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Supercharge Your Fitness Business: Maximizing Profits and Value with Every Client

Friday, November 03, 2023


Supercharge Your Fitness Business: Maximizing Profits and Value with Every Client


Gym owners and personal trainers, let's talk about an important fact that many fitness professionals overlook: a whopping 97% of Americans need to eat better, not workout more. This statistic is your ticket to ramping up your fitness business and boosting client value. Here's how.

1. Nutrition Services: The Overlooked Goldmine

The key to achieving better fitness results lies less in extra sweat and more on the dinner plate. But it's not enough to just tell your clients to eat better - you need to provide the tools and guidance to make it happen.

Offer nutrition services to every client. Work with them to understand that progress could come from five fewer bites rather than five more workouts each week. This shift in mindset can make a world of difference and potentially fast-track their fitness journey.

2. Measurable Results Matter

Clients need to visualize their progress. Where they are, where they've been, and where they're heading. Body composition scans, whether handheld, 3D, or dexa, provide this tangible proof of progress.
Regular tracking can reduce attrition rates by 3%, enhancing client retention. If you aren't tracking, start now. If scans cost extra, roll that cost into your prices. This service is just that valuable.

3. Comprehensive Nutrition and Training Packages

Personal training clients need more than just workout advice. They need nutritional guidance too. If a client trains with you more than once a week and isn't engaged with your nutrition services, it's time for a change. Remember, more training isn't always better. Integrated nutrition should be an automatic part of any multi-session per week training package.

4. Maximize Personal Training Availability

The next step in the revenue-boosting journey is maximizing personal training. Aim for every trainer in your gym to be fully booked. This maxed-out phase sets the stage for the next level: the waitlist.

5. Embrace the Waitlist

A waitlist is a powerful marketing tool. It creates a sense of urgency and scarcity, and it's proof that your personal trainers are in high demand. Advertise your waitlist everywhere: social media, email, in person, and for each individual trainer.

6. Explore Semi-Private Personal Training

With fully booked personal trainers and a thriving waitlist, it's time to consider semi-private training. This method works best after achieving max personal training capacity and establishing a waitlist.

Your trainers are maxed out, yet they need to make more money. Here's your solution: raise the prices of personal training by about 20%. Most trainers and coaches undersell their services. Increasing your rates, especially through a structured package offer, can significantly increase your hourly rate without additional effort.

7. Optimize Your Time Slots

When launching semi-private sessions, don't make the mistake of pushing them into open times - those times are usually open for a reason. Instead, convert existing premium slots into semi-private sessions. Inform your clients about the change and offer them the choice: share the slot at their current rate or maintain exclusivity at a 20% increased rate.

8. Staffing: The Backbone of Success

The final piece of advice is staffing. To transition from personal training to semi-private sessions and maintain your large group offerings, you need enough staff. Schedule semi-private sessions during popular workout times and ensure you have new and seasoned trainers ready to handle all scenarios.

Maximizing profits and value with each client is a nuanced process. Offering comprehensive services, creating urgency, adjusting prices, optimizing schedules, and having the right staffing are all pieces of this complex puzzle. Start implementing these tactics today

- John

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