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Thursday, March 09, 2023

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  • ​How to become effective at sales while still being one of the good guys - 0:01
  • ​Sales vs. expectations – 4:36
  • ​Don’t make this unpleasant - 8:22
  • ​Who are you talking to? - 13:38
  • ​The final message you need to leave - 18:17
  • ​Don’t be a sarcastic asshole to people - 20:12
  • ​Do you need to be doing outward facing marketing? - 26:16
  • ​Who are the most difficult people to sell to? - 33:01
  • ​Best practices are not mutually exclusive - 37:04
  • ​The other guys’ strategy - 42:11
  • ​The value of having an assistant introduce themselves - 48:28
  • ​Hiring is not your number one problem, it’s the unintended consequence - 52:31
  • ​You don’t have to be cool about your sales process - 57:28


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. I'm your host Tyler stone over there is John Fairbanks. Hi, John. Hello, Tyler. Guys, today we're going to talk about how to do sales without being coercive, trying to be overly persuasive, all the slimy shit that you hate about sales you hate for a reason. And we're going to talk about how to become effective at sales while still being one of the good guys. And I think that's really important because we're going to share with you a couple things that we've kind of seen in the last couple of days is like old school sales tactics that just if you're selling fitness just doesn't work fitness as an industry where people need to be bought in, they need to actually be ready, they can't be drugged unwillingly into a situation and then get results and do all that it's just It doesn't work that way. So we really need to be more on the level than a guy that's trying to sell fucking us more used car warranties or god knows whatever this clown we're going to show you today is doing so, so you will learn how to be be one of the good guys when it comes to sales. This is your episode. Before we get started, make sure you join the gym owners revolution. That's our Facebook group. We got a bunch of exciting stuff coming up here in the next month. I know we've been teasing it for a couple of months, but I promise it's coming next month. With John, I've been very busy. But getting there link is in the description. It's the gym owners revolution, follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. That's where you'll find all our episode updates when we start rolling out a bunch of new content there that we've been beefing up here for the last couple of weeks. And make sure you're following me on Instagram at Tyler effing stone. That's Tyler eff ironstone and John can be found at J banks f L. Alright, guys, let's get right into it. John, every sales strategy that I see has always been something that I am averse to. That makes sense. Like every sales coaching thing seems to be something that I kind of understand why people get what's the word resistant and tense up when they start hearing that type of talk and thinking that they're gonna have to speak like these people. And in those using those tactics,

John Fairbanks 02:05

what gives you like you feel it deep inside you as like a human that you feel as you hear those things. Or you see examples of it, you're like, oh, I don't like that. I don't like that at all. I hate that,

Tyler 02:17

actually. Yeah. And so one of the things that we start with first is expectations across the board. Before we get into your sales meeting. And we're going to some. It's going to feel like a little bit of a recap. We're not going to dive as deep as we did in these past episodes, but we want to make sure we still have a foundation. So one of the things that needs to happen before you're getting into a sales meeting, if you want to make your sales meetings, effective and direct and just fucking practical. And not this silly little dance of being shady, if you have to set expectations from the beginning. And that means the expectations from whatever content they saw, whether it was ads, whether it was your signage, whether it was a referral from a friend, whatever that is, the expectations need to be direct, and they need to be aligned with what's actually going to happen from the time they are talking to you about joining between the time they're talking about the products and what the process is going to be like, and what the what the products actually are. Because one of the things that we've talked to people a lot about when they are having a tough time closing sales at a higher rate, right? Or closing big ticket sales, frankly, is, um, maybe your stuff is some shit nobody wants. Always keep that in mind. Like you should be selling stuff that people want. And yeah, if you're just trying to make money selling, God knows whatever you got, that's great, but that's not the way fitness is gonna work. You're not gonna stuff fitness upon somebody, that's the issue, right? Somebody can buy a goddamn Kirby vacuum cleaner and keep it in their closet and lug that 50 to 75 pound hunk of shit out every two weeks or whatever, but they never bring that son of a bitch up up a flight of stairs. You know what I mean? Like you can burden somebody with a $2,000 Kirby vacuum cleaner and not feel too bad about it because of that bucket. That's not what this industry is about. The fitness industry is not about people just being stuck with a bill and hoping that that, you know, works and you shouldn't be forcing people to spend money on something that they don't use. If you're selling a high ticket product, by the way, if that's gonna be a bit more labor intensive on fulfillment, which means you need to you need both parties to be ready to come to the table for this thing. And if someone's not really into it, you're not going to sarcastically trick them into coming or doing then we'll cover some of these weird tricks that I see from people who are great at sales. But I think you should ignore their strategies.

John Fairbanks 04:35

Well, I think it's what makes I mean, what was early on Todd, when we were working with gym owners, we've now worked with lots and we've interacted with probably hundreds of gym owners and coaches for the last couple of years, like generally, and whenever a sales type conversation ever came up, just generally, we always feel and have felt resistance. Yeah. And it's because of this feeling that we're driving at which is this feeling that sales is this weird, coercive, fake. You're fucking lying. You're not I mean, like a Wolf of Wall Street type

Tyler 05:15

selling people cars that are lemons, you know? That's, yeah.

John Fairbanks 05:20

Yeah. Spin in the odometer back, like, what is all the shit? That's super shady. That is what synonymous with sales. And that's when we're like it was so much that we started trying to avoid the word sales.

Tyler 05:33

Yeah, yeah, that's why we spent a long time talking about that. It's just giving people options, giving them your offer, and all that other stuff. And then we found out that if that's, well, then you guys don't even understand what that means. So we gotta walk back again. So we just gotta make it like sales. This is what we're trying to do trying to reframe this for you. But you can't just get better at sales. That's not it. Part of the reason is that maybe your stuff sucks. That's possible. Not that you're a bad coach. Not that your gym sucks. What if your offer is not any good? What if it's not complete? That's the piece where I was looking at what if it's not complete, and,

John Fairbanks 06:06

and how you're talking about it. Because at the end of the day, fitness can only be so complicated. Like what you sell in your gym, gyms are going to be pretty consistent from one gym to the next. But how do you go about connecting the people you want to be in your place to the things like it's a squat rack is a squat rack, it's a squat rack, there can only be so many back back HyperX machines that exist. You've seen one, you've seen them all. So it's how you are connecting with people and talking about them and all these things that we always talk about. But that's the difference. I mean, that needs to be the difference maker, but we miss it. And then we think, Oh, well, we just need to get better at sales or handling sales objections. And that's why I can't close. It's not because you suck it just talking about your stuff generally, or that your stuff really does suck, you don't have anything for people and people are just leaving. And then you have to. And we're

