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Flaws, Failures & The FUTURE of Franchise Gyms

Friday, March 15, 2024



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  • Common issues in commercial gyms and fitness culture. (0:01)
  • Filming in gyms and respecting other clients. (2:15)
  • Filming in gyms and creating content. (7:35)
  • Gym culture and social media presence. (10:29)
  • Filming in gyms and privacy concerns. (16:06)
  • Franchise gym owners' lack of care for clients' outcomes. (20:37)
  • Franchise business models and their drawbacks. (23:00)
  • Gym owners' lack of care for quality and clients' preferences. (28:46)
  • Fitness franchise challenges and potential solutions. (33:34)
  • Fitness industry's loyalty and success issues. (38:23)
  • Fitness industry business models and their impact on clients. (42:39)
  • Gym franchises and their effectiveness. (47:16)
  • Fitness industry trends and the importance of critical thinking. (52:13)
  • Fitness industry's focus on weight loss and client success. (57:41)


Tyler 00:01

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome this week's absolute gym owners podcast. I'm your host Tyler Stone or John Fairbanks. How are you doing, John?

John Fairbanks 00:06

I'm excellent Tyler. Coming in high

Tyler 00:09

energy peak caffeinated. Today, we're ready to go as you should absolutely do this. I've had a secondary date, by the way, we're talking. I got a sick wife at home. So I've had to make my coffee in the mornings on my own. I've had to get the child lunch made and out to school for this is like three consecutive days of like, super dad stuff. And so we're coming in, we're square. We're checking all the boxes today. So tell me about your coffee.

John Fairbanks 00:36

Well, I was gonna say like most of the time, if I have to be in a rush, like I have one of those things that makes like six shots of espresso, like espresso, like grab the gate. But if I have a little bit longer time, I just make one of these like old school percolator coffee that has, like, way too strong. So I ended up going from like, we're normally it's like a normal human has like three or four cups of coffee with the espresso and now I'm going to like 15 cups of coffee. Yeah, but it's still in the same amount of time.

Tyler 01:02

People can just like to hear the sound of you vibrating around them. Like I'm ready to do all the things similar to a 300 pound Bumblebee in the room.

John Fairbanks 01:11

Do things guys

Tyler 01:14

Before we get started, guys, oh the show at the gym owners podcast and Instagram go to gym owners That's where we have to get into Gear Academy if you want to join and have us work directly with your gym. That's where to start getting questions about what that means. What it means is to have us help you take your gym to the next level without selling your soul without doing a bunch of stupid hokey trendy shit. Shoot us a message at the gym owners podcast or you can email us at the dudes at Hack your follow John at Jay makes FL you can follow me at Tyler Elphinstone this Tyler eff ironstone today, we've got some stuff to get into. So there's a few things that have been popping up. And I'm seeing a lot of these things happen in commercial gyms frankly and 24 hour gyms most of the time. But there's some common issues that we're seeing with not just franchise gyms as a whole, but the fitness culture that we're seeing on the internet. And one of the major issues that's coming to head that I think is something for gym owners to consider. Filming shit in gyms for social media is I guess getting out of hand. To the point where people hate it, there's confrontations about it. There's people on both sides, people calling people out for filming other people, there's people filming other people who are being mean, there's people filming themselves who are not, who are being just fine and other people are freaking out. There's people filming themselves, and then it's the gym's policy that you can't film yourself even though they're not doing anything wrong. It's crazy that phones the biggest issue used to be sitting on your phone texting. Right? You know, like, that was the big distraction for having your phone in the gym. And like, I don't know, I'm that guy. I think I between sets, scrolling on Instagram, picking another song like, I'm that fucking guy. I'm that guy. If I'm gonna train like a pretty hard session, I'm going to film something in it to put on social media. And I'd love to say the excuse, I would say if someone calls me up like, I am technically like a fitness professional. I do make content and sell programs, like I kind of do have to do some of that. But that's not anything about why I'm doing it. It's just generally I gotta post some workout things because it's what I do. So different from me posting about me playing guitar, doing something with the family, like it is just the way that it is. People get all high and mighty about like, well, I'm an influencer or I am a coach. And I should do it. And I get all that. But you really don't have any more rights than the next guy either. And it's also most of the reason that I do it. And that those other people just, it's just ego, it's cool, whatever. Who gives a shit, I just don't. But as a gym, man, it's up in your gym. It's an interesting dilemma to have. And I do think it's something that you need to understand what your policy is on it. You need to have a strategy about how you're going to address it. Because if you allow it, there will be problems. If you clearly, totally ban it banned filming in your gym, there's also going to be problems with enforcing it with

John Fairbanks 04:08

Yeah, well, it's like it's that rule, right? Never make a promise you can't keep. Yeah, and that's kind of one of those ideas where it's like, dude, do you want to be like the No. Are you the phone police now? Like, is that what your job is? Now you have to be the guy that walks around and gets mad at people from their phones out? Well, you were just recording? No, sir. I was texting my mother. Like it's like what? Like,

Tyler 04:32

yeah, like Well, no. Specifically about filming. First off, right. It's specifically for filming. And I actually believe that if a Jim chooses that to be the case, it's an advantage. It's good for a certain audience of people. I wanted to ascertain. There's something I've seen recently that's the problem. So many of these videos go viral, whether it's a confrontation about it or whether it's just somebody doing some shit in the gym. Filming in the gym is how we know what goes on in gym season. It's all you guys. That is how it works. Yeah. And so, but there was like a planet fitness that had somebody's like, hey, it's just like our policy normally is that we can't really be filming in here. I don't mind if you do it but if you're just filming yourself on this treadmill, can you like, turn it in this way? So you're not just filming down to all these other people who came here to what not want to be on camera? Right? Right. And so like if you're, if it's just you and like, I don't care that like I thought was pretty reasonable and this lady was like, tried to blast him the fucking internet and it's like, I don't know, man, you got a $10 membership. You're lucky we're even fucking nice to you about anything, frankly. But, if that's the policy, maybe I'm at a gym and I do believe let's pretend you're the you know, approachable sheep. Everybody needs to feel welcome to join, which that's fine. But like yeah, maybe those people who are coming in on their first or second day don't want to be filmed there. Or maybe you know, their wife thinks they're out doing something else. And then they're benching like

John Fairbanks 06:03

my boss, I can't have my camera with my boss see me working out when I'm supposed to be on the job.

