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The Most Toxic Trait a Fitness Professional Can Have

Friday, February 10, 2023

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  • ​Welcome to the gym owners podcast - 0:01
  • ​Having an impact - 5:37
  • ​Your brand and your business needs to be constructed around compassion, empathy, results, and quality - 11:00
  • ​We underestimate how much people know about this world - 17:00
  • ​What are the biggest challenges you run into as a gym owner? - 20:00
  • ​What’s the impact you want to have in your community? - 24:12
  • ​A bad coach and a bad gym owner are the equivalent of pharmaceuticals - 29:17
  • ​Can you sell? Can you market? Are you afraid to talk to people when they come in? Do you have any real systems that go on - 33:26


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to this week's episode The gym owners podcast. I'm your host Tyler stone over there is John Fairbanks. How's it going, John? We are playing a very great game, okay, we are playing a very dangerous game. We had some technical difficulties. So we're rolling in this nearly blind It seems to be recording okay, but we hear each other very strangely and inconsistently. So if we get extra ranty and one sided one of us rants the other one rants that may be the nature of this episode.

John Fairbanks 00:29

I was also extra screaming at him this morning at coaching. So my voice is also shot.

Tyler 00:34

Yeah, you have that thing where if you scream so hard, it just breaks. There's a moment where it's so it's not like it gets worn down, it's your voice is very similar to the brakes on your car. Normally what happens is, eventually it just gets worn down, there's a little chirp a little less, a little less, less. And then sometimes the rinding they just completely fucking cover because you started. And so that's what John's dealing with right now. But in this week's episode, I want to talk about something that I think is a mindset, it's a personality type. It's something you need to be on the lookout for. All you fitness business professionals need to be on the lookout for this trait within yourself. Habits of this type of behavior within yourself within your staff especially and very much so with people that you're considering hiring. So before we get into that, make sure you join the Facebook group that is the gym owners revolution group on Facebook link is in our description, go to gym owners If you want to find out more, that's where we have all full transcripts of the podcast, every episode is there. We have also officially launched the gym owners revolution blog, we're running stuff every week, couple of times a week, there's new stuff hitting the blog. So if you want to be able to read we're trying to keep everything to somewhere between a one and four minute long read so that you can kind of get in get out get back to your shit. And but I'd like the written format, it's it's nice for me to be able to go back to that a little bit because I do think it makes the stuff a little more permanent as much as podcasting and you know, video and shit like that is, is a thing, it's here to stay. It is very nice to be able to go back and read to recap information unless y'all are taking notes here constantly. Like it's there's a lot of shit, which is why we also did the transcripts. So transcripts are available for every single episode that we've ever done. It's available at the gym owners So if you forgot to take notes, you can go back and peruse. So


my favorite part of that part, just to throw it in there. There's always key words at the top. I'm pretty sure you and I have fuck, and bullshit. He has a key word of an episode. Yeah, I think more than one.

Tyler 02:45

When it starts to use the words you use the most common man in my vocabulary. Alright, let's get into it, guys. So the thing that we see a lot, and this is I learned this in trying to work with people in the fitness industry in coaching first, in the business side and business ownership, as well as helping other gym owners hire people. And we find that a lot of people end up in the fitness industry because they just don't want to do anything else. And this becomes this thing that they just would rather be, you know, at some point, they just had this vision that I'll just like to be in the gym all the time, and I get to be a gym guy. But if your passion isn't truly for helping people, or for growing or scaling and solving like growing a business especially you have you need to have a mind for problem solving a mind for trying to create a community you need to be have to be driven to do all of those things a lot more than you need to be driven to just be a worker router. And John and I kind of throw that term out, we use the term exercise or worker router, kind of at people, especially when we're talking to gym owners about their staff, because I can sniff that out almost immediately. When we talked in the past about hiring people, when you're trying to hire staff, you're trying to say, hand off your social media stuff to just some coach on your staff which 80% of gym owners end up doing. Or any other tasks, admin tasks, sales, whatever it is that you expect one of your coaches to do. And you find out that they don't do it, they don't give a shit to do it. And then you realize they don't actually care about the business at all. And if you look even further into it, you realize I don't give a shit about the clients at all either. And it is and I will tell you this is the most cancerous mindset in the fitness industry. Hands down is this. entitled, I'm an exerciser. I'm a fit person. So I should just be paid to be around fitness. Okay, and it's not how it works. Those people have seen it. I've seen coaches, I've seen gym owners, I've seen it all the way across the board. I've seen this in many lines of work as well. But it is absolutely toxic because once that exists in your gym, there is no if you're the gym owner and you have staff that's a bunch of fucking exercisers who want to come in and just they do their class and they just just kind of don't give anything to any of the people, and they just are coaching because they're fitter than these people. And by the way that works for clients, clients will respect a coach coming in, because that coach has ABS and can do pull ups and can do a lot of these things that they maybe can't do, especially in the group fitness space. But it's very easy to just assume that this person is credible or gives a shit. I mean, they're jacked, I'm not. There we are, I guess that's all I need to know. But you find out that they're jacked, because they'll spend two hours a day, three hours a day, just working out in the gym. And that's the real reason that they're coaching the coaches, so they don't have to pay for a gym membership.


