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Thursday, March 23, 2023

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  • ​Introduction to this week’s episode - 0:00
  • ​What is going on in the fitness industry right now? - 4:17
  • ​The biggest mistake gym owners are making in the fitness industry - 8:33
  • ​The problem with elitist language in MMA - 15:18
  • ​The idea of “cutting them off” - 20:10
  • ​Why you need to stop focusing on what you do in comparison to what you want your clients to get - 25:56
  • ​What to do if you’re having trouble generating leads - 29:41
  • ​How to attract more people to your gym - 36:40


Tyler 00:00

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. I'm your host Tyler stone over there John Fairbanks How are you doing John?

John Fairbanks 00:07

Hello Tyler,

Tyler 00:08

guys. This week we want to talk about the cyclical nature of the fitness industry as of people's fitness careers, the cyclical nature of a business of people's fitness journey, and why that boy missing out and not understanding what that is, is leading you to leave the most important people to your business behind. So let's get started. Firstly, I want you to go to the link in our description. In that description you're gonna find you can go to the Facebook group to the gym owners revolution. We got good shit coming up next month. We've been teasing next month for a long time, I promise it's really common. We had us we're have a slam project this month, but we do have some free shit we're putting in there that's going to help you guys you can build you'll you'll be able to build your offer stacks, you're gonna be able to sell basically the same way the people that our gear Academy sell, you're gonna have to make all your kind of decisions like that yourself to get started. The goal with this is to give you all the tools to make an offer stack that will help you sell great personal training, great nutrition coaching or whatever it is your group has 24 hour access, whatever that is. Want you to put that stuff together in a way that's gonna make you real money, have you selling big ticket stuff and making sales super easy for you. So that's gonna be going off for free. In a Facebook group in the link in the description the gym owners revelers if you want to work in the gear Academy, get that stuff up and running with an app working directly for you in your hands that you can walk through your clients sales opportunities with and crush it. amongst all the other things we do in the gear Academy, from selling supplements to fucking anything else you want to do onboarding coaches, staff building new systems, nurturing leads, all the boring business stuff that boring business dorks talk to you about that you pretend to understand. Those are also the things that we work on within the gear Academy. So you can go to gym owners If you want in on that,

John Fairbanks 01:51

but we're so much bigger, bolder and more bearded than any of them are

Tyler 01:56

the most. Yeah, I will say this, definitely if we're talking height and weight ratio. There's not a single fitness business consulting organization that I would pit two guys in an offensive versus defensive line type scenario. And nobody blocking you arrives. I feel very confident about a very dire situation. There is nobody in this industry that's stopping me from getting to their quarterback.

John Fairbanks 02:26

And that's your business and the revenue that your business can be generating.

Tyler 02:30

This is where we've got an allergy. Guys, this is an issue that's been back to the subject that guesses before we run too fast. Follow the show at the gym owners podcast and Instagram. You follow me at Tyler Elphinstone, Instagram, and John, how can they find you,

