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Hiring Staff 201: After The Hire

Friday, June 09, 2023



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  • ​Introduction to this episode of the podcast. (0:01)
  • ​What to look for in a personal trainer? (0:51)
  • ​The benefits of hiring a part time personal trainer. (4:20)
  • ​Benefits of hiring a part time personal trainer. (8:47)
  • ​The problem with gyms with no coaches. (12:56)
  • ​How to structure your hourly rate. (17:08)
  • ​Benefits of having a coach full time. (23:16)
  • ​The importance of having a structure. (28:56)
  • ​Benefits of being a gun for hire. (34:05)
  • ​How to hire a personal trainer? (39:22)
  • ​The importance of specialties. (43:27)
  • ​How to help people feel more comfortable in the gym? (48:03)
  • ​The importance of talking about football. (54:34)
  • ​How to create an intro offer. (56:32)
  • ​How to get people to get on your list? (1:00:18)
  • ​Meet and greets and social media strategy. (1:03:33)


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. This week is part two of what we call it? Hiring Process hiring 101 hiring, we call this hiring 201. Last week, we covered pretty much everything you need to do to understand what you want the expectations of your coaches, some of the risks and opportunities that are presented before you're going to be hiring a coach and how to go about that process. Now, in today's episode, we're talking about what to do after the fact to make sure that you are giving good people the best chance to succeed within your business. So before we get started, make sure you go to gym owners Or go to the gym owners revolution Facebook group. That link is in our description. Follow at the gym owners podcast on Instagram and follow me at Tyler F and stone this Tyler eff I installed and John, you can

John Fairbanks 00:51

follow me on Instagram at J banks f L.

Tyler 00:56

All right, guys. So where do we want to start, John?

John Fairbanks 00:59

So whether it's what I wanted to do really was we talked about whether you're going to hire a coach or staff or a personal trainer. And I really want to talk about personal training specifically, because you have three different possible people that you would hire as a gym owner to come into your world. And we have been these people, we've been full time, we've been part time and we've been a contractor or gun for hire. Now, I want to first kind of go over things like so these different styles of people are who you should be looking for when it comes to hiring personal trainers. And I think a personal trainer is important for any gym owner business, where either you need to be scaling it up, or you need to be bringing these guns for hires. And if you don't have people that are ready to make that jump, because it is hands down the tip of the spear, the most lucrative thing that you can do in your business, but also for your people. Because we're hearing a lot from the gym owners that we're working with and talking with of the struggle they're experiencing, of keeping good people because of the whole hourly wage, and you just can't pay people enough. Yeah, to be a professional.

Tyler 02:09

To be a professional requires upside. Right? There's a reason people take on the burden of education and experience and pay and dues and work for less money than maybe they should have in the beginning. And that's because there's upside, I'm not going to take half a million dollars in student loan debt to become a doctor, if it's gonna pay me $15,000 a year. It's just the math doesn't fucking work. So in order to provide people with an opportunity you need, there needs to be some sort of upside. And I think it's really tough. We see a lot of places that try to do things like a fixed hourly rate just across the board. And I think that's very, it's fine if there's going to be some just in gym tasks. But I like the kind of gun for hire contractor version because it allows them to equip themselves with a career. This is your version of almost giving them the education and an internship that's a bit paid. It's not, it's not all paying dues. But it does put the risk of getting out there and getting work and all of the acquisition side of business. It puts that on them a little bit. It puts that responsibility on them. But I think for coaches as a person who's coached before like, so coaches every day like it is something that had I not learned that had I've been dependent on someone else to just get me work, no, get me wrong. If you're bringing in a gun for hire, it is in your best interest also to refer people to them and help them get work. But if that's the only pathway that they're getting clients, you have somebody who's just another dependent on your business, and equipping yourself with professionals. The biggest thing that happens in the long run is that your business's reputation is huge. This isn't a one or two year thing. And I know there's short term stuff that you need to cover here. But five years, five years in of having people who are empowered professionals who have essentially their own brand, their own coaching philosophy, their own way that they manage relationships, those people if you have a handful those people within your business, coaching clients delivering results for half a decade, your business now sits as like, like that is the spot because you're there delivering experiences that people will not stop talking about.

John Fairbanks 04:20

And is the same rule that we know of like how long how much gains you make when you train ultimately just comes down to how long can you stay injury free? Yes. You know, I mean, so it ends up there being that fine line of exponential growth. And so you can see that with people that you hire and people that you staff as well is that it's a grind the same way. The same way your source fuck when you first start a new program. You're like, this is a bad idea. I shouldn't be doing any of this. I hate it. And then you kind of hit a certain point in the training where you're like, Oh, I'm making massive gains if you stay consistent. It works. works exactly for these people as well. The benefits, so I wanted to talk about the benefits first of all, like part time full time or a gun for hire, before we kind of go into, because I really want to dive into once you hire one of these people, what is it that you're going to do next? But kind of understanding conceptually, like what are the benefits of it. So if you have a part time person that comes in, so this is not gun for hire, you now have them as a part time personal trainer, one of the first benefits is big is the flexibility of schedule. So that you have the ability no matter what your peak hour times are, times that you need to have someone come in to either get you as the gym owner off the floor, or help pick up extra hours if you can get a part time person in just for that block of time.

Tyler 05:47

And that match that matches that availability match needs to be assessed in the beginning. That's a that's a prior knee, like we talked about last week that if you need the hours of two to five taken care of so that you was that they can handle PTC, you as a business owner can do your stuff, know that if they're covering that need one, they're not going to eat full time, right? Eat off this wage full time. But you need to set that expectation in the beginning, but then you're covered. And I do think that that is one of the big nice values in getting part time people and truthfully in this capacity, this is where I think it's acceptable really to promote from within because it's a, it's a low level of investment, you can slide people over with familiarity, I don't think that that's terrible. That's the place where finding someone who is already a member is kind of okay, because you I don't know, I don't want to invest 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars to find some to get someone certified and to get them on boarded and all this downtime and all this low profitable time to get somebody in who's going to cover three hours a day, three days a week.

John Fairbanks 06:50

And oftentimes they can be some of your best coaches because it works for them. They can be your best trainers and be your best people. We were working with the gym owner for a while . He had a bunch of part time staff and said, Well, is there any desire to like No, like it's they love it works for what they do. Like it's he has a regular day job that pays for it. Like this is like, this is what he just loves to do. Yeah, there's

Tyler 07:17

no desire. And so it's a way to take somebody's passion. And this is the thing, I was talking to a guy the other day who has a cybersecurity job in a business that works really well. But he's got a secondary gym, a gym that he loves, he trains. And he's building I'm like, so how do we, I do what I do, right? And I'm like, Okay, how do we do this? How do we get staff to go here? I don't know, I'm not doing that. And it drives me crazy. But for these, this coach, this business we're talking about right now that we used to work with. The thing was a couple of these coaches that were part time coaches really were aces because it truly was there that they had a real passion for fitness and a real passion for helping people. And they don't want to have to build all that other structure themselves. They don't want to have to carry the marketing for themselves and worry about branding themselves and making a lot of content, it's like man, but if you could get me three people to work with a few days a week, man, that'd be that'd be a 10 hours that I would love. And I'd really love to help those people and they can be really, really specific and choosy and who they select, but this were these were the best in my opinion, those two, those were the most passionate, compassionate, empathetic best coaches that they had on their staff and so far superior in my opinion, in delivering value to the customer on an hour to hour session to session basis and the full time coaches and surprises right, always the case, just know that that is true, you can build this with those criteria if you know that that's a that's an archetype that exists seek that don't seek a fitness or who just wants to fitness a little more.

