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Friday, November 17, 2023



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  • AI's role in marketing and communication. (0:01)
  • Using AI for copywriting and the importance of proper prompting. (7:05)
  • AI content creation and devaluation. (13:40)
  • Using AI to streamline customer service. (21:42)
  • AI-powered customer service and its impact on human interaction. (25:22)
  • Using AI in sales and marketing. (31:42)
  • Using AI to streamline fitness business operations. (36:25)
  • AI-driven content creation and its potential impact on breaking through the noise. (40:56)
  • Marketing strategies for local businesses. (45:42)
  • Using AI for copywriting and marketing. (51:13)


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode of genuineness podcast. I'm your host Tyler Stone where John Fairbanks says Hi, John.

John Fairbanks 00:06

Hi, John.

Tyler 00:07

All right, guys. Well, we're gonna get into some Skynet talk today and talk about the future, the role that artificial intelligence is going to play. Not as though John and I have any fucking clue really what that is in its entirety. But there's some of these tools that we've been using. And we see a lot of other people using it. And I think it's one of these tools, these tools will out just check GBT alone will absolutely change the world of marketing, communications, sales, from product strategies, implementation, your processes, everything will be changed and can and can easily be run through using tools like this. Is that a good thing? And it depends on how you use it. But we're gonna get into some of the examples good, bad, and ugly from a couple of guys that are not tech savvy enough to be having this conversation. And if you're not then welcome to the club, because I think a lot of people don't really know what to think. Right? I think the average person is not like, completely has a complete understanding of what all this means. And fortunately for you guys, neither do John and I. So let's get right into it though. Before we get started. Make sure you follow the show at the gym owners podcast and Instagram follow John at Jay banks, NFL on Instagram, follow me at Tyler effing stone, it's Tyler eff ironstone go to the gym owners revolution Facebook group. It's a resource for gym owners that link is in our description. We also have gym owners You get into gear Academy, which is our coaching business coaching program for gym owners, personal trainers, studios, etc. To start, take your business up to the next level. So you want to work with us directly. That's how you're gonna have to do it. So let's get into it right away. I started seeing John chat GPT came out, we jumped on it right away. We do a lot of copywriting. Right. And there's a point where sometimes it's nice to have some tools at your disposal to just do the work. I think it was a Hormoz II thing that he had put out a year ago, maybe it was like instead of spending 80% of your time creating and writing and 20% of your time tuning it up. Now you're going to spend zero time writing and you're still going to spend 20 or 30% of your time tuning it up, if done right. And that just means I go into chat GPT and saying things like I need to make a post, which I've done before for personal trainers, for gyms for my services, did a great example last year for some end of year personal training stuff where I said, and this was, by the way, a much more primitive version. It's amazing in a year, how much champion pts. But just a year ago, basically now I went in and I just said, I need you to write me a four or five paragraph story of a bot how Santa Claus had, you know, finally decided he wanted to get it right. And he hired me. Tyler Stone is a personal trainer. And then I kind of described I want this tone and then it spit it out and fucking rule do like it was pretty actually pretty good. It was funny, it was cheeky, I could have corrected the tone and took it any direction I wanted to. That's one of the more basic, most basic functions really. It is like just writing some copy for me. And people are using

John Fairbanks 03:21

it. And I think it's important where while we may not be like tech, super tech savvy people, we're also not afraid of technology. So there's a piece where while you may be app adverse, right, I help bring in that balance where for me, it's I'm always wanting to look and see what's going on. So if I see enough people talking about things, it's like he thought we should go look at this. And listen, there's been some duds that we've tested that, oh, this is just a shit about

Tyler 03:47

that dynamic, right? Because yeah, I think this is still something that people need to factor into this conversation. Most people are averse to a new app. They don't want to use it. They don't want to be forced to download it. They don't either buy my son basketball shoes yesterday, by the way, HOLY FUCK ARE THEY expensive now, right. And in order to get the disc, they like force you to do it on the app, essentially, they're gonna get if you if you download the app, set up an account, you're gonna get 30% off or 25% off if you do, and you're like, Well, fuck I have to, but I am never. And by the way, that's the way for Nike to make me download the Nike app to get notifications through the Nike app to get emails from opt into that stuff. It's also a way for when I'm shopping for shoes. If I'm using that app, I'm only shopping for Nike. Which is not how I roll by the way. So like, I'm never gonna use that goddamn app again. Probably till maybe next year for basketball. Maybe, you know, but I don't like the idea of having to download a new app. I don't use them. Our communications app that we use Voxer For just keeping business stuff and clients kind of on one page, that's that might be the only new app I have folded into my consistent use since Instagram. Yeah, Instagram, like, Yeah, I'm just not if I gotta get on in this incident. It's very unprofessional because you guys in your businesses and your teams, if I have to get on, like an Asana or slack, I will just jump off a roof. There's just no way I can't get in. I can't do all that I just, I don't like it. I'm out. I'm just not in it. I'm not. I'm not doing the app thing at all. And I think I'm not the only one. This is also a thing where I think as people get older, we used to think that our fathers were just like, just crummy crooks. Like, shitty old guys. We're like, I don't even need a smartphone. But yeah, I think you just get to an age where you're like, I'm not taking on anything. Like this stuff just sucks at this point. I don't want it. I don't need it. I'm out. I've settled in. Everybody gets to the point where you're just like the old guy sitting in his chair watching his shows. You don't watch the new movies. You watch the movies from 15 years ago. You don't watch it for the 50th time. Yeah, and I think people get like that with apps. I think I do at least and maybe this might be a pure projection. But I do think that every company wants to have an app, because it's valuable. It captivates your Captivate, it's a captive audience. I just don't think that most people are stoked about using apps and adding a new app and adding a new machine. I have so much shut down, I use three things on my phone, maybe four. But this now just opens the door to being as soon as John as soon as we started seeing it, and especially getting banned into the paid version of it, like the chat GPT stuff, the things that open AI is doing. And I know there's others out there, but I don't fucking care. I don't pretend to care or know what else is going on in the world of AI. But like aI versus AI? Man, is it a game changer for the few things that we do? Really is. And

John Fairbanks 07:05

you were talking about some fundamental use cases. And certainly for me, it's been that you get to brainstorm with someone else.

