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WHO Are You Targeting?

Friday, January 20, 2023

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  • ​Who are you talking to? Who are you trying to attract? - 0:00
  • ​Don’t bother to inform your audience if you feel like you HAVE to inform them - 3:10
  • ​How do you know if you’re not speaking to everyone? - 7:48
  • ​What is the lowest-performing class right now? - 10:58
  • ​How to use testimonials to get new members - 16:44
  • ​If you don't want a bunch of little bastards running around your place, don't get child care - 19:08
  • ​You don’t have to be famous to run a successful business - 23:17
  • ​Don’t chase the influencer - 25:48
  • ​What are you trying to do? - 29:43
  • ​The importance of being clear on who you’re talking to - 34:20


Tyler 00:00

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the gym owners podcast. I'm your host, Tyler Stone of John John Taylor. Guys this week we're going to talk about something we've been kind of beaten up on at this point a lot lately, but I think we got a good clear take on it here, which is Who exactly are you talking to? When it comes to your clients as far as sending emails out? Or who you're posting on social media? Who are you trying to attract? Because learning that is the key to actually attracting more people than people you want, and not seeming like you're just screaming into the void and having nobody respond. So we're gonna give you some tips on how to speak to the right people, how to identify who your people are, and how to make sure you're not chasing proverbial waterfalls out there by speaking to people who you do not have any business speaking to. So let's get right to it. Before we start, follow me on Instagram at Tyler Elphinstone fall, Jeff Oh, John at J banks FL and follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram, you can find the Facebook group that we have the gym owners revolution, that community resource for gym owners in the link in our description. So let's get right to it, John. John, there's a thing that we see very often this is something I don't remember where we got this handed down to us from one of our copywriting people, or maybe it was some of the hormones the stuff that we've seen, but very specifically, when you guys are writing, copy social media posts, whatever it is, when you're trying to communicate outwardly. Don't try to talk to everyone about everything all at once. And it's a really, really important principle for you to learn, because trying to talk to everyone at once really just sounds like you're talking to nobody. Because if you say if you're gonna post something about like, Hey, guys, we have students, the stew training program or whatever, come Come join our gym reasons you should join our gym and it lists. If you want to build muscle, if you want to train for a marathon, if you want to get skinny, it's like we can do everything. And that idea, by the way, as a gym owner, as a coach, you probably can do everything all for each one of those people. But you can't speak to all those people at the same time. Because I'm going to hear oh, that's me. Thing One. And all those other things are not me. And it kind of makes me question whether or not they can even handle the thing that I want. And it is very important that you clear that up. Not that you only have to do the one thing, but when you're speaking outwardly, you need to make sure that you're speaking about one thing to one type of person, and you will see right away how fat and how much better your stuff converts.

John Fairbanks 02:26

We all know what it looks like when it's too long and you don't read it. Yeah. And so the fact is, as if you make the mistake of trying to list everything, the odds that you even get the people that you want to read any of the things that you wrote, go down significantly, the longer your thing is, if it looks big and scary, and it's a big, long fucking paragraph of explanation. Yeah, folks are gonna gloss over that. I'm gonna look

Tyler 02:53

we're talking copywriting with some of our gear Academy coaches, guys, if you want to gear Academy, we can help revamp your gym, get you up and run and give you the skills to make your business pop in the next year you can get in the gear Academy links in our description, you can message us directly but so coaches eat our gear Academy. We talked yesterday about some copywriting stuff. And that was one of the things as you and I were looking through, it's like, you know what, I think paragraphs are dead. I think they've been dead for a while. And I think that's just an extension of one of the old copywriting principles out there. Which is don't bother trying to inform your audience. If you feel like you have to inform them or teach them a bunch of stuff before they come to you. They're too far away. And so if you forgot to write a paragraph or two that says it's just too much, let's just be direct about what it is, not even about what it is. What can this thing do for you? What do you have to do to find out more about it? Be simple, be really practical about your communication, I think that is the thing that will make you stand out lately because you had a good point or call yesterday. Is it right now the way social media is operating? It's not suitable for long form. It's the Tick Tock suffocation I think of online. Everything right, YouTube's gone, essentially has shorts, Instagrams, got reels, everything, Facebook's got them. Now, everything is now made for that short, short thing that everything is just a photo, text, or video postcard. That's all it is. It's just a postcard. It can say a thing, it can be , it can give you a little feeling. It's like oh shit, this person sent me this while they're on vacation. Nice. That's cool. That made me feel a certain way. But that's it. That's about as far as you can go. And that's important to know, because the medium is the message and look at what you're doing. If you're trying to get in this short form, essentially postcard media thing and you're trying to do a lot of long form shit. You're just playing the wrong game on the wrong field.

