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ONE Product Will 2x Your Average Sale Price

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​Why are you not selling nutrition? - 0:00
  • ​How many members do you have? How many of them do nutrition? - 3:40
  • ​When people come to you for the very first time, their pain is the greatest - 8:34
  • ​How much trust can you build with a new client or a new member? - 12:06
  • ​How long have you been trying to sell nutrition? - 17:20
  • ​How often do we notice when a coach who has been a great coach for a number of years becomes a gym owner? - 22:39
  • ​What are you doing right now if your nutrition isn’t on point? - 24:11
  • ​It’s your job as a coach and as a gym owner to reframe the horrible psychosis that general society is imposing upon people - 28:48
  • ​Why you need to frame things in a way that makes sense to your clients - 33:10


Tyler 00:00

Ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the gym owners podcast. I'm your host Tyler over there is John John. Hello, Tyler. Guys, this week, we want to get into one of the biggest opportunities that you guys are missing out on if you're not selling this program, this is something that we've seen most of our people, if you're asking it if you're offering 90% of the people that they close will choose this upsell. So this episode is, why are you not selling nutrition? We'll get right into it. Before we start, make sure you follow me on Instagram at Tyler effing stone called John, follow John and Instagram at Jay banks, NFL and follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. You also need to be getting into the Facebook group. That's where we have the discussions. We have all sorts of freebie stuff out, there is some stuff that maybe we kind of do in some of our paid programs. But if you want to get in and get started, get involved in the network, get the benefits of a good network of coaches and business owners trying to make big moves happen. Get into the links in our description, John, nutrition coaching. So we got into this thing realizing applying regular business principles. And these business principles were people like having a choice, right. And they want to choose things that fit the things that they need addressed in whatever sort of transaction they're trying to get. Right. There's a reason people choose roadside assistance. When they buy vehicles. There's a reason people choose extended warranties, there's a reason people buy a vehicle with a warranty as opposed to using a vehicle without one. And why is that? Because they value whatever that is they may value the safety or the convenience or whatever it is, they don't want to be left on the side of the road, that's a front concern for them. I'm buying AAA, whatever it is, that's the thing that people do. And so we always try to apply those like whatever these people think they need in order to get them to where they want to be, especially in fitness, you should probably be offering those services, or at the very least be getting paid for directing them to someone who does. And the big one that we've seen here is nutrition because every single person, people may be afraid of joining a gym. But all these people who want to lose weight want to look better. They may be scared or intimidated to join the gym. They always ask about nutrition. Almost always anyone who has physique changes to be made. If you ask the right questions, they're just dangling the please sell me nutrition. Please tell me nutrition that they practically serve that up on a silver platter for you.

John Fairbanks 02:28

I would be willing to challenge that even if they don't. They don't ask. You may have people early on, they're not asking. But don't make the mistake that every single person is dealing with being a habitual yo, yo Dieter, if they've been alive since 1978, and 1988. They have gone through some shit when it comes to what they eat. Because if you think about it, it went from sugars, bad fats, bad fats. Now carbs are bad. Like it's, it's so real that everyone is either dealing this totally on their own, or figuring out whatever their brothers sisters nephew is up to. And now maybe they're going to try it. Did you know that apples are bad? And Bacon is good Tyler,

Tyler 03:21

Who would have thought?

John Fairbanks 03:23

It wasn't a few 1000s though, like it? Is it? Everyone is dealing with this. Whether they're coming to you to talk to you about it? Is the question. Yeah. But they are dealing with it. So whether you're having that be part of your conversation, is really what we're driving.