John Fairbanks 08:46

And that is the benefit of these people being and this is why we're staying in the pocket of personal trainers is if you hired this part time personal trainer, it is they're being paid so even if it is only a handful of hours, it's a high return it's a high value for them to be able to bring that passion and it kind of takes us into like the next benefit which is it immediately gives you the ability to infuse some overall like diversity into the gym as far as what options you're providing for people to fitness different flavors of fitness thing so we oftentimes will see like a part timer to where I have been a part time personal trainer before where it was we're going to do big person shit everything else that happens here is just not that but it gave the gym an immediate benefit of like oh we can now do big people things for this block of time and I can service that need for people that already have that are members in my spot. And we see this happen time and time again. Whether it is

Tyler 09:47

One of our best examples is torque strength conditioning and yeah, in many Minnesota Woodbury St. Paul, they, you know Tyler's done a great job over the years of just finding people who like the thing that they do, and he goes okay, well you like Coach Doing kettlebell stuff. Great. He runs a kettlebell program. There's just one coach that runs kettlebell stuff. And you can do that with private personal training you can do with people that are specialized in strongman, you can have somebody who's just there waiting in the wings, he doesn't really need the work. But when someone comes in, says, Hey, man, I'd like to do this type of stuff. I'd like to get into powerlifting. Well, are you just gonna float a crossfit coach? Who power lifts just because they squat and deadlift and don't bench? What the fuck none of them do? Like, are you going to just plug one of them into somebody to coach, it was this kind of close, and then worry about them calling like specifics of a meet, like making open all this shit that they don't really have the experience for. Or you got a guy who's got a day job, who's done some power to the thing and really likes it, and would love to guide somebody through that process. And he doesn't kind of bring them on full time. You don't have to feed him and his family, you don't gotta throw all of this overhead out and you go, Hey, I got the person for you. By the way, you can you can establish those relationships on a case by case basis to it's, it's a great way to find somebody go I got a person who does this, like you'd have people in your town in your area in your community who would be great for this a former college athlete who was a sprinter, who maybe you have somebody who wants to a group, I always my youth, my youth coaching that I do is always just a parent who works with me personally and realizes they trust me and understands the things that I know. And the needs that their kids have. They want me to sort it out. And that match is already there. Well, that's easy. Those are the easiest sales ever. And I think that's exactly what you can do. You got a guy in your community, or you have somebody there who can help with these things. Like, hey, let's talk to somebody and see if maybe we could put something together for you. And that's the only way to do it. You don't want people waiting in the wings taking money being paid for stuff that's not happening. So you can get out and build these types of relationships. Have some of these introductory conversations say, hey, if I ever get anybody in, in this thing that you are really good at, you know, guys, there's no by the way, there is no no limit to this. It's not, let's just say Track Field throwers, how many there would love to come in and do a strength program with some throwing technique in the summer for track and field, that would be amazing that parents would love that. Because you know why? Because it's almost doesn't fucking happen here. Well, my kid won't touch a discus until the third day of track practice again, next year won't, and that's okay. But if they want to get good at it, there are plenty of really good collegiate throwers out there who you can give a generic strength program and then have them work some technique and stuff, and really have these people equipped to level up their stuff. And you do that in almost any sport, you know, a sport specificity news, specific goals, whether it is just fat loss, or running or endurance or, or anything, swimming, triathlon, prep, half, Marathon prep all this stuff, it's, I think there's a lot of opportunity in seeking that specificity with a human in mind, not for the sake of the program or the dollar.

John Fairbanks 12:56

I was talking to a gym owner earlier this week. And it was interesting when they talked about it was there are so many good coaches that they know, that used to be at gyms or at facilities around our area, that once COVID happened, if those gyms closed or folded or did anything that just didn't gel, with that particular specialist coach, they fucked off and went somewhere else. They went and now they're so you have a number. So my point in bringing it up is he knows of a very large percentage of really good specialist coaches that are working out of people's garages that are working out of like areas that they had the maximum flexibility. This is the same wherever you live to wherever you're listening, this is the case. So there are really good people that are out there that had to kind of get creative because it didn't Olson, their specialty didn't go away. They just lost the ability to coach and do it in a larger public fashion. So when I hear people say there, well, there aren't any coaches, I can't find personal trainers, I can't find these people. It's like, we do need to be able to make sure that we understand we'll talk about this a little bit more, especially when as you are bringing people on board of how do you get somebody started, but there needs to be some good old fashioned networking and talking and communicating as a human to go find these people that exist in your world

Tyler 14:34

as a gym owner. If you're not doing all of the coaching, your primary job is to find people, okay, people who need help, and match them with the people who can help them and perhaps provide a facility and guidance and all this stuff for them to do it. But that's really that is your fucking job. So you're supposed to have coaches, you're supposed to line that up. That's what it's worth. Now, the nature of this being the part time version before we get into, like, the contractor stuff is still this exists very much in a, it's a partnership, it's just a limited one. Yeah, it really is just just we're gonna get a little partnership. If I find people that are interested in somebody kicking them your way, if you have any people you want to do some work with, we got a great facility, let's talk about working something out. And what a great way to start a relationship small that can grow. That's, I really, really liked that way of starting it before jumping full on into the next option here, which is which is full time. And that becomes constant, it becomes risky, there are a lot of other things. And if we're talking just personal training, how are you feeling somebody's personal training set by full time I don't mean 40 hours a week, if you're coaching 44 hours a week, you better be making so much money, in my opinion, because there's just it's tough to do eight hours a day of one on one coaching or even group stuff, it gets to be too mentally exhausting. I think people that do that are not providing the energy or effort or empathy that they probably should. So you should build some space before that. But they should be very profitable. One of the most important concepts that we ran into in the heating and air conditioning business. All of us were paid hourly, but our customers were billed based on the service. Right, right. We're not charged hourly, they were flat rate based on the service. And one of the things that we always ran into was, technically, my rate was like $277 an hour. Yeah, why people freak out, and it wasn't what's gonna take you 30 minutes. Why is this 180 bucks, that's like, well, because I don't get to just do this one thing that you've approved ahead of time, like stacked on top of each other all day, if that was the case, it'd be 100 bucks an hour or something. But it's just, it's not the way there's only we're not lawyers, I can't build an hour for every phone call, I can't build an hour for every time an intern sends an email out, I can't, I can't do an hour every 10 minutes here, I can't build 20 hours in an hour like an attorney can by multitasking and doing doing micro tasks. Because an hour's the minimum what is the minimum dose is an hour Right, right? Right now the way this works in this business. So you do have an amount of a maximum kind of amount of reasonable billable hours. And because of that, unless you're going to give these people some sort of flat rate that they're going to also have is like a base to do stuff in and around the gym, which there's many other things that maybe you could maybe you should do if you need front desk, help bring them around, maybe even help a sales or float them other responsibilities, all those things can be defined beforehand. And expectations can be agreed upon and set during the relationship as well. But this is a relationship that is going to require there to be upside based on their working hours. Meaning for a guy that wants to come in and work, say Coach five to six hours a day, there better be a good formula is about $100 Give or take for every hour is optimal for you as a business owner to be charging for every hour of labor. Now, you may not get that you may not be able to charge that for personal training. But that should be the grand upside. Because if you're not it starts to get tough when they're in full time you've got you're on the hook for a lot more things than just sending somebody a 1099.