John Fairbanks 04:42

And just the execution is poor. If you really step back and just look like you said and pull those things apart. You can realize you can still create informative content. You're looking at a lot of influencers that are in the space or big brands that have been doing a good job of trying to be like the forefront of it. informative type content, but realize what they're doing and why they're doing it. Yeah, they do not teach more than 1.1 core concepts. One fact, it would be the equivalent of like a single bullet point, per video per post, they may do a 12 post series. So they could go over each of their things, but understand why they're doing that. Yeah,

Tyler 05:30

One of the things you can do is like itemize the benefits of the thing that you're selling, itemize and then break that out into who will be most attracted to those benefits, right? Or who has the biggest need. And then you can go in and explain each bullet list, each list on that bullet on that list of items, or each thing on that list of items. And then now you're speaking about something that will click with one person, it's not gonna click with everyone, but you're not going to miss with 100% of the people. This is very important to look at somebody like say, like a squat University guy, right on the internet, right? Much as I have disdain for little people trying to explain to big people how to be strong. Well, they don't ever post what any of their totals are, post themselves with their shirts off, whatever, I'll take advice from a skinny guy in this capacity. But what he's not doing is coming and saying, here's why squatting is important. Here's how you squat, A, B, C, D, he's not running this whole thing. You start here and then you move the hips. You can't do that anymore. You just can't have a million videos out there so what does it cover? He zooms in because you're the dork that's watching that shit, right? So you're already interested in squatting in general. So he's going to talk about ankles, ankle position, control, you chose the outer toes before entire posts on where the toes Florida towards our toes out. And maybe what different criteria may lead you from one direction or another? Right? There may be different things on hip angle bar height, right? But that's one thing. And it's the biggest problem I see a lot of people with their businesses or brick and mortar are trying to teach, like, all of the things you're trying to tell someone why they should work out? What the fuck you're gonna, or convincing somebody like, Hey, man, you really should just think if you would have started two years ago, how great do we get in and get started? Like, what now you're filling this thing with regret? You're trying to put shame on them, you're going to shame them into joining your gym? No. Again, they don't, they'd care a lot, lot less about what you say more about how you make them feel. So can you make them feel like your thing gives them a little bit of hope? Or your thing speaks to them? Again, you know what they said. It's exactly the thing that I think that may move the needle forward, that may get me to nudge just a little bit to actually make a phone call about this thing. Because I've been on the fence, you're not going to convince people who are way far off the fence to join your gym.

John Fairbanks 07:48

Yeah, and I think this gets back to how do you know that you're fucking this up? So what are some things that you can look at quickly and realize? Am I speaking to everyone? Am I not being concise enough? And what does that look like? And I think the best way that we have started to identify is when we hear from gym owners that they send out an email, or they send out a blast, or they are trying to, they've been making an effort to talk about either products or services that they have. And no one is responding. Yep. And that's how you know, because when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Because just like you said, toddler, if you have a laundry list of things of all the things that you can do all the things that your new nutrition program, all the things that the new summer Shred program, or whatever spring tread program you're going to create, can solve all the problems that someone has, if you list all of them, if the person that's reading it, that really did take the time to read it. If their point is actually point six, they had to get through five points that don't apply to him. Which is not how the internet works these days. Ain't gonna happen. No. Yeah. So how does email work? Yeah, people just like, Dude, I don't have time do to the fucking point. I don't

