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Accidentally Misleading Your Clients? Most Gyms Are.

Saturday, April 27, 2024



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  • Personal training certification renewal and nutrition advice for weight loss. (0:00)
  • Personal trainers' limitations in providing nutrition advice. (4:49)
  • Avoiding mistakes in geothermal system installation. (9:02)
  • Avoiding workplace vaccination mandates and coaching clients on nutrition. (12:05)
  • Personal trainers' limitations in providing nutrition advice. (17:37)
  • Nutrition and weight loss, with emphasis on personal responsibility and ethical practices. (21:04)
  • Nutrition and weight loss, criticizing traditional dietetic and nutritionist approaches. (25:30)
  • Nutrition and weight loss, with skepticism towards scientific research and certifications. (30:11)
  • Unethical weight loss practices in the fitness industry. (35:50)
  • ​Nutrition and fitness as an ecosystem, with emphasis on balance and sustainability. (40:03)
  • The impact of Ozempic on the food industry and society's health. (47:16)
  • Food industry manipulation and the importance of trying different fitness activities. (50:47)
  • Fitness and nutrition, with a focus on macro counting and trendy diets. (53:41)
  • ​Dietary approaches, including carnivore and keto, with tips for beginners. (57:27)
  • Nutrition coaching and personalized diets. (1:03:48)


Tyler 00:00
Ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this week's episode of the gym owner podcast. I'm your host Tyler Stone over there, John Fairbanks. How are you doing, John?

John Fairbanks 00:06
I'm lovely. Guys,

Tyler 00:08
Before we get started, make sure you follow gym owners rebel, the gym owners podcast, the gym owners podcast on Instagram, go to the gym owners revolution Facebook Group link is gonna be in the show notes for that. If you want to work with us directly go to gym owners Follow me at Tyler reference. Don't miss Tyler eff ironstone on Instagram and John.

John Fairbanks 00:25
And you can follow me on Instagram at Jay banks f L. This

Tyler 00:29
week. We're talking shit. We're gonna talk about surprises. John sent me a message the other day because John, you're getting your NASM certification renewed? Correct?

John Fairbanks 00:39
Yeah, it's one of those things where it's gut wrenching. Because I went into look, I realized that I had like, let the certification lapse. And I went in and looked at my account with NASM. And I have three separate times been certified as an NCAA, like certified personal trainer, and I'm like, fuck me, like, I get to go do this a fourth, go do this a fourth time, it was one of those things where it's like when you're doing it, and you need it. Yeah, and this is gonna go into what we're talking about today. But it's like it's a, you need to be certain you need to have the certification, you need to have this paper because of X, Y or Z. So that I would go get it. But then when you no longer need it. For me, it just was I made it's ultimately a mistake, don't do this, just don't let your shit lapse, because then it costs a whole bunch of fucking money to go get it again.

Tyler 01:26
But now I'm back, I live on the reservation or all the way off. You're either you're either gonna be like me, I'm fully rogue. Now I don't think I don't know that I'm carrying anything anymore. Call it what you will take from what you want. But in reality, sometimes if you're working out of somebody else's location and things like this, like they just have requirements, and there's nothing you can do about it. And but what's interesting, so we're going through this and John, you sent me a screenshot the other day, and this boils my fucking blood here is that basically what it said was you're allowed to make the only nutrition stuff you're allowed to talk to your clients about as a certified personal trainer is how to cook food, right? Even talking about preparing food is where the line gets drawn, meaning you cannot talk about meal plans, you cannot talk about macros, you shouldn't be talking about specific diets or anything in particular that you think this client in front of you should do. You should not be giving out weight loss advice or plans for weight loss or anything like this. And I just want to make that really clear to you guys. That while that's what they say, and maybe that even exists in some sort of legal precedent with which I cannot imagine. Don't fucking take that advice. Absolutely do not because any good coach who's worth their salt knows there's only one factor that is involved in weight loss. First off, which is nutrition. Right? If you're not in a caloric deficit, you will not lose weight. And I feel weird saying this to a bunch of gym owners and coaches, right but as let's just get this out of the way that is the reason that weight comes off the body. That's how this works. Now we can do many things to get someone into a caloric deficit. One of them is exercising. Exercising is a really hard way to burn 400 calories a day, struggle easier to take a few fucking bites less of something or eat a little something a little bit different than you normally do. And all of a sudden it is a lot easier to lose weight. You combine those two things together. And then you have a system that kind of feeds itself and you feel physically better. You burn some negative energy, you're able to get a lot of stuff out, you're able to still burn calories, eat better and feel better. You're constantly recommitting, people just start with nutrition, sometimes they don't have this physical full reinforced reinvigoration. Like you get from like a good hard workout, that sense of full physical accomplishment. So I believe that both things at once are, I mean, that's like the optimal thing: we should exercise, we should move, we should eat. If you're losing, if you're trying to lose weight, you should eat for weight loss now. It is like expressly prohibited in their shit to be talking about this at all. And I think the question that I would pose to you guys out there is why the fuck aren't you if you're a personal trainer, someone comes to you and says I want to lose 20 pounds 50 pounds I get people coming want lose 100 pounds realistically now in timeline is not necessarily the issue is just they have 100 pounds to lose. What are you going to tell them? Are you literally going to take their money? And are you going to bring them in and you're going to work with them in the gym, and you're going to not give them any nutrition advice or plan or tell them what to do with their food. You're letting go to Google

John Fairbanks 04:49
because that's what's gonna happen because that's what's going to happen. And that was what really boiled enough to where it took a screenshot of like the question that was going through that it was decided DHEA where there's no common sense that's dialed into this whatsoever. It's like, oh, well, you can talk to you people generally, like give general nutritional information. But it's outside of the scope of what it means to be a personal trainer to give any type of macro or any type of calorie goal or discuss any specific diets with clients. Yeah, do we all like it's we all can honestly look at each other and say, How fucking unrealistic is that? And could you imagine if you had somebody that acted like, let's say, you didn't sell nutrition, you didn't offer that at all. And you are a one trick pony, where all of your value is per session. And we have lots of episodes of where the danger lies, where you allow yourself to be that comparable to anyone else, which is just how much do I charge per session? How many sessions Does somebody want to sign up for? And then that's it. And there's a huge fundamental problem. But let's say that's all you're doing right now. Once someone actually gets the gumption to come to you, because you've built the trust, they hear you you've put in the time with them, they trust you to now come to you and want to have a conversation about nutrition about what they're eating. Specifically, do we have? Do you have any recommendations? What should I do? What do you think about this diet? What do you think about this? The idea that you'd be like, Oh, I'm actually not allowed to talk to you about that? I wouldn't say it. Like, it would be a crazy response. But I'm going to tell you that we've worked with gym owners now, for so many years. And this is where we wanted to talk about it. Where was I? We have absolutely heard from gym owners, which is like, Well, I gotta have somebody else that's involved for nutrition. Because, you know, I don't have anything. I don't have the necessary certifications to be able to have discussions. Now that

