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Daily, Weekly, Monthly Checklists For A Successful Gym

Monday, June 24, 2024



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  • Checking the health of a gym's business through daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. (0:00)
  • ​Gym owners struggling with the business side of things. (3:56)
  • Client engagement and feedback in a gym business. (8:33)
  • Gym operations, client engagement, and business growth. (13:04)
  • The importance of daily check-ins for gym owners and staff. (17:35)
  • The importance of accountability and coaching staff meetings. (21:37)
  • Coaching philosophy and client needs. (25:43)
  • Personalized training results and client expectations. (29:26)
  • Client success and gym marketing alignment. (31:58)
  • Effective marketing strategies for gyms, including video production and facility maintenance. (37:18)
  • Financial reporting and projections for a business. (43:37)
  • Gym success metrics and the importance of tracking them. (46:51)
  • Staff development and client retention in a fitness business. (50:31)
  • Gym ownership, marketing, and systems for success. (55:49)


Tyler 00:00
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the gym owners podcast. I'm your host Tyler stone over there is my co host, John Fairbanks How are you doing, John?

John Fairbanks 00:06
I'm doing excellent,

Tyler 00:07
good. Today we're going to go over some health check criterias for your job, what to do to check in on the health of your business, make sure you're not losing track of things that you should be keeping track of. We're gonna run through kind of a daily, monthly, daily, weekly, and monthly versions of things like what you need to be checking in your gym. This is just a checklist of some points of emphasis. I think it's important because one of the most common things we see in almost every gym that we work with is that they'll start to make changes. And then like, it's very common in human nature to redirect their attention somewhere else. And then previous stuff that we focused on developing and moving forward kind of fell by the wayside. A perfect example of this is if someone decides to start safely selling supplements, the amount of gyms I know that technically sell supplements, but don't actually sell any supplements is pretty high. Like it's pretty high. It's no effort there. And I'm not saying you got to be pushy, but it's the perfect microcosm to this story, because I think that that is exactly what happens with tons of things in our gym. So, before we get started on this checklist, I want you to make sure you go to gym owners That's where you can enroll in the gear Academy, but also the gym owners revolution Facebook group. That link is going to be in our show notes. Make sure you follow the show at gym owners revolution. Generous podcast fuck, we got to tidy that up. So one of my number one red flags on podcasts is when the Yeah, the your social media handles are not identical, like fully identical. And once there's like any dissonance in that it's stupid and convoluted. And you lose. Yeah. So listen, guys, not everybody can be perfect. We're doing our best. So there I was talking with a gym owner yesterday. And this is someone who we've worked with for a long time. And that's what we were going through, he's making lots of moves, we got new program launches, we have big moves being made for the summer public speaking events, there's lots of things that this gym, gym owners revolution gear Academy guy is running with right now it's very busy. But we started looking like man, I know, this is small potatoes right now. But I'm like you got no new Google review. It's been a really long time. It's like I know, we've got lots of new clients. And I know we've had very successful camps where there's one off clients and a lot of them have been very happy. And we're just not capitalizing it. And so it was, it was kind of like a refocusing of attention. Calibrate, I think like when we try to build some of these systems to operate underneath, so that we don't always have to be giving it attention. Once we get a system in place via like an email that goes out, you know, out of your master email sequence after three weeks asking for a Google review, review, maybe another one after six months, maybe another one after a year. And hopefully you catch them all. And then maybe some requests for some higher level testimonials further down the road. While that's all great. If we're never really checking to see if we're getting more Google reviews, we can't really tell if that system is broken or not. And I think once we put a system in place very often gym owners, we walk away from it, and we go worry about the next thing because we should, but we always need to be checking back in because sometimes these things need to be tuned up. Other times, it's just a matter of the squeaky wheel gets the grease, you got to actually play some emphasis on some of these things. In his case, it was testimonials. And it was like, Okay, there's got to be asking more. And we don't have to ask more and be pushy forever, because that'll get annoying. But let's make a big push to get these numbers up for a month or two, you know, and then we'll address this underlying system. So that can become more effective. And then we'll just make sure that in a few months, we place a bunch more emphasis on this and our staff meetings and all that other stuff. So that's a perfect example of how we came to this conversation. In

John Fairbanks 03:55
The real issue comes from because we're working with every gym owner, it's dependent on whatever you have right now. Like we're not a couple of shills for some client management system. And we're going to push some bullshit on you right out the gate. Oh, will you need to be a part of that, sir? Do you have this software? Do you do this? But the downside of us not being shills and getting some kickback because of a relationship that we have with somebody is that this particular gym owner doesn't necessarily have a massive robust client management system that allows a lot of those automations to happen. So when we have those discussions, hey, you need to have some of these things in place. In a perfect world. Anything that you ever build inside of your business is especially something like this, because we believe this is one of those Cornerstone items that you need to be able to have and exist. We want to be able to build something but then have that live forever. So now that becomes something that just continues to work, you do not need to be thinking about it. But if you're not in that position to do that yet, then we are having those conversations and they become really important. But then, like you said, learn as we go as your focus changes and evolves. And as we look at other things, those things can be left. And if they're not automated, if they're not built in to just automatically happen or they're not part of a recalibration system in your brain where it's I know, every week I do this, every month I do this every quarter, I do this, but that's not part of a checklist that you have, like you said, you want him to look at him, because you'll be busy being busy. And it's not even work. He's doing his great work. And the work a lot of people are doing is great work, but you can get too close to the trees and you start to lose vision of that whole forest. And we talk about it for just a second. The gym that we saw, that apparently has gone completely off the rails for whatever fucking T boba bullshit supplement thing that they're selling.

Tyler 05:45
Yeah, so I don't want to get into specifics because this is a good example for everybody. It's not super near me. But yeah, this is a gym that is just like doing lots of things. It's a fitness center, I think also as martial arts and stuff, and then they also have a supplement thing, right? And I get it, you're gonna get walk in business from making if you got somebody man in a fucking shake. Blender, you know what I'm saying? Go for it. But when I looked through their social media stuff, it's like, I don't see a single post about gym stuff at all. I mean, not any. This is now a glorified shake shop and to which is again, I love the idea of being able to walk in business. It's not always an opportunity to convert people to gym memberships. So always people that are like, I don't hate that idea. But they had to come out and, very specifically, state that they're like, well, we're not Herbalife, though, we're not an MLM. We're not not either. So it's just very confusing. Like, what the fuck is this? So now, if I'm going to, I want to join from like martial arts, if I'm gonna go there to train jiu jitsu, or MMA, like, I looked at this page, and I'm like, Well, this is for this is for moms to get tricked into buying sugary things that they think are healthy, like, I don't know what I don't know what the fuck any of that marketing was for. And as you can see, it's just this. That's the one thing they're placing emphasis on, which I get. But then you got to play the whole game, if you're worried about the whole game, the whole the whole system delivering for you, and you're only pumping fuckin sugar, juice drinks and shit. Like, it was kind of nuts for me to see. Because if, if, if you renamed that page, so and so's smoothie house, everything makes sense. But for a gym, and you wonder why we don't, we're not getting members and shit like this. It's fucking crazy. It's nuts. How?

