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CHANGE Is Coming: How To WIN In An Evolving Industry

Saturday, February 17, 2024



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  • Fitness industry trends and the importance of staying informed. (0:01)
  • The limitations of knowledge and opinions. (6:14)
  • Wall sits and their effectiveness for lowering blood pressure. (7:40)
  • Health and fitness with a focus on enjoyment and debunking misinformation. (13:00)
  • Fitness, nutrition, and supplements with a personal trainer. (15:39)
  • Steroid use in the fitness industry. (21:10)
  • Fitness ethics and performance enhancement. (24:28)
  • Performance-enhancing drugs and natty status. (30:29)
  • Steroid use in bodybuilding and lying about it. (33:29)
  • Fitness industry figure Alex Hormoz's business tactics and natural bodybuilding claims. (38:39)
  • Ethics in the fitness industry. (42:52)
  • Fitness industry marketing tactics and platforms. (45:54)
  • Fitness industry trends and supplement use. (52:43)
  • Optimizing health and nutrition for clients in a hypothetical world where certain medications are prescribed. (58:00)
  • Hiding medical information from dentists. (1:01:03)


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode of the gym owners podcast. I'm your host, Tyler Stone over there, John Fairbanks. How are you doing, John?

John Fairbanks 00:06

Reading, sir.

Tyler 00:09

This week's subject we're going to talk about is how everything changes, public perception changes, technological tools evolve, the Internet changes, social media changes, everything changes and how that affects your business not only from a marketing standpoint, which so much of the fitness industry, the business side of it, the business coaching is all marketing leads marketing leads, that changes and evolves greatly businesses that used to be relevant or their strategies that they used to do with it, they're still pushing the same shit. What used to work doesn't always work. Now, what's old will always be new at some point. But this is not the way that things are forever in this industry. So we're gonna get into some things that have shifted and what you can do to avoid falling into some of those pitfalls. So before we get started, go to gym owners or go into the show notes in our description here and go to the Facebook group, make sure you get enjoy that if you own a gym, if you're a personal trainer, if you're about to own a gym, and you're interested in kind of learning more and immersing yourself in some of the subjects we talked about, get into that Facebook group. Links in the description follow the show at least gym owners podcast on Instagram, John is Jay banks FL and I am Tyler effing stone on Instagram. Let's get to

John Fairbanks 01:25

the shit on some headlines.

Tyler 01:30

The first one I want to talk about first is going to touch on coaching training methodology a little bit as well. But this is finding things that you see on research and shit like this. Now, like on the internet, there's just too much of it. There's all too much of it. It's a subject we've talked about on this show and on other shows. But there's now so much information on how you should train or could train and a lot of nutrition. And a lot of that stuff goes directly to the consumer, that people who aren't currently working with you or maybe are interested in working with you. Your job now as a coach isn't to just be the person who can have someone who can work somebody out and help them with their food stuff. Now most of that job is in a polite tactful way, putting to rest or addressing a lot of the shit that they're seeing and reading that they think I should do. So much of the nutrition stuff that I see coming across the table. I see coaches shitting on which I think is also the wrong move unless the stuff is just really stupid. But like one of the things that came up so my wife is doing the throwback from back in the day the whole 30 challenge. Yes, we like everything's got to be no sugar and OCD. I was like it's just straight whole ingredients. I'm sure it's a very healthy way to eat. I'm just not interested in it because it's too strict. Like what I don't get caught up on for a month. Get the fuck out of here, right? Yeah. Yeah. But but when I mentioned some to something about that a couple people who around me like fitness people and other stuff go, oh, that a fad from like years ago or whatever, that fad diet and I was like, well, it's not really a fad diet, I think the whole thing is set up as kind of a little reset and know how you feel and you're not having all the sugar ship. But that initial impression I thought was really interesting. Because I start to see a lot of coaches, influencers, and whatever on the internet that are talking about anything from nutrition to training very decisively. Like they wrote the science and know the science is turns into like everybody on nutrition now if you've been around long enough, they're all fucking Dr. Fauci on the subject. They're just Dr. Truth signs like now that says the way the thing is, you know, and the coaches, every coach that I've respected, has attempted and done almost every version of almost every fad diet at some point. And should certainly if you're, yeah, like if you, if you are a personal trainer, and you're coaching people and the ketogenic diet becomes very popular. Why would you not fucking try it? Especially if you understand how to really execute the basics of any diet successfully? Why wouldn't you go Alright, how can I do this? And do this well, or how can I try, you should have some real experience to think of if you're fucking fitness professional, or if you've only ever just counted your macros and I did the whatever the 3040 30 split on my macros forever, and I've only done that and I've, I've weighed everything and you do that forever. That's the only thing that you have ever done. What if you ever get a client who just that process really isn't gonna work for them? Now you just simply can't help them. And that's fine, but I just think your experience is so narrow that it makes you unqualified. Are you such a specialist? You know what I'm saying? Like Are you really such a specialist, you can't try no carbs for a couple of months and figure that out. I've tried high carb, I've tried low carb I've, I've, I've done nearly carnivore, Heinz ketchup guys. I've done nearly carnivore before, I've done lots of hybrid diets where we're cycling carbs. I've done intermittent fasting, I've done mid term like length, longer term fasting, I've done about everything that you can, because like, I don't know, it seems like something fun to fucking try out. I don't understand why everybody needs to be so decisive about it. And now that there's so much information out there, it's very noisy for everybody and for your clients, you would think that all this information would be valuable to them, you would think that it would be helpful, they go, Oh, great, I know how to eat, they could find a meal plan and a diet plan that would probably help them lose weight. There's 5000 different versions, and all of them have science behind them. And they could find it on the internet today. But because they're all there, and it's all confusing, and there's tons of content built around it, because it's all semi viral. It's all as useless as just fucking noise. At this point. It's now white noise and there's no way to separate the signal from the noise now, and now that's your job as a coach.

John Fairbanks 06:14

Because everybody starts at the same spot, right? You don't know shit about fuck, right? You don't know shit about fuck can you start right there. And the problem is, that you don't know what you know, you don't know shit about what you don't like. So what you do is you try to learn. And as you learn, you become belligerent. It's almost like what do you watch? Like kids when they learn shit? Or like, especially teenagers, like so passionately? Holding on to things that they don't fuck all about? Right? They heard about a

Tyler 06:41

The 19 year old talks about how the world works and economics and politics.

John Fairbanks 06:45

But you got that? Right. Right. But that's it, right? And we're all guilty of that. And eventually, you get all the way around. You've either tested it, you've learned enough to where you realize, oh, we don't know. We don't know. Nobody knows shit about fuck. And that's, oh, you're on a totally different element of that. That whole entire, cyclical experience. And that's where I think gets missed out on is that if you're still stuck on this train, where all you do is listen to talking heads, and you just form opinions without doing it yourself. You're gonna be stuck in that adolescence phase. Like you got to just fully admit that eggs are bad. Eggs are good. Milk is bad. Milk is good. Nobody fucking knows. Just make a goddamn decision for yourself. I think that the problem is your clients. I mean, how? What are they gonna do? Like there's no way they're gonna know.

