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Simple & Affordable Marketing That WORKS!

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​Today’s topic: marketing advertising – 0:00
  • ​Playing the game where the rules always change - 2:45
  • ​Why you should be willing to try and see what happens - 8:00
  • ​Don’t pop up classes in your gym - 12:42
  • ​Wacky inflatable flailing arm men are cheaper than you think - 17:11
  • ​Targeting the audience you want to serve - 22:28
  • ​Why you need to write it all down - 27:50
  • ​Why you need to set up a booth at every trade show - 32:21
  • ​Who are the influencers in your community? How can you start to share with them? - 36:03


Tyler 00:00

Ladies and gentlemen, we skip the intro we're jumping right into today . Welcome gym owners Podcast. Today we're going to talk about marketing, advertising and how it doesn't need to be the big scary, digitally confusing mess of shit that you're used to thinking of. When guys, gym owners, when you guys think about running ads, you should just usually when we talk to people about running ads fear something comes up. I don't know if I have to hire it. It sounds expensive. And by the way, that is pretty much all true. But the landscape of marketing is changing, it always has changed. Like all things fitness and all things in the world. What is old eventually becomes new. What is outdated eventually becomes cool. And there are ways far beyond just running Facebook ads that confuse you in a system that you don't understand and spending money that hurts your goddamn feelings that something that you don't understand. And so we're gonna talk about those things today. How to take marketing into the real world and have it worked for you guys, before we get going make sure you follow the show on Instagram at the gym owners podcast com follow me on Instagram at Tyler episode and John over there. Hi, John. How can they find you?

John Fairbanks 01:10

I Tyler You guys can find me on Instagram at Jay banks, f l

Tyler 01:15

use the link in our description. And you're gonna find a Facebook group where we have the gym owners revolution, we got a community of gym owners, we're building a big network of gym owners able to bounce ideas off, you know, come up with best practices, figure out what works, what doesn't work and share some stories. So let's get into marketing. John, one of the things we talk about with gym owners all the time, is when are you ready to win? Are we ready to run ads? Oh, I gotta run ads? Do I need to run ads? I hate running ads. I don't know about it. Most gym owners don't want to and probably shouldn't be messing with Facebook Ad Manager, correct?

John Fairbanks 01:51

No way. I'm not unless you have a whole bunch of time to learn a whole bunch of shit. Because I want you to learn it. That's it. There's nothing that's been more extreme when it comes to marketing, and ad spend when you start talking about Google ads, or Facebook ads, or any of this digital marketing piece, the goalposts get moved all the fucking time. And it's really not clear how much we tell you you've done so much work in the social media space, specifically, of creating content and building brands. I feel like the work that we've done together 30% of the time, you were just updating us on how the algorithm was shifting and how nobody's really fucking sure what it is. And he was constantly changing.

Tyler 02:48

Basically running any internet ads on social media, even just doing conventional free organic social media action, trying to get yourself a little bit of traction is kind of like playing the game of basketball where the rules always change. Meaning the way you're going to prioritize the way you play, the game is going to change a lot with three pointers now worth six points. If free throws are worth four, but then all of a sudden that changes and those are worth one but layups are worth four, this becomes very different your product, your resources have to change, where you put your efforts need to change the way you play, the game has to constantly change because the rules, not only the rules of the algorithm, but literally the rules of what you're allowed to do for ads, how it starts pulling what your money actually gets you and the different categories that you can play in, changes fucking almost every week, when I was really, really hands on with that type of stuff on the back end, and you spent some time there too, in Facebook ads, when we're like crawling through running ad campaigns and doing this stuff, what you find is that you have to be completely plugged in to what's going on in that world. Constantly, I was having to listen to podcasts, probably two or three of them a day on just the updates to the system. And then I would have the ideas of how to play the game a little better. And then two weeks later, whatever concepts I was building my strategies around would have to be changed because the rules change again, the rules change again, and now you have to be this tall to ride and it's just everything it's. It's really frustrating. And I don't blame gym owners for wanting to keep us either stay away from it or doing the other thing which is just being really hands off and throwing money at the problem. If you got money. You need a market you should be marketing should be trying to get people you should always be trying to get new people. But what are you going to do if it's confusing and too confusing for you to start sinking money into? What is the solution? Right. One of the guys we work with directly on ads, the amount of money that he charges is a lot you're going to use. He requires you to spend anywhere from two to $3,000 a month in ad spend alone. And also it's $12,000 upfront for him to set up everything to operate it and then to run it during that first three months meaning you're looking at 18 to 20 grand to go, do you have the pockets to start that with your gym for just three months and hope that it works? What if your offer sucks? What if you're totally irrelevant? How many $150 memberships did you get to sell? To pull that off? Right? That's tough. And then how do you fulfill it? At that rate, this is where we run into that whole issue with how you gotta have all your ducks in a row, so that you don't have to do this high stakes, confusing game that you're running and blind to what you can do. There's a lot of traditional marketing stuff, we talked about the beginning, what's old is new.

