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Thursday, March 30, 2023



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  • ​How to make your marketing efficient, effective and streamlined - 0:01
  • ​Why is the old marketing model so heavy? - 4:41
  • ​How to get more members if you can’t get more leads - 8:56
  • ​What you need to tell these people to expect - 13:13
  • ​What’s good and what’s bad about social proof - 23:13
  • ​What’s the most popular fitness equipment product? - 31:54
  • ​The trend is moving towards a high value product with a high perceived chance of success - 36:00
  • ​Why you need a high level of specificity in your marketing - 39:37
  • ​The three categories of content that you need to create - 44:12
  • ​The #1 rule of social media marketing: tie back to community - 51:04
  • ​What are the types of products you are selling? - 55:11
  • ​You are the head marketer and you are the head salesperson - 1:01:22


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. This week we're going to talk about the future of fitness marketing, what you need to do to make your marketing efficient, effective and fucking streamline no more this bullshit of these things that are you've seen done in the last 510 15 years, the trend is going towards simplicity, efficacy, and fuckin dealing with regular humans, this bait and switch bullshit that's out there that everyone else is trying to push on you all these tricky little deals with fucking little hidden compartments and lots of lots of like bullshit fine print, and your offers go away. It's done. It's a thing of the past that people have sniffed it out. And the main principle we want to apply with all this is you're not going to get results from reluctant clients. So be open, deliver your there's a way to deliver your services and market your services on the level to people who are really ready to make a change and really ready to commit to whatever this fitness product is that you're doing. There is a way and there's a way for you to make a lot of goddamn money doing it. And that's what we're here to talk about today. Before we get started. join the Facebook group, the Facebook group link is in our description as gym owners revolution and lots of exciting stuff coming up there westward the video episodes, it's the only spot you can watch our not so pretty faces. Make sure you go to if you want to get in on gear Academy, we do lots of great things. Gear Academy is our business coaching product where we work with gym owners directly, we have a couple of different tiers that we can do one where we really are really hands on with you. And one where we do like we just kind of guide you through what your week is and your weekly tasks and help you decide your stuff. We go hands on hands off and further hands off. So whatever you want, whatever your learning style is, whatever style your businesses, we have a way of helping you that we can kind of make work for you. So from marketing to supplement sales, to social media strategies to staffing to building sales systems for your specific offer stack stuff, what else do we get John, there's just all sorts of jazz that we do. And so if you want to win, however, we need to shape your business to become your business, your successful business as opposed to your fledgling business. That's what we're here to do. So get out on that follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. You can follow me at Tyler Elphinstone. And you can find John

John Fairbanks 02:13

and Jay Banks of L on Instagram. John

Tyler 02:17

went full Rain Man on us today. So we got a very nice concise list of this thing. We've been working on this marketing stuff for fitness professionals for a long time. But we've really been diving into the messaging, the communication strategies you're using on social media, from copywriting to just what your content itself looks like, and how that needs to align with your actual products like the thing that you're selling, and connect to the people. But it doesn't stop there. And I think that's the thing that a lot of fitness marketing does, the way it's integrated with your entire business, I think that's where it fails, is we want to get people in. We're just trying to get people in and get people and get people and get leads, leads, leads. John, you see this all the time. We see it as, as people that run gyms, help gyms, operate their own gyms, we sit there and you see the consulting products, the business coaching products that are directed to you as gym owners, and what are they? Members, members, members, members come let us show you how big and thick our members are, or whatever it's just it's all in the way they throw around the word members. If you talked about your member like that, it'd be gross. So it's not all members first. So I just think it's really important that you know that you are being duped by that communication in the same way that a lot of these people they're trying to get you to dupe your potential clients, which is slimy bait and switch, a little disingenuous. It's not a fully successful system of feedback. The loop of success is where you get interested people who are ready to commit based on honest on the level understanding and they invest money that makes it matter to them. And it helps you to serve them well. And then they get great results. And then they give you great testimonials and they give you great referrals and that feeds back through it has to work. And if you're just stalking members, our members, our members, our members in here and breaking your system or doing low profit margin work where you can hardly pay your coaches or just you're dealing with people you don't want to deal with. Your shit will break and it will all suck and those people won't get results. And in no time you have traded some consultant's dream that he had for you to have 30 members in 30 days for your reputation, completely long term. And in a smaller market. You don't get that back. You don't know if people leave your gym, not get results and do not like the experience. And they don't just circle back around in a year.

John Fairbanks 04:40

It's important to call out why that was the case though. Like why was it? Why is it so heavy? And why do we continue to see it? And what we're going to challenge today is why is this old model so heavily paid ads getting barraged by these ads for all for that specific offer? Right, like get more members. And it just is because the easiest offer to fulfill is the easiest thing for you to be able to sell. And the easiest thing for any gym owner to buy is, well, I want to get more, I want to get more members. And their trick is to run ads. Because if you run paid ads, it's the easiest and the quickest conversion that they can provide to you. So that they as in the other guys can scale a business to be very large to help you. And in turn, you're scaling but blindly scaling your business. And again, not because it's the best, not because it's the longest play and the safest play. It is the fastest. And that's where you're starting to see problems.

Tyler 05:51

Yeah. And it becomes a short sighted solution. That's the biggest one is if you were selling if your version of selling weight loss or helping people lose weight was just by my diet pills is equivalent. How's that going to work for your business in the long run? Oh, they did it, it worked and I got your you'll sell them. But then after a while you're the company that was your gym or the business that was just selling diet pills. And then the people did them and then it broke and then they got fat again, and it doesn't No, go back to it and

John Fairbanks 06:21

no, and they go away. And then what do you need to do in order to keep scaling you need to hire Elon and more and more and more and more people and that and that is the model, right? The old marketing model for fitness is that you run paid ads, bring people in into a sales call, you sell them, you get those clients and then you grow and you scale and as long as you keep your foot on the gas pedal 24 hours a day and subject yourself to everything that's worse, like the worst things in the world, which is Hashtag team no sleep. Right? Which is the grinders and the hustlers and you know, your you're

Tyler 06:58

grind set this morning, welcome to your fitness professionals motivational hour you get up there, you're up at 4am hustling, you don't wanna see coffee, right, whatever other fucking ridiculous themes that keep getting rolled out, like just be better. Jesus Christ.

John Fairbanks 07:18

It's literally the antithesis of what we believe, right? And the ideas and to understand this, right? It's not that Tyler and I are anti scaling your business. Of course, there's a time and a place. However, do we think that you like it if you have not experienced success, and you're just ready to grow? I just need to be able to get more members. So I'm gonna start paying and putting money into that cash machine? Do we think that that is sustainable? And that's how you should do it? Absolutely fucking not.