John Fairbanks 07:33
How common is that though, like Tyler, the gyms that we've seen over the years, and especially people that we have worked with, come to us, most of the time, most of the time. If you're in the business of trying to make your gym better, and you're trying to benefit, like business wise, you identify this as a gap, you have a gap, you got into it because you wanted to coach then you didn't want to have a boss. So you wanted to do your own thing. And you realize really quickly, the fuck, I don't know what to do. Like with the business side of things, you've now looked. So you've looked at different organizations, you've looked at different companies, you looked at different consultants. And the odds are, you've looked at a lot of them. I can't tell you how often we are now working with someone, and they've already worked with another group before. Yep. Tyler, our experience when people have done that. It's crazy. How many other groups that are similar to other organizations that are similar to what we do, how much they change your business. Yeah, like it starts to become their business. And this is such a good example. Because of the MLM thing, they'll give you everything. They'll give you the text messages, the send, they'll give you all the printouts , all the graphics, all the everything like it's, it's all in a box isn't a nice box that you could just copy and paste and post. And really quickly if you're not careful, you've all seen it. We literally interviewed a guy we had a guy on and he talked about how he like was wondering what the fuck happened to his gym, and his gym owner, because obviously, he sold his soul to the devil. And the soul was being sucked out in front of them in real time. Because it was almost like he, like they just became this other thing. Because you just start copying and pasting and posting. And if you're not careful, holy shit. Now you don't look like anything that you used to look like.

Tyler 09:23
And I think that that's the important thing about making some of these consistent checks back where you gotta go, you just have to objectively look back at like, what does this look like? What is this doing for me? What is my actual plan here? Because sometimes, they're just like, in this Jim's case, they're just running with stuff. I'm gonna post something. Yeah, it's just a social media site. But if you're wondering also, while you're not marked, where you're not getting membership inquiries, it's not a single post about the benefits of anything that anything else that you do, you know, and so I think that that is a again, some but there's a lot of businesses out there that don't need to make any money. There's a lot of gyms that don't need to turn a profit, there's a lot of gyms or somebody just opens up so they can have a place to train. It's their own, and they're willing to take a loss or do whatever. But if you're at one of those gyms, I don't know about shops elsewhere, you're listening to the show here. I'm not saying getting rich at all costs is the philosophy here, but like you can make a big impact in your community. And I think you can do a really good job. And you can make a really, really, really good living for you, your family and your staff. Like, I don't understand how many times I fucking have to explain that to gym owners. And it's usually the people whose hearts are in the right place. Those are the ones I have to fucking clarify that for the ones who are scumbags. It's, there's no, there's no worries, they don't give a fuck about anything, it's fine. It's always helpful, in some good person, that the things that they do actually have value and should be able to make them money and they don't have to be a martyr, they don't have to die on the Hill of this fucking project by turning it into a charitable organization. It's nuts. So let's dive into it here. Because daily, we've got some items here that I think if you were to check in regarding those subjects in your gym daily, even Christ John, process is one thing for these things. But would you just give these things a look, a fret, if not, every one of these things needs to be a meeting. The first one here is client engagement and feedback. And I think that's an important one, just that it goes as simple as emails and all this stuff like but do you have a system? Where if it's not you, is the person who is doing those things? Who is responding to emails? Who is handling text messages? Who is answering the phone? Is that person being talked to? Are you checking in with them at all? Are you the one doing it? Are you actually paying attention to the overall overarching trends? Are you just getting from call to call situation to situation? Are you looking at it objectively? And what does this mean for the business? What is the feedback you're getting? From your business? Are you making requests, if your membership base is robust enough, you should be getting feedback requests, probably at least weekly, something new, somebody should be crossing that line, right? Where they're either getting a request for a Google review, or a next level testimonial or something like that. And that's client satisfaction, client results, I think are still the most important thing in your business. It's the foundation of what John and I build everything from everything on. So our sales processes like that the offer stacks are built on this. We handle staffing, what products you plug into your gym, all of it needs to be focused on a good client experience that's focused on results. And I think that a lot of people ignore that stuff daily. And they just go through, and you're just coaching. And that's, by the way, it's fine. Some days are just days, man, there's days, you're just coaching. And there's a lot of what we're doing. It's not special. And it is a consistent game, you know, results is a consistent game. But when are you really addressing? Is this going well?

John Fairbanks 13:04
Because if you're, if you're not, right, like if you're not doing it this way, it makes the daily check, because you're not doing it daily. And then you probably aren't going to do it weekly. Now you're like, Oh, I remember to do this. There's three weeks later. Yeah, the problem is like things that weren't fires that weren't smoking, that weren't a huge problem you could have caught before they became a major issue. Yeah, but because you're not just right, doing a pulse check. And I liked the idea of the reason why like client engagement and feedback and getting that, that client feedback and all that kind of stuff. If you get that you can do this where you are the gym owner, if you have staff, you can move in that direction, right? Like you can have staff have a just simple ways, like the things that I liked the most is you want to have your staff be responsible for a few people, like have a real systematic way for your staff to be able to to check in with people, but more importantly, be able to report back, like do you have an area as simple as just being like, Hey, I was able to check, I check in with these people. And I put down notes or so Hey, so and so their, their their wife got cancer, or so and so they they're moving away, their kid just got accepted to college, like there's some of these basic things that allow you to continue to learn and have those natural pulse checks within your clients that will lead to more business. This is the one thing that we're talking about. Like it's we're not talking about just getting to know people and trying to record conversations. It's this will lead to more money. And because you're doing these little things every single day, you just enable your coaches and personal trainers and all these people that are they doing the right things. I saw something recently, that it's where it comes back to again, it's the client, if you're getting feedback, you're getting feedback from clients. Do your coaches actually show up on time? Like do personal trainers actually show up on time? Yeah, I had the opportunity to watch a client while I was training, sit for 10 minutes in the waiting room. And I knew it was 10 after 12. Nobody was there. I know this dude personally trains. I see him every time I'm in the gym once a week. The Personal Trainer comes in 10 minutes late, and then immediately gets started with the client. Yeah.

