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Be Unreasonably Great: Elevating Standards for Unprecedented Success

Thursday, October 26, 2023


Be Unreasonably Great: Elevating Standards for Unprecedented


It was a typical Wednesday when I received a call from a gym owner on the verge of shutting down his business. The enthusiasm in his voice, once vibrant, was now replaced with desperation. As a consultant for fitness professionals, this was not an unfamiliar situation, but it was one I knew could be turned around.

Let’s go back to when I first met Alex (we’re going to call him Alex to protect his or her identity). the distressed gym owner. His gym had been open for a number of years and he had worked it to be a place buzzing with energy, brimming with a dedicated community of fitness enthusiasts, and backed by a team of skilled trainers. It was a dream turned reality for Alex. Fast-forward a year, his dream was slipping through his fingers. His clients were leaving, his staff was demotivated, and the once-thriving gym felt more like a ghost town. I was his last resort.

Our initial discussions revealed a troubling pattern. Alex was juggling multiple roles, leaving him drained and stretched thin. His belief was that more effort would solve his problems. But as we delved deeper, it became clear that the harder he worked, the worse the situation became. Alex was operating under a flawed paradigm.

As a consultant, I was no stranger to the pressures of running a business. But a pivotal shift occurred in my approach when I met my mentor. He introduced me to a transformative four-step process -
and iterate.
This wasn't just about managing time, it was about redefining standards. It was a strategy that had turned my own business around and has now helped countless gym owners redefine their success.

The first step was to identify and eliminate tasks that did not contribute to the gym’s goals. Next, we delegated roles to capable team members, allowing Alex to focus on strategic decisions. We then moved to automate repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up significant time. Lastly, we initiated an iterative process, continuously refining and improving for efficiency and quality.

This four-step process was transformative. It forced Alex, like it had forced me, to raise his standards and be unreasonable in his expectations. Mediocrity was no longer an option. Every task, every minute, had to contribute towards the vision of a thriving fitness center.

I invite you, fellow fitness professionals, to adopt this paradigm shift. Expect more from yourself, your staff, your business. Challenge the status quo. Do not be content with average. Be unreasonably committed to excellence.

The real issue isn’t a lack of time or knowledge. The issue is the standard you set and your unwavering commitment to uphold it. Be prepared to demand more, to strive for the best. After all, greatness isn’t an accident; it’s a choice—an unreasonable one. And that’s the secret to being unreasonably great.

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- John

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