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Supplement Sales 101

Saturday, January 21, 2023

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  • ​Welcome to the revolution - 0:02
  • ​How to start selling supplements in your gym if you’re not already - 3:43
  • ​What’s going to appeal to a 19 or 20 year old? - 7:50
  • ​How easy is it to make money from your business? - 13:09
  • ​How to assemble a bundle of supplements - 16:48
  • ​How to get your clients to buy off the shelf - 21:48
  • ​Why you don’t want to make a Shopify store - 26:24
  • ​Why you need to have data - 30:48
  • ​The best way to sell supplements in the context of a nutrition consultation - 35:50


Tyler 00:02

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. Welcome to The Real Love revolution, folks. Today guys, we're going to touch on something we've talked about a lot before: supplements, supplements sales, how to sell them, whatever. So in the past we've talked a lot about why you should be offering supplements in your gym, all the opportunities that presents and this the buyer psychology, the what's the word, the amount of money you're leaving on the table by not doing it, and the fact that you don't have to be slimy to do it. But today, instead of trying to convince you completely, spend the whole episode convincing you why you should sell supplements. Today, we're just gonna teach you how, but first, make sure you go to the gym owners revolution. join the Facebook group, the link is in our description. Join the group that's where we have conversations, a group of gym owners that are trying to do things the right way without being slimy and still trying to make a damn good living doing so. So get in there links in the description follow me Tyler stone that's at Tyler effing stone on Instagram, to other eff eye and stone fellow John at

John Fairbanks 01:00

J banks f L

Tyler 01:03

on Instagram and you can follow me or the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. John, you got quite a bit of a video lag. So I'm gonna just power through here. Oh, you're caught up. Ladies and gentlemen, supplement sales. So I do want to touch real quick on why you should sell supplements if I have to spend too much time convincing you I don't know fuck off, go somewhere else. I'm not interested in pulling your fucking arm to teach you how to make some money. But the reason you sell supplements is that your clients are buying them. They're asking about them all the time. If you're just saying no, just go buy me through. Like that's fine, but they're gonna go buy it from some chubby kid at GNC who doesn't lift. So why don't you be like a voice of reason in here, they trust you. They're asking you point them in the right direction, find a brand or some products that you like that you do take if you don't take them that's fine, you're probably small. I think that you should find something that fits ethically like that should be your goal anyways, like find many paths for your clients to find success in nutrition and a lot of people just want to point out real quick there was a study that was recently and there's like 100% of the people that they had studied when they were getting ready for this fat loss study every single one of them was eating insufficient protein in the beginning before they hit come in all these obese people were still eating not enough protein meaning the very least what's wrong with the fucking protein powder. And don't jump my shit about it. But like what's what's really wrong with it. Like if if you can't get somebody to cook more meat in a day and you're trying to get them to adhere to a nutrition plan that well then throwing one or two fucking scoops into a bottle and shaking it up while they're busy like is not something meal replacement. It's not Herbalife, it's just to give them convenience. It's not fucking McDonald's do and don't be such a high horse fucking eight. There's nothing I hate more than like a high horse, fucking fitness coach who just sits and was wrapped just all you got to do is just prep all your meals. And it's like, yeah, great, but you just sit in the fucking gym all day, and you're broke. So I don't know what to tell you. This is like both ends of this are your fucking fault and your problem. So it's really frustrating to me when I hear coaches and gym owners like shit on supplement sales. And it's like, yeah, do it right. Don't be a scumbag.

John Fairbanks 03:10

And it's advice coming from people that don't live real life. Yes, like real people that have real jobs and have kids and have no time. It's like, my wife knows that she needs to eat X amount of protein every single day. But she's like, I just can't bring myself to eat another two pounds of turkey breast lunch. Like it's just so much easier if we're gonna have something and something that tastes good. So it's like, there's so many factors that you can get.

Tyler 03:37

Yeah, well, and same thing like that. So you can address this fundamentally, from a convenience standpoint. I take a green supplement, I take fish oil stuff, I take all sorts of shit. But I take a lot of those because it's more convenient for me. So I'm not going to eat a bunch of fucking leafy greens, I'm sorry, maybe I should. And maybe it'd be better if I did, but I'm not going to. So I'm just gonna take the green supplement to get through because I can. It's easy. I don't feel full all day like I don't feel like I'm bogged down, I can still have good energy levels. So that's just stop being a Get off your high horse about it. First off, and by the way, futures are full of on against it just to go to the next thing. I'll tell other people how to make money you can tune out. So let's get into the how, though, how you can start selling supplements in your gym if you're not. And John, the first thing that we start with is that we have five steps to finally start making money selling supplements in your gym. The first step is what supplements right? That's the big one. What is it? Not just fundamentally what products, what macronutrients, what whatever you're going to take, but what brand you 're going to carry, what brand you're going to create a partnership with? And that in my opinion, is probably the most important decision. Right, John?

