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Friday, July 21, 2023



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  • Gym Owners Revolution. (0:01)
  • ​How to really care about your clients? (4:34)
  • ​Double down on the area you’re in. (10:42)
  • ​The importance of quality control. (15:23)
  • ​How to stand out from the crowd. (20:58)
  • ​Marketing about your successes and not your successes. (27:36)
  • ​Giving people the choice. (31:44)
  • ​The importance of having a bespoke offer. (37:58)
  • ​How to avoid buyer’s remorse. (41:47)
  • ​The most slept on thing in the fitness industry. (45:17)
  • ​Quality is more important than quantity. (50:29)
  • ​Be prepared for customer’s expectations. (55:21)
  • ​The importance of treating every client like a customer. (1:02:12)


Tyler 00:01

Hello out there gym owners. This week we're going to talk to you about something very near and dear to John and I's hearts. The results that you deliver in your gym, they're the most important thing. In our opinion, I think that it is a thing that gym owners tend to and not gym owners necessarily but the people that are trying to sell to gym owners very often just gloss over this subject completely. They just sail over it and go, you need more leads, more leads, more leads, money , advertising marketing leads, more money, more money, which keeps packing people in this simple system, bla bla bla bla bla. And I think it ends up. We've talked about this in the past and end up trashing your reputation in the long run. Because not only is there no emphasis on quality control, I could give them a pass if they went we're on the assumption that you're great at what you do. And but the problem is, I think a lot of them the products, the processes, the way that they sell, is really made for that churn and burn tons of people in tons of people out, nobody really sticks around, we've got your money, you're gonna fail, people fail at fitness anyways. So who gives a shit and it just completely just dissolves a lot of the trust that you have within your community. And so that's what we want to go out today want to tell you ways that we work with our gym owners in the gear Academy, to make sure that their marketing, their advertising, their content strategies, their sales process all aligns with a very high quality, high likelihood of positive outcome service that happens on the floor, I think it's the most important thing, it's the reason that I am in this business. The reason I opened my own gym is because you can make this shit work and it can make you money. And if you want to do it for the long haul your reputation out there on the street needs to be if I want to lose 20 pounds, what's my likelihood of success I go to this place they have the reputation with that's where everyone I know who's gone there who's wanting to get results has got it. And they say it's great. And code like that needs to be a priority. It cannot be they got me for 600 bucks, and I never really kind of this or I got locked into a contract and I never really liked love. That can't be the way it goes. Okay, so before we get into the details of this, we're going to cover today we're going to cover your marketing your sales process, the way you present your offers to give everybody a high likelihood of success, and then how to actually deliver quality control systems within your gym to make sure your coaches have a chance to develop. And that the constant priority within your business is quality coaching, quality results, quality outcomes. Before we get started, make sure you go to gym owners That's where you're going to find the gear Academy. That's we're gonna find all our blog posts and all of the old transcripts and podcast articles and the episodes are all sitting on there. In the link in our description, you're gonna find the gear shift John, the gym owners, the gym owners revolution Facebook group, we got so many different things running at one time. The gym owners revolution Facebook group, there's also where we put a bunch of all of our new content drops here. That's where we have the video episodes. So before we move on, make sure you go and do that follow the gym owners podcasts on Instagram, follow me at Tyler effing stone. And my fearless partner over there John can be found where

John Fairbanks 03:18

at J banks of L.

Tyler 03:21

Alright, John, let's dive into it. The end of the piece of somebody's business that we see most of these consultants come in and deal with is what lead generation always leads sales lead sales will teach you how to sell will give you swipe files lead sales leads. And most of the ones that we've worked with, when we've helped gyms implement and work with gyms implement other people's systems, we just saw that it was a shitty product, more than anything else. And it wasn't the gym, or the coaches were bad. It was that by the way that they were selling the way they were presenting and the way they were getting these leads in and the products that they were placing these people into were shitty, and gave them a low chance of success. Picking people that had a low chance of success just taking their money and running them through something that really did not have a good chance of making it work. And doing so in a way of why when you push to scale that quickly. Your coaches your systems, you can't manage any of it well, there is no ability that you really have at that scale to just overwhelm your system and do a fucking good job and to really care about the people and make sure they get the outcomes that they're there

John Fairbanks 04:34

for. To really care about the people I think is the crux of it. Right? Because that's really what always came across as we dealt with and I'm sure if you've ever dealt with as a gym owner that's listening to this, if you've ever dealt with consultants or people that are going to come in and then help with the business of the gym. It's there's there's so it's so disingenuous. It's just clearly disingenuous, and we've gone hard like the issues when you have to swipe files or copy and paste or these types of things that have worked for some person, some group at some point, and now you're trying to plug it into yours. But what happens is that the disingenuous nature of all the systems that you then adopt and bring in how it gets executed, it's almost as though it's almost as though on purpose. It's like the client is the last person that's being thought of. So every message that gets sent out just how it clashes with your brand, there's a reason why when I talk to gym owners that have dealt with other groups or dealt with like business consultants that have come into the gym, typically, it's like, well, my gym owner or the previous gym owner, they brought somebody in. I mean, you and I were talking to somebody completely unrelated. And now over a year ago, he's just like, Yeah, we just as members, we knew that they brought somebody in, and like, everything changed, and was so sleazy, and so weird and uncomfortable.

Tyler 06:01

His words were it was like a very dark, dark era within the gym. It's like, there's this shitty dark energy. And he said, for like, a year and a half, and a lot of people left, a lot of people soured on them. Not only the business, but like the people you'd use to trust. And they're like, Who the fuck are you? Are you doing this here?

John Fairbanks 06:18

And so there has to be red flags, right? Like, as you were, anything that you're in, if your clients are the last people that they're thinking of, that becomes a serious problem. Like, it has to be something that like, just you get hip to pretty quick, and realize, alright, do they think that like the coaching aspect of this really could just be plug and play? Everyone's the same? It doesn't really matter. They're all kind of lazy pieces of shit. So they just need to be doing something like, you don't even need an actual physical business anymore. Your location is irrelevant. Little virtual. Yeah. If that's the vibe, there's a lot of signs that are like, this is probably not going to be for me.