Tyler 07:54

Let's go at this a little bit, right? This is when do you scale? When is the time to scale? What is what and how do you scale? Right? That's what I want to do is walk this back to the point where you're good at what you do, right? Let's just go, let's be real, is the product that you're selling? Are you able to fulfill that in a way that is getting the people the results that they want when they come in and let's say I use this as an example. But everybody has their different things. We have sports performance people, we have fighting gyms that we work with, we have CrossFit gyms, we have youth training. So there's a lot of different versions of what getting those results looks like. Okay, so don't everybody, you know, if you do something different than just weight loss, it's fine. But I'm going to stick with these numbers because they're easy, and frankly, it's the biggest, most available market that you have at your disposal. So if you're trying to grow and you're growing, pushing towards a direction that nobody wants, maybe you should start selling something that people want. But if you're training adults, and you can't help people lose weight, you fucking suck. It's a fact. It's the truth right? So if I'm being dead serious here and it's not always your fault that's in let's be real, your system may be broken, right? So people are coming in. Do you have five people who want to lose 20 pounds? Probably right, I would hope and if your gym if you're if you're hoping to get more members, get those five people to lose 20 pounds. Get those five people to take pictures, honest pictures about it. Get those five people to write testimonials. Do you understand that those five people have hopefully other people in their lives? We'll see if you actually delivered that to five people 20 pounds weight loss this summer, the spring and summer if you did that, you should be able to leverage that into for sure. 30 more members. You should if you can't take five people like transformative weight loss of truth. 20 pounds off of a person who has 40 pounds to lose is still very transformative. Okay, so just start there to get 20 Before you get 60 off. Like my wife has a couple of clients who have lost more than 65 pounds in the last year. And you wonder why she's so full and she can't fucking it's so easy for her to fulfill And the only way for her to get new leads and the only way for her to like, possibly get anybody new into her schedule is like, she just goes to the waitlist. And it's super easy. Because those results speak for themselves. And we don't even have to leverage them much. We're not showing pictures of chubby people who are now less chubby with their fucking shorts off, we didn't even have to do that. Because the words are out, we can talk about it, we can put the numbers up, but the word is out. And now I want to say if you're not getting those results, you have clients that aren't getting results. Maybe you're just not attracting clients that are in the right position to get those results. Maybe you're attracting clients, and you're getting leads from people who want a quick fix. And then that's not what you do. So it just doesn't work for them. Right. But the problem is that maybe it's not your fault, maybe it's the people you're getting coming in, then that is still kind of your fault, isn't it? Because then your marketing is misaligned with what you're really there to do. Your messaging doesn't work, the products that you're selling them into, if you're just selling people into group fitness, and there is no real path, right? I will not coach somebody who says they want to lose 20 pounds, I will not take them on as a personal training client anymore, unless they pay extra for nutrition coaching, because I won't waste their fucking time. If they can't afford the upsell into nutrition coaching, then I will just coach them on nutrition, I will not take the big chunk of money to coach them in person. Do it. Because it fucking is the only way to make it work.

John Fairbanks 11:23

But you understand, but you're willing, it's the most it cuts your throat money wise. Right? All ultimately short term. Yeah. Because it's short term. If you need fucking money, you need money. But what you're doing is the right thing. And the reason why it's so paramount that you do it is that we have watched for what Tyler 20 years of the fitness industry slowly skidding into like the seventh realm of hell, when it comes to doing the right thing by humans. Like there's, it's so far gone, that this is where it is you just you have a population of people that are starting to wake the fuck up and realize that maybe media or the fitness industry, or the government or fill in the fucking blank, whoever they are, maybe don't have your best interest in mind. And they're waking the fuck up and you have to evolve, all of you have to be changing. Because if you stick to this old model, you're going to get left behind.

Tyler 12:28

So this idea that you'll take anybody who comes in and that's great if you have a product that can be a catch all this is why I'll sound like sometimes I'll shit on group fitness. But I believe that actually group fitness is a great way to offer retention. It's also a very approachable product to get people into staying financially, it's not, you know, we've got clients that pay 678 $900 a month, some more than that for private personal training, nutrition coaching, that's just not within the budget for some people. So like, I understand that there is a reason that those products need to be more approachable, and so I'm cool with that, right? But no, you still need to then market that for what it is. And can you still get people who want to lose 20 pounds, don't trick them into saying, just come into my group fitness class, and you'll be good to go. You know what I mean? Like that, that's not just gonna get it for you. There are other changes that need to be made and if you can be honest about it. And that's what I do if you need to tell these people to hang on a second. Is that what you need to tell these people? What the expectations are, expectations are key all the way across the board. So if the expectations are aligned with they think, yeah, I just got to come to I mean, take it with any class. I just got to go to spin class at the YMCA once a week, and I'm gonna lose 75 pounds, I guess. Right? It's just it's you're just taking people and you're kind of not really telling them the truth. And while you may be what you're selling is just a part of their weight loss journey. Maybe that is it. But your thing needs to be aligned with what is actually going to get them what they want. And if it's not, your ship is gonna sink very quickly, or you're gonna get overwhelmed with bad business.

John Fairbanks 14:03

Well, and you're seeing this right, yes, we're seeing this gym owners are doing this and they're making this mistake. And they're making this mistake for the sole reason is, because how you are being marketed is the exact same way. You are treating your clients, you're removing all personal responsibility from them. Yeah, because then if you just sell none or no, you just come work out with me. And like that's it like it's almost to the point where you actually are just quiet more than likely you just don't say anything. And you just allow people to continue to pay you money, show up day in and day out, not hit their goals and just be grateful that they haven't figured out that they could cancel their subscription. You're just waiting. And what happens is you remove all that personal responsibility from them. And that is what's been happening is that we've been watching marketing towards gym owners the same way as removing all personal responsibility from the process. And it's just well, they'll take care of it like I don't know how to do it is,