Tyler 07:03

gonna get into these objections here next, but what I want to cover quickly is on the expectation side, okay, this product needs to make sense. But your advertising needs to make sense if someone comes in, there's a lot of other people in our industry, you know, business consultants that are going to tell you to set up some crazy bait and switch offer, right. And we talked about this in past episodes where it's some super low cost thing and they get him but it really isn't that and then you're immediately losing trust. We've often also seen places that offer these, like really slick sounding discounts, you know, like $10, or whatever. But it's really like $10 for one fee, and the membership is still what it is. And you're just, they're just throwing a low ticket price out there. And then when they show up thinking I want something for $10. And you start even if you can still get them in a ticket, whatever some $10 introductory offer, whatever nonsense that is, you're going to miss out on the opportunity to actually sell them into a higher level of service. Because every time someone comes in expecting something for very little money, and they end up getting talked about something that was going to be $1,000- $2,000. Or there's surprise fees and key fob charges and all this shit. People immediately tune out very, very quickly their guard goes up; it smells like a bait and switch. It's you taught, it all seems like a fucking timeshare presentation at this point. It's like you just said I could get in here and go to your vacation. I just had to listen to you for 30 minutes. It's been an hour, give me my voucher so I can go get the buffet and fuck off. Right and everything is always more in those situations than the person being sold expects it to be. And that's why those are unpleasant sales experiences. And that's the biggest one is don't make this unpleasant. Now one of the things where we jump to overcome objections. This is when I start seeing strategies of how to overcome sales objections. I think that these people I don't know I fucking it's it's everything that I hate conversationally, so I don't do this. I see some of the stuff and I'm sure some of these tactics work in use when you're selling a lot of things for fitness. I don't give a shit. Like I need to talk to my husband. And now you'll see Hormoz. He has some bits where it's very precise, like what you just tell him like, well, what if your husband says no, if he says no, you're just not going to do it. Okay, yeah, let's do this guy. You fucking serious? Like, you're gonna start playing the oh, what your husband makes all the decisions like that's the way you're going at this. Fuck you. Because that sucks. Like, it absolutely sucks. I hate it. If my wife says I need to talk to my husband before she makes a financial decision and somebody's like, let him know we're all well decisions. What they don't understand is maybe she's telling you that so that she just doesn't have to tell you that she doesn't want your shit. And that's a very common thing. He: You're in the world of sales. Is that even when people cancel your gym? No, this when people cancel your gym membership because they don't move away, just because they just always say, oh, money's got tight money, this money that and it's like, oh, I just I can't afford it anymore. But very often it's just because they don't like you and didn't like your service or they weren't using it and it's whatever and they don't want to hurt your feelings. They just don't want to look you in the eye and refuse you. Right? And sometimes just let them have that. Now you're just going to drag your shit further further into their world before they say okay, it turns out it didn't really need to talk to my husband. I don't want your bullshit. I didn't want this to begin with. I'm stuck in this room. And I'm trying to be nice and get out of this conversation. Yeah, call

John Fairbanks 10:40

It's in the Midwest. Nice. Yes. We

Tyler 10:43

it just depends on where you're in South Dakota. Nice. Minnesota. Nice, but that's what it is. Are people apologizing for shit whether or not they are sorry for it? It's people being like, oh, yeah, it's been fairly high. Yeah, but it's none of it's real. And it's okay. It's just it's surface level politeness because we all have fucking guns. So just be polite, dumb ass, right? We all we all you know what I mean? Like, it's tough. It's cold here and everybody's armed. You're gonna be fucking nice, right? And people don't get that when someone cancels your gym. People will tell me when I talk to gym owners all the time, like, why are people leaving? You know, what do you think of people leaving, and they'll give me all these reasons, but none of them were because they didn't do a good job serving them or getting them results or anything else, like, not even one. And it's interesting. It's just interesting. Every gym does a perfect job fulfilling their services, getting people results in yet. The turnover rate is high. Why? Because they're just being fucking nice to you. They don't want to tell you like I tried your thing. And I didn't like it. Maybe it's me. And maybe it's you but but people don't owe you that because they're not fucking married to you, dude. If they don't owe you the whole thorough thing, they can just be like, peace, dude, yeah, whatever, check this box, I'm out the door. But that doesn't mean your product didn't suck, it doesn't mean your sales process doesn't suck. That doesn't mean that you as a salesperson don't suck, it can be all those things. They're just telling you.

John Fairbanks 11:57

And we can confidently say that, Tyler because it's, we hear that from the gym owners that we work with. And it's never it never gets called out. And so we just ignore, because we know that that's bullshit. And then all we do is ask a few follow up questions, and it's always consistent. Okay, well, what was this? What was this person's? What was their goal? Like, why were they there with you, we don't have a solid antelope, or we didn't even know, we don't know or right. And so it ends up being where every system checks every check that we do, when we're going into asking all the questions that are around why somebody would leave. And it's like, Oh, you don't have any of these pieces in place. And because you don't have any of these pieces in place, that person ultimately left

Tyler 12:44

your debt. And by the way, it it doesn't mean that you're a shady gym owner or shitty coach, that also it can very much mean that you didn't include that you got somebody in on a vague expectation of something, and you didn't firm it up in the beginning with what they really want to accomplish. And because there is no death, but we always talked about this, in our process we should begin with what is your definition of success? Define your terms of success with them. And if they go through all of that stuff, and they can't define what they are there for really. And then a few months later, they don't, there is no way to win when you don't really know what you're doing. There is no victory, there's no finish line, there's no accomplishment, then they can just kind of make their way out the door. It doesn't mean you completely fucked up. It's just that you kind of did it right. Doesn't mean you're bad. It just means you didn't give them the best chance of succeeding. Because they and you don't know what success is for that person. Yeah, John, I'm hearing buzzing. Is that me? I can hurt. Yeah, I think he's gonna while I'm talking. Yes, I hear that as well. We're gonna do our best to work around this. There's not a ton that I can do at this point. There's a LITTLE Humming while I'm speaking. I'm terribly sorry, you won't get me to speak less. So there's nothing I can do about that.

