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The Gym Owners REVOLUTION!!

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​Introducing the Gym Owners Podcast - 0:00
  • ​Why the gym owners revolution needs to be a resource for gym owners - 3:12
  • ​If you start doing business this way, your clients will have more success and better opportunities to spend more money with you - 6:12
  • ​Why you need to change the name of your business - 10:47
  • ​There’s no secret sauce to fitness business - 15:32
  • ​Don’t just mirror what’s out there, figure out your game plan and see how it applies - 19:28
  • ​How to make fitness a priority for people - 27:12
  • ​You don’t help anybody if your business is closed - 30:22
  • ​Gym owners need to start implementing supplement sales into their gym - 34:12


Tyler 00:00

Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome back Gym Owners podcast. I'm your host, Tyler stone over the West, John Fairbanks. Hi, John. Hi, Tyler. Hi to everybody out there. Guys, it's been kind of a whirlwind of a few weeks here, we've been very, very busy, we've had a lot of really good interest with the new launch of the gear Academy, the new big long product, we've been kind of putting together the the year long, help you turn your gym into a money making machine type vibe. That's been great. We have a lot of interest in that. Well, it's been helping a lot of people lately with just getting their offers tax. We've been testing that kind of PDF deliverable thing to help people sell their cities here, without opening this whole thing of the sales pitch. It's been going great. We've had a lot of new people funneling in, I guess that's what we're saying. So, so many new people getting into the group, if you aren't in the Facebook group yet, and you're finding this thing, go to the Facebook group, it's in the link in our descriptions there, you can kind of see the successes some gyms are having using some of the free strategies we're giving out and some of the stuff that we we sell and work with people on. Either way, we want to make sure that this place that we are trying to build, what we're trying to do is a resource for gym owners. And because of it, we've technically changed the name of the business, actually. Right. So technically, our business was called Gym hacking. And literally over the course of the last few weeks, we've got so many really good results back from people who are finding the podcast very specifically, and how they are finding the podcast by just looking for gym owners in podcast apps, which is wild because it's so hard to find podcasts via search. So those of you that are finding us via that type of search is like, really, I can tell that the people that are coming to us are the people that are really, really interested in learning and getting better and doing the thing because they're actively in their own time outside just trying to find information on the subject matter. And God damned if podcast apps aren't the worst way to try to find new information. It's so hard to search on keywords because it's dependent on you know, the ideal job, like the titles, or what's in the descriptions and they just throw junk at you. It's one of the like least, like lowest quality searches, like searching things to sort out ever. The podcast apps, they're terrible. So for those of you that have funds via that, dude, thanks. Thank you, because I know how hard it is. I've been in the podcast business in the fitness space in the other spaces for a lot of times, and I've helped launch a lot of shows. And I always have to tell people, man, ain't nobody gonna find your ship via the app, you gotta get out there on social media. And boy, was I wrong here. So far, a lot of you guys are finding the show via just searching for gym owners because you're a gym owner, and I'll be damned if naming the podcast, the gym owners podcast doesn't really help a guy fall to the top of that list. So thanks to all the new people welcome. If you are new and haven't been to the Facebook group get on over there. I think you really dig it. So we changed the name though. John, we changed the name from Jim hacking, which was kind of the official you know, we launched the first product was Jim hacking University, which is we're gonna help you hack your gym, take your gym, and uh, what are the what, what can we do to kind of plug in some cheat codes start giving you better results that really fit until recently.

John Fairbanks 03:12

Yeah, because when we first started doing it, it really was for me, it's this stuff that you and I were doing all the time. And it was the things that, especially when, if we're going to take back. So like, this is the practical reason why we changed. The name, which is just searchability, is that we're seeing that the folks that are looking for our content can easily search and find us. But in the very beginning of this thing, like philosophically, we started in a place where we had lots of gym owners that we just knew that we had done business with in our previous work that we've done together with strong fit, and other fitness companies that as soon as 2020 happened, and everybody got locked the puck down and every gym on the planet closed. Everybody needed to be able to pivot and figure something out. And I'm telling you how I'm talking to all these different people that are reaching out for help. And they're all gym owners, or their personal trainers or their coaches inside of gyms who were worried that their gym owner just didn't know what the fuck was going on. And seemed to be just content, closing their doors and being like, Oh, will this open two weeks and it'll be fine. And I was hearing the same story over and over and over again. And I'm like, Tyler , I don't think anyone is talking to each other right now. No, I don't. Yeah, like it's there