John Fairbanks 02:45

you can find me on Instagram at Jay banks FL let's get

Tyler 02:48

to the meat of the show. So John and I have pretty good experience with this. The ebbs and flows I don't even know what you call it, it's not even an ebb and flow, more of it's just there's a progression when people get on board. With fitness, when they start to give fitness space in their lives, they start to progress in that area. Right? If you never go to the gym ever, and you start going to the gym, your first couple years, you're gonna do a lot of new gym goers shit and you're gonna start Googling shit. So you don't have a lot of reference for and you're gonna, it's whatever you can kind of be preyed upon a little bit by brands, organizations, businesses, coaches, products, accounts, influencers, whatever, but even preyed upon, that's just who they're talking to. But as you evolve after your second year, third year, fourth year, five, six years of training, you kind of learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. And you know, what's what, you know, I mean, you just know, listen, if you've been working out in the gym and gotten big results for five years, and like, you're still wearing like gym shark, get the fuck out of here. You're not if you're, if you're not, like, if you're not wearing mass anomic stuff, I know you've you've been training for like less than a year or two, you know what I mean? Like you got to you got to evolve it but that is it is interesting that every aspect of the fitness industry takes it away. So from the supplements that are marketed towards you to the educational products, and that's the wheelhouse John, I have the most experience in fitness education. And one of the things that happens is, I started my business when I started my business, right, during the kind of peak of the CrossFit boom, maybe a year or two later than the true peak, but it was still, you know, high time for CrossFit. And that was when I opened my CrossFit affiliate. And then there were still brands that were emerging out of that boom, right out of that boom came lots of podcasts and shows and lots of information because all of a sudden, there's, you know, hundreds of 1000s of people doing CrossFit that weren't that weren't in gyms that weren't doing anything else. And so all these new products come up, and they rise up very, very, very quickly. And John and I were involved with one of those organizations after I don't know how many years it was. It was probably like two years to two and a half years or so. So of their existence in that space, but what happens with and this is a universal This is with every brand that I've seen is they then they like, you start to teach certain things if you're in that position, and then you start to evolve and you start to learn more, you learn more stuff, newer stuff interests you, you're not too worried about perfecting this little thing, or that little thing or speaking to new people. Because you have enough of an audience already that's already caught up. They're caught up to you, they need to progress. You can't just keep teaching the same. You should, but you can't just keep teaching the same month one through 12. For bunches of people that come in at month one and check them out a month. Well, you can't do it. But what happens is, things end up becoming very graduate school esque. And this happens in the business space too. If you're a new business, if you just opened your gym, and you're kind of bootstrapping your thing, you know what I'm talking about when you see the other fitness consulting products out there, like fitness business consulting stuff, it's not fucking talking to you. Just not like, none of that shit was in my wheelhouse. And I was starting my business like, these are all way too far ahead of where I'm at right now, I don't have the English if you got a big stack of money to sink in, and you can just kind of go play those soulless games go for it. But they were not speaking to the new person because they had gotten there already well established businesses with money to spend. And that's who they spoke with. And that's who they've been running with this whole time. Which means there's the way the cyclical cycle works and all of the new people feel completely abandoned. And that's where I still think that this is there's a phase in that and fitness education as well as just general fitness, what's going on in businesses what's going on in gyms, what's going on with personal training, what's going on in the fitness in the fitness information, fitness entertainment space as well, just what's happening on social media. Look at tick tock. The most popular fitness content on tick tock is like borderline pornographic, it's just fluffy, just garbage. You know, it's not that it's trash. It's just It's for people who have no fucking idea about anything about fitness. Well, it's, it's really what it is. And we've seen brands try to do legitimate things on tick tock, but that's just it's meant to collide everybody together. So it just doesn't really work on that platform. So what is working is stuff for a guy that maybe just wants to see something funny. I just started going to the gym, and I saw some dorky exercise, and somebody got hurt. You see, the gym fails and fails. The gym fails our thing for new people. Yeah, it really is like, oh, geez, I just went to the gym, watch this guy's knee explode. You know? Like, that's, that's funny. I've been in that place, you know? So I guess what I'm getting at here is for you to focus on this on a few things for you as a gym owner, is to know that when you started getting into fitness, you need to identify the things that you relate to from that time, right? What was that journey like? You get new people coming into your gym, I hope regularly and start paying attention. Because people will come into your life, when I start coaching people, they'll start coming to me with memes that I've seen four years ago. You know what I mean? It feels like you're the only guy that lifts weights in your family. And so all you get sent his weightlifting memes that you've already seen or that aren't funny. Yeah. And it's just it is, but that's what it is with new people. And you got to understand that that is important. Those people are important. And you need to learn how to attract those people, because I see so many people swinging and missing on this. Well, the

John Fairbanks 08:33

I think the biggest mistake is thinking even as a gym owner. And because what we found to Tyler's even in the space where we are, it was a conscious decision that we made to not allow ourselves to start and then continue to just accelerate with everybody and just lose or leave. Were the people we wanted to serve where they were. Yeah, it was because we had seen the mistake not just made within the companies that we worked for or with personally, but we just watched an entire industry do it, where everybody just went up, up, up up and away and left. The majority of the people sitting and waiting and wanting what I would challenge is I think the biggest mistake that people are making right now is if you have somebody that comes to your gym, and you know this as a gym owner, is somebody that comes in and in your questionnaire whatever you ask, right what their what their training, workout history has been, right where they've worked out before whatever is just because somebody has worked out before and they're not brand new to make an assumption that they have any fucking clue what they're supposed to do. You're making a massive mistake.

Tyler 09:48

Yeah. And even in the truth even people that think they know what they're doing are even worse. So really your job is to how do I put this, it should always be about the basics. Always from a coaching standpoint, in anything, it really should always just be about the basics. But in your messaging very specifically, I don't think it's right for gyms very often to be doing some right or wrong stuff in regards to exercise in my opinion, like thumbs up thumbs down, like for a gym? I think it's tricky, I think, I think because unless it's delivered in a way that makes people feel like you're getting information, because if they've done an exercise and other way, they may be dogmatic about it already, pointlessly dogmatic. People are simply attached to the things that they do. So if I'm in a gym, I want to attract more members. Again, I don't need them to think that I'm smart. No, no, because I'll tell you the truth. Being jacked will get you further with selling new clients and then being smart. Well, 100% of the time.