Tyler 07:40

And so for example, with that, there was an article that got put out here in the Washington Post. This one was like this one yesterday. Yeah, it was that wall sets isometric wall sets can lower blood pressure. And now that's getting out there to the general population one what a great form of exercise for me to do that I can just do it at my home with no equipment like what a what a how do I word this? What like a poison fruit to dangle in front of just a wall sits at home and your blood pressure sounds as though bunches of other things are going to happen downstream from this and it's like no, you're probably not actually going to get any stronger. You're probably joints are not going to feel any better. Now moving through any real range of motion you're not going to build any muscle you're not really burning hardly any I don't even the gist of this too. Is that like a wall set and if you don't know what this is, you're probably in the wrong to listen to the wrong podcast but it's a thing we used to have to do John I think you do this in college as well but we never did much of these in high school just because whatever. But like we did a ton of them when we were kids. Like when your kids wrestling and you sports and shit it's just like it was a way you just occupied a bunch of little bastards and didn't make a move just go go against the wall wall sit till the fucking cows come home.

John Fairbanks 09:03

We'll keep what got used on me in college when I was playing football and it's what I now program for football players because it works if it's not a strength exercise. It's a mental exercise. Yeah, like that's all it is. So his your just mental toughness which is can you hold that position while you're but because we used to have to do it like when they would just fucking blast you for a full hour and a half where was just legs so they've just like Max leg pressed you to death to where they have to pull you out of the leg press machine. And then the next station after they blow the whistle is you and your buddy. One guy has to put a 45 pound plate and press the plate on the ground and do essentially like the bear crawl but with your hands on the plate. And you're talking like the rubber plates or the metal plates that have been riding into the ground on rubber ground right and then you have to go push that the whole perimeter of the weight room and come back and then Your rest period is the last set. And now you wait for your buddy to go. Like it was just torture. And so any notion that you're gonna put people into a wall set with hopes of loot, like lowering your blood pressure, like, holy shit, you're just hoping to torture somebody.

Tyler 10:15

And, and the way so many of these studies are done now we're so what's the word hyper specific? Like, the amount of stuff, I see this guy and I think he does pretty good stuff, he does his really long form videos on like this muscle group attack, or this is the best angle that this exercise for don't you get this percent of muscle engagement, and then it goes to this other in a while, if you go to this grip, and this one, it's actually 20% more engagement on to this muscle, and it goes through this whole thing, it's, if you take it all at, at face value, you're like, holy shit, I should definitely be doing this exercise this way. Because all these other ones are bad. But the reality is, it is like over the scope of an entire workout or an entire person's training system, it doesn't really matter. And the reason you're focusing on a singular muscle group, that's a level of isolation that most people don't fucking need, either. When you look at studies that are generalized, that are about muscle gain, literally like strength gain by percentage, what people don't understand is, this type of eating, or this type of training frequency, or this number of sets will gain this size of muscle, right, that's where they decide what's the most optimal way to train your entire system. But what they're doing, they're being very generalized in the claims. And they're using hyper specific measuring tools, which means most of those, this is how you get this percent stronger with this frequency training is about like a single leg, leg press. Right? Most of those things also are done by untrained individuals, which is like the fucking everything works, wall sets will probably gain size or somebody hasn't done shit in whatever. But like, it's none of it is any. And the thing is, it doesn't mean any of these things are necessarily good nor bad. They all just are. And attaching an outcome, all you have to do is say here's something that people know exists, and decide good or bad. And I can reverse engineer any number of any amount of research to say that it's great or that it sucks, depending on how I frame it. And then I just put an article out there, and it just takes off. It'll work great.

John Fairbanks 12:22

But here's the thing I hate the most about this, on top of the fact that like it's okay, you're picking an exercise that is torturous, right. So this is the idea, but the argument that it will lower or suggests, right, that this type of exercise can cause a reduction of blood pressure. Better write better than aerobic activity, better than weight training, or HIIT training like you don't I mean, like holy shit, the idea of like isometric exercises, because that's ultimately what the argument is. And they use walls. That is the example. It just is. I don't know, man, like the idea that you get that particular we all know the problem if you optimize right blood for your arm, over a singular timeline. And we're not looking at the whole, like the whole concept like where it is. It's a nerd's dream. And for me, I don't know, it just comes down to where if you allow nerds and dorks to control this narrative, the prom is like, Oh, well, isn't that interesting. And you can do that from home. So then it ends up being on like fucking today, or Good Morning America or whatever. And now grandma's trying to figure out how she's going to do while sits at home, when

Tyler 13:38

She could just walk or sit on the stationary bike and get 20 times the overall health outcomes other than a singular marker. It's crazy.

John Fairbanks 13:46

So immediately when I saw the bullshit, I'm like, Alright, what else can help lower blood pressure? Like what are things that are scientifically proven? That had somebody wearing a lab coat somewhere of what you could talk to you about, what was on my list? Laughter therapy, you could do laughter lowers blood pressure. Pet Therapy. So puppies, right? I would much rather hang out with puppies than do fucking waltz. do clustering on walls. It's read playing, playing instruments, video games, like listen here. Have you ever seen your son, you guys, have you ever dabbled in VR stuff at all?

Tyler 14:21

Not really. It's a couple. I've done a few. Yeah, I owned one of the original ones way back when

John Fairbanks 14:27

so like, like, my kids got or whatever while they like it was like the lightsaber game where you're breaking the blocks and shit. But now they have like the download of it so you can get like a bunch of Queen songs. Like there's nothing more fucking awesome than fairy Mercury just belting out in your ears while you were just like destroying stuff that like it's fighting to get away better. That's way more fucking fun. And that's where it for me came down to where it's like, the amount of fun and then of course, like you have some studies that show like you could drink whiskey, like moderate amounts of whiskey or beer or wine or whatever low is prep. Blood Pressure. And that's where for me again, we come back to this idea of like, if you're going to try and get people to get be healthier, do anything's gonna improve their life it has, there has to be an element of like fun and enjoyment that you're just not going to get the average person to suffer through a thing. And somehow that now is like exercise or that's