Tyler 07:00

Yeah. And so your clients succeed, your clients experience, that is what your brand is. That's it, right? What are they doing when they're there? What is that experience like for them? And what are their outcomes? That is it, that is essentially what your brand is, fold your own personality into that, but that all fits what your what their experience really is. And that's what you need to define very early on, right. And in my opinion, if you're selling a coached product, which is an actual service, as opposed to a key, right, if you're a 24 hour gym only, that's one thing, then there are other ways to build your brand. And there's five that you can construct. There's other ways of quality control when it's just simply a physical facility. But when you're selling a service, you are already elevated into the premium market. Frankly, you're immediately in a premium price bracket compared to your planet fitnesses and other 24 hour arrangements, okay, you're automatically four to five times what they charge at a minimum if you're doing group classes alone, so there's no way that you're going to compete at that low and the problem is them. If you're someone's first first impression of you is sloppy, uninterested, disinterested, quick turn and burn. That's a big problem. So when your brand is set up about okay, we coach people, that is a valuable experience that is to get you these results, whether you're specializing in offseason sports, sports performance stuff, well, great. Now those outcomes need to be what your marketing is. Right, so we're gonna touch on the marketing stuff now. So those outcomes are what you're talking about very specifically. It's not just about your location, like all the other things, we talk about your location, your branding, your coaching, your personality, but very specifically, your marketing right now needs to be focused on client outcomes. Because all the other stuff is just tools that you use, tools that you use to deliver those outcomes. And that can all be part of your marketing. But in the end, what you need to be marketing towards is what are you trying to accomplish? Right? That's the first question we asked in our sales process. What are you trying to accomplish? I want to run faster, jump higher, I want to get skinnier, I want to lose 20 pounds, I want to do whatever it is that now needs to be what you're talking about when we talk in the past about how to get great testimonials, things like that. That's a part of it, making sure you're getting testimonials. Making sure you're using clients' own words showing before and after pictures. You need to be known as the place where people go to accomplish this. And a big problem in the fitness industry is that not a lot of places have reputations for results. That's why the fitness industry has a bad reputation. They have reputations of being a place where you go and try and hope that things kind of work out for you. And then a lot of people fail. More people fail and succeed when they join gym members when they join a gym to actually accomplish the results they're out to get and to really change your way of life. So as an industry you can very easily rise above everybody else around you by making or branding about results, $50 memberships or $40 memberships, or $1 intro offers, that can be a part of it. But it's got to be about the results. Talk about the results your clients are getting, show them, have them, talk about them, use their words, use whatever that is. But if I'm looking to join a gym to lose 20 pounds, there should be a place that I believe gives me a high likelihood of achieving that goal. In that place, it's in my area, we're a brick and mortar building. So you're marketing, you're in an area a treat just like your retail store, or a grocery store or whatever thing that's you are in this specific time you got maybe, what are we talking John, five miles, I probably radius 10

John Fairbanks 10:42

Miles tops.

Tyler 10:43

Yeah, ain't nobody going any further than that for any level of coaching, frankly, not. Some will. But not enough to feed you, right? So you really need to double down on the area that you're in, which means you can't make you can't make mistakes. Okay, you really do have to be in a place where people know you as the place that people go and get done what they want to get done.

John Fairbanks 11:03

And this can feel like I want to share, right? We're talking to a gym owner yesterday, and he was talking about, so we've been working with him on this concept of the testimonial concept, just get that testimonial out, get testimonials out as you start to build who your people are. So ultimately, the brand that we're dealing with can be for this particular gym owner can be pretty common, right? It's they're young people, they're fit , the gym is not very big, right? They stay small, it's very boutique style, small, you know, however,

Tyler 11:39

you want to call in their mid 20s. Right.

John Fairbanks 11:43

So that is at the core, the majority of their members are those people. But as we've been working with this gym owner, he desperately wants to be able to get different styles of people. So he's played a little bit like family advertising, talking about his constantly puts out the idea of being healthy for your family, or those types of people. And all sudden he starts realizing he gets people that are now radically different from folks that have been in this gym before. Now, folks that are over 50, their goals are more aligned with what we're talking about, which is they want to lose weight, or they want to be able to be in better shape to play with their grandkids, or whatever fill in the blank, their kids are tired of seeing dad putting weight on every year and they just want dad to be healthier. So he just gets a testimonial of one of the 50 plus year old members that he has. And as he's just naturally interviewing her and getting the testimonial put together because he ended up doing a video which you don't have to do. But if you will, if you're quick and you're able to do it, then by all means do it. But he was doing it during the interview, she just talked about how it was amazing because her blood pressure lowered

Tyler 12:52

cholesterol numbers dropped a few measurable points that were out there. I lost weight. cholesterol numbers went from here to here. It was a very normal regular genuine conversation though. And by the way, things that are not numbers that I'm not even like, like I don't know, right? I'm sure it's all good. He posted that. And almost immediately, he gets like two other people who don't know this person who are in their 50s and go, Hey, I've got high cholesterol.

John Fairbanks 13:20

That's me. Exactly, yeah. And what's crazy is that it means that this person has seen his shit. And so this is where you don't know, like people are seeing the stuff that you're putting out. But you don't get messages because you are not connecting with them. Yeah. And so this kind of gets that larger conversation of like, I don't know, if you come out and say, Do you want a complete and total body transformation? If that connects with that woman, either. That ends up reaching out and saying, Hey, this is me too. I'm that and I want to be able to. So

Tyler 13:59

The specificity that was used in that really is the key because the specificity of the desired outcome and the specificity of the outcome is really what crushed it for. Right. That's it. Because you could have done all the other stuff. You could have done that, hey, are you in your 50s and want to lose some weight? It does. Yeah, but the fact that they did that we did this, this person accomplished this. These are the numbers that changed down in this way. This person is in their 50s. Now a person in their 50s told my doctor that I have high cholesterol. I need to do this versus talking about the overall overarching benefits of exercise. This doesn't do that much then you just sound like another gym, you're just another gym. Okay? And they don't even care that these leads, they don't even care about the fact that the facility is secondary. They don't know anything about at this moment, where it is, what type of facility it's in, who this person is, that's coaching. They don't know any of it and they don't give a fuck this the most important thing when it comes to selling fitness, you and your gym and your personality and the things, you know, rank way near the bottom of that fucking list, when compared to what can you do for somebody? Correct. And you help them accomplish the things that they're there to accomplish. And have you done it before? That's proof of concept. And now, they're in, they're all in. That's why you don't, I'm all about certifications and shit like this, or whatever, I guess I think you should learn. And we'll get into quality control. Actually, the quality of your coaching here is the kind of the last step we're going to cover today. But just know that none of those things will sell anybody on anything. And anybody, any regular person who like won't work with you, because you don't have you have your CrossFit level one but not level two, or you have your level two, but not your level three, or you have some Na, whatever you got your NAACP PSM award or whatever the hell it is that they're giving out for certifications now, and this over diluted market that only fitness isn't fitness professionals. No, it doesn't matter to any of your clients. Not at all, whatsoever. None zero. Absolutely none of that matters is what you can do for them.