Tyler 04:45

was nothing that everybody felt like they were on an island is what it really felt like and this was a thing we talked about Jim Morrison's it is you see things I hear it all the time CJ more than that. Jim looks like they're doing great with this gym looks like they're doing great based on What? You know, based on social media based on stuff, I promise, there's gyms that are looking great that have nice facilities that are just doing that or barely afloat, or they're just essentially mortgaged to the hilt. And just so that you cannot base what success is based on what you're seeing. So are you talking to these people, and it's, which is why we wanted to make sure that this resource that we're building for gym owners is truly a resource, a community based resource and information based resource we want to be bringing in other people who offer services for gym owners, not just us. And that's the big thing for us in the long run is this thing needs to truly be a resource for gym owners. But it does also need to change the game. So which is why we've changed the name from Jim hacking, and you'll see it across all of our other Grammy stuff now is to the gym owners revolution. Why? Because that's what we're trying to do, we are really trying to change it so that now you guys have a place to come together, you can know like this if we are doing business differently. We're helping you do business differently, not like everybody else, let's take the things that work, fundamental principles, and we want to teach you how to use them things that were from all other trades, and teach you how to apply them to the fitness industry, which will I promise, it's not just a revolution and how your gym does business and how your gym makes money. But the revolution is a revolution in the world gym owners, if you start doing business, this way, your clients will have more success, you get people better opportunities to move up the ladder and better opportunities to start to choose to spend more money with you, we've talked about this, I always feel like I'm repeating myself because I say this to so many people. But given the opportunity to do more to commit more they are more invested there will get better results there. If I spend $5,000 on a coaching product, I really want it to be successful, I need it to be successful, I'm coming into it, needing it to be successful, I'm gonna have some coaching products for red, I still do some personal training and nutrition coaching around here to test all the stuff that we're doing. And so I launched some, like very approachable entry level stuff. And I get on those things. So many people come in wanting to spend $250. You're like yeah, but everything that I've done never really works. So is this just gonna be like one of those things. Whereas if I charge $5,000, for that same product, that person is going to come in and come in going, alright, five grand, let's make this a success. Because I'm deep into it. You know, the mindset is almost the mindset, the commitment, and the investment is what makes it successful. It doesn't mean you can't do business with people who don't have a lot of money. But you need to find ways to make sure that those who want to invest can't, because it matters to them. People will sit with all that lose energy, want to expend energy, same thing you do as a gym owner by looking for gym owners stuff on podcasts apps, why are you doing that? Because you're trying to give that more space in your life. Because you know, it's a problem for you. You're like, Shit, I need this to be better. What are you doing, you're consuming more content in your free time you're paying to continue to learn about business. So many gym owners don't even bother with that. Don't even bother investing in their business. But you are, you're investing time you're gonna invest money, you have invested money and you're constantly trying. Now, as a gym owner or a coach, imagine a client that does that. Always wanting to buy your new product, always wanting to buy your new coaching thing who's always ready to pull the trigger and take the next step. And the next step is showing up and working hard and listening to content and reading blogs and looking up technique videos and staying sharp. They're giving fitness Success space in their life. And then I'll be damned if those aren't your most successful clients way more than the people who just like, come in for an hour and leave and then hope that you imparted some fitness on like a gift from the heavens. So that is why we are changing the fact that the gym owners revolution isn't just for you. It's for your clients. It's because for me when I started my gym was to share the gift that fitness gave to me. When I came in, I came in like an overweight guy and was 30 years old. It's like what am I gonna do? I feel awful. And it just worked well. And the same thing I described to you is what I did. I looked up and I found everything that I could. I consumed everything that I could about it. And then by the end, I started to know some stuff. And what I did, as I got into coaching was I knew that I did not have a ton of experience. So I did what I'm asking you guys to do as gym owners, I worked my ass off to build a network of people, right? Have a network of people who have been there who know where things go and know where things can go. And that's the game guys. So gym owners revolution, the Facebook group that we have here, the product that we're going to be selling all that stuff is about that that's a revolution for you for your business for everything. But that is the thing that we're trying to do is to help people find a way to start to have the background to find a way to start to build success and start to give it more space in your life. Meaning you don't have to invest in a big product, start learning, just start spending more hours listening to informational content about joining some Facebook groups. We're going to talk about some of the stuff in the Facebook group to help you guys. We have some coaches that have come across some scams where people are trying to scam them for money. We want to kind of we want to kind of bring some of that stuff together so you guys can to kind of see and share and help each other because it was a thing that we noticed is have some people getting got by these scams that have been around for a while. And that's how I know is like, ah, people aren't, you haven't been talking, because when I was looking into all these gym owners groups and all these kinds of other systems like what we're trying to do, that was the value I got, that's where I've heard, it's like, man, I've heard that five, six years ago, I was dodging those bullets in 2017. Man, you know, and so that's important, we realized that that's the thing, we need to start helping more than just selling a more disappointing philosophy if we want to start bringing you guys together. So as your motives, revolution is real, and it is yours. And we're really, really happy to share with you, our new very, very, very Google searchable for Chimo. Which, by the way, what that represents 60% of the name change