John Fairbanks 05:35

And Facebook is really good. And marketing. So, because there's the platform you're at, because most of your members are there, and clients, and that's where a lot of the communications are happening. And whether you're on Instagram, or Facebook, you are getting solicited to run ads all the fucking time. So it's almost as though the digital marketing piece of what we're talking about, has become synonymous with ads. But it wasn't that long ago, when I thought of an ad. It wasn't Facebook or Google. They were the commercials that I was trying desperately to skip with Tebow. Yeah. Like, that's what advertising was, like, oh, shit, or it's whatever the really annoying fucking commercials were on the radio that prompts me to then change the channel. And it is also the reason why I have a premium Spotify subscription. So I don't have to listen to the ads.

Tyler 06:41

Yeah, it's also the same reason why I have the i Every I can afford it. But I still, every one to three months, create a burner Google account, so that I could have a YouTube premium. Because guys, YouTube would be here still watching ads on YouTube, you're fucking up, just create a frivolous YouTube YouTube account over and over and over and over again, you don't have to pay it. It's like 15 bucks. And it is worth it if you watch a lot of YouTube. But back to the issue of marketing, it's kind of off putting because it's everywhere if you're seeing ads all the time, but there's ways to do it that are a bit more if you put your gym in this place, and you're offering your good communication style. In some of these places. You're gonna see like, Man, this actually would be pretty appealing, I think to an end user.

John Fairbanks 07:23

Will is more accessible than people realize. Yes, to do good marketing doesn't have to be paid advertising. And assurance. Buck doesn't have to be digital.

Tyler 07:33

And it doesn't have to be intrusive. Digital Advertising is intrusive, and it sucks TV advertising is intrusive, and it sucks. Radio advertising. I have podcasts. I've placed my voice in my immense distaste for radio and where they're headed for a lot of years. Right? So you're spending money on radio, there's plenty of places where we can get a good return on it. I'm not interested. Okay, your gym can do good with radio ads, too, right? But just understand where the hell are they getting their numbers from? Think about that. Right? Can they tell you anything? I don't fucking know how many people are listening to this. So you can dip your toes in that water and don't jump headfirst. But that's not a terrible idea. Want to have some talk, talk about it. Run something during a busy time during the commute, have some good coffee, figure out how to make a good offer. And then just see you can try it you should be trying things at like almost anything, you should be willing to try and see what happens because that is I Hate to break it to you. Even if you get into the digital marketing space and you're running Facebook ad campaigns. Do you know what that consists of? Trying a thing, seeing how it works, trying a different version of seeing how it works, leaning into the one that works better, and then splitting that into a few things. And then the rules change? Do you do that? Oh, this is what that is, is constantly just trying a new thing. On the same platform.

John Fairbanks 08:46

Oh, and also Tyler, if it's election season, you might as well stop touching Facebook completely.

Tyler 08:52

Let's be real. We have midterm elections coming up in two months. You think how many people are looking to Facebook to like having positive interactions, none. They're either looking to ignore everything that they're seeing post pictures of their kid like, they're definitely not interested in fucking feeling positivity or trying to make a change in their life. Not that's not what Facebook's for right now Facebook is to weaponize your fear and rage and make sure that you hate the people around you. And don't turn that hatred towards the government. Because this is the year you got to pick your favorite. And so that's how this goes. So Facebook is going to suck for at least two months. And probably you'll have a little bit of a lull where it'll be less divisive. I doubt it. I doubt it. And then in two more years, it's gonna be that way again for probably eight months as we take a big run up at the election. So that's what Facebook's gonna be for Facebook is for rage and fear. Okay,

John Fairbanks 09:44

so don't think you're selling either of those. Not your jam. But let's talk about what you mentioned about radio Tyler. Oh, good, good. Good. Yep. You mentioned radio. And why is radio even though like you said, you've given negative opinions about radio and the direction it's going But that's certainly from our perspective of where we live kind of more in a digital space. If you are a local brick and mortar gym, and you want to reach the people in your community, that's where radio starts to come in. Yes. Yeah. When there's more so if we think about those traditional ways of reaching people, man, holy shit. Yeah, I am in a neighborhood where a bunch of people still get a goddamn newspaper.