John Fairbanks 18:15

And I think it's important to see the average dollars that we like to see per hour, but you're not charging people $100 an hour for literal coaching hours. And so

Tyler 18:28

this is due in the grand scheme of things to that some of our people do, but some people

John Fairbanks 18:33

are over more than Yeah, yep. But it's how you can structure so if you're somebody that's like, I'm nowhere no way, like Fuck you guys, like no one in my area, no way I could charge more than $60 An hour like it would be impossible. And what we're telling you is that you're wrong. But it's all about how you build your offers and structure. And this is where you if you've listened to any episodes of ours in the last year it is we talked about how you build your offers offer stacks, how do you thread those offers together like that is how that structure works that allows you to be able to make that kind of money

Tyler 19:08

if they're able to convert their members into like, hey, let's get some nutrition coaching going or maybe let's let's talk you on some supplements in the in the grand scheme of things the upside, right it should be coming from each member should be around 100 bucks an hour for now you're not paying out so in what you're going to pay out probably these arrangements which we don't have anything that we're really married to either in regards to how you're doing a split with a full time personal trainer, we're not married anything like that anyone who says they have the formula is lying because they're gonna you're gonna lose leverage as your client as your coaches get more power, but as they get more relationships, more racial relationships, they get better. They start to get a little too big for their britches and that's okay. But just know that this should just be it should be a flexible situation and when they want more from you just know that if they think they're better, and want more money from you that maybe They should just make sure that then okay, if you think you're that much better, let's charge the client more. That's always one of the ways that I like to keep a coach in check. If they were doing 7030 years, whatever split or 6040, or whatever situation you've settled on. And they go, man, I'm killing it, I'm doing a really good job. These people love it, I want a, I want to go from 7030 to 6040, right? Right, whatever it is, or whatever version is optimal to them. That's fine. But like, I'd rather keep the split the same. And because you're more valuable, let's just raise your prices to work with you. And then you can sell. And if you can't sell and you can't communicate that value, and you don't fucking have if you don't have it to them, then you don't have it to me. And that's usually how I like to do it. Because in truth, this doesn't work if you're gonna hire an electrician or a plumber, right? You can't be like, Oh, Tyler's really good. He costs more. Right? It doesn't really work for them. But in this case, it absolutely is. Yeah, a good attorney costs more money, a better return, it costs more money, okay, no matter what umbrella they're under, the better one is more than just it's the way that it is. So and it's

John Fairbanks 21:04

at some point, we you do get to be able to build that in at some point we recommend, right, if you're the gym owner is that if you're offering personal training, you should be more just making more your now $100 More an hour period hard stop. Oh, what's that going to do? Well, what it's going to do is to free up your time.

Tyler 21:21

And a few people that choose to take your time and pay for it are worth doing. We got it we got we got a we have a client who a gym owner we work with who had a client, we just we kept walking about walking up his personal training rate, because we needed these people to drop off and say, Hey, I'm really tied up, I'm going to pump my we like the first step was like doubling the rate. So we doubled his rate, and like not, and ideally you do that and half the people drop off, and you're neutral, and you have now half twice as much free time, or half the working time. Problem was even less than that. So we raised it again. And again. Again, we finally got it down to there were just like two people working with them. But they were paying like $750 a week. Yeah, per person. And it's like, okay, well, these people just have a lot of disposable income and really want to work with you. So we're just gonna leave it at that. And then we're just gonna not have this conversation with new people anymore. We're just you're booked, you're making a poor man's living full on off of just a few clients, you're doing pretty damn well. So I think that that is a piece that you do need to take into account. Is their value going to grow? And how are you going to absorb that they're more valuable? Like, unless it translates to dollars, it does not translate to value to your business. So I am always a proponent of price raises over percentage changes. Unless fairness is a part of the discussion. And it's okay if you settle on compensation packages. Once the bonus incentives, things like this, they always change. Somebody figures out the best way to do it, the best way to arrange it. And it buries one of the two parties and we all have to be willing to reconvene. There's a reason that all sports unions have a you know, they have a collective bargaining agreement that all of a sudden there's deal breakers every few years was like no, this needs to change. Yeah. Because the landscape evolves.

John Fairbanks 23:16

Always. Yeah, yeah, it's guaranteed. So as we take a look at the part timers, if you go into the full time, right, again, this is all based on what you need, what you need as a gym, and what the gym needs. So the immediate benefit of having someone that's full time is that if you need somebody that is there full time, it means you need somebody that has the ability to give you coverage that is available, essentially all the time. They're always available. They're there to help cover aspects of the business aspects of scheduling. This really is when you want to bring somebody in that can do personal training, but then they also can help cover group classes cover the floor, you just need somebody to be able to be counted while doing all things,

Tyler 23:57

those become very hybridized compensation models. Absolutely. It becomes you're gonna get a base of this and it's going to be small, the rest is going to be off coaching and maybe we'll provide you with as many opportunities we can get. We'll fill these, maybe we'll even carry a percentage of that cost until we get you full, get your schedule full and that type of stuff. It's that this is the costliest onboarding for absolutely no stakes are the highest. It's the toughest thing to walk back. It's difficult, especially once they start getting their hands and eyes on your clients.