John Fairbanks 10:57

And what do we know to be true? Tyler? Are those things? We thought we were smart about 10 years ago? Yeah. Now you look like a fucking asshole. Yeah. Because

Tyler 11:07

how is the fucking Lakin's diet not just, you know? Like, all these fucking things are the same. But you know, in terms of even terminal we were. So we were talking with one of our gear Academy coaches the other day, and trying to get up the nutrition sales numbers from new people. Now we've run some specialty programs. So it's tough to sell nutrition, when people are coming in with a different expectation already. So we don't like being bait and switching you about it. But we want to figure out how we can systematically make this better. One thing you can do is make sure that your leads are getting leads because people want to be coached on their nutrition, right? The other thing is, Does being coached on your nutrition sound like something you want to do? Fuck no, that product sounds like it sucks. Now I sell nutrition coaches. I use the term nutrition coaching. I need better terms. Let me help you with your diet. Let me give you here's my diet for you, whatever it is, because those are the words they recognize . We've talked about this but when people and this is this is the prime example of what I'm talking about with this cycle and how people miss it. Good fitness coaches ethical fitness coaches like you like me like you if you're listening out there what you'd want is you want a sustainable system for your clients with nutrition right you don't want them coming on some some diet I read about a diet on the internet you don't want them doing this diet losing 1520 pounds and given all the credit to the diet and then that diets not actually sustainable and then that diet melts down and then they get fat and then it's the diets fault and then they don't want to do the next thing because diet died that so you think because there's shitty nutritional advice out there. And they all call it diets that you're like, well I'm not we don't do diets. I'm gonna give you sustainable nutrition nutrition food planning fucking bop, bop, bop, bop bop. Now I've done it before because it's weird for me to say I'll give you a diet to plan. It does seem weird except here's the deal. Look at the people out there who are currently overweight and not doing anything about it yet who are right on the verge who need to take one action and it changes their life right one action into the right place, hopefully your plans and it can absolutely change their life. But they don't speak in those terms. They've heard they had a diet last time and they're interested in things like, I want another. I want a diet that works. I just that's what they want. They want a diet that works. Not a custom nutrition, fucking Opus that is fucking bullet periodized depending upon blah, blah, blah. And we involve carb cycling and your thumb in your ass every Tuesday. Just in case you know, you want to tech check your temperature. It's fucking it's it sucks. But you just need to know that all of these every single thing about your products that you make are more complicated, you're missing out on, like, the most valuable demographic to your business, which is the people right about to start because there's so guys, this is the fitness industry. There's so many of these people, right? So many of their fucking this is this is why we are the gym owners revolution is what we're here to do. It's what I hope you're here to do. And you're not gonna do that by just opening some 50,000 square foot Globo gym where you're just a key card manufacturer and if that has a janitor, you know that's gonna do that. That's fine. But I'd really like your system to be set up to actually make a difference in your community. And you got to be connecting to these people because they need help and they need the right help. All they need you to do is speak their fucking language for just a little bit. Get your head out of your ass. Get your head out of whoever's been teaching you for the last four or five years is ass because they're talking so much further down the fucking road. And you wonder why five years of having your head up? Somebody's at somebody else's ass. Speak in fucking snow. At dorky scientific bloom among the most shit all the fucking time that nobody's interested in except for you stop parroting that shit. Because you're gonna lay a huge fucking egg on your marketing. Everybody ever I see this trap all the time and expertise if you're a gem, no one gives a fuck. It's not about you.

John Fairbanks 15:18

And then. And the reason why you know this to be true is your aversion to what normies call shit. And all of our drive towards a more elitist language when we're talking about this is because of our version. Because we see them and they and we see mainstream media, right, we see how predators, right people that we just disagree with, on a fundamental level, how they sell this shit to the general population. And they're slowly poisoning them and killing them slowly. Right. And so that's why we go in an elitist direction. And that's what we're calling out right now. Which is, that's the wrong move. Because Take Good Morning America. Look at them. They are reaching more people than any gym on Planet fucking Earth. And they are going to give diet advice, exercise advice, and the language in which they're going to use that is going to be perfect. It's going to be perfect to reach every single person that's a goddamn zombie that's going to turn on the morning news every morning. And they're going to learn about the peloton , about keto, about filling in the blanks. So that's where our version comes from. But here's how you're going to be better, you're going to be better because you're going to look at what language they are using. And I'm going to weaponize and use that language because that's what connects to regular humans. And that I'm actually going to do it the right way.

