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The Art of Selecting the Right People for Your Gym Community

Wednesday, August 09, 2023


The Art of Selecting the Right People for Your Gym Community


Running a successful gym, especially one that isn't part of a larger chain like Planet Fitness or Anytime Fitness, comes with unique challenges and rewards. One key aspect of this journey is understanding who you want to join your world as team members, partners, and clients.

Just as your gym isn't a one-size-fits-all establishment, your relationships shouldn't be either. One sage piece of advice from my mentor still resonates: the two things that can truly ruin a great business are hiring the wrong team and taking on the wrong clients.

The following four categories will help you refine your selection process and establish a thriving gym community:

1. Financial Capacity

Does the potential team member, partner, or client have the means to engage with your services? This question may seem obvious, but it's crucial. Offering a service to someone who can't afford it often leads to little progress or commitment. After all, value is best recognized when one invests in it. So, ensure your services are accessible but never devalue what you offer by giving it away for free.

Actionable steps:

Set clear price points for your services.

Offer tiered memberships to cater to different financial capabilities, but avoid giving services for free.

2. Attitude

The essence of your business lies in its people. If the people who comprise your gym do not reflect the attitude, work ethic, and values you uphold, it can sour the overall experience. Protect your brand and community by choosing individuals who align with your ethos.

Actionable steps:

During interviews or initial consultations, look beyond the CV or physical goals. Get a feel for the person's attitude and how they would fit within your community.

Trust your gut instinct - it's often right.

3. Connection

Profit should not be the only driving force behind your relationships. Seek a deeper connection that aligns with a greater purpose, fostering a genuine sense of community. Authenticity and truth should underpin all interactions to avoid an environment of deceit, which can be detrimental to your gym's morale.

Actionable steps:

Take time to know your potential hires, partners, and clients personally. Understand their motivations beyond the transactional aspect.

Encourage honesty and openness within your community.

4. Expectations

Finally, managing expectations is essential for success. Can you provide what your potential team member, partner, or client expects? Are the right mechanisms in place to help them achieve their goals? A clear understanding of what each party expects will smooth the path to a fruitful collaboration.

Actionable steps:

Be upfront about what your gym can offer and what it can't.

Regularly communicate to adjust expectations and maintain transparency.

Remember, the strength of your gym lies in the people you choose to bring into your world. Make each decision count, and your community will thank you for it.

- John

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