Tyler 06:08

I mean, I don't think that McDonald's should ban people from filming themselves eating food in their stores. But like if it becomes an issue where I'm getting film, I'm on camera all the time. I'm getting busted being in McDonald's by other people. Like that sucks for me. I don't want that either. I don't want to be in the background of somebody's video at fucking McDonald's. Right? But that policy, not just the policy, yes or no, because I think most of you guys out there are going to be like, it's okay, as long as people aren't being dicks about it. But just know that now opens up this whole spectrum of possibilities because people are fucking weirdos. And especially if you're a 24 hour access, affordable, affordably priced membership, you get a lot of fucking weirdos and a lot of fucking scumbags and this is going to be probably one of the primary behavioral issues you're gonna have to enforce short of putting your shit away respecting. It's a matter of respecting other clients. This is someone's yelling or someone's being mean to other people filming someone who doesn't want to be filmed is a fucking thing. filming yourself is one thing, but like, catching some catches, some stray on camera time on somebody else's shit. Like, I don't know, like, I don't think it's worth freaking out about if it was just me in the background of somebody's video. But like, if I don't know that person, or like that person, they're doing something I don't fucking like or if I feel like they're clowning on me. Because there's a good portion. All those Joey swartzwelder videos are people who are trying to call out other people for being weird. And so they are being disrespectful. Yeah, not in the gym, they're filming it, and then going out and putting that person on blast publicly in hopes that it goes viral. It can be a problem for your gym. If you're a 24 hour gym, and some guy who's let's just give this person the benefit of the doubt, guy a is out there doing some wacky shit on the lat pulldown machine. He's doing it all wrong. He looks like a fool. He doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. And he's doing it with confidence and loudly. And it's annoying to everybody there. Right? Right. That guy currently maybe is the bit of the issue. But at the moment you start filming him, and then making fun of him and then you make a tick tock about it mocking him and then it blows up and goes viral. And then Joey swoll calls goes on and his barking at you for filming and making this guy feel like shit and and how it gets this huge amount of coverage and tons of hours. What does that do for that gym? Right and it definitely got popular and people see it. And they just see somebody making fun of somebody in your gym for trying. That's a fucking rough one if you're trying to be approachable, so I understand that don't be filming other people, policy that some gyms are going to need to come up with or you're going to have to ask or whatever. And I know the old heads. Did I know the old heads in the gym? And the old heads think anyone even with their phone in their hands on idiot, you know, I mean, they they're the type of thinking 24 hours if you have your headphones on your thought. We just turned lanterra on and we do it louder. You know, that's the old guys in the gym. They are just annoyed by the presence of a tripod, or camera or a phone. It's just it's this big eye roll. It's as old as fucking generational lifters whatever. They're wrong to you. But still, it's crazy. You know what I mean?

John Fairbanks 09:23

What like and fucking like, and I get it like old heads are not not this demographic, but they are now old. Which is like how often did the bodybuilders have fucking camera guys around? Like I feel like Arnold and those cats were always being filmed because of what content like it was they were creating content to be able to put it out. It just is like the mediums are what changes

Tyler 09:47

and I do think that part of what it is it's pure. First off, not being mad because somebody is filming in the gym. You're just that strip fundamentally, you're probably just being a hater because you're like, What are you not some fucking celebrity? What are you going to put it on? On the old tic TOCs, you fucking dork. You know what I mean? And then they don't they don't do anything impressive in the gym either. And nor do they really look all that great. And it's like, okay, but it all starts somewhere and like, people got to make content and they just have to figure out what the fuck are you supposed to do? How were you supposed to figure it out? It turns into like, if somebody wants to become a professional fucking fitness person. Where do they start? They start with doing that. So I don't know what to tell you. Right, right off. Like if you don't like it like, Okay, right? Nobody was mad at you when you first came to the gym because you could barely bench press 90 pounds. It's like no, okay, well, this is how we get better at this. Figure this out. And I think that it's the same thing. This is just another aspect of modern gym going, that is going to continue to float to the surface. I think it's going to be we talked about Jim Tim sedation, new people being intimidated. I think this issue sits at the forefront of it now. Because it's not just oh, these I get judging looks from people being a concern. Suckers got me on camera. You know, and you got a guy like me lurking behind you and you're like a regular average person. That's what's always funny for me, is there will be somebody who's eight inches shorter than me and weighs, you know, 175 pounds. It looks nice jacked on in a vacuum, right when they're in a photo with good lighting, and nobody else is there. And then a guy like me walks into frame and it's like, Oh, what the fuck is that? So there's a little part of me that I don't like being the freak show in the back of somebody's fucking stuff, either, you know.

John Fairbanks 11:41

And there is the gentleman they have, I guess depends on the vibe of your spot. Because I'm sure people do get super self conscious. Like it's self conscious to even go self conscious that people are looking and now there's an element where it's like, I could be filmed. It'd be like, Oh, no, I'll never come back. Like, I'll never be there. And

Tyler 12:02

I love that gym that embraces it. First off, I like the idea that like it gets annoying when you're seeing somebody who's been lifting for six months, like trying to start a fucking or doesn't do anything impressive. Trying to start their own little fitness brand. But that's just the hater in me like hating because it's the same hate that I got when I started doing stuff. Right so the guy writing about God with instead of fucking ever the amount of times I had people who were not in my circle, like in my real circle posted what I remember one time on Facebook some like dude, I used to work with who's like a fat alcoholic do nothing. commented after like, two years, by this point I had I think I even owned my gym by this point. So it's like, I literally do this for a living now and he goes, have you ever tried doing a workout and not recording it and putting it on the internet? Like, comment? Me fuckin like hitting a PR. And all I did was just block him right then and there, right? But that's some shit. That's some shit that comes across, like, too frequently, early on in the thing when you are nobody and you have no nothing and you aren't good. And you're just trying real hard. Man, that sucks. That's like smacking a kid in the face for coming up with a new hobby that they're excited about. So he made that concept for people trying to make something larger. It sucks, but the gym is also a place to work out. That's right. That's, that's for sure. And they're not quite doing that. You know, and you're posing, and you're trying to do this and it's annoying. It's fucking lame. I get it like I get it. It's lame. And it's not the gym equivalent to people making tic tac videos, just like out in the street, ever see that? You're gonna see a few people scattered around a phone doing and you're just like, Yo, what a fuck. Look at these dorks. But they stick with it long enough. Good enough. And by God, they might be those dorks might be very successful for just doing that. So what am I just saying, but your Jimmy needs to, you need to figure out what you're going to do. When some and this is I think go through, go through thought exercises here. Which is just going through like, Okay, what if someone's filming and somebody comes to me and it's just mad because they're in the background? I don't want you filming me. Get me out of the background. There's a lot of videos that go viral about that on the internet. And it's like, I don't want to be on your things. Like they're so far out in the backyard. They're like, out of focus. They're like, Don't put me in your video you don't? How are you gonna address that as a gym owner when both of those people come up to you furious at the other person and need you to settle it. This how this plays out in reality, one gets kicked out or one gets told to behave differently. That's how it's gonna go. What are you going to do? What is your policy? First off? What do people understand about your gym when they come in? What if somebody pushes that line a little bit too far. So this is a thing that I think you need to be prepared for because it's not just an experience that one person has, right if I walked into the gym, and I'm a new person and I'm just According and I, like get some funny looks from people that have been there before, right? And like, I feel like they made me feel small. They made me feel like I wasn't welcomed there. They felt like they were mocking me just a couple of people, right? But that experience lives and dies in that moment, and I leave, and it's me right now that is my experience in your gym, I may go somewhere else. I may tell people in my real life about it, maybe, maybe not. Now, though, if that experience involves cameras, phones get videotaped, and that experience pops off on the internet with someone filming me making me feel those ways, right? Making fun of me actually on the internet. And now that goes, now that singular isolated experience that would happen with me in your gym. I felt like I didn't feel welcome there. Now everybody knows that it's a risk when you go to that gym of not feeling welcome and feeling mocked and having to put on the fucking internet. It's it's high risk. This is a bigger issue, I think, for your brand and for the perceived. What's the word? Well, good morning nature,