Tyler 09:04

even open stuff unless it's urgent anymore, frankly, unless it's from my business very specifically. I'm not opening anything anyone sends to me? Because it's so sad for me. Let me be real. I have 6278 unopened emails in my inbox. Yeah, sorry. Yeah. I'm gonna get fifth. I'm gonna get 50 more today. And I want to open the ones as I scroll through that are like, I know that guy. Oh, this is probably something I need to respond to. And that's it. The rest of them are lost in the wash. And you got to know and that's not it doesn't mean that they hate you too. Especially if you're sending an email blast to your members. It's just the way it is. Now, it's emails very similar to having a billboard in that some people are gonna see it and it's going to click through some of them. Some are going to take a month before they notice it. It takes repetition. So don't be afraid to shoot out emails multiple times or to make sure you're covering the same base three or four times the same product. There's nothing I see worse out there than someone who sends out one email about a new product. And then just complain that it didn't work. You know, I've seen it. I've seen a lot where they send an email that doesn't work and they go, Well, shit, I guess we can't sell anything. It's like, well, no, you didn't try. And you know, I've seen people do this with supplements to sell this copy-pasted list of just copies that the supplement companies give you. And just this laundry list of shit that nobody cares about about just dorky science words. You can't get me to read stuff about a coupon that's irrelevant to me in my email, you're certainly not going to let me get me to read a 1500 word dissertation about fucking glutamine. I cannot care less. And so you got to stop playing that game that way. So just don't break it down. So let's go. Let's go through how we can help with this right? Are you talking to the best way I can go through this is where you take your best customers are the ones you already have. And truly the best ones if you're trying to grow, there's a strategy we use at the MMA gym, right? Since you offer different products, right? There's boxing and kickboxing. Just identify what is the lowest performing class right now. Let's put a little resources in the buff. And that went up. Because here's the important thing: fulfillment is on the other side of all of this, right? Meaning Yes, we would love to just drive memberships up money's money, right? However, this is a class that you already got to be there for. So we want to make a full class more challenging to coach or we can make this class just simply more profitable. Right? And it'd be a better experience for everybody. So if you've got a class when we have five, six people in it, perfect. So let's prioritize boxing. Meaning how are we going to do this? Well, maybe we don't need to post things about our whole business. We don't need to say Steve's MMA hut, right? Steve's MMA where you can learn self defense, karate, fucking backflips, ninja stuff, MMA jujitsu, boxing, like, we don't need all of that stuff. Maybe all we really need to do is like, hey, interested in boxing, maybe you pointed to a bunch of pop culture stuff that boxing has, this is a thing we did, which was Mike Tyson's Punch Out. What was the other one? Oh, like Balrog from Street Fighter, rocky stuff, you know what I mean? Like, like, you just do all the boxing culture stuff that's going to connect to a boxer. You know, put quotes from Rocky, put a picture of Rocky who gives a shit. put flyers up there, post that type of stuff on your social media be like, hey, boxing is great. Come train with us. Here's the things we can do. Like, there's a lot of cool things you can do to attract people about one thing. And you need to know that the people who want just boxing are very different from the people who want jujitsu. And that's no different than people who want to get strong, who say I just want to get and feel strong. That's a very different personality type than somebody who maybe needs to get strong, but their want is really to lose some weight. So you need to get them on what they want is so you cannot speak to a person's like, I'd like to lose 20 pounds, but I want to get you fucking strong. Well, fuck, even though that may be on the path and on the menu. That's not how you're gonna get them to get them to come knocking on your door.

John Fairbanks 12:57

Even if you think getting them stronger, and putting on more muscle will actually help them lose weight. You know, it doesn't matter. You may know that, but they're not there yet. You can get what they want. Yeah,

Tyler 13:10

give them that as you're giving them a sneak it in. Exactly, no. So what you do, like, Hey, here's what we'd have to do to make sure you lose weight. That's, but what is important is what? Right? What is in the what? And this is more about who, who and why is about who and why is when we're talking about ad copy. Who and why are some of the most important things? Who is this? And why does this work for them? Or why is this for them? That's all they need to hear. They don't need that they don't need the where the where the when they don't need to know what they don't need to know shit. They don't need to know that there's got to be three days a week, they don't need to know that there's zoom calls or that they don't need to know anything about that. You need to know who they are. And then like why this thing is gonna get them what they want.

John Fairbanks 13:56

Yeah, why does it matter to them? Yep, that's it. So I'm going to call out because I don't want to be missed because you went so quick. You chose the boxing analogy, because that was the class hour. Right? That is underperforming numbers wise. So let's translate that to

Tyler 14:14

functional fitness. Yeah, perfect. Good idea, like riding with this.