And if you're a personal trainer at a Globo gym, or somewhere where you have access, and you are like the coach, you're going to see people that are that way too. Oh, yeah. And so that's where it's like one of the clear ways, and you were talking about this the other day, Tyler, where you were interacting with a gym owner? And they have a personal trainer. That's just dogshit. Yeah, yeah, like they're dogshit for the business itself. And as other personal trainers see that? The cancer, the real cancer that appears from a coaching standpoint, it's a little bit about having accountability like your colleagues. But it's like, if you allow that, if you feel really confident, right as yourself as a trainer, you're like, No, I care about the people that I work with. The young guy that gets hired, or the young gal gets hired onto your staff with you, as a colleague may not be as strong. So it's like it is a cancer because that shit will spread, where people kind of have like, Who gives a fuck attitude. And that really can spread throughout an organization and rots it from the inside out. It's poison.

Tyler 06:50

Yeah. And I see this even more so gym owners too. So the reason you become an entrepreneur is because you really suck at everything else. This assess this in yourself, first, you work for yourself, because you can't fucking do anything else. But exercise in your abs will give you enough credibility to where you could probably make something out of this. That's really rough. And my biggest issue with it is it lacks ambition, and it lacks the fundamental thing that I think is a requirement to work in the fitness business, I think if you're really gonna if you're gonna work with us, right, first off, is you have to actually care to have a fucking impact. And you should feel like this is a calling, not just you checking your boxes, right? This should be a thing you should be passionate about. We talked about turning your passion into a profession. That's what our thing is, right? That is our thing. But I see a lot of people whose passion is worker outwardness exercising, and not even that, because that dies every couple of years, that becomes less and less and less for a lot of these coaches, and then they become very bitter, jaded, and they just will be very, very, very entitled. So you really need to be careful, you need to keep an eye on this. But that's the worst part is they just, they'll come in and it will let Johnson rot from the inside out. So how do you identify this? How do you identify this? Well, it's gonna be tough because we were talking to some coaches in the gear Academy as if you want in the gear Academy, let us know shoot us a message, links are all that's all on Jim owners as well. But that's our free year we go through and we work with you with your business. Every week we grow we develop we identify help you identify problems, we work with the problems you've identified, and we just keep fucking moving, growing, scaling constantly. Great program. So if you want to let us know, Jim was But one of our coaches has had many coaches that have hired people, or had these hiring conversations. And the conversations before you hire somebody, officially are always the most promising conversations you'll ever have with somebody. It's shocking, because I hate to break it to you. Someone wants to work for you, they're going to tell you what you want to hear. That's fucking pretty easy. Like,


or like the interview questions, right? It's just like, Well, why do you want this job? It's like, because you're gonna pay me money. Yeah, like be real. Like, what are you, what are you talking about?