Tyler 06:47
leads me to two questions, right? As is, Do you really not know what a person should be eating to lose weight? That's what if you don't, by the way, that's fine, then then take their certification and learn it, I guess. But I think even then those same people are gonna go shit, well, then actually, I should be a registered dietician, or a Registered nutritionist, and like an actual nutritionist and shit. And it's like, so this is where there's always this line, when you're like, well, and by the way, all those lines exist. That is about a shield for liability. And it's total bullshit. Because the fact of the matter if you're a gym owner, if you're coaching a personal trainer, and you don't know how somebody should eat to lose weight, you fucking suck, dude, I don't know what to tell you. You know what I mean? Then you better go the dorky movement specialist route, where you can come up with a bunch of clever novel exercises and stupid shit. It's all about things that people aren't, the general population isn't going, God, I should go to a guy with ABS who talks about fucking god knows what to fix my shoulder and my knee or my back thing instead of a real medical professional, right. But those people, you're doing the same thing when you're doing that. Right? You're just posing like, literally like disguising medical advice, essentially, right and saying that you're able to do things that you definitely shouldn't. And that's definitely probably can get you in some trouble legally. Versus being the person that can say, I can help people lose 20 pounds, I can help you get in shape. I'm here to take you from A to B to C to D here. Excuse me. But there is a need to have blinders on about the nutrition thing. And for you, it's one thing, it's whatever they're paying you, I guess if that's the way you want to play this game, but you're allowing your clients who are coming in, in good faith telling you, right? They're telling you, I want weights, I gotta lose weight, what can you do to help? Perfect, this is what we'll do this thing in the gym for one hour a day, three or four days a week, that if you don't fucking eat less is not going to help, it will not get you there. And this is a principle that I learned in the heating and air conditioning business, right? There's a thing that's happened. We've gone to court over this before. Yeah. So we had a judge tell us this. And I've told the story before Metallica, again, still a lot of new listeners out there. Someone comes in and they want to have a system and we say, well, we're kind of on the edge of our sides, right? With equipment either gotta go up or down right up here. And it's like, Well, we think we need to go up. That means we have to drill more wells for geothermal. Everything's gonna be a little bigger. But I think this is, this is what it's going to take to get you the right capacity to work for this house. And they said, No, but if it's close, can we just go down? It'll save me. Three $4,000? Who said no, no, no, we really shouldn't do that. It's going to be an issue that's already as expensive. This little bit of money. You try to advise them out of it. We try to advise them to do everything we can do based on our expertise. We think you should do otherwise. And what does the client say? They say, No, just have me sign a waiver that says I acknowledged that this is the thing and we'll go ahead and go forward. Perfect. Guys, sign the waivers. They sign the thing Three years, bunches of problems, the system is supposed to be running on super high efficiency because it's geothermal. It doesn't. It just doesn't because it doesn't have the actual capacity. It's running on backup heat costing them an extra 1000 1000s of dollars a year in utility bills, this thing ends up in court, because the equipment starts to fail, because it's been overworked, too. And now they think it's a warranty. We've done everything we could to honor what the judge says to us at the end of all of this, and we are a very well documented company, we were not a fly by night organization by any means. Every time a technician was there to work even for the day. We don't have to write nearly an entire page of notes about what we did was specificity in any communications that was done with the client . This is how we do everything every time. So we're going out just books of shit think and we're gonna dunk on them. The judge says yeah, this is all great. Except you're the fucking expert here. Like you're the one who's supposed to know. So you cannot with your You're ruining your own reputation by letting some idiot who knows nothing. Allow you to come in and do your job wrong. bully you into it. And that's it. But the truth is, it doesn't matter. You're the one that knew better, not them. And you did it. You took the money. You did this, you are essentially fucking a crook here. And we fucking ate our hats. This one dude, it was bad. It was a bad deal and a bummer. The problem was, nobody started that thing with any ill intention. And that's the way this works with nutrition stuff, too.

John Fairbanks 11:29
Yep, no,

Tyler 11:30
you're not you're not taking on personal training clients, and avoiding the nutrition subject because you're trying to screw them over. Because you're trying to keep fat. Or you're trying to set them up to fail. You're avoiding it because you've just been told this by the people you think hold the key to like your fucking right to work or something. And none of that is real. And there's did any you guys fucking rebel when you were young? Did any of you guys put middle fingers up the fucking people who told you what to do? Like? Were there no rebellious people ever? I asked this question when all the COVID stuff came out. They're like everybody staying in your house and wearing masks and oh, now you have to get vaccinated. And when you have to do this, or else you're gonna get fired? And I'm like, Was anybody rebellious, right? Is there like, No, I'm just not gonna do it. Because you told me what to do. I don't have the right to do this. Fuck you. You've crossed the line. And for me as a coach and a personal trainer, a person I care about who's paying me money. It's telling me, I want to lose weight. I don't know what to do. I want you to help. Perfect Man, I can help you in the gym. But you're gonna have to fix the way you eat. Here's what I think you should do to start and how that process goes. It's not me being married to one plan, or anything we talked about in recent episodes, as this was your first step. What's your second step? This isn't like some I'm not writing him a prescription that's gonna fucking kill him. And if he has anything that goes off the fucking radar, what am I gonna Oh, go to a doctor then or whatever, like, I start feeling dizzy, I don't do something different. But this is absolute cowardice. I think just like everybody who was coming to me, John, I'm gonna derail this into some shit here. I would have people when that first stuff about the COVID vaccine was coming out where they were saying that you absolutely believe that any company with over 100 employees is going to have to have everyone's gonna have to get vaccinated, right? You're gonna get fired? Right? What did I say from the very beginning? call their bluff, make them enforce it. And I'm telling you to do the same thing here. If you really think this is something, I am willing to bet, though, that you're not going to end up in the situation. Like, cuz this is the inverse, right? This is the inverse of the heating and air conditioning company situation right. There, we knew what was right. And we let them talk us into doing something wrong. Right? Yep. Here you know what's right, and you're gonna let your just going to do something wrong. You're just you're just you're just, you're literally going to do the opposite thing here. Because what does daddy NASM say? Or what really is the enforcement here for this? Like, where does this really lie? I encourage you like all things involving copyright infringement and things like this, you'll get a cease and desist before you fucking are in trouble for anything, so you'll always get the opportunity to stop. But if you're not actually coaching people on nutrition, you're a fucking coward. If they're coming to you, and you're failing. You're just truly failing them. And what happened, John, to all these people that will come up to me and say, yeah, I gotta find another job. I don't want to get vaccinated. Tell me I don't want to get a vaccine. I said, Well, then don't do what I have to, I have to, or else I'm gonna get fired. My wife worked for Pepsi during that time. We're on Team fuck Pepsi here for all the things they did during that. But during that same time, Pepsi was sending these threats out to all their employees, like Yeah, the government said this, you ought to be vaccinated by this date. You're going to be fired. My wife was like, Yeah, but I'm not. I bet I don't. I don't know. You're gonna, you're gonna, we're gonna go to that, put that line, make them wrongfully fire you so that you can sue them if that's what you want to do. But make them enforce it, don't do anything you don't really want to think is right, definitely don't do something you think is wrong until someone's actually willing to enforce that on you. And that's the reality of this thing here is that once that COVID stuff happened, what happened? In the end, they went, Oh, turns out, we don't actually have the right to force you to do that. And guess what, of the 20 some employees at this office here that my wife worked at all of them, went and got vaccinated, under the threat of just one email, someone wrote an email, there was one press release, nothing was enforced, there was nothing in all these cowards went and did something they knew was wrong and didn't want to do. I don't want to get guys coming to me saying I want to. I'm gonna have to go get another job. Because I'm not going to do that. I said, half, I wouldn't be bouncing around, see what they do and make them fire you first. Because that's, that's that at least now puts the ball in their court. And guys, if you went and got jabbed over that you're a pussy. Right? If you didn't want to do it, and they made you do it because of that, and you will just jump in before they were even making enforcement threats you're posting, there was some bullshit on your part. If you're not coaching people in nutrition, because you read in a fucking some silly arbitrary course that you're supposed to take this, you're not allowed to Fuck you, dude, you're just looking your clients in the eye, while they fail and struggle struggle to have success, or you got to push them even harder in the gym, you got to kill them harder, or they can be delusional about what really is going on nutritionally, what they really need to do, some people are so upside down in the reality of how much they're eating. And what it is that somebody does need to go in there with a fine tooth comb and be like, Yo, this is why this is there's there's clients I have worked with there's no amount of work in the gym that we could possibly do. That would get them to lose weight, because they're on a fucking fast track to fat land dude, like you have to be out in front of this stuff. And you have to have real conversations with them about it and avoid it. In my opinion, you have to ask these questions to avoid that civilly? Are you liable for stealing their money? If someone comes to you for weight loss, and you take 234 or 510 $1,000, over the course of a year for personal training? And you know that the one thing that is literally the one factor that needs to be changed for someone to lose weight? You're purposefully and in love, sort of intentionally out addressing it. So negative, negative is certainly unethical. Exactly.