John Fairbanks 16:07

And the problem is that the truth is real, right? Like, it doesn't fucking matter what certifications you have. The problem is, we can't go so far off the rails to be like, well, then therefore coaching doesn't matter, or the quality doesn't matter. Like it's, it's so it ends up being a very slippery slope that folks just take advantage of being like, it doesn't matter, fucking who cares, it's just we're going to put out a drip sequence, and it's going to come to them every third day, and you don't have to do anything, and we're just gonna put it on autopilot, and you're going to be a millionaire and your brand is going to suck dick. So it is that that piece though, of being that hyper, specifically you talked about that hyper specificity, the language that is used, in that testimonial, you and any other swipe file that you think as a gym owner that you're going to come up with or copy and paste will not resonate in that level of specificity, you will not be able to change GPT it, you won't be able to you just because there's a reason why he posted it and immediately got a lead. And it's because it's so specific, that effort of being able to get those people to share. So this is always what drives me crazy when we talk about the marketing side. And we speak to gym owners. Well, we are talking to another gym owner. I have all these college girls, all these college girls are in my gym because we're close to the university. And no one looks like me and the owners in our you know, upper 40s. And she wasn't I was really surprised that we have all these women that look nothing like me where I thought this style of training that we were going to do would resonate with women like me, you look for two fucking seconds at the Instagram account. And it's all Tyler who's the only people that are all over the Instagram account, college chicks college jets. They're all fit young college chicks. And I'm like, Well, if you're telling me that your avatars are you, and who you would prefer to do business with are women in their 40s that own their own business or are professionals. They're nowhere nothing on

Tyler 18:15

this demographic that you don't necessarily know that you don't want them. But it's not your top priority B represents such a high percentage of the content you're putting out because that's what people are going to see the scroll to your feed go, oh, this is a place for these types of people not ranking? Yeah, that's um, now one of the things I think that is interesting about this game is as you level this up, as well, where John and I are talking about specifically talking about the outcomes and specifics about these outcomes more than anything else. That's important. It's a, it's important that you get them of course, but it's also that you shine on a different level, you'll always hear me talk about losing 20 pounds losing 10 pounds, but you want to take a take a leveled up approach even further things that I've been seeing on the internet that move around to get a lot of distance with average people, and I'm not talking about fit people. You guys gotta get out of your fitness fucking vortex that people have fitness jobs and people that do fitness account shit, the things that resonate with, like average people, I've seen a bunch of these posts out there recently, just getting spread around organic on Facebook. It's like a video of someone doing these exercises here. And it's, but it's very specifically, like, wanting to get rid of the mom pooch, you know, lower belly after having kids. And it's these exercises. If you're a coach and you want to help moms lose weight, you don't need to put in a thing about an exercise that will help do it right. You can. If you have a mom who you've coached who's lost 15 pounds, when you're having her talk on a video or whether you're using record, lead this conversation into a place where it talks about now I lose 15 pounds, but I lost that. That thing that I'm really self conscious about here. That is that level of zooming and that level of specificity. It's a specific need, a specific concern of theirs. Beyond just losing the weight. It's here. This stubborn stuff Hear, hear, you know do not want flappy arm stuff. I was so glad that that went away when I worked here, that type of stuff that I will say you will nearly double the level of interest that the leads that you get when they're responding to something like that versus here's a gym. All other gyms are gyms, this is also a gym, gyms, you can kind of do gym stuff, and maybe even more, maybe not, you'll get some outcomes. No, you got to zoom in, you got to be specific and you gotta you gotta ride the successes that you have, and don't and don't sleep on. And that's the worst thing is you get a mom who comes in postpartum, and you help her lose 2530 pounds in a year. That is amazing. You've changed, let's talk about the specifics. Let her talk about the specifics, the specific things that bothered her. And by the way, you don't gotta put her on camera, ask her about those things right below the picture. And then just use a quote one of our clients said was the best thing we have to lose is the under the arm fat.

John Fairbanks 20:58

It's interesting when I go in, and before I meet with a gym owner, I'm gonna go on and I'm gonna do some research. And so I'm gonna be on their website, I'm gonna look at their coaches, and I want to get a feel for what they've been building out. That level of specificity is always found on your websites. Yeah, like if I go to the coaches section, a lot of gyms, a lot of CrossFit gyms will have some middle aged woman that specializes in postpartum, like, it will be very specific. But if I go to the Instagram account, nowhere to be fucking found, yeah, you don't ever mention it and talk about something that's so unique or differentiating between you and all those people that have gyms and do gym things, and you can have a gym, they do all that general shit. It's missing. And the fact is that it's at this level, if you're not a planet fitness, if you're not one of the larger box gyms, you have to be able to clearly point to what makes you good. And what makes you better because you can't afford not to. Yeah, it is your leading point for why people come to you and work. And I also think

Tyler 22:01

That saying and I want to elaborate on saying better than the other guys isn't even necessarily a term you need to be using or even that you're different. You talk about actually showing results relentlessly talking about the results, relentless content, about the results in the successes that you deliver. People don't want the gym. So when you start to lean into that now, all of a sudden the word is out that that's the place where I gotta get that. Listen. There's a new shop in town that has things, like rims and cars and trucks. And they fucking rule they like I mean, it's really sweet. And I don't give a shit about who owns it, or what the name of the company as I start seeing these fucking wheels rolling around town and I'm like, god dammit, I want those bad. And then you find out that somebody says, Okay, well now when I want wheels, that's where I'm going. That's where I'm wrong. That's it. Why? It's not because the guy said he's a professional. I know nothing about it. I know nothing about anything. I saw the wheels that I wanted.

John Fairbanks 23:00

Did you ask about a certification styler?

Tyler 23:03

Not a clue. Not a clue. Definitely probably done some time. That's my guess.

John Fairbanks 23:07

It's probably why there's so much better. It's but it is right. It's like it's but it's almost Yeah, and it's such a good contrast or comparison because it is exactly what it is. Is that your results are walking around your town.

Tyler 23:22

Yeah. And someone loses 3040 pounds in your gym. Everyone at their job is asked them but everyone in the family is telling them they look great. You like that on its own is great for referrals. It's that reputation you know, but that would still move slowly. You put that out there and then combine that with running say Facebook ads doing even traditional marketing quit putting your fucking logo on shit and just putting it out there. What did some What did you help someone accomplish what is that it's the results that you're selling sell that please please sell this so you're running Facebook ads one of the things that we talked about a lot because you're running ads paid advertisements it doesn't take very much money to saturate your market if you're advertising outside of 10 miles from your place you're wasting every penny that you put out there unless you're in a virtual business but you're absolutely wasting it those people are not driving every lead you get the further away from your location has a lower likelihood of because it's just more work it's more work for them to get to you just ends up being a lot I'm not driving a car everywhere that I go was within seven minutes. Oh, I could be pretty tight so like I'm not going to go and this is a small town I'm not going to go to a town a gym that's on the opposite side of town if I don't absolutely have to. He would have to be miles above and better. And I would have to know all of that well