John Fairbanks 24:28

Yeah, and it does. That's one of the and if we take a look at his what are the negatives that come from that? Full timers are expensive, right? And it does put you at risk? Because you bring in a buddy that's going to start providing high value and they're expensive to you. It is always where you're now at risk of and this is always when things get really squirrely where gym owners are like well, you know, I don't want to lose this person. Good. They're gonna take my members. They're gonna take my members they're gonna leave and that's where

Tyler 25:00

So how did you open your gym? That's how it was. Every Listen, every every every electrical company, every construction business started with from a guy who worked at another place and got too big for his britches and decided he wanted to do his own thing, and went and took some customers in the process, it took some of the relationship, I won't say I'll even say let's go under assumption that not all these people are crooks. Which is a rare assumption for me usually, okay. But what they're doing is they're just those relationships that are moving with them. Just the way that this is, they're not stealing them. It's like, these are my people that do have my trust the amount of people when I was going in people's homes regularly doing maintenance on their equipment, and doing repairs and changing equipment and going there after hours, and I would see some of these people in some of these business businesses, specifically, you'd see some of these people every month, sometimes, and you're the one talking to them, you're the one explaining them, that you can fix it, you're the one looking them in the eyes, and that's gonna be alright, we get to eat today. So when I open, if I, if I were to leave that and open a business, it's very easy for me to just say, hey, you know, I'm, I'm the person. So if you and a certain percentage of them are going to just migrate with that relationship. And it's, but that's the way that every functional fitness gym, for Christ's sake, started from a coach who was coaching at another place, who had the loyalty and trust of a handful of members. And those were the things Jesus, when we started our place, we were training out of a YMCA, running CrossFit facility that was just a fucking Sham. It was just a, I mean, they got to the point where they're like, well, we're not going to start, the YMCA is going to not buy chalk anymore. We're not going to provide, like even fucking a CrossFit gym. When people do kipping pull ups, and you're like, Yeah, we're no longer providing chalk. Like, what did your whole thing is sucks. So we were like, alright, we're out, we're out, it was just kind of the last straw, and so many other guys. So we're gonna, let's start our own spot. And every one of these businesses, not everyone, but when a business starts like that, you go in your head, you start doing soft gym math, because you're new. And you go, Well, I know for sure, I know for sure that boom, boom, boom, based on this, this, this, this, this, this and this, I know that I have X amount who will be on day one. By the way, these are nearly the only guarantees that you can have, right, because I have a certain amount of these relationships who I know will be here with me on day one, everything else is unseen. And everything else is just the way that it is. But don't get along, you bring in a personal trainer, and you bring in a coach and bring them on full time. And they're gonna build relationships with your staff. And by God, if they're professionals, and you can't just keep them, keep it a good enough gig for them. And it doesn't matter how much you throw at them, some people just grow out of working for someone else. And when that happens, it's kind of fucking happen. If that has never happened in your gym, you have not been in business long enough, and you have not provided enough people with career opportunities. Because it should happen.

John Fairbanks 27:43

It should be the natural flow, and someone wrote, and if you're

Tyler 27:46

growing the fitness community, in the fitness space, in your community, in your town, in your city, that's literally how this works. A person has a passion and a fire and builds relationships and opens up his spot. Now that spot grows, and your spot takes a hit and grows so that you go from a place that has one gym, to a place that has 10 to a place that has 50 and that's that's fucking how this works. So if we've done a lot of say online business, John, you and I Are in the digital space in the fitness education space where we're worried about any version of that thing, right? Okay, we're gonna make a training program, we're just gonna someone just share the login. I mean, all you'd have to do is just by the login you share with all your friends, or what are we just gonna send out a PDF? What if they can just send it to everybody? And it's like, Yeah, but I'm point I, the time we do we worry about this like, right? Fuck it. I don't know, it's never worth all of the stress that people go into, because it's not a worst case scenario. It's like, it's like a little hiccup. And it's like, well, I'm not gonna fucking burden this whole thing down to prevent a hiccup.

John Fairbanks 28:56

Yeah, and what we see from the full time approach to when you bring in those people, we see this most common with like, our 24/7 facilities, our franchise facilities, where if you have and this is important when we're talking about personal training is if you have the full time it's structured, you have a base number of hours that people are going to be on the floor, but then you have a proper setup for them to be personal trainers. Because the offer and the benefits and all those things are all the perks that come along with being a full time person that's so firm, that if you have people that do outgrow or do move, because you're going to have a natural attrition for anyone that you hire, is you cannot become married to any one individual person that's in your gym, that's your coach, your your GM, your best coach, whatever, they are going to move. Either they're going to outgrow your spot where they're literally not going to be there anymore. And so this is why you want to have all of that structure in place because it makes people highly at the end of the day highly replaceable because now your system allows you to then bring people in and allow them to be able to eat. Because that is the most expensive part about having people come in, as you've called it, is that you have to feed them and their family.

Tyler 30:11

Yeah. And that includes paid time off. I mean, it's, it's one of the hardest things, it's the thing that I loved the most about the European culture was that like, man, get like, foreigners be taken four weeks off once or twice a year, three weeks here, three weeks there, like, and like paid time off is a thing. That is what I'm trying to get all political, if it's socialized kind of rules, man, like, if it's not an issue for the business, I think it's great. As a person who started businesses, I can't fucking Imagine having to have all my staff be able to take like, I used to bitch at my boss, because I'd get like, after years, I get like, seven days paid off. Now I can take time off and not be paid. But like, that's kind of shitty, right? I think. But to imagine to have to just care like I'm taking next month off, and it's like, well, then if you can take a month off, you're not, if this business can operate for a month without you, you don't have very much value, or I have so much redundancy built in, that I'm just flow. This is why this symptom of scale is that when a business gets really big enough, it can absorb that type of stuff. Because there's a lot of people that aren't doing shit most of the time, that are just everyone's doing half work, so that when half of them have are gone for fucking a month, then these other people have something to do, you know, it's easy to shift over and get all these tasks done. So as a PTO, it's tough. But I also think it's great if you're, if you can provide somebody with the opportunity to live the way they want to live. And that's always for me, with my business, with what you and I do here with anything that I do, I don't want to do a thing that I have to be here five days a week, for 10 hours a day, or 810 hours a day, you have to be at a place where specifically, I don't like that at all. And then you're like, Well, you but I can't go here for a month, I can't go here for a few weeks, well, we can talk. And then what I'm just gonna get paid was there gonna be a spot for me when I get back, like all that stuff gets to be like, it's just, it's, it's, it's tricky, because you're just retaining a person when they're not doing anything. And I think that, but it's the nature of it. So you're gonna provide it, what it is, is just one more, one more thing thrown into that barrel of shit that could cost to keep somebody on full time. And it's not easy. And I don't know, John, I would say this is the thing that we recommend the least a definitely model, being objective about this, like, it's like, this is the bottom of the list of things that I would recommend that you start with, unless you already have the person into he really have not looked at this with rose colored glasses, like we talked about last time. If you've really got it, you've got the person and you've got the money. And there are plenty of businesses that start with deep enough pockets was not enough staffing, it's important, we're gonna get it done, we're gonna put together a good package, we can absorb that we can do this, it's going to be fine, we're playing the long game, we're going to in the whole business is going to lose money anyways, for the first two years. That's a way that many people do business, it is not the way that I do business because I've never started a business with a massive amount of money up front. Right? So it's just it's never, that's never an option for me to be like, well, fucking let's bring in some aces, let's throw some money. throwing money at a problem has never been a luxury that I had in some of the businesses that I've started. So it's a, it's a, that is a late stage solution, which I think is kind of a late stage appointment. In my opinion, you should be starting as the full time guy, you're the full time you get yourself these perks. Okay. And then you start filling in those gaps with part time and then hopefully in that part time process, you found somebody who can be who can grow into that position. And if not, there's one more option for you, that still gives you the ability to move into full time or and as much low risk and that is the contractor hired.