Tyler 07:13

Yeah, right. So my brain, someone that can be really prolific too, which is like, yeah, give me 10 ideas about this.

John Fairbanks 07:23

Yeah, oh, yeah. Yeah, then you get to still use your brain, right. But it's like that element of where a lot of you are when you are running a business, and when we were running a gym, like our own personal gyms alone by ourselves, it was a very solopreneur effort, you're very much kind of by yourself. And that's what we wanted to be able to defeat where it's like, you don't have to be by yourself, you're allowed to have a community of gym owners that are all trying to do the exact same thing and trying to help one another, do the same thing. But for most of you, you're still playing that game, you're just not leveraging that to enough. And now you really know, now, it's been updated, where you have access to like online search, and you have so many things to where it's your ability to now have a buddy that thinks like you will could talk like you. And then you tell it exactly what you want it to go out and look and find spit back to you. Now you've just duplicated yourself, and you kind of get to offload some of that, like, just give me everything. And now you get to kind of play a different game.

Tyler 08:25

Well, it's also pretty much objective at that point to where I can say I want 10 ideas or 10, you know, so let's give some examples of primitive usage by the way that we used to use. And now obviously, these things are much more capable of this, but primitive usage where you can do these thought exercises for copywriting on your own where we've talked like, Okay, what is your target? Avatar? And what are the 10 reasons that they would join the gym, because then each of you can pick a handful of those and, and then you can make content about giving me a post, that's a Paragraph Writing about that reason and why they should join my gym and use my name and do that. You could also then go to 10 reasons that they would be, you know, apprehensive to join a gym and it would give you 10 of those reasons. So now write me a post to kind of help them turn that corner and it can do that and you can do that in the form of Facebook posts, Instagram posts, email can do it all that stuff, it's great, but there's just so much more that you can do but I want to touch on how that just people dipping their toes into that basic functionality like sucks. Or if you just do that and you don't give it any more thought like it's bad. And by the way, it's too easy for everybody so once you start doing it everybody knows what you're doing. Everyone knows it's not you and by the way, that's okay. Because if you hire a copywriter have someone's social media manager like nobody's like, fucking Bill Gates isn't running Microsoft's Twitter, what the hell, you don't want to deck the deck somebody else is making those tweets. But I think I don't think it's a huge deal that it be aI that's doing your copywriting but sometimes people confuse Something being verbose and complicated in its language and thorough in its language as good and it's not the case and I want to go through I see these every once awhile pop through realtors are the worst at this because I think it's fucking so goddamn lazy industry of people that are just gatekeeping and I don't believe most of them are in there keep it all but there's a thing that happens when in especially in residential real estate here with people these are just people that are trying to make a listing for a rental but I see it often in houses now to you go to read the description of a house that's posted now and ain't nobody know ain't no human wrote that nobody wrote that and nobody even double check that or gave it a thought. And so I did screenshots some for some rentals rental properties in town that are fucking crazy. And if you guys can see, leases are well they actually are what they actually look like you would lose your mind. Okay. This is a studio apartment for rent. Welcome to this studio apartment for rent step inside to discover an open concept layout flooded with natural light. The bedroom provides a serene sanctuary with generous windows that invite the sunlight to playfully dance across the room. Situated in a desirable location. This unit offers easy access to local amenities, dining and entertainment options. If you appreciate the beauty of natural light and a welcoming ambiance, this unit is the perfect place to call home and schedule a viewing today to experience the brightness for yourself. Now, that's poetic and I wish they had a photo of me really stupid for $450 a month. Oh my god, absolute turd of a studio apartment, the pictures of the kitchen, my shoulders will touch both the refrigerator and the countertops across the way it is a dump. Everything sucks, dude, everything sucks. So it literally is like hey, don't just explain this thing that it is I need you to just shine this turd and bathroom with bullshit. And I see in the copywriting sense of it. I think that is the thing that people need to understand. Like while it can do the thing for you give it some better prompts. And I think in regards to copywriting which has GPT you need to understand better how to put in better prompts and how to correct it and make sure that you if it spits out some like that. I say hey, tone it down with fucking

John Fairbanks 12:26

playfully dancing.

Tyler 12:28

So the light can playfully dance across your 180 square foot apartment. The fuck out of here, dude. Like, yeah, it's crazy. So I still think you should use it. And I think people using it for strictly copywriting is a bit of a mistake as well. But I think you can use it for so don't use it for all of your copywriting. Because it's going people will know there's no Jesus this guy again. And it's easy to get ignored. But I do think it's important to use it for ideas and strategy and other things. I think I think you have to because otherwise you're going to spend all this time thinking or you're going to brainstorm with another person. And if John and I sit here and brainstorm, I have 10 ideas. And John goes, Okay, perfect. Six of them, I'm not I don't like and I'm going to use the four and then I want you and I'm gonna be like attached to two or three of the ones that he shoved out the door, and I'm gonna be a little, like butthurt is just the way it is. If I was a better person, it wouldn't be the case. But that's how this works. And I think it's nice to have something like this, this is just a thing that will work for you, whatever you do it has nearly unlimited resources. So you got to use it for that.