Tyler 03:40

So when I pulled the members in our group, we let a few people respond to this poll, and some said more than 70%. Some said around 30. They're asking, yeah, I was the person that close, how many people? How many of them? What percent of them do you do also by nutrition? Not how many are you asking, but how many also by nutrition. And we've had numbers kind of all over the place. What I'm more concerned about is the people who did not respond to that poll. Because those are the ones that I'm pretty sure don't sell any nutrition, or at the very least, are not trying to sell nutrition. Here's the thing. First off, if you have a nutrition program, and you're complaining because people aren't buying it, you're not selling it. That's the problem. You're not offering it, you're gonna it's not even about selling it. Let's just talk to new new members first, new members coming in. If you're closing, let's just pretend your numbers suck, and you're only getting 10 new members a year and your turn over, you're breaking even or whatever they say. But every one of them, almost all of them should be buying nutrition at some point you should get. And I let me go off to numbers that matter that are directly to me, me and my wife currently handle and pull with personal training clients, Around 30 people over 30 people. And I think it's 31 now, but of the 30 when we counted the first 3028 of those 30 have chosen additional nutrition services and I would say probably half of those 28 chose even a level up above that. Now what does that mean? Money wise, for us, it's almost guaranteed over the life of that thing, at least another 600 bucks. On the close it is usually around, it can be anywhere from 300 to 1000, depending on the length of the product or the you know, the depth of the product and all the accountability built in or however you sell it. But you're looking at on average, between five and 600 bucks per person times 28 out of 30. So how much money is left on the table? Because you're not you don't even ask by the way I didn't. This isn't I don't my nutrition program is not fucking anything special. There's no bells and whistles to it. I don't even have to talk about what it is. I don't have to show them anything snazzy. The first few that I sold it to it didn't even exist until I sold it. And then I figured out how I am going to coach these people? What tools am I going to use? How am I going to send it out and then I started tuning it up. And you have to be doing this guy's this, this is the way you have to do most of your business is you can't plan it all beginning to end and make it perfect and shiny and send it out you're not you're not manufacturing cars here, it doesn't have to be perfect before it rolls out. There just needs to have a concept that then people will get fired up about and when they start throwing your money your way, then you can get a real nice tuned up version out there for everybody to get their hands on. But how much money are you leaving on the table? It's a lot. So you need to be offering it, you need to figure it out. Now maybe you don't have the time. Maybe you don't know how to sell nutrition? Or maybe you're a bit afraid of what to do, so what are you doing for nutrition? That's the question, what are you doing? Maybe it's just that maybe do a lucky thing like here's exactly what I do do a low barrier to entry, we have seen options that exist anywhere from $100, just PDF, they'll come in, we've put an extra 100 bucks, we'll give you this thing, it's like a four week meal plan, just jam it out and kind of go this, this will get you some momentum. And then you can kind of sort out the rest of the year. By the way, almost everyone will buy that hands down almost everyone regardless of what they think they know about nutrition. The other ones we've done is a 12 week email sequence. Where we just made some homework for you this week, here's how I'd like to eat this week. Observe this, try to introduce this. It's just a 12 week transformation journey, we sold that for three or 400 bucks apiece, built it once, sent it out anytime someone buys it, that's free money. We've done more in depth coaching, where we're doing specific macros and stuff like that and check-ins but even then, once you build the system for how you get their stuff sent out to them in the first place, all you're doing is checking in and holding them accountable. That grocery store tours, you know, food check ins, having little meetup events, you can do groups, you can do challenges. There's all sorts of things you can do for nutrition. But when people are walking in your doors wanting to make a physical change, they know if you ask them the right questions, they all will say, Yeah, I just need to get my food shipped, right? I just never got my food shipped, right? I need help. I want to count on accountability, still sales to that term works. They just want someone to tell them what to do. And make sure that they do it. Because they know it's them. They know it's you know, it's you. You know, if you put on 20 pounds in the next two months, John, you know, it's you. You can be like, Oh, life is busy. But deep down, you know, it's you. Meaning when it comes to that you're gonna want to plan and just somebody to hold your feet to the fire, and you will pay money for it. Because you know what? You were left to your own devices before and skidded back. Because why? Because it was you. And that's always the truth. So nutrition, guys. If you're not offering it, you're fucking up to go back to a couple episodes ago.

John Fairbanks 08:34

It also comes down to where we know when people come to you for the very first time, especially for those new clients that are coming. Yeah, their pain is always the greatest. So since their pain is that maximum, when so and what I mean by pain, let me describe that I'm not talking about physical pain. Talking about what they want to achieve.

Tyler 09:02

Get close to my Sorry. It's

John Fairbanks 09:05

what they want to achieve.

