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Seasonal Marketing for Your Fitness Business

Wednesday, April 19, 2023



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  • ​Welcome to the show - 0:01
  • ​When you’re in the doldrums - 4:30
  • ​The importance of authenticity in fitness marketing - 10:06
  • ​You can only say protein powder and the benefits of protein powder so many times - 17:17
  • ​The reason people buy emotionally - 23:44
  • ​You can shape a thing that’s going to connect with people - 27:21
  • ​The angle makes the difference in the world - 32:34


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. This week we're going to talk about seasonal marketing, how to leverage the time of year, the impending summertime wintertime, fall, whatever to try to freshen up your marketing strategy to get new sales while also helping your clients get results when it matters most to them. Before we get started, make sure you follow the show at the gym owners podcasts on Instagram. You can also get into the Facebook group link in our description. If you want to find out more about what we do business consulting wise for gym owners go to gym, gym owners We get into gear Academy we've got the monthly coaching program we do for gym owners, we help them level up their business completely across the board from their skill set to their staff skill set to social media to sales processes the whole thing. So we're just about to start kicking ass. go to gym owners and follow me at Tyler F and stone on Instagram. John, how can they find you

John Fairbanks 00:57

at J banks f L on Instagram.

Tyler 01:00

That's the bold, beautiful , bald bearded John Fairbanks. Guys, let's get started. So this week as one of the things we were sort of talking about is we're turning the corner. Most places I've already turned this corner, not where I live, but we've turned the corner of the spring. And after following spring, spring is always a bit too short around here. But Summer is coming soon. Just please keep telling me that since the only thing keeping me alive, summer is coming. And this is a time of year for gyms having been in gyms for a lot of years. You can see whether it's group fitness gyms or 24 hour spots, there's a re where there's a jumpstart in enthusiasm becomes a reinvigorated around this time of year usually, because what happens you get the January 1 Bunch, the people that were you know from the couch to doing something they're going to commit. That commitment lasts a couple of months, a couple of weeks, very often very often but a couple of months tops, you start to see though come April come May in that time before school gets out, there's this kind of push. And there's a big push because people are going to be outside. They're going to be outside, they're going to start wearing shorts. There's no excuse to hide under hoodies, coats, jackets, there's going to be wedding season, there's beach season, there's pool season. There's just all sorts of reasons if people want to look good and feel good. Aside from probably the superficial ones I just listed, those are the only ones that matter to me. If I'll be outside, this is the time of year where it's like, Alright, I've been, I've been, I've been piecing it up for a little bit here. It's like, Alright, I gotta I gotta drop this. I gotta drop this before the sun for the sun's out here. But this is a very important thing for I think the seasonal, yearly flow for how you market your gym, is it should always look like from the outside, from someone who comes to find your gym, I think it should look like something exciting is happening. When I see a gym, it should look like because doing some stuff, it's exciting, the program should look interesting, the things they're speaking to me about or the people that they're talking about. It should feel like there's momentum, and I want you guys to use this kind of seasonal trend. As a great driver for that momentum. There's really, guys, this leaning into the summer stuff is such a great opportunity for your marketing, though I think you can apply that tone to probably at least one out of every three of your organic social media posts. I think if you're running ads, I think that can be the tone of your ad campaigns. If you're running Facebook ads and things like that for this time of year, I mean, using this for the summer fit for the summer, shredding for the summer or June, what have we used before jacked by July, Jackie, we've we've done a lot of these types of you know, whether they're it's not necessarily programs, but just an offer a hook. That terminology I think makes sense to people, because they feel it that way. I mean, it's great guys, we can speak to lifelong health, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But man, I want to, I want that, that's wonderful. But I kinda would like to look good at the beach this summer, I kind of would like to fit into my suits. At the weddings this year, I kind of you know, don't want to be all puffy and fat and my photos again this summer like I did last summer or whatever it is, that is a part of people's psychology that does appeal more directly than lifelong fitness again, get them in for what you get them in for and then keep them fit for life. That's what it is. It's not about a bait and switch. But it is about using the language that they're using and these people that those are the needs that's the box they want to check.