John Fairbanks 13:39

And like you said, it needs direction. And this is where it's, you need direct. So it's, the mistakes are happening when you when someone just is like, give me a description for an apartment with large windows and light. Right and that it's gonna write what it thinks you want it to do. If you just take it if that's all you gave it, and then you just take that. One, it won't sound like you. And two, it won't actually be worth who you're trying to attract. And that's going to be the biggest thing where we talk a lot about who the people you're trying to serve are. And then if you have them in mind and then saying like, Hey, listen, I have a for moms with young kids, I want to be able to give me 10 ideas for something that I can do in my gym with mom with young kids, and then let that spit it out. But then you have to then use your fucking brain of what you want to then do next with that information. And then if you want those posts written, then we've always referred to it as whatever the gym we would be working with, which is like if we're going to you know for us it's like, what would be the word if we worked with a gym that was in a city right a city called stamp heard, and we would say we would want to stand for dyes that copy. So if we want to standardize that coffee, you need to do that to whatever it is that you're working with. So if you're an Aberdeen you need Aberdeen eyes, right? That coffee, local

Tyler 15:13

language of the local people. And by the way that can be from one angle to another that gives you different ideas. So it allows you to be more prolific, but it's got to be prolific with a direction with a real direction and a real focus because otherwise, then you're just making more noise. And I think this is the subject I want to touch on now. This is also going to devalue content across the board, all of it. Because every idiot, me included , can make a lot of stuff. You can make full on AI blog posts, you can make full on AI articles, you I've seen lots of people do it I've seen, you can you can do a bunch of big wordy things, and you can smell it out now. Because by the way, I can write. So one thing that I can do, I can write, I can articulate things pretty well with written writing, in writing, but like a lot of people can't, all of a sudden now a lot of people can. It's not good. It's just complicated and structurally sound. And it's not like it doesn't connect anyone because you can tell it's not a person. By the way John, this other Pete. This second one that I saved that didn't even notice this exact goddamn copy for the next thing which is now it's a two bedroom one bath apartment for rent. Step inside, a discovered open concept layoff flooded with natural light provides a serene sanctuary with generous windows and what sound like playfully dancing across the room. That's awesome. Soccer didn't even read it. Again, whatever, this is the same, since you're literally using the same exact, then just say, two bedroom. Like, that's all we need to fucking know them. Because you're saying the same thing twice, on everything you're doing. Which means what you're really saying is that none of the things that you're saying are important. None of it matters. That thing. Let's be honest, if someone really felt that way about that $400 studio apartment, good, you know what good for you, right. But now when you say that about the two bedroom, one bath apartment. Now, wait a minute, you don't like either of these, none of this is this and it and the whole thing goes fuck off. And that is kind of where I'm at with a lot of that stuff. But to get into the devaluing of its own, of that content of that type of thing. Everybody's going to be more prolific. And getting into this next thing now. Custom GPS. And this is, well,

John Fairbanks 17:38

this is cutting edge now like this is what literally just came out,

Tyler 17:42

okay. And this is a way for you to essentially create your own chat bot to serve your own functions for your own people. To give you an example, I always do this with these new features, I dumb it down to something I can understand and try to plug it into something I do. That's it. So everybody else is using this very complicated thing. I've seen Chad GPT stuff where they're like I made it taught how to write code, and then it made me an app and made me like, Okay, well, I'm not gonna do that, I'm going to ask it to make me an Instagram post, because I don't fucking stay in my lane. Yeah, this custom thing where you can start to see the, what I can do is I can make my own chat bot, essentially, I feed it information, I set parameters, I can choose to give it access to the internet or not. And I can start to establish some processes. You cannot test it as you go. And when it makes mistakes, you go ahead, okay, in the future, if this comes up, correct this, and you can conversationally give inputs, as well as through like a, like a template framework as well. But you can constantly start to build this thing. This took me 30 minutes. Yeah, to do this. And in that time I created all I did was upload my dudes rock training block program. So these were