Tyler 09:13

And so can you root it out? Yeah, you can ask the right questions. The truth is they're just gonna lie. If I tell somebody if I say hey, I mean what is your even if I frame it as such, right? Like what is your passion to find your passion? What do you hold to this? I just really like helping people. I really like coaching. I just really want to focus on coaching and clients. I just really love it. And it's all just just, you know, and you just won't know until you get in there and see motherfucker ignore and half the people are being bitter or crusty and, and it's it's a it's a calling. And it's a calling to service. Okay, and it's not supposed to be easy. It's not supposed to be easy, right? It's supposed to be draining like a person should be willing. You give lots of energy to this process and should kind of feel drained by the end of the day. But know that like that's, that's what this job is, if I'm trying to lift people up I'm trying to push people for it. And it is fucking makes me so furious when I see people phone it in because they just want to have gym time. And it's the truth just because they're unambitious across the board. Right? So they lack ambition to do anything with themselves. And they go, this is the one thing I kind of like that I don't know, let me just kind of move my way into this. And it's fucking


losers, right? Ooh, through life. Yeah, they lose in everything they do, they ooze with their families, who's with their kids, if they're married, if they're married, the odds are they still probably are a fucking 35 year old that lives with four other goddamn roommates and has no aspirations to do anything. Like it's, they're just That's how that is how their existence. And so that's where it's time, like you gotta pay like, it's now it's just now it's protecting what's yours, because you do give a shit?

Tyler 11:00

Exactly. Your brand. And your business needs to be constructed around compassion, empathy, results, quality coaching product clients getting from where they are to where they want to be creating a very positive experience from top to bottom within that, and anyone you hire should identify with that go, yes, I want to be a part of that, like, I want to be the best. And it's the thing that I find very often, you know, having moved from places where there are bigger cities where there's people with ambition a little bit, there's a Midwestern small town Midwestern culture thing that I've identified quite a bit here. It's a southern thing, too, that people don't want to be even good at anything. It's weird. I would love to have somebody in town who has a restaurant who wants to be the best cook in town. This you mean, they got to do different things that are crazy, like who just is really trying to be great at it. If it's a coach, I want to be great at it. I had a business mentor and an employer a long time ago who was that way? It was, I want to do things differently than everybody else. I want to be more professional, I want it to be the most jaw dropping professional experience that nobody would have ever expected to come from this industry. Right. And now when I heard that, I go, Yes, that's what I want. That's what I want to be a part of, right. That's what I want to be a part of. And we would also get employees who go, I don't want to do this. So much work. Right. And those people were always the worst, literally the worst, they were toxic, They drugged the whole system down. And you need to show a unified front, as in your entire business, which means everybody needs to be on board at least outwardly. And if they're faking it, you'll catch it pretty quick. But you can't let that stuff slide. So the way to work around this is you just gotta pay attention, one right thing is they will get away with whatever you allow them to get away with no matter what. So accountability is the number one thing and we've touched on this for accountability with clients, accountability for coaches, accountability for management, and social media stuff. But this is a thing you need in your whatever system for hiring these people. And when you plug them in and onboard them, whatever, whenever you turn them loose to a client, it's like at this point, you need to be doing check ins, here's what you do, you're going to kind of watch, you're going to kind of observe you're going to be around for a couple of them. Maybe you check in with the client and don't tell the staff, maybe you message icon Hey, this is so and so from the gym. Yeah, so you had your first couple sessions with the Coach room? Do you have any feedback or anything you'd like me to know, or how's things going? I hope that you know, whatever, and you don't gotta be subversive, you should be supportive. Again, a unified front is the thing. But they should know, like you're trying to do QA and I promise. Clients tolerate shit coaching, they do dogshit coaching, they tolerate very low effort coaching, they do because they don't know any better. They do because there is a power dynamic in play there where they just think that that's how it is. And that dynamic can be all over the place from very compassionate to very cool or very disconnected. And it all kind of feels like it works across the board. So clients are very forgiving, and they kind of can just let Bad's coaching just run amok. And this is where, like, if my wife and I came into work coaching clients around this place, then start seeing how we coach people, and how those sessions look and how we communicate with them and how we're not looking at our phone all our ignoring them or taking phone calls or showing up 15 minutes late for 30 minutes sessions. I mean, that's insane. And all of a sudden, everybody rather goes Oh, and then immediately the other trainers who are bad look like shit. And that's what you need to do is set a new standard, hold a new standard, like it's, it's the thing you need to you need to hang on very, very tightly to because that is the most important thing for your business going forward is that people come in and be impressed. And they get great results and they are getting quality coaching. They're not getting hurt. Like are you tracking injury metrics for you if you run a fleet of personal trainers or a fleet of classes, like how do you know when people get hurt in your class, even if it's small, something minor and it's not even the coach's fault You know, do you know enough to know that you have someone? So because what if it's programming? What if it's coaching quality? What if it's just that person, but either way something needs to be addressed within your business, because you are coaching this person from somewhere they started to somewhere they want to go, and whatever your systems are that lead them into fucking up their shoulder. If it's them and their decision and they put on too much weight, perfect, then you need to say, with your coach and everything, we need to make sure this doesn't happen again, how do we make sure it doesn't happen? Or what's our plan to make sure that they're able to still make progress while they recover from this injury, like, all of these things need to be things that you're addressing, if you got coaches that have been coaching people for a long time, and they're getting those clients to get more out of shape, it's worse, well, maybe that coach should be communicating with him about nutrition maybe should be offering them nutrition services, nutrition supplements, or simply just talking to them about what's going on outside the gym. So people don't know the amount of people that I get messaging us that want to lose weight as somebody messaged the other day a kind of a lead, they said I want to lose any lose 20 pounds by March because I got a fucking dress to get fitted for. And they already knew the prices and they knew exactly how many days a week they wanted. And they knew how long they wanted to go for it between now and March 2020 pounds tight. Then the follow up question is okay, perfect. Well, if you want to lose that weight, right, you're having trouble, you need to lose the weight. Like we're not going to do this with two hours a week in the gym. And I think most people just don't understand if they think I go to the gym, and now that burns 10,000 calories or something. And then you're just thin because of it. And you can not allow your clients. If you want your clients to be successful, that's the thing you need to break in there from their brains from their preconceived notions that needs to be routed out immediately. Okay, if you give a shit about results, they have to understand that they need to eat better, and you have services to help it or just simply remind them that like, Hey, you still gotta be eating, to lose weight, you cannot just work this out, because that's why everything fails in the long run, because you don't fix the system of inputs.