John Fairbanks 16:09

calmness. Yeah, so

Tyler 16:10

you want to welcome this. I don't know if the welcoming nature of your business is on the line. It really is, if this stuff starts to go awry, so I just think it's something you need to consider. That's all you guys are seeing of gyms and exercises. And everything that you guys are consuming in this culture is getting filmed in a gym. Know that, and know that there are people that don't want it. And that there are people that maybe just want it to be reined in. But there's going to need to be rules that you're going to need to have.

John Fairbanks 16:44

And if you're actively part, the ones who do are if you're at a gym, and you're actively participating, because that's the one thing where you can see some gyms where members are used to being filmed all the time. Yeah. Like there's not a weird, like, there's not a weirdness. And honestly, it's like that, that action of doing that is you are already almost establishing what your policy is without even talking about it, which is, we found people, we're going to be around, we're going to be filming stuff happening, we're gonna have those things going on.

Tyler 17:12

What you allow, is your policy.


Correct. What

Tyler 17:17

you don't say anything of what happens then is your policy, anything you don't address, that's just, that is your policies, we don't address it, it just happens, which means it opens the door to lots of things. So I think establishing some boundary boundaries internally, having some conversations, you don't have to completely get out in front of it either. Because not every issue on this is a do or die, and you get out too far in front of it, you're maybe just being mean. And that's kind of what I think about no filming in our plus facility at all. I think you're just maybe jumping the gun on that a little bit. But that might be a great appeal if I got a bunch of people who need to lose 100 pounds. And that's what I want my gym to be the people who come in, like really, we want to make a change, but it needs to feel welcome the actually effective version of curves or whatever, you know what I mean that like a successful version of that because there's plenty of people who need to feel welcome and need to get these results and maybe don't need to be feel like they could be mocked very often. You're not the one being mocked. You're just not that you're worried. You're self conscious, and I get it. But that's got to be addressed.

John Fairbanks 18:22

Well, I know the first thing I thought of when you first brought this idea was like I'm just glad I live where I live, because I don't see any of this. Yeah, like in a small town in the USA. I don't think your experience like it's one of those things where you're not experiencing it. So that definitely would be like oh just words of advice always to live by is like never make a rule for the exception exam. It's kind of one of things where it's like if you don't have you don't have this issue. Don't start making a rule because it'll get really confusing really fast. Yeah,

Tyler 18:52

yeah, and I think but I think you need to be prepared because situations will arrive and that policy doesn't need to be fucking but you how you handle it needs to be policy, that policy itself doesn't really need to be public unless you're needing to set a public standard for it.

John Fairbanks 19:07

Especially if you got Gen Z years. Yeah, you got a population is

Tyler 19:12

busting out tripods and shit in our spot and none of them do ever do anything impressive and none of them look impressive and none of them fucking know anything either. And it's fine. It just is what it is but you can feel the you can feel it from the types you can just you can just feel some people getting on edge about it. First time I had a kid was there for a long time and he brought a very sound like a nice camera and tripod and I said I'll talk to him about the setup. Let's show him how to use it. Why are you filming it horizontally? The fuck are you doing? What? Flip the vertical? What are you doing? Nobody's watching. What are you putting it on YouTube so people can watch it on their television? The fun guy YouTube short like what are you doing? Nobody's watching, nobody's consuming fitness content and wide in a wide. So there's that type of stuff. So what are you not editing? How are you even transferring? You're filming this in 4k? And you're using suppose there's a few of these things where I asked these questions. These are the questions that concern isn't

John Fairbanks 20:09

the most artistic thing ever. But you were saying, right, George, like the idea of like, what are your fortes? What do you get out of 100 industries? But