Tyler 10:27

Yeah. If you want to jump on the real value for a lot of people, if you want to make a global brand and national brand or regional brand, Facebook's your best way to reach a million people. You don't need to reach a million people. You can't serve as a million people or you don't want less you're trying to make an influencer play. You got to be more interesting than you probably are. You know, it's true. But radio Guess who's listening to Radio people within that range? That immediately narrows it up? That's why it had value in the beginning. Right? Yeah. My issue is with the metrics, meaning you're going to have to very much quantify, find out everybody that you do close from that campaign, or whatever that specific offer is that you track what you spent on those ads that you run with radio, and you need to know, like the outcomes are a true able to be attributed to that campaign, whatever that may be, maybe just a specific offer that you send out for the rate. And maybe it's just a 15% discount on your first month. Just to get there. Whatever that is, you need to know or you need to be asking everybody who comes in your door, it's another good reason, something you should do anyways. Oh, how'd you find out about us or what made you come in here today, but you need to know that it needs to be a Boxes Check. I got a lead that came in this week. This one was from the radio, so I closed him at this rate. This one was from a Facebook post, this one was a referral, you should be tracking all of that stuff. My issue with radios is if you don't track that yourself, if you're just talking about your business, they come on down and say hi, we do this and we do that. If you don't have an offer that you can really pin down to, you have no fucking idea because they're going to tell you that 200,000 People heard your ad today. And they don't have a fucking clue. Okay, and a lot of its offices and airports and shopping malls and gyms with 50 people like, like those numbers that they give are not are the numbers they're going to give you are bullshit. Okay, and you can't and they're gonna give you the numbers you want to hear, which is the same thing Facebook as it's like chasing reach, okay, you're not selling reach, you're selling memberships and services. So if what you're putting out there doesn't convert to memberships or services that you can track where it came from, it's not worth your effort. So but that needs to apply to everything that you do, meaning, let's go to some easier. Here's a concept that was brought up to me via this guy so WTF Stewart browsers WTF Gym talk. He's a he's probably like a direct competitor to us on a lot of things. But he's been in the game a long time. He knows his shit. And I'm not gonna fuck i There's one thing I appreciate more than anything else that I respect more than anything else. It's a goddamn good idea. All right, there's so I will never shit on a good idea. Because it wasn't mine. I'll tell you that. So one of the things he brought up, he's like some of these really traditional marketing pieces. Like, if you're gonna have popup classes, which is the thing that kind of works, right? But don't pop up in your gym like outdoor park park class did you do to be seen? What is the purpose of running Facebook ads to be seen running ads on TV to be seen so people know your gym? Right? They know that it exists? They see it they see the people. So don't pop up classes in your fucking gym is just you might as what's the point? What is the point? I don't know. Like we're popping up where