John Fairbanks 24:41

before it would be level of specificity would be the only thing

Tyler 24:44

exactly if I'm on the opposite side of town but Masson omics is very far away. Well, that's what I want. That's what I need. That's where I'll go but that's about it. There's nothing else that is exceptional enough or specific to my needs that would move the needle for me at all. So running ads though, if you're running ads that are just about your gym, you're paying for every eye that gets on it, everyone. And so now that people are going to start seeing the same ad multiple times, you're going to your stuffs gonna be seen all over, right? I'm okay with people seeing things seeing general content, like, here's us, here's some smiling faces. Here's a list of the types of things we do are some classes, you put out different stuff with your ads, there's nothing worse than running one ad and fucking letting it just run forever, months, months and months. But you gotta be switching it up to the point where then once people have seen your stuff, often, and we run ads locally here, I see them constantly for the gyms that we help with the local gyms that I work, we see them all over the place. And one of the things we began to notice was, I've already seen that one, and there was no opportunity to compel me any further correction. And that's where specificity matters, not just in what the outcomes you can deliver are, but what is the product that you're selling? Now, what is the offer? When do I need to get signed up? What does it cause? I need more information. So beyond general awareness in your marketing, you need to actually be informed as a if you want your leads that you're paying for to convert, they need more information, or you're going to be paying for leads that have very little interest and a very low chance of converting because they don't know anything about you what you can do for people or what your reputation is, what your offer is, what products you actually have, what the price is or what this deal is at all. That just goes. Okay, yeah, maybe I'll kind of like someone who says yes to that, like, Sure, I'm interested but I have no fucking information whatsoever. Every new piece of information they get, that doesn't align with their preconceived notions, is going to stop them from joining every new piece, which is why it's very important in this new day and age. For your leads you're trying to generate interest because they need to be informed before they reach you. Now, that may mean that you're not getting as big an influx of leads. But if you're not some just ruthless salesman trying to sell people into products, they won't, they don't want to, they don't need to help them. Then you need to spend a little bit more time and a little bit more effort on the front end so that when you are getting these leads these people know, Hey, I saw your stuff at lady we lost the cholesterol. That is exactly what I want to do. My doctor said the same exact thing. That's all they care about. And they say I know that this offer here is half off my first month. I'd love to get in and get started. That is a lead that rocks versus I saw Jim. Jim said free day free trial, I click free trial. What does that mean? And they just go What does it cost? And they hear the cost. They've never heard anything about what it can do for them.

John Fairbanks 27:36

Because the only thing that learned them there was the word free and not

Tyler 27:42

so grand successes and not things that you do well, none of it, because it's Jim.

John Fairbanks 27:49

But think about the contrast. The contrast between the spot that selling rims, you didn't ask how much it was for the rims?

Tyler 27:59

You don't why? Because I just assume it's a lot. And I'm okay with it. Because they look on so long. Yeah, it's the same thing from this what I want.

John Fairbanks 28:07

I do the same thing with tattoos. Right? I'm in the market for tattooing. So when I see people with shit tattoos, I ask, Hey, where did you get it? Now I know, that's not the shop that I'm going to. But man, when I see people with really good ones, I'm like, oh, that must be from either out of town, or if they're in town where? And so again, I'm not asking how much they were. So this is such a stark contrast, because now it ends up being a conversation that starts off with an end result, something that someone truly wants, that ties back to the quality of what you do. Totally different than a conversation about what the price is. Because if we're just saying, hey, it's free, free tattoos.

Tyler 28:59

Okay, well, that

John Fairbanks 29:00

sounds good. But what's the catch? Is it clean? Like what are the problems with it, to think that when you only offer something free, or when you offer something that's only going to be price? First, the only question that you're going to get is going to be how to send me your pricing. So when we hear that we hear those complaints, we hear, you know what you can do for them, bingo. And it means that your ads are only attracting people that are looking for an offer based conversation, like a price based conversation. You haven't

Tyler 29:34

even put that out there yet, which means that's the only thing which means I am. I have changed one ad and now I'll double down on this. Put your goddamn prices out there. Even if you're going to do a half price offer that's a perfect opportunity to go half off your first month, write what the month is for your group classes, but one line through it so they know what they're paying after the second after the first month and then put the deal in the book. Put it there and fucking own it so that the people who go I would never pay that for, for fitness classes or whatever this is or coaching, so they don't fucking bother you, when they have the money and when they actually have the need and all the other places that don't do fuck all for them fail them, they know in the back of their mind that you do it better. Because not only do you charge more, which no matter what that's going to be equated with value, which you said is a nicer product. But hopefully, you've listened to the first 30 minutes of this podcast and you're putting out other things that make when someone does a little bit of a click through your social media, whatever your website, your Google business, that it is actually attracting people based on things that people want, right. So let's move on to the second part, though. Second thing now. Okay, the first part is marketing, that's marketing, about your successes in a way that will attract people who are ready to actually have those same successes, okay, I'm an extreme powerlifting gym. And Susie, scared to do step ups, you know, wants to lose 15 pounds in her 60s is not going to come in and listen to Panther and slam some bars, she may get there eventually. But very likely, it's going to scare her, she's not going to come a lot, it's not gonna be her vibe, she's not gonna show up much. It's not gonna be her type of training, and she's not going to get the results she's there to want. So it's just it's not going to work. If there's misalignment on the marketing side, on the attracting side of it then becomes what your offer is your sales process, specifically your offer stack and how this conversation goes. This is a principle that John and I have. The second principle that we're covering in this episode is fundamental to everything that we do. And that is about giving people the choice, allowing them to communicate thoroughly what they want to accomplish and what's in the way of it and then let them choose the assembly of products that they want that fits their budget fits their desire to succeed and kind of melds those two things together. There's a lot of awesome cars that I can't afford. And that's fine. So what I buy is a car that I can afford that has the best amount of features that I want, but totally a thing that I can get into.

John Fairbanks 32:15

But if you stop paying for Netflix and stop buying McDonald's and stop doing all this stuff, you could pull that money together, Tyler, you could probably afford that really expensive car, I sure could.