John Fairbanks 18:56

just PDFs, right? These are just your PDFs as a block. Just

Tyler 19:00

Google Docs, right. And what I did was I went in, and I just uploaded it. And I defined the function of this training bot or this GPT to just basically handle the communications and tell people what to do on the program. There's the intro document, there's everything. So if I jump in right now, and I message this spot, and I just gave it the information, and that's it. told it what I wanted it to do. So now if I am entering this I'm just messaging the training buddy like and I'll say, what do I need to eat for this first week? And great, what a great example for something to be wrong. Okay, let's go for one that I had already pulled up from the other day, right? So if a punching person says, "What do I need to do first?" in my own tone, because I wrote you gotta remember what I wrote, maybe we'll just scribe those four or five documents, probably like 15 pages. Yeah, but I wrote it. It was fulfilling. All right. Camp, here's how we're gonna kick things off, download the app that I have, download the program calendar, make sure you take your before photos, there's detailed descriptions of everything. You're gonna get workouts, we it's like the full on overview of the thing just just asked. And then he says what do I eat for week one. for week one of the program, we're going to focus on setting up sticking to healthy habits, here's your meal plan, break down breakfast options. It just really articulates it in a way where you can ask about specifics, you can ask about one thing, the nice thing about this is this can essentially now replace the function that I would have, if I wanted to have 200 people running through this training program, this just online, it's remote, I wouldn't have to talk to anybody anymore. But if I had that many people, right now, what I would have to do is hire VAs to handle the back and forth, if there's any questions or anything like this, or I have to send them the things all the time, we got to this day send those thing asked for their check ins. You don't have to do that anymore. Not only if I had to get VAs to do it, I have to train them to do it and they're not gonna speak in my tone. Not only that, they're not really going to kind of understand the information that's there. And the other option is for me to not do any correspondence about it. But then for the user experience, John, for week one, you got to go and talk about APA version, you got to go find the document that I sent you five days, you got to scroll through the day three, like that's a bit extra was like what do I do for my second workout? Like, all of a sudden, now this thing can fucking can roll. And now the cost of fulfillment timewise is low, it would be literally zero. If I wanted to do that this way.

John Fairbanks 21:41

Yeah, I think that I like a practical use case for gym owners. If you have other coaches and you have a program, they're gonna roll out, you've taken the time to write it, you wrote out all the programming, you wrote the weeks you wrote out, maybe even descriptions, right, you wanted to get you got in depth to where all of the concepts that go with it. You then have to rely on your coaches to like, read everything. And they're not going to read barely anything. And if they do, they're going to read it once and move on. Yeah, and it's so what it does is immediately puts it to where if you have a program that you have, it's robust or that you've bought, you can plug it in, and then you literally just ask questions like I was playing with your dudes rock block yesterday. And all I asked was what workout could I use? Give me the squat workout from one of the weeks. And it just spit out the entire squat workout. I said, "What about one of the challenges I want to challenge too?" And so then it grabbed one of the challenges and it just gave it to me and immediately it was great. Now that's what I'm doing before like you said I had to go back into the app, go find when you had sent me the link, go find that link, click it, then find it within the PDF to go and now I literally just asked the boy what's my squat workout for today or give me a squat workout and then it is done and it pulled it right from it. And that I

Tyler 23:05

mean I think you could upload an entire book and just be like give me the fucking give me a 10 minute version of this give me a five minute version like give me give me a three paragraph version of this. Yeah, I think the sky is the limit in regards to the way that that can help people fulfill I think customer service now I see as a person who's a service technician before very often tech support is something you're calling into a person right they're asking you for the model and serial number of a piece of equipment and you've already gone through all the things that are in the manual but they have the the other stuff and then they start walking you through and telling you how to dislike the last resort there's nothing I hate more as a man than asking another man for help but sometimes you get to those things and with some issues you need them to to sign off on it you could simply they all of them now those manufacturers can simply upload that entire document that they're using on the back end when I call because it's not like that guy's a wizard that guy just as the technical document they just upload it and now I can just be walked through that process via myself using a thing like this it's it's the sky really is the limit and John if you're actually guys if you're really actually well versed with this stuff, you're like oh these two morons are just scratching the surface well hey man, this is the language I understand this is what it's going to be for me in at the moment. But

John Fairbanks 24:28

but the reality is, you're not going to be the majority of you aren't going to be there. So you have to have it be practical create

Tyler 24:35

The assumption is to use it for whatever use it for while it's going to do what it does around me and in every other industry in ways that I can't even comprehend which is fine. But I think the other thing is going to be really valuable because it can communicate back and forth and be more thorough than like you go to a website and it pops up with like a hey, you need any help. Like that. That sucks most of them. They're just there to get a couple pieces of information for you while they 're on hold to get to a person, right? And they ask you a couple of questions. It's just a process that it executes. And are you sure to go back and check the FAQs? And I thought you do like I'm here because I need help. But that's the thing you can do. Now, tell me about the sales one that you had seen that was almost like calling out with a voice?

John Fairbanks 25:21

Oh, yeah. So there is definitely a new program that's out there. And I haven't gone any further than seeing the ads. But it does, out calling that it is an AI system, that the example that they're using the ad is an example for Apple, right, somebody has opted in saying they were interested in that new VR Virtual headset that's going to compete with Facebook's meta Oculus thing, right. And that's the difference of like, you know, it's like a $3,000 product or something crazy, right? Compared to like a couple $100. And the example they're giving is that a dude has opted in. And so now a phone call has come to him from Apple. The difference is that this isn't a dude that is from Pakistan, or wherever this is an AI bot.

Tyler 26:07

And has to do this for you. One, you would have to pay a person a living wage here to do that. And then now it got to the point where we'll shit that's expensive. So we all sort of outsourced that overseas to where Labor's a little cheaper. Yep. And now that this bot, essentially, it's just using as kind of a text to voice skill, right? It's, it's it's craft, it's responding just as though the regular chatbot would, but it has voice capabilities. But now, the cost to use it is like 10 million people, essentially zero, and you can kind of do it all at once, if need be. So the scale now that you can do out calling that you can do this type of correspondence is infinite for almost anybody all the time now. And

John Fairbanks 26:55

This has been something that we've all been experiencing for years. Right. So this is all the way back to where the companies quickly realized that they stopped, they clearly could not have given a shit about the end users experience. Because how many movies for two decades or TV shows make fun of somebody screaming a representative into a phone, because they're stuck in this eternal loop from hell of like, well tap one, explain what you use that to say the phone number. And then they don't understand the phone number. So like, those are all the rudimentary early versions of this AI concept. But most importantly, removing human interaction because it's cheaper for the end company. We're about to see this ship beyond steroids. And while it is fundamentally like a whole nother universe better than tap one if you're interested in this, but it's still there's going to be a piece here and I think it's probably the piece is worth us talking about that it's going to be its people are going to, at the end of the day, maybe not be interested in watching humans be replaced by everything.