John Fairbanks 10:47

100%. You know, I mean? Yes, 100% agree with 60% of the name change?

Tyler 10:55

Okay, I think you're correct. Now, is that right? My face? I didn't lay all that out there for nothing?

John Fairbanks 11:04

No, because the one thing is, it does align well, right with SEO, and being able to have people find you. The fact is, we did an episode 10 episodes maybe ago, where we talked about just why people actually find your gym. And the fact is that you are closest to where they live or where they work. So there's, you cannot ignore. And that's why we've dedicated a lot of time talking about Google My Business, which is now the Google Profile Manager. Like there's, there are some certain things that's

Tyler 11:41

what's that? That name has already been changed. Yeah. Damn that whole episode on Google My

John Fairbanks 11:47

Business? No, but it's the most searchable. But again, Google, my business is more searchable than the Google profile, you know, manager, whatever. But the point is, those are the things that we talked about, you can't abandon a couple of those facts, we do get hyper obsessive on the specialty of where you can go to be able to attract people. And this is where the best way I can describe it is that the same way that South Park made fun of everybody that wants to build a fart into a glass and smell it is that we did a little bit of fart smelling, when we gain more and more knowledge, when we start making the mistake. That what we know, is what matters. I'm really smart. Can really distract us from Why are you here? What was the purpose of you becoming smart?

Tyler 12:41

Yeah, how are people going to get in front of smarter people so you can help people? So being smart, staying in a cave, on my cell phone who cares about it is really a wasted opportunity? It's really, it's a really wasteful way to go about it. So this idea kind of boils down to this more about us like, what's the word? Taking our own medicine a little bit too, as we always are, Utah, you putting yourself in the most optimal place to succeed. Now you don't have to go out there and rename your gym. Right? But when you start talking about things like when you start writing a copy, you start making irregular posts of what words matter to the people that are on the other side of this thing, what words, what phrases, what are they using, I had seen, I'm gonna post this in the group. So by the time you're hearing this thing, you will have seen it a week ago. But if you're new go to the Facebook group. This guy posted these like lists of items, probably like 30 Different things he learned in business and one of them was like, most good copywriting and marketing. It's like it's 80% research about who you're really talking to and what they care like that really is it. What else do they consume? Ask your people, ask your clients who good clients, your favorite clients? ask them those questions?