John Fairbanks 04:30

Well, the roughest part about this is and we really experienced this experience in the classroom when I was a teacher and then an administrator. You start the school year around August and September. Well, just about every single month during the start of the school year. You have something fun to fucking do. Yeah, it's like Halloween is there and then it's Thanksgiving. And then we got Christmas. And we always knew we call it the doldrums was when you got back from Christmas break, there was a miserable miserable fucking time from January to spring break. Where you got no, there was no fun, no breaks, fucking just slogging it out. And then if you taught like middle school high school you had like fucking exams. Yeah, to like to prepare before you get the spring break, but like, so there's just this whole dark and we're not and this was even when we were in Florida where there isn't winter, you know what I mean? Like it still is the doldrums let alone anyone that lives where it snows or it's like the sun no longer comes up for a while, like you're in a dark fucking place of kind of just like you said slogging through mentally. And what can happen really easily is that you can get really bogged down in the monotony of business or whatever. And there are these artificial times, certainly when the season happens, where it's almost like you can treat it, like your gym is opening brand new again. It's almost as though you can have a totally shift of a mindset where the safest play and what we're going to go into more today. But it's like, the safest play is not thinking that you need to all of a sudden come up with a bunch of new shit. It's now just just spicing up and using an excuse to be like, Hey, we're now fucking excited to be alive again, because the sun is out.

Tyler 06:24

Yeah, yeah, it's and that thing freshening up that pitch is the biggest thing because we get really sad as the guy that has done a lot of copywriting for a lot of different things for a lot of years, if you need almost any excuse to say something different. A little bit, because you can be very direct and you can start to speak to the same people in the same tone, but it becomes very formulaic unless you're able to inject a little bit of new, just a new angle on it. This is where I told you that I told you I don't know what to talk about on the podcast, the Bert Kreischer thing. International Women's Day that wasn't on the podcast. No, it was not a podcast. This is a good example of this. I listened to somebody I used to work in an office next to somebody who's another contractor, like an advertising marketing guy and it was all the worst types of shit I'd ever heard in my life. It was the client, the people that he had run ads for. He was running ads for going and managing their social media. I would have, he'd have to go. Okay, so today's international Puppy DAY, he would just go to like, whatever those stupid holidays were for the day he's like, Okay, can we make a post about that? And it's like, these are you know, it's a fucking electrical coop, or some not like, nobody gives a shit what they think about puppies. Nobody's following this account for entertainment. But it's just doing the thing, right? As much as I hate that stuff. Still kind of works if you can make it not shitty. And this was a thing. I Bert kreischer Comedian and one of my ever increasingly least favorite comedians, because I do think he's just a fucking act. I used to really like him, but it just is really kind of getting old with him. But he had a bit that I thought was a really funny story. Is he one of his social media managers or whatever had said, Hey, today's International Women's Day, you can make a post today a video or something about that. And he was like, That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm not going to come out with something serious like, hey, you know what, you know what I mean? It's all because a lot of that stuff is very disingenuous. It just really is patronizing and disingenuous, some invented holiday that we have to, like, there's like Siblings Day, then there's sister's day, then there's sons like Jesus Christ. And those are just things, it's like Hallmark holidays. They're just invented to get you to say some things. Now, he worked Crusher said, this thing's the same thing. He was like, I'm not fucking doing that. And then what he ended up doing was a video where it was funny, he did the full disingenuous speech. And he did his standing next to his wife, and he cropped everything, but like the top of her fucking head out of the video completely, as I hear on international and that now was funny. And that ended up being an extremely successful post, right. And I think that that actually does speak to the idea that sometimes you just need to step back and get a fresh angle for how you're communicating. Because gym owners and coaches especially if you coach y'all talk about yourself and your skill set as much as your equipment, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and you ignore some of the most important things out there, like your location. Is it convenient? Where is it? How far away is it from the things and the people? Like that's a pitch that I never fucking see given is how conveniently located you are. Like never, ever, ever, while understanding that that represents like 50% of people's decision making when it comes to choosing a gym more than half and you're just ignoring it because you're like, well, but I'm smart, dude. And so that is a piece that I think people need to start to recognize a lot, which is can I speak to something a little bit different? Can I step away from myself in my little gym owner vortex of sitting in here where I know all the things I know what a person should do and their training and I know what this should be, you know what I can do for a person and what we're talking so hard at it, where you're just kind of beating up the same well worn path over and over and over again. Well, in