John Fairbanks 14:00

Easiest thing that we've seen Tyler, when we've been talking and working with gym owners, when it comes to closing higher ticket stuff? I think for me, it's always been Who is it? And it comes with those expectations and typically expectations of what your ads are saying or what your marketing strategy has been. It's, who are you talking to? And are you talking to the right people that are going to walk through the door? Wanting to spend more money with you? Yeah. And when it's low shit, when it's a low offer, like you've said, when it's a low ticket, and then you try and yank somebody up by their shorts and curlies and pull them to a higher price to get something. Now you have to start talking. Well, this is a shitty way to go about doing this. So now we need to fight through sales objections. Yeah. But if somebody comes in, go in.

Tyler 14:49

And the thing about the sales objections is it may be priced because they just don't afford it. They never could have so why are we having this conversation with this person? Right? You're not they were never here for this that isn't out what it is. And that goes back to something we were talking about with the gear Academy last yesterday actually with our group, you guys want to shoot us a message. So group for gym owners to make real deal fucking money, shoot us a message or go to Jordans For more information but in our gear Academy call yesterday where we're going through everybody's kind of weekly stuff that they were working on. We're going over again, some social media strategy stuff. And we started auditing some accounts guys, if you sent me a message, I think I should have got back to you all by now by the time you're hearing this, and the guys who sent me in for their audit, if you want one, you still have one week to shoot me a message if you want me to go through and peruse your social media stuff for your gym and give you some give you some pointers. But we're going through these accounts. And what we would find is so many people don't say on a very surface level what they do. Meaning if I think of a 24 hour fitness spot, I go to their social media and the social media, you don't have to crush your social media game and be a very high entertainment personality brand, especially your 24 hour spot. Some of your business is just that people do just want access and privacy and not coaching. It's okay. But for someone that wants a higher level of service, they're never going to know that you don't that you do it, they're never going to know they have no idea unless you're telling them so where does that live in that journey that someone takes when they start to check out your gym and they start looking into gyms when they want to make a change or looking into hire a coach? They go to your page they scroll through and they don't see anything that even says personal training or if they do it's in the description underneath something that is a picture of just somebody exercising who's a member of your gym. And it's like oh, did you know we also have like no like, can you say personal training I lose weight personal training, personal training for what like say that in fucking text on the screen? Because people need to see that they need to know because of that expectation John if I come in for a $40 product, and you start talking to me about some $2,000 shit we are already the moment it goes beyond that 40 You have now misaligned with expectations. Miss you have become misaligned with my expectations. And now I'm mad. Now I'm in a situation where trust is tricky. We are in a very precarious situation because these expectations have been subverted. I thought I was supposed to be nice out today I made plans I walk outside and it's fucking cold book now I'm mad my shits all messed up. This was not what I expected. That's where frustration comes from. And so let's go through some of the stuff here. John, let's cover this one. This is the video that we found. This guy I think sells obviously I doubt its fitness and I'll tell you this. He's probably great at sales. He probably closes a lot. And I'm sure he's great at cold calling. And I still think he's probably actually better at marketing to salespeople than he is at probably closing real sales. But that's just me. But I'm gonna play this thing because this is about what do you do? He says what to do when you get ghosted by a potential buyer led by a potential client. What do you do if they just stop calling you back? And I absolutely hate this. So I gotta pull up our conversation. John, I will play this for you guys. Maybe there we go. Here we go.


If you're calling. This is the final message. Hey, John. Just Jeremy left you a few voicemails over the last week or so and sent you a few emails and text. But we did not hear back from you. We're not sure if you got abducted by aliens, you retired, moved to Bali or maybe you won the $1.3 billion jackpot. However, because of my schedule, this will be my last attempt to reach you. So if you want to reach me, here's my number one last time and like I said, it's my last attempt to reach you and hope you're safe. Talk to you later, click. You would be surprised when you use that kind of a sarcastic tone on that final message. How many people call you back? Typically when I was in both b2b sales and b2c sales when I'd left that final message, I would have about half of the people call me back. Oh my gosh, like they thought I was done with them. Majan if you had half of your leads call you back when you have to find a message what that would do. Here's what you're going to do. What oh nine? I'll tell you what you're gonna do. This is the final message. Hey, John.

Tyler 19:21

Fuck that guy. Fuck that guy. No, fucking don't do that. And we're gonna go over next some strategies that you can do because these are what I call. These aren't Blackhat strategies that he's using completely. It's just, I don't know, acting like a bitch. I don't know what to call this. It just sucks. I don't need to be like this. You don't need to be that desperate. I know you should seem like you want the person's services but your jam and your serve. It requires people to actually care so don't be taken advice from this guy about this stuff. Like that's all I'm saying. Like he can, he can sell somebody a goddamn VCR in this day and age. Great for him. But you're not selling some shit that people don't need to use that people don't need to be invested in. It's in your best interest for your clients that their stuff works. And that requires them to actually want it to not be drugged unwillingly into this process.

John Fairbanks 20:12

When in your everyday life is, Hey, be a sarcastic asshole to someone. And that's solid advice. Yeah. Whenever, ever, ever, ever, because here's the one thing that I never connected with Tyler, when it talks about these subversive or contentious sales strategies, you have to live here. Yeah, your gym is where you fucking live. And the people walking in are people that fucking live within a 15 minute radius of where you live and where your spot is. If you're doing online sales, or I'm calling some motherfucker that lives out in Oregon, to sell them some software, I don't give a fuck about this person. I'll never see him. We're never going to run into each other at the store. My wife doesn't know his wife, we're never going to interact. So I can pull just more shady or shitty ways of interacting with someone. Because I have to. Yeah, but I'm gonna see Jim. I'm gonna see Jim at the store. Jim's kid is on my son's baseball team. So I'm gonna see him every fucking saturday and every goddamn Sunday. And God Damn, it's going to be quick, that of you are a prick. Or you're a sarcastic asshole to people because you run a gym. And by the way, one of seven gyms in an immediate radius of where you are, if you live somewhere where you're the only spot, God bless you. But the reality is, you're not the only option. And so if that is how you're building your reputation is like none enough. If someone hasn't called like, the three times hasn't called me back,

Tyler 22:00

abducted by aliens, that'd be kind of funny. It's like,

John Fairbanks 22:03

That's Christ. That's totally the answer. And you'd be surprised how many people are all worried that I'm done with them? Or not? No. And that's

Tyler 22:13

also again, they're probably just saying, Oh, my goodness, I'm sorry, I forgot. They're pretending to be nice, too. And they're like, fuck this guy. I need him to actually stop calling because the guy that says that's not his last call, either. Now, John, you just covered the big issue I have with that as it costs you social equity. Right? This is something you've built up, you've built a reputation your gym needs to be based on setting and meeting expectations and not subverting them or underperforming. Right. If your gym underperforms, if you're the gym is where people go, you know, is where people go to stay overweight. Sweet. Is that why the curves franchise completely went under Right? Was like, there's just got to the point where there's just no results. And it just completely went belly up. No pun intended,