Tyler 15:19

it and for you guys out there gym owners, personal trainers This is a concept you're probably already familiar with is like having a have this study, It now turns into fucking dealing with conspiracy theory information. Now, it's all this is like, it's been debunked. Like you're out here just debunking stuff for people and it sucks. So do you think you need a wide breadth of experience? And you need kind of, it's okay, I think for people to have a strategy that's kind of like their own thing, right? My strategy for guys weight loss fits a few different things like there's a process that I take them through. That's mine. It's based on a handful of proven things like scientifically proven things. But the thing that matters the most to me is did it work for me? And does it work for my clients? So these things are kind of all blended together in what makes the best for six, eight weeks of them starting it's really is what that is what that process is it's not waltz, it's equal this intermittent fasting equals this since a fucking person in front of you. So my thing is, when I when someone comes up, when I do my, like my online coaching thing, like first thing we do is you just get your portions in control, I put a narrow range on the types of things that you can eat and which times breakfast can be, here's a list of things you can have for breakfast, pick one of these four, and one of these four, and when quantities are kind of loose, but it gets them onto a thing. That's one week. Okay, next week, it's a bit more abundant, so they don't kind of feel like they're starving for two weeks, right? There's just a little bit more to it. Third week, the training gets really ramped up. By the fourth week, we start tinkering with a little bit of intermittent fasting. I want you to chill out with what you're eating for breakfast. Let's go. Let's not eat anything till afternoon. Why not really, because of the science of intermittent fasting, or using your mitochondria, I don't give a fuck about your mitochondrial health. I don't care how awesome I am measuring that. Any coaches out there spewing shit about about fucking around? Everybody knows this. That's the only thing I know about cells. By the way, it's the only thing I know. But people go through all of that stuff. And when I saw when I dropped intermittent fasting on, it's because of that person, I think eventually just needs to learn what it's like and to feel better, that they're not hungry, that they're not full in the morning and then feeling like your stomach is empty means you need to feel hungry. And that's not what it is. And frankly, when I introduced that point in the program is when people will start to make a lot of extra progress, not just in the weight loss, but they feel better. That's when I start getting messages like bro, I don't think I'm ever gonna eat breakfast again. Like I really liked feeling light in the daytime. And it's easy to keep my calories low. And it's easy for me to keep most of my protein biased towards the end of the day. And I feel like I want to do my cardio and I feel like I'm digesting food. Now is that an optimized system for someone trying to gain 20 pounds of mass? Probably not. But again, this is real.

John Fairbanks 18:10

You can drink beer at night. Like I can drink way more beer if I don't have breakfast.

Tyler 18:19

It's well no, you can actually drink less beer and get the same effect. So again, you're not losing the calorie fight. But that's that and that's this program then evolves from there because it's about a person it's not about science. I don't fucking teach science I don't pass. So an important thing is that all of these trends are going to come and go. So I'm okay by the way y'all out there fuck with them all sets go for doing whatever I will not do one I don't give a shit. It's just that I'm not interested in it. I'm not gonna go wall sets are fucking pointless. I may have said something like that earlier. But I just don't lie, there's that it's whatever, but I don't believe that they're terrible. And I don't believe that they're fucking the best way to lower your blood pressure. So use that or don't. But that's but that's kind of like what you have to take away from all this stuff. So when we get into the other things that we're gonna get talked about here on this episode. That's kind of if there's a take it or leave it but just know that like this information is out there. The next one we want to get into is a big thing that's come out. This has always been the case these allegations and things like this that is this influencer is this fitness person is this person is a celebrity on steroids. Now they have to correct the term from steroids to PE DS, that's been a slow slow thing. And then it kind of used transducers to turn into like performance enhancing substances because then you get to the point where what is really performance enhancing and Where's the fucking line and people start to hold like athletes or regular people or influencers to a standard of nastiness. That is like what is this? Is this water like this for the Olympics? Like we're not training for the elite? Olympics like, Can this guy take a fucking peptide for his shoulder? No, remove your natty status. Like that's kind of nuts, right? And where's the line between taking something for healing versus taking like shitloads of growth hormone and insulin to fucking gain mass? There's a line right and who was establishing that line but because this conversation is more open now with social media and with frankly just the large the vastness of the internet so many people are writing articles about it calling people out making their own social media content, just piggybacking and roasting people who are like, fake natty or whatever there's some of my favorite accounts is this guy goes up to people at all these bodybuilding conventions and says, Are you Natty, you're not any amount of people want it's the women frankly, are the the guys most of the guys, there's a few guys that are insane for trying to pass it off. Like just I don't understand why that far into your career. I know why we'll get into that. But some of these ladies there that are like flat out got a voice like mine and got traps bigger than mine and are fucking lean and just round round muscle. You know what I'm saying? And note that he never did anything and like, if I did, I'd be huge. If I did, I'd get so jacked. I'm all this way Natty. Imagine if I was Imagine if I wasn't gonna get the fuck out. But because of that the conversation has had a lot now. And they can't hide from it. And I think that's a good thing, by the way, because I think me being open about the fact that I've taken steroids when I used to compete in strongman and a sport, by the way, that it's not cheating that in the ultra heavyweight class, you'd fucking better be if you're going to try and make it very far. Especially if you start competing in your mid 30s. In your 30s like, better fucking get with it, right? Yeah, so just some sauce got juicy as hell. And in return, now you kind of jack up your hormone system, and you end up on TRT at 40, which is fine. I'm okay with that. I'd rather be on TRT than have marginally low tea that's just low enough to where I get so I'm totally fine with it. And I don't want to deny it to anybody except, by the way, children. When I coach kids, if I coach kids in the weight room that are 1112 years old, and sometimes it'll casually come out, they'll bring it up in some other conversation. I say, No, I do. I will absolutely lie to them about it. Because they're fucking children. And they look up to me, and I don't want them to go at their age like, oh, yeah, so yeah, he's jacked. He's big. He's got abs too, like so. And he said, I don't want to and I believe that's how all of this starts. There's a lot of stuff. It used to be where if you were selling supplements as a pro strongman competitor, that he owns shit on would shit on you for it. I remember having this conversation with the guys at Mass phenomics. Once about, like Brian Shaw saying this, bro, this is the protein he takes. And this is the pre workouts he takes and it's like, but let's be honest, he made like that protein, he may take that protein. But the difference between that protein shake, and the other protein shake, the other guy's stuff is not nearly as important. Or near as impactful as the fact that like that guy who's on massive amounts of gear, what's the blend? Yeah, I prefer at night, actually, instead of a way because it helps me rest a little bit. It's like, No, I think you're up all night with the fucking trend sweats. I think that's what happened in either way. But, but that, because but so I believe that's where it starts, I believe it does start because you don't want young athletes to think they need to get on early. And that's a big thing that I was talking about, with everybody who I'm having who I have this conversation with, it's like, if you're 20, you just got no need man, like get big, you can get big, like really put on the size. And then it's easier to maintain, maintain without it easier to maintain with it. And then you can really have something to work on. But there's just, you don't want to be on gear for 40 fucking years. You know what I mean? That's just not not great, like heavy gear. So I do believe that that's where that thing starts. And that some of these people get deals with sponsors, supplement companies and shit like that as well. And they can't possibly be saying it openly. Maybe that's part of the arrangement. I know that that's the reality if I was sponsoring somebody, and if I was selling them fucking if I was having them pimp my amino acids or whatever, I can't have them going on and given all this praise to trend, you know what I mean? That's just not a good move. For my business, you know what I mean? And so,

John Fairbanks 24:23

The fitness influencer thing has caused this to become way more of an issue.