John Fairbanks 34:05

Immediately the benefit for the gun for hire is that your overhead is almost nonexistent. Yeah. from the business standpoint, your 1099 I mean, we're assuming like you're in the United States, it's whatever the fuck your taxes are elsewhere, whatever, figure it out, but it's like in the US, you 1099 them, you take care of them like it's now the the push and pull for all this. We'll talk about it in real time that the push and pull is that you have less control with these humans.

Tyler 34:31

This is higher risk. Yeah,

John Fairbanks 34:33

It is the vetting of the pre-hiring process that we talked about last week. It really needs to be solid for these individuals that are coming in, you got to know who they are, know what their background is. Because at first your risk can be minimal because you don't, you can just lay it on the line where it's like, I'm not feeding you motherfucker. I will give you a place to train your people. And that's kind of where you came in. And you've really been into rinsing this in real time and the evolution of that relationship that you've come in, and we're a gun for hire, really, at the end of the day, you just had a spot to be able to train your people, then you became a gun for hire. So it's kind of this, this evolution of this process as a contractor,

Tyler 35:18

yeah, this relationship can go nearly the exact same way, as a full time hire, frankly, because they can bring their own leads still, that'd be great. By the way, if I have a full time, let's zoom back real quick, if I have a full time person who's maybe doing in house stuff for say, 1010 12 hours a week, 15 hours a week, and then his coaching, training, personal training, or whatever, in my facility, the rest of their, the rest of their obligations. I still want that person to outwardly ideally be a coach, be a personal trainer outwardly, be it on social media, be called an attractive personality, right? Be someone out there, people should know that you are a professional, we're going to use this person and their face and their skill set in our marketing, I would like them to be sharing and spread that amongst their people, because they should, I hope have been making positive relationships over the course of their life. So if you're gonna have a personal trainer to come into your facility, whether they're on your staff, or whether they are a contractor, I think it's super important to do just that, to say, hey, I need you to be the guy I need you to, to attract people, you get clients to come in, maybe if someone comes in and it's a lead direct to them, or came through their own platform, give them an extra kickback on those sales, frankly, there should be sales incentives anyways, and I would I would give them a per lead spiff or something. But I would want to make sure that when it is, it is expected that they put some sort of effort into marketing themselves, because they're the one that gets a lot of that upside. And they're taking a much higher percentage of the dollars per hour for personal training than the businesses, I hope. And so I think that's really important if they are doing that. And man, they have a ton of value if they're if they're within your business. Now for a private contractor, that is the way that it is, that is the way that it is in the beginning. And I think it should be the way that it is in the beginning, if I'm at the gym, and a contractor comes in from outside and says I want to, I want to coach in your facility, great. You sell some of your people, before I just start parking my clients who have already made a decision and approve of me and our business and our stuff in front of you. I'd like to have you coaching people in my facility before you coach my people in my facility. And then of course there are people who end up being members of your facility anyway. So that's a net gain for you, they can get you, they can get sales, if they bring somebody in I in my opinion, they should get the what's the word commission for closing that new member, if you say if you are going arrangements 24 hour facility. So if I bring in five people that I'm going to coach, that's five people that I have brought in and that I have essentially sold, they're done. By the time they paid me they're, they're done, they're not going anywhere else, they are now a member of that gym. So that's a commission that kicks back my way as well. And so that's, that's, that's, that's where it should start. And from there, and then you see them, you see them, you see that they're nice, you've seen them in your facility, you've seen that they're respectful, you see that they don't, they're not trying to fuck your clients or whatever it was happens a lot, guys, barn, I've seen that happen, you ain't been around long enough. And so when they've this is their trial period that I think about a contract, you can pull the plug on them tomorrow if you need to, right now if you need to. But then learn that you can trust them, you learn that you like them around, then you can start to refer your people to them as well, which means you can start to put leads on their plate, you can start to put money right in their pocket partner. And now what you have is two different pathways from two separate brands, all leading to a service that is yours. Your service is this personal training going on in your facility. And that's a beautiful thing. And I think that that's, that's the real benefit most businesses miss out on by not having their coaches market themselves is that they're only marketing, here's our business, here's our gym, here's this. So the only pathway is through your own brand. And when a coach is able to market themselves, it creates an entire new pathway of these people, their past and their life and their relationships. And God has it really, really really well.

John Fairbanks 39:22

And it does and we're gonna we're gonna dive into that. So once you're a gym owner, once you've decided who you want and what you want, once you know kind of where you want to go. Now it all comes down to when it comes to hiring those individuals like it is with all things its expectations, expectations, expectations, setting the expectations with them, understanding what they're expecting from you, they understand what you expect from them, and then you're able to move forward. And this is where making sure those expectations are established up front is really where we started perfectly. The process as we work with our franchise gear people is that we handle making sure the expectations are clear in the job posting. It's clear when we're doing the screening and the scheduling. And we want to be able to make sure that we can get all these types of folks get to that interview to be able to bring them in, there's a process that we've been able to perfect, so that it's whether they're part time, part timers, full timers, or contractors that you want to be able to attract, that we want to be able to have, you have to have all the right agreements in place, you want to have all those terms, conditions, all those nuances that you were talking about Tyler, that all comes in the terms and the conditions and the contract. And we all know what we're trying to get from each other. And we cut down the bullshit, there's so much bullshit that's tied. When you're trying to recruit people and find people I get to me gym owners, we've talked to where it's like, well, you know, I paid I paid for the service to be able to get people in, but I didn't have anybody, even on staff that can even like screen or look at who these people were to even know if they were someone that was worth, like trying to get them into the interview or not. And so there's so many hang ups you're going to run into, so we can qualify to streamline it, and then and then we're off to the races. But that's, that's not what this is going to be about. And I do want to get into this portion, where it's, you've now hired one of these people. How do you kick it off? How do you kick off? I have a new bright and shiny personal trainer, and based on what I have told them during the hiring process, the clock is ticking. Someone comes in to be a personal trainer at your facility, or you start having these personal trainer conversations with your people that maybe you've moved into this role. They're expecting clients you have to be able to deliver