Tyler 28:10

Plus is able to use logic and make a decision on your behalf. No, and that's one of the things that runs this what this is now as infinite bureaucracy. That's what it's like, with with specifically with the calling thing now that it's going to be if you if I am engaging in it, I am now mired in bureaucracy, if I need something done, that's what sucks, is you can have this bot that's job is to kind of avoid spending any money on behalf of it. You know, there's a lot of things when you are using customer service. What's the word, a service that's handling your customer service very often, you'll just give them the leeway to make any decisions or approve anything up to $100- $200 Whatever. And that's how you can add 20 of your inputs into the thing without costing yourself a bunch of money like anything under this, it's your call, you make the decision, you figure it out. I don't know that that's going to be the case with a lot of these bots that they're gonna be handed the keys to making a bunch of financial decisions on behalf of the things they're representing. So if I need something done now I gotta go through this long winded bullshit with something that's a bit more advanced and is really going to do an even better I can't just bark talk to commute a representative please or I'm going to burn your fucking building. Right and so that's gonna get it's gonna get annoying. But I think that that is going to take hold so quickly. Just the engagement that we talked about prolific content creation, writing, copywriting, production of social media content. I also think that calling customer service a lot of your interactions on the front end with businesses that would normally be going through call centers or people or a front desk person. We're going to go through this and it's going to happen so fast, and it's still going to suck. It's not going to be the end user. And I think that that's where that's what's going, this is inevitably going to occupy more space. And know that it does create opportunities for you to stand out a little bit. If you're not some big juggernaut of an organization to go, Okay, well, what can I use this to help me but I can always keep this anchored in some sort of human touch human tone. My first thing with this John, with the custom GPS here that we talked about, that we didn't build is, Well, shit, man, our sales process now, the simple conversational sales process that we have. Just, we're going to build that into one and kind of test it a little bit because you go through offer stacks, and there's questions and they ask about their goals. And we'd make a few connections there, and it connects them to now here's your choices. Like, it's a very simple thing that might take us a day or two. And now, if so I can literally close text messages exactly the way that I will text message sales, for a gym for memberships for personal training for nutrition services, I can literally have all those questions answered and have it not really be simply a if then robot, which is what most of them are now, which then might give me a pretty good chance at it and but always give somebody the that gives me the chance to inform them. Did you have a chance to inform this potential client with all their options and other stuff and have them talk about what they want to have, and not really have to be bothered with taking up anyone's time making any appointment? And it just might get people really close to closing without me having to do anything? But

John Fairbanks 31:42

the strategy, we did an episode six plus months ago, of closing via text message. Yeah, right. How we can see that coming as the future of interaction, just based on human nature, is totally irrelevant to this AI conversation. We never included it. We didn't have that part of the conversation. Was AI going to take this over?

Tyler 32:04

Because regular chatbots were pretty bad a year ago, right? And

John Fairbanks 32:08

and for most of the answer was that, oh, you train up and get somebody trained as you have Bas and they run that. And now what they're going to do is instead of now hiring Bas, you're just going to have an AI chat bot, that's going to do it. But here's all that AI is going to do is magnify, and speed up and make more prolific the strategy you already have. It's not going to change the strategy. So it's not going to change what your mindset is about, it's not going to change the strategy or the tack, all that doubt is doing now is evolving the tactics of how you execute set strategy. This is why we can confidently say that what we're all about to see is a prolific amount of bullshit and absolute dogshit into the industry. Because while you all were physically manually doing this, or paying outside third party vendors to do it, it still sucked dick. And the reason it sucked dick is because the strategy sucks. The reason why we could say you could close confidently via text message is because you're running the system that is awesome. Like the strategy and how you go about executing the offer stack method and taking what we teach, say, taking somebody through a sales process that has client success and client results, first and foremost, and everything's been built off the back of that. If you take that kick ass strategy that is successful, that is aligned with everything, it's in your business, and now plug it in with AI and have the but now you're like, Well, shit, that was awesome all on its own. Now I'm just going to be able to put in fucking nitrous in into the engine. And now we're going to watch it go and be that much more successful.

Tyler 34:00

How? What a waste of all the potential of something like this, if you're going to go and you're going to have it communicate, try to close or nurture some of your leads via text message. And all you're selling people into his $150 Catch all membership with no additional services, no choice, no nothing. It's like well, great. Now you just made it a little bit easier to let people know really quickly that like, there's not much they really do here. Like you're either in or you're out but like, there's no real upside to it. Like how much time is that fucking saving you by the way? Like, let's be honest, what is the point of even implementing that then because you'd better if you're only dumping one thing on him here or take it or leave it like Yeah, you better be there and you better be good and you better be likable and you better fucking really, really wow people when you're in there if you don't have the opportunity to like, connect people's goals and people's, you know past failures, with your services and the things you can do for them. Like that's, and if your system is not set up like that now, it's just going to suck louder with you doing less. And that's the thing we run into a lot with automations. In general, we talked about email automations, and things like this that go out that people get detached from. People get them perfectly. It's sending out the emails on my behalf. It does the follow up it is whatever it is, like, if you check this thing since 2015, because like, it sucks, it sucks. It's still like, Oh, hey, I missed you earlier. As you're like, What the fuck are you? What is this, it's, it's bad. And it's only going to be bad, louder and more, more frequently, literally with people that are the only people you have the opportunity to do business with. So you cannot have this thing suck on your behalf in front of more people now.