Tyler 15:15
This goes back to really: Do you know what's going on in your gym on a daily basis? Not only what is going on, but what's supposed to be going on? And where does that live? Like, let's be honest, at any moment in your gym, can you tell me how many personal training sessions are going to be happening in your gym? This seems really basic for some of you guys that have crossed this threshold. You're gonna kind of laugh about this, but I know lots of gyms that don't do this at all. They have no idea who is coaching, when and where there's no shared calendar for private sessions. There's no real one single place where like, everybody knows who's fucking coaching, when now once you get the staff beyond two or three people, you should have this, but like to realistically know, what sessions are going on with whom? How many do they have left? Can you just look in one place and know what's gonna go on in your gym today? Who's what staff is going to be in when, who's coaching who, how many sessions this coach is coaching today, because that's where you're gonna see everything's gonna branch out from there. And I see a lot of gyms that are just like, couldn't really tell me when we're talking about this, who is coaching, when, where, and for what? And it's like, no other coach is dealing with him. It's like, okay, but you're giving now a lot of that over to the coach. And we'll get into this when we get into the weekly stuff about client progress. But I think it's really important that the business as a whole has a grasp on what's going on. Because really, how busy are your classes each day? Are you having some sort of daily debrief where you're able to at least check in maybe the next morning on the day before, so you can know Oh, shit, it was really slow. And maybe the daily trends day to day are not that important. But if you're checking it daily, you're also going to check in on some of the stuff weekly and monthly, you're going to start to see some trends. And you're going to see some opportunities to improve, or some situations where you're going to want to change. sales numbers, another big one, I don't get too hung up on like daily sales numbers. But it's good to see where you're at on your one of the day one of 30, day two of 30, day three of 30 just just to see what shit we are behind we need to move or what is happening. How many cancellations we had is today, a big cancellation day. That doesn't mean that there's anything we could do today that was going to stop it. But if you don't know when these things happen, you have no idea how far a situation has slid oftentimes before it becomes front and center and your attention.

John Fairbanks 17:35
How much does that sound like weighing yourself every day? It really does, doesn't it? It does. Like the idea is like you don't you probably while weighing yourself every day is not vital. Right? For Weight Loss, you will not have gained those last 20 pounds. If you were weighing yourself every day. You don't want to wake up, and all of a sudden realize, fuck, we're down like 20 people. Yeah, so we've lost, we've lost 20 people what the fuck is happening. If you do it daily, or have staff that's able to check in with you daily, you as a gym owner, while that daily is happening, you can be looking at that every week, or you could be looking at that every month. And that allows you now to be like, Oh, okay, like, this is what the attendance looks like. This is what lost clients look like, this is what opportunities look like. Because psychologically, if you see, I've lost five people this week, do you know what you're subconsciously going to do, you're going to hustle a little bit harder, you're going to follow up with a few more people. And you're just going to do it naturally. Because you know, in the back of your mind, shit, I've lost some people, and there may be nothing you could have done about it. But now you will work that much harder because you're aware. And that it's that lack of awareness is huge. It's

Tyler 18:44
about it's again, much like weight loss, it's about choosing not to keep your head buried in the sand. That's all it really is. And the last one here for daily is going to be staff check in. So this doesn't mean you need a daily staff meeting. This doesn't mean that every meeting, I worked in companies that had, in my opinion, too many meetings. But like there was once a week that was still I felt like it was a little too long and a little too verbose. And maybe there were a lot more people needed to participate in all these conversations sometimes. But that one at a minimum was still something that needed to happen. But I see a lot of gyms operate like a business where nobody talks to anybody about what they're going to do that day at work. Like, coaches come in and coach and then they fucking leave or they sit around or whatever. And I see tons of gym owners and management staff that like everything outside of what they're doing in that hour is just like it's just a hack, which is fine. Totally fine. If you're getting paid for only the time that you're coaching. I think that's great. But where are we checking in? This is a part of the quality control issue that I see very often is what do you get today? Oh, cool. What time is it gonna be like, don't let your staff go too many days. Being in your gym without talking to you talking to you about their clients and what they're doing and who they have and what their schedule is like, you know Need to get a sense for that when they're in just simply what do you got today? What are you coaching today? What do you do if it's a group class? Like, what do you make of this workout? Have you tried it yet? Do you want to try it this afternoon? Like there are always things about the stuff that they're doing? Does it need to be? Again, this seems like, really, this seems like basic stuff. But I know so many gyms that don't ever that it is a top down thing where now the coach knows the gym doesn't give a fuck about them or their clients. They know that the gym does not care. But anything the client accomplishes anything the clients try to accomplish. They don't care who's coming in Oh, they should've been doing really well. They look great. By the way, how are they doing? This is a conversation not a meeting. This is something to say to your staff while you're there. It's not you changing the subject to talk about something that's not business, to stay connected to this part of your business is important. And a lot of gym owners don't do it. They just don't. And the ones who are like screaming at their fucking radio right now going What the fuck? How stupid would it be? Listen to this, there's a lot. There's a lot out there. There's a lot and if you're one of the dismissing the vote on it's fine. Just start having these conversations. If you're not when your staff asks them, how's it going? Who are you coaching today? How are they doing? And you don't gotta get into details, because that's something we'll get into and are longer in our less frequent meetings. But Jesus touch base, please God touch base, this is, this is what's going on in your gym. And to not have that conversation is fucking crazy. And most gyms don't have just don't,

John Fairbanks 21:37
because we all know the adage, right? When the cat's away, the mice are at play. And it's like, that's human nature. And there's too much assuming that people care that people care enough to like, do their job, do their job all the time. But this is even like, I'm a highly functioning person. But I do require you to have you every once in a while be like, where are we at with this book? And I do the same thing with you. Yeah, where are we at with this? But it's important, right? Like that simple. Doesn't need to be a meeting. But it's a simple question and be like, fuck, where are we at with this? Because I completely forgot about it. And I haven't followed up with you. It's like, oh, shit, I definitely forgot. And it's like, oh, okay, so it's like this constant accountability thing that doesn't have to always be some big like, slap in your peepee type of a deal. It just needs to be like, Yo, where are we at? Like, where have you been with this thing? We talked about it? Because it was the biggest mistake that I've seen across multiple industries. Anyone that's a manager or an owner that then says, I assume that when I tell you to do something, you're going to do it. And I'm not going to follow back up with you. It's like,