Tyler 32:27

But that does nothing for me. In the end, you know, like people are gonna live the way they can live, it's my choice, right? It's always their choice. And I think that having this baked in, and we will walk you step by step through the sales process that we do, we've done it before. But I just want to touch on in this context, I think this will make a lot of sense to you guys as listeners. So the first thing is getting all of your services in front of them so that they know at any given moment throughout the course of their journey with you, if they do choose to say yes, and start something with you that they always know what else you can do for them. And they should be reminded of that often as well throughout the process. So wherever they get in, if it's Hey, I started this really expensive product, I hope we can kick start some progress because I can't afford this forever. But I really want to right now. And then I'll jump back down to your group classes or your 24 hour thing or some sort of partial situation where I can still get the coaching, I need to let's jump start this and then I want to move out, or maybe I don't have the money now let's get in and get moving. And then I'll save some money because now I know how much it costs for me to move up to this other product that I want I just can't afford right now. Now that is about giving them the long term chance of success, that they're always allowed to like, move around and make adjustments or adjust their commitment or just stay within the pocket when you're within your business. So you can constantly keep helping them. If you're selling fitness, what's going to help in the long run is going to be you helping people for the long run, for sure they need to stay with you. I've been coaching somebody for five years, and they are not fitter, better, stronger, leaner, happier, whatever that is, at the end of it. That's at five years, it's almost on me for not firing them or having some hard conversations. So it's important that you give them the ability to stay with you. And to know that there's other things you can do that there are levels to this game, and then they can play on different levels at different times of the year. The big one, though, is in the beginning giving them a choice as well. So where we start every conversation is every sales conversation starts with what are you trying to accomplish this next few months? That's the big question. What are you trying to accomplish these next few months? They're going to tell you verbalizing that's very important to them is very important for you. It's very important for them. But then as soon as they've said that, you're going to ask me what's what has stopped you from reaching these goals in the past and you can kind of drop some hands but usually they're gonna say off foodstuff and they'll sit down, they'll identify all the things that they need help with. I go to the gym. I never really know what to do or you know, I've been lifting for a while, but my knee has been bothering me. So I really can't do this or that. Or it's like, you know, I have a hard time motivating myself or I don't know, I just need, I can never stick to a diet, I can never really stick to a food plan, or I don't know what works, or I tried keto, and that would kind of work and didn't, so they're gonna lay all this stuff out there, all that is, is just bait on a hook for you go in and bite it, snag it up, then. So then the next thing you're gonna say is perfect. And whether they've already decided at this point, whether they've already going to group fitness or one on one you can kind of depend on your system and the products you have, I think that there's kind of a different flow to this. But basically, once they've identified what they're trying to accomplish, and the barriers to them accomplishing it, you're just gonna say, a top options or most expensive option, it's got the nutrition coaching that you're looking for, it's got, you know, accountability, 12, week, upfront commitment, guaranteed results, you get whatever access to all of our group classes, 24 hour pass, you also get one personal training session per week or whatever. From there, you said, but we have all these other lower options here as well take a look, let me know what you want to do. And it's gonna be all defined very quickly, very easily, it's each lower option is just gonna be lower commitment, right, there may be less products on there, one may not have nutrition coaching down at the bottom, whatever that is, whatever your products are, when that flow sits, so you hand it over to them, and then you shut up. And from there, they're going to make the choice. And they're going to make the choice based on their buying habits, budgets, all the other things. Now the reason this is important, not just in them kind of sliding into something that's maybe more expensive than the base offer. I think the really important thing about that is them choosing what they want instead of being coerced up a ladder, then really choosing that allows them to take ownership over this process. It goes I made the step not it's got drugged me up there. And now it's a little more expensive than I want. taking ownership over this process allows them to truly be committed because in fitness, we cannot just sell and let them sit back and get results. That's not how this works, right? They sell to them, they're buying and they have to recommit every day they come in, they need to commit every day to the coaching process, they need to commit to the diet, they need to do these things and you need it starts with that. If your sales process does not go in that way, you're not giving them a very good chance of success by putting people in products they don't want, don't understand, can barely afford their reaching or you just stuff it to sell supplements, it becomes that thing. Oh, you just buy all of our fucking ISO Huso what seas and Aruba. Aruba, Rivo, whatever shit is going I don't even know what's out there anymore. What's the what's the other? What was the other heavy CrossFit? What's the one with our whatever it was that all the worst shit, right? AdvoCare was another great one. Yeah, AdvoCare Yeah, anyway, it's all trash. It all sucks. But you're just doing that if you're just forcing somebody into some kind of bait and switch shit, and it gives them a very low chance of success.

John Fairbanks 37:58

What's important too, is the fact that it's structured this way and broken out this way allows it to feel very bespoke or customized right for the person that you're working with. And when that is happening, that allows you to then be able to work specifically with them to where you're not just shoving everything into a single offer, or into a single thing that they can buy. Because that is the issue. Typically, what we find is that people do lots of things as a gym owner, but you pump it all into one single, like Mega unlimited super membership. And you end up boxing out where if somebody's like, well, I don't really want that, or I don't need this, they do not connect with what you're trying to push them into. Yeah. And so there's also a mistake to where you make that initial sale, that initial sale that you make, that's not the last time that you're going to be having a conversation about this person's goals. So again, the idea of putting someone into an incredibly high pressure sales situation, and only trying to push them into whatever your $600 challenge for six weeks is going to be like, all that that is is that they have to bite the hook for that one single thing. And you're not going to expose them to anything else that you do. So this allows as you allow someone to have the choice, you truly are allowing them to not only see everything that you have to offer, which is now completely different than before, based off of most of the offers or memberships that we see. Because it's not just a proposal for a 20 day punch pass or a 20 session punch pass. That means nothing. You can have a really robust robust group class offering and have all these different classes and it's super great but if it's just like well, it's just you know, just come in 20 sessions, whatever and have them come in and super convenient. You lose anything that's now goal oriented. You might as well just be offering a place for somebody to come work out just generically. Yeah. We're always pushing them.

Tyler 40:07

And you know, there's a thing in buying psychology that matters, right? People have buying habits. This is why this is structured that way a top down offers a most expensive offer all the way down. Because people's buying habits are with art, we've talked about this in the past, some are just, I'm a big ticket best products kind of guy. That's it. That's what I want. I want the hot shit, right? That is what I want. The nice people drive the nicest cars. Some people just drive the nicest car they can afford. Some people can afford anything. So they drive the nicest possible car they can get their hands on, some people place very little value on how nice the car is or what it looks like. And they just drive around something that's reliable, and it's okay. But people have their own buying habits. And this allows them to actually take ownership of it. And really feel connected to that step that they take is a very real concept in buying psychology, that's buyer's remorse. Everybody's had it. Right, you buy something you're like, Fuck I didn't eat is a bit more expensive, especially if you don't have a lot of money. Or if you have a lot of money, you buy something you don't need. There's a little bit of like, fuck, right. And while that works, in reality, if I sell someone a $100,000 car and they were really only hoping to spend 60 or 70, but they're like, that's pretty nice. And they get this weird feeling where they love the car, right? But what happens six months down the road, eight months down the road, maybe they're not as flush your cash, all of a sudden, you may kind of start to regret that purchase every time you write the check, go buy a boat, are you Right? Right, those boats, those fucking boat payment checks all winter long. Every month you I fuck. Though I can't even use it. I can't even know that the buyer's remorse is real. And I think that it's okay that it's an after effect in other forms of sales. Because you've already got all your money. If you're the salesperson, they already have the result. They've got the hot car, they can experience that car whenever they fucking want. buyer's remorse in the fitness industry is cancerous. Yes. It's a thing that we as fitness professionals have to absolutely avoid at all costs. We must, because they have to constantly recommit every day in the kitchen, every day they come into the gym, it is absolutely the way that they keep this ball rolling because it is about consistency. John, how many of the things that you've bought in your life? If given a choice to have bought it or not? Would you have chosen to buy that thing, three to four days a week, for five years? Everything from the stereo and your car, to the wheels on your car to your car itself to the TV you got right now, how many of those days if Monday, Wednesday and Friday you could decide to get your money back? Or you know, are you into this, right?

