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The MOST Important Thing Your Gym Needs to Get Right...

Saturday, January 21, 2023

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  • ​What is the most important thing for your gym to have? - 0:02
  • ​What is an offer stack? What does it mean? - 6:34
  • ​Memberships aren't the only thing you’re selling - 12:44
  • ​The biggest piece of advice you need to keep in mind when starting a business - 16:57
  • ​What would it take to have a successful sales experience? - 21:05
  • ​The importance of having a sales plan - 26:34
  • ​You’re a slave to your own machine - 31:18


Tyler 00:02

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. This week we're going to talk about the most important thing within your gym. The thing that all roads lead to in your gym the success or failure of your gym depends on this one thing long term, the appeal. Your gym has two members to what's the word prospective members stuttering here at the end of the week, the appeal your gym has to prospective members. And the way that you're going to be able to present your product outwardly for social media for all your pitches is going to revolve around this one thing and is the most important thing within your gym. It defines your products, it defines your ability to be profitable, it defines your perceived value out of your perceived value when compared to your competition, it is the thing that your gym needs to have in order to be successful, the most important piece that you can possibly put together for your gym. So before we get into that, let's make sure you guys go join in in the description, join the Facebook group join the gym owners revolution on Facebook, that's about it's a resource for gym owners, it's where we're going to be running some of our new challenges we'll get you're gonna have opportunities to run through some free what's the word kind of some free short, you know, once what are we going to do John 30 minutes probably three times give or take will flesh out the details on this. It'll be a very, very quick use of your time. You will be able to come in and we're going to address this single issue that we're going to talk to you today in some of our upcoming challenges that we're going to run in the Facebook group. So make sure you join the gym owners revolution follow me on Instagram at Tyler effing stone this other eff ironstone follow the show on Instagram at the gym owners podcast and John

John Fairbanks 01:38

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Tyler 01:41

Here and there's the ever bald, ever bearded, ever handsome John Fairbanks guys this week. The thing we're talking about the most important thing for your gym is the thing we've talked about a lot. But it is your offer stack. One of the things that you know if you do coaching, and if you've ever done been in education as you feel like you talk about the same thing, 1000 times and every single time you think you talk about something a lot, you're not talking about it enough, still it still isn't quite getting through. So for us, the offer stack sets is one of the cornerstone principles that we teach as far as with the gym owners revolution. It's the centerpiece for everything that we do within the gear Academy, learning how to build it, how it should be presented, then how you use that for marketing, how you position yourself against your competition, how you're able to upsell, how is everything right, John, this sits is this is everything that you do presented in a way that makes the most sense to your clients. And that is it's the only thing that matters, in my opinion, frustrating. This is the number one thing we do for clients. Anytime we get somebody in the gym, the Gear Academy is to completely retool the offer stack and teach them how to sell it because it's the thing that can start making you more money right away doing the things that you're doing?

John Fairbanks 02:51

Well, because it takes a proposition of a yes or no proposition and whether or not you can win, or successfully sell something that you have available, and really puts you in a position where it's a yes or yes. And it's either you win, or you win big. Yeah. And that's how we want to position. That's why we've just learned everything that we've done over the years and everything that we've listened to about what gym owners want, what coaches think that they need to do, and what the general consensus of what's out there leads you to believe, like what's important and what you should do. First, we've just learned that it's all bullshit. It's all wrong, like the timing is wrong. And if you can get this one thing, squared away, is the reason why it's the first thing that we do. Because if you can get it squared away, it takes wins, that you weren't going to have either way, and allows you to just hit grants, like grand