John Fairbanks 10:06

The dangerous part is you sent me a message here that hopefully no one will ever hack our messages, probably and share them with the world. Because of the very clear reason that we talk a lot of shit, the majority of the time, and when we see shit that we really, really dislike, we talk a lot of shit, that particular thing. But one of these occasions was this exact example, which was when we saw somebody in the fitness space that was launching some new thing. We'll keep it vague, launching some new things. And it was super, super fucking lame. And the reason why we thought it was LAME was because they spent over 50% of the real estate of their launch announcement excitement post, talking about all the fucking certifications and degrees and how smart they were. It was all pointing back to that. And exists. It was brutal. And the reason why it's brutal, is it's and it's it's so fucking common for you to be for gym owners and fitness people to be not just gym owners, everybody in the fitness industry to be so overly obsessed with their own ego and their own shit. That it has caused a lot of that to be white noise. Yeah. And that's why it no one no one is hiring you because they don't know what the letters mean. Even worse,

Tyler 11:32

John, this wasn't hiring. This was a fucking online product. It's a fucking app. I couldn't. It's the only app designed by somebody who was a professor of this specific fuck off. Like, it's the it's the lamest shit in the fucking world. And that's it. So it's like you got to zoom out of this thing and that you've been too deep in it where you think it matters. Like you see some of these people this is a lot of the things that come out of this. You've been stranded in this fucking smelling your own farts University fucking culture situation, where you think that fucking matters to somebody who's thinking about downloading a fucking fitness app.

John Fairbanks 12:09

So I went into the comments. Because apparently, I had an extra 30 seconds. There was a dude that did him a solid, and I guarantee you, and he did it super super, like he wasn't condescending, or anything. And he just goes, delete everything except for the last sentence. And that's all you need. Because the last sentence was like, we use our fucking thing and get huge, like, jacked like, it was all it said. And the guy's like, No, it was No, he wasn't being a prick. He was like, you can tell maybe they're, like they knew each other like in real life kind of thing. And it was like, Oh, that guy, that guy nailed it like that, that that guy gets it. And that is where it's at. So this is again, utilizing this idea of seasonal marketing and having the excuse, right, it's national twins day, and then you can go Bud Light style, and really go after it from the 90s. But it's like, it's, you could go anything to get an excuse to be able to do something, but then be genuinely authentic, because that's what's missing. Yeah, this authenticity, piece of marketing of like, who you are, what your people want, all of these, everyone is getting so repetitive. And everyone just is repeating the same things that have been working. The fact of the matter is that if you continue to try and do shit that's been working for the last two or three years, in the next two years, your shit is just gonna like you're not going to know what happened. Yeah, it says, Be honest, stop working.

Tyler 13:40

And so about this, though, a fresh approach, a fresh approach goes a long way, because we talked about batching social media content. And I think that's important, meaning you need a theme, something you can run with something you've replicated from, whether it's image, graphic design, photography, whatever it is, right? Let's come up with a thing. And let's boom, let's get 20. Let's come up with a thing. Let's get 20. And this gives you just a new box, a new playground to play in. So if you're not playing the seasonal marketing game, summer is common. Like just using the stuff summer is common, right? Spring is going to be like this, each one of these things can just be a post. This is what I'm saying for your organic strategy. Because if it works organically, then you can start to run it for your paid ads, which is again, that's kind of the structure we'd like you to have is like make good content, the stuff that's the best use when you run some paid ads and this summer is coming spring is here. Pool season is right around the corner, wedding season, blah, blah, blah, you know, date, whatever it is you're going to be doing in the summertime, you can start to use that language that really freshens up your stuff. I did this one and I'm at the gym. I started tinkering with some of the AI image creations and I just want people to be attacked by mythical creatures.