John Fairbanks 42:47

There are several items that

Tyler 42:50

when this is your fitness, when this is your health, you lose, it's over. It's over that moment a buyer's remorse is a no show, that now starts to become guilt that starts to expand itself into food dysfunction, ignoring the coach not doing the diet. So it sinks the fucking ship. And that's going to take us into this next step here, which is the quality of what the quality of your product is, which is results. It will sink your ship if you're starting by selling offers to people and boxing them into shit that they will regret in the future that they didn't choose and that they didn't have the opportunity to take ownership of. Are you sure you want this? Are you ready for this? All right. You know, we just had to do this when I was doing repairs. And this is why I know this part of the buying psychology very much. When I used to work with a system similar to this in the service industry doing technical stuff for heating repairs, that type of shit. buyer's remorse is a big deal. But it's also a big deal. Because these people aren't having an awesome time. They're not buying something that they think is cool. They like their shit broke, and it's 200 degrees in their house, and they need it fixed now. And it's like, you know, one option that they can choose is $300. One option, the other options go up to $1,500. And they say they pick somewhere in the middle, right? I would always have to say part of our sales script, our process was always after they pick I would say quote, This isn't me. Like paraphrasing, the exact quote, if I remember correctly, was okay, are you sure? You know we have these other options, and you hand them the thing again? And they and they say again, we just call this I think we call this one like the golden hammer or something. And they would they would go nope, this one he says and you said you look at him dead in the eyes and you say, Are you sure this is the one you want to go with? And you supposed to do it to the point where they basically there's actually like three times you loop this to the point where they basically say that they would say Tyler Yes, I'm sure like, we need to be so sure that they're sure that they're mad about how sure they are. But that's once your air conditioning works. And I drive off and you're comfortable. And you go I was extremely nice if I had a few 100 Good now, or I don't like how that went or whatever this is that it's very important that those conversations be structured in a way that gives them ownership, and they need to own it. And in your sales process, ownership is not just about them walking away happy that they made that purchase, they need to be happy they made that purchase and happy with that process for the entire duration of their fitness journey. And that's my opinion, that's probably the most slept on thing in the fitness industry that people just fucking don't understand that concept. We just sell, sell, sell, and think that someone buying gives them fucking off gives them an opportunity to succeed. And it's like, no, the way you sold it, what you sold them into, and how it's structured already, no matter how good the product is, has put them in a place to fail, very likely. And that's why the fitness industry is kind of a cancer on the health of this country. We have absolutely, we have made more money than any other fitness industry in the world. Like that's the most money per person which America kills it on fitness spending. And yet, somehow we're going backwards

John Fairbanks 46:00

fat as fuck that as fuck. You know, it is really interesting too, because it highlights the fact that we're all we know, right? It's the alignment, and how connected just like you said, how it is marketed, how everything is talked about, all the pre-sales work that then leads to that person coming in and making the sale, the smoothness of that sale of that process. And whether or not someone experiences that buyer's remorse. It's, it's all connected. Because there's been moments, all of us have had moments where someone comes up, and they practically are saying, Take my money. Can I please give you my money? And the success that that individual has, it's how you feel during the sales conversation, how you feel after you've made the sale, how they feel, everything's just like, this was fucking awesome. Yes, kill it. Because it's so aligns Yes,

Tyler 46:59

direct sales where people are fired up with everything I offer them. It's because of this, because it told me what they want. And oh shit, you do this, I need that. I just told Jenny that. That's Fuck yeah. And they just keep going. And if the money works, and I can't afford, let's do this, like this will work. They should want the best things you have that align with what their needs, what they can afford, is a different story. But then because you've given them choices, they will spend what they can afford, versus what kind of happens a lot in the DIY fitness gyms, you know, that type of thing. You're gonna go into like, it's X amount per month. And from there, you better figure it out, you as the person and that's not a very exciting, guided, there's, you're not having a person taking you to the top of the mountain and showing you the view. They're going alright, here's a key, start fucking hiking loser, see how you see how far you go? Oh, man, like, that's a rough way to do it.

John Fairbanks 47:56

And you can sell quality, right? You can sell results for a spot that's what you do. And listen, we, I don't want someone talking to me about all the things that we're talking about. For me to go train, I want a place that has the equipment that I need. And I have a place that they'll leave me the fuck alone. And I can put my headphones in and everyone can get fucked. That's how I want to train. But I'm not who you're trying to attract. Because the majority of humanity is scared.

Tyler 48:29

And you know what if you are and we have 24 hour gyms, multiple 20, we have franchise locations, and we have standalone gyms, 24 hour programs within our gear Academy. What you do when you are, if so , if you're listening, and you do have a 24 hour program, because it's not that your product is bad, it's just that that's what your product is for. So what can you then do to add on to this, then can you have a virtual product? Can you have it? Can you identify somebody else's plug and play nutrition? But how are you? How are you giving them a good chance to succeed? Some of it maybe it's just free resources that you do want to do because to scale you can do it. One of the things that you can do though, in that capacity is you have a good client experience. Is your place clean? Are your people friendly? Like is it a welcoming place? Do you still have people that because it was nice and welcoming and clean that they have a place to go in and work out four days a week and they have a good time and they've got these results and they you know, I've been training for whatever to get onstage my first physique show or whatever this is and like those are those that are the stories you tell those are the people you're selling. From a marketing standpoint, when you get in though, I still believe that in a product like that they should have options, for sure. They should really have options. You know, John, in your case, the place you had like a place that you go to now if there was a big man stone lift in log throw and crew together Saturdays and that was it and it cost you an extra 15 bucks a week. You'd be like Yeah, yeah, that sounds pretty cool. I do, right. And same thing if someone had us. And again, you don't need to if you're in a, we won't need to go too far into this stuff but like, you don't have to make a bunch of new stuff but just know that there are things that you can do to keep people engaged better for longer, which as like, so we're gonna get right down to the quality of what it is. That quality is exactly what we talked about. John just wants a place to workout. So what does quality mean to you, John? For you, what do they have?

John Fairbanks 50:29

They have the equipment that I want. It is right as you said, it's clean. It's easy to get in. It's I don't have a bunch of fucking people bothering me like it is I'm able to Yeah, it's those things are what matters. So quality for me is I don't need to have somebody up my ass.