The amount, we underestimate how much people know. Yeah, about our world. And I think it's really important because if you don't spend time with regular humans, this is another it's a big push, you and I talked about it a lot of like, the importance of you getting out and networking and go out and eat at the local places with you and your spouse or you and your coaches and and, and be out and about so people can see you and learn about you. It's the number one thing you can do when it comes to just fundamental, old school marketing but a huge part of it is the human part. If all you do is spend time with a bunch of fucking freaks that want to professionally workout all the time, that dial in their macros the best person ever, you and I did a lot of work with people that were in that world, right for a long time. And we wanted to do a bunch of stuff to be able to try and make the content that was getting created. more consumable. Yeah. And you and I didn't have time to do that. So I brought in my wife. Yep. And my wife for a year wrote articles based off of content that was getting produced, it'll

Tyler 18:25

bridge the gap of all your own stuff, to hoity toity to complicated stuff.


And that was it. Right? So the whole idea was that she was so not from our world, that she was then breaking it down and being able to communicate it. And the number one thing she immediately called out is, well, what do they mean, when they say that they can't? They're having a hard time working out for like the third session that day. She's like, what is that? What is that? And I'm like, Oh, well, this is a problem like women in the CrossFit world over, like they push themselves so hard that they like to miss their periods, and they push themselves so hard for you. She goes, That's fucking no one. That's no one. What are we? She's like, What are you got? Why is this being talked about? She's like, this isn't even 1% of the population. So she immediately was calling out and just like it's what you guys are talking about right now is very much up your own ass for sure. And she called and it just took her like one episode to be like, Why is this easy? You claim and this was good, right? She goes, You claim to want to be able to communicate and help the 99% but everything you guys are creating right now is only for people that are so far up their own ass that no one on planet Earth can connect with them. Except for people that are really fucking broken or so far over there