Tyler 09:06

It's your mics not on that's why I don't think we're using your mic. So I'm here now, your air pods or something? I don't know. It's fine. We'll keep moving. We'll roll with it. But yeah, it's definitely not coming from the microphone. It's fine. Oh, there you are.

John Fairbanks 09:25

Goodness. That's why it was off. Okay. What you want to achieve is what somebody wants to achieve when they come to you for the very first time, their pain is the greatest. Their pain is as high as it's been as far as they want to experience a change in what their life has been up to this point. That's why the idea of giving something away for free when someone walks through the door is one of the craziest things you can do as a business owner. Now I want to take it a step further specific to the topic we're talking about right now. When people walk through the door, make no mistake they've been trying on their own. They may have tried at another location they've been trying to do, maybe the at home thing they get they have Google, they know they could have looked stuff up, they're probably in a group or they've been talking to their friends or whatever. When they walk through that door, they are at the peak moment that they want to see results, and have whatever they're about to invest, pay off for them. Which means the nutritional piece. That is the piece Tyler, you and I talk a lot about like guarantees. If you really want to plant your flag of being able to have someone, Hey, you can guarantee results for someone. We all know what it looks like, when we train five days a week, so we can get fucked up over the weekends. Yeah, to start back over. You just are getting fatter, just slower. You certainly are dying faster. So the odds are most people are doing that. Do you know how quickly you could get results? Tyler, you talked about, Megan started playing with her personal training clients on the nutritional side of getting them right nutritionally, in a gap that was like, quicker, then we have, or eight weeks or something to that

Tyler 11:17

we tightened this down, I was like, let's go 28 days, because we've built some of those before. I think she's got it down to 1212 12. And by the way, everyone fucking loves it. It's just guys, it's not like an impossible scammy thing. And if what to the psychology that it sells to is the same as the 12 day cleanse, three day cleanse shit, it just is like less than 12 days can be strict as fuck, you're gonna dump all your water, you're gonna clean all your shitty habits up, and then you're gonna feel a little bit better. And then at least, that feeling good at the end of that is something that now you can build on from there. And some people take that 12 day thing. And they've replicated it over and over and over again. And then that's what they basically do for 36 out of 40 weeks,

John Fairbanks 12:03

you know, and that's where I wanted it. For you guys. Yep. Right, right, is how much trust can you build with a new client, or a new member that walks through your facility that comes with you trust you enough to pay, because they're ready to make a change. And in the next 12 days, 1821 28 days, they get more results than they did in the last six months, two years on their own. The likelihood that they stay with you for months and months and months is very high, the likelihood that they buy something or stay on a higher level of service because you have proven your ability to help them be successful feels awesome. look awesome. The retention game? Yeah, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Yeah.

Tyler 13:04

Plus, you guys, it's really hard to get people you know, it's hard to get people's results when they're not even worth a shit. So if you've got people in your gym that have been there for years, and they just look the same. Well, we got to get what we talked about before, like, yeah, it's your fault, right? It is right. But you gotta be offering them the services to make sure because if they're they're looking the same and they want to be looking different. There's a gap to be filled, that they should probably pay money to fill. And that means perfect. Let me give you some nutrition guidance. That's the missing piece. Your job is to find the missing pieces as a coach, when you're coaching movement. When you're coaching just human psychology, when you're coaching habits, all it is is like what is this one piece we talked about? This is the profit key lock, what's the one thing I can move out of the way right now, the first thing, the most important thing that will get things moving. And so someone's stuck some fucking nutrition. If they're bummed out, sell them nutrition, give them something to focus on something to give energy on something to give themselves over to, and that they know will work because it's the same thing that when they came into your gym from off the street, was I had to get myself over to this person, I'm trusting this person, I'm trusting them with my body and my movement, exercise all the shit. I'm gonna work hard because I want these results. And once that plateaus, that's an opportunity for you to level up their commitment. And just do better. You can do more coaching. By the way, you can't just give that away to them because you like them. You can't just do it because they won't fucking value it.

John Fairbanks 14:22

They won't do it. They won't do it. Yeah, people that pay more pay more attention. They adhere more, they do more because they put their money down because they're serious.