John Fairbanks 14:17

So let's take a look at whatever that hour is. Let's say it's your 10 o'clock hour. Yeah, maybe it has less people.

Tyler 14:25

Let's go some more specific, let's go with the 8: 30 or 9am hour. That is essentially your take it however you will is your housewives class. Right.

John Fairbanks 14:35

So what Tyler just said, that means you've done an analysis while those numbers are lower than your other more popular hours. Who is there? Yeah, who is over it? Housewives. Go ahead.

Tyler 14:50

Entrepreneurs, you got people who maybe maybe that is shift workers by the way, sometimes you get some but for the most part, you can speak to just that time of day you know We drop the kids off to daycare, like, what are these people do, they drop the kids off to daycare, they come and train, maybe they go get some coffee together to a little shop and go pick the kids back up, you know the earth, especially the young ones, preschool stuff, they only got till noon. So it's just a part of their morning away from the kids a little bit and say go in, get fit, have a nice, relaxing morning, start the day, right. And then they go back in with kids. There's that. And then there is a little bit of the entrepreneurial side of that stuff as well. Entrepreneurs, and either self employed entrepreneurs or unemployed isn't the word I want to use. But people that don't have to work at seven or eight in the morning. Right. So now that's your messaging. That's the perfect message. And it

John Fairbanks 15:38

will be magic. It'll be magic, because you've done just a little bit of that effort of that research. Now, everything you put out was like, Well, hold on that like our gym isn't a housewives. You know, gym? It's not a gym, is it a yoga gym? And it's Yeah. Because the people that are interested in yoga at your gym will see that post. Anybody else? I'm not going to pay attention to any one

Tyler 16:06

way because of it. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And, and that's the type of thing you can kind of extrapolate all around the way right? Sometimes people's evening classes will lag. So then you need to maybe appeal more to working class people, you can even tell a bit of the story about this in this thing, which is, hey, nothing makes me feel bad or find testimonials. Guys, here's another great one, leverage testimonials to give this specific message and because your testimonials are from specific people. So as you start to harvest your testimonials, you can take and you can almost lead them a little bit into these things into the way you ask these questions. And then you can kind of give a little you know, run it back by them say is this okay? If I put it this way? And they'll say yeah, but when you do that, you cannot have testimonials or like, you know, I was worried about making time, but I was able to drop in right after work. I can come right after work three days a week. And I just feel so much better for having done it. I thought that it was gonna make me tired and cut into my day, but it's totally worth it. That one testimonial. Now answer covers everybody we got by the way, regardless of their reasons for joining the gym, it justifies that time slot, which is just another angle in convincing someone to reach out, right, our YouTube, if you list there, all the objections, and all their desires, and you just start covering one at a time, this person is too busy, hey, you too busy to join the gym? Well, guess what, we got a 30 minute class over noon, or, you know, we do have classes that run a little later than the end of the evening. And you'll probably actually sleep better and feel more rested in the morning Anyways, after through and you only got to train three days a week, or whatever you want to do, or CIPA. We have custom personal training sessions where we can make it work with almost every schedule. There, you've addressed scheduling issues for everybody. But that is talking about just one thing to one person who's worried about schedule doesn't have to be about their goals, just about their various goals are one way to approach it. And the barriers are another way

John Fairbanks 17:57

we call this right? It's why we do a lot of work with coaching, when it comes to how we want to be able to get better and more concise than everything that we're teaching, specifically on video. In our video coach talks about this concept, which is called a symptoms list. Right? What are the symptoms for the pain points that your people have? So step back and think about it. For the mom, who's got a little kid at home, she cannot get to the gym. So her pain point is she can't get to the gym. Well, what are all the things that are causing that you could possibly solve for that person? If you start to list out that it is, well she doesn't have childcare, because in the middle of the day everybody else is working in the daycare and the kid that normally washes the kid after school is at school right now.

Tyler 18:51

Yeah. What if you have childcare and a gym? Or have you identified that maybe if I provide childcare at this one hour, I can pay for one hour of childcare every day? That's five hours a week total of labor. pretty reasonable. Right? And what if that gives you five new members? Well, that seems worth it.