John Fairbanks 13:51

How do we know that all of you new folks that are new to our Facebook group and are watching this episode? How do we know that all of them have come into the group and found the podcast by searching for a particular phrase? Is it because we ask them? We literally are asking. So don't net, it's so simple. And oftentimes, we want the solution that will really be the spark to allow the business to go to the next level, or allow us to be able to finally take a step in the right direction. Or maybe finally get a couple steps. Because life oftentimes can feel like we take one step forward. And then two steps back because I lost a coach because my god damn babysitter has moved. And now my kids are with me all the time. Like there's so many things that will derail us, we finally can get you a few steps forward. And oftentimes it really can be so some bullets just ask, are you asking?

Tyler 15:04

So getting information is really important, of course, correct? It's the thing that you do as a coach, how do you know how somebody moves or you're going to test them doing something move, see how they respond. And I kind of know this one piece of information incorrectly now how you train that person in corrective exercises, some a long term plan based on information that you got from trying stuff. And that's really important that this is a piece that I tell everybody to do. And so this episode is kind of a, it's going to be a bit of a larger picture stuff. But there's a lot of these concepts now that you can take for free and just apply to everything that you're doing right. One of them is like we talked about Hunter has done such a great job like they've been bragging on his success here, the last five, six weeks in the group since he started getting his offer stuff reskinned with us. But he's been doing some really cool stuff with his social media. And it's not that there's any what's the word, there's no secret sauce. And this is why people ask us this a lot on our social media. We got some messages this week where somebody was saying, Hey, give us some examples of some gyms that are doing a great job on social media. And I was like, well, let's be honest, here, what's gonna happen is you're gonna start imitating just that, I told you what they are, you're gonna go imitate that. And that's the piece I want to avoid. First, I want you to imitate the process, right? It's no different. Taking somebody else who is more successful than you or has a really good strategy on social media that seems to be working, and just doing that thing. It's fine. It's a starting point, right? Except now you're doing their thing. And that is no different than a coaching client of yours. Walking into your gym going well, I saw Larry wheels doing these exercises on Instagram. Can I do those and say, Wow, this is fucking Larry wheels. And the truth is your brand and your business isn't these other people's brand new business. So when we say Hunter has been doing a kick ass job, he has been with what he's done on social media lately. But the reason that it works is because he is just making a point. So let's extract some of these main principles that he's done really well. He's making a point to tell the stories of the people who have already had success with him. Testimonials are key pictures, videos and stuff, crushes man that crushes it's perfect. Then from there, he has also been as he's just making posts, regular posts, he's trying to make sure that the gym feels welcome. And we'll be talking about this a lot. It just feels welcoming to normal people. We hear this feedback a lot from just regular folks. And we're asking regular people why they don't go to gyms Do you? As a gym owner? Yes, regular folks out there, why don't they go to a gym? What scares him about going to the gym, what's stopping them from going to the gym? Maybe you don't because you own a gym, and you don't want to feel that pressure. But I can do it. And one of the main things that you and I hear feedback wise is they're just intimidated by all the fitness and fit people on all their social media. It's like your social media shows regular people doing regular shit. Are you only trying to sell fitness to fit people? Because I don't know where you're in the country? Or I'm at what I call the blue ocean, the one without the one with the most opportunity? Absolutely is there's not a lot of fit people here. Therefore I got a lot of people who I can help if I'm talking to them, and if I'm talking to people who already have abs and I want to just let them come into my gym and keep abs for two years. Hey, that's fine too. But that's going to be a really narrow market for you. And so understand that so Hunter has done such a good job to spotlight what he's done on the social media stuff of just trying to speak to normal people make a good call to action right always make it a welcoming Hey reach out text me if you want to get started into your offer because when you're by the way the next piece that Hunter has done well is he got his offer right with us first. Once he built his offer stacks that are aligned with what people want and their opportunities and their needs and their concerns now you're selling that thing you're not selling a membership only you're selling 12 weeks to a fucking new you do let's fix your foodstuff. Let's keep you accountable. Let's get you in the gym. Let's do some extra one on one like that is what people want. Get out there and look at generic 24 Hour Fitness gyms. Social media, they're kicking your ass. CrossFit gyms group fitness gyms, they're kicking your ass. You know why? Simplicity and good copywriting. They post stuff like this saying great workouts, accountability, nutrition, good equipment, like all those things like it's just enough. They don't gotta tell you that they're smarter than the next day. They don't gotta tell you that if you have pain, I can help you fix it. And you're supposed to be able to do that, you're supposed to be the guy that can do that. They know and