Tyler 03:44

slams, and you said it too, is that you're going to have wins, you're going to be closing sales, no matter what your product, people need your product, whatever it is, people need coaching people like you, you as a gym owner, your business, it's appealing, if you got into this for the right reasons, most likely, I hope you got a decent location, you've had some good success with some clients, I hope and that people would like that you're going to be an attractive place for people, right? But why allow your wins to not actually be wins for you. And that's the problem is you can have a lot of these wins and close a lot of sales and have them not be that impactful to your business. And that fucking sucks. There's nothing worse than being stoked you got a new client, and then processing that first payment for $125 You're like, Well, fuck me, like of all the things you're going to hope to be able to do for this person in the long run for all the things that maybe they may actually want to be spending money for, for all the problems, that they are barriers to their success that they have that you may be will be able to address or could address or they'd be willing to pay for it. You're just going to shut down all that aside to stuff them into some kind of catch all membership. And that's tough and it doesn't mean that you that you can't sell a base membership and you can't sell a membership that is affordable to people. But the fact is if your offer stack does not allow people to choose to Buy more or choose to spend more without being forceful. This isn't. This isn't some of that weird bait and switch shit that you see when you buy a car you ever bought you bought a used car recently, John, you ever go into some of those dealerships, and they come back at you like you agree on a price, I've had a couple of this, I agree on a price. And they come in and we're ready to sign the paperwork. And they put this thing in front of me where the price is way higher. And it's like, oh, well, this one, because we're going to do this. And we're going to do the undercoating and we're going to, you know, and we're going to add some extra, we added the extended warranty and they just kind of take it on like if you look at this and just signed blindly or just kind of agreed to it without thought. It seems like bait and switch. And that is the thing we are absolutely against. There's a lot of bait and switch stuff that goes on with challenge offers and short term offers and Groupon shit and some very interesting verbiage that happens with some of the bigger players in this industry, that I hate a bait and switch in the fitness industry sucks because this is your relationship with clients is based on trust. And you cannot subvert that trust right away, because you'll never get it back. It sucks. And it's really, really bad for your reputation. What you would choose to move up if you John, if they would never sell the fucking extended warranty to someone who values it and wants to spend money or has the disposable income, they would never sell it if they never asked. So where's the line? There's a line between just shoving stuff down somebody's throat that they don't want. And then or simply not ever offering it because you're afraid to be told no. And you don't have to conflate one of them is not the solution to the other. That makes sense.

John Fairbanks 06:34

Oh, yeah. And it's not also just the process of just making shit more expensive either. Correct. So there's really a fine line that we're kind of like threading the needle through this section. And I think it really needs to come down to two is what the fuck are we talking about? So when we're talking about an offer stack, and we're talking about these things that you have available? What is it that we literally mean? So when we say the idea of what an offer is? So this should be the most straightforward? It's just the language that we use, which is, what is your service? What is it that you're selling? What options do you have that's available, and when someone comes in, they want to be able to buy something from you? What do you have to actually put in front of them, that's what we mean by an offer of what you're going to be able to put in front of somebody and then stacking it. So then we're gonna break that phrase down like, what does it mean to stack it's gonna now take, what we're literally saying is you're gonna stack or pack what you want to put in front of someone with so much value. With so many different things that you have available inside of your gym, that it can either be where we like to do the ideas of like what you have available. So what the offers that you have, if you're going to stack and be able to combine these things into packages, it's what's the next thing that the person is going to need, it's going to be will, what will help them get faster results it can be that ends up being highly customized. So you can build it all the way up to where the whole thing gets highly customized around the individual. The whole idea is you put so many different options now together and packaged strategically in front of someone into a stack of offers that are now all together that then should make the person that's interested in coming and joining and working with you really make them feel like an idiot if they say no to what you just put in front of them because you've essentially by design have solved every one of their pain points. And everything is pointing in the direction of what they want to achieve. Not by accident. But that's what we're talking about when we start talking about putting an offer and then a stack together.