Tyler 17:07

That is exactly the point here, John, is you need to beat them at their own game. That's you, you're coming in here going. I don't even play that game. I don't even fucking want new people. And then you wonder why you're broke? Like, you know, I'm not even interested. And that's maybe you're not saying you're not even interested. But like you're all of the stuff you're saying and talking about or the fact is, maybe we're just not talking about anything. Perfect. Now you have a plan. Okay, that plan is to beat them at their own game. Look at the slimy stuff that's out there. How can I do this? How can I figure out what's actually connecting to these people that are new, like they are lost? Right? They are, they are lost? And this is one of the things we talk to you when I work with some MMA gyms and stuff as we tell these like grappling places jiu jitsu studios, is, you guys have to understand that white belts will make we're paying 80% of your fucking dose. Oh, yeah, at least. So how advanced Do you want your stuff to look? Now? Yeah, if you're in a bigger market, you want your stuff to work for advanced people, right? It needs to, right, you want to attract guys that you want to be the place where the people that really know what they're doing? Wonderful. And that has an overarching theme that is appealing to new people and that like Yeah, I do want to go to the place where it's known as the real deal. I'm not doing like mall- quan-do or some shit, you know. But like, you do need to understand that serving these beginners and not losing them and stop talking over them and pass them or like they're idiots or like they don't exist, or whatever, or just because the mistakes that they make are so easy for you to predict. Because they're formulaic people's journeys are very similar. And they often face the same misconceptions in fitness, martial arts, all these things that you can be judgmental about a little bit, and not even know it right? Easily. An example that I would give when people would be like I heard creatine is steroids. It's like, okay, Jesus, or when people would come in Jesus, the 2016 1718 era was like, I've been taking my branched chain amino acids, and I was like, Cool. And I want it and I would just argue with people about this again, stop buying that right? I would just say like, stop buying us waste your fucking money. But all that does is make you the person that's resistant to the energy they're trying to give. It's positive. Exactly a person buying branched chain amino acids, who's coming to my gym and paying me to coach them? Isn't that not them being like, trying to do shortcuts, it's just another version of commitment that they're doing. And me doing the thing. I did this then I was like, stop making your piss expensive. It's stupid. Literally just drink more protein powder than if you want or whatever. But like, the fact that someone wants something sweet, that's no calories. It's a very little consequence. They want to spend a little money and feel like it's working for them. i What are we talking about? Why? What a weird thing for me to sacrifice that trust on right and that was a thing that I did. Is it Coach, we're tempted to do it all the time right? When I get asked something that's dumb from somebody I just, I just want to be like stop you for this is dumb, it's all wrong and I just can't do that with people.

John Fairbanks 20:10

But you know, it's a really cool idea that just that concept of we we want to cut them off right cut off and just be like, What the fuck are you talking about? And instead it's you that will always be met with a version right will be met with a wall

Tyler 20:26

just like gonna be met with someone who handed money to you?

John Fairbanks 20:30

Oh, you're right. I'm an asset. Here's

Tyler 20:31

more money you told me how wrong I was. As a bad business dude.

John Fairbanks 20:37

You and I have had a coach that used to talk about this all the time, where it was the idea of everything she posed when it comes to marketing and everything was stories, right the ideas, everyone has a story. And on this particular topic, exactly, which is that person's story is stopping at BC double A's are, this is well, you are stopping them right you are stopping that story, where at the end of the day, what you do is instead is you to say you allow that story to continue. And if you allow yourself to then insert and not just close the door on them, and allow that story to continue and then take them to where you would prefer them to go in a loving and understanding manner. Your ability to then actually capitalize on those misunderstandings or capitalize on what your people's good intentions are. goes infinitely higher. But as soon as you close that door soon as you allow that story to stop and be like what know what the fuck you're in it. Ultimately, it's because now it's no longer BC double A's are the problem. Now it's there the problem

Tyler 21:51

it is and it is because you're you want to go you don't fucking know anything. That's what you're saying. You don't know shit. They weren't asking you a question very often, they just showed up with it in their box

John Fairbanks 22:03

excited. They were just like, Oh, I got this. I got my thing. And because people are so vulnerable.