John Fairbanks 17:37
Because in this scenario, going back to your H back example, it's where we're the expert, you're the expert, somebody's coming to you, you're the expert. And the problem, and this is the bigger issue is that you are allowing a third party, you are hiding behind a third party that is saying no, you're not allowed to tell somebody that six ounces of meat is the equivalent of the palm of their hand. No, no, you can't tell them that.

Tyler 18:10
What if you're not the expert John? Then you fuck, find a way to be one, then go. Go learn to think obviously, what I'm saying is like if you can't, if you can't learn to help people lose weight, or frankly, even build muscle, whatever they're in the gym for nutrition needs to be lined up from trying to build muscle get stronger, there needs to be a core surplus at maybe, or at least adequate protein intake. What if they started to fizzle out and workouts Wilkinson really hard? Well, carbs may need to come up, maybe low carbs are better for this person, you need to find your way around some nutritional processes with your clients. With the experience that you have that you're in, you're never going to get it burying your head in the sand. So if you really feel like I can't help somebody with their nutrition to lose 20 pounds, I'm not. I'm not capable of doing that. What the fuck are you doing in this business? Right? That's the question I would ask.

John Fairbanks 19:04
Because you can't go get certified. Right? If you want to be able to still play that game and you are not confident in your own abilities, then you have to stop allowing an arbitrary barrier to keep you from actually doing the one thing that's going to help people. But this goes back to what you talked about in the very beginning, which is the problem is we talked about this when it comes to supplements. We talked about this when it comes to a lot of things. It's if you are not going to help someone. They are going to google it. Yep, they are going to go to Google. And the problem is and this is where for us where the idea where it's you have to call bullshit at some point, which is the fact that somebody can Google and now get all of the macro advice, all of the cooking advice, all of the food preparation, because that is what's being told to you that you're not allowed to have these conversations, because you are not you don't have the certification that is outside of your scope. Do

Tyler 19:58
you know who's given more nutritional advice via their platform and probably all nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers in all of human history, Oprah and Oprah has been up and down fat and skinny multiple different times over and over and over again, lives in an absolutely entirely different life than any of you guys do. And that person is out there just throwing out any number of things over the last 20 years, and it's a Okay, more women have turned to Oprah for weight loss advice than are ever going to turn to fucking you. And you're not more qualified than a person who's probably still 70 pounds overweight, if it wasn't for the pharmaceutical interventions, for the fact that someone cooks for her. You know what I'm saying? It's crazy for her to be giving medical advice with no practical experience of our own, let alone actually coaching people, it's just passing through her platform. And that is frankly, the way it works now is through whatever platforms are being used, whether it is a general social media platform, or somebody specific brand on some of those platforms. That's where people are learning how to eat, and how many of those things you know what it is, where people are learning how to eat? It's not good, because then it's just advertising. Yeah, they have that stuff, nutrition talk that's happening on these other platforms goes viral, whatever. It's only meant for content and views. Maybe some people's hearts are in it, but the others are just marketing. And at that point, you have people teaching me how to make this and how to make that or how much to eat or how to do fasting or, or maybe how to try keto, or what it's like to go super low carb, or maybe what a high carb bodybuilding style diet is, like, what it's like to try really high there, all those factors are out there. And then I got ads for McDonald's. In the same place, this is not that they're not different. This is all the same thing. Here's how you should eat. Here's how you should eat, you're hungry. Let's talk about this. You're hungry. Let's talk about this. And that is where I start to get to the point where if we're not allowed to do it, who is? First off? Who is? And I've heard people say this even in some cities and states where they're like, Well, I mean, I think in order for us to be using terms like was it like custom? Remember the terms like nutrition plan? I can't make nutrition plans for people. It's like, Okay, how about you have a conversation with them about the food that they're eating that I don't fucking know, bread? Use the right terminology. I promise you the fucking liability. Cops are not coming for you for this because they wants just make them once please make them once or no,

John Fairbanks 22:37
they're not. They're just a habit open.

Tyler 22:41
The only times I've heard of anybody actually getting dinged for this literally zero, literally 000.

John Fairbanks 22:48
And that's why everyone continues to talk about it. So this is you. You asked who is? And I would challenge him. Who will? Yeah, is that the reality? Who will then if you're not if the people that are the right people that are building trust, and doing all the right things, and have all the right intentions, that do not have a massive lobby, to deceive the American public on the food pyramid is the right you don't have the fucking government to tell us who can and cannot like it's like, for me it is Who has a terrible track record. And if you do not allow the people that are pure of heart and have those right intentions, your intentions and the attitude that you have, and the right spirit about you is literally what's keeping you from fighting against the bullshit that's out there, because everyone else will have those conversations. And Oprah is not getting a cease and desist from the fucking Academy of nutritionists. No, and you know, a lot of things.