Tyler 08:42

And I think the top end of the stack, right? It's your highest value product. It's a thing we've you know from her Moses book 100 million dollar offers. It covers that value equation very thoroughly, which is like what's the likelihood of success? The perceived likelihood of success? What is the rate of the results? What is the amount of effort they feel like they have to put in in order to get it you know, this whole thing feels very premium does it seem like it aligns with their goals, like all those things need to fit. Now that should be a piece that is expensive, and not everybody's going to buy. I talked about this with our coaches or our gym owners in the gear academy yesterday. This top option should be expensive. And it shouldn't be a thing where like not it should be like first class airline seats, right? Not everybody can afford first class airline seats, not everybody even those that can afford probably a lot of them aren't even prioritizing spending money on it right and my goodness, I have a hard time on international flights for going over an extra five grand to read first to sit first class. But I will tell you this, every single individual who boards a plane who walks through the first class cabin wants to be in the first class. And that's a very important piece when it comes to how you build your offer stack. That top option should be first class and not everybody can afford it. Those that can afford it may not even be willing to spend that much money on it. But everybody should see and understand. That's pretty fucking awesome. Right? It's very important. And so everybody needs to see it to know, right? Because that's how first class seats are able to maintain that price is one, they don't compromise, they don't cut the price in half, you know, they'll only reward you know, they'll forget the upgrade situation. But like the reason that that rate is maintained, is because universally everybody knows it rocks. Like everybody knows how much better it is and experience up there than coach, I've flown First Class A handful of times, especially on international flights, that is an entirely different experience, especially when you're my size sitting in first class, I can still lay down and stretch my toes to lay flat. It's unbelievable. I've gotten sleep on first class flights, I have never gotten more than 20 minutes asleep in the coach. So it's really, I think that piece matters a lot when it comes to you need to understand that this isn't for everybody to buy. And that's the thing people back off if I put all this together socially and like nobody's gonna guess you're right. Not everybody's gonna buy some will. And you'll always be surprised by who does it, who they are. That's the thing that I've learned the most when it comes to building offer stacks and selling like this is that like, I'm always surprised, to the point where I'm never surprised anymore. My assumptions go out the window, I just make the most awesome thing that I can that I think is going to cover most of the needs and wants of somebody. And that's the thing, right? Would you pay extra money for a hot towel? On the plane? Just like a little hot hand towel when you board? And when you get off a plane? Would you pay any amount of money for that? Like even $1? Probably not. But when you get it, it fucking rules. Like you get like, Oh, that is nice. It was a little touch that you like. So when it comes to building that top stack, listen, just make it the best thing that you possibly can do in that channel. Now if we're talking about offering a stack for group fitness, right? It's going to be whatever it is you can dream up. But what's the best experience you could deliver for somebody that's going to be built around success as well? Because your results are not just getting somebody from New York to LA right? Your results do record, you know that you do need to cover all the needs in between like what is what is the barrier between them losing weight? What has caused them to fail last time? Was it nutrition , was it accountability? Was it? Was it just checking in more often that the work was not good enough? Where do they get a little lazy? Do they need more one-on -one attention? Do they need more work outside of class? So they're like, that's a piece that you need to build all of that together. And then all you do is start tearing those things down so that the bottom level, the very base option is currently probably for a lot of you the only fucking thing you're selling right now anyways.

John Fairbanks 12:44

And selling I think is a really important word that I don't want to skip over. It's probably the only thing that you're selling, but it's not the only thing that you're doing. And that is the biggest thing that we see as we start working with coaches and gym owners, especially when they're really new and they've just been flying. They have realized as they start working with people that people need a little bit more. If you've been wanting to do the right thing, you're doing this for the right reasons. There's a reason why you don't work a nine to five day job or office space style. So you realize that as you work with people, there is a little bit of extra touch, there needs to be check-ins, there needs to be little things here or there. And you are freely giving of that all the time. And as we all know, because we've all been stuck in this trap before. Everything that we do for free for someone never fucking gets followed. Absolutely. So you end up chasing your tail. And really, it's what we've heard the most frustration that comes from coaches that are super well intentioned, is that they're doing all of these things. And at the end of the day, you almost find yourself in a position that you want it more than your clients do.

Tyler 13:58

Yeah. And that piece gives more energy than you're getting the value you're getting back combined with not getting paid very well. Putting in a lot of hours and really having your heart in the thing that's that is the recipe for burnout, burnout that's why coaches get tired that's why they sour that's why they end up being kind of you, John, you've seen these guys he's He's bitter people who kind of don't like any of their clients. I mean, it just ends up being a very they're they're just so they can be professional worker outers, professional exercisers because they don't want to have to get a job where they have to deal with a bunch of other bullshit. And I think that that's the thing that happens to a lot of coaches, a lot of gym owners by the way, even if you're just a gym owner, and you have coaches. This is the only way to look at your numbers. If you really look at your numbers, your options for growing in revenue, either gotta jam more members through this unprofitable system and you're gonna have a harder time delivering results. You're gonna wear out your market at some point unless you're in a really big market. So you have to raise your price then. Well, how are you going to grow more and how are you going to develop? If you're a coach, how are you going to dump more clients on your existing coaches, without paying them significantly more money? This starts to create a lot of resentment amongst your staff as well. So this formula is just for profitability, we always build everything as a feedback loop of success, meaning the outcomes of thing A need to feed the desired inputs of thing B, which then feed the outcomes of thing A, and the whole system can grow. Okay, this is the thing that we've any time that I address any system like this, this is what we do. And so you absolutely have to understand that for you to grow. If you're a coach and gym owner, and you're completely maxed out on time, at this point, like, I can only take on maybe one or two personal training clients at this point, right. And a lot of you guys are probably there, because we hear it all the time from gym owners who like, are kind of running the ship on their own, it's maxed out, like I don't know, if we talked to them about selling personal trainers, I probably don't have time to. Yeah, I wouldn't have time to fulfill. So it's like, well, then what the fuck are you gonna do?

