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A Hill To Die On: What Do YOU Stand For?

Friday, December 01, 2023



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  • Fitness trends and sponsorship pressure in the industry. (0:00)
  • Vaccination mandates and corporate political stances. (5:53
  • Choosing sides in controversial issues and the impact on business. (11:09)
  • Standing up for business and client health. (17:45)
  • Weight loss drugs and their potential impact. (21:17)
  • Weight loss drug Ozempic and its impact on the fitness industry. (25:21)
  • Fitness industry's unrealistic expectations and lack of results. (31:16)
  • Fitness, weight, and health risks. (34:04)
  • Body image, addiction, and accountability. (37:26)
  • Fitness, weight loss, and the importance of leading by example. (44:16)
  • Personal responsibility in business ownership. (49:54)


Tyler 00:00

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode jewelers podcast. I'm your host Tyler stone where there's John Fairbanks. How's it going? John?

John Fairbanks 00:05

Is going swimming Tyler?

Tyler 00:07

Wonderful writing. Great. Adverb us. I have no idea. I don't know why, as an adverb, I took my junior high school English twice. So I'm pretty much an expert on luck. That's fair. I attended 80% of the classes and failed the first time. Anyway, I'm really good with the basics, I guess. Words. Yeah, real good with the words guys, we're gonna talk about just some general fitness trends. Again, today everyone's gonna we'd like to get an update on some things that are going on, some current events in the industry and kind of some trends that we see that are interesting. And before we start, make sure you're following the show at the Jim Morris podcast follow me at Tyler F and stone follow John over there at Jay banks f L. And you can go to the gym owners revolution Facebook Group link is in the description there and go to gym owners If you're looking to work with us directly help us work. have us help you work on your gym, within your gym for your gym, and build your gym into something real special. So get to gym owners Let's get to the show. Hmm. Let's do it. So I was listening to just Phil and John and about this yesterday, I was listening to the Theo von Dana White podcast. It was Theo Vaughn's podcast and Dana White was the guest in a way it's always an interesting fella. So I thought it'd be worth checking out. Yeah. Partway through in there, they threw some fucking serious shade at a big huge fitness juggernaut. And so what happened is, Thiele Vaughn had had RFK Jr. on in the past, and as well as I think recently, like, I think pre COVID Maybe during COVID. And then maybe I think recently, and way before his presidential and way before any of this stuff, so it wasn't even necessarily political it was and then, but anyway, what they did was, they had him on, and there's these episodes were on for years, and then all of a sudden, they all got pulled from YouTube. And people's first thought was, well, YouTube maybe pulled it because YouTube tends to do some big pharma jock writing shit, where it's like, it was a person who said anything about, you know, maybe maybe a fit person should not be forced via government action to take a vaccine that they maybe don't want to take, or maybe the business is between them and their doctor and not the fucking government. And having content flagged having content pulled on YouTube, like that was the norm in 2020 2021. It was pretty fucking common.

John Fairbanks 02:34

But it just barely got put, like they got pulled relatively recently, very

Tyler 02:38

recently, as soon as essentially he started announcing some sort of political thing, right? Maybe going to run for president and, and anyway, Theo Vaughn said that he got pressure from sponsors, it was sponsors that came out and specifically one sponsor that came out and said, You got to get rid of those episodes you got to pull them and he did he acquiesced because the money but he publicly talked about it. On the Dana White episode, they said it was a peloton which, by the way to me, the craziest thing about this is, I don't know peloton numbers. But I aside from like how much money they make, but it was around the time they're going to be going public. And they literally said they're like this could ruin us sponsoring some weird guys podcast where he has a guest where they're just talking freely about so by the way, like these people have been friends for almost a decade, friends in addiction recovery and lots of other things like yeah, this conversation amongst friends on a platform that I'm sorry, I don't believe that people who don't like the Avant or people who hate RFK Jr. aren't gonna watch it for an hour. So who some years old think who gives a fuck, but for peloton to come in and say you force somebody to remove it. This is what happens when these brands get too big for their britches and they start playing games you start playing with fake business money. This is what this says once you go public your business is called real business. But it's fake fucking business at this point. None of it's real, you're just taking a fuckload of money and you're like oh, what do we have to do with it? We have to turn it into more money for our people. But no longer is it just money in services out there's way too much investment coming in off the top and it's all about perception and trust or lack of it. So for them when I look at just if they weren't a publicly traded company because this is now about what just public policy at this point what their complaint is. It can't be about selling fucking peloton because I believe fully that I am bothered by the fact that I have defended the brand amongst the there's a lot of people in the real fitness and coaching space that like want to shit on peloton, sure, well, you got to see this big crash like I get it, but they did a really good job with the product that they have. They did a really good job building content behind it. And I believe truly a sort of a sort of, short of maybe the price point being a bit high. I believe there is no race or creed or religion. One or political delineations that are involved in who isn't who is not buying peloton, but

John Fairbanks 05:09

That's what's most infuriating, right? Is that like this issue right now that you're about to raise has nothing to do with the actual business. It's all to do with stock price. Yeah. Yeah. And just