Tyler 22:10

People will come in with pre workout like, six 630 class hammer pre workout. And I was like, Hey, I don't think you're drinking like a bang energy drink at 7pm and your coach and I'm trying to help you to lose weight or gain muscle and sleep support and all those things like, fuck me, dude. You know what I mean? Yeah. But that's it, it's interesting. So this is the thing that I've been working a little bit to get. I try to take those concerns. Now, John, you know, how I am personality wise, this is hard for me. Right? That literally that thing. It's the thing I work on. I work very much in the things we're communicating in our business to connect to who you are as a gym owner. But as I'm coaching clients regularly, I still struggle with that because it's so far back. You're a gym owner, at least you know some things about some stuff. I hope so. When I'm working with the general population, sometimes it's crazy, like because it's just not what you see in a 24 hour gym. It's not so now I have some clients who got a client the other day messaged me, and he was kind of joking, but he has a little bit of sweet tooth and he messaged me a bag of these like giant like candy straw, like candy straw things like I don't even under it's like licorice, but like super sweet and sour. A whole bag of them. Yeah. And he's like tracking food, kind of a pretty good source of carbs. And I was like, Well, I hope you're joking. I was like, I was getting through the day. And it was you know, I was like, I was kind of hungry. And so I stopped at the store. There's like a professional with a professional job. So he walks in. So I walked him through this and I just kind of laughed, and I said, so hang on here. So I didn't say because obviously he knows that was you know, kind of like you know, you know, pull bag of chips as a problem you, you just know. So he's kind of opening the door to tap for some guidance and dialogue about this a little bit, but doesn't want me to be like, What am I supposed to say? My first reaction, which I've done to this person many times, is to stop buying that shit. Just stop buying it and you're never gonna have this fucking problem. Just don't buy and you're not gonna have this issue ever. I don't get it. But I don't have a sweet tooth. So I don't really understand that game that much. I don't I'm not a potato chip guy. So you're never gonna see me succumb to the temptation of candy by growing up going to the stores. But the way I kind of chose I started with this lovingly mocking way which says like, Wait a minute. 40 You're wearing a suit to work, right? So you went into the grocery store as a 40 year old man. And you just walked through the candy aisle, and you're like, find this big shiny blue bag. And so what I did was basically just what I basically just told him was like, this is like, really not masculine behavior in my opinion. I mean, like, like, for ladies and kids like what are you doing, dude? And in that way we came to this funny realization where we can kind of laugh about it and I was like, let's be honest, like buying potato chips is immature and fun. Look, you know what I mean? It just really is as an adult man going and buying drinks like a 24 ounce Mountain Dew. It's like, what are you fucking stupid? Like, you can kind of say that jokingly. And then we get that out that way. And it seems to work. And there's a big, long fucking diversion of this. But in dealing with new people like those are the types of problems you're having to solve, like, yeah, I probably know this is wrong, but I'm still gonna lean into it anyway. So what am I supposed to do? In my marketing? Am I supposed to say this stuff about my nutrition plan about how bad sugar and candy is? Jesus Christ, everyone knows there's no education beyond that point. So if I'm getting to Macros and food timing, and this and that, in my marketing, that may be a part of my product, but in my marketing, now, if I'm trying to send out information about that outwardly to attract people, no, because those people don't even care, they can't stop themselves from Brian, juicy sour ropes during the day when they're bored. You know, when they're trying to lose weight dude paying someone money,

John Fairbanks 25:56

they can't tell you what macros are. And this is that line when it comes to your marketing that we will continue to talk about because it is something where it doesn't matter how long you've been in business. And it doesn't matter what your industry is, it gets missed time and time again, which is we spend too much time focusing on what we do, in comparison to what we want them to get. We want them to achieve things, we want our clients to be able to get things and for them to have goals that they can achieve. And that's where again, it's if you're talking about macros, you're starting to climb into your own ass just a little bit too much. He got to come out and say how you're going to do it as macros. We all get it. We know that's how you're going to do it. But that's not it. And you totally did this. Maybe a year ago, you shared it on the podcast, where it was, you had a guy that was a new client of yours for nutrition. And your advice was so simple. And it was the dude who drank whatever, it was a 12 pack of Budweiser, right? That was that was a standard and it was like, you know, we're gonna do we're gonna move you to a 12 pack of Bud Light. Yep. It didn't stop drinking. Like, you know what I mean? Like, it wasn't like there was an answer. But the fact is, I'm going to tell you around here where I'm from, in rural Virginia, where I live. The Big Boy Mountain Dews are a very popular beverage crew people that look like me that are adults. Yeah. It's that, that's reality. You know, they're factory workers. They work in the prisons, they work.