John Fairbanks 15:59

Well, he asked the question, we asked him, I went great. So what you're saying is you don't have enough time to take on anyone else. So what you're telling us is that you're making all the money that you are, you're making all the money that you want to make? Are you making all the money that you wish you could be making? And the gym owner literally has skills? Well, no, I don't think that'll ever, like be possible. It's like, no, then we have a fucking crossroads. And we have to make a decision of what you do next.

Tyler 16:25

Yeah, and that thing is to in order to grow, that recipe needs to start to the recipe needs to start to shift a little bit, meaning if you're like, peak, you know, you can't afford to pay the new coach to come in and take your time away, you know, to free up some more time for you, and you're only selling most of what you're selling is group fitness, and not much else. And it's not hyper profitable for you, you're not living how you want to live, you can't go take 234 weeks vacation like you wish you could have like, like you thought being your own man, your own boss was gonna catch you like, you're gonna have to make some change to what you offer. And that's the biggest piece is everyone who's coming in is getting shuffled into the singular product, even if it's great. And even if you run great group classes, there's a whole wealth of people out there, I have a client who I work with now pretty regularly, who flat out just will not work, he just will not deal with group classes. It's just not it for him. So if you're making all the money, and you have tons of appeal, and everything's going great for you, which is just selling group fitness, a wonderful, but know that people with deeper pockets or who maybe want a more premium experience are just going to take their easy money somewhere else. And you gotta live with that. And that's tough to do when you're in the situation you're in where maybe things aren't quite producing for you the way that you wish they were going to. So one of the things we do is we have to sort of dress and this is where we get into the threading of your offers principle, right. So the offer stack, take your base offer, build all your services, your additional services up like that will get them from where they are to where they want to where they want to be. And cover, check every box between ANZ there, and that's your offer stack, just layer it up. Okay, now threading your offers means you do have different products within that because your base product is a group membership, that's going to be a bit different than the offer stack for someone who primarily wants one on one coaching. Right? Right. And that's going to be also different for a custom small group that may come in this is I want you to coach my, you know, these 10 kids on my 10 of my kids softball, or baseball players or whatever they want a costume called team trainer, we will have to come with him with called team training. But if you're gonna do some team coaching like that, right, that's gonna be a separate offer set for those people, because it's a different conversation. The desired outcomes are different, it's not based on the individual. It's not it's not it's going to be a bit different. If team training is youths, you know, the way you have to approach and fulfill some of those products are different use if you think coaching nutrition for a bunch of 14 year old basketball players in the offseason, amongst doing their strength training, if you think that is the same product is what you're going to deliver. While coaching a 45 year old housewife. It's a very different nutritional fulfillment, because you have to deal with the parents who are truly educating multiple parties and you're trying to move a whole family system around. It's not just you can't just worry about one person's psychology. It's different and it should be priced and communicated as such. Okay, so this was why the first thing we run through and we do our threaded offers, which is why we deliver this on essentially an app touch button so you can kind of move across you with your different products and it just feels very slick. But you can come in and you can ask the person right away what they're looking for. Right? Are you looking for group fitness? Are you looking for one on one personal training? Are you just looking for nutrition coaching? Are you looking for team training? Are you looking for a custom small group or just maybe you and a few of your friends can hold up an hour a couple times a week and come in like can you build an offer stack for each one of those? Absolutely, should you? Absolutely as long as as long as you're able to sell them and people are coming in I think you should, whatever products you have anything that people are going to take money from you that you're going to take money from them for any of your services, you should give them the opportunity to move up that ladder. That's their choice. Because what that is, don't they always choose to spend the minimum. And right now you're forcing them to spend the minimum. If you're not, if you're not allowing for upsells. And the idea of pushing for an upsell, we talked about redefining the upsell, because upsell always seems like you're shoving someone up the ladder. And that's that ain't it, man, that is that's the worst way. That's the thing. I hate coercive sales tactics at all. I hate it, I'm a very Take it or leave it kind of guy when it comes to how I sell. And I'm as as inclined to be like, I fuck off. I'm inclined to fire clients as I am to take them on, truthfully, because I'm just particular about it. But that makes the sales process not pushy, it means it needs to be a good fit for both of us, which means I'm not trying to pull you into my world, I don't know that I want you here. So how much do you want it, and let them decide that and then then you can define the relationship from there.