Tyler 14:31

I have given my nutrition stuff away to my bass one, the one I sell for like two and 5300 bucks. That's just kind of the plan. I have given that away to people who are just kind of in a spot for people that I liked. For people that I trusted who I think it will help. Do you know how many did it? You're the only one job. By the way, everyone when I sell it to people by the way, frankly, because I don't think it's charging enough. About three quarters of a mile do it. That's an inversion right 75 percent here, when you just bake oh, by the way, this is a set and forget thing for me. So it's nice, but 75% will follow through on it, versus 24% or 25%, if it's free. And I think that number truly, if I did it 100, it might be more like 10% would do it if it was free if I gave it to 100 people. So it's really important. So let's go back to this, if you're not offering it, you're not giving anybody any opportunity, you're not giving them a chance to succeed, whatever it is, what if you can't fulfill it, find someone who can, that you can bring in a coach, find someone in your community who you can, who can just make money selling the service

John Fairbanks 15:33

for you, if the odds are, there's a nutritionist in your community, guarantee it

Tyler 15:36

and make them put, by the way, and let me give you a little tip, make them put together something that's specific for your people, by the way, that maybe it's a bit customized for your specific people. So that because here's the truth, most of the people that you're going to find in a lot of these businesses don't charge enough for their services, and you are not going to want to be doing anything, we talked to one of our coaches in the group and the gear Academy, you don't want to be handing people over for nutrition services, and you just get $20. And I mean, you should probably anything's gonna be worth your while should put 100 bucks directly to your bottom line. So if it's totally hands off 100 bucks for the act of selling. Because at some point, if you're not the one doing all the selling, you need to pay someone to sell, which means they may need 2530 bucks just for having the conversation, you know, or just delivering you a viable lead. So it's got to be worth your money, but look around meaning that but have them find a package that works for you maybe a length of time, maybe some different check ins, maybe some fitness focused stuff, maybe some whatever, like real hard training type, fucking concepts that are melded into the nutrition, whatever that is needs to sit so where they can make enough money to where they want to do it. And they need to charge enough money so that you get your kickback that's worth it for you to sell. And then everybody wins. There's also other services that we refer people to that will actually train your gym, your coaching staff up. And that's the things that we build within our network within the gear Academy. But get into gear Academy, we can talk to you about that, if you're looking for that type of an arrangement, we have a company that can come in and they'll set up to train your coaches on how to do their system, you'll have weekly calls on how to sell your members and they provide all the content, and you just have a coach spend a one to two hours a week fulfilling the nutrition stuff for all your members. And that runs year round. It's a really good program. So there are options out there. And the piece that I always hear though, is we're trying to sell nutrition or we're working on coming up with a nutrition thing. But as we go through us, I'm not seeing you doing any of it. And that's the truth. So how long have you been trying to do a nutrition thing or trying to sell thinking about it is not doing it. Thinking about it is not trying? writing something down knowing that you're going to do it is trying to start with that, knowing that you're going to do something but thinking about it out loud and wondering isn't trying. There's a lot of things in this thing that are not trying. So if you want to do nutrition, you need to start doing it, you need to figure it out. You are leaving. Let's just pretend that is a step up from your membership. Let's say you're the guy that's just starting to only sell memberships right now. Right let's say you have your membership just on $200 memberships, that's all you're getting. This is an instant way to double your closing price for at least by the way, double your closing price for 90% of the new clients that you saw. Shouldn't be What the fuck are you doing not doing this knowing that the only thing you have to do is ask is How stupid is this you know? Or try raising your membership price to $400 See how that