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Your Guide to Profitable Personal Training

Saturday, January 21, 2023

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  • ​This week’s episode is about getting the highest quality, highest value leads - 0:01
  • ​What you attract is what you’re gonna get - 5:46
  • ​Having a placeholder personal trainer will tarnish your business’s legitimacy in your community - 10:41
  • ​The importance of looking at your staff to see if they are motivated - 15:46
  • ​Every client should give feedback to the business - 19:29
  • ​You don’t have to worry about it, as long as you’re not bringing in membership clients with membership interest - 23:11
  • ​Pilar’s story - 29:16
  • ​Being in tune with your mission within your community - 32:48


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to gym owners podcast and this week's episode, we're going to talk about what you can do to make sure you're getting the highest quality and highest value leads attracting clients who want to spend the most money and stay the longest in your business and get the best results. So this is kind of a fix for this one thing and the whole ship starts getting pointed in the right direction type of episode, so do not miss this one. Before we get started, make sure you go to join the Facebook group, the gym owners revolution Facebook Group link is in our description should get you there, we got some cool, three day four day, little kind of checklist stuff, we're gonna be running people through here in the next couple of months. And as you're not going to want to miss that, there's going to be probably the most free value we will have given away ever. And I always make bad habits. I've given all the stuff away for free oftentimes, but it's the implementation. It's the step by step the accountability of the processes that we sell. But here, we're into exactly what to do, and you're on your own to do it. And I think you're not going to want to miss that. So get in the Facebook group. Make sure you follow the show at the Jim Morris podcast and Instagram and follow me personally at Tyler effing stone. That's how the EFF ironstone on Instagram and John, and on

John Fairbanks 01:11

Instagram, you can follow me at Jay banks, f L.

Tyler 01:15

All right. This week, we've kind of been making an observation here between a couple of the gyms that we work through that I work in another one that is a personal trainer that we work with directly who's working within. And John, one of the business consulting clients that we work with, has a lot of locations as well. So this concept we've been figuring out is a lot of gyms are having a hard time selling personal training first, right? If your gym is having a hard time getting people to buy personal training. That's problem number one. Problem number two, you're getting people to buy personal training, but they don't really stay. So your personal training revenue is just, it's not consistent. You're not converting people who are paying for personal training continuously. And the other one is your general, your lead quality sucks. And that's the truth, right. So if you're just not able to increase your average client value, and you're not able to retain these high value clients, you're kind of in a bad spot. Because fixing those few things is critical to the success of your business, because that's not gonna say it's easy money. But those are the people you want to work for. Those are the high value products you want to be selling. And if you're missing out on those opportunities, you're just stuck in a place that one of our franchises that we work with, John was talking about this the other day is like, while they sells memberships, and they do some personal training, but they're trying to upsell personal training out of the membership base, which means you're attracting to your gym that everybody knows just sells memberships, you're just gonna attract people who want the low value, the low budget stuff, and trying to then take them from that mindset to, Hey, would you like to spend a lot of money on a premium product, you end up selling closing a very, very few number of those leads a very, very low percentage of those leads, because of a principle we always talk about. Expectations are everything. And these people are coming in expecting this is my monthly rate, I can come in and use this stuff. So trying to upsell out of that you're not going to sell a Cadillac to someone coming in looking for a Corolla. It's just not the way it's going to be. But if someone comes in, what you need to start doing is attracting some of these people from the jump. Because the observation that I made was we were kind of going through some of these sales numbers. And this main thing is retention, personal training, retention, clients that stay, clients that renew in clients that pay the most money. And you know what we figured out, they all had one thing in common and that one thing was it the coach attracted them from their own brand, the coach brought them to the gym, the coach sold them on the personal training in the gym was just the location. And that all of the leads that we were getting from the gym, from their own client base, which seems like it would be high value, it seems like it would be a situation where hey, we're getting we have access to all these people. They're all fitness. I'm gonna give you some guidance. But the fact is 90% of those leads are absolute dogshit, it's just not even hardly worth the conversation that oh, wait, it's custom money I don't want and it's just they all they're all duds. Almost all of them are duds and the ones that convert. They're not really expecting to be paying for this service for the long haul either. They're just kind of going to make a one off expense, maybe put a little fuel in the tank, and then they kind of will all fall back off. So it really is. This strategy that I'm leading you towards is that your coaches need to market themselves. They need to market themselves as social on social media or whatever else in the community but they need to market themselves as professionals and as personal trainers and your gym if your gym sells memberships. You need to also sell speaking in a very different channel. You need to speak on personal training. You need to attract someone who wants a personal trainer, not someone who wants a gym membership. And that being inverted. That's the difference between closing, I'll tell you what the leads that we get when we meet someone in person, if they're coming to us, we close anywhere from 75 to 85% of them in the end, big ticket stuff, right? leads the leads that we get from a gym underneath us that they're already members. And they're kind of just maybe thinking about leveling up to a personal trainer. It's like 20-25%. And maybe it's the big ticket stuff that holds them up. But the fact is, the ones that stay the longest are the ones that are attracted by the coach. And in the long run, your ability to retain coaches depends fully on your ability for them to become professionals and to build a career in this field.