Tyler 05:21

because like if you idiots would have not taken the money don't take the money you go once you go public, you're just owned by fucking idiots and fake business and fake money. And like if you don't take that money, your shit all makes sense. And you can sell stuff to everybody. And you can just keep doing it. And somehow they it's the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil these fucking idiots now they got to take a stance they got to pull things they now have to draw a line, which at the end, it's going to cause their ability to sell fucking bikes. It's good to know that this is so when Dana White found out on the show, he was like it was it who was it? And he said peloton is like really fucked peloton and I started looking at the guy you're like this dork lives right in San Francisco like the CEO looked at him he looks like that type of guy looks. They went even further and he said do we have a peloton and Dana White called this guy at the UFC HQ and all the UFC gyms is a do we have a peloton and our thing? And you said Yeah, and he said Get rid of him? Like right now? Get them out of there. We're done. We'll never use them again. Absolutely, never. It's it's it. And by the way that will go far. Because like, even if RFK was spouting some fucking nonsense, like, Dude, I promise Theo Vaughn's weirder than like, I don't understand them needing them thinking like they need to establish their stance on this thing, when you could have just shut the fuck up. Nobody's listening to any episode that's four years old, five years old, unless you're trying to make a hatchet piece, which at that point, you're just in the wrong business if as a sponsor of a show for five years, if they want to go to RFK Jr. They go to RFK Jr. They go right at him for the things he said. So like, why are you involving yourself in it? It is purely political. And it's bullshit. And this has to either be left or right politics right assuming left to right left to right. Politics regarding presidents. Yep. potentially run for president or end or because I do believe these things go hand in hand I've fucking crazy propharma policy.

John Fairbanks 07:21

Yeah. Right. Which at this point is the underlying right is clearly the underlying foundation of Team government anyway, see, whatever doesn't matter really what it is not left, right. Whatever.

Tyler 07:32

Orphic business is the trifecta of the American current system. And it's really crazy for me for them to get involved in this kind of thing. It's just don't if they were not had not leveled up to that point. You can do really fucking good business. But I promise you, there's really good smart people out there who feel really duped by what the media has done with all the COVID stuff, and really, really duped about the forceful nature of what the government had kind of done. I told the story on other shows before but you know, my wife worked for a company that is I would describe as absolute fucking hot garbage in Pepsi. Okay, I will say that out loud on this podcast. And if you're a person who advocates public health, fuck Pepsi fully fuck them to death. Pepsi fucking sucks, man. And the problem is what they come out with is during COVID . During stuff in the very beginning, they said you have to get vaccinated or you will be fired. Because the only fit person they're also the only female that worked there. They're forcing her to wear a mask in the warehouse and she's the only person there by herself. And she said no, and they're threatening to fire. She said HR had talked to her multiple times saying you need to give us proof of your vaccination by this date, because they were going to enforce that whole bullshit and I told us it forced them to make them fire you and we will sue them. Well guess what? Everybody else in that office took it. They took it lying down and they're scared. I don't want to lose my job and they will get poked. Good, bad or indifferent. Doesn't matter. It's forceful. The forcefulness of it is that's where I have a problem, right? Correct. And nobody stood up for the only female there nobody stood up for the fact that she's the only person there that's fit or generally healthy that she could make her own fucking decisions. All these people by the way, are truly facilitating the distribution of diabetes in this fucking country. Absolutely fully. And this especially here, man is crazy. Our pop aisle is robust. Okay, and to go that far, and then right at the very end when it came to views push those to shove Guess what? The Supreme Court says oh, it's actually unconstitutional, can't do it. Well, you can't unvaccinated all those fucking men who bent over and took it lying down. You can't do that. It wasn't and when Pepsi takes a stance like that you go I get on Team fuck Pepsi pretty intensely. Yeah, right. And for a brand to do the same deal. There was some shooting and they sent out what they used to send out actually on the vaccine thing. They would send out memos to all of their employees because you got treated, it's just like having a captive audience. It's just like your email list, of course, we're going to try to move the political needle as a business. They sent out emails and actually we got postcards in the mail, a letter, an envelope full of postcards, for us to send out to family and friends. Your head said it said, please send this to any of your family and friends who weren't vaccinated. And it said, we would love to do that. By the way, this was the way, especially here, nobody was doing COVID lockdown shit here. Yeah, this was way after. And they're like, make sure you send this to any of your unvaccinated family and friends. And they said, like, we'd really love to be able to see you in person again. So please, please, please, for the sake of whatever, whatever, please get vaccinated, I wish I would have saved these because I want to use them to do the same thing. After some school shooting, they come up and they solicit all of their employees saying, Here's the link, you need to go and like, click this thing and petition for fucking Oh my god. So all these companies that once you level up to go public and you start playing fake business, you're not playing real business. You're barely playing any business. You're just playing politics. There are. But

John Fairbanks 11:09

there are companies, yes, it's all politics. But there are companies that are not going to bend the knee that are going to be publicly traded. And that's what's so interesting, is to bend the knee and we're calling out like Big Pharma. And then you just gave me the example of the gun lobby. What's interesting too, is when you saw this is where it's bending the knee to the mob. Right? So no matter how you emotionally feel about our Tyler stance, or my stance on vaccination or whatever, it's only it's like it's mob induced mob forced action. Like that's mainly what we're really really calling out. And what's interesting is to remember when the woke mob came for racist brands. The mob came for racist brands and like Aunt Jemima had to change the name. What's interesting is the woke mob only cared about getting angiomas name change, but we still kept it with artificial coloring. Sugary fake bullshit. That's absolutely driving people's health lower and lower. So it's this idea where it's like well Oh, that's one step too far like the idea is why would we just gonna fix the wrapping paper because that's really all it matters. We don't actually care about anybody's health