Tyler 20:23

How do I spend 45 minutes transferring files every time you do anything? What are you dumb? Shit. Anyway, this is a part of a larger conversation too, that I think we've run into. Because John, we've worked with a lot of franchise owners, franchise gyms over the years, and, frankly, both within and with inside and outside the fitness industry. Agreed. We've worked with multiple franchise gyms that have multiple locations and gym owners. And this has been frustrating at times. Because when you and I are the centerpiece of our businesses, we want your business to have a soul. We want you to care about your clients, we want your clients' results to be the centerpiece. We do not want this to be somebody investing in storage units or carwash or fucking drive thru coffee or whatever like that. Yeah, like whatever the most common popped up new companies, cookie cutter businesses, it's just a formula that's getting wrong. Like I don't, that's not what, there's a place for that in the fitness industry, John, and I just kind of don't care, unless you care. And a lot of times, we just get, you'll get these businesses that come in, and they just, it's all just numbers to them. It's just money and money out. And it should be the case, you should make money. But there's just not a lot of people that get involved in the franchise model that are even really honestly fitness people and the ones that do it still don't. Based on my experience, in a singular statement, the vast majority of franchise gym owners don't care. I know some watches admit that you don't take it personally, but they just don't care about the outcomes for their clients. Right at all. Is it just, it's just not and that and that on its own is one thing, assuming that you're good at the business. But what happens is, these people start to flail a little bit when things get difficult, and it's like, oh, you never got good at the business. You just got the one thing that the franchise gave you, which is some brand wreck is recognition, you kind of like had an immediate? What's the word spotlight on you amongst the darkness of your market? Right? That's just a thing. People could see. Oh, that's, I've heard of that. You know, I've heard of, I don't even drop any names. But like, that's, but most most commonly, John, when we get involved with them, it's like, they're not flexible in really any issues that involve doing things the right way. And that's tough. It's a tough one, to deal with the start today for $1. And it's like no, you just move we talked about so you're just moving fake money around. So you can charge card fees. And then activation fees, we just set up this fake situation of fake imaginary money. And then we just say one thing is something it's not done now it's We start today for $1. But these are the, it's none of it's fucking real. None of the offers are real. None of the operations are built on client success. Not at all. I don't even see them publicly celebrating the successes of their clients. So like that's not even the pitch when someone comes in the pitches, it's cheap and it the doors don't lock if you have a key card, like that's kind of it and it's it's the most frustrating thing that I've seen in a long time working with we got four or five different states we've had, you know, franchisees that we work for and this is man Is it tough because when you say okay, well how are your clients doing? What do you mean we need to get more than just oh okay well right now we have 11% Coach suck like is that why like it's always a Human Resources thing kind of that we that it needs to start leaning into and most of these gyms operate with absolutely no HR fucking at all it's underpaid coaches are no coaches. Right and it's just sell first fucking long term contracts if possible, like the whole thing is it's really fucking maddening to witness when especially when they're paying us to work with him because you see such an inflexible, cold, ineffective model


you're muted.


Am I back?

Tyler 25:05

Quick reset due to technical difficulties? We what we've noticed those we see these very inefficient, not even inefficient, inefficient for the sake of the client business models, what they, what they're good and what

John Fairbanks 25:19

They want to do it. Like, this is where you and I run into this issue. The gym owner comes to us and says, I have a problem. And it's like, okay, well, what about this? Oh, we can't do that. Oh, what about what if we do this way? Well, we don't do that either. It's like, some

Tyler 25:33

coaching made up fees in the beginning that are disingenuous. Now, we can't do that. Back. It's like, what are you doing? Who's in charge? That's why my biggest complaint with franchisees is none of these issues, by the way, are they actually locked in, because we've seen what it actually is and what they can and can't do, they can do whatever, a lot of it. Because trust me, they're pretty fucking hands off short of telling you what you have to spend. If they make you spend money on advertising versus what anyway, aside from that, the franchise specific stuff, there is no or the whatever, I'll redirect from giving away any proprietary information well, on

John Fairbanks 26:08

this thought that I think is a good thought, because for me, it is what the franchise wants you to do, is shut the fuck up, do what they tell you to do. Don't be a special independent snowflake and think for yourself, and just keep the fucking money train going. So the fake business can be moved around, they can continue to be able to raise their fucking stock price and get more schlubs like yourself to try and buy it instead of putting your fucking money into real estate or into a CD or some shit.

Tyler 26:38

Because when your franchise is worth, nothing isn't producing anything, but you've at least you know, covered all the equipment and stuff however many years down the road, this is and you go belly up when someone else is going to buy your franchise for $1. But they're gonna sit down and pay the franchise fees. So the fucking larger system corporate is still always getting covered. You just over invest, grow or don't whatever shit the bed and then somebody else just comes in, buys out your loss from under you at fucking nothing and you just walk away, and then they take a crack at it. But corporations always get there, not all corporations. Yeah, so like, but by the way, the way most of these things work, they also all your systems, this ends up just being these corporate corporate, corporate fitness stuff operates very much as a franchise fitness authorized, essentially, like as an affiliate dealer for software, and advertising systems and marketing systems and other firms, and billing, fucking card processing. And all these back end systems like you still pay for and you kind of have to use those. Why, John, if I set you up with a certain piece of software to do anything, I won't drop any names here. But like, say I set up a little online course for you to run for you to train your employees or whatever, right? You're gonna have to pay me X amount a month to maintain that's one thing, but you'll also have to pay to use that platform. And because I set it up for you, I get like 150-200 bucks a month per vert per app for every one of you that's running the software. Okay? extrapolate that out to three 4000 locations. All of a sudden, you start to see what the bigger picture is with this stuff. So your corporate HQ does not give a flying fuck about you, your business or your clients, they only care that when you go belly up, somebody else takes over.

John Fairbanks 28:29

Or they'll buy you at 50% on the 50 cents out of their dollar

Tyler 28:33

they'll buy we've dealt with this situation to where they'll buy you and they'll buy you out when you're distressed and they'll sit and they hold it until someone else comes in and tries to buy it and set it up so that they can hand it off to somebody else so they don't completely abandon the market. But this is the nature of it. And frankly, franchise fucking gym owners don't give a fuck. They don't care they don't care about the quality of what's going on in their place and they don't care about the quality of people that they get frankly, anything that doesn't give them a headache they'll hola and that's what's tough man is you and those facilities now over a long enough timeline. They end up with that reputation. He then just ended I was talking with a client who has a fair amount of money and for one of the reasons he doesn't even consider going in any in any of these other gyms he's like, What just any fucking moron can go there he says, which is let's be real. These people who are successful motivate themselves financially well off, as well as really working hard on their fitness. They don't want to be in a gym with a bunch of people trying to spend $40 a month, you know what I mean? Like I've got clients that don't go to bars around here ever even for like Happy Hour stuff because it's like, I don't want to be seen out here and then people talk about it's, they're just not about that fucking life. Okay, and to just let any schmuck in your facility it's fine. 40 bucks is fine, but you're gonna get what you're gonna get. And it's a Low it's it's low standard stuff. And when they come to us the biggest thing that they come to us with now, how can I sell more big ticket stuff?

John Fairbanks 30:08

How can I help as a personal trainer?

Tyler 30:10

How can I get more personal training? Like once and then once we start asking questions about staff, who are they? What are they doing? Well, it's like, no, we don't, we don't give a shit. We pay them 1520 bucks a Saturday, okay, well, I don't fucking care because you don't care. And that's the hardest thing about doing in this industry, is trying to do business and make changes in a business when the owner doesn't actually care about the outcomes.