Tyler 22:43
what that is that requires such a high level of performance and trust, that still needs to be checked in on. Right, you have to build that system. You don't mean, you got to train those horses. You don't have those horses yet? Very likely you don't have horses, it'll do that for you. Yeah. Let's jump into the next one. Because I think this carries over from our last subject here, too, is on the weekly. Weekly, I think it is time to review client progress reports and feedback on personal training. I think that's important. It's especially important for coaches and gyms and facilities that are placing extra emphasis on being good coaches like and not, by the way, I'm not saying most gyms don't. But I mean, if you are the type of person who has a hard time hiring people, because I need people to be able to coach my way, right? We talked about this before that like not, you're not gonna be able to clone yourself, you're not going to have somebody who has all of your coaching, attributes, and all of the experience and adopts completely and understands every aspect of your coaching philosophy. Therefore, this is where we see a lot of gym owners fuck up and cook because as former coaches, what they do is they treat their staff meetings like fucking Exercise Science seminars, and they're dumb, and they're boring, and nobody cares. And it's all out of context. And it's completely in a vacuum that these meetings here will give you an opportunity to actually develop your staff's ability to coach in the one context that's most important. And what's the only context the coaching is important in the context of the results for the client and the experience of the client that that context is it. So if I'm just going to sit here and talk to some buck and doofus fresh out of college, about the structure of the shoulder and my philosophy on training for this or that or whatever, what a fucking waste of time. What an unbelievable waste of time for me and for them. They don't know what they're trying to do. They just heard a bunch of bullshit for four years. It's just not worth the time. And even somebody who's just a very learned coach has been around for a long time and they get a little hoity toity about movement quality. Nobody gives a fuck. But in this opportunity here, when you're talking about specific clients, this is a client debrief of your staff meeting here which Just like guys, how are we doing? How's everybody doing? And as a group as a coaching staff, they should be able to say. And by the way, if your staff is fragmented, and you can't get everybody here, you have a bunch of part timers, that's fine. Some of these check ins don't need to be done in a meeting. Some of these check ins can be I'm gonna email you, if you have any questions, and I'll talk to you then when you get in, just give me an extra 10 minutes when you come in, and I'll go over whatever we need to do a lot of this stuff, these check ins need to happen. You can't let people and clients situations and certain scenarios, you can't let them look and hide and collect us because they'll ferment and get much, much, much worse. So for this conversation, John, if I'm coaching 10 clients over the course of a week, right, right. It's very simple. John's gonna ask me what, how are they doing? Did it have any truck troubles? Like how's so and so's progress? What are they trying to accomplish? I can say this guy is down 25 pounds, it's going great. This guy is really fighting me on nutrition. The other three are just doing their grind, and they're doing really well. So and so's got an issue with the shoulder, I really don't know what to do. It's kind of frustrating. And this person's got some back stuff. So I don't and so that becomes now what do we do, we can then in that context, we can say, let's reach out to him about nutrition, let's offer him something, or let's maybe just start to make that conversation, something that you have, maybe it's not about selling it, maybe it's just a conversation need to have about like really committing, if you're trying to lose weight, and it's not happening, it's the food, it's the food, it's the food, it's the food, they gotta have that understanding, that coach is not going to go out there and apply that pressure to that situation, right? So he's got a bad back and they're struggling to get in the gym, and they're having a hard time training. Well, now you as the person who apparently knows everything about coaching can go. Well, let's find a way we can program around this, so they can just be getting some more exercise. Because again, if we get ourselves out of the way, it's not about trying to get somebody to deadlift this week, who has back pain, it's the dumbest shit I see about coaches who get caught up in movement quality is they think the big win, is for someone whose back hurts is for them to deadlift without back pain. Maybe it'll give a fuck about deadlifting dude, maybe just let them exercise? Are they here to deadlift? Are they here to lose some weight? Are they here to get in shape? Are they here to look better? So let's give them good work. And let's not force them into your box like, that is the time to impart your philosophy, and give wisdom and advice and knowledge and pass that over to another coach, because it will help them and how to deal with this situation. Yeah, and they'll see that work in this situation, or that client has a better chance of success, versus everybody standing around and listening to how smart I am about the deadlift. It's fucking sucks when people get like that. So this allows you to really develop your coaches without wasting a bunch of time teaching them that they don't need. Because sometimes coaches come in. I don't know how to get this guy there. It is his back squat. This hurts this way. And this hurts that way. And the question I asked about, and I do this to coaches, I work with quite a bit and I go, Well, why are they doing that at all? And it's not because I hate the fact that they're deadlifting or squatting. It doesn't mean anything. I just expect a coach to be able to defend that to me. Yeah, so it's having trouble with things. Who are you messing with that at all? What are they here for? What to lose weight? Well, you know, that's all nutrition. So maybe just not fucking smash your head against this fucking wall and make their training sessions unpleasant. Because you're trying to force them into this, you're trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. Like maybe just maybe, let's just get them where they want to go. And that clarity sometimes is you, you think that would be obvious, that 10,000 foot view that is just like being able to see oh, yeah, that makes sense. When people are coaching people, there's a lot of dogma and a lot of just, they don't know what they don't know. And they're just ramming their own gym experience, and they're just taking their own gym experience, they're stuffing it through another person. So I think it's very important. This is when you can really develop a good structured training staff of killers. This is how you really, really can. This is when you can check in on your groups. This is the perfect time to check in on programming, movement, quality, whatever questions a coach is going to have, in the context of their clients, and their success is perfect. And if you got clients that are not getting results, they're just getting backwards, this like, Fuck, man, it's like 10 weeks in a row. This person came in to lose weight, they're not losing any weight. What do we do? You know, at that perfect time, let's reach out to them. Let's offer them a product, let's offer them nutrition coaching. They don't take it, they don't take it. But like we have to give them a chance to recommit to themselves to really commit to this process. What