John Fairbanks 13:27

I hope people are gonna wander into the place. They

Tyler 13:30

don't get it. Yeah, so you're not attracting anyone new. It's just a free class, which is fun. But if you're gonna do something like that, when the weather's nice, right? Outside in the park, park workouts are great. There. You can be very approachable. It can be fun cardio stuff a little bit. Yes, you're not gonna go out there and do max squat reps and clean and jerks and shit in the park. It's not gonna attract anyone. But if you want to attract some normal people with a product you have that I hope works for regular folks. If you're selling fitness to fit people, good luck. I hope you have a big market. But those Park workouts are great. But one of the things you can't just be out there a bunch of people exercising in the park, you also don't want to have your park workouts feel exclusive to where it's just your members working out outside. How do you get over that there was one of the local spots and towns run by the YMCA. So I kind of don't give a fuck about their thing. It's a business. It's a CrossFit gym that's nonprofit. So it's this I kind of don't care. Because whatever that kind of cut in the throat contributes. It's a very low standard. I'm not into it. But they had their little thing where they had this little spot downtown and they did their workouts and they were doing the thing, but it was like just their members getting to work outside. Like how welcoming is that everybody's in their costumes, their fitness costumes, sweating and dying and looking hard. How many new leads you're gonna get from that and maybe some of those people brought a friend but that's not the big attraction that you want after making efforts for marketing. So the effort for marketing that you can do when you're going to do your part workouts is put up some fucking signs that lead People know what's going on. Okay? Create a Facebook event. By the way, I don't know where you're at here. Facebook events suck. Now it's way worse. Navigating is worse. They're not used much anymore. But it still is the thing you should do because it costs you no money. Okay? Great a Facebook event saying we're having a free community workout in the park. Come check it out. If you want to know what's up. We're going to do it this Saturday, this time. Let it make it in that thing. And though it's Welcome to the public, encourage all your members to share that event. You can shoot that out via email, I've given this away. Fuck, whatever guys go lucky with this strategy. I'm gonna give it to you, right? But these are the layers that matter right? Having pop up classes and fogging mean anything if you don't add these layers, right. So add the layers, have your email all your members post about it on social media, create the event, ask people to share that event on Facebook, ask people to share it on their Instagram stories. Tell them to be inviting, it needs to be welcoming. It does not need to just be people exercising in the park. Now signage outside the meeting so that no Walker passers by should be somewhere people go people want to see. So that even if people aren't going to join you on that day, you want to be after by the end of the summer, you want people to go man, I see you guys everywhere. And that was the piece that Mr. Brower was talking about. He was putting up you know those like feather signs you can get on like six foot a foot 10 foot shorts, just like a post sitting in the ground is very portable. And once you get the base you can replace the fabric or the sign of the feather essentially into almost anything but you can have a free workout with your logo on the thing and put a couple of them up out there where you are. You're welcome to join. Come on and have somebody there with a smile on their face. Yeah, like sign the waiver. You know, introduce yourself, hey, get started to kind of work with you should be able to attract some new people, get them to get leads, get them talking, have fun, by the way, a good workout when you haven't worked out in a while. You know, it may be hard. But you know you walk away from that going, Oh man, I really do feel better. For the rest of that day. They're happy that they came across you. But by the end of the summer you want people saying man I've seen you guys everywhere you guys are working out in the park. I heard you got the gym, you have that thing. And that is a simple way to make your little fun things in the park. Really work by tightening up the efforts you have beforehand. make it efficient for getting leads. And it's like some feel good community shit. It's everything you did you got into the group fitness business to have the right rules.

John Fairbanks 17:21

One of those big balloon guys Tyler saw it all over

Tyler 17:25

the place. So not only did we look into this, there are so much more affordable wacky inflatable flailing arms to man or whatever. A lot more affordable than you think. 150 To 250 bucks and they rock. They totally rock. I also watched that movie, that Jordan Peele movie Nope, this week, the elite have not seen that one yet. The alien invasion one. And there's a lot of wacky flailing arm flailing and two men in there, that's awesome. No, but for real, that's cool. You have that couple that is the feather on the corner of the park. Well, your people are there at a good intersection. Like, that's awesome. If I end up promoting an event, attention for sure. Of course. And by the way, you're not going to convert everybody. But you know how much that costs you you're gonna do that work out in the park anyway, because it's good for you. It's good for your community, it's fun, it's a change of pace. It is an attractor that costs you no money. None. And you can have some of these, anytime you're gonna get these feathers or these outdoor signs that are portable, you can get one that says open house or open to the public or free join for free or come with whatever your thing is. Have it out in front of your gym to depend on your city's laws, right. So every time people drive by, there's that big feather sign couple of them out in your street, they're gonna see him as a drive by over and over and over again. That's how you can do front of mine advertising without spending 10s of 1000s of dollars on front of mine advertising, I worked at a business that had to do front of my front of mine advertising with the mark that we were in. And you just have to use pure saturation as the name of the game. And guys in a business's membership based service base, you will shit your pants if you knew how much money that costs. To just be, you know, if you're when your furnace breaks to just be like in your town to be when your furnace breaks go, what is the one company you think of? And that's that cost of fortune. Okay, the cost for us to acquire new clients on average was like, basically they would have to do business with us two or three times in order for us to make it back. But if you're good at your job, they will know, so that's just how to make your park workouts work, right just a pop up class you want to make it work do that, that will absolutely work and a very welcoming public pop up thing. We talked with some of our gym owners in the Gear Academy about that, specifically to the other one that I liked a lot. I found out that mass phenomics billboards are a lot cheaper than you think. And by the way, if you look around, I don't know about you, but maybe it may just be my market. None of the gyms in our area have billboards, they have their signage, but there's just a billboard that every time so someone drives by. They had to hit them like shit, I should join a gym. That seems like a good offer. It seems like a nice place it looks, whatever, whatever the billboard is, should be concise. But like every time they drive by they Oh shit, I should join a gym shit. I could join a gym, I want to join a gym. That place looks like the type of gym I would like to join. And I think that finding a way to make billboards work is like, it's almost me when I met Jim, I never considered it ever, not even once because I was intimidated. I thought it was really expensive. And for high rollers. And yeah, having a nice premium location with hundreds of 1000s of people driving by all the time, maybe that costs more. But I think you can do