John Fairbanks 05:45

Well, that's definitely the piece that was really kind of that I have been thinking a lot about is that exact idea where it's hiring has been top of mind for a lot of the coaches and the gyms that we've been working with in the gear Academy. And really what, as we've been thinking about strategies to be able to help them implement hiring. And the fact is, it's not a surprise, right? If you're breathing right now, you've been looking in your own communities, and you've been seeing hiring issues over the last year and a half, two years. And it's been coming back to the caliber of people that you're hiring. Yes, and and and so that's why, of course, it's no surprise that when I come in the clients that I have, as personal training clients that I bring to a gym that you're bringing to a gym that our number one personal trainer brings to her gym, it's not a surprise that they're all very high paying, because it's our business. As an entrepreneur, it's our business. And really, that got highlighted for me when I was talking to one of the French big franchise owners this past week. And in talking with him he let me know that when Amazon opened a massive warehouse here, just close to where his location was a 1 million square foot facility. Right in his backyard, he closed his doors on Friday. And when he opened on Monday, he lost every single personal trainer that was working at his franchise location over the weekend. Because the lower of $40 an hour at the 1 million square foot Amazon facility was enough to get everybody to jump ship. And it's like, Oh, holy shit. But then when you and I step back, and we started talking about that, we're like, oh, well, there's a fundamental problem.

Tyler 07:40

And you know what that tells us, that tells us that you never had any personal trainers go you didn't have a career personal trainer, you didn't have somebody that wash says to in their head in their mind. And what they identify as the service that they bring to the world is I'm a coach. Okay, that's that's the thing, you're not leaving that for some warehouse job. So you had the wrong people. And by the way, there's about you needing bodies, you need warm bodies, I totally get it. But this is this, this, the same thing goes for your staff, as goes for your employee, or as for your client base. And that is just you're going to what you attract, what you attract is what you're gonna get. Okay, so at this point, if you're going to put out an arrangement, we're going to pay people like, I'll give you 20 bucks for every hour you coach. And then all I'll just fill you is the thing we've talked about a lot in the past I talked about personal trainers were like stoked, and they go to a place and yeah, they're just going to fill my schedule, they'll just sell people for me and I can feed me clients and that term getting said clients, that's how I know that coach is not going to make it professionally. Because you don't want that I need one round of the clients, I want to know exactly who they are, I want them to like me or connect with me or I want to know that they don't right away. That's got to happen immediately that you got to pull that man that like not dude, sorry. And at that, those are the people that get paid 20 bucks per session, you paid 20 bucks per session for this one on one high contact, high social engagement service. And that is never going to work. You're never going to attract a professional, you're gonna attract somebody who just kind of wants it to be easy and wants that dollar amount. And then he's gonna realize that to do that, well. It's just not worth it or it's just way too much energy. It's way too much energy to get out to put out there for that amount of money and you're stuck then with the lazy people. The people aren't a career guide because if I'm a career back, exactly, my clients are my clients and I'm an asset to the gym. We are an asset to the gym, my clients. If I leave they're very likely to leave but you know what, that also means they're very likely to stay as long as I stay. And that is the power that you have as a gym owner but actually empowering your personal trainers to be professionals is like a career. I got too far but there's some trainers around some of the spots that are just bad. I mean bad sitting on the phone the whole time ignoring people Little like no warm up just rip and fucking power, just terrible, terrible shit. Some of the worst personal training I've ever seen, I see it. And what are you gonna do? It says a zero initiative person just does zero initiative work and puts zero effort into it. And it's a real shame. But that's what happens if you don't require more of them. And that person though those types of coaches will never be able to just outwardly attract a bunch of people, because you'll spend two hours with a person like this and go, Hey, I want to work with him. Fuck, why did I pay for this stuff like those. And those end up being very, very short term arrangements, very low return on a very low retention, you end up with very low client results. And so like that can that alone, having a placeholder personal trainer will tarnish your business's ability to actually be legitimized in the personal training space in your community. It only takes one who sucks. It really does. And you're and then you're screwed. One of the notes that I had put here was that when you're attracting a client from the seminar, because I want to jump back to making sure that we are selling personal training to people as they're coming in needs to be one of the primary attractors to your gym, right? So the hooks out there, you're looking for people, if you're a gym that sells memberships, and sells group classes, or 24 hour stuff, and you also sell personal training, if the only thing that your products that are listed about that your product listing shows is here's my membership, here's our membership comm join it's X amount a month, comm check out our facility and all stuff, you're really really missing out on you're only going to attract people that want a low value service. And that's okay, but low value, it's a low value service. That's a $50 arrangement, the $40 arrangement. Some of them are Planet Fitness for 10 bucks. Okay, it's Planet Fitness, personal training, $1