Tyler 41:38

I think this is important. Let's jump right in on this one, John. So marketing them there is the thing that let's start you have a great note on here's what not to do. Yeah, do not lead with your credentials. Don't talk about their fitness methodology methodology and do not be uninteresting. Okay. Instead, I should show I wish I could pull this up. I never showed you the before and after of what the place where my wife and I have clients is that there's just a media personal trainer thing, right? Little flyers that are up around the place from the water fountains, whatever. I've seen them in the ones you see, the ones we have. Yeah, yeah, you didn't see the old ones. The other coach's crazy font is as small as possible. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Canva uses a nice template to put it together. No, you don't need to say much. A good photo of you smiling with kind eyes please. That's it headshot very little else. Okay. Then all you need to do is say here's your personal meeting, meet your personal trainer, not our new personal trainer. I think that's a great language, right? Then you're gonna list just what any of their fitness experiences, whatever their passion is , is a perfect example right? My wife and I have really zero credentials in regards to being an official. She has no education in that regard at all. So what do we put for hers? Her athletic credentials, which stands up solid enough right, it's three times South Dakota strongest woman to time Minnesota strongest woman I don't even remember what's his. Missouri's Strongest Woman nationals competitor and whatever heroes a pole fitness instructor and whatever. We're just there, just a list right? That's it, this fourth thing that means so much more though. And by the way, if it's division one wrestler or division two collegiate athlete, strength sports enthusiast, in my case, what it was, a former strongman competitor, gym owner who has been in the fitness industry for seven years for the last four years educating coaches and gym owners.

John Fairbanks 43:44

Today there are no letters or anyone that you have listed in any of that.

Tyler 43:49

And by the way, I got my CrossFit level one. My expired CrossFit level one doesn't mean anything either. The things that I've done and those are probably enough to matter to them by the way they don't even they don't even care if they see you. They see me to see your face and then they need to see that person in the gym. That's what really matters. So they see the face they see that I'm Jack, the problem solved. There's no red flags there then but specialties okay and that really means What do you like to coach people towards correct and in my case and Megan's the whatever combinations of these like minds will mind was muscle building fat loss, nutrition coaching and physical transformation and strength training. Oh and also offseason sports is it and Megan Megan's is weight loss, general fitness, strength training, blah, blah, blah. And then that's it by the way, those are the only two bullet things and then there's a one sentence thing, pick it, whatever it is pick one sense hook and it doesn't need to be clever. Mine says shoot me a text message and we'll get you started right today. We'll get you started right away today. That's it, quote me say anything. And Megan says I love to help you get fit and get comfortable in the gym. Message me to get started, quote, that's it, you do not have to say very much. Stop validating your expertise. It sucks. I mean it, man does it suck. And, and this now reads all of a sudden good reason was oh, this is nice. It's like, oh, okay, they'd been like they do stuff. Oh, I'm looking for the weight loss or fat loss part. That's all they need. They don't need to go this if they're reading a flier and going, Holy shit. This guy's a goddamn wizard like this is my God.

John Fairbanks 45:34

These letters, there's every letter in the alphabet that's capitalized.

Tyler 45:38

Think about this, what would be too much? Like, let's be real. Like if I put that I have been a personal trainer for the 35 years that I have, that I have a Master's Degree and a doctorate in exercise science. And that I have all of the credentials. What do you think that does to a person who's reading this? who's like, I want to lose 20 pounds? Fucking nothing, dude, nothing? Literally.

John Fairbanks 46:04

It could be negative, could be historic. Well, we're certainly yes.

Tyler 46:11

But also enjoy your time in college? How long is it? Jeez. Personal Trainer.

John Fairbanks 46:17

What are you doing? What have you failed in life? No. For me, it would be like if I'm somebody that has to do something, like a new gym goer, and I see somebody that has that minute. It's like, well, that person's just too. I'm not I'm not ready. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not I'm not fit enough. I'm not advanced enough to work with someone like that.

Tyler 46:34

It's just off putting, because then it's like, what is this whole thing about how smart you are, then it sucks. And by the way, the least? Here's the deal true, truly, the least qualified people I've seen to be coaching people as far as like getting truly in their knowledge of movement and nutrition and getting people stronger and safety, like the way that they prioritize their training for people to make sure that they're not taking silly risks, and that they're just, what's the word, the least optimized for progress and results, right? The people that are delivering that type of training, those are the ones I see with the most who get certifications first. Because it's all educational context. And I don't like it. So I'd beat up on that subject a lot. But so what I just said there, right, make it memorable, make it unique and make it lead with the results. So my thing, every piece of it. By the way, if your specialty is not fat, let's say I'm a 400 pound strongman competitor, right? I'm not gonna say fat loss, or one of the great words that Megan used on hers was body transformations, weight loss and transformations was the word that we use, weight loss and transfer. That's great. That's great, that's a great term, I think. But if I was a big, huge, slightly pudgy, overweight strongman competitor, trying to coach people, I would just go like strength training, getting a strong power for sports performance, that that would be the pocket that I would settle in, you know, at least on that thing. And if I'm getting leads, and I can still help people on weight loss, let's let's do it. But let's be honest, if you got weight to lose, maybe don't, maybe don't put it on here.

John Fairbanks 48:03

Yeah. Yeah. But like you play into it, where it's like, if you're, if you're, if you are squishier than you should be just means you're less threatening. Sure, too. It's like I help people feel more comfortable in the gym and help them get started towards their goals. Like it's, oh, well, then you're the guy because then I'll work with you. And then when I'm like, I now want somebody that looks like a Greek god, because that's what I want to look like, then I'm gonna go find that guy. But I do there is a, and that's and that is where it gets into, like, everybody's sniffing their own farts too much in this world where it's like, there, you need to have the personal trainers that are non threatening and non scary for people that just, they just need the help. They just need to be able to get started so that grandma feels like she can get some one on one work and isn't gonna get hurt. Because the fact is, again, we talked about for better for worse in the last episode two of the unfairness of if you're a fat fuck, people are not going to believe that you know what the fuck you're doing? The reality is, is that you and I, if we have a frail 70 year old woman that wants personal training, and we show up the personal trainer, she's gonna be like,

Tyler 49:14

oh, oh, no, yeah, I coached an older woman because it's a funny situation. I heard a coach from this gym and then his wife and then coach them both and then she brought her mom to a session one time and she was like, broomstick, then you know, and it was, but it did work because her mom was fit her whole life. And so she kind of did get the understanding like, as we did the training, as long as I didn't make it extreme, but you do it you have to defuse that, but I had to go like the emphasis of working with someone like me is that like, we need to get structure we need to fight the battle against frailty with you. And then I need to show that I can do this without it actually being extreme or scary. And so but what does that is is that you do you How to diffuse your you have to diffuse that first impression second impression very often you got to be good you got to back it up if you can't and you fuck because you get somebody like that hurt and you're now you're the big guy that hurt some ladies or some fellow lady and you're out of luck dude. But let's move on so

John Fairbanks 50:16

So overall as a gym, I think it's important to have them marketed. Yeah, it's that systemized ethos of how you're going to go about making sure that you can market them fliers,

Tyler 50:27

I think emails out your emails, a great announcement is perfect. Just a general announcement saying hey, we got a new personal trainer on literally using and using the flier in the first one or the flier in the second one, you put together a little sequence. Yeah. And then put another one like, hey, we still got some openings for this person, right? If you're interested in these are his specialties first, shoot us a message and let's get started. Like you can put together three four or five email sequences over the course of a month, five weeks or so to kind of pump this up. He should they should do he or she should do the same thing on their, on their social media outwardly, they should also be walking through your facility and meeting people and being friendly. They should be working out in your facility. And this is a big one. When they work out your facility they cannot work out like a freak can't be assholes.