John Fairbanks 20:41

more than what though? Jack? Yeah, that's

Tyler 20:45

yeah, he was almost 20,000. Those were the billboards gonna get you. Fuck, you know. So that is a thing. People are gonna people are now they're just hip to ignoring advertising. They're hip to ignoring Facebook ads, their hips just scrolling past you. Nobody pays attention to anything they see on a YouTube ad. It's 5432, Skip, right. That's what it is. There's no nothing. And maybe there's some return on it that I don't know. But I, most people, are hip to it. So you just need to go back to playing the game. Maybe you can just do it a little bit differently. You make a billboard, and it's just different from what other people's is. You just have it be good. There's no other gyms in your space. So speaking on fitness alone makes you the only one that they're seeing. I would love it if you're hearing this advice out here, like tag us in it, put up a billboard, less than $1,000 most likely will get you a couple months. a month or two, for sure. And just see what happens and have a very specific offer. Have the honor, it can be funny, and can be clever. It could just be whatever. But it should be welcoming and should be really easy on the eyes. And it's not that fucking hard. It really isn't tattered. These guys put some two up here they've done in the last couple years, two billboards for a business that's not even local, just for fun, because it's funny. They did it for content for the fucking a brand. It's not even around here. They just did it so they could take pictures in front of it. And it had. And of course now I don't think they'll do it again, because they got so much action locally, people asking about it like what is this? What is this about? You know, I did not want to talk. I don't want to talk to people about this thing here. Right. But as a gym owner, you want to be talking to people about this thing. So don't rule those things out. And John mailings the other one?

John Fairbanks 22:28

Yeah, mailing. And this really is kind of two different pieces. A lot of the traditional marketing that we're talking about, it already solves one of the more difficult pieces that you're trying to achieve digitally, which is targeting the audience that you want to serve. Now remember, episodes ago, you and I reflected on the many reasons why the boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and everybody else joined a gym. And it was the number one reason why someone joins a gym, in every category is how close it is to where they live, or how close it is to where they work. The number one and since you know that that's the number one reason why someone picks the gym they go to, you want to just target the people that are in and around the area your gym is. You can't get better than a radio that can only go so far. Newspapers that speak very specifically to a population of where they live, and a fucking billboard that's within a couple miles of where your gym is located. You immediately are targeting your exact audience to get that granular and get that good. How many times have we seen folks run digital ads or Facebook ads Tyler and somebody doesn't even fucking speak the same language as they are live in the same country is just fill out a form to fucking be interested to join your gym.

Tyler 24:11

We've seen fit. We've seen digital campaigns spit back stuff that I'm almost certain is bots that are just manipulating your outcomes. How many leads? Yeah, it's, I think they're just playing a larger game. And when they're trying to get a person on the phone every time it shows his face very clearly, like oh, these aren't even real people. So that's that's the game we're up against versus let's talk about traditional like direct mailing, yet. Rail marketing, you can chart you can charge by or you can direct mail to just a zip code, if you like, or specific mailing routes, literally you can pick around neighborhoods. Yeah. And so this is the exercise that we help some of our you know, coaches or owners in the gym Academy do which is we go through and just help them identify like I pulled me your top 10 biggest spenders that you have in your gym, maybe and then we'll identify some of those that are also what about influencers, people that are maybe a not influencers on the internet, but a pivot point within their community who you get this guy, you get his his wife, his business partners, his co workers. And then you end up with this cascade. I know this, I had one family in my gym that was single handedly responsible for almost 30 members. And it started out with my good friend and a sister who joined, and then their brother, and their wife, and all their and then their nephews, and then their cousins, and then their bosses. And then they're found in almost 30 People strictly because of them and all and then their friends come in, all you really need is to identify the right field. So you can do that with people that have influence and reach. Where do they live? Identify the makeup profile of that person, not truly that person, but have that type of person. Just so you know who those people are in your gym, identify what are the names? What do they do? Where do they live? You got their address, I hope? Where do they live? What neighborhood do they live in? Where do they go for work? Who else works there? Who do they work with directly? What things do they like to do? So you can decide if we're going only on location? Perfect? Well, I know where they live, I've identified some of these people that I'd like to talk to, you might find some trends, but there's a few neighborhoods right there that I can just pick and you may spend $300, then that'll what it'll take, it'll get to all of those people in their doorstep, make it a great offer. By the way, this is the one time where I would be okay. I don't like Groupon. I don't like a full discount or any of this shit. But let somebody come in like, hey, come in, and we'll talk to you for free. Or we'll do a consultation about this or come and do a free class, bring a friend so you're more comfortable or do it on your own, but have some more advanced thing, have a QR code that goes right to a maybe a scheduling form that, Hey, you want to meet with us right away, boom, take a picture of this, and schedule and we'll come and talk to you. You know, we also just let them know what you do. Go to your website and link to your social media, there's a ton of different ways you can direct this from call to actions to whatever the specific offer is. Your mailer can pop really easily by simply not being a boring political postcard, I'd recommend just going with a matte version of what your Jim's color theme is just one big bold color. And boom, off you go and say a few things, get them close, and then just see what you get, you'll spend a few 100 bucks. And then you're gonna see what you get back. And I think you'd be really, really, really surprised. And you can just rinse, repeat, same neighborhood, different neighborhoods. But now what you're doing is playing the game, and you're playing a game at a high rate of return. A game that I hope will make sense to you after I just explained that right? This is a service, you go right to And they'll have full things like direct mailing mapping tools, they'll have all the stuff you need for going to every single door or being very, very particular. You can do it all. Through them. It's awesome.