goes. Or come up with a nutrition product that you sell for 200 bucks and you can offer to every person who walks in your door. By the way, what if you don't understand how many people are scared of coming into a gym and starting exercising and becoming an exerciser? I get messages from people who you know they're just they have a lot of that they have a lot of personal barriers to I had a message from someone the other day it was injury heart condition back stuff literally like I can't do cardio at all because of my heart which I find that hard to believe I think you can't do what I think it means is I don't think you can do super high intensity shit I don't think you know what it was but I'm not gonna fucking I don't need to change anybody's mind what they were presenting to me was just excuses that I wasn't interested in refuting that to have the heart issue I have back pain I have injuries there's all this stuff but I really need to lose weight I've put on like 50 pounds in the last year and a half it says a person that's pouring their soul out to you. What are you going to do? Well I don't know you should just join the gym you're gonna convince him to do the thing that the turf that's not what they came to you for. Read between the lines. What did that person ask me? I need some help with the food stuff. I need some help with something that's not gym so I can lose this weight. begging you to sell me nutrition, sell me nutrition, sell me nutrition. Perfect. Tell you what. Here's another concept from that. I'm gonna give you a tip. Here's the one way that you can close nutrition for almost all your people. There's one line that works really great. Do you know what percent of all of the calories that you eat in a day are used up by just movement? It's less than 30%. Now, that doesn't mean exercise. Okay, so less than a third of your total intake of calories is burned up by your body's movements. But that actually isn't exercising anywhere between five and 10%. If exercise is the least effective way to burn calories, your body exists. When we talk about that 30 percent removal, you know what that is: keeping your body upright, breathing, your heart beating, your eyes moving around, just all this regular basic shit. That is where the vast majority over 80% Most likely over 90% of your daily calories are burned. doing regular ass function stuff and that type of movement, you go to the gym 10% So what is 10% If you eat 3000 calories a day 300 calories, you're gonna work your fucking ass off in the gym. And if weight loss is your only goal, 300 calories. So what I always tell people, guys who go to the gym do not burn nearly as many calories as you think you could run for two hours, two hours of running. And that'll burn off three bites of a Snickers bar. And that's by the way, that is the truth partner. So why work if you have injuries, perfect if you want to lose weight, and you don't want to get started, you're afraid of that level of commitment, commitment, not just money. It's time and effort, right? That's part of the equation. So a lot of people will deny you the sale in joining your gym and coming up with coaching because actually, they're afraid to fucking work hard physically, but they still want the results to sell them the thing that they don't have to work hard physically then perfect. And if they are willing to commit. So that's what we're talking about down, sell your down, sell your notes. You know, I just can't afford personal training. But you know, I'll tell you what, you know, you really want to get this weight off. Boom. 300 bucks right here, I'll send you off with this kind of a one off thing. It's a food plan and all the shit will work great for you go poof, done. Now you've sold them out the door, now you don't have to deal with their laziness. Yes, that's, that's a big, big win for you. Okay, and on the other side is when people are coming into your gym to lose weight and really ready to make that commitment. You can say, well listen, like you got to fix the food stuff too. Because exercising is great for overall health and conditioning and building muscle and all that stuff. But if we're talking about losing weight, you got to get your food, right? Because burning calories at the gym is not where that's done. Jim is where we build good looking muscles. Right, Jim is where we do get into shape, but you want to get a good physique. You gotta eat your way to that and you gotta do it right. Are you gonna be swimming uphill? You close everybody to that one concept that training is not as effective for burning calories, I suppose people think that piece. But that's on your fucking wall. And as you'll sell nutrition to everybody, everybody.