John Fairbanks 19:28

it's, it's also really important to where it's unless you're running, crunch fitness or Planet Fitness. Unless that's your model, which is the opposite of a boutique, small like Family Owned Small functional fitness type gym, understand why they can get away with the offer being what it is, and being able to just have it be a churn and burn operation where they can have 6000 And members on their books, right you, you have 600 members on their books, you

Tyler 20:05

cannot imitate their strategy no matter how effective it is because they're not you don't have your staff, not your people, not your game plan. So don't just don't just mirror what's out there, figure out what game they're playing and see how it applies, what parts of that game you can start.

John Fairbanks 20:19

And because you're a gym owner, you do everything. Which means you're going to need to do the sales too. So if you're doing those sales, you only have so many opportunities per day, to capitalize on a new lead. You hear all the time, I want more members, I want more Leads. It's like, well pause, you're the gym owner, you probably are still coaching, you're definitely doing three other things on top of possibly also having a family, which also needs to make sure that you have sales and intake happening. You probably can handle more leads. So that means the minimal amount of time that you have that you can dedicate to get a lead to get a new opportunity to get a referral from an existing member. When they come in, just like you said Tyler hunters offers got squared away first, because the fact is, his leads have gone up. But if he can only make $200

Tyler 21:28

Her food that has walked him through would have been taken home. He's got three sales currently that are more money than it would have been with all of his current sales combined. In the last six weeks, there's each three are is max a fucking opportunity. There's one. There's three of them that are Yeah, it is really 10 Isn't it's 10,000 times. So yeah, he's that. Yeah, it's insane. So 10 times, well, I mean, those, each of those three is more than any other lead combined. With all the leads combined

John Fairbanks 22:01

with all three of those people have bought his original offer that he had,

Tyler 22:06

when we don't I don't even know, to be honest, maybe, probably, probably we're ready. They wanted to tell you if you want all those other things, this seems low value. Again, this could have been somebody who walked in wanting to buy a Cadillac and get sold a Chevy Cruze. Fuck you.