John Fairbanks 27:50

Write it down. Father has given you all the things

Tyler 27:53

Yeah, yeah, write it down. But you know, this is the thing in the gear Academy, we throw these ideas out your way what we do when we get into gear Academy, as I know we do it. Here you go do this. Next week, did you get this perfect, we're going you're doing you're doing you're doing I'm gonna give you this idea. And you know how many of you are going to do this next week? None. If you do, I like you, but you're not going to do it. I've heard you've heard, you've heard this wonderful technique that I've just given you multiples, that will give you money that will replace the need for you to sink money and so shit you don't understand. And you're hearing me right now and you're not gonna fucking do it. Okay, so if that's you getting the fucking gear Academy, we'll make sure you do it because we're gonna hold you and make sure you were put your feet to the fire. But that's what you gotta do.

John Fairbanks 28:33

There's one more piece then we're talking about direct marketing. Yeah. And this bleeds into a little bit of network marketing as well. And I think about event marketing and network marketing. Those two phrases, I think, get a really bad rap for really good reasons. Yeah, because we've all been invited to someone's house. And then before you know it, they're now selling me this vacation club thing that I can join. So I can go on seven cruises a year. And I just need to join under him, or come on over some other fucking supplement

Tyler 29:12

by some by some fucking vegan supplements. So all

John Fairbanks 29:17

of those things are network marketing, multi level marketing. And event marketing can oftentimes give you a bad taste in your mouth. And we've talked about this before, especially when it comes to selling fitness or selling nutrition. Just because someone has done something badly, does not mean that the thing that they are trying to sell is the problem. They were the problem. And that's what we have to make sure that you apply this to event marketing. So whether they're trade fairs or exhibitions or conferences or sporting events, active anything that's happening around your community, the people that live in your community in and around it are at those places. So if you have the ability, like you say all the time, you have the ability to be charming, to set up a booth to have some items to be able to interact with people and be a goddamn human. You have the ability to walk away with a whole bunch of leads and have a whole bunch of goodwill. And again, everyone says, God, damn, I've seen

you guys, everywhere. You're at the Fall Festival. You're at the Oktoberfest event. I saw you guys working out in the park. Like this is fucking awesome.

Tyler 30:34

Yeah, you guys are always nice. Seems like everyone's having fun. You know how hard it is to get that across on fucking Facebook ads when people are just trying to go yell about the President. That's the whole thing. And you're fighting an uphill battle. So I want to give away the event thing. I'll tell you about the event. It's fun. It'll be fun. This is a good strategy. That'll work if you got the balls to do it. Right. So one of the things you can do, right, we talked about trade shows things like this. Now, identify like, oh, there's a health and thing fair that's going on here. Right? If there's one that's very much in the health space? Sure. Maybe you should be around the right health and wellness type thing. However, those people are probably all on some health and wellness tip already. Right? You're trying to sell health and wellness to healthy people. Cool. Right. Good luck.

John Fairbanks 31:18

They have a big market.