John Fairbanks 19:10

Because I will tell you right now, one mom with little kids has other friends who are moms with little kids

Tyler 19:20

and let me also clarify that if you don't want a bunch of little bastards running around your place don't fucking get child don't get childcare either. Because it's so it sucks too. I ran places where it goes both directions but the kids in my place were very welcoming. We had a big open area and a big area you know, off to the side it was kind of semi walled off we didn't really have to provide childcare for the young ones parents were always in sight. But by the end of it you're like these little motherfuckers Get the fuck off the floor like it does end up being a cause of frustration. And it is the thing that sets you aside. You go to a 24 hour gym, you can't put your Goddamn kids. So if you want to if you're doing coaching it is really kind of nice. Even if John your kids are almost old enough to where if they were within your shot of you, they'd be fine on the couch, with, you know that it would work, right? And that does become a way to execute. But let's get into the specifics here. So best customers are the ones you have who are there you want more of them? Go for it right start leaning into Who are they might have you have a personality type, you have a numerous amount of personality types, find the one you want more of whether that fits the schedule, or just budgets, you're trying to sell more personal training? Who are your best personal training clients, the ones you coach, you like coaching, the ones who pay you the most money? They may not be one in the same? Hopefully they are. But like, if an important thing that you wrote down here, John is, if you teach your clients, I can change it. Like if you get clients that suck, you're speaking the wrong thing. You're talking to the wrong thing. You're barking up the wrong tree, you're not being clear enough.

John Fairbanks 20:46

And you may have inherited a gym, you may have inherited a community. You're like God dammit, I hate 80% of the motherfuckers that are in here. Well, don't make the mistake. It's your business now. It's your business. It's one of the things I can't remember if you said it, Tyler. Maybe Julian said it. Refuse. When it comes to your kids, right? refuse to let your kid be somebody you hate. Yeah, like, yeah, fix those things. Like if you see something you're like, god dammit, I hate that. It's really easy to stop attracting douchebags that you don't want in your community.

Tyler 21:27

And by the way, everybody's had it. You know, I've had personal training clients specifically that I'm just not that fond of. I have, but you know how many I have those now it's zero, I now have a roster that is 100% people that I really fucking like working with. And once you get some of those stubborn ones off your calendar, boy, is it really nice because I don't even look at my calendar the next day, just because all I know is a time slot. I don't worry about it, there's no dread on there, like a smoking bucket. You know, there's just no way that you don't want to deal with and you don't have to. As long as you're able to attract enough people you don't have to chase people you don't want to be through a business with. So on the other side, oh, go for it. No, I

John Fairbanks 22:05

I was just gonna say so once you've done these tasks, you are now spending meaningful time Yeah, online or marketing or advertising that has to do specifically with making more money or being more successful growing your community etc, etc. You notice how none of those things that we just listed Tyler involved any type of dancing online, it didn't involve any type of fucking voiceover thing where you pretend no be singing or no

Tyler 22:37

high production value video content either. You don't have to be a professional photographer. You know, you can do most of this with text, but text on the screen, you can do all right, maybe a photo here or there. But it's not that hard. It's nowadays detecting text on the screen that goes further than almost anything else to be honest with you. Because pictures of people people don't know anymore. I didn't look at it, nothing. I watched pictures of people working out.

John Fairbanks 23:01

I think it's also really important to understand as well that it's your community, whatever community you're in, that your business is large enough. There's enough people in it for you to attract the people that you want in your gym. And for you to run a very successful business and to make money and to be happy and pay yourself and take care of your family. You don't have to have followers in fucking Australia or across the country or the world.