John Fairbanks 11:50

Start or some shit.

Tyler 11:52

If I don't think that person maybe they do I have no idea. But like, if there's personal training going on there, that's I can't imagine how hard it is to try to upsell people into that. Because they're coming in with $10 in money. But if you're attracting someone saying personal training, get one on one attention, we're going to work with you directly with one of our professional coaches who's experienced and expert guidance, and they're going to hold you accountable, teach you how to do it, make sure you work hard and do it safely. Like that now feels there's no way a person can go into that going, Oh, wait, that's more than $40 a month, you know what I mean? So automatically, what if we set the expectation, and that expectation being set higher is the name of the game because clients who go Oh, personal training, that's what I kind of want, I want that they already have a bigger budget in mind. They're never a person who wants personal training, we'll never but it makes it easier to sell them a membership to someone who wants a personal trainer and finds out that it's gonna cost him six to 900 bucks a month or whatever, for personal training, if they're gonna get three, four sessions, like, you know, that adds up. And they go, Oh, shit, I just can't afford that. Well, you can always down sell your nose. So then you down sell them into a membership. Okay, but not letting people know that you do a premium service should be the best thing that you put out there. Right, you're a used car dealer, you're at least getting pictures and putting out the cleanest nicest looking cars you got on your used car lot. The last thing you're going to do is just go, we got some shit boxes, you know, put a lot of stuff out there super affordable, because it's low value to you. It's of low value to you. And so you got it, we got to understand that let me read let me reiterate that for you. Clients who are interested in personal training have bigger budgets in mind. And that means they're higher value clients. And because of that there is no change in expectation either. So they come in, they've gone once and spent a lot of money. I want to get this and they do it and then it just continues to do the thing. You're never having to bump them up into something that maybe like I came here thinking it was going to be 30 bucks a month and now you know it's not working for me now the only way to get more service. It's you're pushing them the wrong way. I don't like an upsell that starts bottom up. It's a downside, everything is a down sell. You start at the top and if your nose I can't afford it, whatever that is, you cover the needs if the money doesn't work, hey, well I'll tell you what, at least we can get you in here. And you know what we got an app or we got workouts on the board or we got whatever you know, here's a website that can show you a bunch of workouts you can just you know just get then you can download so you should be able to sell so many more memberships that way too. But once you've done that it started to populate your gym with like the right people and you don't have scumbags and you don't have a bunch of like the stuff that people don't come in and mystery your shit or piss and moan when they like Jesus had to be had to sign a contract for six months to get it at this price. And now they're mad because they haven't shown up in the gym for five and a half months. Those are all the wrong people to be doing business with. And the same thing goes towards your employees. If you want to attract hourly people who just want to come in and stare at their fucking phone, you're going to get what you get. And your business reputation is going to get it, your ability to grow and attract people are going to get everything that you deserve from that type of business. It sucks, it's hard. But you need to empower your people to be professional, you need to hold them accountable. It's the only way, it's the only way. But your business can go from a business that people have just thought of as a place. And you can very instantly be like, Wow, this is a tremendous service really can be a place that people are really, really excited about. And think that it is professional in almost any line of work. being perceived as professional or the most professional is the way to go. There's almost no other way you can, you can make a lot of money being rough around the edges and stuff. But the fact is, if you're excessively professional, that's over delivering across the board, you'll impress people every step of the way. And that makes people's willingness to spend more money go through the roof.