Tyler 31:19

Yeah, I hope you got a lot of them around. But one of the things I saw just going around here, this is the little small town, South Dakota County Fair. I was running through and there's tons of booths, there's booths for everything, like people selling copper bracelets that magnetically somehow don't make a guy able to push you over. You know, there's all that type of stuff. There's scams that are oil, there's politicians, there's government offices, people selling seed clothes, there's all this stuff, right? Something for everybody in this thing. The question is now what is this event because you almost set up my gym at a county fair, where people are going to be corndogs. First off, there's plenty of shame that goes on with eating the food that's out there. First off, if you want to think of that type of event, right, but you know, who goes to those things, everyone. That's everyone. So everyone in your area, everyone in your region goes to that thing, even people from outside your reach. Now, in this case, specifically, this strategy, I literally my wife, and I might do this next year. And if you don't, if you do it before me and beat my beat my numbers on this, I'll fucking, we'll put something together for you. But I am half tempted to go through and as I was walking through this, I just needed to set up a booth here for this so easy for personal training, it doesn't cost that much money to have those booths at those shows, it might be a couple 100 bucks. Right? All you need is a couple decent pieces of signage. This is a piece of the gym launch folks used to always talk about to is, instead of opening a brick and mortar gym, if you had to do it all over again, you know what some of them a lot of a lot of people would say they do is they would just sell nutrition coaching and remote coaching out of just an office. And they would just get set up and put transfers before and after photos around them and have a decent offer and just come in and run ads and sell, right? So extract the pieces that fit your ethic, and your ethos. And mine would be all set up here, put some transformation photos, some client reviews, big text, all the stuff and just say great premium personal training. Tyler, Megan. Okay, that's easy. A lot of these people are not local, so they're not going to be able to come. Right? That's their excuse. But most of them are probably willing to buy some sort of eight or 12 week nutrition coaching thing very easily that you want to lose some weight, let's talk right, and you can talk to somebody about it and they're gonna walk away interested at the very least try and take your card. You will crush I will guarantee I could close 10 To 10 to 30 new clients in two days for sure. Me. And I would almost be willing to bet XL 50 to 100 remote nutrition things. Just people just keep piling through those things. And you know, who is it Midwest county fairs, people who got some weight to lose that more people

John Fairbanks 33:50

fared as well. So one of the fairs that's here for us. We have the indoor, you know, barn facility.

Tyler 33:57

Yes, this is what I'm talking about as an indoor Expo de force.

John Fairbanks 34:01

You can't get to the fair, until you funnel through all the vendors, you have to go through the vendors. So that's where you find stop, just like you're pointing out Tyler don't obsess about the topic of the event itself.

Tyler 34:16

Who's there is the Illumina how is it structured man,

John Fairbanks 34:19

they make it to where it's easy for you to be able to be accessed by people's eyeballs. Do they have to walk by you? Yeah, do you have a thing for the fucking kids? Like, that's all the

Tyler 34:29

works for trade shows a lot. By the way here. You know, we have a local home builders show here that has CBD booths and food products and booths and stuff set up. It's just the kind of people who go so you can set up stuff that's not necessarily a part of the thing. So don't rule out those types of events. You know, if we want to get new members, you should be willing to talk to people and be seen and you better get good at that piece. So figuring that out. I don't know, I don't know if I should do that next year. Just that I should do it just if I have the bandwidth to take on the clients that we come from, maybe I'll just prioritize selling the remote nutrition thing. But a piece by the way, if it's not all people that are locally, you need to have a product where you can down sell your knows it's a big concept. We always say, Well, no, I don't live here. I'll be perfect but you did just say you're hoping to lose some weight and that you had some trouble with food? Well, perfect if you or I can't afford to work with you, right? I can't afford to work with you. Perfect. Well, you did say you wanted to lose some weight. Right? And you have some trouble with food. So for 300 bucks here, I'll send his one time deal. get you all set up your food plan, your things, a little bit of habit stuff. I'll work with you, you know, remotely for four weeks, and then you have the plan to run with forever. Right? That's a very, very easy sales proposition. Give me your card. We'll get you signed up right now. No, okay, perfect. Here's my business card. Let's chat. Boom, off you go. So that is a very easy, very, very, very underutilized sales method for gym owners, in my opinion, your gyms in your community, what are you doing in your community to be seen? Nothing. Cool, you know, you're gonna get,

John Fairbanks 36:03

we're gonna work. There's one last piece that we've talked about Tyler, when it comes to these more traditional styles of marketing. And I think it goes really well hand in hand. And when we're talking about these community based events, and network marketing, and so this is where network marketing is where don't think about it as your networkers, everybody that sells the same supplement powder. But instead it's going to be who's in your goddamn network? Yeah. Who are the people that have connections, either with you personally, with your location or with your members? And how can you start to share with those people? You understand that influencers? You used the phrase earlier? And we have to now differentiate what we're talking about? No, no, we're not talking about influencers on Instagram. Yeah, well, guess what that goddamn phrase got stolen by the folks on Instagram. To be an influencer? It had nothing to do with the digital space at all. If you were a major player, a politician in your community or an influencer in the community, or you are, you've owned a business, and that business has been a staple in your community for the last 75 years. They are a major influencer in your community,