Tyler 15:12

abs are scary. Let's see, let someone else do it. And this is this win, if you kind of allow that to be the way they lead your business, that's going to end up being the way you lead your clients, which that's going to end up being. Yeah, just come in and get in, just sit down, sit down. And just let me just get you. Again, we've said this before, like, if you think you can just get them in the room, get them to walk through the door, you can sell them. Okay, I don't want that. I hit the brakes here. Do you actually think this might help you, do you? But actually, people say do you actually fucking coach people. Because Because that's the thing that someone who does not work with people day in and day out will say, I have worked with people who are lazy and who don't really want to do the work, who thinks that they're able to outsource that responsibility and still lose the weight, they refuse to make the change nutrition wise, and then want to just find blame, we've talked about this. And what I do. I don't like that, and a low percentage, especially when it's not my fault. So I cut them the fuck loose, fuck off, it's Don't waste my time and your money. Because you're not going to be happy, we're done. We'll move on, if you will. And when you think you're ready. As a coach, I have limited fucking psychological resources, I have limited energy to give to people, I cannot provide the actual ambition to do it. The ambition to like actually have them want to be successful and to do the things that it takes to be good. And when you then in, take that mindset that you apply to them and apply it to your business. That's all you're doing. Again, yeah, just give me members, I'll continue to fail to deliver results. But just give me 30 more members, I stuck up sucking on the teat, man, I need it, now I need it. And because you don't deliver results, you're fucking that people drop off and they drop off and they drop off and may not be that you suck, it may be that they're the wrong people. But you end up with the wrong people. And you end up showing a lot of social equity in your area in your market, you end up doing a lot of damage to your brand, by taking in people who are not really sure what they aren't ready for, who your product doesn't align with their needs. And it's really bad for your brand. And it's those of you that have to live in your town in your area and talk to the people that are within driving distance of your gym regularly. We only got so many of those cases. I heard the other day I was walking. If you look like I look, you hear people all of a sudden start talking about when they used to live when they're around you, which is better than them talking to me about it usually. But the wife and I stopped for happy hour last week sometime. And as soon as we walked in, I went to get to the small town bars, like the cash only says everything is money laundering. And so what that means is money laundering and tax fraud when your bar is cash only like okay, yeah, I'm sure this is all getting reported on the up and up and you must really trust your bartenders. But anyway, go to the ATM and then the people behind whatever are on the other side of the bar, and you start to kind of start talking. But I'm coming back. Their thing is, yeah, and I like that I tried CrossFit. And then I tried going to this gym, and I tried to go into this gym and then I thought about hiring a personal trainer. I'm just hearing him talking because they just saw someone fit. But what is their opinion of CrossFit? What is their opinion of this gym or this other gym? There weren't CrossFit gyms by the way, they were just 24 hour gyms, it's that those gyms failed them. Right? Those things weren't for them. Well, she's out just trashing people in town, essentially trashing businesses, the way these people make their livelihood. Like when it was obviously not going to be for her, she got sold into something that she thought would work, when she didn't have to really bring to the end user, she's most likely this person just didn't bring the effort, didn't bring the ambition and the whole thing. The whole arrangement was destined to fail. Versus when I talk to people, when I have my sales meetings with people, I do most of my now pre sales, meeting stuff via text, to where like, I'm not even having a meeting this idea of getting people in a meeting getting sales calls, it seems to actually be kind of in an inefficient use of your time. Sure. I love the idea, hey, if you can really do it, get a man Sure. But I prefer to have them pretty much closed by the time I sit down with them. Because then they're they've already told me that they are committed, right? And then they just have some questions or whatever. And then at that moment, I root out and set the expectations for their effort, my effort, and if they have questions about what I know we're going to do, that's when we flush it out, but I'm not doing that shit for free. I'm not having that conversation for free anymore. Right? Don't do it. And so, but to get this idea where you have to come in and you got to sit down with everybody and everybody gets to have a sales meeting. How many of those people you're going to talk to and realize that they don't have the ambition and let's just say the people that want to lose weight, you sit down with 100 people that want to lose 20 pounds. I can tell you for sure that 80% of them aren't Ready to do any of the things that it's going to take to do it. Not even some of the short term stuff, like I want you to weigh your food for the first two weeks. And I want you to follow this plan for the next six weeks. And you can have the exceptions. I'll work with you on what to do. But like, it starts with that, and then you have to show up to the gym. That's, by the way, the only thing you have to do. But I know when they're not even ready for that, that they hem and haw about that stuff for you. Give me one delay. I used to do this all the time before I talked to anyone about nutrition coaching. What do I do, say track your food for the next week and a half and send me the results? Do you know how many people send me those results? Zero, literally zero. So 10 times zero, I tell people that I work with them for free. If they do that, give me two weeks and I'll record and make your whole meal plan for free. I'll do it all, I'll map out 16 weeks, you'll lose 2025 pounds, but you got to just track your food, send it to me for two weeks, we won't do it. But I've saved myself all this bullshit then. And they know and then when I see them the next time, do they want to waste my time and talk to me about that stuff. Because I'm the one that gets the results. And that's the point you want to be that person, you want to be the system that works. So you don't need to be chasing a bunch of meetings from reluctant people, and then try to just convince them, convincing them that it's time for them to really make a change and commit to a process that will work for them in their life. You're not selling fucking, this is a different product than almost anything else. And that's important. Fitness is a different product. It really, really requires emotional investment. It requires a drive and ambition. It requires daily commitment, sometimes hourly commitment when it comes to food change, and a willingness to actually change as a person. And I can tell if I have someone who wants to lose weight, and I'm talking to them, and they're stubborn. In conversation, why do I want them? Why do I want to coach them? Why do I want to see them for three hours a week? Why do I then want to try to tell them they need to do something different? And then it's me versus them the whole time? It's me versus them and them versus them? It's the worst? So I think that's on the reluctant side, right? So this is why you can't just take a bunch of leads, you do not let these people just give you leads like yeah, we'll get your new members, new members, new members, because that's not going to work. So what needs to start to happen after that, John, is you need to move on from the way that you market things. You cannot be this generally widely attractive thing. Because the market has shifted. People are now hip to this they're not people aren't. People aren't just chasing whatever empty promise gets spit out them on the internet anymore, which is why the fucking like the fucking gym, launch bait and switch bullshit. Why a lot of the 24 hour fucking bait and switch offers that you see a lot of the ad, the ad offers that you see that people run out that are just dogshit just dogshit and misleading. It's $1 to start lobbying. It's not right at this ad dollar fee that we're actually just going to charge you $1 For that, by the way, no human ever pays that ad dollar fee. We've just made up a way to put $1 on the screen so that there are lots of national chances to fail. It's not. We're not calling anybody out, like in a bad way. But people know that's bullshit now. And if they don't catch it, you don't want to coach those people. That's the truth.