John Fairbanks 30:33

Because the owners because the owner is the only one like it's the ideas like the owner, you know who the owner is in a regular mom and pop like local place, because they're one picking up the trash. They're the ones sweeping, they're the one doing the work, because it's their thing. They're passionate about it. They're doing it, they're doing all the grunt work. Because if you're just somebody that gets paid, or and what we see this too, is that if it's the children of the owner, right, second generational fucking gym, gym owners or business owners are the fucking worst and why their businesses always fail. Because it's those little things that matter to people where it's like, this is my baby, I care about it, if that's completely lost upon people that are just looking to try and get a return of 3% annually, so they don't have their money parked in the stock market.

Tyler 31:23

So we got we got some questions or once one we had one come through recently that was about, you know, from a franchise franchise owners saying how do we how do I get more people who I can't seem to convert as many people as I want, who have already been in my gym, to personal training, to exit models, if they've been and it's like, Well, what did they come to you for? Say, what do you do? And what have you done? Your most you guys are selling $40 Fucking memberships. And he kind of tricked them on the way in saying it was $1 or was free. Then we have imaginary fees that get dropped every fucking year for no reason that I know you're watching this the one guy out there's like, you know, it's bad. You know, it's wrong. Just because nobody complains doesn't mean it's right. Tony this now, okay, because so few people complain that double what you do double your sneaky fees, then because we'll get away with most of it too. Okay, there's just a line where it's like, What the fuck are we doing here? Okay, but if you're selling race to the bottom, cheap memberships, and that's the only thing you guys are advertising for. Because it's the only thing you give a shit about. All these franchise owners. Here's our $1 interview. Here's our No Fee till whatever, here's our train for free for a month. Here's our whatever, right? All of this shit that we end up running for promotions. Is that about success? No. Is it about having a good experience? Is that what we're talking about? Do we do a good job here? No. None of the things that your business is about outwardly in an outwardly facing publicly facing way is good. All the stuff that you're putting out in your marketing is that you're cheap. Okay, so then when I come for cheap, and I get in for cheap, and I'm in cheap. You wonder why I don't want to start spending $800 A month here. No, you're cheap, John. When I get enough money to fucking go somewhere else. I'm gonna go somewhere. That's fucking good to do it. No matter what if 1000 bucks a month, I'm not going to do it at a place that does $40 A month fucking business. That would be really fucking stupid. I'm gonna go somewhere that actually does good business and does it right and cares. And this is what they fucking do.

John Fairbanks 33:34

What if I can get him on a two year contract? What about a two year contract? That makes it really cheap? Yeah, perfect. Right? We will have personal training for two years. And

Tyler 33:44

parts that are in play for these businesses. So can I just get people who came here to spend no money? Why don't they want to spend the most money? And this isn't about not being able to sell personal training. It's that you have to fix your introductory process. You got to actually fucking market, you got to do some things that like, normally, you got to address some issues that normally people who are going to join a gym are trying to make fitness a part of their life and make a change. You need to do some things, they're gonna appeal to those people. Right? And you're not singing that song when you're just telling me you can come here, here is the price. Here is the price and then commit like, Would you like to spend a fortune because our coaches have fucking rule. And we are in the business of transformations. And we have great professional coaches, and we have awesome client testimonials like, Well, maybe you should have fucking lead with that. That should have been the best. Because I am a person who's not going to join a $40 fucking ship.

John Fairbanks 34:42

Because of how hard they've worked. They've worked so hard, though not to be that high. No, they've worked really hard not to be the highest end spot in town. So if you've worked really hard to do that, it's then hard because this is a dollar. Here's what's real though. This is why we want to talk about it because the gym owner, the guy that is there, he may have gotten involved, right you guys that have these franchises. And if you're a franchisee that's listening to this and we haven't engaged with you directly, you may have gotten into it because I like this. And I do want to be able to get immediate brand recognition, and I had some cash that I store, but I do want to be a good gym owner. And the problem is, is that you get into this thing, and it is fucking awesome. Everything is sharp, everything is clean, the marketing is neat, like everything is there, but you're gonna get in after a couple of years or your first year and you'd be like, you're gonna start to feel that glass ceiling. This is what we've experienced, we've watched this happen, because we have had clients that are in a franchise system, that is a $40 to $50 a month client. And then we have clients that are not in a franchise system that are 40 to 50 months a month, like setting up their intro offer. And differences are literally on their ear, right, they're flipped between the two, when it comes to what's the percentage of people that are in your base membership and versus the coach product. Typically, it's between 80% in a non coached product and about 20% and a coach product in the franchise system,

Tyler 36:16

they average two to two to four times, their monthly base membership is what they average per client. Now if you're a 24 hour spot, what you're getting is one or 2% above your fucking base membership. You know, that's, that's, that's the reality, because nobody's moving up the ladder. Because you say down at the bottom of the ladder is where all the sweet shit is, or it's the only fucking thing you're talking about are the only thing you give a shit about. Get them in, get them in, get them in, get them and get them in.

John Fairbanks 36:46

And so that you feel that pain because you're like, Well, I have to change something, I need to be able to move people up, I gotta be able to send them to a higher level of service. And all that you have in your mind, because this is the system you've been taught in, is I need to get people on longer contracts. Meanwhile, somebody that's not stuck in that system, literally has an inverted 80% of their people are in a coached product with 20% in the base product. And the different style in revenue was shocking, like I don't I did not fully appreciate the difference of literally sitting at because we get the numbers with Coach, you know, with with location A and location B. And it's like location A is struggling to be able to operate at real money, not pretend monopoly fake gas contracts

Tyler 37:42

are worth so that you can take out a loan against that next year, as they all probably go into default after fucking on average 85 days. So

John Fairbanks 37:51

they're struggling at 20 to 25k a month. Meanwhile, location B is sitting between 50 to 60 a month in real money. And we were like it's money. Oh yeah, like real money, like revenue, actual cash flow on a monthly rate. And we're like, oh, this is the greatest example ever. Oh, that would be a huge