Tyler 50:47

Yeah, yeah. And maybe it maybe quality is the quality for some people if you know what? I gotta shower. Does it need to be cleaned in the bathroom or are the bathrooms clean? Some of it doesn't matter at all. Some of them I've gone to some gyms where the gyms are great, in a sense, and the toilets are just crushed. But it's like, Hey, I get it. Man. I get it your target demographic of people that crush toilets.

John Fairbanks 51:07

Is the gym. Is the gym open, yet available when I need to be able to train based on my schedule? Yeah.

Tyler 51:14

What are the other clients? Like? Is it okay for me to be around them? Is it not? Am I waiting, though, like, you know what I mean? There's, I just can't, I can't put blinders on to just insane dogshit training all that often before I just, I can't be here this, I will then know that this isn't for me. Is it messy? Do you have a culture of people called like, very specifically that put away their stuff and clean up? And when there's deviation that's going to happen? Does your staff fill in that gap? If they don't? Is it the people? Is it the staff? Is it both? It doesn't matter systemically, it needs to be better?

John Fairbanks 51:50

I want to tell that story. So I haven't ever, I don't even tell you this Tyler. So out of the place that I trained now. So this tells about the quality. I don't, I don't work with their trainers. I'm friendly to everybody, chat, whatever. But I'm head down and I left. I'm there to do a job for an hour and a half and then gonna get the fuck out. And there was a high school kid that was constantly talking to me. And I won't be addicted to people. So I just kind of just made it a big deal. Oh, this is important enough for me to take my headphones out. And then have you talking to me some more. And so it got to the point where one of the coaches saw that this was constantly happening. So I'm back into the rack and I'm lifting and I see the coach come over. And now my music has stopped because I have if you don't feel them yourself lifting. Yeah, it didn't happen. And so now I can't listen to music because I have to, you know, do this and pretend with my headphones

Tyler 52:43

and brought to you by the video app. That's a video with an M that allows you to solve that problem for just 199. Anyway,

John Fairbanks 52:52

Yeah, you can tell how much of a problem it is that I've never looked for a solution. Anyway, so I can hear the conversation and the coach comes up to him and goes, Stop fucking talking to him all the time. Go leave him alone. And that was it. So like, for me, it's like I've never had to address the dude and the kid never had to apologize. The coach never had to say anything. It was just like it ended. For me. That's quite likely. The idea is that do you have coaches that are watching? They're keeping track of the members that are there? And they are, you know, not just letting bullshit slide.

Tyler 53:22

Yeah. And I think for you guys that are selling a coach product, which I still think sits in the vast majority of the clients that John and I have a coach product is a is the I think it should be a component of every gym that John and I really want to work with eventually I think should be a target. Some people want attention. Whatever that group fitness community is, there's too many benefits to having an actual service being delivered by a human to just completely bake that out of your gym. But when you're selling a coach product, then the coaching is good. Yeah, our stuff. Here's the other thing, define what good is. And this is the thing that everybody misses good doesn't mean, this person knows how to teach this type of thing with the squat, or this person knows how to fix the shoulder here, this or that or this. It's not about what you know. Good coaching has very little to do with what you know. It only has to do with what you can help somebody achieve. That's how hard it is to stop. There's all sorts of personality things in there that should be friendly. That should be nice. Listen, if you're a real dick, and you're just the best at getting people, if you have 10 people that have lost 50 pounds this year, then you have all of those testimonials and all of those before and after pictures. And like Word on the street as if you're still kind of an asshole, you will still get so many people that want to work with you. Correct. So I'm not saying I think that you should be good as a human also, I think that's a part of it. But just know that when I hear other coaches talk about Who's a good coach? I'm like, Are you being coached by them? No. Oh, so you're only compelled to speak on their behalf about their own wisdom, which means nothing. The only thing that matters because back to the marketing is what can you do for them? Have you done it before? Do you prove to me that you can do it? Is that the thing that I want done?

John Fairbanks 55:21

And you know, this is true. And this is true across the board. Because we all know those places. My father in law ran a hotdog stand off of Lake Michigan for over 32 years. Right. And the reviews that they would get, it was always prepared. The big guy is mean, and was still a five star review. Yeah. Because it was the food that kicked ass. Everyone loves the food. Just be prepared. He's a dick. Like, it just was like, Don't come to the window and not know your order. So it was one of the things where again, the quality, what the result was of the purchase, spoke for itself. It didn't matter. And people that got butthurt were like, Oh, he's just so mean. It's like, shut the fuck up. Just know what you want to order. And then it's not a problem.

Tyler 56:10

So no, good. It'd be better if those people had a positive experience with the human across the way. Totally. Absolutely. I just know. They're they're fucking hot dogs correct out hugs?

John Fairbanks 56:22

Oh, no. It doesn't matter how nice they are. You're

Tyler 56:25

getting hot dogs at a goddamn hotdog stand because you don't get enough hugs. Let's be very clear that it's a direct replacement for the hugs. You didn't get dude. What are you putting in your body?

John Fairbanks 56:37

But the family is, but that's alright. But the reality is, what if it was hugs? What if it was? What if he was super sweet? What if they were so nice? And their food was fucking dogs? Over the over? Yeah, it wouldn't matter. And I want to bring this back because you said something was really good, the buyer's remorse piece. When you drove away in the age back business, and someone's like, man, like, this was a good idea or bad idea. If I was really fucking hot, or I was really fucking cold, because my shit broke. And now it's working. I'm so happy that I just spent $500 Because that's now done. And it's over with the result that I was looking for? I got it and then how fast I got it. If I had to pay you and you fucking left and it wasn't fixed yet. It'd be a much different feeling.