Tyler 12:20

Yeah. And I think and I think that is that is the thing is these are symbolic gestures. Exactly. Really. And it is only a lot of times I think it's someone just casting up flares like fucking off my case for cut off my case. somebody finds out that you sponsor to show that had RFK Jr. on it talking about whatever, like I don't think he was calling fucking Sandy Hook fake or anything they don't ever say like, it's probably just a pretty reasonable conversation about his understanding of things as he knows with a comedian, so who fucking cares? I just have a hard time pretending to care about anything being said that is taken seriously enough for it to move the needle. But then they have to cast flares, they have to cast up. These are countermeasures to say here we've done it please please please leave us alone. You know, like I haven't really heard you're supportive of Israel or Palestine yet. What is your silence speaks volumes it's like fuck off and fuck you. Like don't you won't force anybody to think that these large ones once you get so big that you have to be involved in this is wrong and it will end these companies really well. The average peloton user now that I know I know a handful of people who got into peloton since the pandemic and they stick with it. They really do. And it's their thing and they weren't gonna go to the gym and lift weights they're just not the type of people but they do this what peloton This is where that I'm gonna take this as an opportunity to speak highly of their product again, because what they've done is somehow made using technology when they have a big ticket product, they've also built a community as a digital community aspect into it while also being a semi coach product it's focused on really building up personalities and coaches I don't know much about it, but you see there's like superstars coaches that run their programs people love going in other programs high energy shit, and it's fun and people like really like doing their stuff and and I think it's a very verse it's just cycling. Now they do have some other things now that they're kind of into but stick with their base product. It's a very compelling and interesting and novel strategy that was not used in the on the ground brick and mortar fitness space before and I think it was exceptional for the people that use it now. I can tell you for sure that they are taking some crazy stance like this. I think I would be willing to bet that one or more of the people that I know that are using the peloton stuff we'll get rid of them over this type of bullshit. Absolutely. I think I think absolutely well, because I know how they feel about this issue as well and they're like, Yo, fuck you You like absolutely fuck you.

John Fairbanks 15:01

What's interesting too is like the same thing. Having to choose a side or feeling the idea that you have to choose a side. That is where immediately we get into all these issues that we're seeing. And I remember Michael Jordan in the last dance right with another documentary that was on Netflix. So right, he caught a bunch of fucking heat back in the day for not siding with like, what was it Rodney King or something like that wasn't like, becoming a civil rights leader. And he addresses it head on in the documentary. And he's just like, at that point, he goes on still to this day, he goes, Republicans or Democrats, blacks or whites, they all buy shoes. So he's like, he made a very, very end no matter how you feel about that. From a business standpoint, especially in this day and age to just say, we're not in the fucking ISRAEL PALESTINE business. We're in the shoe making business. Yeah. And the best part is, of course, it is like you learn more of like all they also might have been made by sweatshops. It's like, right, like it's

Tyler 16:08

remake. And I do think that every politically divisive issue now is and, and any controversy at this point now? Because things are drawn along a lot of these ideologies, you're forced into hypocrisy, whatever you believe if you believe anything universally on one side or another, I promise you, you are absolutely upside down on your logic on probably like one out of every three issues in compared to other issues that you're in on. And I think that's the point. I think the point is to make everybody just purely hypocritical fucking zombies where you like, and nobody has a real foundation of anything they're standing on it makes everyone's stupid and easy to manipulate. The problem is though, is this with your products now you're going to lose it out and for you guys as a gym owner? What does this have any relevance to? Who are your people? What's the thing Don't fucking pander? We saw the South Park thing that I think was really just tremendous on the MCU. So don't play those games. And this is, this isn't the fitness equivalent equivalent of saying, just just play basketball? Just bounce the ball? You know? I mean, it's not that this is like what do you really do? Do you help people? Okay, can you please make a shit about that? Jesus Christ. And if you have pet projects, wonderful and you want to support things, you can go for it but know that it's some of these things that may cost you a lot if you want to draw some hard line in the sand and what is your impact? Is that your impact then you're in the wrong business, go start something else and go go pursue that thing. But if you wonder why your gym isn't working out and you like are really alienating half the people in your target market, then that's kind of on you.