John Fairbanks 15:46

I think it's an important thing to know when you're talking about these gym owners. It's a healthy exercise that everyone can play at the gym, listening, so you're thinking about it, or you got one, look at the staff you have. Do you have people that are personal trainers? Or do you have coaches with an inflated sense of entitlement that provide personal training, because it's more dangerous if you think you provide personal training, that's high quality with professional people, where at the end of the day, they're just people that truly are being fed, and it comes down. And that's where a big big piece is pricing? What can you afford? Can you afford to keep professionals, because I will tell you right now, the agreement that you and I and every other personal trainer that we work with that runs through our system and runs through the gear Academy, frankly, and then every gym that we work with, that then puts this strategy into place to work with personal trainers in their market. They all have a very different relationship with their personal trainers, or personal trainer to gym, then I Guaran fucking tee Planet Fitness has with whoever provides person training at their facility. Yeah, so at the end, the only way that that's possible is how you price just like you said, how you carry yourself and how you do that. So from a gym's perspective, you need to be looking at your people. And seriously thinking or asking, Are these folks that are motivated personal trainers? And if they're not, from experience of working with gym owners, and from our experience of trying to change the staff you already have. This is a very difficult task folks, turn them over like people don't change exactly, it's now why we are always hiring. Now if you have a new sense of or sharpen sense of who you want to be bringing in to be your staff, who then attracts the right type of client to be in your facility. You are now playing the game of slowly replacing and phasing out. Because you will not take a dud, a piece, a piece of shit that just wants to be fed and is happy to be $20 an hour, but they'd been around for a decade. And now they're a $50 an hour person

Tyler 18:15

or your worst kind of kid out of exercise with an exercise science degree, there's nothing less. There's nothing I find less interesting or compelling as a person who's now been coaching and dealing with fitness for a lot of years, talking to some kid right out of high school or right out of college who thinks they know things because they sat through a class and I watched these people coach and it's terrible. It's a fucking nightmare. And as you know, and it's like, all the priorities are all wrong. It's all about them. It's all about stuffing, whatever exercise that this kid thought was cool or was necessary. Just stuffing that into every single fucking client that they have. It's terrible. It's absolutely terrible. So as a gym owner, here's the exercise you need to do if you need to look at your staff. First off, and then you need to disregard them almost completely. And you need to go to what level of proof what standards of professionalism would I like my personal trainers to maintain? And you can be as thorough and superficial as this thorough or superficial surface level. This is what I think you should cover every base. In my opinion, in a perfect world, they would all wear a uniform every time that lets every single person know that they're a coach at that place. Always, they would never be on their phone unless they're using at a time or no phone calls, no texting, no nothing, never not for a moment. Every client should at least get some sort of feedback that they can give back to the business, not to the coach who should direct it to the business. The business should be reaching out about feedback. Maybe after the first week maybe those touch points need to be there because that's accountability because you're not able to watch them on the floor. Okay. Those coaches should also be accountable to client results and client satisfaction because the clients don't like working with them and they're not getting any results. That coach sucks. I hate to break it to you. By the way some clients suck too but at some point it doesn't matter. People need to have good experiences in your gym, dude. So that's a problem as well. Okay, how do they carry themselves? Are they able to sell? Can they if someone comes in? Are they personable enough to talk about their packages and talk about their training presented in a tiered form that allows people to choose to spend the most amount of money with their business? And that by the way, that's the sweetest deal for them. Are they allowed? Are they good enough to offer more advanced services than just standing around setting a timer? And hoping to God that the hours

John Fairbanks 20:32

over with can we flush that out? Because I think that that's something that's worth talking about the sales piece? Well, yeah, not. We don't need to go too deep, because we can go way, way, way down. But like that idea of like they need to be able to sell for me is the value is there because if I'm if I'm if I'm taking myself, I'm removing myself from this conversation right now. As you and I, and I'm a gym owner that's listening. And I'm like, okay, yeah, great, guys, This really sounds doable. What you're saying is, is that I need to double the pay or pay my people more or pay someone that really is more, but I don't have more fucking money to pay them. And that's where it's, I want to dive into that. That's the argument. That's the pushback. It's, you've got to be more fucking creative to empower your people to be

