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our belief & mission

We want to send you a copy of our Manifesto.. No, not a digital download or anything stupid like that. An actual, physical copy. Mailed directly to your address straight from The Big, Bald, Bearded Dude's HQ. All you've got to cover is the shipping & handling to get it there.
The Manifesto lays out our core beliefs and stances on how to revolutionize the gym and fitness industry, from the types of training that should be offered to clients, price points and membership options, creating and weaponizing the Client Lifetime Journey with you and your business, marketing, and more. 
At The Gym Owners Revolution, we are not just a business; we are a crusade against the conventional, a movement dedicated to revolutionizing the gym and fitness industry. Our foundational belief is simple yet profound: "deliver results for your clients." This ethos is the heartbeat of our mission. It's not about merely providing access to a facility or offering routine training sessions. It's about a relentless commitment to ensuring every person who walks through your doors has the highest likelihood of achieving their fitness goals. And you make great money every step of the way.
​You in?

here's what you'll get:

  • A physical copy of the monthly Gym Owners Newsletter mailed to your door (hours of our personal research, strategies, and lessons we've learned from years of working with gym owners - in the palm of your hand)
  • Instant DIGITAL access to the monthly newsletters as well (in addition to the physical editions, you'll also get digital versions delivered to your custom membership portal each month so that you can dig in right away and take the info on the go)
  • NEWSLETTER ONLY "Call-Ins" to get customized advisory & close up access with the Big, Bald, Bearded Dudes to get your questions answered every 90 days
  • ​​Access to Our Private Gym Owners Newsletter Community on Facebook - a place where you can engage with your fellow Gym Owner Newsletter subscribers and share your favorite takeaways, drop some epic wins, and get support throughout your journey from our AMAZING team!