John Fairbanks 22:57

I need to look the way I might just be

Tyler 22:59

terrible. Prediction, that's where the wrong curve is the wrong one. Now, that's terrible. But I don't know this, for sure. I'm just speculating. I thought that was funny. But like, if your gym is known for people who if people in your neighborhood and the people around them and their family and their friends know that person a went to your gym, and was really surprised at how professional it was, and the quality of coaching and now that person looks incredible, has a smile on their face, that's the best thing for your gym, getting wheeling people catching them at the right time in their life when they're ready. Giving them you can only give them a little bit of a nudge in fitness, even more. So in copywriting. That's what we are talking about, you can only kind of connect order to get them closer one piece of action, you want to be that last nudge to push them over the cliff to where I am now directly on a collision course with these results here that is not I have chosen to make that decision. If people are too far away from that decision, whatever they're telling you whether they're ghosting you or whether it is your prices or whatever you're gonna do it for cheaper you can try to get them in the room and what you're going to charge them with what with what, you know, they're going to sign up and then what now you're the person that took a bunch of this is why these MLM suck all the supplement stuff. It's somebody's wife next door who decides to start selling some supplements and shit and makes a bunch of lofty promises. And then that way, it's that person's reputation. This is how these like, supplement companies, these MLMs. This is how they actually are able to make it work for them as a business because they trade your reputation, not theirs, okay? And that's what happens here is that you cannot be training your reputation to try to get these people in. Because they're going to come in you're going to trick them you're going to tell them what you make your husband make all your decisions and they're going to commit out of fucking anger, or pride or god knows what are one of the other Hormozgan ones I saw, which is I left my wallet at home. Right? Right and his thing is like, well just call your bank right now and give me your routing number and I'll just do it for you. It's like Jesus Christ dude. Like, that's a guy that you do not want trying to fucking you know, pick a woman up late at night with that type of fucking strategy. It's creepy. No, like, like no for this reason doesn't mean yes, that's the problem that I hate. There's a difference between a sales objection, that's just kind of like, I don't want to do this right now I want to get out of this conversation. And someone's saying, Well, what does this mean when you talk about nutrition coaching, right? That's not a sales objection. That's, that's clear, making clarification about your product about the situation. And all of that can be aligned better if you actually are speaking from the beginning with the expectations about their results. If your products are aligned with the things that they want to do, and then it's very easy it's very easy. It's Yes, it's yes, plus this Yes, plus this, this and this, or it's now and then that's okay. You can offer one thing if it's Yeah, cuz it's, no, I just can't afford it. I can't even afford your regular membership or whatever. You can say, well, you know, these results were important. You do have a product that matches their objection. Don't just try to wipe their objection off the face of the earth, like their opinion and their thoughts, no fucking matter.

John Fairbanks 26:16

The one thing I'd have heard is Ed tourney who does prestige lab stuff. That is his story. Is that something that Hormoz told him when he was a gym owner, before he moved over, and this was doing the supplement sales. One of the things that I did like what he said was the question of like, do you need to do marketing? If you need to be outward facing marketing, it means that you are not, you have not achieved the status in your gym yet. To where it just you run 100% off of referral business. Yeah. Have you ever heard of it? I know. A couple of them. This isn't Jim's. But I know a couple of businesses that we like a lot. And he does embroidery, and does embroidery for just fucking all the major sports team in the entire southeast. And the story is, he does not have his logo on his building. It is an unmarked building on the side of a road. It's a big road. But I always like Jay, why don't you have it? Why don't you guys do anything? You do? No, no marketing whatsoever. He goes, I literally have so much business that I can't, it doesn't make sense. I literally don't need any business. Any business that he does for the local area of people is just like Goodwill, borderline like at cost, just to help the little leagues. Because it's so much referral business and so much contracted business they don't ever have to market a day in your life like, that's a big difference. Like just being able to think about if that was your effort was having such a high quality service for every single person that comes in that they just achieve so much that they just have to tell everybody. Yeah, again, sales objections

Tyler 28:12

Exactly. It's just about getting people to start with what people want, making your stuff something that's that people want and doing that and doing it well and delivering over delivery. Now we talked to a guy who's a contractor friend of mine who I've known for a lot of years and I asked him. I said this time of year he said you're pretty busy and said oh yeah, we're always swamped. He said we're gonna get to the point where we can kind of start turning our work away. And I said this is a business as advertised very heavily for a lot of years. And he said, he said the threshold is about eight to 10 years and when you've been doing business consistently in a community as a brick and mortar as a physical location for eight to 10 years, it doesn't mean you can stop marketing because again, people start to wonder if you're still around, but like you're the amount of front of mind you have to have to be paying to to have you can really start to scale that back because it just hasn't you have enough of a client base, you have a big enough referral base and you just don't have to worry about people The phone is ringing the work is coming in. If you want to move the needle forward or scale up you can now do it when you you now have the money the time the resources to okay let's increase our staff and now we can increase our work capacity and off you go and these decisions are made practically as opposed to with this like wild optimism of just like please just bring me leads please bring me leads and I don't care if they suck fuck all these people like I just need to get them in here and I don't give a shit what happens at the end. It's dog shit dude. sucks, sucks. And as a piece of you kind of mentioned before was that like, you know those MLM they sacrifice your social circle and it's not not theirs. It's yours and this is what happens when you start to use these types of those shitty tactics. So just be on the up and up. So we want to give you now some good guy versions of some bad guy strategies right? So ways like, how can you do this stuff? That is okay. And that is okay. And the way I've talked about with someone objects says no, because it's too expensive. What do you do? Well, what is your ultimate down-sell? And this is what I was some of your ultimate down-sell , still your base product, that's the thing, one, attract people for your higher levels of service because people want the greatest results. Everybody wants that. So they should be wanting to talk to you about how I want to lose 20 pounds in the next, you know, three months I need to. It's time you said you got personal training and nutrition coaching that can help me lose this 20 pounds. It spoke directly to me, I felt like this, let's have a talk about it. And then the objection comes, I can't afford this. And whether they're lying or not, I can't afford this present as a practical solution. And that practical solution is okay. You have to assume in the sales conversations that these people are telling you the truth. Because if you go in under the assumption that they're lying, I hate to break it to you. But you're gonna have a really tough time coaching these people too, and you're gonna have a hard time coaching them to their results. And by the way, we've talked before they're lying to you, they're lying to you, when you coach them, it is the way it is. But you do have to take them at face value if somebody calls you and says I got a cancellation because my dog died and you're like, you've had a dog die every week. It's like what's going on? Like you're just not showing up? Like there's a time and a place to give tough love. Yeah, but that ain't it. It's just sometimes you just have you can't just call out everybody. I think you're lying. I think you're lying. Because even if they are, it doesn't matter, the information they gave you was that my dog died. And all they're gonna tell everybody else is, yeah, my dog died. And they told me I was lying. And it's like, well, there you go, you're fucked. You're that guy. So someone tells you they can't afford it. Your down cell goes from the higher level product down to your lowest level service, which is your in house membership, 24 hour thing, your group fitness membership, if you're a CrossFit gym, whatever. And if that still is I really just can't afford that I don't wanna make a decision, no problem, you can send them out the door without even trying to close them or send them out the door with a seed this planet, you can try to close this now we're not, but the seed is, Listen, I know losing that weight was important to you. I know. That's what got you in here. And I'm sorry, these things are too expensive. I just can't do them for less so but like my nutrition, you don't need to be exercising five 610 times a week two, we have the personal trainer spending all this money to get the weight loss if you really want to lose it, you want to lose this weight, like we can help you with the nutrition coaching, you don't even have to set foot in this gym. If money is the issue, we can do that for 200 bucks. And once you know if you want to wait a couple of weeks to save money, you can get paid that way like I can help you get the thing that you said mattered to you. If you do that, if you make that about that the thing that they fucking told you they wanted you're fine with trying to stuff the shit they told you they don't want back out like they just let it go. And this way you give them an out every time they have an out. But that out is Oh yeah, that does align with what I want. Because then if your everything is on the level, everything's on the up and up we're being they they feel they feel they feel heard. They feel believed and they don't feel bullied or pushed or coerced, which is never the way to go. And most again, most importantly in fitness as opposed to any other industry.