John Fairbanks 17:45

You know, and you got to own it. Like it may be white if you are going to draw hard lines because that is the piece that's ultimately missing and it is missing where Don't forget like peloton had an opportunity to be a fitness product to be able to make people healthier when in the last several years trying to have people exercise more in order to get healthier so that they aren't as impacted health wise by viruses or bacteria or whatever it may be was the last thing if not at all ever talked about yeah so in the fitness industry like you whether you want to be or not you are the tip of the spear of alternative thinking and no matter where you are so you like it's you own that whether you are anti Vax pro Vax it doesn't matter but as soon as you start to find your for me it always has been and this is it does come down to like your personal preference but it's like as soon as everyone is walking the exact same direction as you or you have allowed your the direction that you're about to walk to be influenced by everybody else that you're in that's the time to really look around and be like my fucking this up I might be fucking this up I think we might need to be looking at this differently because otherwise you are going to have coke machines and Pepsi machines inside your gym because they give you a great deal and they pay for whatever the fuck like it's I

Tyler 19:07

Do you think that if you are what this is, what hills you want to die on? Yeah as a gym. What is I'll tell you this the one I'm willing to die on with the gym as a fitness professional is if the government's telling me to close my business they can go fuck themselves purely now I will be closed me type situation now if you're like you just can't be open because of some public health thing that we've decided to amplify that now this at this point if you took the last one lying down I advise all of you not to because once you give this up now it'll cost you another year two years of doing business first off, which may break you anyways. It should cost you your fucking pride and you know your your actual soul in my opinion, just taking that line down especially if you don't believe in it. But yeah, I think abs and by the way if you survive that bit They throw you enough money, keep the lights on and then they graciously let you open a year or two later, maybe with some restrictions, they'll come in and check on you. But if you allow that if everybody takes that line down the next time you won't survive and it will happen more frequently, your business won't handle it so I believe for me. Yeah, nobody telling me when I can't coach and who I can't be it was between me and my clients and nobody else so go fuck yourself purely. The other thing is I think there's some issues maybe like, you know, philosophically regarding nutrition and health that you have to take a hard stance on as well. So being on Team fuck Pepsi, I'm kind of with it across the board. Right. But I do think there is some of that stuff where I think you, it's okay to take a stance, it's okay to draw a hard line, but it needs to be in defense of your business, and your clients in their health. That's it. And what did the peloton do, they protected their business but not at all their content had nothing to do with their clients? Nothing. It was only their investors at the moment. Your business is not again, what is the centerpiece of our business models? John, it is 100% built on the success of your clients exactly to make money while giving them the best chance to succeed and giving them choices. Okay, now once you involve fucking full on like, like large scale public investment, those are your customers. And now you have to deal with oh, well, the media powers that need to manipulate this one issue are going to start scraping everybody that's ever said something like this. So you better acquiesce. Less, your investors start to lose confidence. And now you have less money. It's a game that I don't think any of us are really at risk of playing. But I drive a principle that's worth extracting out of that, which is like, you know, be about your people's success and get yourself out of the way. Because I do think that putting yourself first that's putting your own opinions and your own thing in front of your clients. likelihood of success, the things that are going to make them successful, because I promise if you're just out there helping people become fit, and really delivering results. Their role will be laid out in front of you pretty easily, you'll be able to become successful, maybe not be a successful peloton, but they abandoned their user. And that's a big, big, big problem. Yeah, I want to touch on another issue here. Another large scale issue is the impact of weight loss drugs like ozempic And oh, yeah, ones. There's like predictions that because they're able to be prescribed pretty freely now for this stuff. And there's a lot of people who are overweight and that they do work, they do really curb your appetite. And so your digestion to avoid just eating less, is actually going to cause a pretty major hit like the grocery industry.

John Fairbanks 22:54

How wild is that for like the American like for Americans the amount of food that like it's

Tyler 23:01

a product, we are able to pull this up in time. But one of the things that I had seen was like, I have the article, maybe I don't have the article, one of the things that I had seen was pretty nuts. They were talking about how like the food, it was also like specific types of food and not the good ones.

John Fairbanks 23:20

You know what I'm seeing in the aisles.

Tyler 23:23

Yeah. ice cream sales are gonna go way down. It's like, no, no, that's okay. But again, what there's an interest in. There's a snotty take that I've seen a lot of fitness professionals take on my actual initial impression. I was compelled to feel this way about the Olympics, and by the way, I'm going to add this as a caveat to the end. My initial impression was just you're just rocking, eating, just eating, eating, right? Just figure it out, blah, blah, blah. The problem is when it comes to medical weight loss if you know what getting the weight off is, carrying that weight for an extra year 235 10 is far worse than the side effects of this medication. However, we don't really know the long term side effects of and that's the other thing we don't know if you have the long term side effects of this medication sorted do you then know what happens you come off I'm a my big thing is the same thing with the constant boosters with the vaccination stuff and as I feel with this as I feel with kind of the taking people out and people take TRT I take TRT I have some clients that take TRT, but the issue isn't once you're on something, you have to stay on it. Or else there are other side effects coming off it or worse you have to understand that picture and do most people know that that is the picture know if a doctor is prescribing you something with no plan. Have you ever been off it? Ever again then you do need to take that seriously. That's all I'm saying. You can't just go on a great weight loss pill and take weight loss and I don't believe it's probably being done like that fully. I don't because I don't think it's being prescribed all willy nilly. Li, if it was, I just think that I'd see more people losing weight. But there are some side effects to it. And if it's a true weight loss pill like Jesus Christ, everybody is looking great now, but there are some side effects to it that are, you know, can be of consequence. But that was my initial impression. Oh, these guys just seem to be whatever I just learned to eat. But one of the coach one of our gear Academy coaches doing it posted a pretty interesting take on it, which I agree with, is that you'll see a bunch of guys who like taking testosterone and steroids like somehow taking the high road here, which is like, which is like just do it just you got to share to eat right and lift weights and workouts. And well, what are you doing? Yeah, and by the way, you're able to do it now as a fit person, what if a person needs to get the 100 pounds off. And that does make working out a little easier. It does show at the gym that working out, you feel a little better. You're not carrying around a bunch of bullshit wellness, fitness, it's

John Fairbanks 25:55

addictive, you're also getting it. And there's the psychology part two of weight loss, which is totally fucked, right? Like it's just mentally of like, I never see the scale go down to where like all of a sudden now you actually 510 15 pounds, like the placebo effect of that type of weight loss mentally it's like, Alright, I'm happier today, because the scale went down. Whether however you feel about it, like that's real.