Tyler 23:33

And that is a thing. We talk about this a lot with business owners emulating their coaching mentors in the way that they do their business and how much that count oftentimes blows up in their face because they're trying to attract coaches, if I coach coaches, I'm trying to speak to coaches, people who know the ins and outs of things and want to tune that stuff up. If a coach learns from me about that stuff, and then just starts talking the way I talk trying to attract the general population they're gonna fall flat on their face. It's the general population does not give a fuck about movement quality or this or that they just they want to not hurt they want results they want that whatever it is that they want, I promise the things that you want as a coach shorten maybe to get jack to stay jacked and have fun in the gym. That's about as far as it goes. So you have to get yourself out of the way because you're not trying to be famous. You're trying to run a profitable business, feed your family and make an impact in your community. Being an influencer we talked about those four stops trying to post like an influencer. You're not a fucking influencer. You're trying to get people to come and do business. You are professional. There is not much less professional than fucking influencers on the internet. Okay, but there is a thing here that you need to understand is all you need to do is be respected and be trusted. And in the long run, if you behave professionally you speak to the right people, people will come and you can charge a lot of money you can stick to your guns. Being famous does not give you clout , it does not grant you the right. It's not the only way for you to be charging a lot of money for your services, either. It's not like you get to 100,000 followers on Instagram and you can double your prices. Because still the people in your town don't give a fuck. Trust me. I know. Do you know any of my clients? Not a single one of my clients knows of anything that I did with coaching teaching online education, none of Not one. I don't have a single in person client that knew me before. Six months ago. Not one, by the way. That's great. It's a wonderful chance I was talking to Ray do we have we had Ray on he was talking to Ray the other day about it's like, you know what, I was always really interesting trying not to over communicate, because when you're speaking to coaches, and you're speaking to business owners, coaches, I can talk we deep we can talk inside baseball, without work in general population who one doesn't give a fuck who I am. They don't fucking care about how smart I am. They don't care about any of this stuff. And it's a really, really good lesson and being concise and not dumbing down your communication, but just getting it to the person that needs it the way that they need to hear it.

John Fairbanks 26:01

Well, that's it, talking to them about what they care about. Otherwise, you just look like an autistic retarded motherfucker that was just talking about a whole bunch of shit. That doesn't sound

Tyler 26:11

smart. I am looking for how smart I am just one query, you imagine? Could you imagine it is? By the way, there are times where it's tempting. I'm coaching somebody, it's like, I fucking know this, because people have fucking asked me questions about this for a long time. And I fucking give the people come to me for answers. They don't care. It's true. And all of the temptation was, I was like, Well, I mean, why is it this I just want to get because I fucking know I don't fucking know what to tell you. But you just need to get it to them and through them. Because by the way, they're the ones that matter. It's not you. And that's the important thing guys is stop chasing fucking clout. It's not about you, and you getting propped up and you getting fucking attention, or whatever it is from on the internet, your thing is, can I get this person from around the corner from on the block from in the neighborhood who wants to make the change, that's the change that I sell. Come to me for that thing. And pay a premium for it and trust that it's going to work and want to and want to do all the things. That's a very, very, very different thing. And your thing you need to know, I'm gonna tell you this, as a person who's been around to a lot of gyms, a lot of gyms all over the world, I can tell you this, the ones that have the most, what's the word, the biggest online, if there's a gym out there with the biggest online presence out there, whether it's in functional fitness space, any of that stuff, they're not making near as much money off of the product that you're selling, as you think they're they're big, their brands are big, they're very visible, they have a large following, whether it's about competitive athletes, or whether it's just about making like really high end content on the internet. They're making money selling digital products, I'm sorry, based on the branding of athletes and shit like that, that they have in their network. They barely do. I can tell you this from having spoken to many of these gym owners, by the way, I won't drop any names. But absolutely that they're like, not solvent without it. And that doesn't mean by the way that you need to build this brand. Because by the way, you can't. I'm sorry, like you're just that's not what you're doing. You're not going to do the two things concurrently because they couldn't do either. So you don't need to become an influencer because it's just gonna take your local business. What you need to do is you need to grow your business the way your business needs to grow. So stop trying to emulate oh, these guys do this stuff. Let me make some really high end content on the internet and see exactly spend 20 You spend $20,000 Just making videos this year, and putting it for free out there on fucking Instagram and YouTube and see if that works out for you via getting bodies into the door. It's not gonna fucking happen.