John Fairbanks 33:01

And how often are the most difficult people to sell, and convince and trick and charm into buying your thing? If it's a one time thing that they have to buy it and the buyer wants and then fuck off. You'll never see him again then okay, who cares?

Tyler 33:17

The salesman guy doesn't have the best reputation in town. So who gives a shit? Right? Turn and burn baby.

John Fairbanks 33:24

But if you are going to have to see these people and look them in the eye, every Monday or every class, how much or deal with these people at all on a recurring basis? Like I'm talking business wise, how much of a pain in the ass? Do you think the people are going to be for you and your business? When it was like scratching incline for them to be able to come up with money for the first payment, I would be willing to guarantee that the guys that you have to Oh hold hold my payment, don't cash the check until next Tuesday, all of the things that are like, should you be should you be doing this? I mean, I know like health wise, this is why I do what I do. And this is why I want you to be here because I think we can make some serious games but like it's I don't know if this is the right choice for you right now. Because what you are about to do is you are about to introduce and infuse your business with their bullshit. So whatever the drama is, that's in their life right now you are about to subject your business to it and more importantly, like your mental bandwidth. So unless you have time to really deal with some fucking bullshit of like, the lowest quality of humans that you must have the lowest price like whatever those things are, man you're you're talking all the time to others. The idea is like and I don't think you've said it this way but it's like where's your price at? Are you priced like people are going to shit and piss on your floor? Or are you priced at like not that like What level are you at? I Whatever product

Tyler 35:00

for the floor pillars, your base members who want to pee on the floor and leave weights out, let them but you know that you should have your goal should be to attract people to spend more money and focus on your floor, just remember that, that makes your life a lot easier.

John Fairbanks 35:13

Because now you have to hire staff. Now you have to like now we got to have people clean. It's a domino effect of and it's like, and so that's where, for me, it's a big piece too. And on all of these sales things, one thing that popped in my head was when we're talking about sales, and we're talking about this piece, if you have to be super charming, and every time you're the one that has to charm someone in or use these tactics or tricks and shit, you're guaranteed, it's like golden handcuffs. Yeah, you're guaranteeing that that means Oh, well, then you're the one with the Magic Touch, because you have all the tricks and shit. So now you have to be the person to do all the sales and do all the shit. Or that means you have to hire out to a bunch of people that have perfected that bullshit or that style of selling. Compared to like, Wouldn't it be sweet to just be able to work with the folks that you just already have? We're in the gym.

Tyler 36:12

And that thing you talked about, right? So if you are able to close a bunch of people in spite of these issues with say, expectations, your marketing not being aligned with what people want your products, maybe just not giving people enough choices, did not have products, not having a direct fit for exactly what they want, for their their results to align with their budget and their needs. And all this stuff, right? It's just not all there, you can overcome this because you're great, you're a gym owner, you're smart, you're a go getter, you've put a bunch of risk on the line, you're fully invested. So yeah, you can make this work, you can close the sales. But if you ever want to scale, you're going to plug in another salesperson, I want your coaches or someone else on your staff now into that system, and that system is going to suck even if they are all not quite as good as you but they can make it work. The problem is it sucks and you're leaving money on the table and you're dealing with clients that are coming in somewhere with less of a chance of success. That's the biggest one and we've talked to one of our gym owners. The gym owners the other day were like, you know, its price changes. He wants to change the whole game and what the types of gyms that are, like his type of gym are doing, which is like, you know, he said like, these gyms are not structured to actually get people results, and I am doing it differently. That's what I want. I want this to be better, it needs to be better. And I'm going to do it this way because of this. Guess what, that's how you also make fucking more money. Dude, these two things are not mutually exclusive. It doesn't have to be one or the other. So let's talk about John, what's the name of the guy that sent us the strategy that he's been using? Because what's Micah Mike is

John Fairbanks 37:41

that a Tampa got a

Tyler 37:43

gym in Tampa, this He's been following the podcast for a long time. They way back when we put it out. It's been over a year now. We had put our episode up about some traditional market marketing methods that are awesome now and John and I keep testing this stuff out in other businesses as well as the fitness industry. And a lot of these real world marketing strategies kick ass from direct mailers to door hangers to obviously it's just it's way better. There's way more. Yeah, and billboards. And we said billboards and boy did he put up a fucking billboard did it fast too. And he sent us a picture and it was great. It's great. I loved it. I think they were very successful with the campaign as well. I think it got a lot of eyes at the very least if it doesn't convert immediately. That type of stuff done over the long term is great for visibility, and it's way more affordable than people think. But he sent us this other strategy that is doing and this is what we like to do. This is why we have the gym owners revolution Facebook group, is what we tried to do within the gear Academy as we were coming up with just best practices. That's all best practices, not just for your money, which is what the other guys do. But best practices for your money, your clients, your process your career as a gym owner, your fucking mental health, your avoiding burnout, all this stuff, right? That's what we want best practices. So he sent us this thing that he's been doing, he's had a lot of success with. John, you wanna tell us what it is? First, before we get into the details of why it's not slimy? Because I'm gonna go at what I thought when you first told me this.