Tyler 26:22

Yeah, as much as I see coaches and fitness professional stress, oh, it's not just a scale, you're probably gaining muscles like what seems like a big cope, for the fact that you're not getting people the results that they're getting with this weight loss drug.

John Fairbanks 26:34

People are just playing with labs.

Tyler 26:36

I don't believe that this is a crystal meth level weight loss drug, you know what I mean? I don't believe it's like that. I am a bit. I would not take it. Simply because like digestion is something in the pace with which really alarms me. I do think that it's important to maybe preserve that, that I don't want to mess that up irreparably. Also, like I like to have a few cocktails, and I heard it's like, you gotta like, overpower, with ozempic If you're gonna get a buzz on and then it just hammers you playing that way your liver processes things and every play that

John Fairbanks 27:15

game hard enough, now, we gotta, we

Tyler 27:17

gotta we gotta put the hammer down further. So, but with that, I think that there's a larger conversation that I've been seeing on the internet, aside from the grocery thing, what impact is this actually going to have on exercise? gyms, fitness professionals, personal trainers. And a lot of people were saying initially that like, Well, jeez, it's going to be less compelling to go to the gym, because you're going to just be able to take your little injection and, and the weights can come right off. And while there's probably some truth to that, that single concept, that idea that someone can lose weight, therefore, they will not go without going to the gym, therefore, they won't go to the gym misses out on something we talk about a lot, which is someone's lifetime fitness journey. And someone's lifetime fitness journey, there's things that you will have wanted to do if you're 100 pounds overweight, 50 pounds overweight, 60 7080 pounds overweight, there's also a way that you're going to want to look and simply wasting down without nothing underneath is not that there's a way that by the way, you've seen some of the ozempic weight loss people it's, it's it's true, just universal, low calorie weight loss without enough protein without building a lot of muscle. It's, you get a little bit well, you look a little bit like a cancer patient, okay. And so, if you don't have any good tissue, like it's important to build good tissue, the nice thing is, this will give someone the momentum, encouragement, and a better physical feeling not carrying around all that extra weight to to be more active. So I think that's short sighted to think that if a bunch of people are losing weight with these things, that they're not going to want to look better. And that being lighter and feeling better, doesn't make you more likely to take better care of yourself. Winds are contagious and winds are addictive and progress is addictive. I think it's a thing that people cannot. I cannot. I cannot state that enough. Because it's a thing that regular fitness coaches miss a lot. They miss out a ton when someone comes in and they say I want to lose weight and you start making all their stuff about movement quality. And you're like alright, dork, like I came in to lose 20 pounds and I don't care about this exercise is that you're in love with her how important the deadlift is to your particular training method. Don't rearrange goals for people. And I do think that fitness coaches who rearrange goals for people are just really a way for them because they can't get results. They moved the goalposts. That's it Okay, yeah, there's also you won't listen to me you don't trust me? I'm not, I can't push you hard enough. I can't get To make the food changes, so I'm going to say, oh, but you let's talk about your imbalances. Let's make this about your imbalances. It's like gaslighting somebody. Oh yeah, I want to lose weight. Well, the real problem is you and your shoulder because you have daddy issues or whatever fucking whatever guru shit, that every person who reads the Body Keeps the Score, or some breathing nonsense, fucking gets into that stuff. And they go, I'm gonna make all my stuff about that because I can't help people lose weight. Well, thank God, there's a fucking pharmaceutical intervention now that these people can choose to take because it's like these people are healthy fucking lose weight. The Guru thing is a cancer on the fitness industry because you're not getting people that you're giving people a distraction, and this will get them there. They'll get them going. It'll give them confidence. And then they can go to people like that. And when they hear this, you're like, Dude, I want to be jacked, dude, I don't I'm gonna fucking No, got the weight off. I want my next thing. And once you have enough confidence, you won't be led by some silly guru coach, you're gonna go, I have got these results. Now I want these results. Well, let's let's redirect those No, no, I'll go to somebody else then because fuck off or, or I also think it empowers them to do things by themselves. Because confidence is contagious. The confidence is going to lead them further and further and further forward.