John Fairbanks 29:26
I really liked the idea of what you originally proposed, which is that this meeting could have been an email. We've all felt that, right? We've all felt that. So like I really liked the idea that this results centric, check in off of whoever you're programming for. Because I was like this. We do know how Jim's you have that natural flow of just products or services that you can offer people and depending on their budget, their time whether or not maybe they really like you and they trust you as like a sports science nerd that they want you to pro Graeme for them, but they got a membership elsewhere. Maybe they used to know you, they moved out of state. So we have a lot of folks that we know that like, just programming is the cheapest option that they offer. So the idea of being able to wear even if you're just programming for someone to have those results check in. I really liked that, especially because it's via email so you can capture every single person that's in your gym, but then you specifically look at those results, because people will talk. I just had a conversation with my dad . Was that at a baseball game? Dad was talking about his older son training at a gym and training at a gym to help him get stronger for baseball. So during the offseason, he trained at this gym, and he goes, I'm gonna have my younger son get started here because he hasn't dabbled at all in weightlifting yet. But I want to get him in. But my older son, he just didn't see any results. He trained there for two three months, and really didn't move the needle. And all I asked was, "What did your older son do? What will he want? Like? He's just discovered Zakk Wylde and I go, okay, and he's like, he wants to look like Zakk Wylde. I'm like, okay, because the kid plays guitar, right, but also at all like, alright, well, first you need to find Zakk Wylde when he was young man first before we found before he found out that there was a thing where he was, but like, but we all know our minds, right? When we were 16 1718 year old boys. I want one I want I want to look fucking juiced. And it's like, okay, so that's all that that kid wanted? Yes, they wanted him to get stronger for baseball. But that kid wanted big biceps and big packs and wanted to feel juicy. Every workout. Okay, that I Guaran fucking tee that the Sports Science dork that that kid was working with to improve his bat speed.

Tyler 31:55
He was not delivering that sauce. I'll tell you that. That's guaranteed, guaranteed. And so

John Fairbanks 32:01
the dads like Well, yeah, easy

Tyler 32:03
It is to coach boys. Especially I got some kids in the deuce for two. And I just didn't make that clear to them early on. I was like, listen, there's a lot of things that can be addressed during this time, but you're skinny, and you're weak. And so all of these other things are fucking stupid. If I make you a little more coordinated, a little quicker, and you're still skinny, and weak. So I'm not going to force you into becoming a powerhouse who's slow. But we're going to fix your skin, we're gonna teach you how to have fun in the gym, we're gonna get you Jack, you're gonna walk out here with a juicy chest, big pump. And you're going to learn how to train this way so that you can have the things you want. And you can have your cake and eat it too. But how did he take the news? That like maybe you shouldn't have hired some 160 pound fucking dipshit out of college who can't bench two plates. Well,

John Fairbanks 32:50
the dad already took it on him. That's like I pulled it from him. And he goes, and now we just train. And he goes, and I just do power lifting workouts with him. And he fucking loves it. And he goes, and he's done. He's put this much on his bench. He's put this many inches on his lap, because that's what the boy cares about. Yeah, so now the kid feels good. His confidence is high. And guess what? Like magic Tyler starts playing better at baseball. Who would have thought? Right? Like, just but it's but it's like, is this misunderstanding that we all have, which is you go too far. And meanwhile, the dad in his fucking garage gets the kid more results in five weeks than he did 12 week? Yeah. And that misalignment? Yeah,

Tyler 33:35
so I think that, again, stay aligned with this subject within your gym, it matters the most. It matters the most. And the question I need to ask is what system do you guys have of keeping track of this? Right? And that doesn't mean it's a fucking specific piece of software, it just what tasks and Reports and Actions and conversations are being had systematically, regularly and systematically to make sure that your clients success is put at the centerpiece of this thing. Okay, everything else you can put into place with the filter of clients success, right? You're going to build a new program perfectly. How are we going to make clients successful? The centerpiece of this right? We're going to build our offers tax great, how are we going to give them the best chance of being successful for their needs, their budget, yada, yada, yada? How, when we build a specific nutrition program for somebody like how, again, it's very easy to design that with the idea of client success being at the centerpiece of this, but in your gym, where are you fucking circling back around? And where are you actually addressing this issue? Where are you going? Okay, now, how are they doing? How is this actually happening? And I think the checking in on that is I think most gyms don't, they don't have a way and you can do this all through your staff, like let your staff be responsible for the results of their client and let them just report that back to you. That doesn't mean you don't gotta go all The way to them, right? There's plenty of ways that we can get Google reviews, testimonials, but let your coaches coach man, just hold them accountable to the results. And they'll care. They'll care, they have to care, you can make them care. That's why you pay them money. Right? Right. And if that doesn't go far enough, you can get rid of them pretty easily, too. Yeah.

John Fairbanks 35:17
What I like about all this, too, is that we take that client engagement and that feedback that we've gotten, we take that client's success in those practices. So that was our daily check for those engagement pieces. And then we get to the weekly we're now seeing this client's success. And we've seen the progress. More importantly, identifying anything that may need additional help. All of these things, these results, this feedback that you're getting, this takes us to our next thing on our weekly check, which is your marketing. So now, once you know the details, what are you marketing? If you start to hear why people are being successful, what they are looking for, what they're happy about, what's the progress people are making, this allows you to start to evaluate? How are we marketing? What are we putting out in front of people? How are we promoting the gym and our services? And how does that align with the actual results that people are getting? And people are actually wanting? Because if you go back and be like, well, people are doing X, Y, and Z, but all we're talking about is none of that. Yeah, then you've just gotten lucky that people are getting results. And it may be like that, oftentimes, that's the key to your marketing. We've talked about this in previous episodes, this misalignment with maybe what you want to be talking about, but what the people that are actually there and they're happy about and what they're achieving. That's what you should be saying. It's why we've talked about for well over a year and a half, two years of the idea where it's your people who are going to tell you what to market and how with these feedback loops that you've built. And now you don't have to guess anymore. And now you don't need to come up with some fucking stupid thing of like, well, maybe people need to get like their knee pain fix, and that will help them come into the gym. It's like, No, how many people? How many people have said that? That was actually what they wanted? Unless you have a gym full of that? You don't? I can confidently tell you. You don't? Yeah. Well,