Tyler 23:48
And so what you're doing instead? Well, we did I grew up letting I mean, the people responsible for the fucking war in Iraq are the people telling me how I should eat growing up. What the fuck? These are no liars. What are we doing? It's crazy. So you cannot farm this. What I'm saying is, don't delegate this, right? Don't delegate this. If your clients are coming to you for weight loss, you better be fucking real about it then. Right? You gotta go, Hey, if you don't change the way you eat, this is one way I approach it. Because I try not to force people to Bob, excuse me to buy a nutrition product. For me. I always am about choice. But I will say if you're here for weight loss, you must be following a nutrition plan. You just tell me what it is. And I'll work with you about it. You come up with it, whatever this is, or I can sell you one. But I will not work with you for weight loss unless you make a pledge to change the way you eat. That's worse. Because not by the way, you'll get people that are unwilling to change the way that they eat at all, who then come to you. And they think that personal training is the way that they're going to lose weight. And that unwillingness to change the way they eat already means that they're not going to be successful. Well, in this weight loss endeavor, it is an absolute waste of everybody's time and their money, which is just like us then taking the money from the guy who wants us to put it in the wrong equipment in his fucking house because it's cheaper. We're like, okay, but no, I refuse to do that. I say, Hey, you don't get to buy it from me. But it's got to be right. The only way this thing works, the only way at the end of this, we're happy, you're happy that I'm happy, is if you have changed the way you eat. That's the fundamental thing and unwillingness to change it is already fucked. If they're willing to change, then we embark on a trial and error process. That's all it really is. Every person's diet is a trial, every person's lifetime diet is a trial and error process, I've gradually moved into the point where I've talked about this before, but I'll, I'll do like 24 hours fast, probably like three days a week, just because it's easy. It's essentially one meal a day just at the same time. So I'll do that a few, three, maybe four days a week, and the other two, if I'm, if I'm hungry, or tired or whatever. If I know, now I know the difference between hunger and boredom, then I'll go okay, well, then I'm gonna have protein shake this morning. And I'm feeling like I need it or whatever, I have good, good data, clear signals, all this stuff. And being at the point where now I've done fasting, I've done 15 cups of fucking rice a day, I've eaten four or five pounds of red meat a day before, I've done all the craziest things that you could possibly do. Nutritionally, I've done it all. This week was the first time I did a 48 hour fast. I'm gonna do another one next week. And then next week, I'm gonna try 72 hours. Why? Because it's fucking something to try, right. And so you need to get people who are willing to change. First, if they're not willing to change the way they eat, they're gonna eat, they may not fail, like forever, but they will fail until they're willing to change the way they eat. Or if they are successful, it will be in spite of their diet, or in the face of being thrown in the face of their poor diet. And at that point, if anything happens in their training, volume has to go down, like an injury, little vacation, disruption at work schedule changes, kids get busy, things happen, they don't then have the tools to actually be successful in the long run. So you're talking them over completely. So once someone's willing to change the way they eat. Now that door opens, that door opens to any number of possibilities, because we'll try this. And as long as you actually do that thing. The next step along the way is I will try the different thing that, Oh, you didn't like this part about it, let's change that. Changing the way you eat is how we fix this. It's not about the plan. And I think that's why that was pushed towards dietitians, nutritionists, this medical apparatus, as being the people that are allowed to do this, or you had to go through our university system. And like, I think that the reason that that's the case is that it's, they want it all to align with this, like fundamental science. Well, this is what happens when someone goes with a high glycemic and Berber Baba, and you're like, Well, none of that fucking matters, I need to convince that person that they can't eat the way that they're already eating. It doesn't matter what the most flawless, like most dialed in precise science is on the other end of this, if I can't move him one step away from the things he's currently doing, then it doesn't fucking matter. And I'm certain that in their education systems and things like this, that these people are taught that we do have to get them to change and that it is about what the person will do. But what I see is dorks coming out of college trying to give this advice out on the internet, all I see is science, science, science, science, the science says there's more carbs means this and this study and this. And none of it is like this person I know. Here's how I can help. And that's the question I want to ask like, where are the dietitians? Where are the nutritionists? Who the fuck are they? Where are they? And what are they doing? Like, I'm not seeing them. I mess around here. There's a lot of obese people. And I am not seeing our dietitian, nutritionists around here, getting all riled up about getting people off the street to come in or you want to lose weight. This is what I do. You know why? Because it's not what they fucking do. They work out of a hospital or another thing, and when somebody has to, that's the person who's gonna come in, and they're gonna say, Okay, we're not allowed to eat for 48 hours, you're gonna have this. And then after your gallbladder surgery, these are the few things you need to watch out for. But it's all pathology based. Yep, this is the equivalent to someone coming in and splitting up your leg and putting a cast on or putting in stitches. It's that type of nutrition. It's like, here's a problem that we're dealing with, and all this other shit. And then they come into work. And as I don't see success stories, I don't see them talking about this. I don't see them trying to sell. I do not see them trying to market to people on the street, which means they're not doing it and they don't care to fucking do it. And that's the reality of it. And like, none of these professionals are helping normal people lose weight. Now, it's just this whole thing with these dietitians and nutritionists unless I'm missing where they are? Where are these success stories? And I'm not saying they're incapable of doing it. I'm just saying that doesn't represent a very large amount of the work that they do. And most of all, they deal in pathology. If you're working out of the medical apparatus, and you deal in liability avoidance, you're just avoiding liability.

John Fairbanks 30:11
And at some point, that bureaucratic red tape, right, like there, it's the, how far we've allowed our heads to go up our asses when it comes to science and double blind studies. And where's the science? Where's the research, those types of things? It completely negates the obvious anecdotal evidence that we see. And the problem is, the problem is, I'm not anti, wanting to be able to have stuff be studied and researched and be able to feel confident that we've, we've tested it out, we've done all these different things. I'm not anti in that, fundamentally. But the reality is, we've had too many instances over the last what, tada, 25 years, 30 years, where the folks that are calling bullshit, which is like, anecdotally, we're not seeing this here. Are we? You all are, you all are telling us X, but we are seeing why. And if you don't have a healthy amount of skepticism, from the people that are coming out with the science again, go back to the food, like the food pyramid was that was scientifically based? No, that was backed. But all of a sudden, 20 years later, we learned Oh, where did the research come from? It was

Tyler 31:33
macaroni and cheese people. Were like, how are these people involved in science at all? What are we talking about? It ain't even cheese. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. The people? Yeah, it's

John Fairbanks 31:45
and that's where again, farmers, right? Like, if you like to look at margarine, look at how milk gets demonized, or butter gets demonized. And we have to have these Franken foods and GMOs, or all these different things that come about. And it's interesting, because when you see regular people who didn't go to school, they're not certified. They don't have any scientific background. But you have these folks that just like common sense say that this stuff that seems to be derived from plastic and seems fake, and it's coming from all the soybeans, like this all seems like it might be bad for us. And I might just stick to the raw milk. And I might just stick to the butter that we make here on the farm. And I might just stick to the meat that we have. And I think I think we'll just be okay, like we're not going to do we're not gonna play any of that game. And meanwhile, science comes out and just be like, Oh, well, you guys are gonna die of heart disease, or you're gonna have this, you're gonna have that. And it ends up being where it's like, oh, they're all fucking fake. And they're all bought and paid for. And,

Tyler 32:39
and it's like, and even if the problem now it's not even though all the research in this stuff is fogged. It's just, there's just so much of it. Now, it doesn't matter. None of it matters. There's plenty of things that will work. There's plenty of things that will get you there. And there's plenty of factors involved in it. But it's not all complicated in a life or death way. This isn't. This isn't me being an amateur pharmacist. Right. I'm not telling people to go out and take drugs or mix these chemicals together at least on this podcast. But I think that there is a way I think that that's the thing I think people need to understand is there's not anything that serious that happens if I tell somebody that they probably should find a way to save themselves three or 400 calories a day. We gotta get that down and we want to see all this because like where does this end? I'm not right, writing them wrong prescriptions can kill them. And by the way, if they do that, let's have this conversation. If you're so bad as a nutritionist, that if someone does the things they tell you they're going to die. The fuck are you telling them to do? Because most of what I'm doing is like stop with the process, food stops with that bullshit. Eliminate 80% of the bad like bad shit that you eat, get quantities dialed in, eat all the bad shit you want to get for all I care just get the quantities dialed in so that your body weight comes down like this. This is pretty simple. If that kills you when I rush, is it the pace? And I will tell you this let me let me play my own devil's advocate here John. Because there are some dumb motherfuckers that'll do a lot of shit I've seen there's a personal trainer around this spot that aren't I don't think they coach anymore around this place. But we're known for they used to call it like it was gonna say the name but as it blends into. It was like a 30 day thing that was like His thing was like they put this thing up 30 days before and after. That's impressive. It was impressive. None of those people kept that weight off because he was telling them and he's told people I think even the last couple years, what you're gonna eat every day if you got weight to lose as a salad. Just like one salad and like one apple a day. It's like true starvation. Now on the ground here I am trying faster but trying it is very different than recommending three days of not eating to people. But this guy, but the dude sees people losing 3040 pounds in a month. And then like, " Can they keep that up? It's even better and then metabolically, they're just fucked. Because the problem is he told them to just do this thing. And he didn't take them through a process. So the question is, is that on him? I'd be willing to bet that that guy's ABS absolutely is probably NASM certified through them. That's what's even funny. Why?