John Fairbanks 04:48

Totally. Yeah. And it's not one that you have to make in a vacuum. I think it's one of those things where all of a sudden you have to be like this newfound explorer that's trying to find like the new world and just fucking ask me that's why We created like an online resources, ask the people that are in your area that sell or have used supplements or do you know are running gyms and other areas of the world that are part of your network? What are they using? And now we kind of started a conversation, but I hate the idea of like, don't just Google it. Yeah. Like it's crazy.

Tyler 05:21

Yeah, if you just turn to Google, you're gonna find Yeah, you need some referrals for sure. Now for me personally, I have some criteria that I recommend that I use when I'm selecting a supplement brand to carry and so that's what we'll run you through right now if I'm going to carry in a business supplement brand here's what's going to be the first one is going to be the products itself does it have the basic products that I prefer that a supplement carry because I don't want to force people to take fucking fat burners and fucking caffeine pills and I'm just not super into all those prices. I don't know. Frankly, I just don't know enough about them to really think that they work that well. And I don't pretend to know everything. So I stick with the basics. Solve your convenience problem, solve some macronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies, and I start there. So does a line of supplements have the things that aligned with me, which is a protein powder, a good one, a basic chocolate one at least that's some sort of chocolate product because I do not like buying 10 pounds of fucking protein and getting some adventurous flavor and then being stuck with nine and a half pounds or something that wasn't as good as I thought it was stick to the basics first.

John Fairbanks 06:22

And for me, man, like, back in the day when protein powders were way rougher. Yeah, like I remember being like 13 or whatever. And like the football coach weightlifting coaches, like no, you gotta you gotta fucking eat your protein man. And so you got these big bags of just vanilla protein. Yeah, it was that protein where you had to squeeze your nose in to be able to take it and I just remember fucking just dry heaving in front of the gym and being like vanilla protein has forever been

Tyler 06:49

gross. So for me that's the main criteria. By the way, I consider that their base product for the most part, like you can have other flavors, but the base product has to be decent. I prefer chocolate because you can't go wrong over the long haul. That's the protein I'm gonna have year round. The other thing for me is it needs to be decently dissolved in water because I don't like having a bunch of milk with my protein. I think dairy especially in the States is kind of dogshit tele pasteurized I have trouble digesting and nothing I'm lactose intolerant I just don't fucking enjoy it. It's a pile of extra calories as well unless that's what you're seeking. So for me I just go does it dissolve well in water because it tastes alright chocolate and that's a good start for the protein side the other side is I go the other deficiency we talked about is trying to solve the do you eat enough leafy greens question ask your clients you know are you having an apply Are you getting in enough greens and vegetables and you know overall vitamin lot of people aren't so that's why I do like a greens and berries type superfood product I do enjoy this I can put a scoop in there that's great. If I have another, if they carry another product that's like an electrolyte powder that's even better because that's something that I take daily, many times a day but a lot of supplement companies don't carry that so don't get too hung up on that one. From there there's the other stuff you can just kind of fill in I like a pre workout to be stimulant free for me as long as they if they have a stimulant one I'm okay with because people like their caffeine, but I prefer they also have a stimulant free option because when I teach nutrition ethically, I try to make sure that people meet mitigate their caffeine consumption and don't be having caffeine at six o'clock workout because that's the way I teach fitness and nutrition. I have to call something out on this topic specifically, don't call me a pussy for not like a pre workout, John.

John Fairbanks 08:29

No, not at all.

Tyler 08:33

I have it here

John Fairbanks 08:34

22 year old John would definitely be in college , plus a four year old someone would call me a pussy as well. But the reality is if you are serving real humans, real people that are going to be able to afford to have their gym membership with you. That means they're probably going to be over 30 years old, they're probably going to be between 40 and 60. Which means just playing the averages here, you're going to have people that have high blood pressure, you're going to have people that have other medical issues that they actively like aren't they cannot continue to have stimulants, they are on medications that are going to be leeching them of all sorts of shit. So the simpler the better. You cannot not be like no no like what's going to appeal to the kids or what's going to appeal to a 19 or 20 year olds, are they paying your bills? If they're not, they have to look at it from what your community would be the most interested in.