John Fairbanks 35:47

Without a doubt, and the strategy, like, as you were talking, I started thinking about was, like all the strategies to be able to collect like having these things, if it just is done for you. If you don't have systems that are in place, then you've just given one section of your business and gave it you just got them juiced up, right, you gave you a little extra boost. And now it's kicking a lot of Ask The problem is okay, let's say it does kick a lot of as it does talk to a lot of people, it does successfully close people faster, because now you don't have to do it. And the ability to immediately communicate something with someone is the speed to communicate is now infinitely faster. Awesome. But if you don't have a system in place of what to do with that data Next, if you haven't taught the thing, to then help you facilitate what you now do with all that data that you get, you will just drown yourself with that efficiency. You've made one section of the business efficient, while keeping everything else wet. So if you were even if you were level, all the way across the business, and you allow this part of the business to make a quantum leap forward, it is now that gap, that gap that you just created, you won't be able to bridge it, you'll break your shit. And this is why in the business, you want to have certain parts of your business grow together and be able to manage that piece. Because one of the coolest ideas that I've thought about of using a training bot Tyler, if I have all the data, and I've done all the things that we've taught you to do, right, which is we've taught you to make sure that you know what the people in your gym, you know what their goals are, you know what their 12 week goals are, you know what they're trying to achieve. You've taken good notes and know what the names of their family members are, when their Anniversaries are like you've been mining all of that data. From a personal training perspective, this is what you want to do, like fundamentals, fundamentals ABCs of how you can manufacture and build rapport with these people. What if I imported that data Tyler into the training bot, into a chat GPT bot? All client data then goes into that bot to be consumed? And I know that I could have every one of my trainers just ask, How is Megan, what's Megan's goals this week, what's Meghan's goals for this group, and then it just spits out that data. Again, it's, you have to have that content. But the ability now of the speed in which you can then take all of that data and do meaningful shit with it has just gone up exponentially. When

Tyler 38:28

I mean literally just the execution and crafting of a training program, like you could kind of run through Magennis running this program. Here's what it is, upload the document, and then boom, I'm going to know what the numbers are forever. Forever. I just go what's man got to do today? What's this person doing tomorrow? Like that's and the sky really is the limit on the help that this can give you on execution on having processes on really keeping things tight. I think it's such a big deal. Like you just touched on his keeping your employees in the loop now. Right? They don't have to go hunt through some, they don't have to open another app, which I hate going over one app and then asking the one question, it's all going to be there if all of your stuff is able to run through this thing that covers this specific need. I mean, it's incredible. Now, on that note, What did COVID did gave a lot of people an idea that they could become online coaches, to the point where everybody was an online coach and had an online program and now it's just not that valuable. It's just being the guy like it's the thing that you can do. But like just remote coaching is that you have to have a brand, you have to have a name to do it and you're going to be amongst a lot of other people. This is going to make everybody able to just kind of execute it without even thinking from top to bottom. Literally you can just plug in any bullshit. You don't even have to talk to people anymore. It's going to saturate a lot of markets for a lot of different things. To the point where again, being the person who is doing it differently, who is being a person. And that's really going to go a long way. And so I think it's important to use this stuff for what it's useful for. And again, we're just scratching the surface. John and I are idiots. We're just, we're just hearing what you're doing and what we can't live with, you know what I mean? But I think that like that now, your sales process it'd be very refreshing. Imagine the inversion of the talking head clips from podcasts that are all over we do it right there all over reels tick tock and shit like this. It's about at the point where everybody's doing them because it's just what you have to do. You have to say your thing and I gotta catch the attention and the first little bit and then I got to that whole process is a thing that that everybody's doing the exact same thing. It's the same formula keep you look and get your attention, keep you there, shift and move to something then I gotta deliver. Gotta deliver. That's that formula is extremely overused, because it kind of works. Going back to this point of saturation with that shit will be very desirable when compared to the amount of constant AI driven content. Ai created copywriting. This just verbose wordy bullshit. This just caught like everywhere on everything, like everybody's gonna go, no. Oh, no, no, no, oh, that's a person talking, you'll be begging for this level of saturation with just bald heads talking shit on your Instagram now, like, you'll be begging for it. Yeah, like I really, this is going to make WorldstarHipHop fight videos more popular, just like I just want to see people being people just wanted to see him take a chance to see a Waffle House fight right now because I cannot. I just cannot hear one more fucking property manager trying to rent spaces so that the sunlight can dance across the roof. It's so bad. It's just, it's, it's so bad. Nobody's going, obviously, you'll read that and go, This guy's a good writer. You're not You're not you know what, but and by the way, there's value in being a decent writer, if you're writing to really connect with the person who's reading it. And that is really where it is. If you can read something that someone who's a good whether it's a paragraph two, four, or five and go, it was good is articulate, it makes sense. It moves through it was whatever, you're gonna read that it has all the same types of words and the same length and all of it as somebody who's a good writer, but it's not. It's just not, and people are gonna, people are gonna get hip to it, and they're gonna hate it. And it's going to be, we are at 1/10 of 100 to 1%. Right now. It's, oh, yeah, this is going to level up to the point where every idiot solution is going to be to make more content. But it's always been that it's always been that content, you know, yeah. And