Tyler 37:12
and I think your marketing and promotion, you need to also look back at this. We talked about the health check. Is this shit working? Right? Just is this work? How many leads do I get for personal training this week? None. Okay, let's just be real. What I've then been doing to try to get leads isn't working. Now it might not be doing anything fine. But the day you're out of fucking money, you don't have enough money, or the day you're stopped growing or the in a month when you look back and oh shit, we didn't we didn't get enough members, I thought, well, maybe addressing this fucking marketing strategy is something that's important to do in real time. I just see that I neglected a ton. And I don't see a lot of the kind of like weekly debriefing weekly check ups on as far as how did our marketing perform this week, whether it's paid ads, whether it's, and again, we've talked about this, I've shit on people for boosting posts before half, that's changed, it has changed. Now Facebook has made this a lot easier to do. So if you're wondering if you want a strategy to tinker with, when you get a new product, you have an offer or something like this boost, if they're 20 bucks added here or there. Just do it, see what happens, see it and then you can troubleshoot that you're not wasting a bunch of money, you're trying something that might work. And then you're going to lean into the things that work, you're going to continue to try new things. But I think that the effectiveness of your marketing is something that a lot of people completely ignore. John, I did a project for somebody in a different industry, videography stuff. And so we're like doing things for hiring and staffing and making sure that there's some alignment instead of people just responding to a word only on like an indeed listing and they don't know what the job is at all. And it's really hard to describe because it's in manufacturing, right? So we made some videos to go through and like to display what the jobs actually are. Right? So at this position, here's a person doing this job. And it's a quick little 20 or 32nd highlight reel. That way they know that's the machine you're feeding. That's where you're standing. That's what that job looks like. Now, let's be honest, is that going to attract a bunch of people to that job? Oh, we did our best to make it not look awful. But this is a factory job, dude, this is loading paper into a thing. This is what man is. And so the real purpose of that is to align those expectations. So we're not wasting a bunch of resources, interviewing and hiring people who are not going to work and get them in for a week or two before they realize that this was a standing in front of one machine all day type gig. You know what I mean? So figuring out how to blend that I think was really important. But when he talked about the last time they had had some paid videography for job listings. Johnny went too far. So what they did was they built an entire landing page. They had a whole production company come in and make a very high level. We're hiring, like, snazzy, but it was just a hiring post. Yeah, and I mean, this is a fluff piece. It's not about alignment, it's about attracting the largest number of people, which, by the way, maybe it did, I really don't even know. But when I talked to the owner of the business, and the person who's responsible for hiring, what they said is, so we went through, we paid all this, they even built a whole landing page, a whole separate landing page. So this company got to make the money on the website, the web, hosting the design, and they got to make the video. So it's probably like fucking 1015 grand, at least, to make this single video to run Facebook ads to this landing page, just for job openings, right. And, again, fine for trying it. But you know what he said, he said, I couldn't really tell if it like work through anything, I couldn't tell you tell you, if we got like, any good are more hires than we ever would have learned, there's no metrics that are going to come out of that, that are going to matter. And that's the reality of it. I did not know if any of that money was good money or bad money. Therefore, there were no other moves made in that direction. When that was what it was, they used that content and people told people they were tired of looking at it, and then they just went back to posting on Indeed, and not marketing. You know, it's just as this is the reality of I think a lot of people's marketing strategies, which is like, I did a thing once and didn't bother to check whether or not it was successful. didn't design it in a way that would hold me or this process accountable to its own outcomes. Which is fucking nuts to me. But that's the reality of this stuff. So in regards to your marketing, just stay on task. By the way, this this, this also goes along with simply like, Is my calendar being adhered to, right? You should have a marketing calendar simply for social media stuff, or whatever is going on, like is the person responsible for posting doing that? Right, this is a part of that process. So next, simple stuff, inventory supplies, as simple as a walkthrough. It's knowing what's going on in your gym. I think it's also kind of tied in with facility maintenance, I guess the place cleans it looking good to clean and doing a good job is there a low in the afternoon where like, fuck, you know, the places a little beat up, but we're not going to be tidying up here. Maybe that's a situation where you have to implement one new city. One new issue, we're gonna have somebody walk through and just tidy up at a certain time. But this is how you make sure that things don't get away from you. This is see or your garbage is over fold, do your bag your bathrooms crushed at this time of day, it's just Just don't let some of these things run away from you. Because oftentimes, your facility while I tell you it is less important than you think. the cleanliness of your facility is to a lot of people, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. So someone walks in and your garbage is overflowing and your bathrooms are just mass and there's equipment everywhere. Even in CrossFit situations of CrossFit gyms, people go in, like right after a class and there's shit everywhere. And people are still kind of like cleaning up or mob and around like, Dude, it looks like shit. It does look like shit. So you do want to make sure that things are back to square as quickly as possible. Put yourself in a new person's shoes and know that when they walk in here, like is this place presentable? I think that is worth a walk through. Another thing that is tied in with this is general facility maintenance. This is where we are talking about air filters? Are we talking about ordering things that need to be on the back of the shelf? That type of stuff? Is that getting addressed once a week? Are we only dealing with these things when they're emergencies?

John Fairbanks 43:37
Right? Because then it becomes your problem as the owner? Like again, these aren't things that you can delegate powers in delegation. Is anyone checking that the goddamn bike that runs off of batteries is out of batteries? Like you, just if you have somebody whose job is to say yes, I've done that we've all been you've seen at a fast food restaurant or at a gas station when you go into the bathroom. There's a goddamn clipboard that sits on the back of the door and that clipboard or that sheet shows the last time that bathroom was checked to see but that's the reason that shit exists because it allows the manager to come in and then look and it's like but it's been it's been 10 hours or it's been three days and it's like this subproblem

Tyler 44:27
financials another one weekly check in a weekly listen I was bad at this with my gym I would only check relevant things like promotions or things I was running or selling. It's all I would do on a weekly basis I would kind of I would just wait and it was a big mistake because I think you let you give yourself a lot of a lot of opportunity to underperform and you miss out on a lot of time to kind of cover some ground if you wait till the end of the month ago. Shit. We ended up losing more than we are so I just think it's important to keep a basic and John what this is a How about this What reports should you pull? Right? What could you pull weekly? That would matter? I think new sales matter. I think I should lead sales meetings, whatever that is. Leads and close leads, I think are important. I still think cancellations are a big one. How many did we lose this week? Let's just know what that is. And then what is your projected revenue for the month you're projected where you're at currently? What is that going to look like? Because that is where you're gonna need to start making plans. So is there anything else you think as far as on the financials that you should make sure to uphold because we've done this for a lot of gyms where we've had, yeah, we've harvested their systems so that there is a just at the beginning, we would like to do at the beginning of each week, Monday or Tuesday, but there's a bone, here's this week's reports on the fun on the last week, so that they just know, this is a status check on everything financially. And you give it a read, give it a look over you don't have to make any crazy decisions or movements on it. But like, if you're not tuning into it, your eyes are closed.