John Fairbanks 22:39

I want to give another free thing away

Tyler 22:41

Why are we doing this?

John Fairbanks 22:44

Because I think it's too good. Cuz you and I have complained about this for a long time. We also have not talked to anybody about this before. So this truly is brand new. How often do we notice that when a coach who has been a great coach for a number of years, becomes a gym owner, they get fat a lot. And I think that happens a lot. And when we look at coaches that have been coaches for years, and they end up getting lost in the rabbit holes of their learning. They get fatter, the training gets less whenever you want to sell anything. You are your number one case study you personally or your best case study. You probably shouldn't sell, get big and strong and get jacked. If you are 122 pounds soaking wet.

Tyler 23:51

You probably can't do all of it. But it's 100 people walking in off your street and I'm trying to sell get big or you're trying to or the average guy is trying to sell get big. I'm closing way more than that, dude. That's the fact so let's just be real. I don't want it, we don't, I want to make sure that nobody gets upset.

John Fairbanks 24:09

Yes, I understand. A little

Tyler 24:11

guys, it's gonna be okay. Right. It's a

John Fairbanks 24:15

The point that we're making is that a lot of times what I found is like a barrier that people will put up is, I've never done this before. So they lacked that confidence to move forward. If you have interest in wanting to be able to sell nutrition, just like you said, Tyler, it's what are you doing right now? If your nutrition is not on point, there's an easy way to start to say you know what, I want to sell a program 12 and 13 weeks from now. I'm gonna take a before picture of myself right now and week one. And then I'm going to take a photo of myself 12 weeks from now at week 12 as my big before and after that I can post and show that then allows me to sell that exact program to the next person that walks in. If you are a gym owner that has coaches, now you get the double down. Yep, get them all, because you can take everybody's before and after photo, and then immediately execute the exact same thing. Yeah, and now you have a bunch of before and afters, because everybody has some skin in the game to have some success for this. Because they're coaches that want to be able to have the opportunity to have more people come in and see. And then it's, it's just prime for Instagram

Tyler 25:39

posts. As you guys as a gym owner, too. This is one of the things John mentioned is you kind of let yourself go a little bit, you get busy, get lost in the sauce, you get stuck in the business side of things. It's normal, it's common, it whatever, I see it a lot, a lot of gym owners just train less their day, they're not able to keep their stuff as tuned up as it used to be. Well, this is a way to just make sure that you do it for the same reason that your clients, clients will spend money to make sure that they do it. Building planning on building and developing and selling a nutrition program is a great excuse for you to lose that 20 pounds you've been wanting to lose. So fine, decide how you're going to do it, do it, document it, replicate it and sell it because now you have to lose 20 pounds and make an extra $20,000 this year. I don't know. Like it's not the end. By the way, that number is probably low. If you're trying, if you're really trying. So sell nutrition, I don't know what to tell you guys, this, if you're not selling nutrition, you're fucking and by the way, we talked about this, if you're not selling more than your memberships, you're fucking up. The reason we addressed nutrition is it is the thing that when people come in, when people are wanting to join a gym, it's the thing that they're also most likely to want to do. And by the way, they will most likely say it's easier to sell nutrition, it's easier to sell nutrition than it is to sell gym memberships.

John Fairbanks 26:58

Because it's a consumable, it's consumable, you

Tyler 27:00

I can just do it, you just do it, I don't gotta go anywhere. It just tells me what to do when I do it. There's no responsibility on me other than following the thing. And you can make your thing as intuitive as you want. If you don't believe in macros, like my thing, personally, I don't really like macros as a lifestyle. But the way I tell people is, you know, we got it, you got to know you got to weigh your food, you got to count and weight measure and weigh your food for two weeks and the beginning of this. And then for another five weeks, you don't have to, and then you're gonna measure and weigh your food for two weeks, and then you're gonna go five weeks without and that's how we're doing this. Because the way I always tell them, if your car didn't have a speedometer, I bet you'd be going too fast a lot. Right? That's the truth. You just have to calibrate what you're doing with the reality of the situation every once in a while. So I don't believe in driving and staring at the speedometer the whole time and only worrying about the speed. For the exact same reasons. I don't fucking worry about making people weigh their food all the time. It's unsustainable and dumb and joyless. But man, and once while you got to figure you gotta get right with the world, you just got to you know, like, hey, let's not be deluded about what we're actually eating and doing. Pay attention to what you're putting in your body, pay attention to how fast you're going on the fucking road. Okay, this is the same thing. So I've just given a feeling or guarantee that with those few concepts, you'll be able to sell everything very well. I don't want to weigh my food. There's your objection. That's how you address that. Well, I don't want to you don't have to forever but you got to do it every once in awhile, so you know what the fuck you're doing. And yeah, this is it, but like we said, people will come in, and they already know that they need it. And that's the real reason that this is a thing you should be selling because they all walk in going, I need to eat better. Some of them are choosing to go to a gym so they don't have to address the fact that they need to be eating better. Absolutely. They just would rather outwork it than miss out on nine minutes of frenzied mouth pleasure ice cream before they go to bed or something. You know what I mean?