John Fairbanks 35:24
To assume that some just because somebody has saved the duty in nutrition certification, let's say you do go to school, and you are a nutritionist, and that's what you got your degree in. It doesn't change the fact that you're still a fucking moron.

Tyler 35:37
Well, even to take this further Sanford here at Stanford Hospital uncle like this multibillion dollar organization again, I've done it on multiple shows. That was called the Sanford profile, which is essentially medical weight loss, but they were marketing it to regular people just to lose weight. And it turns into this silly little Herbalife scheme where it's like, okay, so what you're allowed to eat is like a four ounce serving of chicken once a day, a salad and then our protein shakes. Literally our branded protein shakes, you had to lie. It's like, well, this. Now this starts to really smell like fucking AdvoCare or Herbalife, or some fucking Isagenix bullshit, like this starts to smell like a pyramid scheme, because now, the only way to lose weight is to have your product to starve myself, and have half my calories, at least come from things I'm buying from you. I feel like you're just getting in the way of the grocery store racket. And not only that, I worked with a client who was there and she who she had left there, or was still doing that before she joined my gym. And at that point, she had lost me like 15 or 20 pounds and was feeling like she was happy the weight was off, but she was struggling, struggling. And at that point, she said, Yep, so they moved me up. I'm allowed to have another small serving of chicken a day and she said that'll get me up to over 900 calories. So before that she was like seven or 800 calories a day. What the fuck are you do it and by the way, this is coming from the system that has the most medical trust in this area. Right the biggest fucking medical bullshit in the god downtown, and they're out started telling people starve yourself by a protein shakes. Well, if that's what's coming out of the highly certified, most liable, most liability protected enterprise in this area, then y'all out there, do whatever the fuck you want. Because fuck those people, they're screwing people over and they very likely may end up killing people. And that's why without that, because that same operation in Sioux Falls, the same thing was happening at their own performance center where people would go and workout. They had to tell anyone who was on profile their diet thing, it's not allowed to workout at their thing. Because if you do any extra stuff, there's people collapsing under call. Oh shit, yeah, your own place. Because it's like we're starving people and they can't even walk on a fucking treadmill. Now I get it if you're 600 pounds, and this is if you're 600 pounds and you need to lose 300 pounds in order to stay alive and stuff. You actually don't need to eat anything. If your 600 pounds exercise is probably off the table for you for a little while anyways, till the weight comes off. So your theory could eat nothing but vitamins and whatever until you're at a healthy weight and can move around. But that doesn't work for someone who's got 100 pounds to lose 80 pounds to lose 50 pounds to lose. All you're teaching them is a way to like break their bodies and metabolically fuck themselves and that's the best thing. That's what systemized nutrition is. systemized nutrition is just here is the way that you must eat. We've put a person with a college degree and we put a clipboard in their hand on this checklist are the things that they're going to walk you through. It is one thing that a doctor goes by doesn't look at it, signs and moves on but now it's PhD certified. So if that's that, that's as far as my opinion the most legitimate legally safe nutrition coaching that's going on in my area. So if that's what's going on out there, and you're worried about competing with that, and that that's going to come after you fuck off, dude, like Don't be a coward. Just don't be a coward. You got to rebel. Don't be a fucking dork. Like to tell a person who's trying to lose weight that like I just am not actually in a position to be able to talk about things like how to do that. That's fucking lame. That sucks if that person you're not my friend, if that's your vibe, and even worse, if that person comes to you and they say I want to lose weight, say perfect, we'll do it all in the gym. You suck a lot because now you're lying like you're truly you're lying in both cases but at least one of them you're just being a coward. The other one you're being a fucking absolute unethical, negligent liar. And you should n't belong in this business. I take someone to try and throw some stupid shit out there over someone who's just snow and people just like yeah, we'll take your money. Yeah, sure. We'll come off gently. Fuck yeah. Jim Burns tons of calories. Muscle burns more than fat or whatever they say. Like none of that stuff is a real fucking plan for anybody. None of it's gonna work forever. And this sucks, man be better.

John Fairbanks 40:03
And be realistic of who your people are, like in your communities, like the odds are you're going to have folks best interest again, this is assuming that you're a decent human. So if you're a decent human, and you actually are in the business, to want to actually be able to help people, you know what you're people that are in your communities, you know, what's real for them, the odds are, they don't need to have be weighing their food, counting macros, it's the odds are they need to stop drinking regular soda, they need to stop drinking high octane Mountain Dew, with every meal or drinking a case of that, or they need to switch to like beer, or they need to be like, it's there's so many like fundamental pieces that would literally change people's lives, and change how they feel like I'm working with a guy now. And he's, I got I get to interact with him and his son. And you guys like, well, I you know, I'm be really, really strict. I'm like, don't do that. But just stick to the plan that we have for you. You don't need to be you don't need to be super strict. You don't need to be doing these things. It's like these little steps is going to be enough. Based off of he's like, Yeah, you know, it's just cutting out the sweet tea, because we're here in the south, right, which is just sugar with tea flavor. And so it's cut out the sweet tea, and the sodas and so we you can drink like Coke Zero drink giant pop or whatever. And he's like, none of that stuff tastes disgusting. Like I'm a regular soda. And I'm like, holy shit. I'm like, Okay. I'm like, That's enough. I'm like, if you stop drinking and sweet tea, and soda, and the sun goes, he goes, when he is doing the right things. He's so much. He's so much happier. And that's what then then he's like, yeah, that's why I'm gonna be really strict about I'm like, no, no, eat all the normal food, because I can't have you be a miserable cuss around your whole fucking family. And now they hate it when you're wanting to lose weight. And this is like, no, like, he's bad.