John Fairbanks 28:43

It's and we've talked about this. We've talked about it before exactly that, playing a different game. Yeah, we've specifically gone at like the 24 hour planet fatness and LA Fitness and all these different groups. You cannot emulate their pricing. You shouldn't emulate exactly how they're doing their marketing. You can take notes, while I like that, that caught my eye, et cetera, et cetera. But you cannot copy it verbatim. Yeah, one, their model is totally different. And just like you call that probably they're playing a digital game. Yeah. If you are a brick and mortar game, you and I love to do this. Yeah, we love to take notes from completely different industries that are brick and mortar shit. pizza places are some of my favorite ones to look at. Yeah. Because they are running you don't I mean, it's it's, that's how you have

Tyler 29:37

to ration it's playing the numbers game. It's hyper localized. Actually, even if there's a national brand. The approach is very local. What are you trying to do? They want to fill this need tonight. So they need to fill these time slots because while you get people there, it's just not that profitable. And this is how we get 10 o'clock buys? How do we do that? How do we get that? How do we get a mid afternoon shift during the week? What are our angles at this? What a girl way to frame who you're talking to, instead of talking about your fucking pepperoni, the topmost trash

John Fairbanks 30:05

because everybody's got pepperoni oh

Tyler 30:07

damn world who said it? I said it guys anyway but I think it's really important that you guys that you know that because like you cannot just take you cannot just we talked about again the communicating with coaches also you need to know that most of your most of the people that are out there teaching movements and things like this, they were never profitable as gym owners anyways. None of them were, well, that's why they shifted so they shifted it's okay, right you get a little heat, you get a little action, you maybe you're better at teaching large scale concepts than you are owning a fucking gym. Well, you're here because you're a gym owner, okay? You want to be an influencer and become a fitness guru go to some other fucking podcast, if you want to do those things, but that's not what we're here to do. If you want your gym to be a success, then you are in the right place, which means I'm not going to tolerate you chasing clout, it's not a fucking option. It's just not an option. You want to become famous, wonderful than what is going to happen to all the people in your gym when you pack up and move off. As people you pretend to pretend to care about them. Is that what you did? You just pretended to give a shit about them right? Or did your gym ever mattered? It was never really a passion project. If you're so easy, just as soon as it becomes easy for you to fucking leave you just gonna leave. So you got to say what do you really want out of this? Are you trying to build something for real here and make a real impact in your community? Are you just leveraging it to get the fuck out of dodge? You told me just be honest, be honest, by the way, yeah, be honest. And do it, then do it, do the whole thing. Build the platform and, and try to try to do whatever you're gonna have to do all sorts of networking. Networking is the name of that game, meaning all you're going to need to have so we'll give you tips. How do you want to be famous, and leave your network, find people more famous than you talk to them constantly, shamelessly tried to get on their platform, come up with ways to make really good content, try to get them onto your platform, the you will only be as you will only grow at the rate with which you can link up with people more famous than you. That's all that is. So play that game and do that game really, really, really well. And understand that you're seamlessly profitable during any of that time. And that's okay, but that's what the game you're playing is a backyard game. You can't play that game. Okay, you really need hyperlocal. So look, like we said in the past, there's lots of great local, you need to emulate brick and mortar strategies, not your industry's strategies. And I think that's the important thing to take away from your industry. Guys, what do you think you're gonna fucking learn out of the fitness industry here? The industry that has not spread much health, it's kind of gone. I'm kind of this. I'm kind of the same way with like, fucking hospitals and shit trying to tell people what to do all the time. I was like, okay, so you are like, make three times as much money. You're like a massive, you're busy, bigger now than you were a decade ago. Is our country healthier than it was a decade ago?

John Fairbanks 32:52

It is our community. Okay? It's our most immediate community healthy yet. Yeah.

Tyler 32:55

We've like doubled our fucking hospital presence here. And it's like, oh, it's only you're only in response to sick people. You don't actually do anything to help. Right? And that's really interesting. And look at the fitness industry, guys, the fitness industry has made a lot of money. Are we healthier as a population due to it? I kind of don't think so. I kind of think it's been predatory. At the very least, we've just been spinning our wheels shoveling money into that industry. So if you want to be different, you want to be better, you got to like stop setting up people's bullshit radar by spouting the same shit that everybody in the fitness industry is. So stop imitating the fitness industry, start looking at things in the service industry, look at people who do like a really good character, high character business, find somebody who you see in almost any different field that you like, what's the word like endears you with like trust? Right. But what if there's a plumber who just runs ads, who you don't even know who you're like? That guy seems trustworthy? I like to look into what they're doing. So pay attention. Who are they talking to? How are they saying that? That's brilliant. And if you can't look at stuff that is going on in other industries, and go man, what a brilliant approach, I need to write that down. You're not paying enough attention in your fucking life, to the things that matter. And you're living your life as a consumer, as one of the biggest things I ever saw to be a creator, not a consumer. Right? So if you're trying to make a thing happen, make a thing happen quick run around just consuming fitness content, spitting it back out the same way you fucking hurt. It sucks, man, you got to be better than that.

