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How to make Big Ticket Gym Sales easy: The Power Of Choice

Sunday, January 22, 2023

A tale of two car dealerships

Dealer #1 exclusively sells vehicles valued at under $5,000;
Dealer #2 has inventory under $5k, as well as new and used vehicles valued all the way up to $100k.

If a customer wants a new car, which dealership will they go to?

If a customer wants a high quality used car in the $10-20k price range, which dealership will they go to?

If a customer is looking for something between $3k and 10k, which dealership will they go to?

Each of those three customers are going to Dealer #2, obviously.
Dealer #2 has something for everybody, and is going to have an easy time generating leads and lot traffic.
Dealer #2 can potentially make a $50k+ sale today.

Dealer #2 still has affordable low priced used cars, but it’s not the ONLY thing they sell.

Though dealer #1 knows exactly who they’re targeting; they’re targeting low-value clients who buy products with very low potential for profitability. Not to mention they’re only able to attract an extremely limited percentage of the overall car-buying market. It’s tough to sell a $2k car to a guy who’s ready to spend $75k on a new truck.

Dealer #1

Dealer #1 is alienating the most valuable clients in his market: BIG SPENDERS. People who want a nice car. People who have the money to spend and want to spend a lot of it to make sure they can be happy with their purchase. By choosing to only sell a single low-value product, to clients who are looking to invest the least amount of money possible.

Which of those car dealerships would you want to own?

Which one would you want to do business with?

If you’re reading this, you’re very likely a gym owner or personal trainer.
So let’s apply this concept to your fitness products.

Are you selling a single catch-all membership?
Or are you giving every potential client a chance to make BIG investments in their fitness?

Are you offering different tiers of service to fit different peoples’ needs, goals and budgets?

Are you having a hard time attracting leads?

Are you failing to close a high-percentage of those leads?

Is your business struggling financially?

When you close a new client, is it immediately impactful to your business? Or do you just get a couple hundred bucks if you’re lucky?

Are you dealing with uninvested clients who aren’t committed to their own improvement?

You’re not alone.

The solution is very simple.


Dealer #2

Dealer #2 has the ability to sell the right product to the right person, every time.


Because he’s got products that range from the simple and affordable, to the luxurious and premium. All this car dealer needs to do is get clients to look at his inventory, and they’ll gravitate to the right vehicle that fits their budget and their wants. The products sell themselves.

This is exactly what you need to do when selling to potential clients.


This concept is NOT about UPSELLING.

Stop trying to nudge potential clients to spend beyond their budgets on products they don’t care about. By simply offering products that can fit more needs and hit a wider range of price points, you’ve got a product to fit every person that walks into the door. Just let them CHOOSE.

If most of your new member sales have very little immediate financial impact to your gym, it’s very likely that you’re offering low-value memberships and don’t have any products that are appealing to your two most valuable types of clients:
High-earners with disposable income

People who are ready to invest big into their health

Here’s what you need to do:

Take a step back from what you’ve always done, and ask yourself this question: “If someone paid me an insane amount of money to help them get fit, what would I do to GUARANTEE their success?”

GUARANTEE their success

Assemble a list of services that cover all of the potential barriers to their success.

This can include things like:

- nutrition
- recovery services via partnerships (massage, soft tissue work, etc)
- sleep guides
- Meal prep guides
- supplementation
- accountability
- body scans to prove your results

Now you’ve got your most premium package. Assign a premium price tag to this product. It should be so expensive that you expect most people not to be able to afford it. The point is NOT for everyone to buy this product. It’s to make sure that everyone WANTS it. Everyone WANTS to be able to afford the hottest car on the lot, right?

Next, remove a couple services from that top package, lower the price a bit, and you’ve got your second-most premium package.

Continue to build a couple more packages of reduced value until you’re left with simply your base service offering (the one you always sell. Your membership or basic coaching product).

Now you’ve become the fitness equivalent of dealer #2. You’re now able to deliver a high level of service for a high price tag to clients who are looking to spend big for big results. You’re now in the High-end market, and you’re able to reap the financial rewards that come with it.

You’re also still able to serve the folks who don’t have that kind of money and are just looking for your base product.

AND you can serve the needs of everyone in between.

If you take this advice and implement this in your business THIS WEEK, your business and your bank account will never be the same. Talk about your new packages on social media and you’ll begin to attract a wider variety of leads than the typical price-shopping, cheap-membership-seeking clients you’ve been selling to.

And if you’re looking to implement this system via an interactive sales process that can have you closing high ticket sales at a high percentage, in 15 minutes or less per sales meeting, you need to join THE GEAR ACADEMY and we’ll have you up and running towards big-time profitability in your first week.

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