Tyler 09:33

And the truth is the reason behind this as well as because it starts fundamentally with how I teach nutrition is I think sleep is a number one priority. In my opinion, sleep and recovery. It's top top top top priority to me. And because of that I don't want my people if I'm teaching coaching the 567 o'clock at night coming in just caffeine up you know what I mean? But I still don't want to lose the opportunities to let them check that box of getting something in to help them with their workout. So a stimulant free pre workout still allows me to sell a product to them in the Evening without compromising my fucking actual craft, which is trying to help people, right? So that's a criteria that I try to check off for sure. The rest of it, you know, you can, you can piecemeal. They don't always have to get all this stuff through your supplement company but I like if they also carry fish oil, I think that's great. I think fish oil Omega supplements are wonderful. Multivitamins are great, too. I don't know if science is kind of all over the place . Some people live or die by it, whatever. I take one, just because maybe I don't need to. But I don't waste a ton of money on unnecessary supplements, I get most of my stuff pretty cheap. But that's what I use. And so for you just to figure out, What things do my people like ethically? Could I point my people towards and then does this company have another criteria for me? Their protein powders also cannot be chock full of sugar. And I prefer a lot of it to be relatively low calorie, low carb in my opinion, I don't, I'm not I don't need to supplement carbohydrates. If I were to just go eat something that at that point, that's the one that elicited if you need more carbs, just eat them. That's the thing most people are begging for anyways, usually. So that's as far as the supplement side of it. However, one more criteria for figuring out go ahead John, know the company, the company itself, the method so before you see one, that's the supplements the product itself, the second aspect of selecting the supplement company is in my opinion, do they have and both of these sales options, and affiliate sales option or and in person product where you buy wholesale and have it on your shelf, I prefer you to have both of those options in any in any company that you choose? Absolutely 100%. Because if you're broke, and you want to start that affiliate sales option is the best way to let's say you just got no fucking money, you can't put $2,000 with a product on the shelf. Maybe you want to spend 500 bucks worth of product to sit there. Listen, just some gyms run tighter than others. If you got the cash, I think putting it on the shelf right away works great. But I also think you should announce via an affiliate sales link. If you want people because they can preorder themselves, they pay the same price, most of them should ship free to their house, instead of coming to you. It also allows them to reduce subscriptions. It also puts money directly in your bank where you don't have to pay for the fucking material, like you're not paying for the product and then getting paid over beyond that you're not eating a bunch of sales tax on that either. You're just getting an affiliate payout. The other benefit of the affiliate payout link is you can turn that link in the QR codes and put that everywhere in your gym. That's a big one, it's convenience, you can also send just that link out to your clients and emails like, Hey, we got this stuff, look at these products, and they can just buy on their phone, because we talked about how you're going to sell, you need to remind people a million times, and you need to give it as take as few steps as possible between them having the product on their way purchasing committed to meaning they should just be able to tell you, like, Hey, I'd like to get this perfect, I'll handle just go put it in writing and whatever you got to do, just do it make it as easy as possible for them to make a commitment to getting something on the way, grabbing something off the shelf, and the affiliate link system supplements and on the over the shelf way over the shelf sales method really, really effectively.

John Fairbanks 13:09

The foundation of this point, the importance of the company really just comes from, how easy is it for you to be able to make money? And how easy is it for other people to buy from you? That has to be a core piece. That's important. Because if you have some, say a supplement company you've already gone with? Are you successfully selling those supplements? In our experience? If you are, then you haven't made it this far. You're not still listening? Yep. But if you do have an app, you do have a company. And it's just not cutting it and why why? Think about why you're just not selling as many supplements as you wish, why are you not hitting the goals that you have? Obviously, we have five points. And this is the very first one of choosing the company. But the fact is, if you're not selling enough, it could be a fundamental problem where it may not be your sales process, it may not be all the other things that we know are important from all of our experience. It could be that the company you've chosen just makes it too difficult. And trust us trust me like it's we've heard all sorts of things well, where I live, the country doesn't allow this or whatever, like the people we've worked with, there's always a creative solution and a creative way to find the right company that will make this process as easy as possible. So it's just do you want to make money doing it great. Then we got to be able to find a company to help

Tyler 14:34

and I guess at this point I should probably make the very least recommendation that we make to most of our gym owners. It seems to align with most of the gym owners that we work with. I think that driven nutrition dot net they do really well so I worked with them when I owned my affiliate. That's what the MMA gym that we work with does. A lot of our CrossFit gyms do it personal trainers like my wife so she carries because they check all the boxes and they've been pretty easy to work with nowadays With supply chain shit and all this nonsense that goes on, you need a business that's flexible and good at communicating because anything can change in the next year or six months, whatever. And like Tyler and the team have driven I've just proven to be pretty solid to work with. And I've, like I said, I worked with him since 2017, when I had that affiliate, and then sold it. So like, that's a good product that checks all those boxes. So if you're looking for somewhere to start, and if you trust our recommendation, I say look into them, look into the products, look into their process. So John, let's move forward from selecting the subs in the company. Let's talk about the bundle.