John Fairbanks 23:13

Well, the issue truly is that because the market is evolving and changing, you're starting to see that shift, where the average fitness consumer is starting to get smarter. And they're also because they're more fractured and they're more niche down or their understanding is people I mean, think about where people were with Shake Weights, X amount of years ago, right and where they are now, it's a different breed of human and also again, what I called out earlier, which is general mistrust in what is out there, and what people are saying. And so because of that shift, we have to start to evolve. And you have to start instead of being audacious or having some neat tips and tricks or shit or trying to be hyperbole and hype and almost tricking people to be interested in what you have to say. It's so much simpler. And simplifying just down to demonstrating your expertise and showing people what you can do and doing that clearly. That is what we're starting to see.

Tyler 24:24

Let's clarify what that is and what that isn't. What is good? demonstrating your expertise John, and I'll cover what is bad. Okay, demonstrating expertise I think is what's good is showing results. Sure, testimonials. I think that by demonstrating your expertise that is the thing saying I am a fitness coach. This is our gym. We do this. We help people who want to do this, do this and use In this amount of time, we have helped X amount of people in the last year do this, it is demonstrating your expertise is about results. It is about outcomes. If it is about anything other than outcomes, you, if you've noticed from our episode last week, are smelling your own farts thinking you're a genius. And that sucks. Okay, so don't come out just spouting bullshit about how brilliant you are. Or the super complex shit, that is just used to create psychological dependence in some fucking weird guru culty vibe that whatever it is you're chasing, stop because it sucks. And just worry about if you're this client, we can help you accomplish this. And here's proof because demonstrating expertise the right way, is social proof. It is not about talking about things in an overcomplicated way that nobody gives a fuck about. And that's a big cancer in the fitness community.

John Fairbanks 25:54

It is absolutely a big piece of that. And an intricacy of that is when you are showing social proof or showing testimonials or reviews. You cannot sit back on your laurels or hang your hat on just the fact that someone in the past did it. Therefore it means someone in the future can do it too. Again, that's an old way of looking at it, you have to understand why reviews and why testimonials are that valuable for social proof. Because it shows very specifically that whatever you're talking about whatever your marketing is, it is specifically going back to the expertise that you have that you are able to help people achieve those goals. But it's tied back to very specific categories of people. So it has to be able to tie back to who you're helping the value of a review and a testimonial. Yes, it's super great that Miss Kelly was able to back squat 205 pounds at the age of 56 years old. It's very, very impressive. The problem is, is that if that does not speak very specifically and directly to the community that you want, you are fucking up.

Tyler 27:13

Yes. And that's the thing. This is the thing I see a lot when people who are trying to attract the general population and they pump performance metrics. Exactly. They hate to break it to you but all of Sally's coworkers don't give a fuck that she squatted 205 pounds. They don't know if that's the same as 40 pounds. Or if that's 7 million pounds. They don't and nor do they care. And if they come in, they don't want that. Exactly use the words they're going to use us to get this and that's what happens. You start smelling your own what you think you think and you know that Sally being able to squat 205 pounds is great. But then here you are talking about fucking features and fucking all these little bells and whistles when it really is. I gotta go test drive a car here after we get done. And it's about the car the whole experience. I'm not going up there because of the radio or the heated steering wheel or any of this stuff. I'm going to get in that car and I'm going to like how it feels and how it rides. That is what I want. Okay, if they're just jamming me up right now, but have you seen the air conditioned cupholders I'm sure it's cool. But if it didn't have it, and the fucking ride was still good, and I still liked it and we're fine. So it's a thing I see a lot and you know, I'll tell you what a guy friend is to me. We didn't have a DJ on the podcast, did we? But DJ Murakami goes to strong camps on Instagram. He's a great dude, lots of cool, he operates . He's a great coach and a really good personal trainer. Really but you see what he's doing on his thing sometimes he's showing exercises that he's come up with and training things and sometimes it's showing him like how he's actually coaching people right? Yeah, but the difference is he I would say his role is especially on that account is 80% influencer right meaning it's not a funnel towards his his brick and mortar he's full for personal training so it's not a thing that he's chasing very similar to mine right I'm not seek actively seeking a ton of personal training clients. I don't have to make a bunch of noise. But if your gym is in desperate need of members don't emulate influencer strategies, but he has another brand new have called its ad move boys on Instagram. Have you ever seen this thing? And Sam and his party have moved boys to move right. And they just make fun of all of the stupid fitness trends like the sniff your own farts, fitness trends that come out where it's every year it's like, you know, so they did all the knees over toes shit and then there's all the high ankle and then there's the Functional Patterns people and then there's the weightlifting, dorks and then there's the end it's fucking hilarious and so they do a pretty good job poking fun at all this, but just know that all that stuff comes and goes. And it's very popular for you guys. When the fucking knees over toes notes, the team or whatever had a tune out wants to talk about the same shit for the 500th time anymore. It's like, I was like I got it full range of motion squat. So you're cool. And you got three exercises that you didn't fucking invent that now you just make your thing by the way that's everybody's formula every fitness influencer, dig up a fucking exercise that you didn't invent and just make it your thing. Well, now everybody's doing Nordic curls. What if we took 15 years off of Nordic curls? And now it's like, Well, nobody's paid enough attention to it. Let's make this and fucking three other exercises the centerpiece of our brand. So 80% of what we did a strong fit to, you know, it's all the same, you just, oh, here's the thing people aren't doing let's make this our thing, right. But that's the fucking formula guys. But that's made to attract you, gym owners, exercise coach and coach. dorks. And I see so many coaches, then basically just parroting knee over toes guys or parroting strong fit stuff. Like you fucking invented it, the amount of people I see in front of a fucking whiteboard, writing the things that they saw in some other seminar like they're the ones that invented it's like, what are you doing? These people came to you for weight loss? Like, what? Are you just trying to prove to them that you're a genius? This is stupid. As a coach, what are you doing talking about this stuff? And it's really important that your stuff needs to connect to them with what they want. And we were talking about performance metrics. And it's this exercise over this exercise. And it's you got to have your heels underneath your ass, and you want your toes in your ears or whatever the new formula is for. For exercises that don't connect to your people. And it never fucking will not to new people. What do they want to do? Does Sally, 56 year old Sally, want to come in and squat knees over toes or do just doing Nordic curls seem interesting to any person on the street? No, you have to convince them to do those things when they're in the gym, which is fine. But stop making that be the centerpiece of your marketing. It's not you, it's not your product. And it's not anything that anyone out there gives a fuck about.