Tyler 24:28

Yes. And because there's a lot of them faking it simply, by the way, because they're selling this as the prop, they're selling. Fitness, they're selling coaching, they're selling online products are selling a process, not based on the process, but based on how they look. Yeah, that is an important differentiator that I always have to, you know, reconcile my own marketing with. Is that like, I will post a thing that's me like, go big and jacked like, I'll do that. But it's never you who wants to look like this. It's never something you need to eat. You want to look like me. It's not what you're selling. What I tell everybody is first off, if you're not training or eating the way that I eat, and you're not going to look like me, that's very easy. But most don't most of the time I've had people tell me, they don't want to start lifting because they don't want to look like me. And I have to be like, Yeah, well, that was never really in the cards for you yet, don't worry about it. Definitely don't lift that. Because the moment you start picking up weights, you're gonna look like me. That's how easy it was. That's how it was that easy. I just, you know, worked out very consistently for 10 fucking years, took drugs for three of them and have been on TRT ever since Come on, what are we talking about? And so that conversation, though now is front and center. And I think it's a good day, I think it's important that this be front and center, because I think performance enhancing drugs cannot be an on or off a good or bad or red or green conversation. can't be any more non 2024. Because there are things we talk about outcomes of, say, ozempic. Right? Yeah, I have clients gonna start taking it. And frankly, we've had the conversation. If you're buying willpower, you need to understand that as long as you know that, because we've tried, it says, you know, I've gone over the food stuff, work with the kids on the food stuff. And the kids are doing the thing, but you know, the parents like, no, no, it's not working. It's not working. It's not doing they're telling me they're not doing it. Right. So my frustration is like, I'm not going to work with you. It's like, Well, I think I'm gonna do this. I was like, Well, here's the deal. Like, here's what I think of it. I'm not the expert, you're fucking doctor is Say what you will about them. But what am I supposed to argue with him about? Right, right. Well, I'll work with you as we go through this process. But here's how I understand the pitfalls to be. And then yeah, I want to work with you. The problem is now I think this is the real issue is gonna be with coaches as this stuff evolves, is claiming your clients results, more than your own physique. I think using your own physique, your own drug history, whatever that is to sell your stuff. That's, that's going to be washed out pretty quick, because everyone's going to be hidden. That's the surface level conversation. But now that I see more TRT commercials, I see a more ready available testosterone for men, I see it more talked about than anything else ever, ever, in the last year than I have ever seen ever in 10 years in this industry, how to do that. And don't believe it's everywhere. It is that conversation, right? And so and I'm fine with it, I'm fine with it, as long as you know your doctor, your family, whatever.

John Fairbanks 27:19

But you know, what's really important is the exact same concept in the first part of the show, if you have to have an opinion that is coming from somewhere other than having heard it just from somewhere else. Like you can't just say TRT is good because Joe Rogan says it's good. You cannot say that it's bad, because whatever the fuck like it, yeah, it makes people and who or whatever it is, like, it's either

Tyler 27:46

way, if someone's gonna, someone's gonna go, I'd rather them work with me on their training then. So it is optimized for that situation, because there are so many things now that you get different advantages for if you're gonna train the same way that they were training before. That's fine. Of course, we'll help but like, let's make the most of this then. But the tricky thing, right, I really do pride myself on my clients getting results, especially weight loss, guys, right. And if I were to get into a partnership with the clinic that's doing a lot of TRT, and prescribing the semaglutide and or whatever, right? Like, does that turn into something where I can't be like this guy lost 150 pounds since he started working with me.

John Fairbanks 28:24

Right? That's tricky. Barry Bonds, like a very Bonds Asterix for the homerun record. And

Tyler 28:28

I believe that is the next evolution of this ethics conversation. And I think it's important, and I think that it is the evolving ethics of fitness in fitness marketing. And I think you can stay above board. And I think it's important to and you don't have to make all your stuff about it. But I mean, I think every single one of my clients knows that I take the semester off, because I don't want them to be deluded about the situation. And I don't want them thinking that because I train one way or eat one way. Like I'm coaching them with their process, not just them on my stuff. That's just not the way that this works. You know, there's big differences. If someone's trying to gain size, I do intermittent fasting most days. I won't I'll go 12 to 20 hours I go probably like 17 to 23 hours actually is what I fast four days a week give or take, right you guys add it just because of the obvious because of this now though, I am not going to go immediately catabolic and just start cannibalizing my own muscle tissue when I'm not fucking eating during the daytime. That's not how this works because my body is geared a little bit towards fucking preserving muscle tissue more in my kind of hormone profile is going to enable that. So while you would lose a lot I wouldn't do I wouldn't be able to carry a lot less muscle. Okay, I probably still be not as certainly not as lean, but I would lose a lot more probably weight as well because my body is not just accumulating fucking size and I can preserve the muscle tissue and I will burn a disproportionate ratio of fat have muscle during those fasting periods. So it's easy for me on TRT, because I don't have these big ebbs and flows of my hormone profile during the daytime. And that's different, but when I recommend it to weight loss clients, it's fine. I need you to have a big block of time. And that's more of a habit thing than it is a science thing. I need you to know what it's like an integer just not to eat so that for a little bit so the next time you're in a car ride, you don't need to stop at a gas station or stop at a drive thru and get to 3000 calories worth of bullshit. Yeah, okay, that's, that's, that's the lesson there. And so that's what that conversation I think is important to have. Because if you're coaching people as they age, they are now subject to the most, the highest amount of testosterone therapy. Advertising is possible. Now this is like I would say it's as rampant maybe you and I are just men above a certain age. But I'm getting hit with two things. boner pills and TRT? Yeah, on my ads on my algorithm, like heavily, heavily. So I'm sure all these guys that are struggling to lose weight are struggling to make a change. They see this as a, whether it's a shortcut, whether it's an enabling tool, whether it's just another step along the way. However, their perception is of it, they're gonna go to a professional to get it sorted out, and I think you can still be there for them. And I don't think it's conversation that needs to be kept under the covers anymore. I think it should be out in the open. I think people need to understand when they talk about this person who took performance enhancing drugs. Yeah, define that. Because I promise you one thing as well, compared to most people out there, my diet is I have peed. Not only do I take testosterone, I also take peds every performance enhancing diet pretty heavily. Is that a problem? I take performance enhancing sleep every night to probably that exceeds the enhancement of anyone else has fucking sleep out there. Right? I probably sleep better, more thoroughly, more consistently than 80% of the people that I interact with on a daily basis. Hands down. I'm a nine to 10 hour a night guy. If I'm awake past 9pm It's a goddamn fucking miracle. Okay, so is that a problem? No. But these are all tools in the thing and I think it's very important where it is. Where's the line? As research chemicals begin to evolve? There are things like BPC, 157, for injuries, joint injuries now, like it's a thing that a person can try that costs you your natty status? You know what I mean? Like I don't know, and I don't give a shit. And I think the reality is, do you just get to do what you're gonna do? And if someone asks, Natty or not, isn't aligned, I am on the knot side of that line if it was right. And the worst thing I think is people go well, I am now on the aisle. But I said well, just and again, I don't think it's like a scarlet letter that you have to wear. And I think that's what's important right now, it's good versus bad. Right now it's red versus blue. It's Trump versus Biden. It's nasty or not. And that's that conversation now. There should be a wider, broader spectrum. And I don't think there should be judgment along that spectrum, as long as the information is open and to the public. And it's by the way there the other side of this is it's not everyone's business either. There is one important thing that I have learned from these years in the business is that people will come up and ask you that question. Who doesn't have good intentions? Who have no fucking right to that information, either. So I don't want to lie to them, necessarily. I don't want to tell them yes, either. Necessarily. I had a guy one time he's a fucking weirdo. In the gym. There's a fun story. Guys are fucking weird, dude. And he's like, it just goes up and like starts has something wrong with him kind of. It's not like the fun or clever kind of special. It's the type of special where like, still lives on his own is probably fucking a super weirdo. You know? But this person comes to me Jim says Jim and me up with some conversation. I don't give a shit about because show me pictures of when he used to be fit. You know what I'm saying? Like literally on his phone. I'm like, I don't care. Yeah, okay. Just try. I literally tried to be polite all the way through to the point where your presence starts to annoy me after 20 minutes of interrupting my workout, then starts talking about some wrestlers. He used to know and those guys died young, but it was because they were all on steroids. That's why they looked better than me. And that's why they died. So you're gonna say well, I mean, I think you know what, I think the kind of steroids kind of took the blame for a lot of those guys is, you know, lifelong fucking pain medication and recreational drug use

