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Ignite Your Gym's Youth Program: The 3-Phase Advantage

Thursday, August 03, 2023


Ignite Your Gym's Youth Program: The 3-Phase Advantage


Got a youth program running in your gym?

Well, hold up, because there’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table, every single month. The primary pitfall is right there in your program design, and it’s so simple to fix.

Let’s dive in, because today we’re turning this thing around and setting your youth program on a path to success.

No more stagnation. It’s time for acceleration!

Every athlete, whether they’re kids, teens, playing one sport or many, moves through three main phases in their sporting year.



Post-season or off-season

Now, here’s the kicker: if your youth program isn't taking advantage of these phases, then it’s time to rethink your strategy.

In the preseason, your athletes are ramping up, prepping for the games ahead. Their training has to match this mode. In-season, the focus changes - maintaining fitness, honing skills, and avoiding injuries take priority. Then comes the off-season, a prime time for strength training and working on weaknesses. But here's where it gets complicated. More athletes, particularly the young ones, are playing one sport all year round, with a massive risk of repetitive use injuries.

The reality is, coaches out there aren’t tackling this problem head-on. These are your typical head coaches and assistant coaches that work with these athletes during their seasons: basketball coaches, football coaches, softball coaches, etc. They’re sport-specific, but not athlete-specific. They aren’t looking after the athletes in a way that safeguards them from the perils of continuous play or training. It’s not their fault, it just isn’t what they can or should be focused on. They need to win games. And this deficit is your opportunity.

This is where you come in!

You see, as a gym owner or a personal trainer, your youth program can fill this gap. You can design it to flow with the natural phases of an athlete's season. And as long as you stop trying to sell your youth program as a general program that is always around, always doing the same thing, with no specificity.. You can take advantage. If you don’t, then athletes and parents can join or leave at any time. And because this common style of advertising and talking about your youth program doesn’t create any sense of urgency or scarcity, you find yourself only successful 3 months out of the year and struggling to attract new families and athletes.

And we aren’t even talking about where the real teeth lie in a strong youth program - which is turning the parents into new clients for your non-youth programs at your spot.

But that’s for another time and blog post (in fact, we dive into this deeper in our ‘Real Dude Youth Program Launch’ program. More on that in a minute)

Now is the time to make your program a necessity for every young athlete out there in your community. And it starts with the athletes you already have.

Market your youth program in sync with the seasons, emphasize its benefits for each phase of an athlete's year. A few minor tweaks to your marketing strategy can create a massive shift in perception. This can lead to more sign-ups, more engagement, and of course, more success for your gym.

Don’t let the "we’ll do this when…" excuse get in the way anymore. Let your program flow with the seasons, just like the sports your athletes play. You’ll find that this simple, natural approach can transform the effectiveness of your program and the profitability of your gym.

Now, if you’re ready to supercharge your youth program, we’ve got something exciting for you. Reach out to us via DM on IG at @thegymownerspodcast or shoot us an email at to jump into our ‘Real Dude Youth Program Launch.’ Our first group starts August 10th, we’re taking only seven sign-ups for six weeks of intensive, hands-on work. We'll help you gear up your new or stagnant youth program to start making a difference, and prepping your winter athletes for their upcoming seasons. At just $99, it's the opportunity you've been waiting for. But hurry, spots are filling up fast! 👊 If you missed the deadline and are reading this after-the-fact, you missed it. But reach out to us, our plan is to open this program again in a couple months. Get added to the waitlist and we’ll get in touch with you.

- John

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