John Fairbanks 31:16

The Guru should be even worse, because if you prey upon people that already were nervous, they already were having a hard time coming. And then what you do is you enter debt, reduce them to weightlifting, or exercise or fitness, seeing or coming to a gym regularly. And you expose them to your weird bullshit and the weirdest stuff that we're seeing out there right now. It's, then you have just done something way worse. You've just confused this person that thinks that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. They're going to a gym that got a coach, fuck, they got a personal trainer, and all this personal trainer is doing weird jerk off, like he's talking about breathing. And they're not what comes, they're still right, they're still not hitting those goals. So then it becomes will shit. Like, if I'm still kind of like I get it, I feel better when I'm with him, because he makes me feel better about myself. But then when they're alone, and they're looking in the mirror, and they're stepping on the scale, it still makes them fucking sad. And that means that they have been unsuccessful, they actually put money forward and they were unsuccessful. Therefore they're a failure. It's like you almost are allowing these people to dig themselves deeper down. And it also

Tyler 32:31

it also is resources put towards training, an exercise that does not get there just isn't getting where they wanted to be. And the problem is, then where are they gonna go next thing, you can sour them on the thing and then the slide the Quiet comes next. And so that stuff is an absolute cancer. I don't believe there's anything wrong. By the way with that type of information. And using those things as coaching tools. I use breathing techniques, they use an understanding of how the body works at large I use I understand human psychology, I've coached people for a lot of years, the differences is I fucking get people physical results. And if you cannot deliver physical appearance results, you can't deliver superficial results. I hate the break do all the fucking manufactured wins that you invent on their behalf are not going to do that much for them. And nor is it going to help your business win every other person in their life because idiots have been going to the gym for two years. And he's fatter than he was before. And now he just talks like a fucking dork. Get them out of there, dude. So that stuff is a problem there. But I think that though, on those who had junk going, well,

John Fairbanks 33:32

There's an important piece to this as well, which is on the information side. Again, like you said, not creating those fake goals or fake targets for people to now get because you can't get those results. But I think it's really important for us as fitness professionals, we have to continue to correct like overcorrect. This notion that going to the gym, and lifting weights, or doing any type of training that helps someone get stronger is somehow tied to weight loss. Like for me, it's when you really look if we're talking about like 99% of humanity, they need to lose weight, and they need to become less of a fall risk. Yeah, like my dad is in his 50s, maybe early 60s. If he trips at all, he's eating shit. He is going to fall, he's going to hit the ground like I've seen it. And it shocks me. Where I'm like, Whoa, what just had like, there was no ability to kill

Tyler 34:32

your bed as hell at this.

John Fairbanks 34:35

Like, like, is that falling in 10 years from now? We'll put him in the ground permanently. Yeah, and that is very, very real because anyone that we see out there that hasn't played sports since they were in high school and have let themselves go and they work a factory job or they drive a delivery truck or whatever. And they continue to get more and more pairs like they're a bit able to keep themselves upright to protect themselves. If they do fall, like all of those strange balance basics, and I'm ignoring our 55 plus population, I'm still talking about like a fucking 40 year old that has the body and means to protect themselves as a 55 plus year old. But that is where strength is. I mean, for me, it's always been, as you hear anyone talk about anything when it comes and we all know this, this is what's so fucking insane. Is anyone that's been doing this long enough, we all know how important it is to build muscle young and maintain it for as long as you physically can. It's the fountain of youth. Tyler, I don't know if anyone's ever told you that?

Tyler 35:38

Well, on the other side of it is also your overall size, though, it is like strength is strength. Right? And it doesn't, you don't have to be enormous, but the amount of fat you carry is a big fucking problem. Right? I was actually having a conversation with a gym owner and one of his clients the other day and the subject came up like this, these guys are both in shape. They're both relatively lean, and carry a decent amount of muscle. Not a ton of body fat on either of them. And but they're both saying they went to the doctor, the doctor said, according to BMI, you're in the obese category or whatever. And I don't like when people use that as they take it as an insult because people that you know, they're just you're just wrong. And I don't believe a doctor is telling you at that moment when you are probably fitter than the doctor. You are obese. I think that literally you're seeing it on the thing and this is getting really cold. Jesus says I'm in the will be like, nobody's telling you, well, you better shed these pounds. However, BMI is used as a basically a population wide statistical risk category. That's it. It's a death risk. Fucking illness risk. And BMI is pretty goddamn accurate in that regard, by the way. So if a guy is six foot three 220 pounds and has ABS, there's very likely that they're going to be still on the high end because mass is mass. And I know there are factors that account for height. But the issue is that my BMI is still going to be high. Why? Because that is a large body. Okay, body mass that is a large body compared to someone who's five 865 pounds, okay? They are probably still no matter what you say statistically across the board equally at risk as somebody with nearly that same category of BMI who is fat and shorter. It's just the truth for heart problems and things like this. This is what I always tell people. How many people do you see? Yep, at our wrestle right now. Like I'm six foot six. I'm about 295 and I carry a lot of muscle. I'm athletic. I work out a lot. But how many people do you see my size that are 80 years old? Not never one , not even one big dog. Now this is how many 70? Not very many, how many 6050? Very few very very very few. Now let's remove the site's overall size and muscle and build itself. Let's go. How many people John do you know that are 80 years old that are six foot seven? Have you ever seen one? I don't know that? I

John Fairbanks 38:09

ill Walton maybe right like those guys. Like

Tyler 38:13

you're at a urinal in San Diego one time. It's my claim to fame

John Fairbanks 38:17

didn't Kareem Kareem Abdul Jabbar like some of those guys, right with

Tyler 38:20

you know, but six foot seven? Even, like, you know what I'm saying? Like, like just a little taller. Even my house six, six? How many people do you see who are 70 years old? So, you know, the Netherlands are shitting on the body on BMI as a whole. It's like, Yeah, but you're still young, because you're big. So that is the risk, it is a mortality risk calculation. Okay, it doesn't mean nobody's calling you fat sweetheart. And so when coaches open up about that, it's like, it's like we're saying like, they're just it's not what that metric is for. So, guys, like me, we're not going to live forever. But we're gonna I'm gonna try and look jacked until I don't until I till it ends, but like, but that is what that metric is for. So you're coaching for something different now. In regards to coaching for longevity. There's an interesting thing that I saw the other day and I talked about it on another show, but is longevity wise, and talking about what do you stand for? Like, what do you really stand for? If I saw Jelly Roll on Joe Rogan? Yeah, you happen to see that episode.