Tyler 19:52

or have only been paying attention to every word you said for years and that URL and then all of a sudden you wonder why you're having a hard time attracting new people. To the stuff and that you guys run into, especially as gym owners, you know, with your staff who they are is, the whole thing needs to be oriented and directed at the client, at who the client is at who they will be okay at that process and who the potential new possible clients are going to be as the only fucking thing that matters. Okay, that's it. The public perception of who the coach is matters, like all those other things are important. But so you can't be like a sloppy overweight coach. I don't think that that's like the best way to do it, especially if you're talking about weight loss to adults. You know, that's, that becomes a really tough game where it's like, man, you got it, you got to look the part, but you got to actually be about coaching. And as a gym owner, you got to be about more than let me let me go with this direction. Okay. This is the question that I ask a lot of business owners that makes me the most disappointed. Okay, the most disappointed is I asked him like what would what's like the most six if the if all of this stuff with you owning your gym? What the best it possibly could go? What's that look like? Like, tell me. People have really, gym owners could be personal trainers, coaches, they have really small, shitty, superficial, uninteresting visions and goals in regards to their career and their business. It sucks. It sucks a lot. And I have only heard a few that have had interesting ones. I want to dominate the entire tri state area, I want to be at the top. I want to get over a million dollars a year. That's the game now that I want to work with that person. That right away is perfect, good so we can move with progress. I talked to a gym owner the other day. And it was, I said, so. Are you full time? Yeah, he's like, now I have a day job. And that's okay. But it was like, I'm never really going to quit. My day job is too good. It's too easy. Okay. So do you have any coaches or plans? Like, no, we'd like breakeven and stuff. So it's kind of like, well, where are you trying to go with this? And that's the thing I always get to this is like, where do you want this to go? Do you just want a job and 90% of gym owners out there just want a job in fitness. And they just don't want a bunch of headaches and they're okay with it, not making them a lot of money. And they're okay with having just this, kind of superficial appointment of power a little bit as I'm the coach or the instructor that I can do that I don't have to earn, I can just put myself there. Okay, it's a thing that happens very often with coaches. And then you just want that, because you don't have to really earn the respect, you can just kind of stand up front and be the guy with the timer, and the guy with the workouts in his brain. And that's it. And there's just no real effort and guiding the people to the process. There's nobody mentioned anything that very rarely, anyone mentioned anything about community impact. Nobody mentions anything about money. hardly at all, when I say these things, they don't mention money. They don't mention anything. I talked we work with a lot of you know, have conversations a lot with as we get into the you know, grappling and MMA and combat sports, combat gym space, John and I. And as I get out to these places, it's like, there's so many of them have, they needed a place to train. That's where the business starts, I needed a place to train. There wasn't one around and perfect. By the way, that's great. This is the definition of being the change you want to see in the world, right? There was no way to offer this, I am passionate about this, I'm going to put myself in this position to coach and build the thing, right, we work with Jim, the gear Academy that's in that position as well. And I talk to a lot of these other gym owners out there. And that's all it's all it ever is. It's all it was ever going to be any place to train, I'm gonna do some coaching. Their pursuit of their black belt is most important. They're contests. More important than clients. None of it has any sense of like, I want to I want to grow the martial arts community to something really impressive in our town, I want to serve X amount of people I want to be I want to be if it's not in your town, you want to be the foundation of it in here so that in 20 years, people remember you as the person that built this thing from nothing in town. It's the same thing with fitness and autonomy. When we started our gym here was exactly what I wanted to be. There was some place that was doing group fitness stuff and they did a shitty job. Just a really, really shitty job. Okay, so we said, Listen, we can do this better. Now we're going to do this better. And that's exactly what we did with big goals. Tanner from mass anomic. Same thing, same town, tiny town, no fucking good training whatsoever. He didn't need to make him want to make a bunch of money on it off of the gym. But what he has now has leveraged the brand, and building a brand is something that is global and large and produces well. Now there is an absolutely top notch like hardcore training facility in this town that's used by 50 people. That doesn't matter. He wanted the facility, he wanted the spot to grow that it didn't want to have to do but that's a goal that is commendable. And most of you guys and your coaches if your goal is the impact you really want to have? Ask him that in your community? Where do you see this going? What is if this went the best it possibly could Uh, for you, what do you think this would be? Say? You know, I'd like to just make a conservative living and have my clients like, No, you're disappointing me. You're disappointing your pitch, you're disappointing your ancestors. All of that sucks, dude, all of it sucks. You need to, like, what do you want for your kids? Do you want to make enough money so your kids can have better opportunities for you? Or are you going to be such a martyr to this thing, because you don't want to actually have to get good at a job to deliver value to the point where you can make a real good living deliver value on a large scale to a lot of people high value so that your children can live better than you did can come up better and easier, have more opportunities than you to accelerate the thing they decide to do that matters? Or are you just going to be the person who purposely perpetuates that cycle of fucking just uninteresting, just checking the box punch in my timecard getting in getting paid? Fucking my clients are all on the fucking completely plateaued. Nobody gives a shit. It's all average and boring and sucks. Book that Fuck you? Fuck no, no, huge. No.