John Fairbanks 31:53

And I think it's important too, that we need to call out as we're talking about this, it's when we talk a lot about marketing. And we talk a lot about sales. And there is a disconnect that can happen with gym owners where you feel like that, that somebody else or that's not you and you need to understand your position in your business, you are a marketer, you are a salesperson, right? Whether you like this or not, or whether you're good at it or not, this is what you are. So it demands that you have to know what you're talking about why you're talking about it, and who you are trying to talk to, because that is the number one thing that we see when we are auditing, auditing social media accounts, or we are talking to gym owners about what they want is gym owners will explain they want X but their outward portrayal on how they are marketing their business is why it is the equivalent of apples and hand-grenades. It is so drastically different that it causes us to spend a lot of time. That is the majority of our time where we say which is what we need to get this aligned. Yeah. Who are you trying to talk to? Who is it that's the community that you're trying to build

Tyler 33:15

What do you want? Exactly? Not only who are they? What do they want and that's based on what their impressions are because you know, we should have been on the shake Wait a while ago and it's probably we're shitting on right but shake we've made a lot of noise that they've made a lot of sales right? But to show you a little example of how the trend of the general public has evolved even in the last: What has been 10 years since shake wait eight like that? I don't know how long I don't know. But obviously that was kind of a joke but like people bought it as it not being a joke like a lot of them did. But I want you to look at now what's the other since then in the last three years what's the most four years what's the most popular fitness equipment product that has produced the most money since then? I would say peloton peloton for sure now say whatever you will about the peloton stuff and I get it it's an unconscious product is whatever but what peloton did was made way more money than the Shake Weight people did by charging a product that was expensive that was in my opinion still is high value. It is semi guided coaching. Yes, you're gonna do it in your home and of course it capitalized on the COVID stuff but it was a big investment and I think that the consumer went she knew that shake wait stuff a gimmick stuff is dumb a ThighMaster is not going to fucking sell anymore and if it does, it's not going to sell to people who really think it's going to work. But the peloton sold a lot and it was it was a Ford grand like they're fucking expensive. And that model still I think it's a sign of how the trend is going. Now that doesn't mean that the trend is going towards on coached products because I think people who have invested in the peloton and maybe left it found out that things If they were missing it, maybe they need a little more strength training, maybe they need a little more variety, right? But the fact is the peloton made way more money than any of you who are watching this. And so take the things that work like they're selling a high value product, high perceived value, there's a lot of content to back it up. A person who thinks they may be bored with fitness or bored with the peloton is actually going to have, I mean how many hours and hours of new unique workouts are on there and plus new live stuff that they run through that pelvic it's a lot it's a solid product for someone that wants that. Now the reason it fell off is for people that believed that that was going to be the be all and end all that doing that and not doing any strength training is going to be the cure or the doing that means you don't have to make any nutritional changes. But I know more people who still use the peloton, I see them on Facebook, their local people who still use them still use them religiously and enjoy them a lot and have had great results way more than I ever saw to shake away. Oh, yes,

John Fairbanks 36:00

I would agree with that. But the

Tyler 36:01

The trend is moving towards a high value product. Correct and high value is a high perceived chance of success primarily. That is what it means right? So if they sold the peloton for $45,000, it may not work. If they sold the peloton for $200 I bet they would have even less success, though. Like literally I think people would assume that it was to do less for them. So the price point matters, people want something that has value. And that's where you can come in because the things as a gym owner that you're selling has real value. But it really doesn't have real value to somebody that comes in and wants to kind of do nothing and wants to like I kind of want to just keep eating the way I mean, I kind of want to just come in and half assets and put in low key effort. It doesn't have much value to them. So don't try to trick them into thinking it'll work because then you're the one that's holding the bag.

John Fairbanks 36:50

Because the peloton didn't trick people? No, I guarantee you that peloton spent a metric fuck ton of money on establishing who their ideal client was, and who was going to be guaranteed that they spent a ton of time so that when they came to market, they knew exactly what they were going to sell. And they knew exactly how they were going to sell it. I guarantee you based off of who they were going to sell to actually dictated what the product ended up fucking being. Yeah, it wasn't this idea where we got it. And now we have to figure out who wants it. Who needs an alternative? What's a population that is in need? And how are we going to change or disrupt the industry to do that? And that is the piece that gets skipped because a lot of you already have a gym, you already got a spot. So you're kind of like, well, this is what I have. So now I gotta decide, who am I going to attract. And the reality is you don't do that. And I get it, your heads down, you're working, you're moving hard, you're moving faster. And the last two and a half years has been a son of a bitch that your head just needed to be down. He needed to stay above water, you needed to be able to get there. But now you're here. You're on the other side, you made it right, you're not one of the many that fucking had to close their doors. And you need to have a very clear, right guiding understanding Northstar knows why you do what you do and who you do it for. And this is kind of these are the pieces that I know you and I have been spending a lot of time on internally and then also with the gear Academy on, like the fundamental principles when it comes to marketing as a gym owner.

Tyler 38:37

Yeah. Well, let's run through what these are, right? All of your new programs, ideas and content. John Stein, your community who it is, connects to your services and products, like what are you selling, and an opportunity to take the next step, like those are kind of the three main ones. But each one of these things we want to tell you and this is we touch on this a gear Academy a lot, especially when we go through accounts connecting one dot for one person, there should be one linear line from here to here, who it is, what service it does for them. And then what they got to do to get started bop, bop bop. Don't try to make the everything for everybody thinks there's a time right there's a time group fitness, Hey, you want to come in and have some funny, but there is you need to spend time zoomed in to, right. I'm all about saying hey, here's what we have: a welcoming community, great focus of blah, blah, blah, that's wonderful. But if you're having a hard time attracting the right people or simply more people, generalizing your messaging towards a broader audience will fall flat on its face. So you need to have a high level of specificity. Meaning if you want 56 year old Sally to come in, you may have done it right you may have said hey if you're aging you feel like whatever you feel like as you go get go I can go real deep into the things that actually work with these this mark but I won't because it's what you can get into like, you know what you used to be hot and not As you get into your late 50s, you find that you're just you're not have that sinking feeling of feeling like you're invisible. It's a very common thing that happens when attractive people, specifically women, but guys to like as you get older and we all get that way you start getting little frumpy, all of a sudden you go around town and nobody gives you any attention at all. Not even a second look, you might as well be invisible. That is a feeling that many women feel as they age. And I know that because I've coached them that that term is I feel like I'm invisible, is bothersome, the ones that are being honest. The ones who say I don't even care, okay, fine. But that the bars one dot Sally 56 year old Sally who's who's got 50 pounds to lose, she just wants to not be invisible, because it makes her feel like she's not like, valuable it just it just bothers her. It's a thing now that is not there anymore. And maybe that's a symptom of aging, whatever it is, but whatever this is, Sally wants to get hot again. Right? That's it. So then just go with this. But if you take the Sally thing and you take the messaging like Sally is 56 years old, she's got some weight to lose. And I'm using terms that are not the terms you're going to use of course, right this is just your for your purposes of outlining this and then you say connect that to 205 pounds squat. Now you see where the fucking gap is? Because that is not a direct line to anything that Sally gives a fuck about at all. So when you're talking about that even for comparable people to Sally, Sally doesn't care. Right? Mrs. You then have to explain that a 205 pound squat is a great prerequisite. It proves that you have all the structure and that you put in the work and you can live a safe and long life like That's wonderful. And now you're giving us a long speech to justify you know what I mean? It's it's you've now tried to connect there's too many dots to connect