John Fairbanks 15:33

Bundle for good. Yeah,

Tyler 15:34

not you go for it, John.

John Fairbanks 15:36

Well, I say the bundle for me is a big piece to where it's, this is where you now get to be able to infuse your creativity with the product. Because the reality is Tyler, we talked to somebody a few weeks or months ago, and we said, what are the supplements that you are using in your business right now? And did he send us a list of like 112 supplements?

Tyler 15:58

Yep. Like it was? Literally, it was over 100 products,

John Fairbanks 16:03

we just had to keep scrolling on an Excel spreadsheet. And it's, that cannot be the answer for how you try and introduce supplements to your people. It can't be that and so this is where we introduce this piece and this way it's like number two is once you know what your company is now saying, hey creatively, what makes sense for the people that are in my gym for the goals that they want to achieve? We've talked a lot about that over the course of this podcast, like as a whole many episodes, but it's what are people trying to achieve? And how can I support those goals that they have with these products?

Tyler 16:45

And for me with a bundle it is really just about defining. It's a very quick way to sort through the bullshit for the clients that don't have to think about everything. So one of the bags I'll either call the basics or the essentials or whatever but I just covered the things that I think you can't go wrong if you take right so I'll have them assemble a bundle for me the the company give me a link for it as well so people can buy affiliate or can sell it off my shelf but I prefer that to be a protein powder creatine hopefully they have it if they don't if a company doesn't carry creatine it's okay just recommend it to your clients still it's like the most researched there's no reason I didn't mention this before like creatine just fucking take fucking creatine What the hell but anyways, protein powder, creatine, a fish oil I prefer and then the greens like some sort of green supplement that's that's like the basics that's like the just the essentials, the stuff you don't need them right Yeah, and you can always pick one offs, but that's if they want one offs, they'll just pick one offs. So I like to assemble all those things like this is the you can't go wrong, this is the fucking undisputed easy shit that all you can take to fill in some gaps. This helps with your, your habits, your daily routine, this helps you feel satiated, this helps with performance, this just fills in all the gaps. So I will start with that one. And then I'll scale up from there and I can either build beyond that or I'll go with like a secondary bundle that's an add on which is like some super high octane shit that's like your pre workouts and your fucking you know, all the other jazz. But you can assemble this all based on your stuff if you want, like a recovery package. There's like there's one that's great you can do to all the essentials you must do recovery which is you know some casein protein and US fucking sleep supplement or melatonin, you know, whatever it whatever they carry for whatever needs that you think someone could have on the heavy on the recovery side. Add that to Kevin Essentials Bundle recovery bundle, a high octane performance bundle, you can have a his and his His bundle and a HERS bundle if you want to. And you can throw them all together into one super ass kick and bundle if you want to. But that is not about forcing this onto people. It's just allowing people to assemble packages, you just pre assemble. It's a fucking happy meal. You know what I mean? There's a reason they put small fry, small drinks and a little sandwich together because you didn't have a bunch of little kids coming up there. It's like Nah, just fucking happy. Make it easy on the kids. They know happiness, the cheeseburger, the other stuff, they don't even care. But it just allows them to be upset with how many kids are going to pick a little fries over something else. So there's just as much value in putting it together. It allows people to see everything in one place. He could put your product images on there, then you know, your cans, your jars, or whatever. So it makes for good. So we're marketing materials to be put together. So

John Fairbanks 19:27

it also very naturally fits into our offer stacking system that we talk a lot about. Yeah. So one of my favorite stacks that we've ever built is for the MMA gym that is inside of our gear Academy. Because it looks so goddamn good. Yeah, one of the things that I really like about it is that their supplements page is super clean. And it just allows it's kind of like the best of the best. We're not getting too granular and it's just like, hey, the same way where you're giving them the opportunity, giving the customer the client the opportunity to make a choice. It's so non threatening. It's so Part of the process and just now this is how things flow.