Tyler 21:20

ever spirited. Never pay first. Especially with coaches, coaches say a tremendous amount of hubris goes in being a coach really does it just there's a lot of ego in there. And it's a thing that takes some people decades to get out. I still deal with it all the time. As a coach, there's times where like, fucking, you know what I mean? You get frustrated with there's, there's just a lot of it, where it's like your ego is in play. Coaches are fucking divas, and their jobs while they can be socially exhausting, they're fucking easy, and they don't do shit. And they're not, they don't have to do anything else. I'm sorry. Coaching is a great path. I believe I've always said this, I believe coaching is a calling. It's not a job. It's a calling. But it is a calling to become a fucking professor. If you're not a professional about it, who gives a shit. It's like being called to fucking fall off a goddamn cliff. Who cares? Okay, if you're called to be a coach, then be a goddamn professional so that you can actually get paid and make a career out of your calling. That's really important. Now, so do not ever just throw some fat paycheck. So come on in and coach, right, it's never that it has to always be performance based. And by the way, you can make it sweet. Because just make your shit expensive. Because if that coach can sell, who cares. And by the way, the coach doesn't, when I say sell, this does not mean you're gonna get some sales wizard. This is where we talk about in the gear Academy and with the things we build with our custom offers, these are very scalable, you just have an app that you that we built with every coach's services on there. And that makes it very easy for inexperienced coaches just a nice person who knows a few things about the very few services that they do very well allows them to very quickly talk with a client make a great first impression set expectations should give them some options and let them choose that system will automatically make sure that the prices fall where the money falls where the money needs to fall, it's done. You just don't have to worry about it. And if you're not as long as you're not bringing in membership, clients with membership interest and forcing them through that system, you need to bring you can of course if your membership has it, but for the personal training purposes, you need to be dealing someone who's interested in personal training, then run them through that piece. And then now everything's gonna work out, all the money is now optimized, it truly is. And you're just going to give them a percentage of it. That's it if they don't sell, they don't eat, nobody comes into your gym and gets you, you shouldn't trust anyone in 2023 to come in and just start them with a full time wage. Fuck no fuck that. That's insane, absolutely, you've met people you can't hide, you know, and you know, anywhere. Go anywhere and try to do any business with anybody at any place. And you'll realize how hard staffing is never and this is one of our main things with hiring: never ever, ever give anyone the keys to the city. Never and we'll get we're gonna get into that on management and delegating and things like that in a different episode to build on this conversation. But you're never going to bring one of the caps, give it like 60k a year, just come in and do the work. It's like no, tell you what, perfect. I have a couple of leads I'll give you you know and we'll set you up with the sales system and you can come in and yeah, you fill your own schedule. I'll put you in front. I'll teach you how to sell the stuff right. I'll teach you how to go through this process. I'll give you the resources I'll promote within our gym but that's only step one. You know I'll promote you within our gym and also promote personal training to refer leads you but it's on you to attract leads as well as a coach. So you tell this coach I will get hustlin on your social media if you have if your social media account is primarily just you and your dogs and your kids and you want to keep your business separate then create a separate separate one. There's plenty of douche douchebags out there that have Steve, Steve Jones fitness accounts and then a Steve Jones regular person account. So if you want to do that, that's fine, but build it. But whatever it is they need to start building something. And they need to put out their own content and they need to be able to speak. If your coach can't speak about what they do well, and what they offer to a client when they come in, then then they shouldn't be working with you. That's like one of the standards we talked about, or that they just shouldn't be allowed to coach people, if they can't just say, here's what I do, here's my philosophy, here's what I would do for you, here's maybe what I would do differently that other people would do. If they can't do that, they're, they have no value to you at all. Let's bring someone in, and you give them and you give them that stuff that is you've given them resources, you've given them opportunity, and you spent nothing but a little bit of time of your time, that's very little and then now it's on them every dollar they bring in, they get a piece of and you can then nurture it, and you can grow it from there. But that's it, they'll need to attract dollars. And you can give them more opportunities, opportunities as they come to you. But you need to know that the ones that you feed them will be of lower value to them and to you than the ones that they bring from outside. Because if they're bringing people from outside, now they're bringing new people into your gym anyways, that's a new member and a new high level service. It's the same reason when you look at things so there's if you ever do internships with like, I want to say the company it's a mutual fund companies stuff around here that you know, it's like savior, one of those investment places to help you save money for retirement, they do a lot of commercial like business stuff. They have a bunch of interns that come out of college. What they do first for these interns who don't make any money anyways, is they just make these interns I cold call all their fucking family members and try to get them to buy these retirement funds.