John Fairbanks 39:23

I did. It was a great interview.

Tyler 39:26

I don't listen to that type of music at all. I still have never heard one of his songs. It's just not that music. I'm gonna listen to it. I won't even attempt it. I don't care. I'm in the South. I've heard of plenty. Oh, and I'm here and there's lots of people here that are huge jelly running. He's played in this state a couple times with people making trips across the states to go see you and Sure. That person inspires lots of people to take care of themselves. He's been I think, I think clean and sober for 10 or 15 years something like that. Then I had a bunch of trouble growing up as a nurse Animation story addicted to drugs and crime and all this stuff. And it's, and it's and I think his music and I think his message is all probably very fantastic for those people, I have nothing bad to say about him as a person. But if you're going to stand for that stuff, if you're going to stand for people, like, You got to be there for your family, and you got to be positive and you got to take care of what is the difference between doing a bunch of drugs and dying and being away from your family. Then essentially, what I can see is force feeding yourself into fucking oblivion and dying young. Yeah, like 400 pounds for plus, like dudes enormous and built in a weird ass way where you're not eating. As a guy who's eating a lot of food. In his day, I've also been overweight, before any of that. So like, I know what that's like. And I can tell you for sure that man isn't eating any on a daily basis multiple times a day. That is some Brendan Fraser in the movie whale type in feeding frenzies that is going on, I promise you, he's not just grabbing a bite here or there. And going out and changing people's lives, there is some real intense dysfunction going on there. And for a person like that, this isn't me shitting on him, this is me telling people out there like this to hold him accountable for his message. hold him accountable because by the way, if you're that impactful and give that positive impact. You can inspire lots of people to actually take care of themselves, instead of symbolically taking care of themselves or by the way doing just the bare minimum. Because I'm sure he is drinking and doing drugs. There wouldn't be much left very quickly. Right. There would be no music, no friends, no inspiration at all. So I get it. You got that base covered? Yeah. Which is a big base not doing this intensely. The acute harm, right? Yeah, this is triage. Solve that problem. Now, sir. And all of the people if you know it, by the way, and if you know anybody who's like a jelly roll fan and supporters, you feel inspired by him, I think you should probably hold them accountable. That you need to fucking not because because then you have all these people that think that getting your life together is like being a little nicer to people around you and being friendly and being hopeful. And then fucking leaving your children without parents. Because you're just going to fucking eat your stupid ass to death. It's crazy. I just think that that's nuts. And to treat that, like it's not any other thing, is, I think, very disingenuous. And just like the peloton, things like what you are actually standing for doesn't matter. And what he stands for matters, I think, gotta really be about it. And it has to be apart. If he's not trying to figure that out, then he's an absolute fucking fraud. That's what I think. And I don't think he's a fraud. I just think there needs to be a lack of acceptance for it, not that shame. You can care for somebody and can care for somebody and compel them to take action. And those are the types of trends though, can you care for somebody and in caring and hoping and loving for somebody, get them to change their actions to lose weight to change the way they eat to eliminate that dysfunction? It can happen. That's your job as a coach, it's your hopefully should be your goal as a fucking gym owner. Exactly. So as people out there, if you're fans of this person, and you want the inspiration and all this, that is a probably greater impact, or the equal impact, if they could see him actually take care of himself, instead of just like, hey, I put down the needle in the bottle. And like, Okay, I'm alive now. And I'm making money. Great. You got all the money in the world now and people adore you. And somehow you can't beat fucking Domino's Pizza. Yeah, that's fucking sad, dude, like, of all the things you've overcome, you're gonna lose the fight to fucking Doritos. And against this infection, this is an appreciation for the impact that he has. And if it is not allowed to continue and grow and really go the distance if you do not carry that ball across the fucking finish line, you will fucked up completely. That's my speech on a musician that I don't listen to.