Tyler 20:05

Because of the psychology of people, a lot of times when they buy supplements, they want to buy supplements, they actually don't want to buy the ones that fill the one specific need that maybe they need a bit, you know, like sometimes a supplement is the solution to a problem. For the most part, when people want to buy supplements, it's about investing in their nutrition in this process, because they can't fucking give you more money to coach them or they don't want they're they're already paying for coaching, they're already paid for the membership and they got more money, they want to stack onto this thing they want to put put something into this fitness into getting better, it's about commitment for them. So they just think of supplements in that way, right? And that's fine. And your job is to guide them to something ethical. And so these bundles work really, really great to do that. Because they just think supplements, I could tell you what, here's the basics can't go wrong. Don't go out there and just buy some nonsense that someone who doesn't lift tells you or just Google start Googling, let me help you out. If you want to just invest in supplements, then here's the ones where you can't go wrong. That's a great way to do the bundles. So the next piece is the Ask the sales pitch, right. And there's a lot of ways you can go about it. I go, obviously, we throw everything at everything all the time when it comes to the s don't overdo it. But people need to know they need to know often We've mentioned this before, you should feel like you're asking something or telling people something 100 times and usually by then you're still not saying it often enough, you're still not asking enough, just like we had that client that sent us the laundry list of 115 or 113 supplements? Well, there's no way that those clients know all of them that are there, they're just they never will know, they'll never be able to sort through it. It's just never going to happen. So at some point, you need to just ask about something specific, and then go back and revisit something specific. And then you can make a general ask and you can do all this via a lot of different methods, right? I think emailing your existing clients is a great starting point. And I'll say we got a partnership here. We're doing this thing, here's how you can buy it. Tell you what if you don't want to buy it off the shelf or try it. Here's a fucking link, run with it. You can buy it yourself, get a shipper at your house, free shipping, and that method works great. You need to constantly remind these people there is nothing that is less, that we're sending one email about supplements and then not ever sending it again, is just as effective as you not ever sending an email, by the way, just so you know. That's not trying. That's just throwing some shit out there hoping you scrape something so Johnny got a ton of lag over there. Like

John Fairbanks 22:28

it's almost worse. I'm 32nd live with Yeah, I know. You can still hear me all right, though. Yes, I think so. So it's almost worse. Because if you just send that email, then you think you've done something and then you think it's not working? Yeah. Yeah, sure. Then psychologically you're very defeated. And it's like you went into it the wrong way. Could you imagine if the girl that you really wanted to date or really wanted to marry that you just sent her a text one time?

Tyler 22:57

Said what you're doing to close the deal? Yeah, that was

John Fairbanks 23:02

fucking then she doesn't like me. And it's not meant to be. It's like, when you hear some of those old school stories. Where like grandpa met grandma, grandpa was borderline a fucking startup as a fucking

Tyler 23:13

psycho. Yeah, he was on that pitch everywhere. Yeah, sending her a lot of Senator letters over the grandpa tried to grab and try a lot harder than you do. Now, the thing. The thing I think you should note with this, though, is that it's not like any, it's no different than anything you do in fitness or in your business. Right? If you had a client that came in and on their first day, they got a workout in, and then they didn't say, Well, I don't look jacked yet. I didn't lose any weight today. So well, yeah, that's not how this fucking works, right? That's just not how that works. It takes time. It takes consistency for the results to fucking happen. You're a fitness coach, you are in the fitness business, you should know how this shit works. Okay, so if you want to be selling supplements, you don't just get to say supplements and then have them on your shelf behind you and hope that it works. It has to be a system and needs to be something that you actually try to do. Or you have to try. There's plenty of money to be had. And it's very easy money to be honest with you, but you do have to try. So part of that effort, make the ask. So send emails, send emails consistently, build it into your master email sequence, make an Ask there's lots of other ideas we have that we save for our gear Academy on the specifics of those things in the copy. But that move right makes the emails right. On the other hand, there's also some in gym stuff you can do to one you're going to send those emails to remind people of course that you have products on the shelf. Everyone should also include the opportunity for them to buy right there in hand on their phone via the affiliate link. That's the benefit of that two to the two multifaceted sales strategy. With the products on the shelf. There's all sorts of great shit you can do. You can have, you know, one day a week and have somebody out there giving free samples of pre-workout if you want to, or hey, bring a shaker bottle next week, we'll give you a scoop of protein. You can try it out, see if you like it. That's there's just great little ways you should also remind your coaches in every staff meeting every fucking week to be pointing people over to the supplement signup sheet or To the subsea board, if you guys are interested in anything afterwards you have any questions grab me about it. If you're looking at making a larger purchase, you can schedule an appointment. And we can have a supplement consultation if you'd like, we can fold that into your nutrition plan and Piper blah, blah, blah. But you need to have blood pressure for every aspect of your business that you're trying to improve. And if you're not applying any pressure, any work towards your supplement sales strategy, that's why you should just put it on your shelf, and the same five people buy stuff once a month and nobody else knows that you sell anything. On the other side of this is the offer the sales process. So that sales process is making it as easy as possible.