John Fairbanks 22:26

Why do you want to call,

Tyler 22:28

I didn't want to listen to hate on a Chevy Cruze. But that's just I'm not that kind of guy here. So I appreciate the fact that you do good business, but I'm not buying your little car. That is how this works. But 100 did for us, I want to take this back to his social media strategy. While you can't just imitate somebody selling, you're not doing what he's doing. You're helping the same people. Those testimonials ring true about Hunter. So can you just pick, you should pick yours, but then you need to have your offer straight. So you can really map out. One of the big principles with copywriting that we talked about is how do you actually map out the specific steps now of their journey. Like if you commit, here's what it'll be, boom, boom, boom, and does that address their needs our offers, when we build the offer system for Hunter that addresses every imaginable need, that he can fit with a service that he can fix with the service. So that's good, your whole system needs to be fixed around that. And from there, now what hunter did, which is why you can't just imitate a strategy. Then he started setting a task, which was I'm going to make social media and I'm going to try to do it deliberately. I'm just gonna do it to talk about myself, I'm going to do it. And then the big one was the course correction, meaning every week, he sets aside a time, the end of the week, and he looks back at every social media post he made guys start doing for sure. This is starting to give us every social media post that he makes, and then he starts to pick it apart. Hash it. That's what could have been more welcoming. I do this all the time when I write emails for companies, or I start writing out emails. first drafts, like it feels good, send it. And then I'm like, fuck, and then I look it over like, Oh, this sucks. This sucks. This sucks. This sucks. This sucks. What happens is I don't unsend it. I just know the next time I need something like that I have it better. And I keep making it better. You do this so many times. Yeah, we'll have a document. I'm like here, this is what we'll send out for this thing. And I'm like, Okay, no, let me change this. And then in the end, I just say here's the document highlighted segment, I'm going to constantly update it. So whenever you need it, that's where the best version of it is. And that course correction is what you got to do. So get leads. We're talking to the gym owners revolution, fix the way you're presenting your stuff to people and people will beat down your door. It makes getting leads very easy. It changes the way that you communicate organically. And Ryan, you want to play a paid leads game, you play the paid leads game, but this revolution is not just about making money, but it has to have money. And that's the big thing you guys got into because you wanted to help people, want to make an impact on your community, you want to share if you're like me, and I'm just sharing the gift of life and freedom and health and all the stuff that Getting into fitness gave you. And you think that that gift is something you can help people find. I immediately found a network for coaching when I was a coach, because I did not have a lot of experience. So I thought, how can I help these people? Right now, in my first year, how do I help these people? at a better level? Well, I need to get people in my world who have 10 years, 15 years, 20 years experience, right? Right away, when I have a question or concern that I can't solve, I don't want to just be out there testing on these people that I care about. So I get the best advice I can from mentors, other colleagues, other people in the same line of work. And I extract that information I'll present directly problems is the importance of the network group. Things like what we have in the Facebook group here allows you to really lean on other people's experience. And that's going to be extremely important. If we're going to navigate the world as it becomes increasingly more complicated. You know, that's not going to get easier, I don't think I don't think the dollar is going to be worth more in a year than it is now. I don't think housing markets are going to improve no matter what the realtors continue to say. The sky is not falling. I think hopefully we won't get locked in our houses for another year or two. But you know, things economically are going to not be the easiest, I don't think in a couple of years, right? So we should have learned from the pandemic? How can we make our system make the most out of every opportunity? How can we equip ourselves knowledge wise to be survivors of these things, to really bulletproof our business? And that's very important. Okay, amongst all these other things like a pandemic, and COVID, and all that stuff is man health matters. Can we make it matter? Can we make it matter? Let's make it appealing. Let's make it interesting. Let's get people in your gym. Let's change some fucking lives here. Because when you do that, now, now you're talking now you've changed the game in your community, that no matter what the upper downswing is, this is about helping people make fitness a priority, which means you need to make money helping people make fitness a priority. And making fitness a priority doesn't mean show it up. And he's investing money, it means there's varying degrees of investment that people can make, they want a $15 membership, someone else can give them that

John Fairbanks 27:12

There was, there still is and was back in 2020 infinite amounts of free knowledge and information of how you can improve your health, you did not have to go to a gym, you didn't have to have a coach, you could have been locked inside your house for a year. And you could have come out of that situation, looking like fucking Adonis, or a Greek god damn God. So with free information, it's all

Tyler 27:45

there's plenty of calculators and spreadsheets out there. How exactly did that happen?

John Fairbanks 27:54

Because people who pay more, pay more attention. And that's why, especially for us here in the States, it's people, you, you vote with your dollar of where you want your focus to be. And you nailed it, which is the revolution within communities, the ability for us to have gym owners, personal trainers and coaches to have a resource that they can come to, because keeping your business open, for when the next time fuckery is afoot. You will be able to keep yourself open because of the network that you have. Because Superman ain't coming to save you. It's up to you and your people and your circle. And for me, the cult of average is strong with folks that aren't like me, and aren't like you. Yeah,

