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STOP Just Selling Group Memberships: The Easiest Way To Double Your Revenue

Thursday, December 14, 2023


STOP Just Selling Group Memberships: The Easiest Way To Double Your Revenue


The group class gym membership that you are selling is the reason why you don’t have enough money to pay yourself anything at the end of each month.

The avg. gym that provides group classes has an average gym membership price of $165 - with many of the gyms I do business with charging closer to the $199-$225 range. The more clients you get, the more equipment you have to buy, the more coaches you hire, and the rising rents for your gym’s location is leaving gym owners like yourselves wonder
The reason you have no ing if they’ll make it another 3 years.
money at the end of the month has literally nothing to do with your rent, how much you are paying your coaches, or the number of members you have in your gym. It has everything to do with: (1) What You Sell (2) How You Sell It (3) How You Talk About It

This isn’t your fault - you were sold a dream at the beginning of your gym owner journey that all you need to do is charge $150/member. Get 100-150 members. You make a cool $250k per year while doing the job you love.

This dream quickly began to suck ass when reality started to set in.

You realized that $150/member wouldn’t cut it, so you raised it to $155. Then maybe you jumped to $165. But this has never solved the problem that you just never feel like you have enough members and you just can’t pay yourself anything meaningful at the end of the month.

So what’s next? $175/mo? $205/mo? Will that be the difference maker?

Stop chasing the dragon of more members, more members, more members.

With the hundreds of coaches and gym owners I’ve worked with over the last decade, the most freeing experience of their lives is removing “the golden handcuffs” of that ever important question, “How Many Members Do You Have?”

I’m here to tell you – it doesn’t fucking matter. What matters is how much money you are making. When you say that you need more members, what you are really saying is that you need more money. And I need to break you of the mentality that “more members” means “more money”. It’s bullshit and will leave you in the rat race just chasing your own tail until you finally burn out, close your doors in shame, and do something else that’s stupid and lame.

The good news - this is easily fixed and won’t require you to create some crappy challenge, sell bait and switch “free, but not really free High Ticket” shit to people, 2 year contracts, some stupid new app or software with a monthly subscription, or god forbid paid ads.

You already have everything you need - you just aren’t putting it together in a way that makes it easy for your members to understand what you have to offer them or how it can help them.

The way we teach building your membership offerings and sales process it is called “Service Threading”. And I want you to think of it like a customized memberships built with everything that you have in your gym (services, subscriptions, etc.). With the number 1 goal of getting your clients and members results and helping them be successful in achieving their goals, we stack your services and offerings that allows every member you sit down with to feel like they are getting a customized, prescriptive membership built just for them. Threading the needle to the point where every client and member you sit down with gets to make a choice on what they want, what works best for their budget, and will help them achieve their goals with you, your coaches, and your gym.

Once you get your Memberships revamped to include personal training, semi-private personal training, your group membership (or base membership), nutrition, supplements.. Anything and everything that you have - you will see your revenue at a minimum double.

There is the right way to do this and there is a wrong way to do this. And the wrong way s-u-c-k-s really, really bad. The number 1 mistake I see is trying to fit everything into one really complicated piece of paper with 8-pt font or even worse like a 17 page report for your members and clients to flip through and feel confused at what they are looking at.

A confused mind never buys.

This is why we’ve created an easy-to-follow interactive PDF format that can be used on your mobile phone and on a tablet (the best option). It’s crisp, can be used by you or any of your coaches to execute the highest level sales possible in your spot, fully customized to your services and brand, and built specifically with your members’ and clients’ success in mind.

We create these Custom Membership Service Stacks and update them every 90 days as part of our monthly coaching program called the GEAR Academy, where we work with gym owners and personal trainers on the mental, strategical, and tactical aspects of running their fitness business.

But if you’ve read this far, I want to give you something. Get a meeting scheduled with me here LET’S TALK GYM MEMBERSHIPS. This isn’t a high-stakes sales call. This won't be a high stakes sales call, so calm yourself. This is a 30-45 min session where we'll get a feel for where your memberships are at, we'll plan to get you some resources to help you wherever you are, and if we feel like you'd be a good fit to work with us we'll share the application for you to review.

Stop playing the game of the unlimited membership. Stop chasing more members. Let’s put your existing clients and members first, focus solely on what will help them have success and achieve their goals, and build your membership options to make it possible for them and you. We need great gyms and gym owners like yourself to not only stay open, but be wildly successful. You’re the tip of the spear in your community when it comes to health, exercise, and diet.

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