John Fairbanks 42:56

so now everyone's be like, great, I can finally post six to seven times a day, the way they've always said I needed to, and that everyone

Tyler 43:04

else used every one of these AI tools, the barriers that it removes from creating content, what it does to make content creation easier than immediately saturates the entire internet with it. Perfect example in this is subtitles and captions overtop of videos. Okay? You were foolish if you were making videos, where you're saying things that people need to hear in his early platforms, Tiktok and reels, and not having subtitles on them. If you didn't, you're making a big mistake, because still, no matter what anybody says, most people are not watching those apps with their phone with their sound on. So it's just not having if you're just saying words, you need to have them. John, it was a year and a half ago, a year, year and a half ago, we were still when I was making content, having to upload them to a basically a transcribing app, and then having to really, really troubleshoot what it translated, then it would imprint it onto the screen, then I would download it on the computer, then I would move it over to my phone, then I would have to upload it. Now. I don't even have to pick the clip. Now we use great services, openness, openness, right? Doesn't cost too much money. And I just uploaded an entire episode. Ask it for whatever a few keywords, I want less than 30 seconds, minute, minute and a half whatever parameters I want. And it'll spit out nearly an infinite amount it'll give me and it uses AI to calculate like this is a better hook this more setting in the beginning, it'll give you a rating. So it just starts with this one's ready to 99 this will get the attention here all the way down to low rated ones. And you can just scroll through and pick and make a few changes. But it's done. It puts it on there and I can make 20 clips and the time I used to have to make one or two when that and now though, John, everybody in their fucking dog is able to make these clips where they're just saying thing was on the internet. With subtitles, everybody now can be more effective at breaking through, which means nobody is more effective at breaking through. Okay, there's not being a tall guy among short people, you're tall guy, you're gonna win that basketball game, being a tall guy amongst a bunch of tall guys, you're gonna have a little bit more trouble. And I think that's what's gonna happen with the copywriting tools. And essentially some of these captioning tools, some of the more rudimentary tools of this, that are easy for anybody to use these AI tools. Now everybody's gonna use them. And everybody's gonna be back where we started looking just like everybody else making the same content as everybody else. And it's just tougher to break through. So you're just going to need to say, edgier shit, I guess I don't know.

John Fairbanks 45:42

I think you just need to be more like, I've always felt this way where for me it was there, the ultimate mistake that I think I see is yeah, the how what like the literal, what you're doing is going to be continued to be copied to the end of time. But then it is like literal doing. But when you really see the error is when the copying, when you are mimicking, not just the what's but the literal, like the content is being mimicked how you talk about something, what you talk about, that, to me is where the error truly lies, because then you truly are becoming like everyone else. I saw a quote the other day, I'm sure it was attributed back to Abraham Lincoln, or something, or Marilyn Monroe. And it was the idea where it's if, if there are two of you that agree about everything, one of you is no longer needed. And, and to me, that is what's happening in the industry. If I'd take a look at your gyms and look into how gyms work, let's just do social media alone, just how you market your ship. You're just doing what everyone else is doing, not the literal posting. But now the content that you post, the group photos, the boat videos of people working out like there's, there's nothing that makes you different. And to me that is where, again, you're saying edgier, which I'm okay with that too. But it's not wrong, right? Like it's for us for sure that there is an element, but there is an element where well, everyone in the world is going in a particular direction. So think about like, just fundamentally, let's it's old enough, right? It's when everybody went to me to think and it swept over me. And that became, we had to be super polished and extra careful. And you had to watch your words. And that's what we watched the entire industry. Do. We were like we should probably use more than that. Well, I wouldn't say current or in my contract, because what that does is that is what is that us? Well, yeah. And so it is us. So yeah, I guess you're not an American, like it's you don't use that word over here. Anyway, So for us, it was like, Oh, well, this is us, and we're not going to shy away from it. Because then that just that makes us all of a sudden, now we are different, I think that is going to become increasingly more important, especially because you guys are not playing the online game, which is about to get really, really fucking stupid. But in your own communities, I think it's going to be crazy important, where people are going to get sick of like, PC bullshit large corporations. I'm in the south, people are tired of seeing a rainbow spectrum of people that are trying to eat McDonald's. Like it just says it doesn't speak to the communities that we're in. So it's really, really important for local businesses to understand who's in my community, speak directly to them and don't get caught up in the bullshit of what's popular on the coasts.

