy to try something new? Did you try something new? Are you doing something with consistency that's proven? Are you asking for help? Are you paying to learn those things? But if your business is not doing well, and you're going to, oh, maybe I'm not wise enough, or maybe I'm not enough of a fitness guru, then you're, frankly, completely swinging at the wrong pitch, dude, I don't know what to tell you. So now you're taking energy that could be helping the problem, the current problem that you're having is that it is not working for you, business wise, you're not making enough money. And it's not because you're not good enough, or wise enough, or enough of a guru. It's because you're not putting any effort into making more money. You're thinking about it, complaining about it. You're wondering why it's not happening, but you're taking no action. And it's if you think all these times, I'm saying you, and it feels like you. And then it is, but there's many of you out there . It's a trap. And it's not a trap that you're stupid for falling into. It's a trap, you're it's a reason, the reason you fall into that trap is you're chasing your fault, you end up in that position. Because you're passionate, and you care about doing the right thing. And that's how you ended up there. Right? You want to be good at it, you want to be better at the other people who are disingenuous, who are misleading, who are snakes in the grass, who are slimy, who are tricking people and hurting people, you don't want to be that person. But you're not going to be, you don't have to be broke to not be that person, you can be successful. Matter of fact, if you're good, you should be even more successful. Right? But the fact is how much money you make depends on how much money you earn. Your level of experience has no effect on it. Most clients if you're doing your sales meetings, right, won't even ask them, won't even know, won't even care. They'll never it doesn't cover what it never comes up with. And by the way, if it does, you have already messed up that conversation. It's not because you gotta keep that information secret. It's because they don't care. Trust me, we've helped a lot that they don't care. Still to this date. Currently, our most successful personal trainer earnings wise, is our least experienced coach to date. And it gets better by producing statistically weight loss wise numbers wise, better results. And the highest rated customer satisfaction of anyone who worked with the results are jaw dropping constantly, clients are so happy, they're invested. And she's killing it, making an amount of money that if you spent 10 years learning too afraid to fucking ask anybody for a premium price for your services, it would make you sick to your stomach, knowing how much money she can make. By just having a nice conversation with somebody, you know, I think I can help you do that. Let's go, here's your choices like this, it's not that hard. And that is that there's a proof that's in the pudding. And you really need to just, it's a paradigm, I hope I'm not coming across as too harsh in this conversation. But it's a paradigm I need to break out of the good ones. There's plenty of people that suck at coaching, who should be convinced to do more coaching education. I think every coach should also always be learning about that stuff. But if it's the only thing you're learning about, and you're not making enough money, then you're gonna get exactly in return what you deserve.

John Fairbanks 33:24

It's important to note, the reason why we know what we know about our most successful personal trainer is because she tracks all that data. So we're asking for customer satisfaction. What does that look like? What has been their experience? All the tracking that comes with that is the system. And this is when we talk about what we do with Jim hacking. And what we do, and what gym owners and personal trainers what their lives look like, before they start working with us. And after a big part of that is this tracking piece of being able to naturally build it into the system, that the overall system of how to execute? What we teach is so much easier than than I think you'd ever think. Because sales is involved because we're talking about making more money. The immediate feeling is that you have to become a slimy used car salesman. And the fact is, if you know how to coach and you genuinely want to help people, you already have everything that you need. Now you just need to be able to put the steps together to execute on it. And just like you said, put in the time to now say this is something I want to do.

Tyler 34:52

So if you're not an overlearning person who hasn't spent years and years and years just neglecting your business for the sake of Learning fitness dork stuff, then don't worry about it wasn't talking about you. But if you are all I gotta do , all I'm asking you to do is spend a lot of your time resources first on the other thing, like really spend time on it, most people actually aren't. If you're stuck in that situation, they're just not putting time, they're literally not giving themselves business tasks weekly, it's just not happening. You know, you're operating, but you're not doing any business development tasks. So every week set aside, it doesn't have to be much, by the way, I like to, I like to do 10 tasks a week that are development that are progress, whether it's, I need to learn something about a thing, I need to reach out about something, whether it's reach out about supplement company that you're interested in, see what their program looks like, see how it works, get on a call, that's test one, you need to make a decision about that. But that's one task. That's gonna take you 30 minutes, maybe an hour, right? But that is of high value. Because once you've solved that problem you have now the next week, you can go on implementation, I'm gonna get this plugged in, I'm gonna shoot out an email, I'm gonna get some, some images put up that now you have, you're able to actively every week, progress your business. And that made me think about looking back on your social media posts and reflecting on what I could have done differently had this one not worked? This one got a shitty engagement. This one? You read it back out? Yeah, you're right, that probably doesn't connect to our audience or that tone didn't work? Or nobody cares about that? Or who am I talking to, you know, always always be critical of the things that you're putting out there. So in other tasks, right, you do social media, you follow it up, objectively, follow it up, what did I do? And there's all sorts of other things that can be done other than sweeping your floor and learning how to fucking you know which muscle is which learn how to name all your muscles is real cool, but nobody cares. So what about sales, this is another piece, right? Once we get people in, if you have a team, even if it's two people, if it's you, and one or two other coaches, or we have you know, husband and wife teams, we have a few husband, wife teams that we work with, go over your sales process, and do it once a week for 30 minutes. That's it. If it's just to you, 30 minutes is all you need. Go and sit down, walk through your sales process with a person and say, Okay, I'm this for the day, let them just answer the questions, let them go through receiving you got to get those reps in. So those are the types of tasks I would like to see you guys put on us to spend that amount of time doing that type of stuff. So that's it for today.

John Fairbanks 37:16

Yeah, if you want to start making more money, and start being able to do these things, implement the exact same things that toddlers have laid out, start with your 10 items, and just start, if you've started, then you're moving in the right direction. And these are the exact things that we talked about inside of our group. You can join our Facebook group, go to community dot hack your It's free. These are the things that we talked about, and that we dive deeper into every single topic that we produce. In the podcast, we deep dive into the group and we're putting in further content. And this is where you can ask questions, because for us, we love working with coaches and gym owners and personal trainers that are taking action. Yep.

Tyler 38:06

All right, guys. Oh, should we tell them we won't tell you guys we got a big thing coming up. So if you want in, shoot us a message, there's gonna be cool stuff where we can really jam your system and turn it around in a year like really, really, really will work with you directly, we'll do the whole thing. We'll kind of do a monthly arrangement but lots of stuff everything from your messaging your social media to very specifically offers a we will hop on and do your sales, coaching and training with you, we can help you with your staff, we can do all of that stuff as we start to transition your system and grow to a point where you're able to be very profitable, reallocate some resources to run an ad and then poof, off to the fucking races. If that's something that sounds interesting to you. So a lot of groundwork on your part. You're gonna have to come in and do the work, but man, we can really show you how to do it. And if you're interested in really taking your business to the next level, shoot us a message. So thanks a lot for listening, everybody. We'll see you next week.

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