John Fairbanks 25:42

Exactly like we've beaten this piece to death, because the sales process of making a successful sale on the supplement side is how are you successfully selling anything inside of your gym? Yep.

Tyler 25:54

And it should be done by gyms, right? This is the thing I always lean on. This is what we did with supplements for the most part, I like folding in the affiliate option as well. But I like the same way that you sell hopefully, like your, you know, kill cliffs and a confit aids and the recovery drinks or whatever it is that you sell behind yourself, whatever that system is, that should be easy. First off, because those are 323 $4 purchases, right? Nobody wants to jump through a bunch of hoops to spend three fucking dollars. So I hope that that's easy. I hope that's as simple for them. The best strategies I've seen have been true for a long time. Just a little signup sheet. These are your members, their clients, you got their cards on file, you know you trust them, they trust you, you know who they are. So if they come in and they want to drink out of the thing, grab one and they write down what it is and what the price is. And then you just have a coach at the end of the day end of the week or however you do it go in and mark it has been paid when they bill it they go through an invoice everything

John Fairbanks 26:51

that's overcomplicate that Tyler

Tyler 26:53

Yes, absolutely. And we've seen it. We've seen it a lot of times. We don't want to poke at anybody, but it's like obviously, if you're like, Oh, should I make a Shopify store through this? No. Holy shit, you're gonna build a whole other sales structure. You don't want to make a Shopify store if you're selling fucking T shirts, like there's no, don't bother with any of this stuff. Make a fucking signup sheet these people in 2022 Man, people want something tangible. These days, like everything is now digital and smooth, there's no problem with having a sweet little signup sheet that I just write down what I want, what the cost is. And Simon Amen. Okay, yeah, send it to me. That way, if you have it on the shelf, you hand it right to them, and then you build them later. If you don't have it on the shelf, you can just have a box to say that needs to be ordered at the end of the week. So that she does your pre order , how you can basically measure demand that she does, how you can manage your inventory. And it's simple, it's manual, it's paper, I get it, it's not super slick. But you have to build a lot of structure. So unless you're already selling a lot of supplements, or swimming in cash, which if you're swimming in cash, maybe this is the wrong podcast for you, you know, you already got to figure it out.

John Fairbanks 27:57

And also, depending on number one right was what company you chose and why you chose that company is because of some of those pieces that we talked about, one of which was this affiliate agreement. And also the one that we like a lot with driven is that you have your own store that own area where people can then make that purchase, you know how smooth and seamless that sales process is, is you're not fucking involved. So as long as you're doing what you're supposed to do on the pitch side, and the information side and being as active as possible, and reminding people hey, this is a thing that's there, and it's available now to purchase. There's tons of tricks of being able to make that purchase as easy as humanly possible.

Tyler 28:37

Yeah. Well, I think that piece is I think a lot of people sleep on that is that like this, we can overcomplicate a lot of things. And the fact is, is there's a very high likelihood that you have less than five employees in your gym, most likely, less than five full time employees, I'd be willing to bet if you're listening to this podcast, full time, career people that are working for you and your gyms, you got less than five, this is probably the spot for you. If you got more than that you've solved the scale problem. So you're probably doing all right. You don't need us for everything. But I do think if you have that few people who are going to have to manage all this stuff, then the fact that it's no labor and we're very, very little labor in and just easy money out makes us a thing that's easy for a small operation to start. I think that's the way that's really the way that you got to start looking at this. And that's why I like doing pre orders if you can't if you can't get this so here's the process I would roll out right? Pick your stuff, figure out how you're going to sell it if you're just going to try to get it moving, right? Going to an affiliate in the beginning costs you $0. Get some sales, take your first commission check and spend all of that on getting a product for you on your shelf, you can then take that stuff, sell it or use it for samples right? And then take those samples or the people that have looked like the samples and tell them let's do a pre order sheet and then take everybody will put their pre order you can build them all right away, right and then make a bulk orders spend every penny that that first preorder did including the profit right, then from there, you'll have made some you you haven't taken any money out of this yet, but now you've got a shelf full of shit people who've taken your stuff that like it that will want it next time. And now you've got anything you sell off that shelf. Now you'll be able to make profit off while still continuing to drive the affiliate sales without you having to have any input. So it's just money in money and money and money in and you've already jumped to the heaven product on the shelf without having to start with a couple $1,000 or however you want to have 500 bucks or whatever. So that's how you can start selling supplements with no money, no money if you just get moving, and you just got to be comfortable asking, you know, that's, that's super, super, super important. The next step John is the follow through