John Fairbanks 39:05

Yeah, so one of the things that's cool, and I nerd out about this a lot as well, and Miko was speaking my language when he shot me a message that he has a VA. So a VA, right for everybody that's either a virtual admin virtual assistant, however you want to call it, this is somebody that typically you can hire out that either is in the states or can be from the Philippines, right, just depending on what the price is that you're charging. And he just has a simple process. Anyone that follows him on his social media accounts, that VA will send out a message and it's a canned message that gets sent out to every single person that follows them. That's the strategy.

Tyler 39:50

That's the strategy. Now that's all we got told in the beginning. And I told John, I said

John Fairbanks 39:55

before I showed it to Tyler

Tyler 39:58

but here's the thing I knew I was like, There's got to be I said to Jonathan, there's got to be a way that that's okay. Because here's and we're gonna get into that. But my first criteria, what did I say? I said, just his followers, right? Right, just people that follow the gym. And that's really important because, again, you want it, you want to not smell it's disguised, pass the smell test right away. If I'm following your gym, consider me a warmed up lead kind of maybe not, it may not even be a true lead opportunity. But what you have to do to avoid any cold contact from a business smells like, Hey, do you want 5000 followers? Hi, I am a representative of so and so. And I told Jonathan focus, this could suck. I said, I'm like, I don't know. I said, I gotta see what it is because he said he's had great success with it. And I know about the other campaigns that are done. Those others are really cold, they require such a high volume of outreach to convert anything, and it's all misleading. So I was very interested to see how this was done. And I was very happy with what we saw, because it was on the up and up. And because it was a two fold request and will give you it will give you the details. We have all the details right now and we're okay with that. Yeah, I think, Okay, well, you guys, is that like, because it was on the up and up. And it was a simple request either to maybe nudge them forward, or if they had done business with them to get them? You know, let's get some feedback, it almost seemed like a follow up call, something we used to do in the heating and air conditioning business, we would leave. And at the moment, our technician left within 10 minutes, or the office would call them right at that moment. They've paid for their stuff, they feel good, they feel happy. And then we would ask their technician to run through a few quick questions, send them a link for a Google review. If our technician didn't wasn't able to close that, too, it just closes that loop really well. It's a great time to get there. So that follow up means that your business, it feels like your business is doing quality control, when actually it's about nurturing leads, keeping people warm and giving more opportunities to sell things that maybe have fallen off by the wayside. So run me through here, John, what this first correspondence is, and I'll tell you why I kind of like it.

John Fairbanks 42:11

Can I first call out the other guys? Yes, please. Okay, the reason why Tyler had a visceral reaction to it is because we have personally been involved with the other guys on this, and what other consultants out there. And what they're going to do is talk about the idea of of churning and burning and burning social equity that you have, when we were involved it was the other guy set it up to where this was a highly automated capturing and scraping anyone that had gym or gym owner or any type anyone that talked about fitness, anything that you wanted to be able to go in, and he wanted to be able to scrape and find those profiles and mass friend request them. And there's great software's that are out there, and you get all this software and you get

Tyler 42:57

50 new friends a day. And you because those in

John Fairbanks 43:01

and then the reason why you have to keep it to 50 is because what happens is that what happens, you get flagged as spam

Tyler 43:09

and phishing your entire account. Yeah. So then you have to have all your coaches and all your staff also have to do this in order to keep the volume high enough for this to work.

John Fairbanks 43:19

So you are systematically hunting, whether it's Facebook groups, or mass friends requesting them. And then just as you said, Tyler, it is a follow up sequence to people you don't know. And you are just straight DNA all in into their DMS

Tyler 43:39

it's the fitness equivalent of sending out a hey, you up message to your ex and all of her friends and every other person you've ever known at two o'clock in the morning. That's what it is. And some of these messages John were going off that are like, hey,

John Fairbanks 43:56

like, That's it,

Tyler 43:57

okay, like just to try to get a response back like, Hey, how are you doing? Or, hey, it's been a while. Like what's like stuff that seemed to be unfamiliar, they would also make you wait at least 30 days before you can't run that message. So you'd have to run the client to fuck the new friending business for a month. And then all the people who you were friends with 30 days ago, so it's not too suspicious. It's all these games fucking suck the other guy's games, they all suck at the cost of your entire reputation in your area.

John Fairbanks 44:23

And what we watched is we watched gym owners have their shit get shut down. Yeah, and it happens so often that it was like oh, well maybe we need to tell the other guy that it wasn't something that they had successfully done in mass. It was something that somebody somewhere had kind of done in their local area and then they just infused it with every single person that they worked with. And you watched it just fucking torch any and then it just was it's so gross. So this

Tyler 44:54

end of the business consulting company got all the fucking affiliate kickbacks from every other person that tried to sign up for that software for everybody. So they all of a sudden got fucking hundreds of 1000s of dollars extra from everybody that's in their network while they torch their reputation to this just to fuck those people fuck that strategy. Now, let's talk about the good guy version of that strategy. Micah, what was Mica doing?

John Fairbanks 45:16

So the good guy strategy was, and I really, really liked this is that immediately we call out the fact that this is the VA. And I really liked that of not pretending to be someone that isn't that person.