Tyler 49:05

And that's exactly where I was gonna go with this is that being more prolific for its own sake is not worth anything. So most of what you're going to see much like the real estate listing there is sunlight, you're talking about the thing in just 100 different ways that is not connecting to the end user. Okay, talk about your potential consumer, your potential client, who they are talking to. And if you're going to use these tools make that be what you use it for, and you will stand out better because so many people because this is very accessible, it's very easy and it works well. So many people are going to make 1000 more posts next year than they ever have before. And they're going to do it all just say more, just more and that's that's not it. If you can still try to connect to your gym, your brick and mortar, kind of to the people in your area. Don't just stand there and fucking yells stuff about your stuff. It's not it. So your products, what are they great, there's a time and place to talk about your product, what it is the pricing and all stuff. I'm about it. But just make sure that you're not just talking about that 100 different ways. Who wants that? Why is this for them and let these tools if you're not a good writer creatively, like they can do things for you, if you can think, like, this is something you're trying to really give props for, say I'd like it to be creative, I'd like this to I've made posts where I've, I've used chat GPT to help with copyright. And I said, I want this to appeal to somebody to like a man's urge, who has felt the failure of putting things off for another year and feeling heavier, again, fatter again, like I want it to give me 10 ideas of approaches to do that. And I'll like five of them. And I'll go, Okay, give me these ones here. But do this, these ones here, but do this or make this this and make it about my now plug it in with my product, which is this. And now it's done. It's done. It's easy, but it's about the person and if a person reads it, and it's like, you know, Hey, dude, like, you know, you didn't do this last year. Like you didn't think you were gonna get in shape, you thought it was gonna be there and you didn't do it. Now you wake up and you just have to ignore that failure every fucking day. Like GPT wrote, writers will write things like that, that will connect absolutely to that person. Like, don't let next year be the like, that is the thing not let the sun light dance briskly across the fucking $400 A month studio, what the fuck all of that, that sucks, dude, nobody wants whatever that is. So who wants that it's not, if you can really make a ton of connections. Use how a person likes it like, that's what, that's what good copywriting is anyways, so don't just because you're not a good copywriter. Okay, you still need to learn a little bit about it. So you can point this weapon in the right direction. Or you're just going to be making this you're going to be making the thickness equivalent of these just dogshit real estate listings, where it's just wordy for the sake of being wordy.

John Fairbanks 52:06

How about you tried to connect emotionally with that exact population, Tyler, but for whatever reason you hyper focused on using a barbell. And all you talked about was how amazing the barbell is, and the different brands of barbell, and how there's different types of exercises,

Tyler 52:23

right? Like, this is why squatting is the best one, nobody who's wanting to lose weight is going squatting is something I should get stoked to know. So quit talking about the thing. Don't use AI to make you talk about the thing because it can talk about the things and the history of the things. Also, if it doesn't fucking matter, you're not selling that thing. You're selling progress to people. And that's the thing I fucking Yes, it gets out of hand sometimes that they're the guru shit, man, everybody's, everybody's an expert. And now this is gonna make a lot of people have the ability to talk like they're smart guys about whatever subject they want to. And so there's no point, there's just no point in even playing that game, like trying to do something that is an uphill battle, and you will lose the ammunition which is very, very heavy. On the other side, everybody's coming armed to that fight, buddy. So just go find a different fight, man, but talk to your people about what you do, what you can do for them, and use these tools to help with that. But it's got to still be about that, it can't be about how smart you are, can't be about how perfect the tools you use are, or really just about your program in a vacuum. What can you do for these people, and who are the people you're trying to help identify them, appeal to their emotions, appeal to their desires, appeal to their wants, their needs. And then you can sell them and if your products are in line, you're gonna give them a really high chance of success. So, again, having this discussion is about the same stuff we've always been talking about, really, it's all the same. It's like this is the principle needed. But these tools now can make you better at this or that or they can make you worse at this AI can make you better at writing copy can be good make you better at making really, really really good social media posts and coming up with really good strategies and how to communicate to different customer avatars and different types of people, different emotional needs or concerns they may have. You can spit out lists upon lists upon lists and build content. That'll mean you'll cover all of those bases, or you're going to be really bad at it just way more often and louder and more frequently and easier. And there's nothing worse than sucking and having it be easy and frequent.

John Fairbanks 54:31

Nothing you suck without even thinking about

Tyler 54:34

it. That's the other problem. Congratulations, you still suck and you're doing it a lot now. Fix it, do it , fix it. So guys, that's all we got for today. But by the way, you have to stay at one of things you have to stay up to speed with this stuff because it moves so quickly and you next thing you know you'll just get buried by one you're missing out on the opportunity if you don't at least stay current with what it is tinker with it. I always tell everybody get into the free version of chat GP He and just start seeing to get good ideas have a conversation with it's it's fun I don't know if you saw because John I share and share the account I had him write some stuff for for Meghan A while back, did you ever you ever pop in on any of those? Because it saves the chance. But it was fun and said okay, I need a copy for this we have availability, but when I had it spit out a few options. And I think we needed a name. That's why it literally needed a name for the program. Yeah. And like how to do it and what to do and, and, and I had it it spit out 20 different options. I didn't like this term, scheming more than more like this. And I didn't like most of them. And it landed on the one. I ended on the one that we ended up choosing. And she was sitting there with me. So showing her how it works. And then I literally typed into the thing just for fun. I was like, hey, thanks. She really likes it a lot. Just for and it was like yeah, I'm really because it is made to be a conversation like there really is what its utility is. It just has a lot behind it that you can have a draw to. And so it was Yeah, then it came back. He's like, Hey, we're really happy to help it really. I hope that this new program by name is successful. And if there's anything else I can do, I'm like, stood rocks man,

John Fairbanks 56:10

I love this guy.

Tyler 56:12

Nice to meet you.

John Fairbanks 56:26

All right, so that's gonna wrap things up for us here at the gym owners podcast. Make sure you follow us at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. You can follow me at Jay banks FL you can follow Tyler at Tyler effing stone, get into the Facebook group. We have our Facebook group online, the gym owners revolution Facebook group, find us get in and we do the video episodes of that podcast and we also answer questions and that dive a little bit deeper into concepts of getting in there. So you have an online community of gym owners just like yourself trying to make yourselves better. Alright, we'll see you folks next week.

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