Tyler 28:57

there's, there's a lot to be, I think very excited about this thing. Because as the understanding now is whatever went on with the pandemic, all that stuff. Now, there is a big need for health in this country. And everybody has every, whatever their opinion is on the reactions to the COVID stuff or the policies that were enacted after the fact. everybody now knows, knows deep down that like being healthier, all of us were fucking healthier, that probably would have made this less shitty for everybody. Right? Everybody knows that universally. I would love to see I've talked about this before, as much as I'm not a fan, like fundamentally, as a guy, if I was a businessman, is I'm not a big fan of the government just like handling things, but I'll be damned if it wouldn't be great if the government did get involved in giving people money for gym memberships while we're printing an infinite amount of cash, right? But until that day comes, people are going to have to actually buy things that they care about with money that matters to them. So how do we do that? How do we offer that service? And that's the game I want you guys to try to play to hear. So, making fitness a priority means making it a priority, it doesn't mean making it easy. That's the thing people don't get, doesn't mean making it like free, is that making it a priority? No, because free is about the same as you could have gone out and fucking on running for two hours a day, every day no matter what that cost not. So free is not making it a priority. So you don't want to be the guy that's making it super available. So I don't want to get too deep into the concepts of buying habits, I want to kind of stay up zoomed in and zoom out onto the revolution. But that's the piece we want to be doing for you guys here. So I want to bring gym owners together. I want to create a network of people. They're able to help each other. There should be, you know, 1520 different people and organizations. You can learn great movements, tips and tricks and coaching and Exercise Science and other stuff. There's so much of that out there. And there's so many good people doing it. I love to help people plug themselves into that. But I also want you guys to know that learning about that stuff very often is a distraction from your real mission because your ability to teach the squat better, or whatever or have better trick exercises or whatever the hot new knees under calves this month is versus the last month thing or how now this thing that was used to be silly now is pretty thought of as mainstream and the thing that was mainstream is now getting clowned on like the tides come and they go because in movements and exercise, everything kind of works for some people, and everything works until it doesn't. So while all those things are important, I think you should always continue to learn how you can help people on the ground hands on better and more effectively. Just remember that you don't help anybody if your business is closed. Nobody does so and then you gotta do what you're gonna do. I don't know how to sweep floors, what else are we gonna do? I don't have anything else. I don't know what I mean? This is the business I really tried to stay in. It is entertaining and educational. And fitness has always been the thing that I've been drawn to. So this is the game, I think that we need to be playing here. Let's find that balance where we can be good coaches, and we can be good at the things on the ground. But I'll be damned if we are going to let that slide. I will hold people accountable if you guys are being distracted. And you're not just really trying to make sure that you're good at this business thing, because that's the foundation, build your damn house. If the leaks out of the roof for you worry about putting new furniture. And that's the way I look at it. If your business philosophy is sound, you're spending as much effort trying to what's the word, trying to streamline the people you attract trying to attract them better try to operate more efficiently trying to grow in the right way and trying to really maximize revenue and build business systems and do the whole thing without just some corny motherfucker coming in just trying to sell you some back end system or some silly lead generation thing that promises God a bunch of shit that they can't follow. We'll get into some of this. We're going to the Facebook group about some of the scam stuff and some of these other things that I know you guys are seeing because they're enticing. You're seeing all time of 30 members and 30 days, 90 members in 90 days, I need members for 90 days or your money back. It's a guaranteed by the way, if anyone wants to do that, I'd be interested in knowing how that goes if you got some money to burn, and want to pile your gym with a bunch of low quality leads, but I'll explain that why I don't think that would work as we go live in the Facebook group for that, but there's a lot of that stuff out there. Right? And you know, when you read that, that your bullshit alarm should go off, right? Because it's not you having to change anything you mean somebody's just gonna come in and turn a key and then my business just fucking rocks altogether and people are just beating down my door. Does that sound too good to be true? I think so. Which is why the things that we offer you know, getting your offer stuff in order and just teaching you how to present better to people in a very streamlined way. That shouldn't sound like whoo, it should sound like oh yeah, you're right. People would spend more if I let them you know, people have needs that are not fulfilling or I'm having a hard time presenting them to them my services as the solution to those needs in a very effective way. How do I do that? That is the thing that is making yourself better? Why do we go to all these efforts to try to improve as coaches, improve ourselves as coaches and our knowledge and skills as coaches? And when it comes to our business? I just want to fucking trick that which I mean this is it's crazy. So let them prey on you the way that's bad coaches and bad gym owners prey on average general population, which is seven minute ABS or whatever. You know what I mean? That's we're taking a pill. Yeah, take a pill, get your 50 or whatever you know. So that was our gym owners revolution rant for 35 minutes and stay tuned everything guys we do have we are doing a gear Academy is live you're gonna have this we had this until August 1. You can get into gear Academy which is our one year long thing you can read more about it in the Facebook group. Make sure you join the Facebook group at community that hacker are the links will be altered at some point but they'll be in the description updated so make sure you get in the Facebook group But that you can find it out in the word at full length description of what we're trying to do with the gear Academy. But that product is going to be sweet we can get you in and we start with, that's the full main thing. We also include the full offer stuff, we could deliver all your services on an iPad to people menu, they can choose navigate, I want to train, I'd like to have personal training one day a week teaching the next thing I want to add this nutrition service here, you know, it's all presented in a way that lets their buying habits and it makes the process of selling so much easier than you standing in front of a person with your hands folded going, these are the things that I do would you like to do them? Would you like to see my reverse hyper slash cup holder, or don't you know, or just don't talk to anybody. Right, we can get, we can get that stuff going in the gear Academy. And then we roll out the implementation, which is then we hold your hand throughout the whole year. And we go through segment after segment on In Depth organic lead generation strategies, some of your content strategies like all of the stuff that we do when we work with people on the backside. From testimonial systems referral plays, how do we get leads without sinking a shitload of money. So these low cost ideas, we want to start implementing supplement sales into your gym, you don't have to use whatever company I appoint for you. But if you have a supplement company that you want to maybe work with, we can now come in, if you're in the gear Academy, let's roll out a long strategy for you. Let's make this fucking crush for you. So now your business has systems that can make tons of money doing many different things. And we'll get into this again. But if you're not selling supplements in your gym, somebody else is selling supplements to your people. Always remember that it's not about you being slimy, it's about everyone else being slimy and your people buying it, no matter what so fine, be ethical, because being the ethical guy that is interested in selling and supplements who has their trust, you are saving them, that's part of the fucking revolution is get the sharks off of your people beat them away. Super, super, super important. So in the gear Academy, it's a year long, we hold 12 months for them, and we just rock and roll for 12 months . I will absolutely change the way you do business completely. And every month you're gonna be on. Man, you never will think that that's the way that could be for you. And so get into that at the gear Academy. And if you can't,