Tyler 27:42

I have an uncle in the vending industry who says to that, like there's two types of soda that are he just just she says they have to be so addictive, because when they're out, those people lose their fucking minds at their job if it's not in the vending machine, and it is in order Mountain Dew and Diet Coke. It is fucking madness if those people so I'm gonna tell you this, right? So yes, of course in an optimized situation. I'm going to say stop, stop all of the Mountain Dew I've kind of just started with a month ago. Same deal. So like three, four Mountain Dew today. I said, Alright, here's what we're gonna do. And I told him because he also drinks alcohol. I said, here's what we're gonna do. The Mountain Dew. I said, I used to drink Mountain Dew. I said, What are your thoughts on Diet Mountain Dew, and he said it was disgusting. And I said, because if you like a diet, Mountain Dew, I don't think you're a human. So I understand. You're just hooked to the giant sweet electric taste of Mountain Dew. And Diet Mountain Dew won't work, it's fine. And we do have to beat that sweet tastes boredom vibe that you got your day, it's gotta go away. You just can't have 1000 calories a day on this. So we're gonna go down to two, then we're gonna go number one, and then we're gonna get it to zero. Except you're gonna have one on a special occasion that needs to be a special occasion not something you're running through passing around your day, just ignoring not enjoying, right? And that's, that's the name of the game there. But for people to drink alcohol around here, if I told you I have some clients it was like, sometimes it's all you got, you know, you get their food pretty close. It's like no, I'm having four beers a night, three, four nights a week and I said okay. This is where it gets risky like, Can you switch to liquor for tequila? Like can you switch to liquor because it's gonna be less calories like let's just can we work that out and fleet and you never know. Please don't ruin your life because I told you liquor at the deep end to get back on task one of the the thing that I think is important to know is like if you're having trouble getting a good job

John Fairbanks 29:41

well on this topic, right? Just imagine so now what you're going to do is you're going to change your marketing from I sell nutrition coaching to the Mountain Dew diet. Now I like to play with that idea. We're gonna look for now you got somebody's attention because now there are going to be people were like, well, I drink Mountain Dew and I get like lose weight and shit and like you're not gonna get mad at me like it literally Yeah,

Tyler 30:09

and it was maybe it's literally about weaning people off of soda. And we're gonna start where you're at, we're gonna go with a 20% reduction by the second week and we basically Chantix your way off a soda. And in that process, you'll lose weight, and then it opens the door to more better decisions after that, but it's just a terrible idea.

John Fairbanks 30:25

Right? Like, there's just ways to be able to attract people where it's again, it's using their language meeting people, real regular people, which is just it's, I get it Oreos are the shit, man. Like, they're the greatest cookie that's ever been made in a package. So if Oreos are people's vice, then it's

Tyler 30:43

coming at me with some real lady energy right now.

John Fairbanks 30:46

You're welcome. We were just talking about this the other day though. The idea of like, because package cookies suck dick like they're all bad. My wife makes really good cookies like really good cookies. And that's not even a sex thing only. And so it's more like package cookies. They just missed the mark so much. And we're like, what is the best package? So again, that's regular people, regular people like now like I gotta have that shit. What

Tyler 31:10

Is the best package cookie John?

John Fairbanks 31:13

Well, for me, it's it. Well, it was a toss up for me. It was either Oreos or Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies.

Tyler 31:21

Okay, I'm gonna soft fetch Keibler guy. Oh, no, it's not bad. So about the soft edge. I don't know about that. No, for real, your man car we do and buying candy like a lady. Anyway. But But on that note, too, though, like, the thing is, if you're having trouble generating leads, especially from your organic social media strategy, you start there, right. But I do believe your organic strategy, content that you're putting on your social media for free, whatever that whatever that plan is, you better have a plan. From what's working there is where you need to determine what you're going to use for paid ads, right. And so this is a spot for you so you can have a little bit of trial and error, because you're not spending a couple $1,000 A month or $1,000 a month to run ads, right for this content that may be a miss. So you have a little bit of effort, you're having this word, a little bit of flexibility to try some stuff here. But the thing is, if you're having trouble getting many leads from that, like if just the numbers, the influx is not very high. And you're doing a lot of calls to action and you're making content that's specific about your programs and trying to be specific about people's needs. just dumb it down. That's all dama down the person who's Where's gym shark? Length really like they just admitted going to the gym for like two weeks, you know, or just maybe went and stopped, right? I shouldn't worship. I think gym shorts are a huge brand. But

John Fairbanks 32:48

We would love to never see any love to be sponsored by a gym shark. I've

Tyler 32:51

never seen anyone with like a 900 pound deadlift when gym shark

John Fairbanks 32:57

asked me to be like, facetiously Yeah.