John Fairbanks 21:04

Yeah, and it had to be that simple. Because you can, there's so many sales training things that are out there that you can go and learn. And just the beauty of the internet is that it's whatever you want to learn, go learn it, like you can just download it and then have it and then go and run with it. But what we found is all the sales training that you and I had done, and all the different groups that we belong to, whether it was networks or industries, we had been in all these very different types and different kinds of industries. And it all came down to the ability to make a sale consistently. Especially when you want to be able to have multiple people in an organization be able to do it, and have to stay as conversational as possible. Yeah. So that conversational nature of just being able to talk to someone, be able to engage with them eye to eye, and then take them kind of essentially on a journey and let them guide the way allows any single person that's inside your order to be able to make the sales, that's really what has been the most awesome to watch and working with owners, gym owners that we're working with. And they're no longer the people making the sales, their coaches are capable of making these kinds of win or win big scenario sales. And it's just like, oh, yeah, like, it's, it's so easy. And it's, it should be that easy. Because you already like what you do as gym owners and trainers and people that are in your communities, as long as you're not just a shady piece of shit. You've already checked all the boxes necessary to then allow someone to want to be able to work with you. So now it's just totally up to you to not trip over your own deck? Yeah.

Tyler 22:56

Well, and I think the thing to emphasize too, is when you talk about it should be conversational there should it be called a guided conversation is the thing where most of you get lost. And this is where this is where being able to have other staff deliver your sales process means it should be a planned guided conversation with your offer staff being the main crush, the main focus of this, and that's the main thing. What are you looking to accomplish? Excellent. What do you think are barriers between you getting there? Have you defined that part? That's not necessarily the terminology, but you know, what, what stopped you from having success before? You know, and as they kind of define all those things? And maybe what then makes them define their terms of success? What would it take? What would you define as a successful experience here? Like at the end of this, I want to know, like, was this awesome? And so in that may be Yeah, I'd love to lose 20 pounds by this time, or it's like, you know, I just want to know my way around the gym like those people ask, forcing someone to define the terms of their own success is very valuable, because they're gonna give you then everything that you need to do in order to, to like, explain why the services have value to them. But you don't even need to do that. Because once they've laid that out there, you just put your offer stack in front of them. Tell them about the top option. say so, you know, take a look at the page, what do you think we should do? And they'll ask you any questions about any of the things on there, and that's it. And that and you don't have to go through and like to explain everything. And this is why I think when we explain the offer step offers that concept. A lot of people get confused because they're like, Well, how does that make it easier? I feel like I have to explain five different layers of things. It's like well, yeah, because right now you're selling by the seat of your pants, standing there with your hands in your pockets, showing them your reverse hyper machine and showing them how cool your chalkboard is. Or whatever the shit is that you got going on in your gym that nobody gives a shit about that has nothing to do about nothing to do with their results and what they want and nothing to do with them. You're just there talking about yourself like look at help me get my apps. You know what I mean? I Christ that's the it's that level of cringe worthy like and this is our barbells and this is our back room and you look at our showers and all those things. Of course you can show but if that's like The centerpiece of your, of your sales pitch, and you're just winging the rest, like you have no roadmap and the roadmap being that offer stack. So important because we talked about this object fixation is a real thing. Anytime people get into, I do kind of use sales processes, not as a conflict, but it kind of is in the meaning we're trying to come to a resolution and agreement, right. And so some of the same principles of conflict resolution, or do apply to sales. And one of those things in conflict is object fixation. I'm going to focus on the thing that's there, okay. And so if somebody brings a knife to a fight, right, what's going to happen, we're all going to be wrestling for the knife, it's all hands on wrists, everybody's hanging on to the thing. It's just that's the thing that seems to be the high stakes thing. We're all giving 100% of our attention to that, by the way, in self defense situations very often to the detriment of your ability to fight. This is what sometimes your instead of having two hands on some guys wrist, you can pound your way out of that situation. Right. And so having the offer stack there in front, gives you now something to lean on. It's your crutch. It says let's both pay attention to this. Because this is very specifically designed to be about what you're trying to accomplish and what I can do for you. So I don't get to freeform this thing. Okay, so we're both going to look at this. We're both gonna sit here. And we're both going to be able to lean on this meaning in the awkward silence. I don't have to look you dead in the eye while you look me dead in the eye, which happens a lot in the cold, losing sales agreements, it's rough.