Tyler 41:54
This is that, you know, my wife, she did like the whole 30 diet thing for her. And I call it the no fun diet. Now, there's a lot of things I think about her as far as food sensitivities. And I think it's more about that than weight loss elimination. But she kind of, she's always been of the thing that if she eats, the cleaner that she eats, the better chance she has of being able to be satisfied and full and have good energy for training and stuff like that. While being able to lose weight, right? That's, that's kind of the species and because if she eaten 30, like, you don't get to feel full at night and go to sleep full, because like you're going to end maintain the right caloric balance to where you're not going to get fat or gain weight, or at least will align with the weight loss goals you have. Yeah. But it was 30 days, like, you know, well, honey, it's Friday, you want to go down, get a drink or two. I mean, she's good for one, maybe two drinks on a night out anyway. So what are we talking about here? Right? And it's like, no, I can't, like what is this? I'm having to go do all the cooking in our house, I gotta cook different things. Yep, a whole different thing. That's a whole nother bunch of shit where it's like, well, I guess you're just gonna eat meat on a plate. Because the other stuff I don't know, I just wasn't prepared for you to be doing that. And in the end, I think she did like it all for a lot of reasons. And but like, it's like, that's not that's too strict. And the more strict you are, now that becomes an unsustainable system, you're running too fast. You're just moving too fast. And I think that's why as a fitness professional, why not as a nutrition professional. I'm a fitness professional, right? And what that fitness is, is a component of who you are as a whole, your body, your mental health, your ability to exercise your work capacity, the muscle you carry, the fat you carry, how you process food, your habits, like all of those things generate fitness as an ecosystem. Yeah, a lot of things. And you cannot just fucking ignore one part of it. You just can't, you absolutely cannot. And I think that as a fitness professional, it's on you to try bunches of things. If you have a spouse, y'all should be trying different stuff. That's twice the data you can get. If you have a family, just try different things. And it's not about the system. It's not about the numbers. It's not about the macros. It's about watching the human being in front of you react. How do they react? How do they respond? How do they bounce back out of it? And you can get a lot of experience or you can read about it in a book. And then you can try to shoehorn like no offense the whole 30 I think it's probably great I have no idea I will not I'm saying like you should try things I try this what I'm going to do is I'm going to eat the principles that they describe which is like as little of that stuff as possible within reason. You will probably catch up from my cold dead fucking hands and I will not eating what's the other ketchup Hans ketchup. I will not be eating the sugar free ketchup, reading the regular ass catch up and there's nothing sorry. I will have a couple of drinks a couple times a week. That's how it's gonna work. And that's my, that's my ecosystem. And I will get the results that that system gives me until I'm willing to change it. But I'm not going to be preaching the whole 30 to somebody who's new because it's like, I've watched my wife who is one of the most nutritionally disciplined people I've ever known who can do about anything you tell her to do food wise, right? She'll do it. She may not like it, but she will adhere to it. And I watched her have these moments like pocket, god dammit. You know what I mean? We're just frustrated. And some of it can be good, but it's all very limited. You watch somebody with no nutritional discipline, and you make them go to a level 100 discipline required diet. Not a fucking chance, man, not a fucking chance. So again, finding people who are willing to change and guiding them through the concept of nutritional change. That's the starting point where they go from there. That's their whole lives. That should be everyone's life. Everyone's life should be bouncing around in that capacity in that space, finding new foods, new things to eat, trying new recipes, finding healthier ways to meet the things that you like, every once in a while having the things you liked the way that you liked them. Because God dammit, what else are we on this earth to do, but you can't have everything all the time less to look at, you are what you eat, you're gonna look like what your ecosystem is, right? So if you're having too many exceptions to the rule, if you're having way too many cheat meals, if you're drinking too much, if you're falling off on your exercise that bounces out of whack, you will look the part you will get the outcomes that you deserve. You always, always, always will. And people don't understand that. It's not about the plant. It's not about to die. It's about the whole thing. And so that's my fucking preachy shit. But for those of you out there, rebel, alright, if you think it's not your place, because you don't know, then it's on you to know, or you need to start telling people Nah, I'm just a fucking exercise coach, I'll come in and exercise you and you can basically go to body pump at the fucking YMCA then and get your $12 an hour because fuck you, if you think you're really helping people, right? And not not in regards to losing weight, think you're going to help people lose weight. Exercise is not the solution. Training is one aspect, but Nutrition has to be the thing, the caloric balance is the thing, how can I trick people into eating the right things in the right quantities,

John Fairbanks 47:16
and have a healthy amount of skepticism. Like it because it's gonna grow, it's gonna get worse. Like the fact is, like, right now, the most common thing that I'm seeing in like, on my social media feed from professionals, not stuff that like the algorithm is feeding, but like people that I follow gyms are coaches, personal trainers, it's everybody wants to have a debate on the number one thing right now related to fitness, which is going to be the shot ozempic or whatever else, right? Like everyone's gonna, everyone's talking about it. What is the shot? What does it do? What do you think is a part of your plan? Is it not part of your plan? And it's one of these things where it is, if you're being too militant, about anything, or you're not having enough skepticism of who's saying it's bad, who's saying it's good, and allow yourself to make your own fucking informed decision. And again, if you don't have any clients that are doing this, then you probably don't have to fucking worry about it. But if you start seeing more of your clients, you start seeing more of the people in your ecosystem, in your communities that are taking the shot or thinking about it, or what they're going to do, or they are already doing it, it then becomes increasingly important for you to be able to be that trusted person to be able to give, give that advice to be able to take them through help them where the pitfalls were not but again, for me, it's it's so much of pay attention to who is claiming something is who is claiming that something is good, and what are their actual motives. And it comes back to for me the nutrition stuff is all tied together.

Tyler 48:54
There was literally talk that like the grocery store food sugar lobby, essentially, like the global the American food system was trying to promote the fact that or that they were concerned that because of this ozempic craze, and because it seems to work, and it's simply it's causing people to eat less this is what's funny. It's not like it's, it's not like it's going out and like melting food on the shelves at grocery stores. It's just that if human beings are choosing to buy less food because they're eating less food, it costs these companies money, and they must rage against it. They must rally against it. And this concept, because there were articles out there about that, like hey, like there's gonna be a big there's gonna be a downswing. They're gonna if this epic stuff becomes popular continues to become popular. We're gonna be selling less food. Well, where was our supply chain woes that I thought we were dealing with forever that we were never going to get out of and like well, I thought this is a good thing, the the truthful, the truth of the issue, the fact of the matter describes the fact of the matter here is that if Americans get healthy and simply simply by eating less quantity, not even like abandoned and Kraft macaroni and cheese and DiGiorno Pizza, if we simply just all eat 10% less as a society 50% less as a society stop getting fat, we save all this money on health care, there are industries that are going to make a lot less money. Simply put, and this industry, the sugar, soda companies, all of them are very worried. Not that people are going to abandon soda altogether. That's what's funny. This scramble is just about you eating 10 or 15% less, what guys what's gonna happen when everybody gets hip to the fact that you shouldn't be eating that shit at all?

John Fairbanks 50:42
And that's what's crazy, right? Because when you say 10 to 15% load was your right. But in the United States, what is the majority of the shit that people eat? It's fucking garbage. Yeah. So that's what's so interesting. And again, this, again, is put on your tinfoil hats. But why would the machine want to make it so hard for people to be able to have chickens and have fun, like being able to sell meat, being able to sell the like to be able to do these things? Why, like what are you and can you get in? There's so many arguments from science, and from the large organ organizations in that larger apparatus that are going to show all the reasons why No, no, no, you can't be doing this, you need to eat food this shelf stable. But the problem is, if ozempic is going to cause people to eat less food, that means they're going to eat less shelf stable food, and then eventually, because everybody is losing weight. And then you have, well, you don't want people that are selling whole food type foods, where it's like, hey, actually, you know, you should avoid the inside aisles of the grocery store and you should shop on the outside perimeter, and that's where you should stay and eat those foods. Well, that

Tyler 51:55
is, that's for sure.