John Fairbanks 14:51

I saw the

Tyler 14:54

bear watch. It's just like a guy getting attacked by an octopus. Great jujitsu. But as I just want that, that's what we're doing. You know why? Because it's really tough for me to sit here and be like, you know, you can get confidence and you can get fit and you can work on your agility. And at some point, your head is so far up your ass, that it's just not interesting to stop me from scrolling anymore. Even though you've been doing the right thing, you've been singing your song, you've been seeing the benefits a lot. Sometimes you got to just get outside of yourself, or you're that guy who's like, I went to college for five fucking years, and I'm gonna list all of the things I did in college, and that's why you should hire, fuck off. Can you entertain people? Can you get their attention? Can you just do that a little bit? And not by being thirsty, not by being slimy, but by using something that's real humor. Summer coming is real, that need that someone has to not want to be fat at the fucking pool this summer. That wants the people that have like, had a disappointing year of putting on your swimsuit, and you gotta go, Fuck, I find out this winter, man, like, like, I thought I had it together. And now I gotta go out and do this thing. And this is why I wish I would have done something about this sooner. All of that is the language. That's the psychology that you're trying to help people. That's, that's what you're trying to do. And so now you have that approach. Because there's nothing realer in this part of the world than seasonal depression. Right now, if you could give me this gonna be 60 degrees in eight days, John, and I'm there's a part of me that hailer the fucking apocalypse is going to happen before it because I just don't believe that it's possible anymore. I don't think the weather can ever be nice. So people want this very, very badly, it is all consuming. And I think that it's really important to know that as the seasons shifts, use it, really use it and whether it is and you can be the connections you make to it can be tenuous, if we go further, if I were to lean into winter falling in winter, let's just go bulking season, then I'm gonna be like, listen, let's get in. Or it is simply that or it is this season and to build your body before we go back out. Or if you want to get leaner. Now you need to start now so that next summer, you don't feel the way you did in the beginning of this summer, start in the fall, and that you can get an early start on it. That can be your approach then or add mass now we'll peel it off in the spring. But all of it gives you a fresh angle, a fresh context to put your services

John Fairbanks 17:17

The one thing I really like about Tyler's is the idea where it's because you can only say buy protein powder and the benefits of protein powder so many times. Yeah. Right, like that idea. So and this oftentimes, this is a great strategy when you're trying to work internally. Because you're trying to sling you can't sell supplements through ads, or you get your shit shut down. Like that's still illegal, what's whatever, and then you it's harder to be like, Hey, by fucking protein, if they're not a member of the gym, like it's a weird thing to do, too. But like internally, being able to have a play where it is, it's going to be winter, everyone's going to put on weight, let's not feel bad about it. So it's going to be like get fucking bulky and like, here are the things nutrition wise, great, like we're gonna build your ass, or you're gonna get super thick, like, and then it's going to be we're going to eat with that purpose in mind, but we're gonna do it the right way. So it's not fucking cake and bullshit about you're doing it. And then the exact same flip of mentality whether it's the nutrition or supplements that you're buying is that spring and summer are great, just like you said, are a great example of hate. Now, you're going to send out that email. Now you are going to start to post, start to get shredded, start to lean out, start to be able to strip back that weight that we put on on purpose, because now we don't feel like assholes. But now you have really solid, genuine, authentic excuses to then make sales. The reason why sales feels shitty a lot of the time is that you are trying to rationalize someone to make a buy that they don't want to make. And if you have the ability to where it's like I'm doing you have like this is a favor like this, it's always been here but like here, this is the ask like this is something that's here. This is the time you just have the excuse of like, Hey, this is Ben here, but guess what, this is perfect timing to do this. Now you are doing that person a favor. Because if you really dial back when you talk about like, the cheesy mentality of what sales can be and should be, it is you sales is like its service. Because if you really care about what you do, if you really care about your gym and the people you serve, it's like I have to sell you this because I know it's going to help you like deep down genuinely like I have a gym and I I need as many members as humanly possible in my gym because I have a genuine desire to help as many people be healthy in my community lose inches in my community not longer have to Like to diabetes in my community, whatever you want. So you can't shy away from things like, Well, I'm not gonna really want to sell things to people like, Oh, do you not actually want to help people? And so again, this just allows you to then for those of you that may be more risk averse or adverse to the salesy type shit, where it's like, no, you're going to state the obvious and you're going to say what everyone is thinking which is, man, my swimsuit, my love handles are way dangly or

