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Your Gym's Big Goal: Making Lives Better with Great Content

Friday, September 01, 2023


Your Gym's Big Goal: Making Lives Better with Great Content


As a gym owner, you have a big job.

It's not just about making money.

It's about helping people feel better and live better.

When you make content for your gym, like ads or social media posts, always remember that your job is to make people's lives better.

But never lose sight of the fact that in order to make people’s lives better, you need to make money. Be successful.

How many lives can you actually change if you can barely keep the lights on? If you can’t take care of your family to the level that you (and they) expect?

The road to be “successful” and do what needs to be done to increase your personal wealth and business revenue can be a tricky one – there are 100s of ways to do it, but few ways to do it right.

Here are five important things to act as your “North Star” when it comes to creating content as you strive to improve your gym financially, while not losing track of what matters at the end of the day:

Show How You Help: Your content should show the good things you do for your clients and staff. Focus on how your gym helps them reach their goals, feel strong, and be their best selves.

Be Real & Kind: Be honest in your messages and show that you care about people. Think about what they want and need, and show them that you are there to help them.

Teach & Inspire: Your content should teach people and help them feel strong. Share useful tips and stories that help them make good choices and feel in charge of their fitness journey.

Connect with Feelings: People make choices based on their feelings. Your content should make people feel good and want to take action. Share happy stories and show people that your gym is a place where they can make their dreams come true.

Do Good Things: Show that your gym cares about the world. Talk about how your gym helps the community, the planet, and people in need. This shows that your gym is a good place to be.

Your content that you put out into the world can change lives.

Because this content is what attracts people to you.

The same as a lighthouse, runway lights at an airport, or GPS signals the right direction to go towards safety, the right path, and to avoid hazards.

As a gym owner, you're helping people have better, healthier lives.

When you make content that follows these five rules combined with charging enough money to truly serve your people to the level you and they deserve, your gym will grow, and you'll make a big difference not only in the lives of your clients, but your staff, their families, yourself personally, and your family.

- John

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