John Fairbanks 41:43

what because the point of marketing right the point of this is to capture capture someone's attention and the issue is is that you it's fleeting there's so many opportunities there's so many decisions that anyone brain has to make in a day and there's so much marketing and so much shit that people get hit with on an everyday so when you do get their attention you have to be able to be clearly talking to them very specifically and you need to immediately be able to make the connection back to what they want that of course ties back to something you are off one of you are selling

Tyler 42:18

one of our gear Academy gyms soon does a great job with this with his many other very holistic programs of our strength based programs. We have his lots of personal training options as well. But he also has a very fun approachable project called his booty boot camp. And it is just like booty work dude. And the marketing is very simple ladies ladies want to get that peach you just go peach all over everything booty boo, get says it all. You don't have to say if you go to booty boot camp and you're advertising booty, and you're talking about what extra you see how this program sells better than a lot of other things. You're not talking about what exercises you're doing and aren't doing. Talking about booty. Where's Buddha you want one come get one let's go. And then the door is also open because it's very easy like fellas to work out in a room full of women who are trying to make booties happen. It's the easiest sell ever. I mean, I don't think he ever did that one but that is almost implied, right? But that's a very successful product because the marketing makes it obvious which means the product wasn't just invented. And then we tried stuffing people if you invent that product and then you take this the mindset that there's these traditional fucking marketing people these other businesses fitness business consulting, and have you do which is now we're just gonna park 30 leads in front of you just get them in the room and sit down. You're gonna fucking bomb because you're going to talk to the Sally 57 year old about how's that as coming along, Sally, you know what I mean? Like, Sally doesn't give a shit. That's not what she's here for. So I think that that's just a really perfect example. So let's move on to the next part. Before we run out of time here we have, there's three core model marketing categories that we want to kind of cover here that I think how do we run this John, this is going to be let's let's just go through what this is going to be right cover this first one for me, if you don't mind. Yes, the

John Fairbanks 44:12

first the first category of content that you're going to create, to write to be able to model again, it's called model marketing for a reason, because you are modeling your expertise, period. So the first category, if you're gonna make content, needs to fall into one of these three, and the first one is community. So these are going to be content or things that you're creating with testimonials, right reviews, success stories, even events, right? It needs to be your community and there can be more to this,

Tyler 44:39

and it can leave in about you're a coach with a great personality. This, this is the stuff that should be a smile and faces. This is the piece of stuff that it goes a long way and it doesn't not everything has to be results results results, but the whole package needs to be like everything you described,

John Fairbanks 44:56

and we've touched on testimonials and reviews and success stories fall into that as well. So let me talk about events because I threw that in there, right? There are very few things that can better demonstrate to someone that that isn't part of your community already, to demonstrate to them what your community is all about. If you throw events, or you throw activities that allow people to come in, that is where I've been, I've been to so many in person things that are either for business, that is this, as soon as I'm around that energy, and I'm around people that are thinking like me, or because it's, I mean, if you're in a small town, which I am, and you are Tyler, right? It can be exhausting being around normal people. And what I mean by that is people that are not aligned with the values and the goals that you have. Because, right, when it comes down to community, right, what does community mean? Right community is a group of people that have a shared set of values and interests. And when you can be around people that are like you, it can become intoxicating. It's why whenever we can get a bunch of dudes all together, that all happen to be big, bald, bearded, tattooed, like cigars, and alcohol, and motorcycles. I feel like I'm home. Right? Like, it's a significant difference from just Goddamnit, I'm talking to the same people about the same things that don't matter at all. And that's where there is a fundamental difference. And so you can give that opportunity to where, when you throw an event, and you have people come in, and they can experience your shit. The odds of them wanting to join your shit is so much more infinite. Yeah, then your fucking $1 deal bullshit.

Tyler 46:47

Yeah. And I think that's also one of the psychological steps. This whole thing connects a lot of dots, but it connects all these dots one at a time. And I want to cover real quick with these testimonials , reviews and success stories, right? That connects the hey, this person one, you guys, can they get me real results? Yes. Can they get results? Generally, yes, when they see a testimonial that is pointed, or that is from a person who had similar goals to them, or success stories that are from similar goals that takes this is me, I want to do that. It knows they can do that. And on the other side of it, when they're hearing those success stories in those terms, it puts them now on the other end already psychologically, on the other end of this outcome, and it makes them sit there and go, Oh, that's what it's like, that's what a person who I want to do that they're they're there. These are their words, and I want it to instantly put them in that place. And I've I've said this before, there's a kind of saying like an old stoner dad's concept, but it's like, is it I truly believe like, no, nothing exists no invention, no, nothing exists until it first exists in the human brain. Right? I do believe it's just how all things become created. And a person will not will not get themselves anywhere closer to this outcome of say, losing 20 pounds, like finally losing the weight, until they've thought I am going to do that. And I can do that. Sure. And by planting them already, on the other side of it, now you start to create, they can start to just create the path they've already been there, they, it makes them want to be in that position even more, and it makes so much. So I think that type of communication is a lot more than just coaxing them along or pumping them up. I really think that that positions them not just to be enticed to join your gym. But that will make them want to be successful and willing to do all the things that they need to do to be successful more than any other thing that you're going to say. And so let's move then, on to the service side of things. Now this is specifically the one that we want to connect. We've already said who are you? Here's who we are? Here's what we can kind of do for you in a general sense, even in a specific sense. But then we get a gun you need to get into . What is it like? What does it cost? What am I going to be doing? This is the thing a lot of people I think spent almost too much time on when we're talking about your program, you're about the exercises you're going to be doing this thing as opposed to here's our Custom Fitness packages we had a gym we're working with who has like a very solid it's just like amidst all their other offer stack, we they just have a we have a weight loss bundle. Talking about weight loss. Let's talk about this offer stack. Oh yeah, right. And our rules. And by the way, most of those products kind of align if they will come in wanting personal training. Matter of fact, the top option for personal trainer, those top two options are identical to the top two options in the weight loss bundle. But someone comes and says I want to lose weight, you take them to the weight loss bundle page. They go off, they feel at home because you know what they want to do, they want to lose weight more than they want to participate in personal training as in Tyson, right. So it's just it's really for group fitness right there. I joined a fitness group. That sounds really interesting, right? Although I love group fitness, I think it's a great product. But it says the same thing: you can talk about the benefits of the program and what the program is, and you get real specific, but it's really not as effective as just saying, here is what it is, right? This is the product. This is how it connects to you in one way or another. So let's go, a great example is for our MMA gyms or the jiu jitsu, striking stuff like this, we cover self defense, right? It's great for selling this product. If your goal is self defense, this product is great. If your goal is confidence, this product is great if your goal is exercise, you can kind of validate the product with again, connect that one dot, right and you can approach this with multiple pieces of content, I think that's important that we touch on all of this as each one of these model marketing categories is about giving you ideas to run with. So you can be prolific and make lots of things pointing in lots of different directions. Each thing connect one, maybe two dots, that's it,