Tyler 32:59

But I think it's important that you try to connect with who those people are, you have people who are in your gym, right. And some of the people were in your gym, they've been working out for a long time. So you try to replicate who those people are, who they are right now, in your marketing, you're going to miss because those people did not come to you. Now those people came to you a couple of years ago. And if you're wondering why you can't get new people, it's because all you're doing is talking about and to people that have been around the game for four or five years. And if your market can support that great, like where's the biggest open ended opportunity and fitness, regular people losing weight, like getting regular people started, there's a huge epidemic of overweight people, we have a huge issue with people not getting enough exercise. And we have a huge issue of people eating very poorly in this country. And all of the outcomes health wise that are limiting the future that this country is gonna have health you know, as far as health goes, and longevity, you're in a position to start solving in your community if you start talking to these fucking people. Yeah, and this is a piece that cross always rubbed me wrong about CrossFit official image. Now I do think what CrossFit did when I had my CrossFit affiliate, what they did as a whole was still net positive, of course, I mean, I wouldn't have put my life savings into owning a CrossFit gym if I didn't believe that, right. But I was always fighting an uphill battle about the elitist image that they had fitness elitism and I would you would attract people were interested in starting CrossFit starting doing that type of exercise, but man that I spent a lot of time diffusing concerns and convincing people that No, it's not crazy can be for you. And sometimes when you peel that branding off, man, it's just easier to talk to people about people instead of talking to people about now what you heard about literally, your sales conversations, or like what you heard about us isn't really that it's not really that true. Like that sucks, you know, and it's that's not even me, you know? So it's really important that you start to direct your marketing towards that demographic. I mean, you don't have to if you're a performance guy, and you're only working on elite athletes, and you have that gulf All right man, but it's different it's just it's a different game. But then But then let's go with this so you can in your niche niche and fucking whatever in your fucking market whatever that is right? If you're looking to coach mostly powerlifters you got to extreme powerlifting Great. Do you want to grow the powerlifting community though? Are you just trying to cater to the few people that are here like if you really give a fuck about great people in my opinion in this industry for mass and arms because like Dan Bell and some of those guys that I've been fortunate to meet through that organization, we were finding that these people are the ones that want the most to grow the sport like really to grow the sport like they want new people and they want it approachable and they like freaky big strong guys and they're like no, I want this to be accessible you come in and feel like feel welcome on your first day come to your first meet deadlift 135 pounds and the crowds still gonna be enough for you. You're gonna cheer for you like there's guys like that that exist. And so what are you gonna do? Right you need to whatever your market is you need to start to how do we bring people again what's the one step I can do? Because if I can bring more people into this world, me and my competitors are not fighting over the same fucking pie. I find over slices of the same pie we're gonna make the pie much much much much bigger guy there's a lot of goddamn potential pie here in the fitness industry is infinite amount of seeking peloton did do they just come in like biking in your house, the thing that never fucking worked ever, never it just that sold some units. And no matter what people say about the ups and the downs, like it still works, I still see people that use it religiously. Still people in my feed use it religiously, it's not it's not gonna work for everybody. But they came in and they made a thing that was exactly what it needed to be.

John Fairbanks 36:40

And understood what we're talking about. We're threading the needle here, very specifically, when we're talking about attracting new people, and attracting people to come to your gym. So you can write to change your lives, make your community better, and do all of the altruistic things that are mandatory for us. If you're going to be in a gym, that is going to regularly put up with listening to us or come and work with us in the year Academy. So you have to have those altruistic vision pieces. So if you're gonna attract more people, that is what you have to do. And the phrasing is like we got to dumb it down, or you gotta make it simpler, or whatever it is. But don't make the mistake, you have to simplify it and speak to where people are to get them to come and take that first step forward in your community. Once you get them, now you can ascend them, right now you're gonna be laying them, I mean, you can do all the things so you get to them, teach them that there are more brands than GymShark. Right? The protein that you're beginning, right, the protein you've been getting at Walmart is probably not the best and there's lots of reasons why and they have a spike so I know it says this much for grams of protein, but it's not actually protein because they've actually added other shit. Like there's so much nuance to it, that it's, you just need to get them in, build the trust, help them do their thing, and then ascend them. So that's where it's understood, it's not telling you to stop allowing complexity, because if you are running your gym correctly, right, the top 20% The top 20% of your clients, those top clients are going to pay 80% of your bills.