Tyler 37:22

if people listen to you, if so I identified people who are influencers, influencers, how many people trust them. And how many people do they reach on a regular basis? You know, if those numbers, those numbers are high, and the type of trust is high, you're set, that's that's a great target for you to identify, like, you break down your gym right now, we talked about this before, but like, you know, medical professionals, for me, it was huge. I had like, Fuck, I don't know, probably another 20, or 30 of our members were all hospital employees, hospital staff, from varying degrees, from nurses, to doctors, to surgeons to all this stuff. And those are very, very valuable customers. Why? Because they're all spent a lot of time together at work, they all seem to need to prioritize health, they also all work really hard to have really high stress jobs. So they'd like to come in and de-stress at the end, meaning they come in feeling good, and their stress is reduced from their work because they got that from their work because of their workouts. Because they feel better, healthier. They're going to talk about it. And so they have a lot of influence in their community. And you know, what else they have is a lot of people who come in needing to get healthier too. And so find out people who are brokering influence in your town, identify them and make a move. It's, it's, that's a you guess you can take this, all the stuff that we've given you, I hope is practical today, and I went way into the weeds on the execution, right? I won't make you do it and hold you accountable for making sure that next week, it's ready to go and that you're doing it now and that you're getting results. And you're processing the data that you got to get into gear Academy. But we can, but I sure can. I sure can. So I'll give you this stuff away for free. At some point, you're gonna have to tell me, thank you. But for now, I do want to know you if you if you want to take the stuff we've given you for free this value, run with it and get returned, just tell me because one of the most valuable things for me one is knowing that the stuff we're doing is having a reach and an impact out in the world. The second thing is I want the data. The data matters to me, this strategy worked this well. If you're doing it and you're not paying us at the very least let me know how it worked. Let me know how many people responded. Let me know how many people bought. Let me know how this works. So at the very least you throw a little something my way. So I can, you know, refine the system as we go. I think that's got it guys. Don't let ads be scary. Don't let it be fucking something that you run away from because you don't understand it. Just do the version of it that you understand

John Fairbanks 39:40

on that topic. Don't let the ads be scary. Don't let Facebook be the only thing that you're trying to do when it comes to this piece. Start doing all these things first, that are way more accessible. Because the fact is if you are going to work with somebody that really does know what they're talking about when it comes to social media, they really can be trusted. And they're not gonna fucking rob you rob you blind because you don't know what the fuck is going on? Then you have to pay top dollar for good people that know and can give you that trust. Well guess what, if you can do all of these things and do them really well, you will have the money to start being able to play that game to where you're like, you know what? I'm ready to test with $18,000. But until you're ready to test with 18 grands, you're not ready. So stop fucking buying the next thing to help teach you how to do this. It's a waste of time. Yeah, do what you do well.

Tyler 40:42

And I think the thing too, is getting this take the money you do need to take the money that you have. And you do need to put it into making sure that it helps you get more if you close a couple big sales. And so you close a couple sales for a couple $1,000 You've got a few grand sitting in the pie sitting in the bank, more than you would expect it to have this month. Don't go around, buy equipment. Don't go buy some new shiny ship, don't go buy a reverse hyper, don't get another rower. Just don't start learning this process so that your skill gets leveled up, you're able to continue to grow your business. You earmark that for something that will now actually produce for you in the long run. And then that when you're consistently producing an extra couple grand a month forever and ever and ever, then you need to buy yourself some one off stuff here or there. But I see a lot of stuff people get a good push of cash to close some good sales and they get really short sighted and go yes, I'm gonna get a fucking competition benchpress in my CrossFit gym, you know, I wanted you know, I get it. But you want to take the money that you do get out of this stuff because you're taking money you have whatever little money you have, because you can't go too deep on Facebook ads, then whatever you get out of these things, make sure you turn into Okay, let me turn this into more. Let me turn this into more learning to get in the habit of reinvesting in your business. It's really really, really important. So that's got us wrapped up for today guys going to the gym owners revolution group. It's free. Get in there and join the discussion. Link is in our description. You can follow the show at Jim Morris podcast on Instagram. Follow me at Tyler episode on Instagram and John

John Fairbanks 42:11

and J banks. NFL.

Tyler 42:13

Thanks a lot for listening to everybody and we will talk to you next week.

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