John Fairbanks 51:03

maximum two dots. And it always needs to be going back. And that's why we're talking about the three rules, right, it has to tie back to the community, it has to tie back to what you actually offer, and based on the results that they want. And it has to come with an invitation. So this one most specifically on the services category, whether you're talking about your packages, or your big group, or small group, or personal training, or your MMA class, or whatever it is your kids class, it doesn't matter. Any of those core service offerings that you have, you need to understand, stop talking around them like people know what you're talking about. And this is where we are all very much guilty of it. Because we live in this world that we do not consider the fact that your public fucking Instagram page is viewable to the public. It is not an internal marketing list. It's not the amount of people

Tyler 51:58

Oh, that's a really good point, the amount of people go, go look around your competition's social media, maybe you're doing a great job, but look around. Jesus, it's like, especially for group fitness stuff because they talk so they pump up the group. And here's us. And it's just pictures of groups and people exercising singing, and it's horrible. And I assume we still agree. Notice we mentioned that community is a piece of part one, right? It is because it is a great piece to show what it is like for people and people do have fun. People do exercise here in class. This is what a class looks like. But that's okay. But if that's a lot of gyms, that's all it is.

John Fairbanks 52:38

And it's and it's impossible to know you don't it's, and that's where it's your you're not removing yourself enough to understand what the fuck am I looking at? It's impossible to know, Oh, are they selling the group? I don't know. Because there actually is no call to action. It just says Join us in the link, whatever, you're lucky if there's going to be any type of call to action, any type of direct offer. And so that's where it's you. And we've called this out civically, in previous episodes, go ahead.

Tyler 53:07

Do you have to give me a prediction because we went through about 500? Gym social media accounts here 3%? Is it about 3% That

John Fairbanks 53:15

that hosts a call to action? Is this correct?

Tyler 53:19

And how many I would say how many workers know how many posts? Do you see that have any call to action

John Fairbanks 53:26

25% A quarter of them will have any type of call to action at all period,

Tyler 53:31

one out of every four posts that we see will have a call to action, or one out of four accounts sometimes have one no account. Yes. That's what I'm saying. I think as in Jen, let's go this way. I think that about one out of every 100 Yeah, social media posts coming from fitness gyms have a call to action at all. About a product, the price, what your next step is if you want to join that just that that's it's and I bet 1% is me being pretty generous. So the nice thing is, guys, when you open that door, and you show up, shine the light on that door, and you tell people this doorway is for you. And here's what's on the other side of it. For you. Guess what? People will walk through that door and the right people will walk through that door and that's the most important part.

John Fairbanks 54:27

Because that's the purpose of the invite the purpose of the call to action has been vilified and having a link or selling something because of the other guys, right? Because of what we've seen. It's been done so shittily that we just remove it all together. I don't want to be sleazy. I don't want to be salesy. And what you're doing is you're just missing the simple opportunity to give somebody an invitation or literally giving them the opportunity just like you said toddler to walk through the door to take the next step. The last category

Tyler 54:59


John Fairbanks 55:00

So the last category when we're talking about the three core model marketing sections is going to be products. Now, understand this is we're differentiating between services and products. So I want you to think about products being borderline either consumables or add ons or bolt ons to stop that you are selling as your core fitness product

Tyler 55:22

starts this for the most part with other than just a couple exceptions that you probably wouldn't sell to people who aren't in your gym, rather than maybe one of them. Right?

John Fairbanks 55:31

Yeah. Yeah. And again, there's that nuance for the one, which is probably what nutrition coaching, yeah. And that's where it kind of becomes the ultimate down sell. And if that is new, there's like, 15 episodes that we've talked about it. But it's these ideas of, if you're selling supplements, if you have merchandise or swag, or you sell any type of equipment, or you have a Meals Program, or you are holding on tight to selling programming, because God bless you that you're still doing that, right. These are things that have the ability to function on their own, they almost are a one off sale, the true equivalent of just a true consumable where it doesn't eat up your time, it's not you providing a service. And that is the one nuance is either diet or nutrition coaching, because that has the potential to be ongoing. But it is a product again, the principle behind this one is that it's a lower barrier of entry for someone to start working with you or invest with you.

Tyler 56:34

It's also a way to make your stuff sound different and more thorough, right. The things that we look at services you have Custom Fitness packages, big group small group personal training, boxing class, MMA, kids class, we leave club performance, semi private shit, right? That's like, here's the big category you'll fall into if you choose from when you get in here, right? Products is really does sit kind of like the bells and whistles on the car that we talked about, that they can't be the centerpiece of your thing, but they are like it's a thing we go, all of these things put together make you seem like you've got a nice gym, and that you do a good job he makes you seem thorough, right? If they're talking about this stuff exclusively, it gets to be a bit much. But if I'm seeing stuff that is talking about people getting results and what the classes are, and we're seeing focus on this thing, I'm not really into weightlifting, but I saw they do personal training, and I don't know. And then it goes up. And you know, we also have, they also sell soccer and go there for supplements, I can get nutrition coaching, while I'm there, they've got really cool apparel, I see people around town, it makes your brand. It ties it all together. My opinion, it's the ultimate Lebowski rug, it ties the room together, it really does. Because if you don't have any, if you don't have any of those, like kind of additional products like we described, I mean, I think you really are missing the boat, on the efficacy the buy in the what it takes to have people be really involved and committed to this process and the other 23 hours of their day. Like I think that people need to feel connected to this journey that they're on all day, or else they miss it for me like and this is what this stuff is for. That's what diet nutrition coaching is extra equipment, whether you sell sandbags for at home workouts, whether you do meal stuff keeps them connected to your brand and it from a marketing standpoint, it goes on, it just covers a few of those other things that were just little, little concerns, right? And my opinion sweetens the pot, all those are kind of affordable, not a big barrier to entry, but they make your brand seem a little more appealing, right?

