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Rethinking Fitness for Active Agers: A Strategic Blueprint

Friday, February 23, 2024


Rethinking Fitness for Active Agers: A Strategic Blueprint


In the dynamic world of fitness, the demographic of active agers is rapidly expanding, presenting an untapped opportunity for gyms and fitness centers. This group, far from the outdated stereotypes of yesteryear, is actively seeking ways to enhance their physical wellness.

The biggest reason: folks just aren’t dying the way they used to.

What a 50 year old was 20 years ago and what a 50 year old is today (2024) are completely different species of people.

And if the Baby Boomers are determined to stick around, if you aren’t actively engaging with this population – you are screwing the pooch.

Here’s a strategic gameplan for gyms looking to cater to this vibrant demographic.

Understanding the Demographic

To effectively cater to older adults, it’s crucial to understand their diverse abilities and interests.

Today's older adults range from active baby boomers to those who might need a more gentle approach to fitness.

Programs must be diversified to meet these varied needs. If this is a newer thought you haven’t dove into start to learn more about where to start with these folks here. And while you are learning more about what to do with this group, you can get a solid shortcut by partnering with those that are already doing a ton of work with this population.

The Critical Role of Collaboration

Forging strong connections with local physical therapists is vital. Such collaborations help create a seamless transition from physical therapy to ongoing fitness routines, ensuring programs not only support recovery but also foster long-term wellness.

If you’ve been in the fitness industry long enough, you know where physical therapy is vital - but you also know where the shortcomings are. The fact that there are only a certain number of sessions that insurance pays for a patient to have with their therapist puts many folks nowhere near their personal goals of remaining active the rest of their years on this green earth.

If you don’t know the PTs in your area - start. The best place is right on Google Maps or Google Search. Pick up the phone, make an appointment, and introduce yourself as a fellow professional in your community and explain how you want to partner with them to make their clients stronger and healthier for the long-term and keep them from having to get physical therapy again in the near future.

Accessibility and Engagement

Making fitness accessible is crucial. Programs like Silver Sneakers make fitness more affordable for those on a fixed income, ensuring financial constraints never impede health and wellness. And while programs like Silver Sneakers won’t cause you to retire early because of the amount of money that will start pouring into your facility, it will act as another revenue stream and get you access to a population that otherwise wouldn’t be reachable. Read about Silver Sneakers.

The journey towards lifelong fitness doesn't end with physical therapy; it's merely a new beginning. But many communities have neglected this population due to the desire to constantly show tougher workouts, boot camps, challenges, and other similar popular trends.

And many communities don’t have the collaboration between fitness professionals that provides a seamless transition for patients who are needing to become clients of gyms. People in our communities need a strong and coherent ecosystem of professionals that have the clients best interest in mind every step of the way. And by embracing a strategic approach, gyms can unlock the transformative power of fitness for older adults, fostering a movement of lifelong wellness and joy with your coaches, your trainers, in your 4 walls.

- John

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