John Fairbanks 51:56
And we need to make it really hard for anyone that's trying to teach anyone, that's what they should do. In fact, we should put a bunch of artificial bullshit barriers in place to make anyone that's preaching common fucking sense on what you should put into your body. Let's make it really hard to allow people to do that and make it really fucking easy through billions of fucking dollars on the Super Bowl and the fucking NCAA March Madness and all this other shit. We're going to just pump it to where now it's going to be hot and spicy fucking water or whatever it's going to be that they're going to push out there all these Franken foods. Well, God forbid if there's a now Pharmaceut like And now and now we're playing in the pharmaceutical area

Tyler 52:34
to juggernaut industries pissing in each other's pond now All right, they're fighting it out over it and it's someone's gonna someone's gonna get this money. Someone's gonna get this money and they're not cared about. They really don't care about you. Now I want to touch on one subject here before we go. Because this is why as a nutrition or as a fitness professional, I think it's important for you to try lots of other things. is much like someone's lifetime fitness journey in the gym right in a gym. They may go to the gym . We've talked about this before but they may go to the gym and they may try CrossFit. They may do some Zumba stuff, maybe they take up some noon ball basketball and maybe they are doing adult soccer adult League Soccer for a bit and then they get older and, and maybe a small walk in later and later in life. You know what I mean? Maybe you become a 5k guy, a triathlon guy, maybe you take up swimming, take a paddle boating paddle board and there's lots of things a person can do to fill the exercise gap and someone has a lifetime fitness journey in your gym, your fitness center can be anchored to certain points in there and cover a certain amount of that space. We can't do it all. But you need to understand that that is a dynamic that exists for people that are going to be healthy or get healthy and fall off. That is a life that is how this works for human beings. The same thing happens with nutrition, especially in weight loss, because I always told people that eating healthy is like quitting smoking cigarettes. Okay, it's better that you're trying and failing. Like fuck you come home your wife Katya. Again, I smoked a couple cigarettes. So she's mad. She thought about this. He was asking me when I smoke cigarettes every year or so I do real good for six, three months, six months, eight months, and I kind of fall back off and every once a while my wife would get my open the door to my work van and there'd be like, nine boxes a new port empty is just stuffed into stuffed into the door jamb. And I'd be in so much trouble. Do you know what I mean? I wouldn't be Yeah, and but the reality is I have had to explain to us like, because I'm not full of smoke. Like I'm not sitting here smoking in front of you. I'm not saying I just smoked again, which I did for so many years. I thought that I just smoked cigarettes now. The fact that I'm hiding it is because I'm trying to get back on the wagon and trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Trying to quit and failing to quit is absolutely better than not trying at all. So if you fail to quit and then Get back and take another attempt, you try another day you do the thing. So I was always buying cigarettes back then in the train and quitting phase, one at a time, one pack at a time, not what's there at one pack at a time, and a basket of nine cartons and shit like that to save money, you know, me, I'm cheap. So I was, but I would never buy because every single time I bought a pack of cigarettes, it was either gonna be like, this one or the next one, I'll be done. I don't need 10 more, you know, but it was that way. And nutrition is the very same thing. Okay, someone who's trying on a diet struggling to adhere to it, they need support. They need the understanding that let's just try to commit to something. Okay, and you fall off Perfect. Well, let's get you back on like, let's go, you still need to try to adhere to this. And if that doesn't work, when people are then adrift, they're washed in the sea floating around, they don't have any fucking any sense that I went out by the time people come back come to me when they've been away, like on their own for a really long time. And they're heavy, and they don't know what to do. Something that they've read or something has connected to them. And they've thought I can do that. That's why fad diets take off. Yeah, they're marketed well, it plants seeds in the heads of people who go, you know, the last thing I did didn't work, but this seems like something I can do. So let's go over these, because some things will connect to somebody at some time throughout their lifetime fitness journey. Lifetime nutritional journey, right? Yeah. What's the most popular stuff lately? And there's actually kind of like, what I liked about this, there's a lot of probably pretty viable systems right now that I would say, almost equally popular, I think macro counting. And If It Fits Your Macros, and like weighing your food on stuff, I think that's an important step in any of these things you do to get your caloric balance thing, but I don't like obsessive weighing. It's just not for me, right having to weigh everything. It's just too much. It's too much chores for someone to do when they haven't done anything, in my opinion.

John Fairbanks 56:45
And the average person is not going to have a food scale, right? It's like there's so many elements. We're just like, that's such a barrier that regular humans,

Tyler 56:53
you get some type of dorks. We're like, okay, so if you could just tell me exactly, I can wait. There are people who, when they come in, that's their thing. I'm just not one of them. But I always tell people that in my diet, it's, you know, eight to 12 ounces of meat, like it's put in there. And I think in a wait, which means fucking wait, so you know what's right first, and then from there, we can ballpark it as long as you're within that range. But other than that one, like, carnivores become very popular. It's like you're sure to be borderline trendy, right? Oh, yeah, you know, is still pretty fucking trendy. And in my opinion, people sleep on a little bit. But carnivores are keto. Let's not pretend it's not a carnivore , it is a ketogenic diet. 100%

John Fairbanks 57:35
Yeah, right, man. It's like, be gay, right? Sorry, for any homosexual, if you're going to be gay about it, and you're gonna look at like the idea of like, okay, well,

Tyler 57:46
I went to carnivore with a butter index that's still being hardcore. I'm already out, right? Like, keto is viable, too. And

John Fairbanks 57:56
the reason why, you know, too, is now like, especially look at 15 years ago, like keto really came on the scene maybe a decade ago. But now the amount of processed food that's now keto food, it's fake. Like, that's how you know how popular it is, like remember back in the day, South Beach, Atkins treats, like it was all like the chocolate bars, like anything that seems like this is no longer real food anymore. And now they just put out now they put keto friendly or another keto bait, whatever it is. So that's how you know when diets are really you know, in, in,