Tyler 38:14

facility without having 1000 members. Now you're

John Fairbanks 38:18

not? Yeah, probably a quarter of the members that the franchise has. And

Tyler 38:23

One of the things about this is that this is the biggest difference we see. And this is the biggest shame that I will put on the franchise owners that we see out there is the clients that are loyal to them, clients that are loyal to a franchise gym, that loyalty is usually only based on price. That's the only reason they choose to stay with you. For the most part, it kind of works. It didn't fuck it up. But price is the main reason that they're loyal to you. And that's great. If you don't give a shit about making a difference in your community about actually any of these people having success. Do you know why my clients are pretty loyal to me, John? Because they fucking have success, right? They have a good experience that is very carefully curated by me. They get results that are very carefully crafted and planned out by me. Okay, there is a an effort and a fucking real drive towards making sure that they are successful in accomplishing the things that they want to accomplish. That's why it fucking works. If they stuck with me for a long amount of time and it was just because I was cheap none of us fucking win here. None of us win. So with these franchises, the franchise gyms, is this the biggest problem? Your loyalty is based because you got locked in a fucking contract and you're cheaper than the other guy. Well, that fucking sucks. Dude. That sucks. And when we look at the others a larger picture here, and this is why you should own franchise gyms a lot. How do I train them when I train clients? This isn't I'm not like shitting on this place here. But like, man, is it a fucking tough game? When you look back at some of these numbers here, John? Over the last 50 years, the fitness industry has grown from approximately in the 70s, about $1.5 million a year in the 70s to $35 billion last year. I don't even know, that's like a thought sight. Is that like a 30,000 time increase? It's I don't even know what that fucking math is. That's fucking crazy right? Now during that time. So what does that mean? Let's pretend inflation is not real. But let's just what that means is this industry has grown. This industry is extracting a lot of fucking money from the people now to the tune of 35 Fucking billion dollars a year $35 billion, just the gym industry. Are we fitter, as always better be better be right? Now as a society, Americans are choosing to spend 35 billion, essentially $35 billion more than they were spending before. So we should be $35 billion fitter, and yet we are not. Obesity during that time has quadrupled. The percentage by the way, not just the number of people, the percentage of the population is dead, tripled, we'll call it tripled. That's fucking crazy. So this is the problem, though, is those most successful models, in what revenue are getting people who are loyal not because they got results just because it's affordable. And they're kind of making some money, but it's not great. So there's just a shitload of them out there. And guess what, people aren't getting fitter. And I know that there's a larger conversation to be had about food supply and education and yada yada yada yada. You're the fucking industry, that people are going to to get in shape, though. This is the problem, they're turning to you, you are taking the money, and you don't give a fuck whether or not they're successful or not at all. You got fuck these people have terrible coaches on their staff, they don't take care of their coaches, they don't really give a shit. Or if they're trying to put people in front of coaches. It's just low quality leads in this high pressure fecund sales ship. That's the worst one, high pressure sales yet and trying to lock people into one or two year contracts that involve personal training is fucking crazy to me, in my opinion, that I got no patience for I want to short term commitments that people can read up on, by the way, always, always be in because that keeps our sights on fucking success. This is how this works in the actual long run for clients, for people, for your community. But this whole system right now, it's all fucked up. And it's all worked great for everybody, but the people who are paying you money.

John Fairbanks 42:39

Everybody else is making their nuts.

Tyler 42:41

This is and this was on the same line. John, was our healthcare industry, Dawn in the last 50 years, right? Fucking probably like 10,000x. Right. And yet, as a society, we're less healthy. Now is that the cause or the response? I don't know. So there's a lot of things that move hand in hand with this process, but the things that are extracting the money from the people, the people are obviously not getting what they're paying for. So being cheap, even isn't fucking helping you and it's not helping them. That's the worst part. You're so cheap, that you think that's what they want. It's not what they want. And it certainly isn't what they need.

John Fairbanks 43:15

In the fit for our circles. My guess is if you've only made it that if you've made it this far, and you continue to listen to us are going to be closer to our circle than not. We've woken up to what the pharmaceutical industry is, right? The same way where people have made complaints over the years where it's like, I'm starting to get the feeling the pharmaceutical industry may not be in the same business as helping people be healthy. Who'd thought? Right? But we're all in kind of agreement with that, especially when you start to look at like, I remember I saw the statistics for like, whether it was Purdue or fucking Pfizer where it's like they made their certain of X amount of money for the first 100 years of being open. And then in the last five years, they've had like 300 exits. Yeah. So it's one of the things where like, we're all kind of on that train where we're like, we don't believe what they say they're supposed to be doing. Maybe that system is not broken. Maybe that system is doing exactly what it was always intended to do. Yeah, keep us sick, and just keep us alive.

Tyler 44:20

And I think that's a good, that's a good reference point for what is going on with the fitness industry. This isn't a side effects or a symptom. This is what we've done with the specialized franchise models, what they've done this is this is exactly what's here to do. This is not an anomaly. This is exactly what is there to do. We take money, we want people to come in until they stop coming in, and then we want them to keep paying. That's our goal. Our goal is 90% of people do not set foot in this gym in a month. That's our goal, because otherwise it's about the whole business model has to be built on that. And by the way, that can still kind of be the case because it's human nature but you can you can remove But the problem is for those 90% that aren't coming in at all that don't come in, are they getting? They have a chance of succeeding? Well, every time the money runs, they have a chance, right? They have a chance of getting reminded of the painful vacuum I need to get in. And I'm okay with that. That's why, for many reasons, but that's one reason why I advocate. Listen, if you're letting people come to you and pay you, you're a fucking idiot. Right? Like people that needs to be automatic. That's insane. But we've had gyms, we've had gyms that were new that we're still collecting. And we're like, no, no, no, no, no. And it's not about taking money from people who aren't going, it's that every time somebody gets an automatic payment that runs through, they go, oh, yeah, I gotta get going in there. Right? Because then they're not just going to show up with money in hand, when they have been in for a few months, I'll tell you how to pay back for those times I didn't come in. Right. There's a bunch of weird social issues that create a barrier to them getting back in when it's not automated. But aside from that, the whole system is geared for them not coming in. Essentially, that's what it is. That's why you want two year contracts. You want two year contracts? Because you want this person to show up four days a week for the next two years? I don't think so.