John Fairbanks 26:45

My cousin Scott stock

Tyler 26:50

The ones who want to be slimy enough with cold calling can stick it out, you know, just kind of a bit of a meat grinder but in the end you rise through that enough of the commission base sits there and you want to make a career out of living like that. But then those few go on it's the same thing. I got a job with this when I was really young. Totally bait and switch but about selling Hoover vacuum cleaners.

John Fairbanks 27:12

I like where this has gone already. Kay,

Tyler 27:15

What they do is they trick you. They say you're selling home maintenance, this maintenance system and home maintenance program. So I thought it was selling some sort of service for someone coming in cleaning like a building and shit like this. That's what the ad was. I met the guy and things like it were all vague. It was super weird. Okay, and then I sit down, and I show up, training starts tomorrow. Come on in as a nice dress. Okay, so come in. And it's this slow burn. And it takes like three hours before you realize, like, we're selling vacuum cleaners. I find out that door to door is like door to door. And then that's a no. And then what they want you to do is the first thing you do your homework at the end of that first day is you gotta go home, you got to call flight, right? Then they have you write down five people, their phone numbers, go home and call these five people to practice your pitch. And if anyone were interested in it, you know, talk to me, talk to me. And my wife bought one before I met her. She bought one because her roommate did the same. I got duped into it. But then so when I sat through this first day, I was like, polite, sat through the first day and walked away. I was like, I am not going back. Fuck these people. But my wife had a roommate before her and I met who went in and like, got home from that first day and started running the pitch at Megan, I suppose, okay, and then they called the guy, but that's what they did. Okay, they just come in, and they like, get you to pray on your fucking contacts. Now, we don't need you to be like that as a gym. We don't need you to be predatory. But just know that like, that is how you access new people. Humans are your best resource. Every human has a whole wealth of people and connections around there. And if they're not so sure, yeah, if they're not socialist, they don't have a network and they're not sociable, sociable, people don't know who they are or like them. They're probably not very good fucking, then you're probably not suitable to be coaches, either. No. That was a big rant about vacuums and shit like this. But the main thing I'm getting at is that your coaches need to sell themselves. And so that's how you bring them in, you bring them in, you give them that opportunity. And you say, All right, well, now you're on your own, I'll feed you a little bit of a baby bird. But at some point, you got to go out there and kill.

John Fairbanks 29:16

Well, this is what I really, really, really like your story of when you finally ended up at the last employer you had in the H back industry, where he made you buy all your own tools, right? It's not be a fucking professional

Tyler 29:32

if we did not own all our own tools. So in some ways we'd have you'd have 10 snips and maybe a little this a little that but like, you know, there'd be a service technician here, you have to buy all your own tools, they would facilitate it if they need to, we'll believe and borrow you the money you'll pay us 100 bucks a month that you're going to need to own $20,000 Worth and it's not because the business couldn't just pay for it and keep them it was just that meant that I was the right mindset. And because of that it meant that I could leave that business at any time. A, and I knew that I could leave that business tomorrow. And I own these tools. And I would be the most hireable person on the fucking market. And if you have employees who have the skills, and the mindset that they are the most hireable person on the market, and they can back it up. And now you have a whole team of people like that you've got killers, absolute killers.

John Fairbanks 30:20

And they stay with you for all the right reasons. Because this is

Tyler 30:24

because this is a can go, you can always go you can just leave Exactly.

John Fairbanks 30:27

And this is where you can be so fucking, greasy. And Gollum likes to be in like, No, they can't, you can't leave. You can't, you wouldn't last a second without me because I need you all the bullshit. And it's just like you're holding on to this piece of glass. Because at the end of the day, it is what it is. It's a piece of glass, you're freezing on you, and it's killing your business. And you think by not empowering your people to be capable of you want people capable of telling you to go fuck yourself, if they're unhappy, and let them go. Let them know. Because then just like you said, if you have just a bunch of killers that absolutely could one day do it on their own, and be on their own. And it's just for me, I don't know, it comes from that attitude where you have to be really careful, especially the feeling that there's not enough people to go around and the feeling that you have to have everybody. Like, at the end of the day, we've done the math Pilar to be able to have like, a really successful gym 7500 Maybe members maybe, maybe tops Yeah, like you could you can, you can make insanely good money. So you're telling me that if you you get a couple of your people to just be fucking assassins, and maybe one day they want to open up their own joint, but you're so fucking covenants of Where's like, well couldn't be in my area, because they're gonna start stealing my members, like, come on, like, well,