John Fairbanks 51:17

Everywhere. They can't turn off the music and be a weird dick.

Tyler 51:20

No, you can't, you can't sing along to your own songs in a commercial gym. You can't. You just can't. You gotta be, you can look Jack, you do cool stuff, you know impressive stuff. But you can't put out a vibe that's not this is the biggest thing if you're a train, don't train in your you need to train at your own facility to be welcoming and look like you work out and do things that look like you do things with good technique. That's great. If you want to have an extreme slam and bars and knocking PRs day, go to a little more hardcore gym off site for that day, you just need. You cannot not train in the facility that you coach at all. That's a bad look. Yeah, it's gonna really limit your upside and your ability to generate leads. But you also cannot be if you're a weirdo, when you try to hit some people it's whatever, but like, don't, you can't be smearing that shit all over somebody else's walls.

John Fairbanks 52:05

Now, and now when trainers come in, and they truly have no clients, especially if they're a part timer. They're your responsibility as the gym owner, they're not a gun for hire, they're your baby, you got to take care of them. And please understand, you can assume nothing. Assume that they don't know what the fuck they're doing. So start and start simple with them. And adjust needs to be and we've talked about this before, at least I think we have, which is the idea of starting off with the only measurable that you want for these new people to help them start to generate actual leads is how many conversations did they have today with existing members? Period? Zero. That's the only thing you measure with them.

Tyler 52:47

Yeah. Be casual. Hey, how are you doing? What are you working on today? Awesome. Awesome. What's new like that? It can just be that kids vacation injury stuff. It's when I talk to clients that aren't even my clients at this gym that things come up. I have two people in my sights because of the way that I've talked to them about things that they've had both have had recent surgeries, both of them pretty major. Both of them like lifelong kind of life altering surgeries, big, complicated, lifelong pain stuff, a back a shoulder and knee and a hip. Right. And that's like, that's a big deal. But because I've seen them do doctrine, they've told me about it. I then talk to them empathetically about it. So what are you doing about it? Oh, cool. Well, that's Yeah, that does work. Great. That says, yeah, these are things Yeah. And you talk to him, if you can connect to them about it. I don't have to tell him. I'm a wizard. But like, you know that I've worked with that type of injury before how you would rehab that stuff. Or at least, by the way, it's just empathy. I know, I understand that. That sucks, man. Like that. And if they were, if I were to propose them, for me to work with them, if they had the means it would be a done deal immediately, I guarantee and it's only because I've had those conversations, I could go turn those two clients in those two members of the room into my clients. Today, I don't have any openings. But here's what I will do. I have already laid this groundwork. The day I have openings, I will check back in with you guys. And I fucking told you. So I have never wanted to propose my services to them at all. I've just talked to him. So I'll check back in here. And maybe in a month or two, if I have some clients that drop off or move off or whatever. And I'll come back and I'll say, remember my surgery people they all suggested the first time it is very easy, because they're warmed up. They want to spend time with you. They want to work with you. They want to talk with you and they have a need, and then need someone with a little bit of luck and expertise.

John Fairbanks 54:34

So for me, I have a background in football. Once people learn that, I'm now the football guy. I don't watch football. I know. I don't have fucking time. I don't spend time watching it. It's a long goddamn game in more than

Tyler 54:50

one handful of sec and national championship rings. Yeah, I don't watch football. That it was a year if you're a coach, I guess I don't know.

John Fairbanks 55:00

But that's it. So I find I will coat like, I'll coat like I coach it. I'm involved. I'm involved in youth sports. And so once people learn what my background is, I have to be able to talk football. Yeah. So I because I want to be able to do these conversations right. And be able to do this. I have to Yeah, I just every morning. I quickly look at what happened. It was Thursday last night. I know football happens on Thursdays. I looked it up. Okay, patriots lost that. Oh, yep. Fucking sack. All right, great. I can talk about two things that allow me to be who people expect me to be. And it allows you just to be able to continue that networking and be a human because the problem is you can become a fucking curmudgeon, if every time Someone's excited to come talk to you about a thing where it's like, hey,

Tyler 55:49

oh, I don't do that.

John Fairbanks 55:50

Let's focus on users. Like I'm too busy making money. It's like, oh, this

Tyler 55:54

The worst thing for me is that it is also a small town. I grew up here, right? So I'll get asked along lunchtime for people who were like, oh, used to be pretty good basketball players. Yeah, you're a pretty good football player, right? Look at you, right? And then they'll start talking about sports with me. And John, I mean, when I say I don't watch sports, I don't watch fucking any sports. I don't watch any of it. So there's, it is a lot like, pretending. I mean, the amount of times I've given predictions and what I think is going to happen in the NBA finals this year, in the last few weeks. I've had multiple conversations about it. And man, am I totally making everything up? Because I don't know, I don't think about it, but I'm not gonna I'm not gonna

John Fairbanks 56:32

say Brian doesn't have it this year, I don't think he's got, like, made

Tyler 56:35

the mistake of being like, gonna, you know, I just don't think I'd be betting against LeBron, you know, over the course of a career that I'd be that that's good money. But anyway, no, I think that that is really important. Be a human and network. John, I gotta go soon. So let's run through this next, I think these next three pieces are very important. And so we still have 10 minutes yet, so.

John Fairbanks 56:56

So the first piece is, so once, once you teach them how to be a human, and how to make that measurable, and you are following up with them, the next thing we need to do is to create their first offer. And we want to be able to generate interest. And even if it's kind of like, if you're gonna fake hype, something up, they may have always been there, it may have always been an option. But now we want to be able to manufacture some hype. And so this is super easy, especially if they're low on clients. So they have a wide open slot of time, just to create an intro offer. And this is the only time you really will hear us say, throw out some, throw out a discount, throw out that that first session could be half price. These are

Tyler 57:34

great. By the way, you got three of these here. First session's half price, I think, man, that's groovy, especially when it's already in your pocket already in your business. What a great intro offer first session half price with our new guy, get a feel for it. I also kind of liked that as a standalone as a one off because it just gives a new person who's not doing anything and doesn't have long term commitments. Something to do. That's great. And you can do this, again, with contractors or

John Fairbanks 57:59

whatever. Yeah, cuz you're trying to scale them up and be able to get people in because until you are full, you don't get to try and in my opinion, you don't haggle on like you don't haggle too much on price you allow yourself to get discount, because it isn't until you get a waitlist, that now our prices go up. It's the same rules that apply for the gyms. The next one is by one session, get one free, right BOGOs. There's a reason why it gets used everywhere. When you want to try and scale people in and start building up a quick clientele and quick Rolodex of people, that's definitely the way to go.

