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The fitness industry is a billion-dollar industry and gym owners are looking for ways to grow their business and increase their revenue. Unfortunately, some gym consultants will advertise that they can get your gym to a million-dollar gym in 3 days or scale your gym to make you $75k/month in 90 days or less.

John Fairbanks

When you first open your gym, the only math you need to worry about is how many members you can get, right? If you can only get 50 people, then you can afford to go ahead and make the jump into this gym ownership deal full-time. You quickly realize that if you go from 50 to 100 people, you don't get twice as much money.

John Fairbanks

A tale of two car dealerships. Dealer #1 exclusively sells vehicles valued at under $5,000; Dealer #2 has inventory under $5k, as well as new and used vehicles valued all the way up to $100k. If a customer wants a new car, which dealership will they go to? If a customer wants a high quality used car in the $10-20k price range, which dealership will they go to? If a customer is looking for something between $3k and 10k, which dealership will they go to?

Tyler Stone

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