John Fairbanks 45:55
And this data you're hiding, and you're hoping just not to look at it. It does need to be right. So when you talk about the idea of where you're supposed to be, what your projections are, we want you to look at if you've been in business for over a year, I want you to look at where you were last year. And the reason why we like this, in my opinion, there's a larger play or larger focus is we're looking at this takes us closer to that monthly check in or your monthly health checks. But I want you to look at what your projection for this month is, with your comparison to last year during the same month? Yeah, again, this is just data. But my expectation is to be at this revenue. At the end of May, or the end of June. I looked at it. I have a comparable because now when I do my weekly health checks, I'm just checking my expectation to be here at the end of this month. At the end of week one or week two of this month, I'm here. Am I ahead? Am I behind? Again, it's just data. And you may have lots of reasons for why you're behind. Or why you could be way the fuck ahead. You could be 30% ahead. But now you're like, Oh, I know why? Because that's actually what's the most killer. Again, if we continue to tie this back to things that we know better. And it's not this business chit like conversation. But it's How infuriating it is that when you have either lost weight, or gained weight, you don't know why that's so much worse to say. Fuck guy lost 10 pounds, but I can't identify why that happened. Because now it cannot be repeatable. And that's where a lot of folks, if you're not looking at it, you don't know if you're gaining or losing. So now you're so far behind, knowing the why is what's most important. And this allows you because otherwise, what it's just a hope and a prayer that we continue to be 4% increase or 8% increase month over month. Because if you're hoping, and you're just happily surprised every time you look at it, then you are, you're just waiting to get fucked. Well,

Tyler 48:00
I also think that, let's jump into the monthly stuff here. Because this is where we'll get to is that a lot of the successes that gyms have, the gyms that aren't paying close attention to these things consistently that they're having are borderline accidental, but they are a byproduct of the things you do inherently good. I think that's important. But if you're not paying close attention to the cause of this stuff, and the ebbs and flows of how all that goes, you miss out on the opportunity to maximize the things you do really well, as well. So you let this stuff happen by accident. And it's like, man, you accidentally fell into this and it's going okay, imagine if you fucking try to do a whole like, just right what I mean like you don't get to sit here and have to sit here and just like Wonder how nice it would be if you had 40 more members and they all spent 30% More money and you had a new program this a new program that and this product is crushing it and your online nutrition, nutrition coaching, super successful and you're getting tons of great testimonials and great results and great feedback from people and great before and after pictures like your marketing savvy, all of that stuff. crushes if you're trying, if you're really trying all that stuff can fall right into place, and you can really dominate but you're gonna just kind of exist in your market if you don't, and that's the big difference that I see as I want. I like gym owners who want to dominate their space. It's important doesn't mean that you've got to be like fuck you to the next guy, but what you don't want to be better than your competition. You know, at least delivering results, and maybe making yourself more successful. Like if there's none of that competitive urge in you, especially like competitive. I call it competitive empathy, like competitive in regards to clients. I think that's important. I pride myself John that my clients fucking crush it and honestly anyone else in town delivering results like my wife and I deliver doesn't fucking happen. Nobody's even close. Nobody's even close. There are a lot of those people who are getting results like an accident and it's random. Right, and I don't try to claim my clients success is my own. But I do claim it as Oh, you didn't get that anywhere else. I mean, it's very important. And by the way that they'll say what they'll say about it. So I buy it, it's very important to me that those metrics that I have, the better than anyone else, in my area, for sure, are super important to me. And I don't understand why gyms don't want to, why you don't want that a lot of gyms just exist. There's these people who come in, and they get results almost in spite of you.

John Fairbanks 50:36
And in spite of your efforts to let anybody know, yeah, like that's, that's probably where the edge really starts to lie is your ability to then make sure that that's known

Tyler 50:47
as your motor. And you've had, if you've had people in the last year lose 3040 50 or more pounds. And you're not posting about it, either. Just generally, if you if you want to keep the anonymity of the person, maybe you don't want to show pictures, but you better talk about that fucking situation, dude, it's the only thing that matters to most people. Right? If I got 15 pounds to lose, the guy that got 50 pounds off a guy, I know, he can get that job done. If I got 15 pounds to lose, like, I'm gonna go to somebody who can at least get some results, versus somebody that just doesn't talk about it at all. And I gotta go somewhere and just figure it all out myself. Like, there is no attraction to mediocrity, at all. There's no attractiveness to it, it doesn't draw anybody in. So if you're going to be good at your job, which I hope you're trying to do, if you're in this fucking business, like but being good at your job is twofold client success, and financial. And you can make those you can, you can reconcile those two things together. And now you create a feedback loop of success that we're always talking about. But that fucking thing and you got to be you really got to be dialed in on that, because it's the only thing that matters and week to week, like we said before, this is more about specific in gym situations about clients and how they're doing and what it's like coaching them, it's almost like you're, you're zooming in on the hours, the hour that they're there. This is about the months in the year. I think that's the most important thing about this. client retention is another big one, just generally how many and how many are out this month? Overall, I think your delivery of your service is important. sales numbers, all the same reports, you would pull weekly, you want to pull for the month staff development. This I do believe should be a meeting or at least a, you know this does this one, you said one time a month, can we talk to these fucking people in person? Can we show them something in person, I do think that's important. It can be one on one, it can be with them as a whole. Maybe it's something where you just schedule a time to get in with them for 1015 minutes before they coach or after.

John Fairbanks 52:54
And because you've been doing the work incrementally across all of the people that are in your company, whether it's from daily and weekly, you're able to then compile that data. And you will find consistency that then gives you the best bang for your buck when you want to do staff development. So now you're not just speaking to one person because they said this thing one time. And now it's a waste of time for 90% of the people. So you can start to find what those consistencies are. And then when you want to do a one on one thing, there may be a benefit to then going over this particular topic. Or if you're starting to see a gap. Now that's very high value, this isn't going to be something that could have been an email. Now you've gotten the emails, you've gotten the data, and now you're really surgically precise with what you're now going to use those people's time.

Tyler 53:49
I also think that this is a staff development conversation here. This is how you keep your system safe. Keep your horses moving in the right direction. This is how you keep the system running. Gyms don't do this, they lose a lot of sight. John, we do work with Jim. Pretty hands on right now to that this is a lot of the stuff that we're facilitating right now. It's like, okay, it's been a long time without check-ins going on with the staff. And in return, what happens ISTEP just gets a little complacent, things don't move quickly. You find that like? Well, there's a lot of things that aren't implemented, that we thought maybe were and so I think it's this thing if it cannot be done at this level, weekly, monthly is where we really try to take a bite out of the big picture here, which is okay, guys. Now here's what I want to do next month, right? We talked about what we're doing weekly here. Next month is this. This is the big focus. I'd like to get you here. This is important where you can share performance goals, you can share the metrics that you're trying to move in the right direction. This is where you need to have a monthly focus as well. Yes. Whether it is like let's we need to get you more Google reviews up. We are we need you to be told Talking as you as a coach, I need you to make sure you're mentioning people about protein powder we got behind the desk and let him know we got creatine, you bringing it up, you tell them we got pre workout caffeine and those non stem, whatever your philosophy is, or whatever it is you're trying to sell. These are the people that need to be doing that conversationally, and they don't gotta be pushing, they don't get to become salespeople. But if they're not talking about it, and it's hidden behind the shelf, that shit might as well not exist. So this is where a lot of products and opportunities go to die, because we never, it's not that you have to force these people to do it. If you don't remind them constantly, they won't do it. Right, they just won't do like, tell your kid John, if you didn't make your kids bring their dirty laundry down or change their bed or pick up the room or pick up the playroom. I mean, it would never get done not even once.