Tyler 20:26

That guy got his shit together. And here's the thing to it, this product you've always had very often nutrition coaching, personal training. So great. You mentioned a great internal pitch, right to just blasting email out as well, you obviously what we talked before was your general social media stuff, start marketing this because if you're going to connect to new people, that's a great way you've connected the immediate thing fuck summers coming on fat, shit fatter than I wanted to be. gotta fix this. Now. Fuck, that's a vibe that works quite excellent internally, it pretty much can be there too. But it's not about starting versus not starting. It can be about tidying things up, or whatever it is you want to do. But these are products you've always had. But you know why you should be talking about them in the springtime. Come as you lead into summer, because they are more valuable. Now. You want to know here's a perfect analogy for these sports cars. By the way, if you want to sell a convertible try selling it in December. Here. I live. Yeah. It's legitimately by the way that I pulled some of this data up, but like, you will sell for less money you'll be able to buy for less money. If you're buying in November, November, December salespeople are desperate to make sales. They're looking to dump things off. August and September, you're getting too close. But the worst time to buy cars, especially a sports car, is going to be in the winter. Or to sell them sorry, leading into winter. You're gonna trying to get rid of when people don't fucking want it just. But I'm telling you, June, July, you got a convertible for sale. All right. All right, now is the time. So it's very important. And by the way that goes in the universe as well. SUVs trucks they sell well going into the poor weather seasons, why are they just more valuable than people need that will really drive want it, they recognize it. By the way, if I buy a fucking convertible in June, I still gotta have it in January, December, like it still sucks for me in January and December. But I'm just not that motivated to buy one in January. But I assure him when the weather starts warming up. And so I think keep that in mind that just because you've always sold them, you've had a hard time. This is now a focus, like, Hey, guys, these are valuable. This is the time in which it is valuable. That time window is closing. Okay, your first wedding, your first pool party, your first speech thing, whatever it is, is going to be whatever it is that you're trying to appeal to. That clock's ticking. So let's go. It's very important, I think, to start to leverage seasons, seasonal changes. Again, we talked about doing just kind of continuous contact anyways, meaning you need a reason to talk about these things. Otherwise, like Jonathan, we're gonna be talking about hitting people up regularly about your services and your email. Hit up your email lists and your member base to try to run up sales, just a basic pitch. Hey, just a reminder, we have personal training if you're looking this, but if you're just saying that on a Tuesday, because it's a Tuesday, it's it's better than nothing for you but if that's the way you're always doing it, it's going to start to be very easy to ignore, because you're not going to connect with them versus if I get an email it's like Hey, bro summers coming. Let's look right, let's get it right then that is going to make sense to me why they reached out it's going to make me want to open it. It's gonna if the whole thing then flows in a way that makes sense because it's about me and what I want not versus the gym just wanting to sell something.

John Fairbanks 23:44

And I think it's the industry as a whole and sales as a whole has ruined this topic or this idea a lot for everybody. But never, never never forget the reason people buy emotionally. For sure. 100 Fucking percent of the time. There's never a time that you're not buying emotionally. Even for me, it's like you're gonna eat meat. Like that's a normal thing. We're gonna eat meat. Well, what meat am I choosing? There's an emotional reason or response for why I choose what I choose. Where do I get my food from? And so it's wallet bears because they're cute. That's it. That's it right we don't eat dogs while a lot of people eat fucking dogs. There's but without such an extreme example. I love that. People buy emotionally and then you rationalize logically. So you have to propose an emotional stimulus to prompt a purchase or a conversation that's going to happen that's going to involve a buy. And then you just are going to help rationalize logically for why this man makes sense, which is, again, seasonal marketing is just going to allow this so very naturally to happen, which is, oh, ladies, the sun is out, which means skirts and dresses Come on, which means you're gonna have to shave your legs. Like there's, there's a lot of things that like that's all known. I don't have to say those words. I just have to say, hoodies and sweatpants are coming off and immediately emotionally everyone's gonna be like, Oh, because I've seen myself without those

Tyler 25:29

where we can sound like we're being like dudes who are like listen guys, ladies you want to be you don't want to be like, this is mostly John and I have truly mostly speaking to dudes here as John matter dudes who spent as much time as we can hiding under booty season. You know what I mean? That is, it's been very common for a lot of my adult life is like, Oh, fuck. Now I gotta figure out why my T shirts all fit weird now. And you know, I'm gonna spend all this time pulling down the sides of my shirts, like, it's my greatest achievement is not having to worry about that finds, like,

John Fairbanks 25:59

why is my lifting belt now causing a weird frontal orb over my dick, like, there's a weird thing that's happening, that I need to get fixed immediately, though. So it's that emotion, but we have. So here's the thing you can authentically and ethically lean into that emotional trigger, to help people be able to then make that jump or that leap. Because it's always emotional. So use that to your advantage. Be a good human. And just speak to those simple new angles of whatever that the season allows or whatever the thing is, that's going to allow you to be able to just honestly provide value, because that's when shit gets shady, is when you lean into somebody emotionally, and take advantage, and then you've sold them vaporware or fucking false advertising.