Tyler 57:29

I have a client currently getting flooring done in their house supposed to take six working days. That was before the Fourth of July then the entire Fourth of July week off. And now it's another week. And like houses nearly unusable. At this point. They like living in a goddamn jobsite why? Well, the execution on its side, no matter how good the product is, in the end, right now, you're going to be very displeased with this person all the way through. Even if you mess up the actual process. If it is miserable, no matter how good the product is, it still sucks. Two years from now they're though they're still not going to remember how much of a pain in the asset was to have to basically stay somewhere else for half their fucking summer. Right? They're gonna sit in, they're gonna move forward. This is pretty awesome. I never gonna hire that fucking guy again all the time. But I'm not gonna refer him out now. But in regards to what is good coaching, right? What is what is good coaching, I think that those outcomes matter, you need to then talk about the context. Okay, when I got into heating and air conditioning moved over to the technical side, with no formal education, but then I spent 12 years doing it. Okay. What nobody sat me down and told me, Tyler This is how refrigerant acts and via changes of pressure can absorb heat and moisture and transfer it from in and out using either water or air is immediate, whatever. That's nobody ever explained to me actually how it works. I was fixing things very much. So not understanding really any of the science, there were just numbers I needed. Things to be had numbers and temperatures and pressures and things that I understood what those needed to be to get music. I had no fucking idea really what was going on. Right. And yet, I would say probably the most qualified technician for that level of stuff very specifically that was around. And so. But the reason I was able to accomplish so much more than my fundamental knowledge base, right? Because if you only got a few years in and you got to work on some shit, you can't, I don't get 20 years, I just don't have 20 years. So how do I still fix it? Right? How does it work? By solving the problems in front of you when they're in front of you. And this is the thing we talk about we and training coaches and all this stuff is when you're worried about whether your coaches are doing a good job or whether they're good coaches. It's not about how much they know. Who are they working with right now? Okay, what's going on? How is this person not improving? What do we need to do differently as people get hurt when they're working with this coach or they? Or even on a personal level? Are they not having fun? Are they having fun? Or you know this? Are you watching them? Are you observing them shadowing some of their class as a program or private sessions? Are you getting maybe quarterly feedback from their clients? anonymous feedback about their clients from their clients? Are you having them? Or are you having conversations with their clients about their goals? Right? Does that live somewhere that if you have a client that would really when they come in wants to lose 20 pounds and fit into the dress? Is there a check in at some point where like, Hey, how's how the weight is? How was the dress? Are we about there? What can we do to make sure I know you came in and it was important to you? Right? What? What can we do to make sure that we're getting this done? And when people miss that, and they worry about teaching about muscles, if you're naming muscles, I don't give off. And neither do your clients. Being smart does not matter at all compared to what you can do for them. So if you want your coaches to be good in your coaching product to be good, you need to understand that the system that you're creating for quality assurance is about the people they're working with now. Sit what is their experience? What results are they getting? What results do they desire? And can we rectify any gaps that are in there with what we want. And that needs to be your system. And that can't just be a thin idea that you have and needs to be a conversation when you're having a coaches meeting. That's what needs to go on in your coaches meeting. How is Stephanie doing? She came in, I know her cholesterol is quite a bit better. But what she wants to do now, I don't really want to know, we're just gonna let her spin her tires, I asked her what's your What's she looking to do? Or maybe shooter then also, you know, I'll shoot her an email as the owner, because you know, you can't tell me as your coach, it's fine. I'll shoot an email, say, Hey, I know we caught up, it's great seeing your cholesterol numbers that have been better. So what are you looking to accomplish? Next, we want to make sure that we're here for you, okay, then we're here to help you with your next big goal, whatever that may be. So if you want to have a chat with me, or coach, Steve, or whatever, please let us know or reply right in this email. And just let me know what you kind of want and what you want to do this next few months. So we can make sure that you're reaching your goals, you accomplishing the things that you pay us to help you accomplish, is important to us at this gym. That's, they need to know that. And if they know that, they're going to feel heard, they're gonna feel guided towards a place that they want to be guided to, and they're going to invest every step of the way.

John Fairbanks 1:02:12

And when you treat people like that, we treat every single person like that. You don't have to worry about how the community is doing? How are they doing? How do they feel? What's going on? Like, it's when you're that invested, and it's at the end of the day? Here's what's crazy. It feels like you're so invested in the person receiving that level of care. It's like God Damn, that's like it. That's awesome. That makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside the grand scheme of things. Let's step back, how much work is that? Fucking none

Tyler 1:02:47

are the ones that email the same. Everybody that emails alone, changes houses, personal goals that were on the spreadsheet you put in when you entered their file when they came in? And then you're done. And send that out quarterly offering to everyone. Jesus? I mean, it's not that hard.

John Fairbanks 1:03:04

And those are the systems right that like that's when we talk about systems, it is custom, instead of the systems being this thing where man, you got to fucking start over worse, you have to pull all your shit apart, because now you're trying to do this new system and this new concept or whatever and super competent. It's like, no, where are you at? Now? How do we build a system around that, because at the end of the day, there's so many different ways, every can every consultant, every business, every concept, has 15 Fucking ways that you could go about doing it. But it truly is, there's just a couple of core things that matter. And I think that that's what we're getting into, like the core point of this, of just how you should be as an individual and how you should care for people, that ends up being those guiding principles that then result in your marketing, how you talk about how you do your sales.

Tyler 1:03:58

Exactly. And this flows back up as well. Now, I'll touch on this very quickly. But if you're getting to the point where your coaches, when you're actually worried about quality assurance, instead of just dropping workload and clients onto your coaches, and then hoping things go well, you start turning up the volume, because you're doing a bunch of turn and burn marketing and getting low quality leads and stuffing people into products they don't want but you're getting a lot of them. And they're people that aren't really trying to connect with the coaches because they're not invested. Maybe they feel duped. They feel stuck there. They don't come that often because they're not really into it. They weren't bought in really to begin with. So they're just kind of there because these are disinterested clients. These are tough to coach. These are people that are low effort, people, your coaches are going to hate that. And there's a ton of them. They're running group classes, there's going to be a ton of them. And if you're not having a quality assurance conversation every week with every single coach that covers all these facets client success, how are you doing? How's the workload? What are the qualities that people are getting in? And they're gonna say, This person is really frustrating. It's like they don't want to be here. They can grumble about how much it was all the time. classes fold, they suck at moving, they have injuries, I can't get them. I can't hardly get them moving. And I've got 15 people in every class. This is tough. And if you don't have that conversation from both ends from top to bottom and from the bottom up, you're going to be stuck. Like most people constantly, especially trying to scale constantly being behind the eight ball when it comes to hiring new coaches and having enough staff because you're just you're gonna bury the good ones because they actually give a shit and they can't just do this mindlessly. I don't give a shit. Come do some jazzers have Jazzercise class and then I'll go to my day job afterwards. A good coach who gives a shit that's it will drive him insane. It will drive him crazy. If he has to do a shitty job because of the workload you're putting on or the types of clients or the situations you're putting him in. Yeah, so that's an issue you need to be out in front of to defend your coaches as well as defending your brand because your clients are getting a bunch of people who don't have a chance of succeeding and tricking them. Okay? Is going to trash your brand because there's just not enough people in a tight radius with the new gym. It's just not that you can't turn and burn, you cannot have a bunch of people failing and spending a lot of money failing at your facility. You don't need to be there very quickly. That's fucking awesome. Okay, yet the speaking of fucking awesome getting the gear Academy we're all these gyms that are doing fucking awesome things and making fucking awesome money doing it and that aren't just being shady. Like the other folks out there. Gear Academy is the place to go to gym owners Link is in our description for all that. Join the gym owners revolution Facebook Group link is also in the description. Follow the show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. Follow me at Tyler effing stone that's Tyler eff ironstone and John

John Fairbanks 1:06:47

and follow me at J banks f l

Tyler 1:06:50

just another rant heavy episode, guys. We did it.

John Fairbanks 1:06:54

You're welcome. See you next week. See you next week.

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