John Fairbanks 26:34

What you do is you fill that space, you actually make a worse mistake, we don't just stand there and we both stare at each other. It's you just keep talking. Yeah. Do you feel like I got to keep talking? Because if I'm not talking, then they're thinking, and if they're thinking without me talking that I don't know what they're thinking about. And then I keep saying words, and you're slowly pushing them towards the door. It makes me think of so if I'm listening to this, and I'm thinking about, Okay, well, I need to have a plan. It's like, well, well, I have a plan like my sales process is good. Like, I do sales, I'm good at sales, like I can do sales. And there are some key indicators of are you doing these things the way we believe you should? So it's how long is how long? So what does it look like when someone's doing this poorly? Yeah. For like a sales call. Like if I'm having a sales meeting, it's if you're 45 minutes or longer, you're fucking up. You're not doing this, right. Absolutely. And so if you're, if you're not, if you are now, because you lacked that plan, and because you do want to make it about the person, if you don't have the little bumper lanes, like at the bowling alley up, and you allow someone man, they're gonna go way the fuck off and waste a whole bunch of your time. The folks that we've seen that have had the least amount of success with this is they go into a sales scenario, they come back an hour later, and they're like, Yeah, so like, if I fuck this up, because the person just talked about a bunch of stuff, that doesn't matter. And that'd be more of a therapy session than it did an actual like, nothing was accomplished.

Tyler 28:12

Yeah. I think also, knowing that you're gonna go to the stage, the Salesforce setting expectations, is I'm going to go to this offer stack, meaning at the very beginning. Alright, so I'm gonna ask the question, what should you buy and what you're looking to accomplish? We're gonna figure out what you're trying to do. I'll answer any questions you have. And then we'll go over, I'll show you the services and you'll have some options to choose from, let them know there'll be options to choose from. And that piece is going to take you really, really, really far. Now, for you as a gym owner, defining the success of this of your sales system isn't just about the closure rate either. And that's important to know is like, if you're able to, if I'm selling $10 memberships, I'm going to have a pretty high closure rate. And I can think I'm a fucking ace, but I'm gonna be poor as fuck, that sucks. It's not going to work. So at some point, if you build your system to where you have at least the opportunity for people to spend more money, right, and maybe your base product doesn't isn't so cheap and pointless, right? That you may, you may have a lower close rate. As far as a percentage. However, your profitability, your average, close, your ticket price is going to be much, much, much higher. Now the other piece is are you adhering to this? Because again, right, if I look at anybody's ratio, that ratio is probably anywhere from 15 to 30-35%. Top should be picking in maybe 40 really stretching it would be picking your base option, your base membership at the highest. So that's going to be as far as it so right now, 100% of your people are spending the least amount of money possible that they can with you 100% of the people you close, are spending as least as it possibly can little as they possibly can. And that sucks. It feels like success. If you're closing a high rate to your closing 70% of them. You're like a man, I'm a boss. It's like yes, and you're funneling a bunch of your clients into an unprofitable system. That's not gonna be harder to fulfill because you don't have the money. To do it, and that sucks, that really, really sucks if we can just lay this out as such, okay, now instead of 100% of people spending the money, at minimum, it might be 20, or 30. And everyone else is just giving you more money. And every product that you layer in your offer stack is easier to fulfill than your base product, it's less hours, it's a higher value product, it's more money per input for you. It's much, much, much easier on you. So for scalability for profitability, and for building your own time, it's really, really, really important because we've talked to gym owners who get to the point where they only have two or three more hours, like they don't know if they could take on more one on one clients are already coaching, it's tough to bring in another coach that can't find anybody full time, well, then you need to sell people into something that's profitable. Meaning you may need to have these sales conversations and when someone comes in, if I'm just you're just looking for a group, I'm sorry, like, our classes are pretty full at the moment, you know, I can only move you towards picking your most profitable piece. Because at that point, like you mentioned earlier, John, your last three hours that you have available in the week should be worth way more than the first 20. Right, maybe more. And if you're just going to fill them up to fill them up. Like it's, it doesn't do you any good. Because now you don't have any time to flexibly address your business. And that fucking that's a rough spot to be. And that's where burnout completely,