John Fairbanks 30:48

this is the piece where you got to be able to have data you have to kind of have metrics and it cannot just be that somebody buy something from you and then you never talk to them about it or talk to him about it again like I can't see that I see that happen a lot when you want to be involved and you're like great they bought it and the goal is not to have somebody buy something once the goal is to have them buy it and want to keep buying it because you already did all that homework in front of is this the right company? Are these the right products? Will this actually help my people? It's not snake oil, well then people are gonna get value out of it because they're going to have done something with it.

Tyler 31:27

And if you work for the you know if you if you are handling your own business, the social media or whoever is handling your social media if your coaches are taking the supplements if you are posting pictures of it while you take it posted hey, here's on chicken today this is the product I take this like because your clients they like you they trust you but they do want to see you taking it otherwise they think you're selling it if you're selling them T shirts so you don't wear you know like that shirt it's gonna be like well man, I'm buying this from a guy that doesn't even like this shit. Maybe it sucks right? So it's important to keep making moves continue to follow through on it meaning you need to post about it regularly on your social media or in your gyms you know, if you have a private Facebook community group chats, whatever that is, but you need to be about it right you don't need to be like you don't need to go all Herbalife about the whole thing and just be like, Hey, everybody, now I'm an independent fucking business owner. And this stuff is you know, it's don't make it anything. It's not, but like, you need to take it anyways, we'll tell people that you take whatever it is that you're taking. Right? It's, that's, that's where that starts. Yeah, the

John Fairbanks 32:26

A big, big piece of follow through for me is we oftentimes will hear from gym owners that will say, Hey, I've never done this before, or this is brand new. I'm just starting. And it's how do I start? How do I start this process? And you've given a lot of pieces here, Tyler works like you can start with zero money down. So how do you get people to buy in? Right? You have a huge leg up. Because your folks are already there, they already trust you with their fitness and with their time. So now and you've beaten this horse dead of the importance of selling nutrition, where subs come in? And is a part of that conversation as well. So do they trust you to buy protein? And why are they going to buy it from you? And they can buy it from anywhere else? And the easiest way to get started is are you using it? Are your coaches using it? Do you have before and after pictures or testimonials that talk about hey, I was successful, not because I took protein, not because I bought the greens, the greens didn't make it to where that was the difference maker of why I lost weight over the last 12 weeks or eight weeks or whatever. But it was part of my plan. And you can do that too. Like allowing people to be able to see that. But if you don't collect that data, you don't make those efforts, get those testimonials, get feedback. You'll never know and it'll just die on the vine. Yeah,

Tyler 33:52

you're continuing sales strategies, we'll call the follow through here, right is that is really like what we use for everything, how you sell fitness as you sell results. So someone comes in, they want to commit extra to their nutrition or whatever it is, and you just give them the opportunity if they want to fill in some of these gaps with supplements and they do. Right this is you're gonna get testimonials from them about nutrition, testimonials about the supplements, testimonials about their results, testimonials just about their last eight weeks or 12 weeks with you. Right? And from there, you can say this person had great success with our nutrition coaching. I couldn't driven supplements or whoever it is that you sell, and a bunch of hard fucking work, you know, and here's their results. And that's what people will connect to. And that's how you'll continue to sell. And it's important that I be in the supplement industry, perception wise, like the public perception of the supplement industry is that it's full of sharks. And it is absolutely true that people have been lied to by all these MLMs. You know, we're praying. They're preying on the people that frankly, they're preying on the people that they get to sell for them frankly, more than anything else. But because of that, it's those people's reputations that say your Herbalife and AdvoCare. They just tarnish the sellers reputation at the expense of everybody else, right? So you can go in, and you start talking about supplements and people get these walls up, right? So you cannot be pushy. You just can't, it needs to just be laying an opportunity out. When I tried to introduce supplement companies to some of the businesses we work with, I gotta move real slow because I was like, Yeah, this is gonna smell like I'm trying to plug in some shit that benefits me and I get nothing about any of these companies that we mentioned today. Nothing. It's just the ones that fit our needs. And I need my clients to make fucking money. So these are the ones that I pointed to the ones that I trust. And so you have to be prepared to defuse people's bullshit radar. And the best way to defuse people's bullshit radar is to just fly under it. Be low key, don't be pushy. Just extend opportunities, have it all be a part of your system, not pushing as just an Ask not not fucking you need this. But like, Hey, here's what this does. Here's how we can fit in your day.