John Fairbanks 46:05

Are they going to fuck now does your system is the system that you're running? Is it literally built guaranteed that they won't make it your

Tyler 46:16

business will fail, this is the problem with the franchise model, your business will fail if all of your people show up to the gym and are successful. There's this fundamentally built into your business model that your business will break, it will be too crowded, they will have bad client experiences, it would be like a huge vast majority of them will not be able to actually be there, there won't be enough space, your business will fail. If people actually show up. So you are literally shorting their success. That is a bet against them. And that is why these businesses do not fucking care is the only thing I need to see. That's it. And I'm like, Just tell me everything will be more expensive. Find some good coaches, can't find some good coaches, find some coaches, with compassion start working on like, I don't know what to tell you. But unless your business is about people, you're gonna have a hard time having an impact. And again, all you're selling is access. Fine, but know that that's the fucking limitation. And just you really need to know that and then don't pretend like you're fucking you're real about this. You just you can't. You can't, you might as well just start selling soda. You know what I mean? I just don't get it. I just think there are people that can do any job and not give a shit about it. There are plenty I'm not going to look around you look at who you see this your garbage man love the person at Walmart love their day, everyone you see loving their day and loving their job. No. But if you don't, I don't want to fucking work with you. You know what I'm saying? Like in this capacity or be associated with your business in any way. Like if you're just one of those person well, this is just so we're just throwing some numbers around and hopefully it all well, that seems fucking hopeless, joyless soul soulless fucking stupid. What a waste of the years you have on this fucking Earth to just leech when the odd man the opportunity and fitness and how the opportunity of impact you could have. Jesus. And this is this is the reason I stay in this industry is every year, and a client that told you about recently kind of just dropped like, damn near 30 pounds in five weeks, just flat changed his fucking life flat. I mean, he's an absolutely different human being right now. Just enough in five weeks of just here's this process. Let's go through this. If you guys knew this is the problem, these franchise gym owners don't even fucking know what they're missing. They don't even have a clue. Because they don't swim in that success all the fucking time. Okay, they have no fucking idea. And if you were really dealing that out in your community, and then you see these people out in town and you hear what they say about you and you hear what their family says about you. You hear the referrals that you get from them and about like, like, you would never fucking go back. You would immediately start charging more, you would immediately weed out the bullshit, you would immediately change your structure so that you're focusing on how can I help these people be successful not for cheap, be more successful not for cheap, not for cheaper not to make it more accessible. But just to make it a situation is built to give them success? That's fucking it. And these franchise gyms are not it now, I would love to get in to buy a franchise Jim and then do it right. That'd be great. But then what's the use of the franchise other than a bunch of fucking shit in the name right that's that's that's the only hang up because then I'm just getting that format of a gym would be wonderful. But I can't do business that way.

John Fairbanks 49:47

No, it would have to be a franchise that really has been done right? The person that is running it knows what they're doing. They know what the the way you know, though, but I

Tyler 49:57

I also think their target demographic is what I Wouldn't want. That's what's tough. Not not not by the way, let me rephrase that. Not the income, not the not the lowest income, but what they are, what they are masquerading as. Franchise gyms are masquerading as people that are as a gym that's there so that people can have any walk of life can come in and have a chance to get fit. Yeah, except your business, their businesses are built on them not coming in, because it's the only fucking way it works. Their business is built on them paying the net, staying, but not coming in and not attending anything. That's how your business has to work. So that sucks. If I were to, if I were to set my target demographic would still be like people who want to train in a public gym, right? I wouldn't want to go extreme or tough guy shit. That's not what I'm trying to do. I want it to be accessible for people who are skinny, fat fit, whatever it needs to be welcoming, needs to have good vibes, no judgment, shit, right? I'm all about that. But it's going to need to be a little more expensive, because I do want to scrape off the fucking types that eat McDonald's at the machines, sort of whatever track mode into the sauna, or where, you know, mud boots around on the carpet or eat popcorn. While they're lifting. Like that's fucking making it like that's crazy to me, you know, but like, price your way out of that give everybody a good chance of success and you might be on to something. But that format of a gym is exactly what I would want, I would want people coming to my spot thinking this is a 24 hour spot. If they got all this equipment, it's awesome. But then you also need to have, it needs to be like just getting into the river, the flow should just really carry them towards it being successful, not the flow being okay, now when you get bored, you're gonna keep paying us and you're gonna go sit on your couch. You gotta be the place where people come in and get fucking awesome. And that's what frustrates me the most about these gyms because when a gym doesn't give a shit, people are becoming awesome in your facility. It does happen. People come in and do awesome shit, almost against almost in spite of your system. You people come in and get great in spite of your system, not because of it. That's what sucks.

John Fairbanks 52:13

And you know this to be true, like across the board, not just within the franchise system, because I guarantee from our work that we've done with franchises. I guarantee you that your franchise if that hasn't happened yet, while you've owned it, I guarantee you it's going to in the next five years, which you are going to be proposed to buy something from them. That's going to be fancier, more technologically savvy, more if it whatever it is, but it's going to be pieces of equipment, it's going it's going to be something because that's what we're in because if you look at the fitness industry at large, the most trendiest shit goes right in line with that $35 billion number right, which is the trendiest shit seems to be stuff that shit just gets more and more expensive. Now what's going to be trendy for fitness is no longer right, well we've seen before when we've looked back taller over the years we'd look back like 2004 right like it was body weight exercise yeah was trendy like some of these things that almost don't require you to buy anything. There's no there's no there's no industry that can be no cottage industry that can be propped up to support it. It's not a big fucking surprise that like the top three most trendiest shit right now are cold plunges wearable technology, and fucking Pilates machines like Jesus Christ. Have you ever seen how much those motherfuckers cost? Like, like so, so hold on the most trendiest things for me to think about as somebody that wants to think about fitness is I have to buy like, all these cottage industries now are totally propped up and supported by this capitalistic monster that's eating itself, which I'm not listen all about capitalism. But this is now again, we're starting to identify these concepts and everything that we're seeing ends up just being that snake shitting into its own mouth. And that's when we start to realize no, no, this is a problem.

Tyler 54:13

And I think it's important for those of you that are franchise owners start to what John just said, start seeing the stuff that you're if you have a relationship with corporate, some can operate a lot of their own or whatever, when you start turning to corporate for any help, talk to your, your regional territory person, right? Ask them questions, when this then look into the solutions that they're presenting to you, whether it is equipment, software, strategies, whatever. And I want you to think very clearly that like, okay, what are the odds that they're getting a kickback on this, and know that none of their recommendations are about you? Or even worse, none of their recommendations are about your clients at all. Like fucking none. It's all like input, you gotta buy this thing. So we gotta cut this equipment out. What they think is a good idea what they think is a bad idea. Certainly what serves them best. And very, you can get into some conversations with them where it's about best practices that we found from here or from there. But what they don't do is bring up all the cautionary tales from all the ones that went belly up. Or that essentially just had to get basically salvage bide salvage bought. It's, it's, it's a shame. Now what's interesting, you mentioned that a lot of these trends now they're just purchases, right? Like the larger fitness trend, not just for the fitness industry. But for the consumer, it's, I need an Apple Watch, I need a fitness tracker, I need this, I need the whoop band, I need all this shit. But none of it in there is like just directly, like paying someone who knows how you should eat? Yeah, eat, and then hold you accountable so that you eat those things? If that was honestly like the number one fitness trainer like holy shit, do you know how much a dietitian actually costs to give you a plan, and then like a little bit extra to have to check in with them just in like I do with my program, a system where it's like you check in with me every morning, really twice a day, and show me your weight which you have for breakfast. And then we know any questions around the program. But like that's not that much fucking money in the grand scheme of things compared to how successful like the rate of success that you have on that versus just buying an Apple Watch. Jesus?