John Fairbanks 34:20

We've given this idea before you fools and you. You're welcome. We've given this idea previously. And I think it's worth giving it to everybody again. It's just like you said to others, we're not the only ones you that are listening and watching this. You're not the only ones that have your bullshit radar going off about the fact that whether it's the health health industry, or the fitness industry, really almost doesn't seem like they're in the business of keeping people healthy. They're going to keep you alive, keep you sick, and then we're going to keep moving. If you want to do things differently if you hold that passion deep down in you To be preventative to make your community a healthier place and a better place to live, then run with that. Because everyone's bullshit radars are high right now on that. So if you differentiate yourself, you make yourself different than every Ooh, different than everyone that's inside of your community by just saying, I want to make my community a healthier place, and lead where that's everything you do is working in that that's your North Star. That's what guides everything that you do next. If you keep that as your North Star, you won't have to worry about gimmicks or tricks or whatever. It's just doing those daily activities that aren't sexy, they're not exciting, but you knock them out day in and day out. Just like you said, just everything we've talked about this episode is very clear on who you're talking to. Well, what do they want

Tyler 36:01

because by the way, we if you're not making enough money, it's not because you're not you're like noble and being a martyr and being selfless and just sacrificing for your cause most likely to see just suck it, getting people interested in what you're doing, which means you're not even a martyr. You're just bad at spreading the thing you're hoping to spread. You're bad at delivering that thing. So quit being a fitness martyr, Quit Chasing clout. Quit speaking to everybody about everything, right and just zoom in and pay attention to this game, right? This game. Who are you talking to? What do they need? How can you do it on a Friday to him like we said for a long time so we're going around and found him at a fifth grade reading level. So keep things as simple as possible. Be practical in your communications, don't be a blowhard. Don't use more words than you need to. Don't write like you're writing at an essay school. This is an important port thing I'll touch on before we go school and write reports, book reports and like say, you know reports on history and shit like this. It taught you to communicate thoroughly, right? Because the bigger words you use, and the more properly you framed everything, you just bought it it becomes legal terms almost right? Where you're just boxing the situation in with your vocabulary you're like and this is exactly how it is and it's the perfect descriptive term and the perfect adverb a bop bop bop bop bop and everything lays out exactly this way man what a well constructed message about this thing. But that doesn't work with writing copy because that's not how people think. So if you needed to write something up that was indefensible, right? They're not what's in defense, maybe not the word what's the word like? There was going to hold up to peer review right? Able to be served eyes and that irrefutable is the word. There's no holes in this statement. It is all fact fully defendable status facts. That's a great way to go about writing fucking, I don't know, whatever it is, you think you're writing but nobody cares. Nobody reads things on the internet that way. They want it to be readable. And it needs to connect with them. So don't try to be thorough when communicating on the internet. Just don't try to be overly precise. Just get it out to them. Be practical. So when you're writing this, who is this? What do they want? How can they take one step? What is the one action they can do? As I shoot a text here's like just be practical, be it a casual practical voice or tone when you're writing those things and it will go along with less is more guys said by the guy who says more all the time. So thanks for listening. We appreciate you make sure you go to the gym owners podcast join the Facebook group the gym owners revolution you follow me on Instagram at Tyler effing stone and John

John Fairbanks 38:32

on Instagram at Jay banks FL

Tyler 38:36

and John, do people need to go see Rammstein in concert? Only if you want to have your face melted. John John was so close. He said I was sure my beard was melting. Oh, I thought it was on fire for sure a couple of times. So awesome. Well, the Northeast had a wild weekend. That's for sure. So thanks, everybody for listening, and we'll see you next week.

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