Tyler 58:32
those are both trendy and those are both viable for people, I think, because so not to everybody. This is why I don't recommend either of those two things necessarily as a lifetime thing, I think you'll fall I think if you do lots of these things, you're gonna fall into your lifetime collections of things that work for you that will keep you into your you'll settle into pocket, you know what I mean? Yeah, so for me, I'm like, probably like, keto, carnivore, a lot minus to catch up and maybe some booze occasionally, and I don't mind having rice from time to time. I don't get too heavy. I had almost no processed carbohydrates, hardly at all. It's potatoes or rice. Not always, and not with every meal. But there's also high carb stuff I've done for performance, like, yeah, you know, you're gonna eat a lot of rice, you're really going to fuel your training. So you focus on performance. That's another very viable thing for someone who wants to go hard and push themselves. We do that, but we keep the balance, right? That's a great way to do it. Intermittent fasting, just as all these other things right now, I think, and the noise is I maybe I'm just in the wrong algorithm. It's all similar for a lot of these things, long term fasting, and I was even, I think becoming it's worked its way into my scope, to where I'm willing to try it. And the reason I'm willing to try it is because I'm seeing it, I see it so much. And I know I'm gonna get asked these questions and I want to know what pitfalls there are, so that I can recommend to somebody something else if they're interested in that, or I can tell them what that was like for me, knowing that I'm different than they are and knowing that I'm a different person with different goals and absolutely different hormones. profile, my experience still speaks for itself. Because John F to do my first 48 hour fast I will tell you this. I would not recommend fasting for 48 hours until you're capable of doing many 24 hour fasts. Sure. Because I know a lot of guys who start freaking out if after three hours they don't have any food. What snacks do I have? What am I going to eat? I'm just hungry. I'm hungry. If I don't, I'm gonna have an episode. Your fucking not Don't be such a fucking worse about this thing. You're going to be a fine princess. Yeah. But like, you're gonna have a hard time going 48 hours in the face of this, you'll lose your fucking mind. You can learn it in a very safe way and still go to bed full at night. And by getting used to some 24 hour fast 48 is a bit of a different story. But what I found about John is the 24 hour part. Rather 24 hour mark when I normally get to eat on a 24 hour fast that that's where I was like, fuck, I'm just at home. I can't make myself a drink. I don't like to eat anything. The times when I'm at home and I get up out of my chair and wonder if the fridge may grab a bite or something here or there. I'm gonna have bread, something else or whatever. You know if I'm snacking, gone, can't have that I got up and looked at the fridge that night, like five times with Buck skits water. You know what I mean? That was challenging, but that's mostly challenging and not because I was hungry, but because that's the habit I have when I'm at home. So I had to have that experience to know and someone else gets to that like, Yeah, dude, if you can do 24 hour fast 24 hour fast will break a lot of men that I know honestly, they'll lose their fucking mind they get a Divas about being hungry and be all sad and shit. So but a 48 hour fast will really fuck you up when you can't. You gotta go to sleep. This was the worst for me. I had to go to sleep. Stoned. Starving. I thought I was dying. Well, here's what happened. I wouldn't because smoking pot is a bad idea. But I thought it helped me sleep and it just amplified both of those potentialities. Right. And so I laid down and I was like, fuck, I like almost like potted my way to sleep as well listen to someone YouTube drifts off and then I fell asleep. I slept for a really good job. I mean, real good. Woke up 10 hours later. So I should be 10 hours hungrier right now. Not Not at all. And I wasn't hungry one bit. I was tired. There was it almost felt like I'll actually kind of throughout the day that the times when the hunger the lack of food was settled as a train jiu jitsu twice during this time, lifted weights once during that 48 hours, a lot of the times that I felt it felt more like I had actually lost a night's sleep. And you stay up all night with a baby and you're like, fuck that next day when things get a little weird. That's when they don't even notice hunger is just like you. It was interesting. I didn't feel hungry, didn't feel like I needed to eat. But when I got done at the end of 48 hours, I was like, Yeah, buddy, let's go and I was too slow. But knowing that process, it's on you to know these things. Because each of these things we listed, whether it's carnivore keto, high carb performance stuff, If It Fits Your Macros, macro counting, weighing your food, fast, intermittent fasting, long term fasting. All of those are options. And there's probably many other versions of those types of things, systems that you can blend together that will work for somebody, somebody just needs to connect to, I want to have that type of experience. There are people out there who struggle and go, you know, if I just didn't eat today, I bet I could do it. Okay, let's figure this out. Let's figure this out. And let's figure out how to do this. So you don't get weird, you don't get dysfunctional and, and I just think that if you don't have any of these experiences yourself, you're just not equipped to help anybody through that process. And if you're the macro counting expert, okay. But then you better be getting people in on that.

John Fairbanks 1:03:48
And food is getting more and more expensive. So I promise you that 48 and 72 hour fasts will only become more popular because budgets really afford. So if I only have to buy for three or two out of the seven days of the week. This is a very efficient way of eating that you don't have to eat.

Tyler 1:04:07
And it's it would be tough to do like I didn't do you know I wouldn't do it to my kids and my kid do that or anything. You got shit to do if a teenager was trained and he's growing. Yeah, well, that's the biggest challenge. You ever cook a 16 year old fucking steak fajitas while you have to not eat 2424 2526 hours of not eating. It's at that point. That is death while they're not entirely as grateful for that experience, you know, I mean, it's not like they're stoked about the steak fajitas either. Now, I was like, You should be thanking me a lot more for what I did for you. Crazy That's awesome. Yeah.

John Fairbanks 1:04:45
But Bill buttoned it, it's all those things. Having the knowledge of all those diets is also so important because no matter who comes to you, no matter what type of client comes to you, if you've experienced all these different things, you know what to reach for them. Yeah, is that is what's really important because again, one of the guys that I've been working with, you know, he talked about, he's like, Well, you know, I did this diet, it was really strict, I did really good and I lost 60 pounds, I lost 60 pounds on this diet, he goes, but eventually I got to the point where I was like, fuck that. And then I gained 100 pounds. And it was one of those things where he just it gotten to the point where it's like, Fuck this, I hate this. This is so stupid. And that's where it's like that it was rotten like it was honestly even successful. But it wasn't, it wasn't, you know what I mean? It wasn't fit. They didn't

Tyler 1:05:32
understand the lifetime nutrition journey of this process, which is going to take much like my life to the whole that you're gonna take from this, what you learn, you're gonna apply the things that make you feel better when they make you feel better, the spots where you can get wins, the things you're willing to move on from, and you're gonna plug in other things in other places, too. But that's the big issue when somebody gets married to one of these diets without help. The carnivore I lost 15 pounds felt great. Now I'm back on pizza and pasta, and I'm fat as ever. All right, well, if somebody just said, let's keep trying things that make you feel better. Instead of making you feel worse, like that's all it is. You're just guiding somebody through an experimentation process. And it's not like we said, this is a pharmaceutical This isn't we're not just like, try this drug. Try this. You go to Doc, John, you are doctors. Yep. My friend went to a doctor just to get a medical weed card. So like he had to claim what he had to claim the theory because they don't do it here or whatever, I'll really oh my god, it's a bunch of shit. And so the medical medical marijuana is such a fucking farce. It's like, can we just be here, you're letting it go, you're making a bunch of people recreationally makeup, I have to recreationally have a mental condition, a chronic illness recreationally just so I can get this done. But anyway, he goes into the thing. And the doctors like Yeah, I mean, based on some of these, you know, things like trauma, whatever it is, you probably have PTSD, I'm willing to diagnose you with that for sure. So, and the guy's like, so here's the list of things that we can do. And John on there is like six different pharmaceutical approaches. From there was anti anxiety medication, there was fucking sleeping meds, that guy was willing to write him four or five different prescriptions for medications, mental medications, that he was never probably planning on taking them off of no field, but from one conversation. And you can't talk to somebody about eating a little less fucking food. Buck that will play that game. We need to rebel. Don't be a dork. Don't let these nerds tell you, you can't talk to people about the food because they're just out of luck, the bureaucracy, they're trying to keep people fat. That's quote me on that one. So thanks a lot for listening. Everybody go to the gym owners podcast on Instagram, go to gym owners and get in the gym owners revolution Facebook group, if you don't know what to do, as far as nutrition coaching, or what maybe a good process can look like. I don't like that I'm not trying to sell this program to you. I don't really give a shit necessarily. But like, Come like fucking run through the five week thing that John and I run some of our personal clients who also I'll sell it to you to do it. And then I want you to just understand what that process is and make that thing your own. But like, that's what that is. This is how we do this thing. If you want to see what that's like as a gym owner or coach and see what you would deliver your own version of something like that. Shoot me a message at Tyler F install on Instagram.

John Fairbanks 1:08:24
Or listen to the last episode that we dropped on this exact subject. We go deep into this exact subject to allow you to be able to see exactly what we're doing where you have everything you need to believe and go from there as well. Yeah,

Tyler 1:08:35
yeah. All right, everybody. Thanks for listening, and we will see you next week.

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