John Fairbanks 55:49
Not even once a monster it would be.

Tyler 55:53
And I'm not saying your staff has children. But you're managing humans, which is a lot like parenting, it's just, I just don't care. This is the way that it is. And you just have to understand that you do have to hold these people accountable. And they just need guidance, whether they work for you. So like we're not gonna talk to these people about what they need to do and what's expected expected of them and hold them account like how you're not gonna we're gonna fuck gas station and get away with that, right? Like, everybody's going to talk to you about how you did your job like that's what we're here to do. And in so many gyms and fitness centers, they're not even talking to coaches, staff never even talk to you about how they're doing what they'd like to be doing differently, they're not allowed to give feedback back to the gym owner. So they just kind of exist in limbo. And it happens a lot. So this is the time, this is the time to like this is when you can tighten all that stuff up. And this solves major culture problems. I hurt feelings, or resentment starts to build up over months and months and months and months of feeling left behind or feeling ignored, and never getting the opportunity to address it head on. And

John Fairbanks 56:55
What you measure, and we'll talk about is what matters. And that's where the success and results come from. So it is one of those things like you said in these in these monthly meetings and these monthly focuses where it just says that is the time as the gym owner, your job is to always be 30,000 feet up, looking at the company as a whole looking at what matters and deciding because you've already hopefully if mapped out, what were your quarterly goals here, what were the targets that you're trying to move on. A lot of times that stuff lives and dies in your brain, you don't deposit some of that information back to your people, your people don't know they need to know everything. This is a mistake, where you don't need to have people freaking out because you're worried about the p&l, and you're worried about what's happening month to month. That's for you to live and die silently as a solopreneur. And suffer quietly alone. But there is a time where you do need to tell your people personal training matters this month. This is what matters. This is where we want to move it; this is what we're doing collectively, so that everyone's on the same page. Because if you don't share that, then people kind of just do what they're already doing, thinking that that's what you want them to do, because you're not talking to them about anything else. Yeah. Another thing that is on the list that it's not necessarily monthly, but I do want you in for what I believe is important, on a quarterly basis as a gym in your community, are you trying to do something that's community based, whether it is literally going into the community participating in some function that may already exist, whether you are throwing something, doing something that brings the community to you, I think it's really important that you're doing some fundamental marketing every eight to 12 weeks, I think it's really, really important when it comes to lead generation goodwill, all that community building all that ecosystem building that we talked about. So often, you have to be looking at that because if you don't, one month will go from one to the other and it's been a year since you've done something.

Tyler 58:55
Basically, this is to quit ignoring your bullshit. As you guys see, tuned in to what's going on daily, weekly, monthly, whatever that needs to look like for you. I think map that out if you don't have this done, like if you don't have this in place, now that's fine. But just write out what you need to know every week. Just what do you think you need to know? What does your staff need to know every week? Okay, and then spread that out to monthly start from there. And then the daily can kind of build in from there. But I think that this is a very easy starting point for you to do. By the way, what if you're a one man operation with a couple part timers, which is very common? Sure. All you need to do is check in on this. It's just you. It's mostly just you. This is very easy. Now you have an actual job to do. Because I see a lot of gym owners who just don't do shit else, anymore games and they're doing gym stuff where they don't do anything. It's like, where are we here? What is going on? I work with a guy that does just nothing. Nothing we're on like two straight years of and I don't worry, let me rephrase this. Dude's not paying me to do anything. So I'm allowed to speak on such things. But it's like watching a gym owner who did not do anything to develop his own situation. And every year, I get some sad, sad story about wanting to buy his gym for the money. It's like what are you doing? Yeah, I don't know, man, you haven't done Bacall in 364 days. And now money's tight. Well, now's not the time to start asking for money, you should have gotten better at selling, you should have been doing all these things. But the days are spent doing nothing, just not developing. And I always asked what systems do you have in place right now that you didn't have a month ago? What did you upgrade within your business? Right now that you didn't have this situation a month ago? What was that a year ago was that six months ago, so two years ago, and I know a lot of gyms and a lot of gym owners that have made no movement. None, no system, no strategy, no experimentation, product process, no new hiring, no new marketing strategy, no sales attempts, no big pushes at anything, just a simple existence. And for some of them at work, someone keeps light on and some of them it's only a matter of time until someone who's coming into your market is willing to actually play the game. Fucking smoke you.

John Fairbanks 1:01:06
So and some of you step up, and some of you are worried about a fucking tick tock dance video, that somehow is going to move the needle like it's just it's equally as bad. It's equally as bad because now at least the person doing nothing, understands why they have nothing, they've been doing nothing. Some of you are creating really, really fucking stupid videos, and tick tock dance bullshit things thinking that that somehow is going to move the needle for marketing to make you guys seem really fun. And the reality is, is that it's equally as bad because you're not doing if you're wasting time there, you better have every fucking thing just dialed in as sharp has gone down possible, because there are guys that are doing that. We have somebody that's close to us who does tons of stupid fucking videos, but his shit is sharp, his staff is on it. They're making tons of money. So guess what he gets to do? Have fun to make stupid fucking videos that are fun that he wants to do. Because that's his job. He's the chief fun Officer of his goddamn company, because everything else is running. Yep.

Tyler 1:02:13
So get yourself there. You want to fuck around. That's how you do it. But everything else has to be in place. And all these things got to be built underneath you guys. I hope this helps open it too preachy here but just take it. Again, this is another one of those good episodes where I think you can go through and just take notes of the things that you think you want to take away from here. implement them within your business. If you want us to help you with such things. That's what we do in the gear Academy. go to gym owners to sign up where you can message Sean or I directly if you have any questions about what we can help you do, what we would help you to accomplish here in gear Academy. So follow the show at the Jim Morris podcast and Instagram. Follow me at Tyler effing stone is Tyler eff ironstone and John,

John Fairbanks 1:02:50
and you can follow me on Instagram at Jay banks f L. Alright

Tyler 1:02:54
guys, thanks a lot for listening. We'll see you next week.

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