Tyler 38:21

And if that's not the case, you don't have enough high ticket you're getting then you're not giving those people an opportunity, which means that's money you're leaving on the table, which is a whole nother story. But you need to have an opportunity for these people to invest further once you have that trust that's spent a lot of damn money with you. And if someone's selling a one size fits all product, you're missing out on all these other things that these news people want. Just keep laying that egg too. So one of the things I want to touch on is like programming is another term that I hate. Yeah, program you want to train. Another one is the term train. You want to train. I'm training. You want to come by train. The other one is nutrition, talk nutrition, nutrition, coaching, nutritionists macros, macros would teach on your macros. The fuck there's a there's a thing when you start a new anything, that all that terminology that you don't understand makes you guarded. And it makes you just want to think that it's stupid and that you don't want to do it. It is just this thing that I learned living in a foreign country. Live in a foreign country. Language is different man, there's things that would require a lot of back and forth. It's just not worth it for me to do sometimes. Which means I went out to restaurants much less very rarely that I go to restaurants in a very present a very German only speaking area. And even some of the stuff where it's just induction they can kind of do English like I don't like muffled bombed socialization in the beginning. It's just frustrating all the time. It's like no, no, let's do this in a different language. I just don't like all of that. It was enough for me to not want to do a lot of things, right? Yeah. If I went there, there's a great place that I really liked going To in Austria and like, but there was no chance of English meaning just none. And I kind of had to go there a few times, you know, a week and it was like, I just had to make it work, but I would dread going to the place. And if I didn't have to go to the place, I wouldn't go there. So it's just that one little communication thing. They're the same thing that I don't understand. I'm out. I'm out. And you're dealing with Americans. By the way, if you're trying to attract new weight loss fans, you're dealing with fat Americans. And if there's one thing fat Americans don't like, it's shit they don't understand: make it easily delivered to my house, make it be made of sugar, please do. And those are things like program training, nutrition. Fucking what was the other one John program training, nutrition? Whatever that's but that's like, those are things that are important. Those are languages. Those are words that they don't understand. So translate that all back to something that makes sense to them, man, are you trained, I'm not going to sell you a program. I'm not going to write programming for you and take money like this. Fuck you. It's a hotter writing program. People want workouts, that's the language they use. They just do and you got to understand it. So dumb it all down, you need to understand that we get further along in your fitness journey. You're gonna start smelling your own farts as you're smelling the farts of the people that are teaching you. And at some point, you're like, what? When you start talking, you've seen this now too, when you start talking to a new client about the stuff you know and fitness, they fucking glaze over to. Like, what is this dork talking about? It does. It's sad because you're not don't sound smart. It's because being smart doesn't make you interesting. And it certainly doesn't put off what's the word empathetic vibe. Now, it's almost the opposite sociopathic vibe. So fix it, guys, fix it, be human, talk to these people like their people. Talk to those people, you're missing them. This is the biggest, it's the biggest market you're missing. And I think that is the reason you're not getting leads. Work on that. Find those people and hunt down the predatory language that's like putting yourself in one of those shoes and one of those people's shoes like look at some of those gym fail accounts. See the comments on like basic viral Tik Tok fitness videos, you'll see how little those people know. You'll just see it. And you know, some of those people are not people you want to do business with. But that demographic is one you got to start, you got to start attracting and then let your vibe be the one that weeds them out. But you can beat those predators at their own game by not only using the right language that connects to these people, but actually delivering an effective service that can change the way you think about these things that have changed somebody's life. So that's the name of the game. Amen. Amen. Fucking Alright guys, I hope I didn't preach too hard, actually. But quit ignoring these people, they matter. They're the future of your business. If your business is going to grow, it's only going to grow dependent on your ability to create more exercisers. So get to it. Thanks for listening to everybody you want in on the action to get into the Facebook group. That's the gym owners revolution. Link is in the description. If you want to work with us directly, just fucking gear Academy. Starting now this week, you'll have your dope offer stack in a week or two. You'll be sent in big time milestones from revenue to specialty programs supplements to merch to whatever whatever it is you want you identify as your next opportunity. We will start helping you make that happen immediately. This isn't just some shit where we started ramming you through a bunch of checklists and giving you this thing like this is what we help you identify what your issues are with you. And then we help you solve them and hold you accountable with that process just like you do with your clients. So well the show at the gym owners podcasts on Instagram, go to the gym owners If you want in on the gear Academy and follow me at Tyler effing stone that's Tyler eff ironstone and John and Jay banks FL on Instagram. Awesome. Thanks for listening, everybody and we will see you next week.

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