John Fairbanks 58:33

Understand that I consider this on par with talking about, I consider this type of posting the equivalent of your testimony of your testimonials. I almost laugh when I say it out loud because it's because of community service and products . It is a piece that will generate revenue and most importantly, allow people to invest their money, so they are green, they're gonna take money out of their wallet, they're gonna give it to you. And that is important to them as much as if not more to them than it is for you and you're literally taking their money. And so that investment is so important that I think this is one of the most important. This is the number one missed piece of content piece of marketing consideration that I am seeing out of gym owners that they are just not the most. I see that we have hoodies available so we ordered them. Like that's the most that I see.

Tyler 59:27

The other thing that this kind of falls in line is it sets the expectation so that when you are meeting somebody about getting them started they're not surprised to know that you have diet nutrition coaching or that you do Done For You meal service or that you sell supplements at all that when this stuff comes up in conversation, they're prepared and they already have like an ya know, or lead. I don't know if I'm interested in hearing about it. Then you're not doing these coercive fucking weird, like persuasive sales conversations anymore. Again, it's about setting the expectation. So when the person comes in, they go yes, I was talking to a bunch of things like, I definitely can't do the personal training but like you got you got a group. And by the way, I love that you have your prices on your website. It's because I know I just know how much it costs so so they come in just kind of equipped, which is again, we talked about that it's hit or miss you can decide that but I, I am an advocate for having your pricing out there now for the most part on your base product for sure. Right? And I'm alright with floating pricing on some of your social media posts as well. Because if they can't afford it, or don't want to wear their price shopping, fuck them, Dude, fuck him don't work with him. I don't want it to be that hard. Right? What are you trying to convince someone to spend more money than they want to spend with you, then you suck. Having all this stuff laid out makes it really nice. Where they come in and go, I don't want any of that. I'm not into supplements is a red flag for people that they maybe don't want to deal with. But for some people supplements are another form of investment. And it's a part of the equation they want to talk about. So that when you touch on supplements, it's not a surprise. Oh, yeah. And Familiarity is the key to the sales process. Because familiarity when we talk, that is what that when we talk about connecting just makes them familiar with what that next step is. It's like, oh, yeah, I saw Sally, a 56 year old Sally. I heard she got on your supplement and your nutrition program and she's lost a bunch of weight. That's awesome. I didn't know you guys even did that stuff. Thanks for not making your posts about how much weight she can deadlift, because I didn't fucking care about that.

John Fairbanks 1:01:22

And people are going to take that next step with you or without you. Yes, so they're gonna do it. And so that's why it is your job as the gym owner, you are the head marketer, and you are the head salesperson in your business. So it is your job to make sure that you are talking about all the things that you do on a regular basis. Because if it is just group photos of your 6am group, and then your 6pm group, and those are all that you're putting on your social. Nobody can buy a fuck nobody can buy fuck all from

Tyler 1:01:59

John, what do we want to run through? I want to run through this last bit here, call us off.

John Fairbanks 1:02:07

Yeah. If this aligns with everything that you're talking about everything that we've been talking about, this aligns with where you're at right now, right, if you find that you are a gym owner, and you're having great ideas, and yet, they're being made in a vacuum, without having anyone to run them by, right if you find yourself constantly ready to take the next step. And you just need to be able to have somebody that you can trust that has your best interest in mind to make sure that next step isn't off a cliff or in the right direction. If you have all of these things in mind, but it's all these things that we've talked about all these services and, and products, and you're honed in on your community, but really, when you zoom back and you look at it, it's just a big fucking jumbled mess. We want to be the people that help you

Tyler 1:02:55

move forward. Because a lot of times if you've if you've tried this stuff before, and you ran into a wall and it just didn't work or didn't meet, there's just pieces that were missing, or the worst thing that I see a lot is that it just wasn't done based on you and your business and your people. So if you want to do this and don't know where to start, you don't have time to just build this from the ground up. If you're stuck fulfilling unprofitable classes and you don't know what to do next. We can kind of help you with that the way business go ahead if your business is worse off than it was a year ago and this is the thing I see a lot or it's not worse but it's almost as bad what if your business is doing the same as it was a year ago which means there was a worse there's only one year where that was okay and that was about 2020 If your business maintain over that year then you did great right now. That is not an excuse. Okay, if I needed to lose 40 pounds and a year from now I weighed the fucking same and I've not lost the weight. Is that a success? No, I have been still if your business a year from now is still where it is now you have failed or maybe the people that you're hiring to help you have failed you.

John Fairbanks 1:04:10

Most importantly, if you've been screwed by like gurus or Facebook ads people in the past

Tyler 1:04:17

don't have magnificent beards or not it's

John Fairbanks 1:04:25

we aren't we are your guys because the fact is that we're not going to bullshit. We're going to show you exactly what to do and the most important thing is that we are not going to turn you into a fucking crackhead in your business where you are dependent and you are completely vulnerable because you have wandered down a path that you're not really understanding why you're going or where you're going and that the Guru's leave you for fucking dead in the middle of the wilderness because you are not prepared to fork out another 20 grand but at

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least you're dependent on paying them for all the software and bullshit they parked on you which might be a necessary evil but That's what they're really there for, is to sell you software and fucking add solutions for in all perpetuity. That's what they're doing. So if you've been screwed by them guys screw by Facebook ads or you're confused by Facebook ads don't know where to start. Like there's just ways we get around to ADS, marketing is paid advertisements is important in the end, but it's not the starting point. And anyone who tells you that it is his fucking line to the guy that we kind of have helped with our gym owners that we kind of refer to for that helps our guys in our gear Academy guys run their ads. He'll tell you the same thing. He wants you to have the stuff that we put in to help you put it in place before you start paying him to run ads. You know why? Because it makes him look real fucking good. As you are, it's easy for you to sell and you attract the right people and your marketing is on point and your messaging makes sense and you make his job easy. He makes it affordable for you and then you should all work. So if you want to get on that, get into gear Academy with a gym owner, go to gym owners If you have questions about what we do exactly, you can just shoot John or I message or the podcast and message on Instagram. That's all we gotta get in the Facebook group links in description. Follow the show at the gym owners podcast and Instagram follow me at Tyler F and stone that's Tyler eff ironstone and John at J banks f L. Thanks for listening every week, every day all the time. We'll see you next week. Bye

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