Tyler 26:53

Well, let's jump into what happens if you don't do this John. The consequences, guys, if you miss out on this opportunity, one, your marketing continues to be stagnant, you're going to be bored, if you're the one creating the content, you're going to be tired, if you're gonna be having someone else created, the content is going to continue to become less and less inspiring and less relevant. Because it's just sitting we always need fresh ideas, we always need fresh, fresh blood in the water, you don't want there to be you don't want to just be jumping from trend to trend to trend. So you can do this, this can shape a thing that's gonna connect shape your tone in a way for a decent percentage of some of your practical content, some of your practical internal and external marketing stuff that just works that connects to a high percentage of people. It's easy and it's just fucking finally put some sunshine and some beaches and some sand and some of your shit. Like just make things less about your rusty equipment and yourself and how smart shower or whatever it is. I think it's very important to do that. And the other side of this is not only there's your if you don't do this, your marketing continues to just be kind of again, we talked about the idea of a really grand opening treat every new product launch or every new idea like a like a new grand opening let's just let's hit this because we're excited about this. Let's talk about summer as though it's the first time summer is happening. Why would you have been open? Yeah or what like Let's go guys some and because with excitement is fucking real, like if you are excited if it shows it reads excitement that now inspires activity and elevation, it works really well. The other side of this is that for the internal play, if you're selling some you know bundling , if you want to bundle some of your personal training or some of your nutrition coaching, I put a bundle together for your intro. People say, Hey, let's go, let's get tight for summertime. Let's rockin 'Well, here's the deal. It's a bargain for you guys that are already in this just throwing an offer together for him. Let's see what you get. Get a few people to buy those few people. That can be the difference that commitment can be the difference between their gym experience this year being fruitful and being fruitless. Absolutely. They can be stale, they can sit there and waste. And we've talked about this before, sometimes when people are still there, they're going to start looking elsewhere to return versus you giving them an opportunity. It's not that they want to leave you, they just know it's them. They may know they haven't committed but they want to recommit and you're not giving them an opportunity to.

John Fairbanks 29:20

And it may be that you it's not that you haven't talked about these things before you just haven't talked about them recently. So this is taking full advantage of those opportunities. When people start getting itchy for some type of a result or wanting to reinvest in themselves. Boom, you're right there. Top of Mind advertising, right is so applicable not just for fucking real estate agents and not for people but not it not for plumbing and HVAC. It's for you understand, especially because you have a captive fucking audience. You have people that are in your world. Exactly. So they're in your world so fucking per Buy them those abilities to reinvest themselves when they want to. Because that's really when you're going to find where man, why don't want to try this? Because if we've heard, it's like, well, I've tried it before, I've tried selling supplements before Tyler and it just didn't work. Like, how did you try to do that? Right usually, that's

Tyler 30:21

what it is I kind of may be blocked. And this is another trap I think people can fall into, and they start doing this stuff as they start to create something new. Right. And again, I'm not opposed to this job, we've done this, we've done a lot. But again, we don't want the thing that you're going to build to be new to start taking away from everything else. But it's a problem people make something that's brand new for this season, or they or you need to inject some new activity, instead of just talking in a different tone, you're like, well, let's just make a brand new thing from scratch. And the problem with that is you can start running into a lot of issues where people can join your gym because of this new thing, right if you're making it as an external plant trying to appeal. And then what happens is that's done and over with if I sold my meathead get jacked fucking huge guy shit. And I was up selling that externally, and I got a bunch of new people in, and that's done. And then it's over after a 12 weeks, and then what they go to is what CrossFit classes people aren't going to stay. So I just kind of did a money grab. And I don't have anything to keep these people in. And it's a bit of a problem. It's a bit bait and switch, even though it was maybe on the up and up across the board. But I think it's really important to for the purpose of what we're talking about today, is make this be just about a fresh tone, a fresh perspective, a fresh speaking angle, a fresh new speak a new language, take everything that you're that you're looking at as far as like what am I clients want? What do they want? What do they want this season? What do they want for this summer, instead of it because otherwise you guys, you'll get stuck I do I'll tell you get stuck, they want to lose weight, I want to feel more confident, I want to be happier, I want my pants to fit, I want to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and that all becomes the same format. But again, put it into the context of the time, the season, the week, the month, the year, their events, the things that are going on. And that works a lot better than a completely standalone new program or product. And then you got to build you got to fulfill you got to do all the loops for there's a time and a place for all of that stuff. But sometimes you can have all the same benefits or more. By just talking about your thing, the thing you already do in a way that people give a shit about in a way that connects to them. And then you don't have to keep making new shit all the time.