John Fairbanks 56:24

Do you want to know one of the crazier things? So for a while, I got to roll in some, some higher roller circles. There's folks that were making a lot more money and they were playing the game of Business and Entrepreneurship at a much higher level, like legitimately higher level. And I remember one of the conversations we were in some like breakout, or some shit and somebody was talking about, like what you would do what you would do when you start make, like, what's one of the things that you'll stop doing that like you do now, once you make you hit a goal of income. And the person that was talking about the game was telling the story saying, hey, my experience when I did this helped kind of just grease the rails get everybody thinking about it. When she goes, I get a personal chef. And I had a personal chef that cooked for him. Because the goal I wanted was to eat healthier so I could lose weight. And as soon as I saw how much it would cost for me to get like one of the peloton like treadmills or some shit. And then I looked at what the cost was to get an actual personal chef that would make all of her food for her. She says it was just too affordable to buy the chef. What's like, what's real, like that's me. That's crazy. Ryan never would like and so that's where it's like, just imagine if it's not trying to hustle some piece of equipment or wearable or some shit that now that goes on every single tech sponsors every goddamn podcast and is involved with every goddamn thing that we see online or on TV. And it's not just hiring like the best thing you could do for your health is not hire a personal trainer or hire a nutritionist or hire a chef or hire whatever. And it's not like Yeah, so just it's I think it just is we're all being distracted and very clearly that number of how much we're spending versus how fat every fucking person is is clear evidence of it

Tyler 58:23

on my client lists right now currently so far so it hasn't even been eight weeks into this year. We are considered on top . I have a total of over 100 pounds down. I don't coach very many clients and I have two or three that are not weight loss clients. Right, that is performance clients. Right but of these small handful it's like an average of like now it's like over 20 pounds per person right so far this year. And I have issued this challenge to you gym owners and coaches out there on the show every fucking year. Oh yeah. Make your thing how much fucking weight you can get people to lose this year in your gym track get a man that's the success you should seek that is the success you should embrace. Hey unless you're a jump jump higher gym if you jump higher gym Do you feel a job that's wonderful. But know that that's not what the franchise gyms are for. That's not what they're there for. So just like can your system somewhere in there even if it's just a game for Christ's sake be about helping people come do the one thing they came here to do? That's the problem this is what most of your most of your inquiries are about losing weight so what the fuck and I just have we haven't seen any gyms do it I haven't seen seen it and I don't hold our gear Academy gym people to this because they have other things going on and there are other things that we're doing because the entire system is changing shape but for you out there as a gym owner, set a fucking goal to get what I'm going to be here the handful of clients and very likely will peel 1000 pounds off on my fucking talent this year.


Very like right.

Tyler 59:55

The fuck are you doing with your 678 915 118 100 members, Jesus Christ, you know what I mean? And that's why it's disappointing to me. Because even these gyms that we've worked with in the past, or that we are coaches that I've known from all over the world, you know what I don't see


success of their clients. I don't see it. Now,

Tyler 1:00:20

if you're going to sing if you're going to show something, that would be the thing to show, wouldn't it? And that's what I found that the biggest thing that we've seen is that now this industry grows, the success of the clients does not. People aren't successful, and you continue to take more money. You're now just Scientology, like, oh, you keep paying me and the truth is going to be right around the fitness industry is that it's just a Scientology scam. No, you just keep paying for two more years, and you don't have to come in at all. And then you'll know you'll figure out who you want. And, oh, that didn't work. Well, maybe come back next year, go to the other spot. But the whole industry is going to take it start buying supplements that you found on the fucking internet, whatever this is, but the whole fitness industry is going to continue to take and take and take and the promise is right around the corner, right around the corner.

John Fairbanks 1:01:06

I was literally gonna say, the problem is that most of you gyms have become People's Church. Yeah. And the problem is, is that at least if I'm going to church, and I've given money to my church, every year, I'm going to get a document that shows how much money I can write off on my taxes. The fact is, you motherfuckers aren't sending me anything to allow me to get Uncle Sam off my back for the amount of money I've given you.

Tyler 1:01:29

It's a shame. It's a shame. So guys, I don't know, no shitting all over us. Maybe we should be all over everybody. And a lot of directions today. But the industry I think is, in my opinion, the industry is poised to do well this year. It's always poised to do well, because everybody's out of shape. And now everybody is seeking another solution. You okay, so the industry is poised to make a lot of money. I think in that process, if you're actually a person who can build your business around the success of the client, you're not now the loyalty to you is actually going to be about because you did right by them, because they really got what they came here to get. And that's why they're going to be loyal. That's why they're going to refer people to you. Okay, that is the spot where I think you could carve out a niche and really, really, really do really well. That's how you make a name for yourself. By the way if you're a smaller operation in your community, this is how you. This is how you float to the top. Okay, there's i these gyms that all want to charge the same or less than the other place lest they fucking what lose all of your worst clients that are the dirtiest messiest, least loyal, fucking least desirable people to be around, I go Go for it, I guess. But I just hate that. So be better actually have your shit be about your clients being successful. And I promise you'll float to the top. It doesn't take too long for coaches and personal trainers who actually get people results and actually not just results in the outcome, but also give them a good client experience. Okay? That is, a solid outcome is going into hiring a personal trainer and liking it and losing the weight and getting what you came there to do and feeling better and all that stuff. That if you can over deliver like that. It's the easiest shit in the world to get new clients. This is exactly what I mean when we got two coaches around this area here that show up at a spot. Immediately everybody in that place, including the owners like holy shit, this is awesome. People love working with you. I don't even have to, oh, you're just full all the time. Perfect. You sell your own because you're so good. Okay, take notes. Because that's how that function works. That's how that's what being good at your thing really is. Okay, so if you want to be good, be bought that life message us at or you can email us directly at the dudes at Hack your follow show gym owners podcast on Instagram. Follow me at Tyler effing stones Tyler eff ironstone John,

John Fairbanks 1:03:51

you can follow me on Instagram at J banks f L.

Tyler 1:03:54

Thanks for listening to us rant. Get in the gym owners revolution Facebook group, if this rings a bell with you once you're on the team, so let's get on board. We'll see you later.

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