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"Priming the Pump" for FB Ads

Wednesday, June 28, 2023


"Priming the Pump" for FB Ads


Tyler and I don’t mix words on our opinions about running ads as a gym owner.

Just go back and listen to any of our podcast episodes whenever ads come up and we’re pretty clear.

I’ll quickly recap the general consensus:

If you’re struggling to generate leads for your gym and you think that ads is the answer, do the following:

1. Set your phone down.

2. Locate the nearest member in your gym that’s working out right now.

3. Go tap them on the shoulder and apologize for interrupting their workout.

4. While apologizing, spread your legs shoulder width apart.

5. And demand they kick you in the groin as hard as they can.

6. Once completed, thank them while you are on the ground.

Running ads this way is a VERY dangerous endeavor. And if successful, you are jeopardizing every aspect of your gym. Super successful? You’re literally digging your business’s grave each new lead that you sign-up.

Are ads always this dramatically opposed by Tyler and I? No, of course not. As there are seasons in the year, there is a time and place that every gym is ready to run ads.

Our goal for you is not to confuse true long term success with flash in a pan, get rich quick schemes that hard gaining marketing and advertising firms and consultants in the gym space are advertising so much these days.

More, more, more. 30 members in your gym in 30 days or it’s free or we don’t get paid.

Stuff like that.

So today, I’m sharing one of the Pre-Steps we do in PHASE I with our private GEAR Academy clients once they have everything in place to start running ads in the next 45 days once a Gym Owner is diversified in your lead acquisition when it comes to your products and services AKA your have a healthy growth plan for your business that can’t be sabotaged by any change in software/market.

The necessary Pre-Steps in PHASE I allow us to then accelerate into PHASE II dial in of this program we dial in one that works repeatedly and predictably (aka $1,000 into ads, spits $4,000 or greater back out via one platform/device).

Fair warning, the GEAR Academy is difficult to get into. We enforce a strict waiting list each month so we can guarantee client experience getting on boarded and guarantee expectations each step of the way leading to significant results.

Reach out , but don’t expect to be able to enroll in GEAR right away. There is usually a wait period, during which we’ll give you some homework and activities to do while you wait!


1. Create a Facebook and Instagram page and post on it daily for at least 2 weeks before starting to run ads - organically.

2. Get familiar with Facebook's Advertising Policies
Facebook has strict policies in place to maintain a safe and positive experience for its users. As a gym owner, you need to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to avoid ad rejections or account shutdowns. Key areas to pay attention to include:
- Prohibited content: Ensure your ads don't contain anything that Facebook considers inappropriate, offensive, or misleading.
- Restricted content: Some content, such as health claims or before-and-after images, is allowed but with limitations. Understand these restrictions and comply with them
- Targeting: Be cautious about using overly specific or sensitive targeting options, as this can lead to ad disapproval or account suspension.

3. Set up a Facebook Business Manager account
A Facebook Business Manager account is an essential tool for managing and organizing your advertising efforts. It allows you to:
- Access multiple ad accounts and Facebook Pages
- Assign roles and permissions to team members
- Monitor ad performance and budgets
- Utilize advanced advertising tools like Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences
- Verify your business and domain

To prevent fraudulent activity and protect user privacy, Facebook requires advertisers to verify their business and domain. This process involves providing documentation to confirm your business's legal status and ownership of your website domain. Completing these verifications demonstrates that you're a legitimate business, reducing the likelihood of ad rejections or account shutdowns.

4. Set up Facebook Pixel and Conversions API
Tracking the performance of your ads is crucial to optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your ROI. Facebook Pixel and Conversions API are essential tools for gathering data on user interactions with your ads and website. They allow you to:
- Track conversions and events like form submissions or purchases
- Create Custom Audiences based on user behavior
- Optimize your ad delivery for specific actions or events
- Measure the success of your ads and campaigns

Next steps include optimizing your website and landing pages and getting compelling ad creative and copy [the words written in the ad] put together.

As with all things, there is always more than meets the eye. And these PRE-STEPS within PHASE I are just as important as the running of the ads and everything after it…if not more so.

Take these PRE-STEPS and run with them as a “mental exercise” to start to think about the bare minimum of what you need in place to make running ads (when the time is right) the most positive experience possible.

- John

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