John Fairbanks 28:59

But I think it's important. It's your job as a coach, as a good coach and as a good gym owner that's working with your people. It's your job to reframe the horrible psychosis that general society is just imposing upon people when it comes to what we eat. Because there is the misnomer where it's like, Well, I gotta work out. Oh, I gotta man, you had a great you had somebody the other day was like Well, can I just add another workout? Yeah, like, I don't want to, I don't want to like, I don't want to, you know, I'm not hitting my number or want to hit my number, whatever it was, he's like, I would rather just just eat a little bit more and just throw in an extra workout.

Tyler 29:41

Yeah, you're like, wait finally started coming down. As a kid I have you come in for a fourth workout a week as you don't want to pay me four times a week. Because by the way, no matter how much I like you, I don't want to meet with you three times a week forever. That's the thing where we'll get you up to speed and I'll teach you what you got to do. But I don't want to do that. Not the same person. So I would rather get everybody up to speed. And Coach 20 people each one time a week, by the way, because then there's so there's a level of empowerment with this. So for me, that's where my first disconnect is. I want to see everyone that often but I'm married to you. But on the other side of it, it is really the truth is like, no. I said, No, you can't. And because the same thing we described, take three less bites, exactly. Stay home.

John Fairbanks 30:27

That's so crazy, all the

Tyler 30:29

wear and tear of adding a fourth workout. By the way, the way I teach is you're gonna die. Like I'm not, we're not doing like, I'm not trying to wreck your joints, but you can do a lot of muscle work, I'm not interested in coaching some casual partial effort, half cardio bullshit, you can do that without me. So I'm going to be there to make sure the shit gets done, and it gets real, and we go to a real nasty place, and it's productive and valuable. And that's what we do. But you ain't doing that four days a week, dude. So she's not at this eight or whatever, you know, that's that specific client stage. So it's just really, really important to frame that for people. So they know, because that's the lesson they need to learn. I have clients on both sides of the spectrum, I have two clients like that, who are more as more as more as more and they're people that have developed good discipline. Do you find these people in CrossFit a lot? They've developed good discipline, their habits, they'll show up five days a week. But they're kind of not really going that hard on any of them. Because if they really did, then they just hate themselves to go that way, five times a week. Or they're just kind of putting in 70% effort, five days a week, because getting off and checking the box makes them feel accomplished. And by the way, in the beginning, that's 90% of it. You fixed your sit at home on your ass dysfunction, you got that sorted. Now you show up to the gym six days a week. And I have people I have clients who did did that with cardio lost a ton of weight of cardio for five, six days a week, like crazy stuff, but not regular cardio, it's like sprint intervals, running hills, all this type of stuff, right? We start doing strength training. I caught a dude doing this at the gym. Like I'll see him when I'm coaching other clients. What do you do? Oh, I just felt like I know, and then I got stuff the other day and I won't you know, but I guess stuff was like, Oh, I was doing this deadlifting it's like we're dead lifting on Friday, your workout. So you'd have all my legs just felt good. I figured I kind of got a little bit and I said no. So then I had to put it down. And what it was he didn't understand. Even though I've said a million times to the person who just didn't quite understand that what you actually need to do is rest, that if we're trying to build muscle then the principles of cardio are practically the opposite of the principles of strength training, right? What is cardio, but not a catabolic event. Right going in and doing cardio is an hour of depleting and draining and your body's just gonna snatch up whatever it's got on it for fuel and it's not intense enough to switch to fucking this immediate sugar action like it's going to be if you're doing heavy training, and then in the end, you can kind of recover pretty quickly in the back out of that state. But that is what it is. That's what that and the higher intensity stuff is just that stuff and then that catabolic state extrapolates for longer. So when we get into this shit, where now you try to apply that to strength training, while just come in tomorrow, I'll do a little bit more because I feel good. No, how good would you have felt if you waited at the deadlifts and felt if you waited two more days until I saw you on Friday? A lot better. Now I'm dealing with your asset data for two days before but now you're not going to be near as strong, not near as high, not new. I should be and so you have to get that frame to these people. If you want to come in on another day. It's not about if you stay home that day, it's not about you not being disciplined. Okay, if you can't sit at home without hating yourself. That's not to say it's not related, right? You need to rest that is how if you want this thing to work, that's what you need to do, you can rest or go for fucking walk. If you think activity is the thing, don't do activity. That's counterproductive. Now that was a long roundabout way of there are many ways that you do in coaching to frame things for your clients in a way that makes sense to them. Because they don't know. They just don't know. And that some will mistake effort just like your clients. You have those kinds you coach five, six days a week in CrossFit and group classes and what are you going to do tell him to go fuck home? Tell him you Doc allowed him to calm me. I just canceled the appointment. Because it's personal trainers and we're not doing that. I'm not accepting that appointment. But you don't have that luxury. They're walking through the door that book the class, what do you do? You put caps on it? I don't know. That's the whole thing. But what you can do is tell them what you are trying to get done? You're gonna wear your shit out here so much for having a conversation, wait till shit breaks and then be like, you're coming in here a lot. What are you trying to do? Well, just like coming, what are you trying to do? Get over this weight off or maybe want to build a little muscle. You know, that's not how you're going to do that. Right? Bingo and off you go. And now you've presented a solution and two to two of the problems now that they wanted, they've created in another one that they've always had. But that reframing is really important. So guys, you cannot just let your clients run amok. But also understand that this thing that they want is you should be selling them for sure. So don't sell them 10 personal training sessions a week because they want it but you sure as shit should sell them nutrition as an alternative to that