Tyler 32:00

and on that note, too, I do want to make sure that that's that. I make that clear. Because I do think that maybe that's a piece that people are worried about by empowering your coaches, empowering your coaches to seek their own. My clients, no matter what gym, I'm training, no matter my clients, so that was the thing with the arrangement, Megan and I are in the magazine with the place she's in now. And me as well is like that, we made that very clear, like I have to protect my brand, I don't want to be an employee of this place. It's nothing about this place. It's that my clients are my clients. And that makes that arrangement valuable. And that's extremely important to me, because when I leave there, they're my clients as well. Like, I think that that piece is the most important thing. But I think gym owners are afraid of allowing that to be the case, because a coach could go geez, I could just set up a little studio. And now I mean, I've got 40 clients or 30, whatever it is that I'm running, and they do all the soft gym math, and they want to go do it. And so what you need to understand, if you are actually in tune with your mission within your community, it should be to actually spread and grow fitness to create a fitter community. Meaning if you're able to make so much money, and there's just so much coming in, and you have a coach that's doing so well, and clients appreciate him so much. And you know that he is going to jump ship and go, and maybe it takes two thirds of them, then that's just an opportunity for you to succeed more on your mission, you may have partially succeeded. By now there's spots available in your spot, you can grow, they can grow. And now instead of that being 20 or 30 people now that's 50 people being impacted. You know, instead of your gym now facilitating 100 people, that guy takes 30 Boom, you refill those, that's 30 new people now that gets to start trending in your place, and you've got 30 new people, 30 new families that are eating better 30 new people whose kids are seeing their parents work out to show up and go to the gym, like that's the fucking goal. That's the goal. So it's not about people leaving or thought we're not gonna get it, it's like, great, you get to get new clients, cuz that's the whole fucking point of this thing. Because if you're just sitting here to turn and burn, you're missing the fucking boat, and go do business with the other people in this industry. You do not want to be doing business with us here at Jim hacking, or be bothering with the gym owners revolution because we're here to do this thing. And have it be based on what is actually right and on your actual like desired outcome should be first and foremost, get paid and make a career out of this, be a professional, be a professional coach, be a professional gym owner, and also having an impact in your community and knowing that it doesn't need to be in that order. Because you can't do one without the other. You can't sustain the other you can't take you can't level up the ceiling, on the impact you can create in your community is very low, unless you build a fucking empire. And then it's very easy to impact a lot of people. So that's the point, that's all that's your rah rah speech, I guess to wrap it up here but I want to make sure it's very clear. So high value clients come from having high value employees and you're not going to find high value employees. They don't exist, but you're gonna get somebody's going to set the expectations, set your standards, define them upfront, here's what's expected of you. And the best part is if they can't fulfill on any of those, they won't get a single client to coach any They're not going to get too deep into your shit to mess it up and you can always cut them loose then, okay, so no one gets the key to the city come in, set these parameters, run a system that works that really, really, really works. And you need to be trying to attract high value clients. Stop trying to trick your low value clients into being high value clients. It's a very important distinction to make. Thanks a lot for listening to everybody. If you want to be a high value client, make sure you get into gear Academy. In all seriousness, the hair Academy rocks This is where we run through. It's a year-long arrangement where we run with these coaches and gym owners. And we help build all of this from the sales system to the offer stacks to supplement launches to just identifying your next move in your gym and making it and making sure that you make it and that it gets done this week next week that your gym is better every week than it was the week before it and that your skill set levels up so that you can eventually remove yourself from some of these tasks and your business can continue to grow. So if you wanted them to gear Academy shoot us an email John was emailing right now.

John Fairbanks 35:58

Your mom at hacker And that's real.

Tyler 36:02

We do have a lot of these but email us at Hack your to get in the Facebook group as well. The gym owners revolution Facebook Group link is in the description. Follow the show at the gym owners podcast and Instagram. Follow me at Tyler Elphinstone, and you can find John at Jay banks F now, thanks a lot for listening, everybody. We'll see you next week.

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