John Fairbanks 34:26

cocaine. Yes. What

Tyler 34:28

Are we talking about? Like, this is the combination of fucking intense amounts of steroids, tons of prescription pain medication, cocaine, amphetamines and a lots of booze and a very rough lifestyle. Okay, tons and tons of traveling, like and so I kind of had that said that very briefly. And he goes, Well, you've never taken any of that stuff, have you? And I flat out looked him dead in the face. Like, who the fuck do you think you are to think that you get to ask me that question and that I owe you the answer to that question. So I've done fucking talking to you. Because the fact was, I say Guess what, am I gonna get judgment from this fucking cloud?

John Fairbanks 35:04

conversation? Yeah, yeah.

Tyler 35:07

I just went, Dude, fuck you. Right? Yeah. Which means what is he going to take away from that? The answer is yes. But the answer is yes. And I'm not mad because you asked the question. I'm mad because Go fuck yourself, you know what I mean? Because I told you that you were wrong about the other stuff but that's the reality of the conversation needs to be out in the open and I know how this stuff starts with just trying to you know, in the beginning it's like Lance Armstrong thing right? Lance Armstrong denied it in the beginning and it escalated. Once you've denied at once publicly, you just have to constantly say that the truth shall set you free. And so it really is the thing where like, you just gotta get it out there. Just do it. I don't give a shit. If you do, it's just, it's for the best. Lance Armstrong started lying about it. The media starts asking him to double down and a few other people come out and start making direct accusations about it. What's he got to do? Like they're going to investigate? They're going to strip him of his stuff, whatever. So what do you do then? He says to sue that person for fucking slander or whatever right? Now you're destroying a person who's not lying because you aren't right now you're not in my opinion that act is worse than anything he did lying about it and anything he did taking drugs in the sport that he was in it's not that but it's the lie escalates and defending the lie escalates to the point where I don't know these are lessons you learned as a kid right? Every little movie like every little lesson about fucking why you shouldn't lie that's what it is right? It snowballs into a thing that becomes way worse than the original line. All you wish you could do was just tell the truth about the thing in the beginning. Yeah, right. And this is Mike O'hearn. Oh Michael Hearn still claims that he has Google Michael Hearn at Google his age and Google the way he looks and Google has always looked. Michael Hearn defends his natty status. I swear to God, it's tongue in cheek at this point, like I'm just I don't even I'm like is he? He's gotta be joking, but he's really doubling down on it a lot for a lot of you. And I'm sure he wakes up every morning and it's up at 3am and very consistent and all the things he does because even though he's absolutely on gear, absolutely. He's more consistent and works harder than you me everyone who's listening to the show. So that's my thing with all this kind of fuck off because I promise he works harder than you and is more consistent and all of you and but the thing is remember where did his stuff kind of started out and I'd be willing to bet there was on the American gladiator the gladiators right yeah, that was right kind of pop through and I would almost guarantee you way back when the media didn't go that far didn't have that much reach they probably didn't want you on a national television show. When the meet people start asking about they want you to say no your natural they don't want professional football players saying they've taken gear they don't want they just didn't even ask

John Fairbanks 37:57

him the question. The app didn't ask Arnold, he went on like, Hey, you're huge. You take a bunch of shit.

Tyler 38:06

I have read comments from dumb people on the internet to say that the reason they prefer Arnold's physique to now is because Arnold did it naturally. What are you talking about?

John Fairbanks 38:18

Just checked by the way, this is

Tyler 38:20

not just like gear with everyone like a lot of it because they didn't have a lot of these other things.

John Fairbanks 38:25

More effective. The Client was gnarly. Yeah, now so

Tyler 38:30

only O'Hearn thing I think that's exactly how it went. Right? He just had it tonight at once and next thing you know you're riding that ship all the way into the rocks. So we'll get into another one on the fitness business side of things. Alex quotes Alex I'm pretty sure isn't as rich as he says he is and Alex I'm pretty sure is a little disingenuous about a lot of shit. My favorite pretender poser but he's still rich Alex for Mozi so Alex Hormoz a fucking does a lot of stuff. He says a lot of things a lot of things he's done a very solid content marketing strategy building a personal brand sold a business that basically thrived Jim launch thrived in the Facebook ads era the p k day of Facebook ads right where it just was the one spot where you could really get some action out of selling unethical bait and switch just bullshit products pushing absolutely some of the dumbest most overpriced uninteresting supplements through his brand running them all through a bunches of these gyms he made his fucking cut he made us made his money he did his thing wonderful for them. I don't I don't fault him for any of that other than I think that it's as disingenuous of a business marketing strategy and as harmful to the end user, the clients, and the gyms that did it. They made some money but their reputation and the client success rate just fucking drops, right it's dogshit it just torches out the reputation for these, these brands in there. That's why I do not see people five years, three, four or five years after working with Jim launch, talking like it's a good idea like they liked it never right now that all that aside from the negative impact I believe that they've had in the fitness industry that's what I believe on the business side of things absolutely all the things that you as an ethical gym owner who really want to be successful but also do the right thing for your marketing and for your clients and not be all of the shitty other reasons gym owners are afraid of sales is because of their bullshit. The types of shit that they're selling pretend free stuff but purely bait and switch all of the worst things about the industry is kind of what they pushed. We know because we work with some gyms and help them implement some of it before we were like Yo, what the fuck front row trying to make a person go have this sales conversation with a person is fuck absolute dog shit. You want to hear more about it? We'll maybe talk about some other day but this is whatever that aside. There's an article that got put out God I gotta find it again here. Where was this? What's this was the daily month, muscle and strength magazine. This came on to the sustain speaking of keeping the lie right it came too early before he was as rich as famous right? This was nine years ago. Okay. Alex Hormoz he gained 35 pounds in six weeks naturally I implore you out there guys. Go out there and look up this article as a man who has gained a lot of size naturally gotten leaner naturally. And a man who has gained a lot of size on a lot of gear. I am all of those things. Okay. In six weeks, I gained 35 pounds in six weeks. If there was anything that I bet he could because now I think I've heard him mentioned in some rumblings that he takes TRT now yeah, this is absolute fucking bullshit. It's the purest of pure fucking lies on this thing. It's crazy. And like most of the stuff that he's putting out now, there's some value to it in general, if we're all going to be open about it, like much of the advice he gives on fucking business or just what now at this point, it's all just fucking fluffy shit. 90% of it's just stuff. Somebody else said that he's kind of repackaging, but it's whatever. But some of the stuff is, it's all valid. No, no information is new. So I'm okay with him. Just repackaging a bunch of stuff. Everybody is so I don't care. But this is the purest of the pure fucking bullshit here. This is nuts. So I was like, yeah, he was training, you just have to look at this thing. It's to claim to have done it natural, is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen. I mean, this will go look at this, go look at the pictures. And then what he goes through his punches and what his training split is and what he ate, and how to do the stuff and I'm like you, you do this and you eat this quantity, and you're gonna fucking have just absolute tits.

