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The Art of Selling Your Services as a Gym Owner: It's About Belief, Not Selling

Thursday, September 28, 2023


The Art of Selling Your Services as a Gym Owner: It's About Belief, Not Selling


As a gym owner and personal trainer, you might think that selling your services is difficult.
After all, you're in the business of helping people improve their health and fitness,
not being a salesperson.
And it is this very thinking about how you present what you do to others is why you are terrible at “sales”.
The truth is that selling your services isn't actually about selling at all.
Stick with me through this reframe.
Selling your services should 100% be about belief –
the belief in the power of working out,
What it means to have a coach,
And the generational impact that training regularly can have on a person and every person they impact.
It is this belief that drives you,
and it's what will make your clients want to work with you.

Why It Isn't Selling:

When you truly believe in the value of fitness and the services you provide, you're not selling anything.
You're simply sharing your passion and knowledge with others.
Your enthusiasm for what you do and the benefits it can bring to people's lives is contagious.
So let it be contagious.
Let it be felt in every word that you speak and every action that you take.
When you communicate that belief,
Who heartedly and un apologetically,
to potential clients, they will naturally be drawn to you and your gym.

The Power of Belief:

Your belief in the importance of regular exercise, weightlifting, and working with a coach is a powerful force.
You know that if more people followed this path, the world would be a better place –
and more vibrant.
This conviction is what sets you apart from the competition
This belief is what acts as your north star
And this direction is what makes your gym and services stand out.

Believing in Your Gym and Services:

To be successful in selling your services, you must be able to translate your beliefs specifically towards the fact that your gym and its offerings are better than what's out there.
Look around.
Think about all the coaches and gyms you’ve seen,
Heard about,
And watch from afar.
There is a reason that the fitness industry as the reputation that it does.
There are bad coaches out there.
Owners that have no real interest in helping the general population of the community they live in.
And you've put in the work to create an exceptional environment,
hire top-notch trainers,
and develop effective programs.
Without being able to transfer you personal beliefs through your marketing and advertising..
That belief that the quality of your gym and services truly are head and shoulders above what’s out there,
You’ll struggle to attract those clients and members of your community so desperately looking for you.

Belief is Irresistible:

When you radiate belief in what you do, people can sense it, and they are naturally drawn to you.
They want to be a part of your world and to benefit from your expertise.
Belief is irresistible –
it's a magnet that attracts clients and keeps them coming back for more.

Selling your services as a gym owner and personal trainer shouldn't be a difficult task.
By focusing on your belief in the value of fitness, the benefits of working with a coach, and the quality of your gym and services, you'll be able to attract and retain clients with ease.
Remember, it's not about selling; it's about sharing your passion and belief with the world.
So, go out there and show everyone why your gym is the best place for them to transform their lives.

- John

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