I think it's worse than disappointing your ancestors and your future generations of your family. I think it's worse than that. The reason why I think it's worse than that is because if someone comes to you, because they wanted to be able to make themselves better, as a customer as a client, and your lack of interest in changing the world and holding this responsibility, as high as it should be, you have now fucked that person. And you don't know what that person is going to do. And their effect is exactly the ripple effect that you will have caused for them to wear. Man, it's a leap for a lot of people to be able to come into a gym and want to be able to join a community and do all those things. And if you do it badly, you're tainting the entire industry, or you may be tainting that particular town. And there's families that are involved with that, and then that person leaves there, and they're a failure. And you don't know what that does. And they shouldn't have been a failure. And they're a failure because you suck.

Tyler 27:07

If a person leaves a gym, or stops working with a trainer because they stopped getting results or for whatever reason, they skip back and they fall off. That affects the whole family. By the way, do you think the family if that person ate healthy and exercised for six months, eight months a year, got into shape? But then because you were kind of uninterested and didn't have a path forward for them really at all, they just fell off? It completely falls off because you feel like you're really engaging with them. Do you think that family at their house a year later, two years later, when this person is put back all the way down? Do you think that affects them mentally? Yes. Do you think that it is going to be that they're gonna the whole kids are going to be eating healthy now or not? Do you think the whole thing is good? Now you fuck. And I don't want to say this as though it's not just like, it's your fault. Because people are beholden to their own, they're responsible for their own behaviors. But it's a missed opportunity. And the missed the missed opportunity to like, actually, now you take that I think fitness and health is a gift. It truly is a gift. And you can help somebody find that gift. You can say here, here's the things. Let's get you. Let's get this for you. Like we can, I can teach you how to do this. I can make it about you, not me. Right, we can make it about your process. So that this now fits your life. We need to change your life. Okay. And when you do that, that is an entire family that learns to eat healthier, much to the kids chagrin for a little while. That's a wife who finally wants to be attracted to her husband again for not just being sloppy and gross and looking like he's just gonna march ever fatter to a gross and early grave. You know, this the Midwest curse, man, I got to tell people all the time, like you don't have to be fucking ugly or next year, dude. Like, you don't have to, like we can do this. It's not that hard. They just take you out, do some stuff differently but like, stop accepting that next year, you're gonna look worse than you did this year and feel worse. And like yourself less because you got yourself in a situation, the opportunity to turn that around for entire families in your community, you're missing out on that completely. Which means you're it's the most selfish thing in the fucking world.


A bad coach and a bad gym owner that are all these traits that we've described for me is the equivalent of Purdue pharmaceuticals. Yeah, for all of our listeners as creators of OxyContin the reason why they're as bad is because that gave people hope. That drug gave people hope and then fucking crushed people and crush their families. If you give someone hope they

Tyler 29:43

hired you. They came in you convinced them for a moment that you gave a shit


and then you allow that hope where you don't give a fuck you let that hope rot and die and go away. If you're the worst. And for me it's really it's it's you're the worst fecund people on Earth, because it's, if you're not going to hold that kind of a standard, you're not going to try and do people a solid with stuff that so, for better or for worse in our societies, it's to try and put yourself out there and be willing to say that I'm not as good as I want to be, and I want to be better. And then to have someone just be like, I don't give a fuck, I just pretended to give up, I'll

Tyler 30:25

pretend and then I'll then I'm gonna maybe not like it that much. And then we're just gonna hope you go away.