John Fairbanks 32:34

And it's always about the like, the angle makes all the difference in the world. Because as we've talked about, just as we can continue to to hit these points, it's the angle that keeps it exciting for you as the gym owner, and as the coach. And then more importantly, it gives the excuse to your clients. We haven't talked about this before. Tyler I don't know if you've seen it. But we've talked about mica before from Tampa. He's the one that did the billboards. Yep. Have you seen his small group? Like semi-private? Like couples only personal training that he's been doing? No, it's called sex.

Tyler 33:11

Oh, I did, I saw that. Yeah. The ultimate scroll stopper.

John Fairbanks 33:17

That's all it was it because this was taught me it was just fucking sex was big. And that caught me for the first time. So I clicked in and I wanted to see what else he had going on. And it is couples personal training to make them stronger in sexual positions.

Tyler 33:33

That's so awesome. It's like your new cardio based buddy. What are we saying here? So it just kind of works like that. How awesome is that? By the way? I would just be just sweating, let's just push them hard the moment you hear any complaints? Just look over the missus? 45 seconds in. What are we talking about?

John Fairbanks 33:52

Rookie numbers.

Tyler 33:53

Let's go. That's fucking great. No, I remember seeing it because it was as far as attention grabbing and scroll stopping regardless of what you think of the product itself. It doesn't even matter. To me the marketing hit and if people are buying based on that marketing, guess what? It's fucking authentic across the board, then it's not sex. And that this is the one of the things I hate the most is when I'll see gym owners use things like that. And it makes you better at sex but then it's like come do our regular ass shit that every regular ass person does. And then we sort of assume that all these people are awesome at Bonin. Like, that's not the level of specificity you were speaking about before. So he happens I think a lot when that's the other side of this to John, I think it is if you can go the other way where it's like you can be very hyper specific in your language. You can have a very specific summertime program that's for summertime springs, to try to do outdoor training and shed a lot of the stuff. You're leading into this where that is, here's the summer and the thing is all summer momentum and it's a new thing and it's its own product that does work or So here's summer, this is why you should do one of these many services that we have to offer. And I think that's, it's important to know that there are two sides of it, there isn't necessarily a wrong way just as long as it's authentic.

John Fairbanks 35:11

But the beauty of it is, it's just a personal training product. He specialized in it and said, This is what it is. But at the end of the day, it's, well my God, if he's able to get this specific, like now, it's like, it's just the personal training piece. So again, it's, it's something new, but it's not. It's just the angle that was used. And I also wanted to hit on the fact that like, the idea of the seasonal marketing, or taking an angle that's unique to your spot, or where you live all those different elements that come into play. It doesn't just have to be your group classes. Yeah, right. It can be personal training, it can be a nutrition supplement, it can be every single service and product that you provide in your spot can use this exact strategy.

Tyler 35:58

Yep. Speaking that strategy, guys, if you want to grow your penis by four to six inches before summertime, make sure you're getting the gear Academy

Tyler 36:11

Anyway, guys, speaking of disingenuous promises, that's our coaching product we went through we got J Morris, we're helping them with locking everything, whatever your next thing is, whatever the most important thing is, it's help you identify that let's help you grow that part of your business while we simultaneously help you with your marketing processes back end, coaching, staffing, whatever your coaching philosophy is making your gym, your gym, and making a lot of money off of your gym is the thing that we do best. We're not here to make your gym, somebody else's gym. We're not here to make it our gym. We're gonna let you do what you do in a way and connect you with people who want to pay good money to help you do it. That's it. So you want it on that? go to gym owners Follow me at Tyler episode on Instagram. Follow the show at the gym owners podcast and John J. Banks FL on Instagram. Thanks for listening, everybody. We'll see you next week.

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