John Fairbanks 31:17

absolutely is, you, you did this so you can be your own boss. And then very quickly, you find that you're a slave to your own machine. And we've had to wake gym owners up to this, yeah, is that it's who owns this, whose businesses this was my business, well then fucking do whatever it is that you want to do. And but oftentimes, this is where the value of being able to have other voices having a conversation with you. And that is where we have no problem telling you exactly what we think. And that is very valuable, and having not having a bunch of fucking Yes, men around you, or not having a bunch of people around you that don't know what the fuck they're talking about. You may find that oftentimes in your little communities or your circle of people, you're the only person trying to play this game differently. Nobody else really can relate with you. And that is why we've built what this is why we built what we built, and why we have the gym owners revolution, and why we escalated and elevated those that were wanting to be able to go from that passion to a profession and take the leap and ready to accelerate and move forward into our gear Academy because I was tired of listening to gym owners thinking that they were unique, or in a situation that was only for where they're from or where they live. And we were having 1520 different conversations with people from all over the world that we're having the exact same issues, the exact same struggles. It's like, Bitch, are you guys, no one's talking to each other. Y'all gotta talk and we can help be there and help you have you guys. We need sounding boards from other high quality people that are trying to play the same game so that you realize it can be done differently.

Tyler 33:04

Because I think what happens when gym owners talk amongst themselves, is they just want to feel that I feel their problems hurt. And that's the thing. It's wonderful. You know, if you're if you're married fellas, men out there, like when your wife comes home and complaints about the people she doesn't like or the problems that were going on, or this happened with the car, what she wants us to be heard, she doesn't want you to immediately do what I do, which is go into problem solving mode, say Well, that's easy. We'll just do ABCD baba, baba, baba, baba, bah, well, you're going to make that a lot worse. However, as far as your business goes, you don't need a fucking spouse. And your feelings have no place here. Okay, so if you're gonna come in, and you're gonna say, I have these problems, I'm not making enough money. I'm working too hard. And John, I will lay out. Alright, here's the 10 problems in order here. Here's what's prioritized to execute on ABCDEFG here, and I kind of am I have no patience for them to for you to not take action just like well wait a minute, I just, I wanted my feelings validated. It's not what we fucking do here. So if you want to get in, get in on the Facebook group, you can dip your toes in, we're gonna run a couple of those challenges. Soon, you'll be able to build and execute your own offer stack and learn how to sell that hopefully by let's say for sure, maybe a month into the first quarter here of next year. So make sure you get into the Facebook gym owners revolution links gonna be in the description. If you want it on the Gear Academy, you're done having enough, you spend enough time on the gym owner's treadmill and you want to take the leap. Shoot us a message or you can ask us. I just messaged us directly. You can email us at the dudes that were at the dudes at Jim, hack a agenda, comment or message us at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. But get into the gear Academy. It's a year-long commitment. We'll get in for a year and we're just gonna retool this thing that goes far beyond just your offer stack. We go from your stack to your systems to your next opportunities, building new revenue streams from staffing to executing the whole piece marketing, sales, running ads, all that shit. We can retool your whole system for you in a year and have you up and running in a very, very, very profitable way. That's not going to have you burnt out in a year like the probably the Right that you're going right now so you did on that follow gym owners podcast on Instagram follow me at Tyler effing stone and John

John Fairbanks 35:06

J banks FL on Instagram

Tyler 35:08

All right thanks for listening everybody we'll see you next week

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