John Fairbanks 36:05

We can insert this into you

Tyler 36:07

listen, here's how you put the protein area. But the best way I think to do this is to just ask people questions. That's it. And we've got I don't know if I've got to. I don't want to run through the whole thing. But even when I sell supplements in the context of a nutrition sales, or a nutrition consultation, right, here's your nutrition plan, as I kind of run them, run them out here. Here's what you want to eat. Here's your macro stuff. Here's my recommendations for your daily routine. Now, let's ask some questions. Right. Are you having? Do you sometimes? Are you busy? Do you have a hard time? You know, cooking meal prep every day? Yes. So then I just write down yes. Okay, perfect. Well, that person probably has a need for protein. Do you eat enough leafy greens and vegetables? Do you feel like you have a hard time getting enough of them? And this is the serving recommendation if it's no, just kind of write down, okay, little bits here. And that ends up being all the answers to their questions like okay, well, here's the ones that will kind of fit you and your stuff. And you can just decide if you want to take them or not. Or if you just want to put extra effort into that part of your life. That's fine, too.

John Fairbanks 37:04

We have this questionnaire. Yeah, join the gym owners revolution Facebook group, and then tag Tyler and I in the group and we will give it to you this question Will one that then allows has allowed Tyler and Meghan to be able to sell a lot of shit to align people up with very specific services and products based off of the answers of these questions. And it's just as easy as asking it and making it simple. And this is a great ad that any of you can grab, just ask us for it. Get in the Facebook group and ask.

Tyler 37:37

So that way defuses their bullshit radar You can't come in with a hard sales pitch, a hard loud, pushy you need this stuff is not gonna work. And it's by the way for you to be able to carry your business for the long haul, like and be able to, like you can turn and burn with supplements real bad by pushing too hard right away. You push too hard right away, people will be out in two months. And like I remember when they tried stuff and all that stuff down our throats. You can't, you just can't do that too. You got to be cool, but take it easy, be cool about it, be efficient, and it'll all work out just fine.

John Fairbanks 38:10

Yeah, cuz if it really does, like change the world, the single product is worse than it's illegal.

Tyler 38:18

For sure, for sure. Not listed on my ideal list of supplements and trends. There's a lot of stuff on here that you're not going to be able to like unless you want real results, guys, the real ones.

John Fairbanks 38:31


Tyler 38:35

six week six week test and trend challenge.

John Fairbanks 38:39

Talking about results, ladies and gentlemen. Nobody that's important, because we want to be like these huge cheerleaders and talk about this thing and be fucking insane and be like, Oh, it's gonna change the fucking world's gonna change your life. You can take this shit, you're gonna have all the sex you can think of. It's like, fucking No, no, you're not. So that's why you don't act like that. Because then you act like we always say, just be a dude. But you do develop. And you

Tyler 38:59

gotta be a cool guy about the thing. Yeah. So guys, that's what we got for today. That's all I had. John, do you have anything we want to touch on before we send them off? No. So if you want it, if you want that sales checklist, get in on the Facebook group, for sure. We'll give you that sales questionnaire for supplement sales. And you can kind of just, you'll see that strategy what we do so you can just know the supplements that maybe you like that maybe aren't on that list or whatever that you sell. Okay, well, what is a question that I would ask a person that if they answered yes or no to it, that would I can point them to this and that strategy just works really well instead of coming in and ramming a fucking supplement at them. So join the Facebook group if you want that will DM you the thing it's yeah, it will be a battle get you in. For those of you that are new to the podcast, make sure you follow him on his podcasts on Instagram. join the Facebook group The link is in the description. The gym owners revolution is alive. So make sure you follow me at Tyler F unsewn. That's Tyler eff ironstone and follow John

John Fairbanks 39:56

at Jay banks FL on Instagram

Tyler 39:59

me Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and get on there and leave us a five star review on your favorite listening app on Apple on still have it's not iTunes anymore. I've been podcasting so long that I had to say iTunes for everything. For the first couple of years. Go leave us one on iTunes and then they change it to an Apple podcast and like. Yeah, so anyway, Spotify works as well. Everything else. I don't even know if they allow reviews. Nobody cares. So leave us one on one of those two platforms or rails fucking save your energy. Okay, so, thanks a lot for listening, everybody and we'll see you next week.

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