Yeah, like that is what that does is so catastrophic. And that's why again, it's don't create, don't create a Google My Business Profile, don't do any marketing, please go away, like, have been shut down, don't do anything. Because you'll do the world a favor. By crawling back under the rock or going back into

Tyler 30:53

your hole, go back groceries, go stock shelves, go work at a call center, go do something like that. And but that's the thing is a lot of people in the fitness industry are doing a coaching job, or I open my little gym, because it's cheap to open gyms for the most part truthfully, no, but a functional fitness gym, personal, especially a personal training studio for very little money doesn't cost that much money, that doesn't take that much equipment, just not that much. A global gym is a very different story. There's millions of dollars just to start up very often to have a global gym for equipment and all that all this stuff, but it's not that big of a deal. It's just not as expensive to open a gym as it is to open a fucking, you know, department store or like, you know what I mean, it's just it's not that it's not that tough. So it's easy, there's a low barrier to entry, and people with low ambition very often find their way into that work. Yeah, this is the thing I kind of like doing now, you kind of like exercising. And this is a very important thing to differentiate your skill or your progression as an athlete is very different. And an almost entirely disconnected thing from your progression as a coach. Okay, and that also, while they're connected, should be an entirely different thing than your progression as a business person. So the business owner is a gym, or they're very different moving every needle forward at the same time. Very unlikely. Now I'll can all those things move forward over the course of a career, should they Yes, but if you're worried about competing a lot, as an athlete, just know that like to do that to maximum to optimize that I have, very rarely you're gonna find competitive fitness owners that are also great full time coaches, very least not at the height of their career, right on the fitness side of things. And very rarely are they also truly running a successful business. And if they are, it's usually based upon just simply leveraging the brand from being a very, very visible competitor. So know that if you're focused on yourself, you're the thing that requires the most attention directed towards other people's coaching. And that's a problem. Now, getting very good at coach being really, really focused on what goes on on the floor. That's great. That is simply one aspect of your business. So know that fulfillment is one aspect of your business. Your business requires lots of other things. So I see a lot of gym owners work very very hard at being good coaches, or developing a great coaching system because what happens on the floor in your gym matters really it truly does. But can you sell? Can you market? Can you communicate what you do? Are you afraid to talk to people when they come in? Do you have any real systems that go on as your offer actually makes sense? Is that a line? Are you just only worried about coaching dork stuff? Because we saw that in the past as well, John and I worked for places where we had gym owners and coaches who were focused very much on the quality of their knowledge and the way that they went about their approach to coaching. They're all fucking broke. Dude, it's like, you can't sell anything to anybody and the things you're talking about because you're zoomed in so far. The things you're talking about, nobody gives a shit about


and the things you don't know about you demonize?