Tyler 45:30

So it also is still coming from the gym's official account. Absolutely. So obviously, it's not a third party saying if you want to speak with Dr. Herpes Cure, please shoot him a message you'd like there's like the type of stuff you get. So this is still coming from a business account. But the first thing it says is a I'm an assistant for

John Fairbanks 45:49

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, and I'm reaching out to see if you've ever experienced, right, the work of this gym owner and their team in training or nutrition services? And if so, how was your experience? If not, what has held you back? I thank you for your time. Yeah, that's like, it's, it's so upfront, and it's so genuine, I'm

Tyler 46:12

back right now. 30 seconds and write that down. If there's a thing you can steal, this is the one right? This is just easy. It's on the up and up. It's not slimy, only send it to people who follow you, do not send it to people who don't. Because that now costs you something, in my opinion, can cost you a lot, you start sending cold messages people fuck you, you know, I just I don't like that. But for this, I think it works really well. So go back, write that down, you can steal that you can use that probably verbatim and I don't have. I don't have an aversion to anything that's on there. And here's why. Because if someone has done business with them, what it was like, it just sounds like they're asking me for a testimonial. And guys, you should be asking for testimonials in many different ways. And this is just a great way. This will be folded into probably some of the stuff we do with our testimonial strategies. Anyways, beyond our original, just Google profile stuff, we also have to get Google reviews, we also have a long form one that we send to our more successful clients. That's a bit of a more involved process that can eventually then become video on video as you develop as many tears. But your testimonials can become basic, just Google just social media to video to love. There's just another way to harvest testimonials. And the best part is if they haven't done any business with you, and it's what's stopping you, some people will ignore that message. But it's not going to feel slimy. It's not going to feel shitty. And they may just say like, I guess I never really knew what they did. And boom, that's an opportunity. Or if it's, you know, I just can't afford it or I already go to this other gym. Well, maybe that isn't and maybe that's a leave me alone. And that's okay, but your next step, you can just be a person because they say they say I've never done it because I've never felt comfortable in a gym. Or I just don't like that type of fit. That gives you an opportunity to overcome a real objection. Because it's just like, here's why I haven't done business with you. Okay. What about that? What about that? If, if you've never done business, that's because you think that our gyms are too extreme? Let me tell you it's not. And at the very least, maybe you don't close them there. But they're warmer. They're really, really, really, really warm. And that's I think that I think it's I think it's a brilliant strategy. I think it's subtle. And I think it's all above board. And I really like it, because it doesn't smell like the other stuff. And you get an opportunity on both sides. And worst case scenario people tell you, they don't tell you anything.

John Fairbanks 48:28

The other strategy? Yes. So for certain, the one thing that's really subtle in this and I don't want it to be lost on anybody is the value of having the VA introduce themselves or whoever, right? A virtual assistant is just an assistant. They just don't just say you understand under but understand they don't have to be someone that's in your gym. Yeah. Right. And this is valuable for a gym owner for you gym owners that are out there. If you feel like you are doing all the fucking things you're doing anything that is repetitive. And we've said this before, and this is it's something that's really important to me, because it's stuff that's been businesses that I've been involved in in the past, is if you as a gym owner are doing anything more than once in a given week, that can be pushed off your plate and hand it off to someone else. Not a fucking weirdo, not somebody you don't know not another coach because they're not going to fucking do it the right way. You need someone that's your assistant that's in your back pocket that you are constantly communicating with. That is a brand. It is your third arm that is the other person. It's an extension of you. Here's the beauty of the fact that the assistant introduces herself as a customer, we may go ahead

Tyler 49:42

and says the name.

John Fairbanks 49:44

Hi, hi, I am so and so the new customer relations manager at such and such a gym. The reason why that's so valuable is if the gym owner from the gym account is spamming everybody in this room. style of just anyone that's a follower. What if it's his fucking mother? The VA doesn't know that. What if it's his brother? What if it's his best? What if his fucking wife, what you get away from? If you are now you extend any of that real responsibility just a third degree away just enough to where it's like, oh, well, I so and so it's super nice to meet you. I'm his mother. That's it. Yeah. Now it's not something weird where it's like, oh, great, someone has an automation that's fucking broken?

Tyler 50:33

Or what? Yeah, one of your one of your clients who's kind of a ballbuster isn't like, What the fuck? Come on. All I want to go through, we will go into too many details. But we'll go into what some he's I said send us some successful responses that you get from this and kind of how this goes because I wanted to feel out how the dialogue goes, how it goes matters just as much as what it reads like, and read this first response right after the thank you for your time says, Hey, insert name here. I actually haven't done business with him anywhere. As it's been, it's been a combination of money, laziness and a little bit of fear. So I said, Well, would you like to coach and talk to you about how we can help you with all three of those? Let me know we're here to help. And the person says, yeah, that'd be great. And this is the best part. You said, Is it okay? If we have if we, if you want to talk? Is it okay? If we have someone contact you? Because we can make them say yes, it's okay. You give them permission. It's the thing I do when I am trying to close sales via text, I make them ask me to say is it okay? If I show you, you know, send you my printing packages after we have our little back and forth? And they say, Oh, yes, please do. Because now they've taken ownership, they've made the request when it arrives, it's not me putting something on them. It's something they've asked for. This is perfect. But you know, is it okay, if we have a coach to talk to you? Yeah, that'd be great. What's a good number to reach you at? Excellent. And then the next follow up is, the next message is got it, what's a good time to reach you? Perfect, we'll reach that number at this time. It's a fucking homerun. And the guys, this is simple. And again, he doesn't have to overcomplicate these strategies, they can just be simple, straightforward, and ethical. And everything is what it is. The VA is doing the customer relations work. It serves a marketing, it serves a marketing tool as well for testimonials. And it just allows you to bring in new people. And he said he's had really good success with it. And I am very thankful to Micah and his gym for having reached out. If you have cool strategies that have worked, I don't care if they're just interesting. I need to know that they work. And I'll decide whether or not I like them. Because there's a balance between working and sucking. Like it can work and still suck if if you get what I'm saying.

John Fairbanks 52:31

I guarantee you a cool unintended consequence of this strategy that Michael was not planning on was one hasn't gotten more members and more people doing business with him. Absolutely. But he's also hired new people. He's hired two new people running this strategy in just the last few months. Well, holy shit. You not in a million years, would you think the strategy of just hey, people follow the gym, I want to connect with them, we're going to run this strategy that you're gonna Hi, you know how hard it is to fucking hire people. Right now it says it is. If it's not the number one thing, Tyler It is the top three things that we are talking to gym owners about every fucking week

Tyler 53:15

Hiring staff is not your number one problem, it will be at some point where if you try to grow, it will, eventually if your business improves, it will be if your business gets worse. It'll never be a fucking problem. It's all you and it is what it is. If your business is to grow, and may not be your top problem now, it's got to be and it's a proposed problem, you better get figuring out a very multi pronged approach to trying to solve this issue. Yeah,

John Fairbanks 53:45

but it's just huge. And so, again, a bat, we have seen this strategy be done by the other guys. And it is shit. It's shitty. It feels shitty, oh, my God, if you're on LinkedIn, you get 50 of these fucking messages a week of someone just coming into the fucking DMS and we all see it and you've done it. And whether you've done it, whether you've done it, you also whether it's you or your wife, or your sister or your mother, someone has sent them the hey, if I send you a video, would you watch it? That MLM pitch is being done, and it's still being done. And this is why people hate sales. And this is why we spend a whole bunch of fucking time talking about sales aversion, and then sales objections, because people are doing it so badly. That it's ruining it for everybody. It's ruining it for everybody.