John Fairbanks 42:51

But that's okay. So that's what's for me. That's where it all comes down to is not the tip speed

Tyler 42:57

or grams of carbs trained for three hours every day. It is

John Fairbanks 43:01

the implication that if you do that piece, yes. Like, that's the piece that gets you to victory. Like for me, it's like that is the principle of which all of this goes wrong, whether we're gonna talk about business, or we're gonna talk about peds or any of that shit. It's like if it were just honest, upfront, then it works. It works just fine. The information is solid. But the idea that you have because for us is that we stand for the 99% of the population that just needs to be able to have a gym be what a gym is supposed to fucking be. and not have it be this one percenter head up your ass scientific experiment. Regular humans are going to come across this and you know who really comes across this shit. Tyler is fucking teenage boys and early 20 year olds? Yes. Because that's the issue. The issue is you have dudes that do want to do better. They are doing the research and they come across this and now they're like, Oh, well, this is going to take me to the promised land. It doesn't work. And then the problem is, is that they do then go get mass gainer or they go and buy bullshit, because now it's getting peddled on them like it just is it's such a dirty snowball that affects because no one can be fucking honest about any of the things

Tyler 44:17

I mean naturally is in the fucking article title. Like that's the thing you're not even trying to be like, Hey, this is the thing that I did. You know and like you can do something like yes, absolutely. It's it's as it's not just disingenuous, you're fucking lying in your lie and this was back when just trying to build clout that was backer that's a decade ago. Right? This is a person who has been chasing clout since forever. hustles Good. Good for him. By the way, I'm fine with that. He's, I think it's okay that he has the money he has, but let's hold a person accountable to the things that they do. That's all I'm saying. So if your impact is on this article is you tricked a bunch of dipshits into thinking that they can do that fine, wonderful, but if that's the impact you want to have in the fitness industry Go fuck yourself. Right? I think the same thing is if you know if, if you're busy you're you're under the guise of saying I want to help these gyms become more profitable so that we can grow fitness in our communities. And in return I'm running a bunch of pretend free ads to a bunch of pretend free fucking cookie cutter program. This is a pure bait and switch offer. It's probably some of the most unethical, shady bullshit I've ever seen come through the fitness industry props to you, Jim launch. Like, that's fine. Y'all got your money? So that had value somewhere, I guess. But that's fine. But there's a reason that during this era, how has the fitness industry come along? What have we done in the fitness industry? Now? What does it do? It takes more revenue than it ever has, and continues to grow in revenue, yet our country is less fit than it was. So people like this are the fucking cancer on the fucking industry. That's the problem that's optimized for dollars optimized for lead generation optimized for all of this shit. And these fucking Hormoz econs come in here and they just extract extract extract extract. And this is how you happen over there era. Whatever amount of money he made, and whoever gyms they helped, hopefully some of them made some good money and then got their chips turned right. We talked to so many gym owners like John who like to get in there anyway or even Jim clients so if my gym got involved with this company, all of a sudden, I would be embarrassed to go to this gym because of the ads I'm seeing run that are local in my community. I'm embarrassed when somebody I know who knows I go to this gym responds and gets roped into one of these absolute bullshit fucking sales meetings here and then gets stuffed through one of the most some of the slimy as fucking supplement sales conversations ever. Just slipping through a fucking slide deck of PowerPoint was you know, just all of the worst shit. Okay, that's what they've done. They took money from people, people aren't fitter. Okay, they made a lot of money. That's great. But that is the issue with the industry over all these years. Okay, now on the subject of things changing perception? Listen, if you believe running a challenge is fine. I believe running discounted offers is fine, I believe running Facebook ads is fine. I think there's a way to do it that is optimized not just for you to extract money from your community in the short term, because your arrangement with these companies are short term. So they're only optimized to extract extract, extract, extract and get the fuck out. Once your brand name is bullshit, and maybe once your brand is worth fucking nothing and you're tired of having all these conversations, they'll buy you out at a heavy discount. Once you're operating all their systems. That's the place is to acquire you and take your shit and fucking tarnish your brand and fucking make it their thing. And they can continue to churn and burn. You know, it's a cancer on the industry. And if it works, getting us some money keeps you afloat, whatever, man, whatever you got to do, I guess, but know that a lot of their tactics are predatory, not just on you, or not just on your clients, but on you as well. And your brand. They're there to gobble you up. So fuck them, Dude, fuck these guys. It's fine. But fuck these guys. They're all slick. It's fine. They're slick, but they're not helping people get fit. They're not solving the problem that this industry has nationwide. It's just not so it's not working. You want to be the solution or you want to be part of the fucking problem. That's what I asked you as a gym owner. And to go for is like all of these things change. Now that this thing was built, all of the clout that this guy's got is built upon success that they had back during Facebook's ads heyday, right? Facebook ads are less effective now than they ever were where Facebook's engagement is less effective. It's more expensive than it ever was like this is not the thing that's the most it's not shouldn't represent as large of a percentage of the pie. Now for your marketing strategy as it used to be to get by 100% You just put it on there and it just would work you know now that ain't it? It just ain't it. So that shifts because platforms shift public perception. Facebook's not cool like it was in 2007. Six it's just not right now these guys start to run and this is what happens with you getting a lot of these no offense at all. We get all these ClickFunnels, dorks. That's what he's out of. Clickfunnels, dorks Okay, so you can always click funnels, dorks that come out of this space. And what happens is they think that everything is Facebook ads now. But these are people that are essentially telling you right now that like, so we're gonna start running ads on MySpace, you guys know MySpace is the juggernaut. If someone came here to have that conversation right now, like, why don't you run in MySpace ads? You would laugh them out of the fucking room. But Who the fuck is on MySpace? Right? Well, who the fuck is using Facebook? Let's be honest, who do you know? Like what percentage of people you know that are really active on Facebook, very few of the people you interact with on a regular basis. It's very few. So these platforms change technologies. Change. And I think you get to the point where, John, what we do for this podcast was not available to us to just get on this and stream like this and have it record directly and just be able to just get the audio and get this tool to change so much. I built a product when I first moved back from overseas where it was like online coaching, but it was really a step by step process for how to launch your podcast, what platforms? Yeah, and what equipment is probably your best option, you know that it worked for money and your setup, what factors to consider, what software to use, what platforms to use, how to edit, how to market it, right? How to make your clips back, then John back then in order to make clips with when people were making clips, you still see people doing it, people for a long time made video clips, viral clips of their podcasts or whatever for the internet. And they would just put a still shot of a thing, and then it would just have the audio play over it. Well, that's terrible, and unengaging, and then it evolved as a little wavelength, then it evolved, they do that, but then they put captions on it. Right? So then you'd have to go in order to do that you have to burn them in and I'd have to go through use like a voice to text software that I'd pay for. But at least it got too close that I'd have to edit it and then I had to put it on it. Yep. But if a person's face is better engagement, then you kind of have to do a video. So then we do that we start doing video, and what's my process for that? Well, we found out using that service one way or the other way would be to go into Instagram. And when you go to post the reel that way, I actually think of stories that won't do that, or whatever. But you go through an auto caption and clean that up, then export that. And then you could use that for all the other platforms for Tiktok. Well, and that was revolutionary when that happened. Game Changer. I didn't have to do it from scratch. Yeah, now all of it's done nearly automatically. And not only that, the software we use, like it's not terribly expensive. And it just will go through the whole episode and just pull clips, optimized for impact conversation value different lengths, like that's a done deal. Editing was one of the most daunting tasks if you ever had an issue with your audio quality as someone who's way loud, someone's way quiet, you had to get software to go through the download and I didn't yet know how to do it. And so I did video walkthroughs of how to do it that are completely irrelevant. Yeah, at this point. And now you go through news, upload your file and there's you know, Adobe's got one of them just done and now it'll do it. It'll do it on the video so Spotify does not have any video just now you can just upload video to Spotify now your video podcasts on Spotify, and the audio gets pushed out to everything else. So now using any other platform other than Spotify for podcasters as your centerpiece feed I think it's probably foolish. So the game changes everything changes and if you are not equipped to evolve in your coaching strategy in your nutrition philosophy in your ideas of what products people want, right? Group Fitness comes group fitness goes cycling comm cycling goes fucking cardio kickboxing and boxing will come back. Promise there's been a right there's been a lull in that type of stuff right group aerobics. Yep, it's been some like that's gonna come back. I think that'll come back somehow, someway. Martial Arts is I still think on the rise I think they grow by 15% Every fucking year for the last decade.