Tyler 58:32

And that's just 20% off the first of any package the first month of any package. And I think that really rules because in that situation, it's packages, meaning they get to sit down and talk, that's a great way you could extend by the way you could do, you could have half price for your first session or 20% off your first month. You can double I'm okay with coming out double barrel with that and say Take your pick. Because if someone says well, I'm interested in that 20% off the first month. Well, the nice thing about that is is that gets that new coach, that new personal trainer, the opportunity presents someone with an offer stack, because a month package does imply you're making a choice, you're going to choose it's not just personal training that you can also get 20 of your nutrition coaching and by baking in this because this is a percentage off but baking in scalable, easy low labor upside like nutrition, coaching, accountability, doing metrics, measurables, whatever that is performance, whatever whatever you want to bake into that is as you're kind of top most premium offered. That now makes that very profitable and they get really good sales experience. They get confidence in presenting an offer stack which is the key into their long term profitability within your business and their understanding of how this fucking process works as a professional, if they're still commoditizing their service session for session across the board and they're not comfortable like hey, no, no like we're doing a service we will do a bigger service. If you want weight loss, you need to do stuff with nutrition. I have a package that includes nutrition coaching, I don't want you know don't want just Tyler I don't I don't want Okay, so you know you've opted out in that shirt then we can go down to the commoditized version but there was an opportunity for upsell I did everyone personally I don't coach anyone for weight loss unless you do nutrition coaching you may not have that luxury because some people just need to get started and sometimes this coach just needs work.

John Fairbanks 1:00:17

And we have omitted a really important thing all all of the people that we work with all of our gear Academy member members all of our gear franchise people all of their coaches so yep, period and if they're not they're in the process of getting them scaled up to do so because this is how this is how the sausage is made. This is how you can guarantee that your people eat they eat well and therefore you eat well so if you're the only person that can do the sales you are fucking up and you're in the way so that's why it's you want them to get those reps because oh my god that 20% off the first month of any package it's you do you think if someone signs up for personal training signs up for a multi month package signs up for nutrition and accountability and all the shit by the time you get to the end of that how good are their results going to be? Oh, we just stack the deck in our direction to be able to absolutely guarantee a renewal and now that personal trainer is not just has a one time but now they're getting renewals and now they're taking acid that so it's a whole it's a game that's super repetitive

Tyler 1:01:28

so that intro offers a market then does that via email as well. This is again this is after saying hey so and so's here get started message him and said there's a hate and then you can follow we have an introductory offer flyers, emails, if you have group classes, announce it. Having the coach stand into group classes is not coaching. I would say Hey, this is a new coach character. So she's got an introductory offer. Hey, guys, nice to meet you. Hopefully we're with you. See the flyers out there. Just take a look. And then the pushy but if you want to chat numbers on there, shoot me an email. Thanks a lot, have a good session. Well, that's it. Oh, he's friendly. He talks. He's nice. He told us where the thing is wonderful, move on with no pressure. You don't have to turn these guys into slick salespeople. But marketing is great. Another thing that can be done still is all of this can also be mirrored on social media as well. Announcements just like this, the flyers are dual purpose Canva you can just reskin it, resize it, reformat it into a square done, problem solved. Okay? It is worth it. For the gym, show them in action on your social media show that coach coaching shows their smiling face, spotlight them and whatever your stuff is. You've got if they're full, there's nothing better we talked about in the past and when a coach is full saying hey, so and so as no availability. He's very popular and people love him. Okay, if you want to coach so and so you're going to need to get on the waitlist here. And we've said this in the past but wait lists, what's the word, the call to action being we're full, you need to get on the waitlist, we'll convert more people to the waitlist telling you they're interested in doing business with you, then saying, Hey, I have openings come do business with me, for sure, you will generate more leads towards a waitlist than you will towards your service. It's true, because it's like oh, I can just throw this out there, I'm gonna get a hard sell back to me when it's easy, I don't have to think about it, I don't have to know just gotta commit now. It's a soft way for people to say they're maybe not ready to take the full step. But when you're hungry or there's openings in your schedule, you want to massage people that are leads that are close to taking action. That's one great way to filter towards somebody that's close to taking action.

John Fairbanks 1:03:33

Yeah. And and ultimately, the rest of these ideas that can be where it's just it's you want people to get to know this person as a human and helps them kind of get out of their shell and be able to meet these individual whether you're you are comfortable doing the q&a is that or live or out of your gyms accounts, doing meet and greets being able to have some type of a function or event. Again, you're just creating excuses to get people around. And when you do it in an event style or an activity style. That's not, hey, I know you're really busy. You're trying to get a training session in but I really want you to meet this person whose job is to sell you some stuff like it's removing all of that. And that makes it very approachable. This is all from the gym's perspective. There has to be the expectation that these gyms are specially if they're yours, if they're your responsibility. They're your coaches, your personal trainers that are on your staff part time, full time, whatever, they have to be doing this as well. From a social media perspective, it's a must

Tyler 1:04:35

if you're not a professional, if you're if you can't be a professional professionally out loud, you're not a fucking professional. So if they're going to be a coach and going to be a personal trainer they want to hide and so why don't really do Instagram, well then don't do it the way everyone else does it. Just do it for your thing. Say hi, hi, I'm personal trainer, Steve, and here's my services and then just do that then to treat it Prag practically pragmatically, like It's not that hard, but trying to be like, if they don't do it it's a huge red flag it's because they're not really it. Usually a coach that's not willing to outwardly be a coach and ask for their say, Hey, I am this, I do this, come do business with me. Let me help you. They can't say that on any platform. They better already be full and better stay full. But you know, we do have the luxury like with Megan's case, she's got, she's full all the fucking time. Anytime there's an opening, maybe one post is full. So we don't have to constantly be massaging people towards the waitlist, or social media that doesn't have to all be business, which is nice. It's nice. But if it wasn't in the beginning, right when there were still plenty of openings was like okay, we gotta gotta beat it up a little bit. Pump it but then once you free Yeah, you got the space. You don't gotta push that hard once you're once you're scheduled

John Fairbanks 1:05:45

for Yeah, and it is so that's where it's how much you hit promos, whatever, it's all you're able to take care of it and at the bare minimum have your people reshare whatever your thoughts are.

Tyler 1:05:56

That's a big one just for sharing the story of charity with a little word saying hey, I'm coaching here by the way, shoot me a message. So guys, I got a jet. So we'll see you guys. I want you to go to the gym owners link in our description for the Facebook group as well get in there. This is where we have all the finest discussions. Jon's weekly daily sort of most frequently and frequently. infrequently frequent. Yes, using drop it in there. Follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. Follow me at Tyler effing stones Tyler FFI and Stoney fun John Fairbanks f L. Thanks for listening everybody. We will see

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