Tyler 54:41

I want to touch on one thing quickly before we go there. Another one of these is very similar to this. This was from Stuart browser. WTF Jim said he had said he had shared this strategy many many months ago and I just made note of it. This one's even closer to the line. This one I don't encourage you to run out unless you're pretty savvy, but this is another version of I believe a good guy. aversion of a bad guy strategy, right? It's like, it's like the difference between poison and medicine is the dose, right? Yeah, here, it's about what's your intention and how you're doing it. Okay? Now this one is a bit closer to the line, but it is, anytime you're posting pictures of your members and things like this one, you can tag them, you can not tag them, it is what it is, if they share it, that's great. Anything that has the members in it or others, just check all your likes, right? Check your likes, who they are, make a list of them, see what pictures they're liking. Or if it's a photo of somebody working out, say, hey, and the way he had done that first outreach, that first message was, hey, I'll just want to say thanks for sharing love on some of the accounts or on some of our posts. I don't know if you've, if you're, if you're familiar with some of the people and those images, or if you're just familiar with the gym, but like, if you're in the area, we'd love to, you know, you're more than welcome to stop by and check this spot out. That's it. It's there's familiarity, and they're like, Hey, if you know some of the people like yours it'd be great to have you here. Thanks for liking people who have liked just going off of engagement likes, right and that are and you got to vet the accounts a little bit. But it's a cold strategy, I think I should also do it and you're hungry. That one's not going to cost you a ton of equity either. If it goes on if you do it up and up. And again, that one is Sunday, it'll get closer, you gotta be you gotta walk that line a little bit closer, because there's not a second, there's not a second follow up there it is kind of you I don't know that you could position that type of thing with the VA, because you want it to be familiar. You know, you want to be familiar with the people that are in the building and things but again, do stuff that works but just don't be evil about it. That's just don't be evil. That's the thing. Google they, you know, that used to be like Google's motto was don't be evil. And then they just removed that completely like a few years ago. You know, that was great. Like that was like that was like one of their main one of their main finds out here.

John Fairbanks 56:51

It is that slippery slope. Where it's like the good intentions are like, right, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Tyler 57:00

So don't be evil has been part of Google's corporate Code of Conduct since 2000. When Google was recognized under the alphabet, they assumed a slightly adjusted version of the motto would do the right thing and since 2018, it's gone away completely.

John Fairbanks 57:14

No longer interested and is now

Tyler 57:17

evil. Remember that so guys, get out there do some of these strategies Don't be evil, please. And I'll tell you what works if you don't have to be too cool for school. You don't have to be the person that doesn't want to be cool about your sales process. Like just being a cool helpful nice guy or gal about this thing. Doesn't mean the type of cool that you were taught from like 90s movies. Where it's like, the cool guy doesn't care about anything. He doesn't want anybody to do his stuff. Like the cool guys just disconnected and aloof. That's not it. You should want these people and you should care. And you can be fucking cool about it. Okay, just fucking be cool. It's not that hard. It's not that hard. There's a lot of fitness dorks out there. Maybe don't have them do sales. Okay, don't be don't just be a cool guy about your stuff. It's very, very easy.

John Fairbanks 58:05

And not to go I don't I'm not gonna go into the weeds on this but gym owners do do this part. B be totally invested in this part. Their reach out and the tone and how you're talking to them. And don't try to be anyone else. Just fucking Be yourself. Be you. Don't be weird. Don't do anything else weird like Allah will want to make it sound like this. Or I want to sound like Grant Cardone or I want to sound like we're Mosier. I want to learn how to fuck all that just it's people like you. That's already guaranteed they do business with you, you have a successful business. So just be you. And if you do that, then this will work as long as you said as long as it's if your North Star is n't evil, and just stay cool about it and don't be lame and all those things when it's perfect. Then it will be successful because you're just doing the right thing. Instead of being the slimy sleazy fuckin used car salesman.

Tyler 59:00

Yeah. Because you're good enough. You're smart enough and doggone it guys, thanks a lot for listening. Guys. You want to get the gear Academy this is where we let's talk real quick gear Academy. Okay, it's the shit. It's the spot where we're open gym owners. Whether you're just starting with you been in business for a while stuff stuck. You're trying to grow we have everything for 24 hour fitness facilities that have multiple locations in there. We have MMA gyms, jiu jitsu gyms, and CrossFit affiliates. We have personal training studios. We have like strengths like performance, strength training stuff for general population, we have youth sports, we have all types of fitness all types of the fitness industry we have in here and we got gyms becoming wildly successful, just completely changing the game. We had a chat with one of our gym owners the other day who said he said now he had like major setback so like a month ago and he was like But you know, he started doing the math. He was like he is paying himself Currently, more than 10 times as much money as he was before he started with the gear Academy, if you're in a business where you can hardly pay yourself, you can go from that to a living wage for justice. Like, just by doing the things that we're talking about here, get in, we're gonna help you get moving, we hold you accountable to it, we roll out whatever the next best thing is that you and we decide that we all collectively think that you it's your best move right now the most important move for you and your business, both long term and short term balancing all those parts of the equation, all your priorities, we try to help you navigate through and then we help take make sure that you take the right action and we I mean, these guys are killing it. It's the it's the proudest project I've ever had that I've ever been a part of. Because not only are these guys killing it, but now all of their clients are in a much greater chance of success. And having fitness professionals who actually give a fuck about people and their results. Being able to make a real professional wage doing it is how you actually change the earth and change the world and have fitness actually spread because these guys are starving. What they are going to do they just can't really help it getting all this stuff aligned is the difference between John and I having the impact we want to have in the world and us not. So it's very important for us. This is for John and I. This is an accumulation of our life's work. This is all of the philosophies we've had in fitness, nutrition training, as well as business and marketing and things we've done in many other fields. All of this comes together to help grow this thing that we are doing at full fucking speed here so if you want to go to the gear get into gear academy that has that gym owners If you want to join the Facebook group, a link is in our description. And what else do we get here John? Follow the show at Gym Owners podcast though Gym Owners podcasts on Instagram. Follow me at Tyler effingstone on Instagram and John can be found at

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Jay Banks FL on Instagram. Thanks

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Everybody getting the Facebook group likes the description. Bye

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