John Fairbanks 35:00

because you'll make more money, one, and two, you'll get them better results. So you really are going to hit all, you're going to hit all the major points, you want to make sure you're doing better by your people. But you also need to make sure you're putting money in your pocket. And God dammit, if these people keep showing up to every single class that I have, I'm going to run out of fucking time or I'm going to have to hire a new coach, you can solve a lot of problems by instead of selling people what they want, sell them what they need, and help them realize, listen, this is how we switch it. And it starts with exactly as you said, Tyler, it starts with this nutritional piece. Because it doesn't matter if you want to look like the Hulk. Or you want to look like Ant Man. Here's the thing, it's going to be there. And the

Tyler 35:51

Another thing out there is that if you look on the internet, there are a bazillion food plans that people can buy. There's free stuff, there's all sorts of free shit out there that a person, a client, if a person gets out there and is looking for nutrition advice, or nutrition program or nutrition coaching, they're gonna find it. If they've come to you for weight loss, and they haven't pulled the trigger on one of those things. Just you are, you have all of their trust, because you're the person in front of them. Because they just know they can look you in the eye and that you're not this is that that online nutrition coaching thing is so oversaturated that the only capacity, I have a strategy and Tony talked this about hunting, I'm not dropping this one in this plan. But that's the only capacity with which I would consider selling remote nutrition for a gym is in that way that I was talking about somebody the other day, you want to add on that line to get in the gear Academy. But other than that, I would have no desire to offer that thing. Because you're building it, you're just a shark SOC just full of sharks already. Why bother getting involved in that you're never ever going to be able to rise above, I would say 2017 1818 was probably the peak last time where you should have had a very big, very large scale nutritional coaching system with a brand that people already recognized in a famous person's name. Beyond that point, there's no point in getting in and becoming an online nutrition coaching guru. It's too saturated. Nobody can ever know good from bad if you're looking for the search. So when people are looking you in the eye, and they'd have not heard a nutrition coach, they're almost a lock. Because it means they've just stayed away from all this stuff, because it's confusing. So once they come to you, they trust you. They're in there, they're committed, they're at least invested enough to have a conversation with a person, which is a big, much bigger investment in 2022 than people think. Guys, I think that's got us wrapped up. I think that's it. So sell nutrition, what the hell and to quit thinking about it, go out there and do it. But just do it. Start selling it figuring out what you're going to do because you were charging two memberships? Can you double your membership price? And you think people still buy either? If you double your membership will 90% of your new leads still purchase? or 90% of the people you close still? Except that price? I don't think so. So this is how you do it. How can I make twice as much money as I am now? You're welcome. So go out there, get out there and do it. join the Facebook group links in the description. You can follow me on instagram photographers don't follow John at J mix FL follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. Thanks a lot for listening to everybody and we'll see you next week.

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