Tyler 34:04

Yes, yeah, there's a thing I was talking to a coach about and this will be kind of where we'll wrap up a little bit. But anyway, I was talking to a coach the other day, who said you know, working on selling like remote coaching and stuff kind of down selling people who were maybe about to be done with the one on one because it's just expensive. They're going back down to the regular membership. I want to do some nutrition coaching, still some ongoing, maybe just paid for workouts. This person was the coach, so I offered them my word. I said I would write their programming for them and I said stop you right there. Programming is not a word that regular people fucking think about. What do they care about? workouts. workouts, workouts, workouts, it's workouts it's exercises and workouts just use their language. It really matters because but you can tell we get so stuck at what is the programming for this, but literally that word way over people's head. Another one that Mr. Peeples has training, personal training works. When am I going to train you if that works, but the average person And who's going to go to the gym they don't view it like a normal general population person but they don't think of it as I'm going to go train Training Day. It's I'm gonna work out I'm gonna go exercise I'm gonna go get a workout it's it's so just just know that the things that you're again you got to fix your whole mindset directed towards them what was the other one another one and I didn't tell any other coaches this one yet diet it's okay to use the term hey, let's come in let's get you on a diet it's okay, it's okay. It doesn't make you fucking hokey or shitty or whatever like, like every person who wants to lose weight goes, I need to get on a diet I need to get on a chair you but like, but I see I see coaches who want to be better than the room smarter than everybody else. And they literally will avoid that word and I kind of do it too. I don't want to push on a nutrition plan for food, I try to buck around it. But the more I look at it, it's like let's just know what the most well known nutrition plans out there are. ketogenic diet, Atkins diet, low carb diet, and you fucking assholes are a carnivore diet, and you assholes are out there trying to sell shit to be like, Would you like my customized Dong, cycling fucking whatever plant is stupid, it's dumb. Like us we only eat liver and animal genitals. And we cycle that every Wednesday between that and the growth hormone. Like, just shut up. This is my diet. This is the diet. Okay, we're gonna get you on a diet that works. Like it's okay to use the language that people give a shit about? Because it's about them, not you. Okay? So I know, I do want to let you guys know, I know you guys listen to a lot of and we use the words you a lot as though it was you that sucks, right? We are talking about a type of person. So you need to identify, we had to say something if I say those people, it's just less interesting. So but if you are, if you see those traits in your staff or in people, you need to sniff them out. You can also you can't just Can people automatically either I was talking with a gym owner who has a really bad personal trainer. And it's like, there really isn't any reason and their clients, they just kind of don't know any better. You know? Like, how did he put it? It was like most of his clients stayed. And I said, Well, what is their other choice? They haven't had one. Okay. Right, and they just don't know any better. And so, but you can't just be the guy because he lacks passion. So yes, you just got to know loss. Still, yeah, depending where you that we will fire my partner here for no fucking reason. But, but like, you can't just you don't want to just create ill will give them give a person a chance, okay, here's what I need, I need you to be more accountable to this, no phone on the fucking coaching floor. Unless your timing somebody gives them your attention. You need to be on time, if you're late, I'll tell you, I'm going to be checking in with your clients once a month, they're gonna get a fucking form to fill out from the business to let us know how you're doing, and what they think you could do differently or better. And so all that stuff, those are the things I want you to so don't just, I know we said a lot of shit where it's like these people fucking suck, and they're toxic. And they do and they are, but you got to you're still running a business and not everybody is going to be perfect right off the bat. So it seals on you to correct behavior, observe bad behavior, try to correct it, give somebody an opportunity to be successful and do things the right way. And then when they fail for that, that is now a reason to discuss because there's a thing that I do a lot with coaches, gym owners, because we work with a lot of them, I don't have the patience to deal with all of their bullshit. And what I find myself doing is identifying right away very early in the process, all of the things about them and their mindset and the things that they're doing that I don't like. And I'll find myself just immediately trying to delete those parts of their personality in real time. I go nope, I don't like that about you, John, we got to do something, this is not gonna work. The whole thing, the way this person approached us, they gotta go. It's gotta go. I'm not doing it right. But that's not the way it is, you can't do that within your business, you just can't?


Well, because they're still part of the fucking personality. So the fact is, if they're still there, it's you you're okay with, which you shouldn't be for all the reasons. We just ran it out for 40 minutes. So then how do you fix it and it is on you, and to hold them accountable and to hold that standard? And it was the abolition standard? Yeah,

Tyler 39:14

if you don't have a standard, that's why these things happen. So well, that's gonna do it for us guys. I gotta get going. Speaking of coaching, if I don't leave here now we're going to be late. Go to the gym owners that's got all the stuff good in the Facebook group, that link is in the description, start reading the blogs, start reading the stuff there's going to be really good shit there. And if you see something you like, share it for us on Facebook, share for us within your like kind of coaching or business owners communities and shit like that too. You don't need to share for your clients. That's gonna be way too deep fucking way too much inside baseball but like if you have gym owners and coaches in your world who you read something you go, oh shit, so and so like that? Absolutely send it to him. Okay, so thanks a lot for listening everybody follow the show at the Jim Morris podcast on Instagram. Follow John at j max FL follow me at Tyler Elphinstone. Later

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