John Fairbanks 53:26

With that new acquisition with WWE like you have you have a whole new you don't even know they're about to go to the net like it's for sure. If I was putting my money on black my money would be in the martial arts space over the next decade for sure.

Tyler 53:41

Yeah. And public perception regarding what is okay there are opportunities now when you go out you are going to have clients who are going to in spite of everything you say, you're going to want to get on TRT maybe just be the person who's there for them when they do be there be the person who's there bridge between whatever they're doing with their doctor and fitness and health and strength training and whatever that is. Same thing with the weight loss drugs.

John Fairbanks 54:05

Because human nature Tyler, what do you do when you teach abstinence when it comes to sex? Because everybody just stops having sex. They stop obviously, nobody has sex to get married. And it all works out. Yeah. Right. So if you choose to be the only abstinence person when it comes to ozempic or TRT, he's like, Well, why don't you know? It's like, well, then they will go elsewhere. People will go seek that out. And that's that's been our argument about when it comes to supplements and all the things

Tyler 54:33

He wrote the first the most optimized pathway to success on it because let's be real John, if you want to get as lean as possible and as ripped apart Fine, let's get you on the sauce. Like let's go let's go heavy on the trend. Run some clan, we're going to, we're just going to build and we're going to cut strip it all back. Like let's just do that. That's success at all costs. Right? Right. But that's not necessarily the thing that we need to do, we need to find a balance and maybe work with your clients to help them find their own balance and their own balanced strategy. works. My wife had a client who took God on ozempic right away when it came out when they weren't doing the what's the word? They weren't doing that? What's the other pharmacies? Next? What's it called? Not combining. Just said the term I'm talking about. Oh, yeah, yeah, the fucking word. There's a regular pharmacy. So there's like the on brand was epic. It's not off, right? It's a fucking what's the term generic? Generic

John Fairbanks 55:25

pharmacy that makes the medicine right. Yeah, right. Yeah, no.

Tyler 55:33

I'm pounding that. There you go. Yeah. So they basically have to get it from a compounding pharmacy. And then they can kind of set up their own structure from the doctor that way instead of, because what was epic on its own is a dosage and a frequency and an admit method of administration. That's what they have a patent on. They don't have another chemical. So you go to chemicals, less dose less frequently than here's your method. There's not too much crossover, they can do it. But that didn't exist so I think this was like 1000 bucks a month. This person was on. So they got off. And it was not something that she was planning on keeping up sustainable. But this person had just started working with my wife. So she dropped like 15 pounds right away at 20 pounds. And Megan was like, really stoked and really proud of her and whatever. And then she started putting it on. After like, two months, stopped and said, What the fuck is going on here? And he's like, struggling to have these conversations. And that just tells Megan at all, that's what happens when these conversations are behind board. Yes, like, now she's keeping it too close to her chest. And now she's got no help. She can't tell you. And she put the weight on plus, plus a lot. And then was really bummed out about it, and then stopped going to the gym and then started coming back from Las Vegas. Thank God, Megan never made any posts about this person's successes, because one would have blown up right in your face. about 20 pounds, then people see this person around town like 50 pounds heavier. That's rough. But the fact is, if it was just hey, I'm going to take this, can I have a conversation about the risks and whatever before? And then how are we going to handle this? It's okay for you guys, these people's doctors are not working with them on nutrition throughout this process. Yeah, whether it's on tea, whether it's on ozempic, whether it's on anything else, they're not prescribing, they're sending them out the door, they may never talk to them again, by the way, about it at all, it just is the thing that goes right. And whatever your job is to be their liaison, be their concierge as to exactly this. And now Now you've got this new vehicle that you're going to take there, right, this new vehicles got a little extra horsepower, it's got some extra demands, the brakes are going to be off run, be a little tighter, like it's gonna be fucking nasty on the gas. But there's some different stuff that goes on depending on what you're taking, right? So you have to be the person who helps them figure out how to apply that to their fitness and make sure that it works with their life, instead of being the person they need to hide it from. Because then once it breaks, or once something changes, they're gonna just disappear. And then did you really help them? No.