John Fairbanks 44:15

But I think the principle of it is really solid because it really is that person, whether there you have people that you know, right in your own communities that do good, that make an impact teller if we're not the ones, right, gym owners and people that we call like, if you listen to this podcast and you tolerate our bullshit for any amount of your time of the day, it's you know, how we continue to call and push people for words. You are to be leaders in your community and use your gyms to be those centers of leadership and, and be the the voice of Reason, because if we're not the ones that are talking to people about what they're eating, how they're eating, how they're carrying themselves, how they're trying to work towards anything that's positive, when it comes to how they look and how they feel and how active they can be in the community, who the fuck else is, like, it's it is on us. So using that exact example of Jelly Roll, we all know people that are in the community, that are very influential, and are in a terrible way, physically. Like, you know what I mean? Like, we all know those people where it's like, God, they, they do so much good. It's like, Alright, then you have a shortlist of individuals that you can start to be around and influence for good. Because it'll allow them to do amazing things longer and better. Because the fact is, that they were 100 pounds less, how much more energy could they have? How much more good could they do, but they are dealing with demons that typically they're dealing with them on their own,

Tyler 46:07

There is zero weight, that a person who carries 200 extra pounds on their body in fat is happier, more productive, feels better and has more energy than that same person if they got it off their body. It's absolute bullshit. So to be like, yeah, that person needs to have it together. Because now the stakes are higher. By the way, if you're just worried about if He's just worried about his general well- being like, I don't want to be back in the clink and I can't be you know, mess around with drugs and doing stuff. Yeah, obviously, objective a take care of that, for sure. But now the stakes are fucking high. Correct. So is this about money and you keep doing this and you keep making the money. But this is why I bring the subject up so often, recently is that it's not about all the money for him. It's about the reach, the thing that he likes is the impact and the hopeful and the inspirational shit, then fucking be about it. Because you don't get to be kind of inspiring in one little piece. There's nothing I like less than someone like a real specialist. And there was somebody talking about what it was. I think it was a mental health type thing. And it was really profound, like philosophical stuff. And the person was physically fuckin fucked up, dude. Like, not to sound mean, but this person can't probably move, like like, like crazy overweight and built like a weird man like, like strange to wear like this. And you have created some entirely crazy other issues. While your information may be correct. My willingness to listen to anything you have to say even about mental health, or how people should think I'm going to ignore it, because I don't think you know how a person should think about this, because you haven't seen it all the way through to the end, you just don't know you're just not doing it.

John Fairbanks 48:01

And I think that is also because we have done business with lots of different gym owners over the years, and lots and lots of coaches. There are several coaches that I can think of off the top of my head that we've worked with, who are people that work with clients that are a personal trainer, that should be trying to assist those people in losing weight and getting healthier and getting stronger, and helping those people achieve what goes out. While they look like fucking melted ice cream,

Tyler 48:31

and getting worse. That's the worst part. Yeah. And by the way, we talked about the guru stuff earlier. And when you get too hot, lean too hard into the information side of fitness information, the information side of training the right way versus wrong way or the mental side of this. Oftentimes, I'd say more than more than 75%, three out of every four coaches that really go deep into that stuff, it's a distraction from their needs, their own needs to actually train hard. And then they project that distraction onto their own clients. And then they just have a gym full of people that ain't getting anything accomplished. That's what happens when Well, that's what I see. And I see we've done that. We've worked with a lot of these coaches over the years and you just see them look worse every year than they did the next the year before. And it's like great, you're smarter now. I don't fucking know what good that does you or any of your people because you're not making changes. And making changes and being consistent with those changes is the difference maker when it comes to fitness, wellness and health, especially weight loss. So a lot of times people just go. I don't want to work hard anymore. I don't want to just be about that. Let me make my training sessions very thoughtful, methodical and detailed and just you know, I move really well right now. Well, you will until you keep packing on the pounds and then you're gonna move like shit and you're gonna start all over again. So I don't fucking know what the point of any of this is.

John Fairbanks 49:53

And it comes again from the perspective of if you're going to do good Right, if this is about client success and about truly trying to change your communities, then you don't get, I don't know, for me, it's always like you don't get to check out early. Like, if that's right for me, it really does come down to this idea where it's like, you do not get to create people that are dependent upon you, that are better because of you, and then look to you to be a leader, and to be able to make a difference, and that you don't get to just check out like an asshole. If you've got kids, you've got to take care of yourself. If you want to bring kids in the world, you need to start to get your shit together. And I don't know it does work for me, it just becomes very, very black and white, where it just is, are you still being an asshole? Yes or no. And then do something about that. And that and it's crossed the gamut. But that's where it is you do. We still have enough people that kind of I don't know, own that, and are willing to shoulder that burden. If you're going to try and be great. But

Tyler 51:02

if you are going to get it, you actually want to be about that life and you actually want to help people. Let's help you carry the ball across the finish line. That's the most important part like you got started, you got the business thing, you got things rolling, you're trying to figure this all out. You're just trying to figure this all you got to work on your own training, your own, your own family, your income. The problem is this is all of your stuff. Your gym owner, especially this is your, your whole shit all rolled into one. It's how you feed your family. This is how you, most people get to work and then go work out. Well yours is now kind of all mashed together. And your understanding of it all is kind of mashed together all lives in the same place. That all takes up the same space in your day. I get it. It's difficult to sort through so if you want somebody to help you take it from where you have it now to all the way across the finish line to where you're actually helping people we're really able to deliver. Get into gear Academy The link is in the description of where the gym owners revolution is. Down below. go to gym owners If you want us to work with you directly folks show at the gym owners podcast on Instagram. Follow me at Tyler F and stone Tyler eff ironstone and John.

John Fairbanks 52:02

You can follow me at Jay banks f L on Instagram or

Tyler 52:06

Listen everybody, I'll probably put these Jelly Roll clips out there. So if you see it, send it to him and tag him. Let him know somebody cares. We'd love you

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