Tyler 37:19

we can get you started making money for just $1,497. If you're interested, we come in and we do reskin the full offer stack for you. We do everything we do on the iPad, the deliverable stuff, make all your products and incorporate it together, teach how to sell but then we send you off on your own. And from there, you can earn the money that you need very easily to get you into the gear academy after that. So if you can't afford it upfront, you can't take the whole year leap. That's fine. But if you want to get started, we will help you start earning money so that you can pay us and pay yourself. And that's the goal because we started working in this business. It's a piece we always worried about. We got in because the gym owners that we were talking to were having a hard time making money. And with COVID after COVID Stuff it everybody's money's tighter. Again, are we really why we are getting into this market? Why are we getting into a market where people don't have any money? stuff, but it's because we care about the people. And we understand that the gym owners revolution is important. It's the thing that's important to us. It's important on the ground level, it's important for your clients and important for your community. So that stuff is the bread and butter of what we do to help these people figure it out, because these are the good ones, the ones that care, but they are just so we were always worried like, John, nobody can pay us anything. Because these people are hungry. It's been a tough couple of years. And so that's why we built it this way. Well, if you're ready, you can take the big leap. And if you're not able to take the big leap yet, take the little leap and we'll just make sure you start making money hand over fist with that. And that'll put you in a good position to take the leap with us for the next year. So message us if you have questions about that stuff. Again, in the Facebook group in the Facebook group, you can friend John or I personally on there, you can send us messages directly in the group. But get in there. And that's where you see a lot of information, proof of concept, all this stuff.

John Fairbanks 39:04

So yeah, for me, for me, it's just it's network. It's a skill set. It's the mindset. And that is the purpose of the gym owners revolution. And that's

Tyler 39:14

it, you learn how to teach someone to squat. Now you have to learn how to sell and how to present your services in a way that's gonna make money for you. So you can help teach more people at school, teach more people how to lose weight, whatever it is you do, you need to be getting paid to do it or else you need to be able to do it. So yeah, guys, thanks a lot for listening, everybody. We're out here, we're listening to you. We care about promises and there's a lot of other gym owners out there that are just like you so get in the Facebook group. And let's start helping you make some money these days

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