John Fairbanks 58:00

And you know what I really liked about that idea. It's almost like you can do this thought exercise in preparation for what you hear as a gym owner as a personal trainer, you start to hear these things are becoming more popular. Yeah, what if? And then fill in the blank? It'll be a way cooler version of Marvel shitty What if series on fucking Disney plus, right? What if I have a client on trend? How do I help them? How do I make them as optimized as possible? What if you can deal with anything? What if I have one? ozempic? Well, I can put it to the side. Because put it to the side of how you feel about it, whatever. And that's not what's being asked of you. My

Tyler 58:38

The first implication was me being hypocritical on this because the moment you said, what if you had a client who was on trend, I'd be like, trying to get them off. It

John Fairbanks 58:47

still might be the move if it's the worst. It's not right. Like I don't say.

Tyler 58:51

I do think you're right. I think that it is a thought exercise. Right? And by the way, it may be a thing where it's like, bro, okay, I'll be with you for this 60 How are we getting off it? You have to make sure we're off? How do we know because we get one you don't say this if I went to like a boy is that a wild ride? I could be like, you're gonna get divorced. That's

John Fairbanks 59:14

That's important.

Tyler 59:18

I feel that test.

John Fairbanks 59:20

And I think it's because

Tyler 59:22

stream one John, that's almost not gonna be the one that should be out of bounds. But they're

John Fairbanks 59:29

the videos I enjoy. Most are the guys that make fun of being on it. Because there's a couple of like, guys that I follow that are bodybuilders that are just juiced out of their minds, and they just do mocking trend, trend videos of them just fucking insane. Anyway, my point being is that in a world where people are not going to be dudes about anything, it's really important to as if you're going to truly try and be the tip of the spear for the people that you serve. You want to be able to help them. You got to be that one place where It's like, well, while I don't think doing a bunch of blows, and hookers on the weekends is the move for health. If this is where we are, okay, then we need to be here. I'm glad to have you here, right. And I want to make sure I keep having you here. And then this is a way we can start working with. So it's not to be in the most extreme of it has nothing to do with health in that aspect. It's okay, if you're gonna do ozempic You're gonna do it. It's how do we optimize your nutrition so that you don't have all your shit get torn apart. And now you don't have these problems that we I see that people are having, it's because the doctors aren't going to just like you said, they're not going to talk to you about those things. It's just they are going to, they're going to give you your drugs send you out the door, and they're not going to fucking talk to you about it again. And if people are doing something that is publicly unscrupulous, where they have to go under the radar, just like Megan's client, it's now we're kind of there's an element of embarrassment. There's an element of I don't want to talk about it. Because it's like, it's alright, hey, if your dick doesn't work, it's you're gonna take Ed medicine. It's as well as things where you realize, like blood pressure medicine, I argued with my wife about this. It has nothing to do with Ed stuff. But it made me think of this is,

Tyler 1:01:20

Whatever, I'm here for you.

John Fairbanks 1:01:21

We're gonna go here we go. Here we go. It's when I go to the dentist. They want you to list all your medications. And so my wife is in like the dental field, right? She's a dental hygienist by practice. And I go, I'm not going to explain, because I've ever had to go get a massage. It's the same thing, that we have a list of medications, and I'm on blood pressure medication. And I'm like, This is fucking stupid. Because I don't get lightheaded when I lay down. I don't meet because I made the mistake once the one fucking time I wrote down. It's like, well, what is this? It's a blood pressure medication. He's like, Oh, well, then we have to avoid this, this and this. And we have to be careful when you lay down. Like it was all this thing. I'm like, No, you don't know you don't. And I actually I don't want to be fucking talking to you about this anymore. So now I just nope, totally fine. No problems, completely healthy. Until now, my wife did this at the dentist. She's like, I understand why you're doing that she goes, but stop it. She was unique, because she goes as a dental hygienist . There are things that then if we know you're taking this medication, we know to be looking for X, Y or Z that does happen, like in the mouth or whatever. But if it's not there, it doesn't cue us to look, and then we're just oh, we're not even looking that hard for that. It's almost like it's their bread crumbs. Yeah, they get dropped. So for me, it's always like, it's my fucking business. Don't goddamn talk to me about it. I don't want to be here anyway, and I don't want to fucking talk to you about this. But there is that where

Tyler 1:02:53

that almost embarrassment component where they try to hide it. It's, I think for all consumers, I think it's a thing, we try to keep some information close to our chest. And there's because of it though, the person working with us trying to diagnose something and simply trying to help you cannot help you because of it. So I think it would happen all the time here, John, we had this conversation, your air conditioner froze up one time. This happens all the time around here is the first time it gets really, really hot. And every single time I go to somebody's house, and the air conditioner is frozen solid block ice inside. It was and I got there and I saw there's a brand new filter and the furnace. Now, if that's the case, that they had just changed the filter and it was filthy, filthy, filthy dirty, what the solution is, leave a shut off with the fan run till it completely thaws out. Most likely your silly clogged furnace filter is the reason this happened. We got to get all the ice off this once it's thought out. Or you can run the heat. Once it's all thought out. Run it again. It's going to run just fine. It's gonna be just fine. The problem is people don't want to be embarrassed. So people say they don't want to say I actually haven't changed my filter, like a year and a half. They don't want to say that have fucking forgive through it all but fucking, but I'm a dirty boy. You know what I mean? That's like I'm dirty. I'm lazy. I forget. You know what I mean? It's like, it is so not important. But what happens is I can if I see that that's the case. You're gonna pay my $90 fee to show up and tell you what's wrong. Right? I don't even need to check anything else. If you tell me honestly, like Yeah, actually, it was absolute shit, you know. So we'll be perfect . Let's just set a sort of thought to run it later. And if it does, if it gives you an issue, and then I'll come back and I won't charge you that show up, see, and we'll just start over again. But this gives you a chance to get out of this for 90 bucks. When they lie to you. You don't have to do John, I gotta charge them to sit there for 45 minutes to an hour and a half and heat it while it thaws out. Then I got to check it and then if there's anything that's even kind of slightly off, it could be a little bit low on refrigerant, but now I kind of gotta recommend that they fix it because we've gotten this far. Now they can make their own choice but, but now they're in a situation where they could have it could have been 91 actually won't think about it again for five years. Yeah, gonna cost you 450 bucks now, probably, like, just tell the fucking truth hormones easy. So thanks a lot for listening to everybody. We'll see you next week for the show and gym owners revolution. Or the gym owners podcasts on Instagram get at the gym owners revolution Facebook group go to gym owners Follow me at Tyler effing stone that's Tyler e FF ironstone. And John,

John Fairbanks 1:05:26

you can follow me at Jay banks f L.

Tyler 1:05:30

Alright guys, see you next week.

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